Departure Conversation with Yogis Sydney airport (Kingsford Smith), Sydney (Australia)

Conversation with Yogis, Departure Sydney Airport, Sydney (Australia), March, 21st, 1990
Now you have to be very careful, alright. And don’t allow collectitivty to be broken by anyone. I now feel that [Gibs?] was a very evil person, very evil man. He has harmed so many people, he has made so many people get out of Sahaja Yoga, also he tortured some people, he beat some people, not only he wiped himself but he was not a very good man, […]

Birthday Puja: Sincerity Curzon Hall, Sydney (Australia)

Puja for the 67° Birthday, Sydney (Australia), 21 March 1990.

What enthusiasm all over the world! The whole of Sydney, I think, has been drenched of all their flowers. And such nice things to say, the cards and the letters and the beautiful poems, the children are singing beautifully. Words fail to express the feelings of such jubilation and such sincere feeling of happiness.

You needed a Mother to look after you, to care for you and to be able to transform you with lot of wisdom. […]