A new awareness: collective consciousness

Auckland (New Zealand)

1990-03-13 A new awareness: collective consciousness, Auckland, New Zealand, 87' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program Day 1, Auckland 13th March, 1990

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

While seeking the truth we have to realise that truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot manipulate it, we cannot conceptualise it but we have to accept [it] as it is. 

The truth is to be understood as it is. So whatever he [Brian Bell, who introduced the subtle system before Shri Mataji’s talk] has told you today need not be accepted, you can treat it as a hypothesis but must have a scientific attitude to see for yourself whatever is said is there or not, and if so and if it works out then, as  honest people you have to accept it. 

As we see civilisations grow, it is the outward growth, outward growth of a tree but we have not known our roots so far. We have to know our roots, otherwise we are standing all the time at a very precarious point waiting for a shock when the whole world could be destroyed. Now, the making within us is this that we have not yet found out the absolute truth. If we had found out, there would not have been so many opinions, there would not have been so many problems and so many theories and quarrels which lead us nowhere. We talk of communism, it leads us to some sort of a ani (?) of power. We talk of democracy, it leads to some sort of a mess of corruption. It all money oriented, democracy is, while communism is power-oriented. But none of them are spirit-oriented. So the first truth about human beings is that they are not this body, not this mind, not these emotions, not this ego, but they are the spirit. And that’s what all the great saints, prophets and all the incarnations have said that seek thyself, find out about thyself, what is this self is?

The second truth is that there is a very subtle power which we do not know which is called as the all pervading power of God’s love. Or some people call it as Ru, some people call it as Paramchaitania. And this is the power that governs all the living functions of the world, of this universe every day. And we have to feel that all-pervading power. This is the second truth about it. But human being in his effort to know the truth has gone into various problems. As he [Brian Bell] has said he [human being] has gone either to the left or to the right because there is no way that we can ascend without the awaikening of the Kundalini or we can say the residual power which is actually the power of your pure desire. 

We have desires but they are not pure. If they were pure we would not be running from one to another. Supposing you want to have a car, alright, you get the car you are not satisfied, you want to have a house. Get the house, you are not satisfied. You are jumping from one [desire] to another and are never satisfied with the desire that you had. That shows very clearly that the desire you had was not a pure desire otherwise it would have satisfied you fully. And also, according to economics that desires or wants are not satiable. That proves the rule that the desires that we have in general are not satiable. 

So the left side which is so near which we call as Ida nadi looks after the desire, so it’s the power of desire. Also, the autonomous nervous system within us as they say, they call it autonomous, doctors have invented names, autonomous. But who is this auto? This autonomous nervous system has got the left and right sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic in the centre. Of course, being honest, they say: “We dont know much about parasympathetic”. But, according to Sahaja Yoga, the left side looks after the power of desire. And towards our emotions, towards past, to our subconsious, to our collective subconscious. And the right side is the one which is which is also called as the Pingala nadi, looks after the future of [the] person, gives mental and physical capasity to work out. There are two types of energies which we can work out. For example, if you are running fast, it can inclease the beat of our heart. But how do we bring it down to normal is through the central path which we call as the parasympathetic nervous system. But this is looked after by a subtle channet that is called as Sushumna nadi. 

This knowledge was known to Indians since long, there’s nothing new, [has been] known to them since long, thousands of years back they knew about it. But they couldn’t discover a method by which they could give en-mass realisation. And this is what has happened in modern Sahaja Yoga that we can give en-mass realisation. Any discovery unless and untill it becomes public it has no meaning. And that’s the reason why all the saints, all the prophets, all the incarnations were never taken seriously. On the contrary they were tortured and troubled and crucified. So  one has to   understand that we have this power within us, innately built. Sahaja means “born with you”, Saha is “born”, ja is “with”. Saha is “with” and ja is “born” [corrects Herself] Sahaja means “born with you”.  It is born with you this power of becoming one, united with that divine power which is the subtle power. 

Now, just to cancel it out as if it doesn’t exist doesn’t show much of an effort on the part of the seeker. A seeker of truth is a special category of people. William Blake* has discribed them as men of God. It is very clearly discribed that these men of God will find out the way and they will become really the men of God and they will be able to make others also men of God. At that time about a hundred years back you see that’s in England but people described him as a madman. As usual, there’s nothing new  about it. All such people were treated as madmen because they were so unique, so different. Like we have Kabira in India (unintelligible) who says:” How am I to explain to all these people because the whole world is blind? They are blind and they don’t want to see the colours. So how to talk to them about the colours?” 

Now, there are thousands and thousands of people who are really seekers of truth. Very amazingly, I discovered them so many in [the] USSR. I am surprised because in  [the] USSR a hall of  two thousand was completely filled and there were two thousands sitting outside. Despite the fact whatever type of a government they’ve had, whatever harm  they have done or whatever might have happened, I must say they are people of great depth. They’ve touched their depth so easily, they could understand me much better when I said that ”You can’t pay, you can’t pay for your ascent. It’s a living process of your evolution and you’ve never paid for your evolution  when you became human beings and you cannot pay more or in any way even a little bit for this kind of a happenning which is absolutely spontanious, it’s like sprouting of a seed. We don’t pay to the Mother Earth for that, do we? The seed has the power and the Mother Earth has the power, it works out. And they really were so much there and it has now become such a spread out thing, Sahaja Yoga in the USSR that I don’t know what to say for our freedom that we had in our democracy. What has it done to us? It has made us superficial, that we cannot seek the truth in a deeper way, that we don’t want to understand what the truth is. And everywhere (-) I went to America, I was surprised, they asked me, “How many rolls royces do you have?” I said,”I don’t have any rolls royce because  we  don’t take any money”. They said they are not interested. It has to be a business, everything has to be a business – God has to be business, religion has to be business. It is absurd! How can that be? Even in a place like France you see there was a lady, a Sahaja Yogini and they said,”If you don’t ask for money, nobody will come”. So she said, “Alright, I will take fifty dollars”. She charged them fifty dollars for the program. She gave them realisation and she returned them their money (unintelligible) it is all over. Like that, you see.

So we have to understand that materialism  is our habit, not that of God. God doesn’t understand money. It’s a living process. We everyday see the flowers, you see the trees, you see the beauty and the bounties of the Mother Earth which she is throwing all the time, all the time for our comfort, for our happiness, for our nourishment. And She doesn’t charge us anything. So how can there be a power which is all pervading you can perchase through money? This is one point, please try to understand because I found it very difficult to talk to people. Now suppose if I put a big money here maybe there would be so many because from India so many horrible gurus came here, they charge a lot of money and they have very big following everywhere. It is very surprising that the money should attract people so much. So first and foremost thing I’ll tell you very frankly that you cannot pay for it. It is your own right to have, it’s your own right to have this new awareness which we call it as collective consciousness. 

When the Kundalini rises she pierces through six subtle centres. And the last centre that you see here as the red one, you see this square one, this is the centre is what  we call as the Mooladhara chakra, is the centre which looks after your prosperity and is placed below the Kundalini which is in the sacrum bone. The sacrum bone means the sacred bone. That means that [the] Greeks knew about it and this bone is a sacred bone. And in this [centre] lies this power which is three and a half coiled one. Coiled, that is why it is called Kundalini, because “kundal” means “coils”. It is as simple as that. Now, this centre, the lowest centre is responsible for our excretion functions and and leaves(?) with pelvic plexis which is responsible for all kinds of excretions, inclusive of sex. So the sex doesn’t play any part. When the Kundalini ascents this centre just stops this function completely. This is another myth people have that you can ascend through sex. It’s not(-) Sex is alright you see, sex is alright but not for your ascending. It is not possible that with sex you can raise your Kundalini, impossible situation, because Kundalini lies above this centre.  Then it starts rising through six other centres. The first centre that you see here is actually comes out of the third centre. The first centre is called as Swadistana. He [Brian Bell] has told you that either you go to the right or to the left. So the left side starts from the first centre and moves upwards, and the right side starts from the second centre and which moves upwards. And [they] create two institutions within  us. The first institution that you have,  as you see on the right side is the ego. Everything we are doing this, we are doing that, we are working, we have made this hall, we have made this stage. If you see , it is, say, some tree was dead(-) from the dead to the dead. We have not done any living work so far. Only when you get your self-realisation, then you can do living work. You can vibrate these trees, you can give realisation to others, you can see with your naked eye rising of Kundalini in some people. In some people it rises like a jet and you are amazed how it works out. 

So people might think that it sounds very fantastic. But we are fantastic, we are not made for nothing at all. So much time has been taken for our evolution, there must be some purpose behind us. After all, even in human awareness we are very much higher than animals. Animals can pass through any dirty lane, but we cannot, we have so much sensitivity to colour, to beauty, so many things that animals don’t have. So now it is the last, last breakthough [which] has to come when the Kundalini rises. Like this instrument is to be connected to the mains, you are to be connected to the mains, that’s all. It is as simple as that. There is nothing wrong with you, everything is fine and this is what we have to work it out. As a matter of fact it is surprising that when your Kundalini rises you yourself  get cured  by your own power, nobody else do it. It can cure so many diseases, it can cure so many diseases. We have seen recently also AIDS. So one or two persons got rid of their AIDS in Perth(?). So one can work it out. But I don’t know why people don’t take to it and work it out, when it is so simple.  So many diseases like cancer, incurable diseases  can be cured by you. You can cure your own diseases. You don’t have to go to anyone, nobody has to do it because you have got the power, only you have to know the technique of it. It’s a very simple technique which you can master in one month’s time. But we must  have depth to understand our own value and to estimate ourselves that we are not ordinary people just to waste our life in mundane things but we are something great, we are seekers of truth. As a result, you will understand that you are great and that you have to know the truth. And once you get it then universally you know everything [is] just the same, there is no difference. For example, when it happens your hands become enriched and you start feeling on your fingertips the 

all-pervading power. Now, if there is something wrong with you these fingers indicate what’s the problem. In Koran it is written clearly that “In the time of resurraction your hands will speak and will give witness agaist you”. Very clearly. It’s a lot of work  but I don’t know what muslims are doing. [The] same about Christ, He has said it that there is going to be resurrection time for all of us, the judgement time and that the Holy Gost is going to come. All kinds of things they have said but people are not seeking that. What they are seeking is (unintelligible) organisation and they organise God in every religion  whether  it is Hindu, Christian, Muslin, Sikhs, all of them have tried to organise Him. And then there is nothing they follow. One should know that it is not man-made, it has to be made by God. And it is innate within us. This power is innate within us and when this Kundalini rises to this green part (shows Nabhi) then you become  innately religious, innately. You have, say, a valency of ten in a human beings. And these valancies get enlightened and you become, you become a righteous person, nobody has to tell you. Like all the saints were rightious people, nobody had to tell them, fearless, righteous, fighting for [the] Truth, enjoying in life. That’s what the first thing happens to you that you become innately righteous. You become a very dynamic person because you are connected to the mains, you never feel tired, you can work very hard, you enjoy everything very well. But above all, you become the source of peace for yourself and others. There’s  so  many things  that can happen and tomorrow I am going to tell you more about all these centres and how to get them cured and what happens, but for today I think it should be alright because I would like you on the first day to ask me questions. But here one has to know that I am not here to ask for goods (?) or anything  and (unintelligible).  I’ve come all the way from England just to see you and meet you and to find out if there are people who are really seeking the Truth. If so, I would like you to get awakened and to know yourself. So please ask me questions which are relevant and not questions which are just of no use. So I hope you will understand the importance of time and ask me relevant, good questions. 

May God bless you all.

*(about William Blake)