Adi Shakti Puja

Kolkata (India)

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1990-04-09 Adi Shakti Puja, Kolkata, India

The people of Kolkata, I am very happy to see your progress. I know that there are many deep seekers in this city. But they do not know as yet that the time has come, where they can get what they have been searching for. You people should go to them and look for such people who are seeking the truth. That is why it is important that we should expand and spread ourselves in all directions. Along with that we should also increase our own Powers. We should change our lives also. We should also make our lives enlightened like a lamp that is always emitting light, on seeing which people should recognize – ‘this person is someone special’, ‘there is some greatness about this person’. Not just that but when you use your Powers, people will understand that these people don’t just talk but can also do whatever they say. For this, I will say that meditation and contemplation is very important. 

Kolkata is a very busy city and people get engrossed in this busyness. They find very little time. This time, which we have tied on our hands like a watch is meant for our own ascent and for our progress within. If we have to grow on the inside, if we have to know ourselves from within it is important that we meditate for a sometime every day. Those people who meditate in the evening for some time and also in the morning and those who don’t meditate, a lot of difference is seen in them. Especially people who do a lot of work externally for Sahaja Yoga, go here and there, talk to people, give lectures, make others understand; in such people the Divine energy slowly gets depleted. That is why it is even more important and necessary that such people should meditate every day. 

There is nothing special to be done for meditation. Before going to sleep, meditate for some time and in the morning after you bathe meditate for some time. This itself is enough. But when you meditate, how do you recognize whether your meditation was done properly? During meditation you should first establish thoughtless awareness. At that moment you should keep saying ‘not this’, ‘not this’ or ‘neti’, ‘neti’ – like this you should turn away your thoughts. By doing this and by taking two breaths, after the first breath you will become thoughtless. You should keep the photo in front and light a candle in front of the Photograph. Put your feet in salt water and sit in front of it. When you become thoughtless and vibrations start flowing in both hands then wipe your feet, place it on the ground and go into meditation. Go deep into meditation. If you start getting thoughts again, you can say, ‘not this’ ‘not this’ or say ‘kshma’, ‘kshma’ [I forgive, I forgive]. The word ‘kshma’ [I forgive] is very important. Just by staying this your thoughts can stop. 

When there is no peace how can you have growth? Supposing there is an earthquake, how can a tree cannot grow when it’s shaky? So similarly when a person is stuck in ‘earthquake’ [disturbance of thoughts] then his progress is impossible. That is why it is important to establish the peace within. For that also there are one or two mantras which you can say, which will first establish the peace within. After a while you will be surprised, that you need not do so much exercise. You will become thoughtless at once. On becoming thoughtless you will reach the state which we call as thoughtless awareness.

Normally, even while walking on the road, effortlessly you will become thoughtless. When you see some beautiful thing or something artistic, you will become thoughtless. Slowly this habit will grow and as you become more and more thoughtless, your inner progress takes place. Meaning you have reached a new threshold but you have to still enter another threshold and have to know yourself. That is why it is important that you go deeper in meditation. 

One more way to recognize is that when you get up from meditation, you do not feel like getting up, you feel like sitting in meditation a little longer. You will feel – ‘right now I am enjoying, will continue for some more time’. After meditation if you can take your attention to other things like – ‘I have to eat’, or ‘have to sleep’, or ‘have to go out’, anything, then know that you have not been in a state of meditation. Because to come out of the state of meditation is a little difficult. In this way you will slowly progress within and when you do any work outside you will feel that your Power does not diminish, but on the contrary it increases.

Many times it has been seen that people after getting Realization immediately start giving Realization to others, then they get caught up. Actually there is nothing like catches. It is like in a barometer or in an instrument you can tell where the smoke is, where the light is. In the same way you can know everything within yourself. If you are getting caught up or facing difficulties, then it is better that you progress alone for some time. An attitude of non-expectancy should be there. A detachment should come in. Then you will not get catches. No matter how many people you give Realization to, whatever work you do, cure any ailments, it will have no effect on you. But without achieving detached state, if you give to others, you can get into trouble. The second thing is that you people are now Realized souls. You attained very high state, which is reached only after great difficulties.

You will find some people have just come into Sahaja Yoga. You should not say aggressive things to them. You should win them over with your love, patience, understanding. And If possible you can make some arrangement for food and drink, by which they may not think you are so terrifying. Like saints and sages always have a stick in their hands, you should not be like that. They should feel that they have reached a place where all are like brothers and sisters, near and dear ones. By this only people will stay in Sahaja Yoga. 

I have seen that one or two who come into Sahaja Yoga, start disciplining others – ‘don’t stand here’, or ‘don’t stand there’, ‘don’t do this or that’ etc. Especially in Sahaja Yoga there is no need to discipline. Because your Spirit emits light. In that light you yourself can see, ‘I had so much of ego’, ‘I used to behave inappropriately’, ‘so many things were wrong with me’. You gradually know yourself and start laughing at yourself – ‘I was so mad, such an enormous ocean of joy was here, what was I doing leaving all this?’ Just as you slowly disciplined yourself and progressed, others also will progress slowly.

What is greater discipline than the enlightenment of the Spirit? The light of the Spirit will guide you as to how you have to live, how you have to behave. This light shines on your behavior and the behavior of others also. It’s like you see your reflection. You witness – ‘I have such and such problem, all this is useless and needs to be thrown away’. 

For example – if there is a stain on this saree and we cannot see it, we will not acknowledge it. But as soon as we see it we wish to clean it. In the same way you just need to witness yourself. You have to reach that stage. In Sahaja Yoga there is a state where we can say that – one becomes the witness. Being in witness means you just see, you don’t think about it. There should be no reaction of it within you. 

Like when I came here I saw that there are beautiful decorations here. I only watched it. The person who made this, who decorated the place has put in their love and joy. So the ‘nirakaar’ [formless] joy has again taken a form and again becomes formless and you will feel the flow of joy within you. As soon as you see this you are flooded by it. So watch it without reaction. Meaning when you see something, there should be no reaction in you. Just witnessing it without any reaction is the most joy giving thing. There is nothing more joy giving than this. Just by seeing you will be flooded with joy. That you do not react to it.

For example: a beautiful carpet has been spread out here. When we are using it, if it is yours then you think about it, ‘it is mine, hope it does not get burnt, or spoilt’. If it is not yours half your problem will be solved – ‘whosoever it belongs to, they will take care’. Or if it is someone else’s then you start thinking, ‘what could be the cost?’, ‘at what cost was it purchased?’, ‘where did they get so much of money from?’ many such thoughts also can come. Or ‘if I want to buy it, where to buy it from?’ So on and so forth, you keep getting thoughts. If you keep getting thoughts, then these thoughts will pile up like a mountain and you will not feel the joy of the person who made it.

In thoughtlessness your mind should be placid and thoughtless like a lake which is placid, with not a single wave in it. In that calm, whatever is the nature’s beautiful creation that is surrounding it, is completely reflected and seen clearly. Your mind should be like that. Once you become calm, you will be surprised, ‘I have never seen anything like this’. ‘So much of joy in everything, I have never seen, ‘so much of joy in every person, I have never seen or known’.

This happened in Kolkata. When I was going to America for the first time, we were staying at a hotel. There a seeker came to meet Me and fell at My Feet. He got his Realization at once and lot of flow of vibrations. Other Sahaja Yogis with Me, who were in the next room, came running to My room. I asked, “What happened?” They said, “We don’t know, we felt so much of vibrations coming from Mother’s room. We thought – what happened?” We can say he was a great man. A great seeker of God, he just came to My feet, nothing else. Whatever took place internally in that person, it alerted everyone ‘Why so much of vibrations?’ as if a Puja is being performed. This was a kind of Puja from his heart. All those who came in, hugged him. They don’t know him, they don’t know his name – ‘who is he?”, ‘where has he come from?’, ‘why did he come?’ Nothing they knew. They just hugged him and all felt the joy.  Like rose flowers are being showered. I was surprised! “You people didn’t ask – ‘who are you, how did you come here?’” That’s how you will feel when you meet other Sahaja Yogis, you will feel that you have met yourself.

About this, I will tell you the incident with Namdev. Namdev was a poet and a great seeker, we can say He was a Realized soul of a high level. He was a tailor. There was another saint Gora Kumhaar [potter], because he was a potter. One was a tailor and another a potter. He [Namdev] went to meet the potter. There he was mashing clay with his feet. He was preparing the clay to make an item. As soon as Namdev saw Him [Gora Kumhaar], He [Namdev] stood in astonishment. Gora Kumhaar asked him, “What are you seeing?” He recited a verse in Marathi meaning – ‘I had come here to see Nirgun [formless], but here the formless – the Chaitanya [Divine vibrations], is in sakaar [form]. The entire formless is in your form”. This kind of feeling, this kind of understanding, only one saint can feel for another saint.

Till now man only lived with hatred and jealously. But when he becomes a Sahaja Yogi, then he feels that the formless which he knew has taken form in the other person – a Sahaja Yogi. He held Gora Khumhaar in such high esteem and He was meeting Him for the first time. In this way love for each other becomes very subtle, very deep and very joy giving. Whenever you meet a Sahaja Yogi, your heart becomes joyful.

Similarly there in another incident – there was a Sahaja Yogini who had travelled to a far of place – Sicily. She was from Switzerland. One more Sahaja Yogini who had gone from Italy was also there. Sitting in the hotel they were attracted to each other’s presence. One of them approached the other.

“Are you a Realized Soul?” She asked all of a sudden, nobody asks others such things.  The other one said, “Yes”.

“Did Shri Mataji give you Self Realization?”


“Even Me”

Both of them joyfully hugged each other and had tears of joy. 

“I recognized you from such a long distance”

“I had also recognized you”

“How did you recognize me?”

“I don’t know, just felt it from within that you are a Realized soul, you are a Sahaja Yogini. I was looking at you and you walked over to me.”

Both of them had some problems that they were alone in that place and all the problems vanished. 

That is why you need to understand that we are connected to each other with a very delicate but a very strong thread and there is nothing thing greater than love for one another. 

But many people still think of ‘my son’, my sister’, ‘my brother’, ‘my house’, etc. This attachment should be cut away, it should be completely lessened. You should reduce the attachments completely, slowly you can reduce. Once this goes, you will be surprised a lot of joy will come within. This feeling goes away ‘someone mine is there’. This feeling takes you away from the Spirit.

Let Me tell you how? Like – ‘my eyes’, ‘my hands’, ‘my legs’, this feeling of ‘mine’; but ‘who am I’? I am the Spirit. Nothing is mine. ‘I’ is standing separately by itself. We cannot say, ‘this is my Spirit’. If someone says, ‘this is my Spirit’, you should understand they are not Sahaja Yogis. The Spirit stands alone – untouched. It does not have anything ‘mine’. Its relationship is only with God. And with you its relationship is like the sap flowing through a tree. The sap flowing through the tree goes everywhere and nourishes everything.  It will go to leaves, to the tree, to the branches, and also to the flowers and to the fruits and returns. It nourishes everything but does not stick to anything. If it sticks to one place, ‘this flower is nice, I should stay here’. If it is stuck there then the tree will die and so will the flower. 

This is the end of love. That is why you should take leave from ‘mine’. As soon as you give this up, you will be surprised that you were just a dot, a drop and from a drop you become the ocean. That which binds you, you will break the boundaries and become unbound [boundary less]. There is joy in this abundance because you will rise and fall with the ocean and will be tossed around in a joyful manner.

Then you do not worry about what will happen in the future, what has transpired in the past? You will be in joyful state. In this way man can live in the present. It’s very important to give up the feeling of ‘mine’, the feeling of attachment. When the attachment is broken, a great movement takes place within you. In that movement you become extremely powerful. And that Power is what works. It is going to do a very big job in collectivity and the salvation of mankind can also be accomplished by this Power. How many ever such drops are there – they need to join to become the ocean. 

A new age has started. In Sahaja Yoga also a new age is starting today, even in Kolkata it is starting. It has started at other places also. It is a very big movement where our questions are not there. Now for us our own concerns don’t remain, but question of others becomes our concern. The question of the world rests on us, for that we need the strength, magnanimity, a height where you can see the problems of others and find solutions for them. All that responsibility lies on your shoulders. You understand that Sahaja Yogis have a huge responsibility. It’s not only that you take advantage of Sahaja Yoga, you adorn, grow in it, you enjoy it, but it has to reach every house and everyone should get Sahaja Yoga and should get the joy. In doing this job if you show and type of weakness or laxity then you will be held responsible. And it will be very wrong.

So that is why people who are settled in Sahaja Yoga should stand up strong 1ike a tree. I hope that by next year Sahaja Yoga will work out in a very big way in Kolkata. More than the entire India, I have a lot of hopes on Kolkata. I can’t tell you just now the reason for it, but I will share with you someday why I feel Kolkata is a very great place. I know that the core of entire India is in Kolkata. That is why it is necessary that you people should stand up with the understanding that Kolkata is the back support and come forward and progress, and also make others progress and make your personality great. Whenever you get thoughts such as ‘my son is like this’, ‘my daughter is like this’, ‘this is my house’, you should say [to the thoughts] ‘you stay away, my personality is much greater and all this doesn’t fit into my personality’.  Only then you will you become great. And we need such great people in this new movement, and the preparedness must be complete for that. 

All of you have a great year. This is a very important year. In Kolkata many people will come in Sahaja Yoga, you take care of them. Treat them with love, with respect and understanding. Sometimes they are aggressive, something they say some wrong things. One major problem is everyone here is harried. They are troubled because they are stuck is some or the other web.

In Russia it was very easy as they have no Dharma, no gurus or cults, nothing. They were like what you can call ‘a clean plate’, so to say. So it was very easy to give them Realization. Here everyone is like, ‘I belong to this group’, or ‘I belong that group’, ‘so and so is my guru’. You are not your own. So you have to speak to them with great understanding. 

Then the other disease here is they go for ‘darshan’ (audience with) of the guru. What I don’t understand is the duty of the guru is not to give ‘darshan’ (audience). For ‘darshan’ there are Incarnations. Go to the temples and have a ‘darshan’. The work of the Guru is to enlighten people, to awaken them. Till he does not impart knowledge how is he a guru? Guru means one who gives knowledge. 

If they don’t impart knowledge, what is the use of ‘darshan’? ‘That guru made me suffer’, ‘this guru made me suffer’. All tortured people are here, but no one with knowledge. Knowledge means which you know on your central nervous system and where you can feel the All Pervading Power. If he has not given this, then to be stuck on such things is also a way to destroy yourself.

You all were very great seekers and so you attained Realization. In the same way you should also give this blessings to other people, make them happy. Whatever is of low quality in us, is our own. It is there in the individual and also in the collective it is lacking. We should look at these drawbacks.  

If is very surprising. When someone comes into Sahaja Yoga, if he belongs to Christianity he will tell you the drawbacks of Christianity. He will laugh at it saying, “We did a lot, spent a lot of money, gave money to the Pope also but it was of no use”. And many people are blindly following Christianity. Then if you ask a Muslim, even they say. 

Just yesterday I met a Muslim who had come from Iran. He was telling all the ridiculous things they do which did not benefit them. He went to Hajj, everything is commercialized. Then again if you ask a Hindu he will also tell the same – “We went to the temples, went to Himalayas, roamed everywhere and still did not get anything”. Similarly Jains also tell the same story. Everyone will have the same story that they went to a lot of people and it was of no use, ‘why is it so Mother?’

The reason is that these are manmade Dharmas. The ones who found these Dharmas are no more. The Dharma that you people have to follow is the real Dharma. There should be no artificiality in it. If man has made a religion it is bound to go wrong, because so far he has not got connected to God. Man has taken the real religion and put it on the wrong path. But now you people have to establish the ‘Vishwa Dharma’ [World Religion]. There should be no human faults in it. Because it is Divine and you all have attained Self-Realization. So with honesty you should make it pure, pure religion and it should be within. Not outwardly.  

That way when every person will see that what he has got is the truth. Then whichever religion he belonged to before, he will get the essence of it in Sahaja Yoga. He will realize that he did not achieve anything by following his religion because it was man made but in this we have awakened the religion within us. Because when you follow any man made religion, then you can commit any sin in the name of that religion; there is no binding. You may murder someone, steal somethings, destroy someone, steal from someone – anything you want. But after coming to Sahaja Yoga you yourself become Dharmic and cannot do anything wrong. You can only think of the benevolence of all not negative. This means that the Dharma has been awakened in you. 

But with new people, talk to them very carefully or they may feel that they are being aggressed. So you should make them understand very carefully that we have to awaken the Dharma within us. Till the Dharma is awakened within us, whatever anyone has told cannot be imbibed by us. Like Christ said something, till the time it happens within us – for example Issah Masih [Jesus Christ] said, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes’. Our eyes should be ‘niranjan’ [pure – without any impurities]. But how many Christian have pure sight? In the same way great saints spoke great things. But those things are not followed, just the opposite is followed. 

It means that people have gone down the wrong path. But no need to tell anyone anything. So by understanding them, gradually, as they are coming from darkness to light. If they are in the darkness, whatever you tell them, they will not believe. That’s why gradually by making them understand, by first giving them the experience, make them experience and take them out of misunderstanding and make them settled in this Dharma. ‘Dharma Dhariati sa Dharma’ – Dharma that is established in you in the real Dharma. Till the time it is not established, till it is all just outside talks then it is completely useless, waste of energy.  There is no meaning in this. 

This is the reason many say that ‘talk of Dharma is all falsehood’, ‘God is falsehood’. Nothing like that. It is all true. But only the people who are on the path of truth can find God. From wherever anyone comes, accept them, because there are many seekers of truth among them. They do know that their path is alright. But they also know from within that there is more to this from where you can be enlightened. 

Now that you have got the light, what is the job of a light? Its job is to give the light. Till the time the lamp is not lit, you have to do a lot of cleaning and put in a lot of effort. Once the lamp is lit then what is the work of the lamp? To give light. What is you work? It is to spread the Light that you have got. This should be done with complete confidence. There is no need to be scared. There is nothing to fear. I have seen that small children are full of confidence. They are so confident that they don’t bother about anyone. They say whatever they think is right. But when we grow up, our brains get filled with many other things and we find it difficult to come out of it. We become conditioned.  So we must work with understanding, with maturity. 

We should talk to everyone with magnanimity, not thinking that we have to correct this person. But with open mindedness. Having the view of a father / mother, you should be speak to others. You should give love. Because this is the Power of Love which you have to attain. 

I bless you all.

Till now the Puja of Adi Shakti has not been performed. So I am thinking that in Kolkata, we should perform the Puja of Adi Shakti for the first time.

Now I will have to tell you about Adi Shakti. All the Shaktis have arisen from The Adi Shakti. The three Powers – Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati have originated from Adi Shakti and are also absorbed back into Her. Without Adi Shakti, this work is not possible. This is the job of Adi Shakti and only She can do it. Because She has supremacy over all chakras and She is the one who establishes a connections with these chakras. Like all the permutations and combinations are managed by Her. She knows the subtlest of the subtle.

If you look at any Incarnations Who came on this Earth, They are complete in a way that They are a milestone in our ladder of evolution. But They all had one type of work to do. They performed only one type of work. Like the work of the Goddess was to kill the Rakshasas and save the devotees. That is why Shri Krishna arranged this play – that all this is a play. There is no need to be so serious about it. It is all a play. That is why ‘Leeladhar’ [one of the names of Shri Krishna] came on this Earth to overcome the seriousness set by Shri Rama. He did everything with sweetness. He explained all our faults in a sweet and roundabout way. It is said that if you can’t take out the pudding straight with a straight finger, you should bend your finger. 

We can say that He did everything in a roundabout way, not straight forward, to break our illusion. The work of Krishna was very round about, adding a bit of sweetness, He would say things. His was a very beautiful Incarnation. 

After Him were Mahavira and Budha, Their’s also was serious Incarnations. They told everything with seriousness. They spoke of oneness of the Spirit and the knowledge of the Whole. Like In Sahaja Yoga we speak of integration of the Spirit, of collective consciousness, they also said the same. All this created a serious atmosphere and hence ordinary people were not attracted to it. Those who were attracted were very serious kind. They built Monasteries – like monasteries of Buddha. They made day to day living very difficult. People created all this, neither Buddha nor Mahavira had said so. They told them to imbibe certain things. People made it complicated, made it materialistic and did what was not told. They built temples, built mosques and changed everything.

Till the human kind does not get Self-Realization till then they cannot follow a straight path. After Lord Jesus Christ also Gnostics came in, we can say that they had achieved Self-Realization. But after that the ordinary people who came in established a religion based on Paul’s teachings because of which everything went wrong.

In this way in every religion things went wrong, that is why religion became difficult and incomprehensible. Then people started to feel that you sing some bhajans, sing devotional songs, visit temples. That is all that is there and nothing beyond that. Even the people in modern times wrote wrong things about the Kundalini.

Now the question arose how to tell mankind that God exists and Truth exists and it is in the form of the Spirit? So it was necessary for the Adi Shakti, to Incarnate. Because only She can do this work. She knows each and every chakra, knows how they work. She had to come amongst mankind and take the birth as a human being by which She could understand what are problems and faults in human beings. And what should be done to remove those faults? How can the Kundalini be awakened despite all these faults? How to awaken the Kundalini through the Brahma Nadi by which humans can see.  Achieve Realization first and with the light they see themselves and understand themselves. And by watching themselves they get the Power which will correct their faults. 

This Job was such that all the Gods and Goddesses, all the Incarnations and great saints had to come in to the bodily form of the Adi Shakti Who had to Incarnate. And that is why this Incarnation has taken place because the entire world has to evolve. 

The Divine who has made this Universe, who has created this Universe would never want that His creation be destroyed at the hands of humans. And that is why this work is so tremendous.

It is not that we can say, “Alright now we will take a Sudarshan Chakra and cut off everyone’s head”. It cannot be that one needs to be crucified. Or neither just talk about it and leave. In this, man will have to grow and make others grow. This takes a lot of hard work which only a Mother can do. Only Her Shakti [Power] can do. Without Her patience, Her love and Her understanding, this cannot be achieved. 

Hence this Incarnation is very great. Today there is such an opportunity that it is the day of Purnima [full moon day]. So it is better that you imbibe the Powers of Shri Adi Shakti. Once you get that, there is nothing more to be said. Everything takes place by itself. As you know that there is a big reason for the Mahamaya form of Adi Shakti. If She was not Mahamaya then you cannot know Her at all. In reality, only because the form is of Mahamaya,  you can come near Me. Otherwise you cannot approach Me. You will run away. You will think, “She is the Shakti, how can I go near Her? How can we touch Her feet? How can we talk to Her?” By taking the form of Mahamaya all this has become mild.

And because of this mildness in Her form we are all one today. It was necessary that I remain in this form of Mahamaya and you all should get everything and not get lost. Because all those who achieved it got lost in the ocean. Like Kabir said, “Jab mast hue phir kya bole?” [‘what is there to say when you are in bliss?’]. 

The state is not to get lost but to be awakened and awaken everyone. I will not allow you to get lost. No one can get completely lost in this bliss. I will not let you remain peaceful till the time you spread this awakening – joy, not get lost in it. Only then you will understand what work needs to be done.

Your job is in a way greater than the saints and sages. The saints and sages did not give Realization to anyone. They gave lectures, tried to make people understand. Your job is that you have to awaken the Kundalini in people and make them Self-Realized and resurrect them. The evolution of the entire world has to take place. This is an extremely important and Divine job. And for this the Adi Shakti Herself had to come. 

This work has been started by the Advent of Adi Shakti and is happening in a very beautiful way. I hope you people will understand this.

We are able to see lots of proof by miraculous photographs. Such wonderful things are being captured in the photograph. Even the complete opening of the lotus of My Sahasrara has been captured. I shall send them to you. 

But these should not be shown to non-Sahaja Yogis, because they will not believe it. You people see this and realize that this work has been done by the Parama Chaitanya. Many more such photographs may be made by the Parama Chaitanya. With an ordinary camera, which is not powerful, such photos are appearing. When so much of light is seen on top of My head, why was it not seen by anyone? Why was it captured only by the camera? You should try to understand this.

For you I am Mahamaya but maybe for the cameras I am not. They recognize Me. The atomic cells of the camera know Me and capture Me.

I have to tell you, God has given you the free will. The other objects don’t have that freedom. They move only through His will. Even the animals don’t have the freedom, they are also under the control of God. 

You have the freedom, and that freedom should not be hampered, that is why She is in the form of Mahamaya. In your freedom, you should not face any problems. You should not feel, “Who is She? Who is She to tell us”? I am just like you in every way. If you see Me you will not see anything special about Me. My behavior is just like you people.

Today we have talked about the Adi Shakti, and may this puja be fulfilled.