Departure Conversation with Yogis

Sydney airport (Kingsford Smith), Sydney (Australia)


Conversation with Yogis, Departure Sydney Airport, Sydney (Australia), March, 21st, 1990

Now you have to be very careful, alright. And don’t allow collectitivty to be broken by anyone. I now feel that [Gibs?] was a very evil person, very evil man. He has harmed so many people, he has made so many people get out of Sahaja Yoga, also he tortured some people, he beat some people, not only he wiped himself but he was not a very good man, he’s an evil man.
And if such a person tries to talk to you, or telephones to talk, just you tell him that: “We have no faith in you, we don’t talk to you”. Cause you will have troubles, you’ll have troubles, I’m telling you. Such people, you should never talk to or discuss anything. Just say: “We have nothing to do, you just don’t talk to us.” Alright? Please be careful. Because I’ve seen people who do all these things can bring lot of harm.
As I told you the case in Germany, where two people got cancer. You don’t listen to him you just say: “We don’t want to talk you, we have nothing to do with you, we don’t know you.”
“We have no faith in you”. Just say that. Because also very cunning, you see. Accounts are so horrible and God knows what he has been doing, where the money was going you see, impossible to locate and find out. It’s a very difficult situation.
You’d be careful not to fall prey or anything like that, alright?

We all have to be together and we have to help each other and understand. And he’s, he’s [kicking?] actually all Indian boys. And what he’s telling now is very wrong. They have come all the way from there and [kicking] them and [kicking?] Indian girls, was very wrong of him. Please, be very careful and whatever one person has done, you all can neutralize it and it should not be difficult, all of you put together.
I think better beat him with shoes for some time, so that those ideas do not stick on you.
Then he started thinking of himself being God or what, I don’t know he [inaudible] to be a Goddess. [Inaudible]

Paul? Paul, I wanted to talk to you. You’ll be careful of such a person, alright? Did you hear Me Michael? Did you hear what I said?
Sahaja Yogi: Excuse Mother, I can’t hear you.
Shri Mataji: I see. Alright, they’ll tell you what I told. Alright, be careful. Take care.
These are satanic forces. Once it’s accepted- anybody can accept them- and then you’ll go on making Sahaja Yoga. It’s a gone case.
[Shri Mataji speaks aside; inaudible; 5:13 to 5:56]

Shri Mataj: No, you see, what they were saying, if you demand proper like that [inaudible]

If you have any problem you should write to Me instead of getting out of Sahaja Yoga, then you also develop your Agnya, you will develop all these [inaudible] and all these things happen.
What’s the use to do like Elio ? He was so stupid. Why didn’t he write to Me? And now his Agnya is so bad that nobody can talk to him, he doesn’t want to hear it.
And thirdly this Niranjanan, you see, this is another horrible lot. She has started herself as a guru now. [Shri Mataji laughs] All kinds of things I think prosper. But if you expand yourself there won’t be this stagnation. In stagnation, what are only such people do [unsure].
He was like- he was like all the people in India. We have met so many people in Ganapatipule, you must write to them. You people, never write to anyone. If you write to them, they will know what is happening there and what is happening here. You all have to write all the time. Write to each other, find out about each other. And the lady who’s from Russia, I’ll have to tell her about that their leader is very much there [unsure]. Can you tell her?
She’s the one?
Sahaja Yogi: Gavin.
Shri Mataji: You know Russian. Or the one who know Russians will [inaudible]. She met Me in there.
Sahaja Yogi: I’m afraid you have to come to the counter, because they have to sight all the test.
Shri Mataji: Alright. It’s time to say goodbye. Alright? Goodbye.

[Sahaja Yogis are giving flowers. Shri Mataji goes to the gate.]