Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Eve of Birthday Puja Sydney (Australia)

Eve of Birthday Puja. Sydney (Australia), 20 March 1990.
So my tour of Australia has come to an end.
Today is a day I can say it’s all very well done. We have had a very good response. I didn’t expect that much everywhere. It was tremendous. And very great things have happened, some miracles also, during this visit.
And one has to know that Sahaja Yogis have to be with great potential manifesting. If they are then it triggers very well, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Canberra (Australia)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis in Canberra, Australia, 20th March 1990
Shri Mataji: Let’s sit. So now, please be seated.
Please remove this one, if you can take it out.
Please, be seated.
[Cut in the audio]
We are all just the same, it’s one of the very important things we have to achieve, that we are all just the same, there’s no difference between us.
Apart from that, from our mundane life, it’s better that we stay in the ashram because children are looked after, […]

Press Interview with Canberra Times Canberra (Australia)

Press Interview with “Canberra Times”, Canberra, Australia, 20 March 1990.
Shri Mataji: You ask them to bring My spectacles.
Lady interviewer: Yeah, I, I came along for about now last night
Shri Mataji: Little loudly.
Lady interviewer: Oh, sorry. I came along for that now last night. There were just a few things that I want to clarify with You. – Umm, this is Your fifth time here in Australia, is it right?
Shri Mataji: No, […]