4th day of Navaratri and Birthday Puja: Three tricks to progress in Sahaja yoga

New Delhi (India)

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Today is the 4th day of Navaratri and as you know that the puja of Navaratri has to be celebrated only during the night. To take out the darkness it is very necessary that the nights should be lighted. Today there is also another coincidence that you are celebrating My Birthday. On this day, Gauriji established Shri Ganesha after her marriage.

Shri Ganesha is the source of purity. The very first thing in the world which was established was purity so that it spreads all over so that all the living beings, even the human beings, all those who came into this world should be protected by purity and should keep away from impure things. That is why the whole creation was drenched with purity by Gauriji. And only after that the creation came into existence.

So it is of utmost importance in our lives that we should place purity at the highest place.

But purity does not mean that we clean ourselves, take our bath, or even for the body to keep it alright, but we should clean our hearts. The biggest disorder (enemy) of the heart is anger: It is the biggest sickness. And when a person is angry, his purity is destroyed. Because another name of purity is selfless love: that love which always flows and does not expect anything in return. The satisfaction of this love is that it’s just flowing and when it does not flow it gets suffocated and it gets disturbed. So, purity means that you fill your heart with love, not with anger.

Anger is our enemy of course but it’s the enemy of the whole world. Whenever there have been big wars in the world, whatever destruction happened, it has happened because of collective anger. There are many excuses for anger: I got angry because this thing happened, I got angry because that thing happened. To become angry human beings can always find some reason. But you should know that even extremely destructive things like war have come because of this anger. The basic reason behind that is anger.

If our heart is full of love then we cannot be angry. And even if we have to show that we are angry, artificially angry, that is also done for love. If there is a rakshasa, demon, a very cruel demon, which has to be killed, he is killed also because of love, because when he deserves to be killed so he will not commit any more sins. But this is not the work of human beings, this is the work of Devi, and which She has done during this Navaratri. Now we have to expand our heart and see in our heart for whom we have selfless love, which does not expect anything. It’s not that we have love like: this is my son, this my sister, this is my house, these are my things. But you have to see for whom you have this kind of love.

Amongst the human beings you have been raised to a very high level because you have become sahaja yogis. Your yoga, your connection, has been done with this very subtle power of love of God Almighty. And this power is flowing continuously within you, which is nourishing you, which is protecting you and it is elevating you. Again and again it motivates you, protects you, gives you pure joy. It fills you with sweet love.

We have been united with this beautiful power, but we have to see that even now how much place do we have in our heart for such kind of power. In our heart we have love for our Mother, that is true, you love your Mother very much and because of this love you are tuned, you are in tune with the joy, it is giving you joy.

But we should have 2 more types of love within us. Only then we can say that we love Mother.

Firstly, we should love ourselves, we should say to ourselves: I’m a sahaja yogi. We got this power very easily but we have to see how we can grow (spiritually). Many people work hard to spread Sahaja yoga, which we can call the horizontal movement. It is like spreading it in all the directions. But these yogis do not put attention on themselves. Thus their own vertical movement is not there. They do not achieve their (own) spiritual growth. They can do a lot of things outside, they can run about, they can do a lot of work, they will be very busy, they will meet people, but they are not increasing their inner power. Now the second type of people are those who put attention a lot on their inner power, but they do not put the attention on the outside. So this creates an imbalance.

When we put lot of attention on the outside, this outside activity grows but the inner power becomes less and less. And then it becomes so less that they go on the brink, the boundaries, and they start falling into the ego trip. They start thinking how much we have worked for sahaja yoga, how much we have worked hard. When they start thinking like this a new life starts for such kind of people which is not at all useful for sahaja yoga. Then they start thinking that « I’m a very big leader and everybody should give me importance » which is self-importance. Everywhere they see that they should be given importance, in all the things they will try that their own importance is increased, they will try to show their own specialty, they will always come in the front, but from inside there is a hollowness which increases. And then suddenly what happens? They have some kind of a sickness, they become mad. They have some big problem in their life. Then they start saying Mother we were completely surrendered to You, so how did this happen? Why should it happen to me like this, what went wrong?

But the responsibility is on yourself because you started drifting away, and this kind of people start staying by himself (disconnected with others). They cannot get along with other people. Their only connection is that how much they can dominate others. And how much they can show that they are above others, they are superior to others. Then they go on showing their own importance, they should be included in everything and always given importance. If someone does not give him any importance then it is a great mistake. Then they start faltering to such an extent that they will even forget that they have to do something for Mother. You have to give something to Mother also. These kind of people I’ve seen in some places, like in Rahuri, even in Bombay, some persons suddenly come up. They try to become very important and in such places there was not even the aarti. Luckily for Me there was at least My photo, but nobody had a desire even to clean the photo. Thanks God that they did not put their own photo! Their own importance and their own show off! Putting themselves higher than others and separating themselves from others. They would not ask anybody, they would start doing things by themselves. Then the quarrel started and groups started forming.

The common bond that binds you all together is the thread of your Mother and if you want to remain in that bond then all the time you have to remember that we are the children of the same Mother, and that nobody is higher or lower. And we do not do any work, this Chaitanya (the All-Pervading power of God) is doing everything, I’m not doing anything. But if we are thinking that I am so great, I have done this and am going to do this and that, then Paramchaitanya says « Ok, go ahead. Do what you want, go wherever you want to go. If you want to go in hell you can go to hell. If you want to destroy yourself, you can destroy yourself. If you want to be in complete destruction then also you can do it. Whatever you want to do you can do it. » It will not stop you because it respects your freedom. You should know that if you want to go to heaven it can take you to heaven but if you want to go to hell then even that can be arranged.

But in Sahaja Yoga there is one big fault, one very big drawback. We are a big Virat Shakti (collective power), we are not alone, we are the different parts of the same body. But in this body if there are one or two persons or there are three or four persons who start making their own group then it becomes like cancer, like malignancy, like one cell starts growing. Then that person can grow and can contaminate whole Sahaja Yoga. And in that case all My efforts will be in vain.

We should try to learn from the sea which stays at the lowest level and thus it absorbs all the rivers inside itself. And without the sea the world cannot exists. The sea evaporates the water inside which becomes the steam and it goes and gives the gift of the rain in the whole world. The humility of the sea is a sign of its depth, but this humility is not superficial, that we say hello mister, Namaste, it’s not like this, but it remains in the lowest level, it absorbs everything, it purifies everything. Then it converts itself into steam and showers the rain. And then when the rain comes the rivers are formed and these rivers come running towards the same sea and it will go into the sea. Then if you see the sea, if you observe the sea, on the shores of the sea you will observe that all the coconut trees, which are there, are always bent towards the sea. There is a lot of breeze coming from the sea but they never bend away from the sea because they know that it is the sea.

So in the same way our heart becomes like the sea when we become extremely humble and the heart is filled with love. But if we have always giving self-importance, feeling always that we are something special, in that case the Paramchaitanya will cut you off, it will say « Go away if you want to makeyourself important. Go away ! » It cuts you off just like a nail is cut and thrown, that person will be thrown away. For Me it is very very painful. So when people start thinking that we are doing a lot of work for sahaja yoga, we have done this and that, they should immediately calm down and try to introspect and ask themselves: Do we meditate? Are we able to meditate? How deep are we ? And then they should see how many people they love and how many we are creating enemies.

In Sahaja Yoga some people have gone very deep, very deep indeed, there is no doubt about it. But there are many who are still on the shores and we cannot say when these people will be thrown out. Because, as I have told you before, after the year 1990 a new dimension will be opened. You will have to take a leap up from this state to settle down in this new dimension and you have to imbibe the new thing which is coming. Like a wheel when it is moving, the whole wheel goes round but the center of the wheel just moves forward. In the same way Sahaja Yoga is also going to progress collectively. And to stay in this dimension the very first thing needed within us is purity, which should be filled with humility.

You must have seen in the world that lot of people who think that they are very pure. Morning, evening they will do their prayers, they will not allow anybody to touch them, they will not eat this, they will not eat that. If somebody comes they say ok you will sit far away. If they touch them they will become very angry, they will not like it, this is madness. If you are absolutely pure, absolutely clean, then if anybody touches you, if somebody talks to you, you will never become impure. Because you can purify everything, because it is your nature to purify everything. So whomsoever you meet you will purify that person. So why should you be afraid and why should you condemn them and why should you try to gossip about others? If you are doing this, it’s the sign that your own purity is lacking. If your purity is complete then in that purity there is the power and the brightness. It is so powerful that it can absorb any impurity. As I told you all the rivers, all the dirt, comes and is absorbed by the sea.

The second type of people are those who think only of their own progress. They think that they do not have anything to do with others, they will sit in their house, they do a puja to Mother, they do aarti. They feel that they should progress (individually), but have nothing to do with others and they keep aloof from others. This kind of people cannot progress because you are a part and parcel of the same body. Imagine if a finger ties itself with a thread thinking that it has nothing to do with the whole body and saying that “I will stay alone”. Then the finger will die because how can the blood circulate to the finger? How can the veins go in the finger? How can the awareness go in the finger? Because it will remain separated. You can try to attach a finger for 5 days then you will see that this finger will stop working, it will be completely useless. Then you will say « Mother, I do such a lot of pujas, I take such a lot of mantras, I work a lot for Sahaja Yoga, then why this thing has happened? » Because you are separated, you moved away from the Samuhik Shakti (collective power). Sahaja Yoga is a collective power. So when you go away from this collectivity then you are going away from the power of collectivity.

So we have to take care of both the things. One has to take care of one’s own power and also be collective. Only then you will remain in the balanced state. But sometimes outside people do a lot of things. I have seen some people do a lot of work for Sahaja yoga, they used to give good speeches, they could talk well. Then, they made audio recordings of their talks and they started telling others that you should hear my tape (recording) and the people started listening to their talks instead of My talks. So much so that, for example I am sitting here, they will come and do Namaskar to the photo but not to Me ! Because they were used to bowing to the photo, they had nothing to do with Me. They only dealt with the photo. Such kind of very strange people I have seen. Then they also got their own photo printed and started showed that photo to everybody saying that see I am like this, I am like that. So, in all the possible manner they tried to show their own importance and slowly and gradually they fell in a big ditch. They did not even understand how it happened but it so happened that they fell apart from Sahaja Yoga. Now we do not see them anywhere. People started telling me Mother they were big leaders and everything. Yes, they were, but where did they go? They went. What can I do? They just evaporated. Where? I do not know. Why did they go away? These people they went out of Sahaja Yoga because they did not have balance. And then somebody that does not have balance then one goes to the left or to the right.

As I told you even in the past, several times, that there are two types of forces are working within us. By one force we are attracted towards Sahaja Yoga and with other force we are thrown out. Like, for example, on a rope you put a stone and you swirl it, the stone will keep on turning in a circle till it is connected with the rope. As soon as it is separated from the rope then it is thrown away like a tangent. In this way many sahaja yogis have been thrown out. They have gone out of Sahaja Yoga. Then people start saying Mother in Sahaja Yoga there are less people now. What can I do? But if there are less people in Sahaja Yoga it is not the loss of Sahaja Yoga, it is their own loss (of these people). There is absolutely no loss for Sahaja Yoga because for something which has nothing to do with profit or loss how can it lose something? Yes if you want to have the full benefit of it then you try to understand this, but know that Sahaja Yoga does not need you, you need Sahaja Yoga.

Now the other meaning of « yog » is Yukti – means a trick. First (meaning) is that you should be connected and secondly “Yukti”. That “Yukti” you have to understand what is “yukti”, what is this “trick”. We can understand this in 3 ways.

First, Yukti is that we have to have the knowledge about it. Knowledge does not mean with intelligence but the awakening of the Kundalini, which gives complete knowledge on the finger tips. When you have this kind of knowledge then you start understanding other types of knowledge also. Many things, which you could not understand earlier, you start understanding now. Now you understand who is truth and who is untruth. And with this knowledge you can awaken the Kundalini of others and then you can even try to explain to them. And you can become integrated with them. You can talk with them, discuss with them about this knowledge. So because of this knowledge you get intellectual knowledge too. You understand Sahaja Yoga. Otherwise in the previous times, in the past, who could understand this? Like Kabira has said “Ida pingala sukhamana nadi re, ….. Ek hi dor udaunga” (Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are the three channels …. Only one thread / cord / rope will be risen – the Kundalini). So, this kind of talk Kabira used to do, did anybody understand what he said? Did anybody understand Nanaka ? Did anybody understand Gyaneshwara? Or did anybody understand LaoTsé? Everybody thought that the saints are saying something very mysterious and secretive and thus they ignored it. But after being in Sahaja Yoga you have started understanding everything. So, your even intellectual capacities have increased. You’ve become more clever. You’ve understood it. It’s good that you have understood it. Whatever was secret and a non-understandable that also you have been able to understand, and everything you’ve been able to grasp. This is the first Yukti that you have increased your knowledge.

Now what is the second Yukti ? Is that you have Bhakti (devotion) for Me. Now when you have this Bhakti, it should be Ananya-bhakti (« Ananya » means where there is not the other, no duality), you should do Ananya-bhakti, means that you have to become one with Me. You start thinking as I think. For example, today the puja got delayed. I could have said: I am also tired, it is so late, I didn’t sleep and I cannot do it. But I thought that the puja of Navaratri has to be done at night and I got the right auspicious time to do this puja and it has to happen at this time and it will happen at that time and we are doing it with such a lot of joy because this is the auspicious time and we should be ready for that. Then we should not think that we are tired, we did not even rest, nothing, because this is the right time. For example a soldier goes on the war field and he sees that there is the enemy in front of him so he should know that that is the right time to kill that enemy and he should kill that enemy at that time. Thus in the same way this is the right time for us to do the puja. Thus you are all sitting here. You should also understand that Mother has chosen this time to do the puja and it is very essential for us that the puja has to be done at this time. But there are half-baked sahaja yogis who will think in opposite way « We have come here, we are waiting since this morning, we’ve have done this, now we are hungry, we have not eaten, children are sleeping…. » So, this is not Ananya-bhakti, because My thoughts have not become your thoughts. The way I am thinking you’re not thinking. ……[blank]……

Sometimes some people say « Mother, this man is very bad ». I say « No, he’s a very good man, an excellent man ». So they will start saying « Mother, how could you say like this? Why did you say like this? » Then I start wondering why you are unable to see what I see. If they are seeing with My eyes they should also see what I see, but that it is not the case. They are seeing something which I am not seeing. They are seeing something else. So, this is not « Ananya » (being one, the oneness). This is « Anya », meaning other (the duality). In the same way My love for you is there. So I’m very satisfied if you are able to feel the same way for others as I feel for you. If that is not the case then I feel that it is « anya » (separated) and not « ananya » (one). If everybody is a part of My body then they should become like Me. They should think like Me and they should do like what I am doing. But why do they think differently? From where do these strange thoughts come in their mind? From where do these thoughts come? So, this is not ananya-bhakti. This bhakti is something different. So, your way of thinking, your way of working, your love for others, should be exactly as you love me. If My love is the Source of all love then whatever is in the well, it should come out in the bucket. How can anything else come in the bucket? If there is something else in the bucket, I feel that they have taken the water from some other well. Not from My well.

Now the third is that people say that I am surrendered to You. I am very much surrendered. So, in that case, if I tell you something, if I try to explain you something, if I suggest something to you, there is no question if denying it or refusing it. If you and Me are one then this question of refusal should not arise. Whatever Mother has said it’s OK. We have become like Mother so we cannot refuse. It’s like my eyes are seeing you so they know that you are sitting in front of Me. Because these eyes are Mine, I also know that you are sitting here. So whatever is My understanding and the understanding of My eyes, it is the same. There is no difference. What I am understanding through My intelligence, I am understanding the same through my eyes. This is because you do not have the Tathakarita (oneness with Me).

So, this is the second yukti, « Mother, come in my heart, come in my head, come in my thoughts, come in every moment of my life ». Wherever you ask Me I will be available. But you have to say it, isn’t it? and also with full heart. But if you make come to me to attain some gain, it’s no good. But once the connection with Me is established, then all the purposes will be automatically attained. You don’t have to do anything. Then all the purposes will be served and your attention will be in that direction.

Now, the third thing (yukti) is that (like we say) « We are doing this work; we have done some work for sahaja yoga. We have done these decorations, we have done so many things… ». If you think that “I” have done it, then you are not a sahaja yogi. In Sahaja Yoga all your karmas (actions), all what you are doing should become a-karma (non-actions). But if you think that « I am doing something, I have written this poem, I have done something,…» very subtly you have to see that sometimes, do I sometimes think like that? that I have done something. Does this kind of thought come in my head? If so, then my yoga is not yet complete. When your yoga is complete then these kind of thoughts will not come. You will never think like this. Even these kinds of thoughts will not come, you will become a-karma. Then you talk like « this is happening, that is happening, everything is happening ». And you will start speaking this way. When it happens to you like this then you can say that you have got the oneness with Me. Like My hand is moving, it does not say « I am doing this ». It does not even know that it is doing something. But the work gets done. But if it starts thinking that I am doing, then you should know that the hand is cut away from the body, it’s not connected. If it is connected, then it will never feel that « I am moving, I’m holding something ». It will never feel that way. If you are feeling that I am doing something then chaitanya says “Go ahead, do it”. And then all kind of problems start.

This is the third yukti. Third trick. With this trick you should learn that do I (feel that ) am doing something, you should try to introspect. Am « I » doing something? What am « I » doing? Before finding the light, whatever you were doing, you had that ego that « I am doing something » because you were alone. You were Vyashthi (single). Now you have come in Samasthi (collective), you’ve come in the collective. You’ve come in samuhik. So you are not doing anything. You are just a part and parcel of that collective and all the work is being done. This is the third Yukti you should understand.

I am trying to tell you all these Yuktis because now you have to take that jump (into the new dimension). And you should always try to introspect on these lines. And you have to put attention on yourself and not on others. It’s better that I look at myself and see what am I thinking? Do I think that somebody is better than me so that I should learn something from him. So I can acquire some of his qualities. But do I see his qualities or just I see only his drawbacks? If we see the qualities of others and our drawbacks, then it’s a very good thing. Because you’re not able to eliminate the drawbacks of others. You even do not have the right to do that. You have the right to take out your drawbacks in order to improve yourself. So if you see what others are doing, how they are (behaving), then you’re not settled in this yoga. You have to always see what is still lacking in me. Only by saying that way you can improve. By seeing the bad points of others you can never improve. It’s like you’re thinking that in somebody else’s house the things are not very good. There are some problems. Is your house going to be cleaned by thinking this way? [Not clear] You should know that if you have got some problems it’s because there are some drawbacks in you.

Sahaja yoga is a very big thing. It’s a very innovative thing. But if we are not able to enjoy it fully that means there is some drawback in us. And if we are able to master these yuktis what will you get? Only Joy, Nirananda. Nothing else. And then what will happen is that your face will change. You will be just in joy all the time. So on this day of My birthday it’s also, in a way, your birthday. And so you should try to understand these youktis and you should fill yourself with purity like Shri Ganesha.

Only with purity can the wisdom settle down in us. Because the other name of love is purity. But wisdom is also love. All these things are other words for love. If you’re not able to acquire this wisdom and you are not able to love then even after coming to Sahaja Yoga you’re wasting your time. Because now the time has come that everybody has to be united and become one. We have to transform ourselves; we have to absolutely transform ourselves. We have got some drawbacks so we have to remove them and fill us up with purity. This is how you love yourself. For example if your child is a little bit dirty you will go and clean him because you are loving your child. In the same way when you start loving yourself then you will try to transform yourself and try to see « how much I have been transformed. And you will think still I have some drawbacks, some dirt, some blockages. Still I am like this ».

As a the result of this transformation, the divine blesses and transforms your complete life into something so beautiful that we cannot describe it. Like Kabir again has said “jab mast hue phir kya bole” (When I am drenched in joy I am speechless). So you should all achieve that state of masti. (Masti means state of joy, just enjoying yourself). And I bless you that all of you achieve that stage of masti, of that joy and you enjoy that state of joy. This are My blessings to you.