Devi Puja (poor sound)

Kathmandu (Nepal)

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Three Yuktis for the Progress in Sahaja Yoga.

Today is the fourth day of Navaratri and in Navaratri you know that the puja should be done in the night. To dispel the darkness, it is important that we bring light into the night. You are also celebrating my birthday today.

Today Shri Gauri after her marriage, created and established Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha is the source of ‘Pavitrata’ (Purity & Holiness). The first thing that was spread in this World was the Purity so that all beings, human beings who came into this World can stay protected with the Purity and keep away from unholy things. This is why Shri Gauri bathed the whole creation with the Purity and it was only after that the rest of creation was initiated.

So the most important thing in our life is to consider Purity as the highest of all aspects within us. To keep Pure does not mean that we take bath, wash ourselves and make our body alright but it means that we should clean our Heart. The greatest malady of the Heart is anger. And when this anger enters into a person then the Purity within gets destroyed. Because Purity is nothing but ’Nirvajya Prem’ (Eternal Love). The Love that is ever flowing and does not expect anything in return. It is completely satisfied with its own nature of flowing. It feels disturbed when it cannot flow. So Purity means that you fill your Heart with Love and not with anger. Anger is not only our enemy but also that of the whole World. All the wars across the World, the losses suffered, they have happened because of the Collective anger. There are a lot of excuses for being angry. “I became angry because of this or that”. Man can search for any excuse just to be angry but then this same anger can also lead to such hideous wars. Anger is the reason behind it. If a Heart is filled with Love, anger cannot enter it. And then even if any anger is shown it is only because of Love. When an evil ‘Rakshasha’ (devil) is destroyed, it is done out of Love because it stops him from continuing with his evil actions. But this is not the job for human beings. It is the job of the goddess which she carried out during the Navaratri.

So we should enlarge our Heart and ask whom do we have such a Love for, Love that is ‘Nirvajya’ (eternal and unconditional), is ‘Nirmam’ (Detached) without any “this is my son, this is my sister, this is my home”. Do we Love someone like that? You (as a Sahaja Yogi) have reached a much higher state than that of a human being. You are united with this subtle power of Love of God Almighty. This Power is continuously flowing within you. It is supporting you. It is enriching you. It motivates you all the time. It protects you and fills you with the essence of sweet Love. This graceful Power is now with you but how much place do we have in our hearts for it? This we should evaluate. We do Love our Mother with our Heart, which is true. All of us Love Mother and because of this Love you are feeling Joyful and Blissful. But there are two more kinds of Love which we should have. Only then the Love for Mother will be complete.

The first is where we have the Love for ourselves that we are Sahaja yogis. We have achieved our powers in a ‘Sahaja’ (Spontaneous) manner but now we need to understand how to go ahead. Many people do a lot of work of spreading Sahaja Yoga which we can call as horizontal movement. Equally spreading in all directions parallel to the plain of Earth. These people do not look within themselves

and therefore cannot achieve their spiritual ascent. Outside they can do a lot. They will run around and work a lot, meet everyone but they do not pay attention to attaining the Powers within. Also there are many who pay more attention to the Powers within and neglect the Powers outside. So they do not achieve a balance. And when people only move outwardly, the Powers within begin to diminish and they get to a state where they drown into the Ego. Then they start thinking. Look, how much we have done for Sahaja Yoga, how hard we are working for Sahaja Yoga. A new life starts for such people which is not at all suitable for Sahaja Yoga. They start thinking about themselves, that we are very important and that we should be respected. What we call as Self-importance. In everything, they want their importance to be considered, they try to show their special qualities, try to be in the front. But a hollowness settles within. Then they get shocked and surprised that they have become sick. That they have become mad. And when some great misfortune befalls, they say ‘But Mother, we were completely surrendered to you so how could this have happened?’ You are yourself responsible for moving away and getting lost. Such a person becomes one sided and cannot form relationships with others. The only relationship they can have is where they can order people around and show their superiority. They have to be in the front, they have to be given importance and if others do not give them this importance then it is considered as a sign of disrespect. They forget completely that this is work of Mother and they have to contribute to it. I saw this in some cities, such people suddenly came up and started acting important. And then neither ‘Aarti’ was performed nor did they have the desire to clean the photograph. But at least they did not use their own photograph. So much of self-importance, so much of bragging, so much of showing superiority over others, taking individual decisions without asking the Collective. Then the quarrels began and separate groups were formed. Because the thread with which you are all tied together is that of your Mother. So you must remain tied to it and remember that you are all children of one Mother, there is no one superior or inferior, it is all work of the ‘Param Chaitanya’ and we do not do anything. But when this sense is lost and a feeling of our superiority comes in, how great we are, we will do this, we will do that, then the ‘Param Chaitanya’ says alright. Do what you want to do! Go wherever you want to! You want to go to hell then go ahead! You wish to destroy yourself, go ahead! It won’t stop you because it respects your freedom. If you desire then you can go to heaven but if you want to go to hell then there is also an arrangement for it.

We should understand in Sahaja Yoga, there is a Condition. We are a Collective Being, The One collective ‘Virata Shakti’ (Universal force). We are not individuals. We are all part and parcel of the same being. So if an individual or few become like this and make own groups then they take the form of cancerous cells (malignancy) and can affect the whole of Sahaja Yoga. Then all our efforts will go waste. We should learn from the Sea which remains at the lowest level and allows all things, rivers to merge into it. Without it the World cannot exist. It allows itself to be heated up to form vapour and sends a blessing of rain into the World. Its Humility is the sign of its depth, not something superficial. From the lowest level, accepting, integrating & purifying everything, to make vapour and give rain. But the same rain falls into the rivers and comes running back to the Sea. This is how the Sea is recognised. When you go to any beach and look at the coconut trees, you find them always bent towards the Sea in spite of the strong winds, because they know that they should not turn away from the Sea. Our Hearts

can become as large as the Sea when this Humility and Love will come into us. But if we want to be special and important, then ‘Param Chaitanya’ will cut us away. Just like we cut our nails and throw them away. That will indeed be very sad and painful for me. If there are any more people who feel that they do a lot of work then they should immediately cool down. They should step into the background and introspect. Do we meditate? Are we really in meditation? How deep have we gone? Whom do we Love? How many do we Love and with how many have we become enemies? Some in Sahaja Yoga have gone very deep and settled down. But there are others who are still on the periphery and when they may be thrown out, cannot be said.

I have already told you before that after 1990 a new dimension will open up. You have to take a leap to come out of your earlier state and get into the new one. Like the wheel, when it rotates, it reaches a point and then moves ahead. In the same manner this movement of Sahaja Yoga will become Collective and to stay in it we should imbibe complete Purity which is filled with Humility. You see a lot of people in this World who think that they are Pure, they meditate day and night, they do not allow anyone to touch them, they will not eat particular food, when others come they ask them to sit away and they are upset if touched. All this is madness. If you are really Clean and Pure then to touch someone or to talk to someone does not make you impure because you purify everything. Your whole nature is of Purification. You purify everyone you meet. How can you have this type of fear? What is the need to gossip and condemn others? All this is actually a sign that there is not enough Purity within.
Because Purity contains a power and intensity which has the strength to suck in and purify everything just like the Sea.

Now there are others who only think of their own progress. They think ‘why should we concern ourselves with others? We can sit within the four walls and worship Mother! Let us concentrate on our ascent! We have nothing to do with the rest of the World!’ They keep themselves away. Such People cannot progress because you are all part and parcel of the same body. Please understand, if there is a finger which ties itself and says ‘I do not want to have anything to do with the rest and I will stay alone’. Then such a finger will die out. Because how will blood flow into it? How will the nerves work? How will the awareness flow into it? It will remain cut out! It will be left out! You can try this. Tie your finger for five days and you will realise that the finger no longer works. It will no longer be of any use. Then you will say ‘Mother I do your puja and pray to you so much, then why my condition is like this?’ Because you are disturbed! Because you have lost your way! You have moved away from the Collective. Sahaja Yoga represents the Power of the Collective and the moment you move away from the Collective you are no longer connected to this Power. So we have to pay attention to both the aspects. We should support our ascent within and also be an active part of the Collective. Only then there will be a complete balance within, while you work a lot outside.

I have even seen people who used to work a lot for Sahaja Yoga and also used to give very good speeches. Then they recorded their own speeches and began asking others to listen to it. Some people started listening to these tapes instead of my tapes. And their condition was such that even in my presence they would only bow to my photograph. As if they had only relationship with my photograph

and had nothing to do with me. I have seen such insane people! Then they printed their own photographs and began showing it to the people to impress and gain importance. Doing all this they fell down into a ditch and then suddenly realised that they were no longer a part of the Collective.
They are nowhere to be seen anymore. Others say ‘Mother! These people were leaders! Yes they were! But then where did they go? What can I say? They disappeared! Where? I do not know!’ These people went out of Sahaja Yoga because there was no balance and when there is no balance a person can go to the Left or the Right side. As I have said before, there are two types of Powers working within us one by which we get pulled towards Sahaja Yoga and with the other we are pushed away. If you tie a stone to the rope and rotate it then the stone keeps on rotating till the time it is tied to the rope. The moment it is released, it gets tangentially thrown away. Many people have gone out of Sahaja Yoga in this fashion. And then others say ‘Look Mother, the numbers in Sahaja Yoga have decreased’. What can I do? The numbers have reduced but it does not mean that Sahaja Yoga has lost out on anything. It is their loss. Sahaja Yoga is beyond this gain and loss. If you want to gain then you should really understand that it is you who needs Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga does not need you.

The other meaning of ‘Yoga’ is ‘Yukti’ (Technique). So the first meaning is the ‘Union’ and the other meaning is the ‘Technique’. We should understand the meaning of ‘Yukti’ (Technique). What is this ‘Yukti’ (Technique)? It can be explained in three ways. First ‘Yukti’ is to get the Knowledge. Knowledge does not mean intelligence. To feel (Chaitanya) on our fingertips, hands and the complete awakening of Kundalini within us, is part of this Knowledge. When we get this knowledge then other knowledges come to us. A lot of things you did not understand before, you can do so now. You begin to differentiate between who is true and who is false. With this Knowledge you are able to raise the kundalini of others, explain to them, talk with them and meditate together. You even gain intellectual Knowledge. You understand Sahaja Yoga. Who could do so before? ‘Ida, Pingla, Sukhman (sushumna) Nadi re, ek hi dor udau re’ (Kabira talks about the three channels and Kundalini’s ascent) when Kabira spoke of this could anybody understand it? Could anybody understand (Guru) Nanaka before? Nobody understood what Gyaneshwara talked about, neither did they understand Lao tse. People just considered it all as something mysterious or secretive and left it at that. But after Sahaja Yoga you can understand it! So your intelligence also has been raised. And it is true that you have really begun to understand all this. The inaccessible Knowledge has been made accessible to you. So through this first ‘Yukti’ (Technique) you have achieved the Knowledge.

So what is the second ‘Yukti’ (Technique)? You should have ‘Bhakti’ (Devotion) for me. When we talk about this ‘Bhakti’ then it should be ‘Ananya Bhakti’ (completely United, One, when there is no Other). You have to achieve ‘Tadatkarita’ (Oneness) with me. Your thoughts and actions should become one with mine. Suppose we think about the delay today. We can say that we have got delayed and we are now tired. But if we think like this, ‘Today is Navaratri, we have to do the Puja in the night and this was the ordained time, the time at which the Puja should be done. And it should be done and we are doing it with utmost joy. This is the most auspicious time.’ Everything should be Sahaja (spontaneous). We shouldn’t even think about it, we have not rested, we are tired, nothing of the sort. Like if a warrior goes to a war sees the enemy standing before him, then he knows it is time to kill the enemy and he

has to do it. So when we are sitting here then you should think that this is the time Mother has fixed. This is most auspicious time for us to do the puja and there is no other. But the half-baked people think ‘We have been sitting here since morning, we did this, we are now hungry or the children must have already slept’. Then this is not ‘Ananya Bhakti’ because you are not one with my thoughts and actions. Sometimes you say ‘Mother this person is very bad’ and then I say ‘No he is quite alright, he is a good person’. How did you say that? Then I think, why are they unable to see what I can see? If they have become like that (united) then they should be able to see what I see. But they cannot. They see something else. So they have not yet reached the state of ‘Ananya’ (One, United) and they are become ‘Anya’ (the Other, Separated).

I have Love for all of you. And I am only ‘Trupt’ (Satisfied) when you also Love everyone in the same way. If you do not have this within you then it seems like you are part of ‘Anya’ not ‘Ananya’. I say to myself, if they are part and parcel of my being they should be one with me in all my thoughts and actions! But they think and do just the opposite! How can all these strange thoughts come into their mind? So it cannot be ‘Ananya Bhakti’, it is ‘Anya’! So our thoughts, our actions and our Love should be expressed in the same way as your Love for me. And if this is the source of Love then whatever is within the Well should also flow to the bank (shore). How can something else come in and when I see something else then I think ‘they have filled the water from shore of another’s Well! This cannot be the shore of my Well’.

So when I ask you to keep ‘Ananya Bhakti’ within yourself, then it also means, ‘Mother we are in your Refuge (Protection, Surrendered)’. If you are surrendered then when I say something or explain something or give a proposal, how can there be any possibility of you refusing? How can this question arise if you have become one with me? ‘Mother has said it and we will do it accordingly’. If we have become ‘One’ with Mother how can we say no? Now consider that my eye is watching you and knows that you are all sitting here. Because it is my own eye, so there is no difference between what my eye knows and what my intellect knows. So this ‘Tadakarita’ (Oneness) should be also visible within you. So in this second ‘Yukti’, we should pray ‘O Mother, please come into my Heart, into my brain, into my thought, into my life, into every particle of my being’. Wherever you desire I will be there. But you have to pray with all your Heart. If you try to pray because of a reason then it does not work out. But once you are connected then all the desires are fulfilled by themselves. You do not have to do anything. And then none of the desires remain and then you become ‘One’.

When you think about all the work you are doing for Sahaja Yoga. ‘We did this work of Sahaja Yoga, we did the decoration, we did it properly’ then you cannot be a Sahaja Yogi. In Sahaj Yoga all your ‘Karma’ (actions) should become ‘Akarma’ (non-actions). You have thoughts like, ‘I am doing something! I have written poems! I have done this!’ Once you become subtler and observe these thoughts, then you begin to ask yourself. ‘Do I really think like this? Do I really think that I am doing? Do such thoughts come into my mind? Then it means that my ‘Yoga’ (Union) is not complete’. Because when the ‘Yoga’ (Union) is complete then you do not think like this. You cannot think like that. You become ‘Akarmay’ (non-doer). You start saying in third person ‘This is happening, that is happening’. This is the way you

talk and then it can be said that now there is ‘Tadakarita’ (Oneness). Consider my hand, when it does something, it doesn’t think or say that it is doing. It does not even know that it is doing. But if it starts thinking that it is doing then we should know that the hand has been separated and is no longer connected. Because if it is connected then it will never consider itself as separate. When you have thoughts like ‘I am doing it’ then Param Chaitanya says ‘Go ahead and do’. Real problem starts after that. So this is the third ‘Yuki’. We should learn this ‘Yukti’ that when you get a thought that ‘I am doing something’, you should introspect. ‘What am I really doing?’ Till the time you were seeking the light, you were doing something because there was Ego within you. You were alone, you were in ‘Vyashthi’ (individual) but now you have become a part of the ‘Samashthi’ (Collective). Then you are not doing anything. You are just a part and parcel of the whole and the work is happening. Try to understand this third ‘Yukti’.

I am telling you these ‘Yukti‘ (Techniques) because we have to now take a big jump. You should introspect like this and keep a watch on yourself all the time. It is important for our own well-being that we turn our attention inwards and watch ourselves. ‘If I am thinking about others, then it should be about how they are so much better than me and that I should learn from them’. If you can see the good qualities in others and the defects in yourself then it is very good. Because you cannot remove the defects in others. You do not have that authority. You only have the authority to remove your own defects. ‘So what did others do? Others are like this. Others are like that.’ Those who think like this, their ‘Yoga’ (Union) is not complete. ‘What are the defects within me?’ If you keep this watch on yourself, then you can correct yourself. Not by watching others. It is as if you are thinking about defects in the house of another person. So we should understand that we are ourselves responsible for our half-baked condition. Sahaja Yoga is very unique and great. It is due to our own limitations and defects that we are not able to enjoy it completely. And what is it that you are going to get if you learn the Technique? Only ‘Anand’ (Joy), ‘Niranand’ (Complete Joy) and nothing else. Your whole countenance will change and you will be just filled with joy.

Today you have organised my Birthday celebration, And I would like that we also celebrate it as your Birthday that today onwards we will follow these ‘Yukti’ (Techniques) and fill our lives with Purity and Holiness just like Shri Ganesha. With this Purity comes Wisdom because Purity means Love. And Love is Wisdom. So everything is Love. And if you cannot achieve Wisdom, if you cannot emit this Love then you are wasting your time in Sahaja Yoga. Now such a time is coming, when we have to settle down. We have to transform ourselves. We have to change, remove our faults and become completely pure. This is the sign of your Love for yourself. If your child gets dirty, you run and clean the child because you have Love for the child. In the same way once you Love yourself, you will introspect, find your faults and change yourself. The blessings which come in your life through this transformation cannot be described by mere words. As Kabira has said ‘Jab Mast hue to fir kya bole’ (When you are in the Blissful state then what more can you say.) You all should now get into that ‘Masti’ (Bliss). And attain that joyous state where you become completely blissful.

May God Bless You.