Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Canberra (Australia)

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Talk to Sahaja Yogis in Canberra, Australia, 20th March 1990

Shri Mataji: Let’s sit. So now, please be seated.
Please remove this one, if you can take it out.
Please, be seated.

[Cut in the audio]

We are all just the same, it’s one of the very important things we have to achieve, that we are all just the same, there’s no difference between us.
Apart from that, from our mundane life, it’s better that we stay in the ashram because children are looked after, children become much more social, sensible and they understand mediation. And there’s a sort of discipline about it, meditation, people do meditation. In the house, they say: “Oh, I’m alright on my own” and this and that. I know there have been problems, I agreed, there has been very bad leaders, and they were Australians, what can I do? You are all Australians. I mean, I had to choose someone and the first who came to Sahaja Yoga, one after another. So they had to be appointed with. They turned out to be bad leaders, that’s-I don’t know- that’s the lack of Australia I think.
[Shri Mataji laughs]
Alright, but doesn’t matter. Yu should not rebel, you should stay in the ashram, that’s very bad to rebel or to create problems for collectivity, it’s sinful, and one has to pay for it. Those who create problems for collectivity are already paying through their noses,
I know people, they develop- well, I don’t mean it at all, I don’t want it- they feel so frightened, that I’ve known people who’ve got cancers, have got heart attacks, have got horrible diseases. So, it’s very dangerous to do all these things, to get out of ashrams, form their own groups and work out that way, it’s very dangerous, it’s going against God, absolutely, it’s like cutting God’s hands and feet. Nobody should try that.

If you have any problem with the leaders you can directly write to me, I’ve been telling everybody. Why don’t you write to me? They’ll write about everything, my hair are falling, my nose is becoming smaller, [Laughter] Alls sorts of nonsense, twelve pages, they’ll write.
But they never write what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with the leader. And it’s very surprising, not one person wrote to Me till I discovered myself. Everything I discovered myself. Nobody wrote to me anything about them. Then they move schools, they sell things, nobody tells Me anything about it.

I was surprised when the school was moved from there to Sydney, without asking Me, without asking Me to give – what this Barwood [unsure], they bought that, gave up that place in Queue [unsure]. I never knew! No one writes to Me! I mean, I have direct relationships with you.
Of course, one has to have somebody, one person, to whom to contact, isn’t it? After all, I can’t write at all of them.
But if you find anything wrong in the contract you must inform. But without ashrams, I don’t think you can be Sahaja Yogis, by any chance. By any chance, take it from Me. You cannot be Sahaja Yogis and you cannot be protected either, not at all.
Today, may be, if some people have gained some fame, some money, something that’s not going to help you. Modern times are going to be terrible. It’s very wrong to do such things. You don’t know you are playing with fire.

I already told you in Sahaja Yoga there are two forces, centripetal and centrifuge. So according to the centripetal force, you are attracted in the centre. But centrifuge, you are thrown at a time jet [unsure]. But when you get out of the control of God’s regime, then you fall into the trap. Anything can happen to you.

I know of somebody who was just trying to be funny about Sahaja Yoga, he got into extreme and died very suddenly. I was so chocked, The reports came that he’s started talking against Sahaja Yoga, he wanted to get out of Sahaja Yoga, he wanted to take some people and made a group and things like that. It’s very dangerous. Not for you but for your children and for the progeny of the whole lot. You are playing with fire, you must know this is a tremendous thing we are doing now. It’s a tremendous task. It’s a very great work we are doing, emancipation of the whole humanity. And you can’t take liberties with it like this.

Of course, there are a lot of blessings and advantages. But that doesn’t mean that we have the right to exploit it, by any chance. So please, immediately try to find some ashram, I want to protect your children, protect you all. If you are not in the ashram, I don’t know what will happen. And I’m not responsible, I must tell you very frankly,

Recently, you must have heard about Germany’s, things that happened. In Germany, this Hugo, is there, another Australian. He got some bhoot in him, I don’t know what happened. He suddenly got up and said: “I can also do Sahaja Yoga, why not?” And he was thinking he can form a group. He had already sent away two, three people from Russia. There was one mister Thomas who was an old Sahaja Yogi, he was nice. So when Hugo went there, he said: ‘No, nothing doing, I’d close the door, I don’t want to hear anything of this mother, I don’t want to hear anything about it. Just don’t tell me.” So mister Hugo went to another Sahaja Yogi who was, I would say, half-baked one, must have been. So they said, we’ll start another ashram, we’ll start everything do that about that. And the wife was rather obedient and she listened to all the nonsense that he was talking. And can you imagine? She got cancer and she died. She came at a, absolutely, galloping stage to Shuddy camp. She confessed all this to Me. And her husband is dead also now, a cancer [inaudible]. Because now, you are no more in the realm of God, finished. There’s no other worry, except for this, to Me. Because if you are in Sahaja Yoga, you’ll be looked after, your jobs, your health, your children, and I’ve no worry at all, in every way, you’ll be provided for. Because Sahaja Yoga is such a caring thing, it cares for you. But if you don’t care for your own Sahaja Yoga, you have to suffer, suffers in such a long way, don’t support your wife or husband in this kind of a nonsense. If they do it, you say: “We are going to leave you, go to hell; we have nothing to do with you.”

I must warn you all because it’s now again, coming up in Australia, this kind of a dislocation. Now Steven is there who, I must say, has a bad luck because he’s got all the bad things, [Shri Mataji laughs] it’s a bad government, leaves debts on the next one coming, like that, it’s all on him and he is quite lenient. He, he must have thought, the others were very harsh, so I should be lenient. Son, he’s lenient. So people will start, you see, put things away. But everybody has to be self-disciplined in Sahaja Yoga. You must have that much sense, and that much self-esteem, self control, to have self-discipline yourself. Because whatever is good for you, you have taken up such a big job now, it’s to emancipate the whole humanity. It’s not talking, it’s just there. I’ve been telling everyone in Australia.

I’m rather surprised how this idea is rolling up everywhere, that they should have separate houses. First I met with this idea and I blasted it out. I said:”Nothing doing.” I don’t know where you stay, what is your area, where, how am I to protect you? It’s just ego. One Indian girls was telling Me she’s so happy in an ashram, because there are other people in the house, you see, a burglar comes in, we are not worried because there are other people in the house. “I feel so safe, the children are looked after, if you are going out they’ll say: “Alright, we’ll look after your children you can go. “ And everything works out better. It’s much cheaper to live in an ashram, much less work, much less labour. And the real thing is the ascent part of it. It’s all ego, please face it, please face it. Ego and small mindedness, very small mindedness.

You must have a proper vision of yourself, what you could be. You can be like the sky while you want to be like a ditch, what can you do?

And our lifestyle is different; we have a close lifestyle, that’s why it’s more important. We are not like India. In India, every body will just [inaudible] each other, they are going into that house, and that house, nothing is close, except for so called little bit sophisticated, westernized. Otherwise, they meet everyone; talk to everyone, every body knows about everyone, everything. They keep a sort of big ashram we can say, [Shri Mataji smiles]. And there are certain rules and regulations that they follow among themselves, no problem.

But this individualism is not going to help us at all, not at all. It’s a collective happening, you know that. It’s like if my nail is cut and put somewhere, I’m not going to bother about it. It’s selfishness, absolutely. I must tell you frankly, I must tell you the truth because I’m your Mother, I’m not going to tell you lies. I’m not going to please you, because I’m not standing for elections or anything, I am what I am; whether you accept Me or not, I am what I am. But I’ve to tell you the truth. Or else, if you have a large house, you can have some more people there staying with you, you can form an ashram. But don’t have your own family with you, my own children, my- once you go on “my, my” then I disappear.

[Shri Mataji is smiling to a baby girl]
She’s trying to talk to Me.
Cause you laugh, now she’s self conscious.
[Shri Mataji talks to the baby girl]
What do I do? Raise their Kundalini?
What is your idea? You want to raise their Kundalini? Yes, here [unsure] she understands.
Oh, that’s catching. She is saying this.
[Shri Mataji to a 3 years old girl]
Alright, thank you very much. Oh, beautiful, oh, oh.
A mint [sweet] with a hole, like Sahaja Yogis, a with a hole. [Shri Mataji laughs]

Alright. This is something serious; it should be understood seriously, not to be heard from one ear: “Oh, Mother says so this thing, nothing’s there.” You must understand, it’s very important and that they get cancer, come to Me: “Mother we’ve got cancer.” “What were you doing?” “We were saying things separately.” “Why?” “Where [why?] will you stay?”
[Shri Mataji is eating the sweet]

If they really got troubles from the head of [?] called the leaders, you must let Me know. Well, this is as simple as anything. I’m your Mother, I’ve given you the second birth, why shouldn’t you write to Me? Everything well, what so ever.
I’ll be always with you, whatever may happen and whosoever you may be. First, you have done some mistakes, it’s alright that I tell you, it’s dirty [inaudible], but otherwise you must tell Me everything. It’s very important. I’m not only you Guru, but I’m your Mother.

Do you find anything wrong with Me that you don’t tell Me? If you write nonsensical things, twenty fours pages letter, still I’ll read. Though I know it’s nonsense, still I read it.

So, I expect you to write to Me about yourself, about your children, anything wrong in the whole leadership, or anything like that, you must write to Me. Anything you are doing, you should write to Me, what you are doing about Sahaja Yoga, you should write to Me, because God will ask you: “What did you do for Sahaja Yoga?” Mother gave you Realization, She travelled all the way, every where She went, did this, did that. I mean, I’m, I’m [???] now, that I’m neither living in my house nor in an ashram. I’m just in the air all the time. I live more in the aeroplanes than in the houses.

And we must also do something else, isn’t it? We should work it out a little bit for Mother. What are we doing here? How many places you have been? Where did you arrange the program? Like that, you have to think. But if you are not collective, you’ll never think like this. Because your attention will be: “Now my house is there, this has to be paid, that has to be done and I have to get this.” But if you’re in an ashram you’ll think: “How we’ll spread Sahaja Yoga?” That will be the main topic on your head.

Alright, so now, at the very beginning I didn’t want to say all these things but I felt that it is important, very important. So basically, that point is: all should sit down and think it over that we have to have a place which is our own, may be on rent, doesn’t matter, you own your own, it’s better. There’s that house that is good, this house is good, that house is good, that house is good, go on saying, that house is good, you like it, Alright have it. Which ever house you’ll like. That’s how you’ll look after. But you must decide, you have to look after and find a house. I Myself was seeking one house for you. We will point out: see the vibrations and go ahead with it. We are not here- Sahaja Yoga is not for the people who re by-the-way. No. On the contrary, they become like the murmuring souls that Christ has described. He said: “Murmuring souls are the worst people” Those who are not there are- alright, because they will be destroyed in any case. But those who are half way, they’ll have a much worst time.

All of you should combine and go through everything. And you must let Me know f there’s any problem, alright? So now for today, let us see and just try to find out, if possible, if there’s any house, when I’m here. I would love to [inaudible].
Children always like company, they fell lonely if they are given some separate, they don’t like it. When they are with company they enjoy, they don’t like to live alone. Then why should we? We are people who are Ganapatis, we are innocent people, why should we have all other things like the useless grown-ups have.
You ask children: as soon as they see each other, they’ll hug, they’ll kiss each other, they’ll talk to each other, they always want the company of the children. You can’t keep them separate.

And then happiness will come, then joy will come, then security will come and mainly the growth. Alright? Now so may God bless you.
Now you’d better go and look out for a house. [Shri Mataji laughs]
I asked- Delhi people have built a house. There are also bureaucrats and stupid people there. And they built such a nice ashram there. So I said: “What about some people staying there.” Of course, they go very often, live very often and Indians are, there’s a rapport all the time, they contact each other, open house they have. So they said: “Mother you”- I said: “There are so many ashrams, and in how many ashrams I’m going to live and what about you people living there?” So ashrams are built for Me only. [Shri Mataji laughs] That is so funny.

So I will request you now to give up all these ideas, otherwise I’m not responsible for you at all. Not at all, I tell you, it’s impossible. And, if it was only one case or two cases, I would have said: “Alright, doesn’t matter, we’ll see.” But it’s so common now that I’m frightened, absolutely frightened. I don’t want my children to be lost. They all have to be in one boat. Otherwise some are in the water, some are hanging to the boat and some are inside. I don’t like that kind of things. No mother would like, I don’t feel peaceful with you, I fell very nervous. Alright? So you understand My concern about you and I mean it, I really mean it. See this. May God bless you.
In any case, I’m working it out within Myself, and you also work it out.

[While walking out, Shri Mataji speaks to the same baby girl; inaudible]