Talk before Katak Dance: Three Gunas and Eternity

Sydney (Australia)

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Talk Before Katak Dance. Burwood Ashram, Sydney (Australia), 15 March 1990.

Shri Mataji: You see now she’s going to dance on a song, so she said space is all right for her. So to acquaint with you this kind of dancing called as katak, comes from the word katar, meaning the story telling. It’s said [INAUDIBLE] of the Northern Indian. Her guru is a very well known artist in this realm, and she has had a very intensive training in that. We are very lucky to have her here, so you could see the style, in which rhythm is very important apart from other things, that the whatever is, he’s going to tell you how she’s going to use the different tathas in Hindi, tathas are, beats to divide them into, say by sixteen by three something like that, so it’s an eternal thing.

Now as you know, in our chakras also if you know, there are three gunas, now you start from the fourth. Number four. Four divided by three is eternity, so Ganesha can take Incarnation. Then six. Six has divided by three, so Brahmadeva doesn’t take Incarnation. Then comes ten. Ten divided by three, is again eternity. So the Vishnu can take Incarnations, also all the Gurus can take Incarnation. Then comes twelve, at the heart. Twelve is divided by three, so Shiva doesn’t take His form, only the Goddess does. Because it is divided completely. Then comes sixteen. Sixteen divided by three, again eternity. That’s why then Vishnu takes the form of Krishna and He Incarnates. Two divided by four is the same.

So all these Incarnations come because the three gunas when they are divided by the number of petals they have, the number of powers they have, some can produce Eternities so they can Incarnate, and some cannot, that’s why they could not Incarnate. In these things she’s going to show lots of things, like even sixteen divided by three is an Eternity. But somehow or other if it’s some pearls she’ll break it in such a manner that she will divide sixteen. This is something very Divine, and other thing also you can see for yourself, that how the gait of a lady is, how she walks how she, I don’t know what she’s going to show. [HINDI] First of all she’s going to sing Vandana Karuya which you all know very well and you know the meaning of that is that: you bow to your Mother that’s the song. She is going to dance on that.

Babamama: Nirmal Sangeet, both in the musical value and in their surrender, and we are very proud that we are able to present the Divine music of Shri Mataji before you. This lady who is standing before you is just two and a half months in Sahaja. She first came to Ganapatipule, and then she came into Sahaja. She has gone very deep into Sahaja. Her name is Sandya Pandai. She’s had her formal dancing tutelage from [INAUDIBLE] Maharaj who is a very famous exponent of the katak style of dancing, and she has brought lot of, variety and dimension to this Nirmal Sangeet Sarita. I was saying that initially when we started we required very little space because possibly we were going to the hills. Now we’ve acquired lot of space thanks to her, but we are on the plains now and we are widening our base. But it’s a flowing river, so it doesn’t restrict itself to [SOUNDS LIKE: dicurions?] or to any path.

As you will see I will request one by one of you to come and join us later on. So it’s a flowing river and it’ll be, flowing eternally till Shri Mataji wants it to flow. Then on the tabla is Sandeep [SOUNDS LIKE: Pukaster?]. You must have heard him play, very young twenty-two years single very much eligible. Then next to him is Ashok Dhoke very solidly built both in structure and in rhythm. And next to him is a very very frail figure of a Chhaya Wankhede who is a, whose vocal chords are completely contrary to her frail figure.

Then behind her is Dinesh Nimbalkar, and last but not the least Pt P. Dhakde, Guruji as he’s known. Just fifteen minutes ago he’s completed a tune, a composition for your joy and dancing on the holi day. We are going to have Krishna leela on that day and I’m sure everybody approves, even though you are not dancing because of tune you’ll start dancing. We are beginning the evening proceedings with Vandan to Shri Mataji the famous song Vandana Karuya Mataji. After that Sandya will go and get ready for her…

Shri Mataji: What is the number in yours?
Yogi: What’s the number of Vandana Karuya?

Shri Mataji: There are different books.
Yogi: [HINDI] You’d better come and join already.

Shri Mataji: I will tell you the number of this one.