A formless energy that looks after this universe

Canberra (Australia)

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Public Program Day 1

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to know that the truth cannot be manipulated, cannot be created, cannot be conceptualized by your mind or by your imagination. It is what it is and has been and will be. So the truth is very simple. Very simple thing it is. But you have to have very scientific outlook to keep your minds open because this the knowledge of the roots. What you see outside and what you know about it is the knowledge about the tree. And should accept whatever I am saying as a hypothesis and if it is proved then as honest people you have to accept it. The truth is very simple that all this universe, this cosmos is looked after, is nourished, is guided by all pervading divine power which is in Sanskrit language you can call it as paramachaitanya and in quran its called as rooh. In every great scriptures it is described as a formless energy that looks after guides everything that is living works out every balance of this universe , of this earth. Only at the level of human awareness we have freedom to choose because we have to rise to higher awareness of complete freedom. That is why we commit mistakes. Doesn’t matter. After all we are human being we are not Gods. So if we commit mistakes it makes it makes no difference whatsoever for your ascent to that higher level. And the higher level is the second truth that you are not this body not this mind, not your ego nor your conditionings but you are pure spirit. That is what you have to be. This can only work out through the living process of evolutionary ascent . you have become a human being and now you have to become a higher human being. As a human being you a develop a new kind of awareness. On your central nervous system whatever we have achieved in our evolution we feel it on our nervous system. Like if you take dog or a horse through a place which is very filthy, dirty smelling it can pass through. But human being cannot. human beings have the sense of the colour of beauty of so many things they have achieved through their evolutionary process. But still the ascent is necessary because we do not know the absolute. Whatever we know partially based on our experiences and our mistakes. But sometimes we are so self opinionated that we don’t want to say that we have done mistakes or not do we want to see that we want to seek higher. But there are a category of people so many of them which William Blakes* has beautifully described as men seeking God. Its very simple. The people who are seeking the truth and these are a special category who become sages. And these sages he says will have power to make others the sages. ?? Louis has described, all over the world people have described about these great things going t happen in this modern times. Specially in India there was a pioneer or this is the one who originated of astrology Bhrigumuni has written a book called nadi-granth. In which he has described sahaja yoga, very clearly. And he has said that such a time will come when people will get their realization sahaja. Saha mean with , ja means born; born with you is the right united “yoga” with the divine. In modern yoga that we have got is a v bit of a v bit. It has nothing to do with reality. To know the reality, to feel the all pervading power is a right of every human being. That’s all is called yoga. And the another word another meaning of the yoga is yukti meaning the depthness. The depthness to know to how to work out this power and also to know the principles of divine powers. But that is not mentally is not mentally, it is on your nervous system. In the Buddhist philosophies is described as bodha. Bodh doesn’t mean you feel it as a kind of a think??. But, you feel it on your central nervous system. Its not a some sort of a sensationalisaton but it is actulisation. That is bodha. Even the word vedas come from vida. Vida also means on the central nervous system. The reality is to be felt on our central nervous system. Now we have here with us this mechanism built in. in the bible its known as the tree of life. Kirshna has also described it as a tree of life which is upside down. The roots of which are in the head. This is the tree of life described in most of the scriptures in different names. Like in Tao, it refers to yangtze river as tao. That tao is nothing but this kundalini which is the power which enlightens this tree of life. This kundalini is a power resides in the triangular bone known as sacrum. Sacrum in latin language means sacred. That means the Greeks knew in ancient times that this is a sacred bone which has something sacred in it. We all have this residual power within us known as kundalini. Ofcourse in the modern times people have created all kinds of myths about the kundalini saying it is very dangerous. One should not do this and all. Its all modern. But in the ancient books even upto the time of Kabira they have all described it very clearly, no body has said it is dangerous. So may be some of the fake ones wanted to create a fear because they didn’t want people to know the reality. The must have created this kind of a myth saying that it is dangerous to awaken the kundalini. But this is the mother, your mother, your individual mother who is going to give you your self-realization. As your mother has taken all the troubles, labour problem upon herself; she takes all the problems you have and you get a very smooth ?? as self-realised souls. This has to happen. Because it is the vital, it is so vital that it has to be easy. For eg. Our breathing if you had to go to the library and read books and do all kinds of things, we would not have existed. In the same way it is such a vital thing that this kundalini has to rise. Ofcourse, in the beginning of life this tree of life had very few flowers. But gradually now I feel it’s a blossom time. There are so many seekers who are seeking the truth and it is working wonders. In a one day lecture, in a program like this its very hard to explain everything about kundalini. As it is I must have spoken thousands of times and then must be atleast 4000 tapes in English language alone. I have been working for 20 years to establish sahaja yoga all over the world. And now there are 40 nations who have come to sahaja yoga. And I must pay full respect to Russians whom I found to be the best people for spirituality. The best people for spirituality. Whatever they might have been under, whatever might have happened to them, one thing they didn’t waste the time much. They were all very well educated, very solid sensible wise people. And the way they took to sahaja yoga I was myself surprised. We just arrived there and there were thousands. And how did they managed to get their realization so fast and establish it is really, even the Indians should feel ashamed of themselves. Because this is the heritage of India. This is the heritage of India. But we had 300 years the Britishers ruling us perhaps so we have all become very westernized, perhaps. But I just don’t understand that how these people who have never talked of God, religion; thank God for that also sometimes. Because religion is also now a days man made; has conditioned people too much. And they had no such fake gurus there roaming about. And they just jumped into it. Such a remarkable thing to see a country so far away, kept away from all the theologies jumping into spirituality so fast.Even ofcourse in India we have lots of people who are sahaja yogis all over I must admit because after all this is their heritage. And also in India we should say there are 3 doctors who have done MD in sahaja yoga, they have tried to prove that with sahaja yoga means the kundalini awakening; you can get rid of psychosomatic diseases. You get better health. Also you can get epilepsy and all such mental diseases cured. They have got MD for that. There are 7 doctors in London who are trying to collect all the data about it and they also want to do their MDs. Also this in Cambridge university this gentleman who is already a professor of philosophy is doing research on sahaja yoga. So, it is coming to the level of the intellectuals and the scientists. But, scientists have to go little deeper if they have to have to see any structure in a microscope. In the same way if we have to know about these things, we have to have our self-realisation. Without our self realization we cannot understand anyone. That’s what Kabira said, “what should I do the whole world is blind, what should I tell them the whole world is deaf”; meaning is that the level of understanding has not reached that subtle side. And that subtle side has to be ?? and that is very simple now a days I have seen that people get realization without any difficulties. In Sydney, in Perth, in Brisbane, of all the places in cairns I so surprised. Another surprise came from cairns which was something just like Russia. Something out of the blue it exploded. Such beautiful people live there; So human, so natural. I couldn’t understand how certain places people are simple, not complicated, not conditioned and not arrogant. They have such a simplicity of understanding and they just take to it so easily. Now, in Australia also we have lots of sahaja yogis who are working it out. But in the earlier, early times we didn’t have very good leaders who were I should say very well motivated towards sahaja yoga. And so it was going up and down. But now I hope it will be again re-established here. But, one thing we should be very honest with ourselves that if we have to have our benevolence, we have to honest ourselves. If you are enamored by somebody who claims too much, talks too much and gives you big lectures and just says alright, take this mantra or do this and do that, all kinds of nonsensical things; you first must go and see the person who has been to him. What is he doing, what has he got. Has he got any spiritual power or not. Or just because he is going to that place you must also go. Another problem in the west I find I must say is the funny that they think that if something is free then it is nonsensical. This is very funny surprisingly. I went to Boston and they asked me how many rolls royces you have. So people told she don’t take any money how can she have rolls Royce. We are not interested. Its no business. I mean, God is not a business. And divinity is not a business. This we must understand that we can’t pay for it. How much do we pay to the mother earth when she produces all the beautiful things for us. In the same way how much are we going to pay for our spirituality. Live alone anything. How much do you pay to Christ. On the contrary you sold him out. So this is simple thing of course Indians understand better. But others also should understand that you can’t pay for him. Anybody who asks money for this, you must know is something very serious with it. If we I want you to take some money from you, you wouldn’t because you are self respecting. The ones who takes money from you has no self respect. You have retained him some sort of you are retainers something like that. And one must understand this is a very important very point for all western people to understand that you can’t pay for it. But sometimes I think it satisfies your ego that you can purchase your guru. You can’t. if you can purchase your guru he can be your servant, not your guru. This I want to make very clear to you because this is not understood in the west because they are used to the systems where people sell out or give money for everything. Now we have here, this systems which is very interesting and is absolutely nicely put into our being. Below the kundalini, that is the triangular bone; is the centre called as mooladhara chakra means the centre of mooladhara. Now mooladhara means the support of the roots. And the roots are the kundalini. The kundalini is in the 3 ½ coil that’s why it is called as kundalini because coil means kundal. Now these, other centres are 6 above it. so one thing is sure that the last centre does not come into play when the kundalini rises. So one should understand that all the functions of the first centre which caters to our excretions inclusive of sex has nothing to with our ascent. So when kundalini starts rising these functions just stop. All these functions stop. First centre ?? into the yellow centre which we call as Swadishthana. In a place like Canberra I think I better talk about this centre. Because last year when I came Swadishthana was here so caught up that my foot became paralysed with it. Now the Swadishthana centre you can see that as got a ?? in it, yellow one. When we use it we work out the right side channel which is the channel of the sun, which is for our future. And also it is for our mental and our physical work. So when we think too much and we plan too much for the future, which is of course the thing going on here, so this centre goes out of ??. Like I would say there is another side to it, is another one, which is we call as the channel for our emotion, for our desire and the channel that looks after all our past. This is the centre what we call as the, this is the channel as we call it as the channel of ida or is the channel of moon. So the right side looks after the right sympathetic nervous system and the left side looks after the left sympathetic nervous system. And the central path is for our ascent which also caters to our parasympathetic nervous system. That is we can understand it this way that if we run fast our heart beat increases. So it means the emergency. For all emergencies the sympathetic nervous system goes into action and when it goes into action then only the para sympathetic, central path reduces, brings it to normal. That we can’t do. We can only play about with the left or the right sympathetic system. That means we can only go to the left side or to the right side. That means we can only go to our past or to our future. But we cannot be in the present. we cannot be in the present. And absolute can only be known in the present because that’s reality. The past is finished, the future doesn’t exists. Reality is when you are the present. But how to be in the present. That’s the problem. For a thought rises and falls, another thought rises and falls. We are jumping on the cusp of the thoughts. But we cannot achieve that state where we are in the present and that’s why we go into tensions, we go into problems. I will show you here like this is the centre; and on the left and the right side there’s the energy moving. Supposing you go too much on the right or too much on the left, there’s a movement going on and there’s a constriction, in the constriction, in the centre, in the ?? centre. But apart from this constriction the energy is exhausted. If the energy is too much exhausted and say its moving on the right and there is something happens on the left side, something emotional, something some accident or some shock; immediately it looses this balance and as a result you develop a disease which we call as psychosomatic that includes all your ?? diseases where the degeneration of muscles takes place. Also it includes your cancer, blood cancer all sort of these psychosomatic diseases which are incurable. So when the kundalini rises she passes through this and this and sort of as if a thread is pass through and it all gets absolutely in connection with the whole. So there cannot be any malignancy because the connection is established. And also also she nourishes that centre. As that nourishment takes place, the person gets alright and he feels perfect. This is how sahaja yoga works. So it is your own energy within you, it is your own property within you; when it rises it gives you that power that you get cured. But when it is connected with the mains with all pervading power. Its all the time flowing through you. So even if there is any imbalance, it brings you to balance. Suddenly you also feel all this in, all pervading power on your finger tips. In the Quran there is one beautiful sura called “sajda yoga”. In that they have described all about it that your hands will speak and the time of resurrection and they will give witness against you. So now we will today discuss one centre which is very important for all of you I think because you are all working in the government and I know what government services. Because my husband has been all his life the government service and later on he was with the UN. So I know what it means and what happens to them . now this centre Swadishthana, as I told you, caters for physical and mental activities, functions. Now the physical activity may be less, but the most important function of this centre is to convert the fat cells for the use of the brain. When we think too much then our grey cells are used and they are to be replaced. So this replacement takes place through the function of this centre which transforms ordinary fat cells for the use of the brain. But it has some other functions also to be done, which are subsidiary but are very important. So it looks after your liver, it looks after your pancreas, it looks after your spleen, it looks after your kidney and part of your intestines. Now, if we make this centre work so hard it neglects other important functions. So first it neglects is the liver. And the function of the liver is to absorb the poison of the body as heat into itself and release it into the blood stream. But once this centre neglects and doesn’t give energy to liver, the heat in the body remains as it is and it starts rising on the right side. when it starts rising on the right side it gives you diseases like asthama because you have another centre called right heart. It can also give you a massive heart attack. People don’t know its all due to liver trouble. But some how if this liver is clicked by movement of the left side then one can get all kinds of allergies and all kinds of problems which are skin troubles. So when we sit in the sun, it is not the sun that spoils our skins but it is the liver which gets heated up and can’t bear anymore of that and that’s how you get your skin diseases like skin cancer. Then the second very important it has to look after is your pancreas. Function of the pancreas is to dissolve the sugar for use of the body and give to the other organs; supply the energy for it because it has the carbohydrates in it. But when this centre is so much looking after one side of transforming ordinary fat cells into grey cells, again they neglect, creates a problem and you develop a horrible disease called diabetes. Now if you go the villages of India you will be surprised when they make tea, the cup contain so much of sugar that a spoon has to stand at right angle. Thats the measure. Otherwise its not tea, its not good. And they take such a lot of sugar they never get diabetes. They never get diabetes because they don’t think. They just live nicely, earn for the day, sleep off, we will see tomorrow. But those people who are sedentary, who are working hard, thinking too much, futuristic planning; make their centre work only for that purpose, really go against themselves and get this horrible disease called diabetes. Which is ofcourse curable if the kundalini is there to help you. Then the third is even a worst one which is coming from your spleen. Now spleen is your speedometer or we say it is the one that keeps the rhythm of life. But in this modern times you have lost the rhythm of life and all the time we are under shock, something is happening. So much so without sensationalisation we do not feel any, any existence of our own. Like early in the morning you will get up, first you will read the news paper. News paper means what; its a shock. Somebody died, somebody killed, some mishaps n now its a hail storm, this and that something is there. With shocks you get worried. May be some of your relations are killed; what has happened. So the first thing the spleen goes into the jeopardy because the spleen has to supply red blood carpuscles at the emergency of like this. And the second shock is may be jam on the way. We are time bound. If the time is there we must reach in time, and if you don’t reach in time as if you are going to be hanged or there is a already and order coming from death coming to our ?? ; that shaking conditions we live. All the time under tense conditions that we must keep to time, we must keep to these norms, must do this; and the modern life has made our life so artificial so artificial, that, supposing you are eating your food. Now you must keep your spoon and fork in a way. I mean God has not told you that. But its something sort of a norm that we must have a fork and spoon like that. Now, if you have not kept it then everybody laugh at you. So by chance if you have not kept it you are in trouble. Small small things absolutely good for nothing, have covered our being as good as behaviour as something very posh as something very… I don’t what they will say. But french will say something, english will say something and everybody has a different style. And if you do not cope with it then you are absolutely a rustic person, you have no manners, nothing. You can pass dirty jokes, you can say all dirty things, doesn’t matter that doesn’t matter… thats all right. You can drink as much as u like , you can fall on the table doesn’t matter after all he was drunk so excused. See. But if you all do nonsensical things you are a gone case. All these things way upon us. Now we have to dress up like this, we have to be like that, if you don’t dress up like that its out fashion . We do not know in subtle ways that we are playing into the hands of these entrepreneurs, just befooling us all the time. And thats how this tension, what to dress what not to dress, you have to be formal or informal, what to do what to eat, how to call. Even to have rapport with someone is not, u see, you cannot talk to someone at the same level as human being. On the contrary we think twice what should I say. We will rehearse it at home and then we face the person and we go completely in mess because we think no I can’t say that. We start on something else. There is no relaxed personality and we always say I am not relaxed, I am tensed. But why. Animals are not tensed. They live in the same city. Nobody seems to be tensed. Trees are not tensed. Why are human beings tensed. Because they themselves have made these kind of funny cages for themselves and they think that this is important to me like that. So all this leads to lots of shocks for our speedometer which is a poor instrument for such a person which can’t understand and becomes crazy. And when it is crazy it becomes vulnerable and then you get a very serious disease called as blood cancer. You will be surprised that sahaja yoga has cured blood cancer of many people. Not only that but those who are certified thats all doctors do in blood cancer, to die within 10 days or 1 month are still there after 5-6 years and doing very well. The reason is this spleen becomes good shock absorber. Why that I will tell you later on. Now also you get your blood pressure. because of this your kidneys are affected, your intestine goes out, so you will ?? to constipation the thing. So all these troubles come out of one that we think too much. Now thinking cannot be stopped. Thats troubles. Thinking is coming all the time invading us. You can’t stop thinking. What should we do to stop thinking. For that if the kundalini rises you reach a state, state of mind where you are thoughtlessly aware. There is not thought. You are aware absolutely aware but no thought. If you want to think you will think otherwise you wouldn’t think just you wouldn’t think. And you are in that state. That state in sanskrit is called as nirvichar samadhi which instantly takes place and the second stage you see we call is nirvikalpa samadhi is doubtless awareness. Where you become absolutely detached. Like you are in the water you are afraid of water. But suppose you get into the boat you can watch the water alrigh, quiet relaxed. But supposing you know how to swim you can jump in the water and save people who are getting drowned. In the same way when that state comes in where you can jump and save other people and help other people then that state is called as a state of doubtless awareness. With this a person becomes extremely extremely powerful, dynamic. At the same time such a person becomes extremely compassionate extremely compassionate. He bcomes a person who sees everything witness everything as a drama. He gets out of it and sees everything as a drama. He doesn’t get involved into problems but he can see his problems clearly by which he can solve them better. And such a person then becomes a very good human being because he becomes righteous. The are you see above that is the green area is the area where our valencies are. Which are 10 valencies. Carbon has 4 we have 10 valencies and they get enlightened. They get enlightened and that is what is innate within us. Like carbon has 4 religions, in the same way within us aer the 10 religions which are called in sanskrit as dharma, dharma eti sa dharma the one we sustain within us is the dharma. Not that we practice say something and practice something is not dharma is not dharma not religion. The one we sustain within us and this sustenance takes place when the kundalini rises she enlightens that p?? and such a person becomes righteous absolutely righteous. He is not bothered as to what others are doing. He lives with his own righteousness, enjoys it, he enjoys his virtues and he sees the good point in others. Somehow or the other by his temperament and nature and his magnetic personality he attracts others and tries to transform them only by his existence. Now christ was a very subtle deity I should say ?? subtle incarnation because he has said though shall not have adulterous eyes. though shall not have adulterous eyes. Now I would like to know in what christian nation I should find such a people. Even the eyes because when you become realised then you will be surprised your innocence comes back. Eyes become absolutely still. And such person when he develops further, his even a glance of such a person can do wonders because there is no lust, no greed. You just watch. And watching something is the biggest boon. Suppose I see something beautiful and then I react as a human being I am to react. So it is in my mind “oh God it will get dirty and it is not insured or something sort of a nonsensical. Supposing it belongs to somebody then I start thinking how much she must have paid and where should I get it. All this thoughts come to us. But supposing I am just watching it then what happens like a lake which has no ripples in it; the whole creation reflects into it. In the same way the joy of creation starts pouring on you and you feel relax and happy. You never feel your age. You never feel you are travelling. You are with yourself wherever you are. So all these problems we have in modern times, speediness vanishes. Not only that but your family life will improves. Your society improves. Your country improves. Its a benevolence of the whole humanity you can achieve. This transformation is very essential. I am very happy that the Russian in all western world have taken such a strong step forward. I know all others will also now little bit think about it that why, why not we? Why not we seek our benevolence. Why not we have this. When it is our own power why shouldn’t we get it. Supposing I say there is a diamond available here, free. Then not only from America but even from Greenland people will come here. And I say there is a diamond within you, spirit, why not have it and for nothing at all you just get it free. So why not have. This is what should be the attitude of all the people. All over the world, but I think there are certain conditionings which do not help people to get to that point. So we must know we have not achieved it so far so why not achieve it further. If we haven’t got it why not we do it. Its a times, special time. And you should not missed out. Not only, not only the people in Russia but even the government has helped us a lot. I am quiet amazed at the wisdom of these people. I do not know what I should give the credit. They are remarkable people I must say. And a day may come it might become the most powerful, the most powerful country in the world. I am really amazed way they have developed within themselves the depth. There was one fellow who gave me a book which he has written about the mathematical calculation of Shri Chakra. In India there are very few must be knowing what Shri Chakra is. Its very surprising. And this is what I am telling you here in Australia which you must take note no doubt. Of course now your government has done one thing is to send some people to tape, video tape me and find out, go to Russia to find out how Russians have got it , why we haven’t got it. So in this competition may be might start working here everywhere else. But this wisdom, wisdom is needed. What are we doing about our life. What are we doing about it we should find out. Where are we spending our time. Why are we going to miss it. Once you get into some terrible disease then you will come to me. Whats the use. You will be happy to know we have cured one gentleman here of aids no doubt. He ?? mr. ??. but he had no will power. He went back to the same nonsensical habit next day and then now he is dead. But the other day in Perth two people a husband and wife got cured of aids. So I have hope about that also. We should have will power to do little bit of practice of sahaja yoga and keep to it, develop it. I am sure they will live much longer than that is expected. So may God bless you. In this short time whatever is possible I have tried to put before you. I would ofcourse like you to ask me some questions for few minutes and then we should have this experience of self realisation. That is very important than any of our questions. Because even, I am good at answering questions. And even if I answer all your questions has no meaning because it doesn’t guarantee your ascent. What guarantees your ascent is the happening, is the becoming. Unless and until that happens everything else is useless. So its not a mental feel, its more a natural growth within you of that new awareness which we call as collective consciousness. collective consciousness. That becomes part and parcel of you that you can on your fingertips you can feel the five, six and seven centres on your left and five, six and seven centres on the right. Your own and that of others. So there is self realisation and also you have the power of collective consciousness. Now even if you know within one months time you will find out. With in one months time , that what things are decoding. If you know what things are decoding, you can diagnose a person, you can help the person, you can raise the kundalini. You don’t need me. Its like one enlightened light can enlighten another light. Like that we can have so many people who can get realisation. So may God bless you and may God give you self realisation. I like to have questions from you if possible.
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Residual power meaning you see it a little complicated thing but I will say that the whole being is created, alright, by three powers within us. One is the power on the left hand side which is the power of desire, another side is the power of action. And the third is the power of ascent which is in the centre. Now all this has happened. But still one energy is not being used and that is the energy of kundalini which is power of pure desire. Because according to economics wants are not sachetable in general. Today we want to have a chair, tomorrow we want to have a table, then we want to have a house, then we want to have something else and like that goes on.we are never satisfied. So the pure desire the power of pure desire is the kundalini. What is the pure desire. Whether you are aware of it or not, subconsciously or unconsciously whatever you call it; the pure desire of kundalini is “to be one with the divine”. This is the pure desire. Until you have fulfilled that you will never be satisfied with yourself. Because thats how you know the absolute truth. Thats how you become absolutely above all these weaknesses that you have. You become the master of yourself and also then you jump in the ocean of joy and peace.

No questions. Good ??. as I have told you that there are 4000 tapes and they are available to you. You can always listen to them. Only thing that I have not told you, one thing which is important to know is this yellow balloon that we have in our head is the balloon of ego and another one is of the blue is the balloon of conditionings in us. The conditionings we have had. So the kundalini rises she passes through this crossing point and she sucks in these two things. Thats how our karma, our conditionings are sucked in. but in childhood when we grow, upto the age of twelve years these two grow like that and cover each other and the fontanelle bone area which is the soft bone in your childhood is completely closed. So when the kundalini just sucks in it opens out. And when it opens out then the kundalini passes through your fontanelle bone area and you can feel cool breeze coming out of your head. We say its the cool breeze of the holy ghost. What is the holy ghost also, you have got almighty and you have got a son; what about the mother ? She is the holy ghost, she is the primordial mother who we call , in our Indian language adishakti. In all ancient scriptures like Greece – Athena. Athena , atha in Sanskrit means primordial. Even here those people who came they call this river by paramata, is the same. So this kundalini is the reflection of the holy ghost, while spirit is the reflection of the God almighty. They have to meet and thats how they get realisation. The fontanelle bone area is opened out and you can feel the actualisation of baptism. Its not artificial. Its actualisation you can feel it, the cool breeze. Ofcourse in the Pentecostal you must have read that you can feel the cool breeze of the holy ghost. Thats what you feel on top of your head. We got photograph where sahaja yogis are sitting and in the photograph you see the light on their heads. And in some of the paintings you must have seen having light in their head. In olden times when there was christianity at the level of gnostics where they, “gna” also the word comes from the same as gyana which Shri Krishna has described as gyan marg (path of knowledge) . Gyan doesn’t mean through your brain, but means, again the same bodha which I told you “gna”. Same gna is used by Thomas when he described christianity in his treaties on his way to India when he wrote all this an put them in Egypt and which are found out and now you can get that book as “gnosticis??.”; important to read because he has ?? all the ideas of suffering and things . Is written everything about sahaja yoga. He said its an experience of the self you must have. Like christ has said you have to be born again, so we certify ourselves. How can that be. In sanskrit language a born again person is called dwijaha mean born again. And a bird is also called dwija means its an egg and then it becomes a bird. In the same way first we are human beings and then we become saints. This is the second birth we should have. But we have to become !. It’s not just certificate. So every body things ?? of themeselves. The other somebody asked me question “Mother, why there are quarrels among religions?” Because they are not following what their originators have told. They are just following some sort of man made religion. That’s why there is problem. Because all religions are just the same. Born on tree of life at different times and these flowers were plucked by people saying this is mine, this is mine and that’s why they are fighting. These are dead flowers. These are not living flowers. They come from the same source of spirituality. Christ has said those who are not against me are with me. Who are those ? In four years what could he do christ. Its an impossible situation. How people were cruel to him. I was struggling with 7 hippies; very well educated hippies in England for 4 years. So you can imagine. I must give full credit to Christ atleast he could say so many things about reality.
Should we have our realisaton.
There is some gentelman, another gentleman.
I think you are little confused about it. You haven’t yet seen it what happens. Alright . After the experience you talk to me about it then you will be alright. A little confused. You see, to say that, you see I have told you one light can enlighten another light. Alright. In a general way I must say that today’s sahaja yoga is something very tremendous. Because it works amass. Just works out, amass, in thousands of people. So must be you are also special I must say or also these are special times and also that the divine is angcious to give you realisation. All these three things put together. But of course, I will tell you how to raise your kundalini as well as your kundalini will rise. It will take hardly ten minutes for the whole thing. But one thing is sure, I cannot force on you. I respect your freedom. Because you have to get your ultimate freedom. So I cannot force on you. You have to ask for it in your own free will. That’s very important. It cannot be forced.

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That’s what we are going to do. That’s a very good question. That’s the best question. Alright. So if you are ready then I have to tell you that there are two conditions. The first one is that you have to forget the past in this hall. Forget that you have done any mistakes or so called sins. And, you have to say in your heart that you are not at all guilty of anything. If you were guilty of something you have been in jail. So you are not guilty. Afterall you are human beings as I told you and you are capable of mistakes. But the divine has great power of forgiveness and any mistake can be forgiven. So first thing, first condition is that you have to respect yourself and forgive yourself and not to believe at all that you are guilty. Its very important for self confidence. Everyone can get realisation. But firstly one should not feel guilty. 57.03

Its a myth. Alright. Second myth is that we cannot forgive some other people. Some people say its very difficult to forgive others. But whether we forgive or don’t forgive, we don’t do anything. What do we do? But if we don’t forgive then it starts working in our minds, working in our temperament and we play into wrong hands unnecessarily. While the person who wants to punish us is perfectly alright, in good health. So this is a myth and we are playing into wrong hands. So we have to say I forgive everyone. Now you don’t have to think whom you have to forgive, what wrong he has done, how far you have to go, nothing. You just in general you have to say “I forgive everyone”. Is more important in place like Canberra. Because I know in a place like this, this centre [pointing at Agnya] works very hard; thinks thinks thinks too much, this centre. And is important to stop thinking, you have to say “Alright I forgive. I forgive. Just go on forgiving. And you get to it”. Say I, I am quiet used people who are bureaucrats. I know there situation very well. I know them better than any body else I should say. So I have to tell you really very frankly. Forgive everyone and also you know that you are not guilty. Because they have always told you have done this mistake that mistake, and also out of jealousy or whatever it is people trouble them. Then they cannot forgive. So better forgive everyone. Forget everything and be here absolutely free from all those nonsensical worries. Will be a good idea. Only by doing these things you will be completely free I tell you to receive your realisation. We have to take help from the mother earth. For that we have to take out our shoes, will help us a lot. Just take out your shoes. Some people who want to come further can come further also. Its very far away. Its alright. Makes no difference wherever you are. And if I said something that makes you feel guilty, forget my lecture also. Is important. So that means in short that we have to be very pleasantly placed towards ourselves. “Prasannachitta, in Sanskrit its said “Prasannachitta”. Must be pleasantly placed towards ourselves. You have to put both your feet little away from each other because they represents two energies. So put them on two sides. Children will get realisation without doing anything. They are very good. They are not complicated. Alright. He will show you what is to be done. You can see that and after that we will take out our spectacles and close our eyes and then the real awakening will take place. Please put your left hand towards me. Like this. This represent, putting the left hand represents nothing but the desire to get self realisation. And the right hand you have to use for action and we have to place it at different points on the left hand side on our centres. So first we put it on our heart. Thats very important because in the heart resides spirit. Again I will say in the place like Canberra is important. Because they work so hard, think so hard that the heart becomes weak. Its better to press your hand on your heart. You should put under your coat will be a better idea. And. Now take down your hand into the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. This is the centre of your mastery. This is made by many great teachers, masters, sadgurus. And we have to awaken it so that we become masters of that. Then you take down your hand in the lower portion of your abdomen. Lower portion of your abdomen. And press it hard. Now this is a special centre for pure knowledge which has to manifest on your central nervous system. Then we take back our hand in the upper portion of our abdomen. Then take it on our heart. Now this important is that put your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder. From the front. Not from the back side. Now this centre is very important because this is the centre which catches or get spoilt when we feel guilty. Turn your head to your right. Its very important. And this centre when is spoilt you get diseases like spondylitis, angina, all kinds of funny diseases, with the lethargic lung and lethargic heart. Now you take your right hand put it across your forehead. Like this. And put down your head as much as you can. And press it hard. On both the sides. This is the centre for forgiving others. Now take back your hand say way back side of your head and push back your head, as much as possible. This is the centre for asking the divine to forgive you. Now here you don’t have to feel guilty. You don’t have to count the mistakes you have committed. For your own satisfaction. You to ask the divine to forgive you. Then you have to stretch your hand, right hand like this. The palm is stretched properly and the centre o f the palm is put on the fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone on top of your head. And now its to be pressed. Put down your head. This is important now that you push back your fingers and thumb fully. Please. Push them back properly so that there is a good pressure on your scalp. And now move your scalp slowly seven times. Move your scalp slowly seven times clockwise. Clockwise slowly with the pressure. Thats all we have to do. Thats all. Nothing else needed to be done. Thats all. Take out your glasses if you want. If there is anything tight near your neck, little bit loosen it. If there is anything tight on your waist, you can loosen it a little bit. And you have to be relaxed. You don’t have to bend forward or backwards too much. Sit in a proper straight manner. Thats all. Now remember to put your feet on both the sides. And put your left hand towards me please and the right hand now is to go on the heart. Now please close your eyes and don’t open them till I tell you. That’s all. Now here when you put your hand on your heart where resides the spirit you have to ask me a very important question. You may call me “Shri Mataji or Mother” which ever suits you and this question is like as if you are asking a computer. So now ask the question in your heart not openly, not loudly, but in your hear; “Mother Am I the Spirit?”. Ask this question three times. “Mother Am I the Spirit?”. Ask this question three times. Now take down your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. One must know that if you are the spirit you become your own guide. In the light of the spirit you know the absolute truth. So you become your own master. So now ask a second question “Mother Am I my own Master?”. Ask this question three times.“Mother Am I the Spirit?”. As I told you I respect your freedom and I cannot cross over it. And I cannot force pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. Now put right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and ask me “Mother please give me pure knowledge”, “Mother please give me pure knowledge”; please ask this six times. Six times because this centre has got six petals. “please Mother give me pure knowledge”. As soon as you ask for pure knowledge the kundalini starts ascending. So we have to now nourish our upper centres with with our self confidence. So now raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on your left hand side. And here press it hard. And say with full confidence ten times, because this centre has got ten petals. Ten times “Mother I am my own master”. Say it with full confidence. “Mother I am my own master”. Now we have to know that the divine is the ocean of knowledge and love. Pure love. It is the ocean of peace and bliss. But above all it is a very powerful open ocean of forgiveness. So we cannot do any mistake which cannot be dissolved by this powerful ocean of forgiveness. So please raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder. Push it back as much as you can towards the spinal cord. And now put your head towards right. Now here with full confidence you have to say, sixteen times “Mother I am not guilty at all” . Please say sixteen times. “Mother I am not guilty at all” . Please say sixteen times. Again I will tell you it is a myth when you say “I cannot forgive people”. Whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive you really torture yourself for nothing at all. So please remember that it is all a myth and you are not going to carry on with it anymore. This is very important. Because this centre is very constricted one and you have to help your kundalini to rise through it by really, heartily forgiving everyone. So now please raise your forehead across and please put your hand in such a manner that you can press it on both the sides. And now put down your head fully and here please say “Mother I forgive everyone”. Now its not necessary how many times. You to have really say from your heart. If you don’t say it from your heart, this centre wouldn’t open otherwise. So please I request you again and again to say “Mother I really forgive everyone”. Now don’t think whom you have to forgive, what mistakes they have committed. Just say it out of your understanding that your realisation is higher than anything else. Now take back your hand on the backside of your head and push back your head as far as possible. Now this is the centre for you to ask for forgiveness for your own satisfaction. Without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes you just have to say “Oh Divine, if I have done any mistakes, please forgive me”. For your satisfaction. Don’t count your mistakes. Now stretch your hand and put the centre of your palm on the soft bone which is called as the fontanelle bone area. Press it hard and move it seven times. Here again I cannot cross your freedom. So please say seven times while moving your hand “Mother please give me my self realisation”.
Now please open your eyes and put your hands like this. Now put the right hand towards me , like this and bend your head and see for your self if there is a cool breeze coming out of the fontanelle bone area or the soft bone that you had in your child hood. In sanskrit it is called as brahmarandra. Brahma means the all pervading power, and randra means the whole in ?? it. Now see for yourself. The hand should be little away from the head, above it not on it. Some people get it very far also. Now the left hand to be used now. Put the left hand towards me, higher like this. Bend your head. And see for your self if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Now again the right hand. Now see for yourself. If there is a cool breeze coming out of your head once for all. Will be higher. Now. Raise your both the hands and push back your head and ask a question “Mother is this the cool breeze of the holy ghost. Mother is this the power of all pervading divine or Mother is this the paramachaitanya”? Ask any one of these question, any one of these three times in your heart. Please ask. Push back your head, Push back your head and the question three times. Now raise your hands fully. Fully. Push back your head. Push back your head. Don’t miss the point. Please don’t. Push back your head.Push back your head. Now please bring down your hands. Just put the hands towards me and see if you can be without thoughts. If there’s no thought. Now those whole felt cool breeze coming out of the fontanelle bone area, sometimes can be hot, some heat comes out; doesn’t matter. But feel the breeze. Or on your fingertips. On their hands please raise both your hands. Those who have felt it please raise your hands both like this, so I will know, like this. ya. There are wonderful people here. See, such a lot of you have got realisation. God bless you. But now this is the beginning. You have to come to our centres where ofcourse you don’t have to pay anything. But little bit time you have to give and master it. You all can become masters. And there wouldn’t be any more problem of ill health or any problem. And I would like to meet you all if you want to meet me just now. Because I am going away tomorrow. This is the last day of my working Australia. And next year I will be again back here. But you are all welcome to India. We have a nice tour program and also a seminar at the end of it. So if it suits you, you are welcome to come along. You all can come and see me if you like. I am sorry I am here only for one day. But next time I will be here for quiet some time. And I hope I will be able to see you grown up like a trees now. Like a see now you have sprouted now and this seed has to become a big tree. May God bless you.
God bless you.


in hindi: Aayiye. Aap kahan se. India se aye hai ? Meaning: come. Where are you from. Are your from India? (ji – yes). in hindi: yahan sambhaliye. Sab aapki cheez hai in sabko dene ki. Aapke pass itne cheeze bhari padi hai, sari duniya aapke charno me lautegi. Isko to karna chahiye. Ab Delhi me bahut kam ho raha hai. Delhi me bahut log ho gaye par. Bahut se log ho gaye. Aur kam bahut zoro me ho raha hai. Asha hai sab jagah ho jaye. Aapka shubh nam kya hai. Chandramohan Bhandari. Badi khushi huyee aap se milke.
Meaning: (to an Indian) Take care here. This (spiritual knowledge) is all yours that you have to give them here. You have so many things(spiritual knowledge), whole world will look up to you. Have to do this. Now in Delhi a lot is working out. Many got realisation. Many got. And now in full swing its working out. Hope it works out every where. What is your good name. Chandramohan Bhandari. Glad to meet you.

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