Adi Shakti Puja

Kolkata (India)

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1994-04-09 Adi Shakti Puja

(Translation Scanned from English Divine Cool Breeze)

They find very little dine, rills time which we have tied an our hands is meant for our own ascent and for our progress within. If we have ta know ourseives from within it is Important that we meditate for a while dally, in the evening ana -morning. A iat of difference comes between
the ones who meditate and the ones who riant.
Specially people who do a let of work for Sahaja Yoga, tju here
and there, talk to people, give lectures, make others understand; In such
people the divine energy slowly gets depleted. That is why it Is uven more important and necessary that such people should meditate everyday.
In the morning after your hath and before sleeping, you must meditate for a while. This is enough. But when you meditate, how would you recognize whether you ware In mail list! on and it was alright. During meditation you should first establish thoughtless awareness. At that moment you should keep saying ‘not this’ ‘not this’ and keep turning your thoughts away In such a manner. By doing this you will see that by taking a breath you will become thoughtless. You should keep the photo In front and light a candle. Put your feet in salt water and sit In front of It when thoughtlessness comes and vibrations start flawing In both harnds then wipe your feet and
sit on the earth In meditation. -\Tter going Into meditation try to know Its depth, if thoughts arise then again say ‘not this’ ‘not thlB* or say ‘Kshma’ ‘1 forgive’, kshma .5 a very necessary word. Just by staying this your thoughts can stop. When there Is no peace huw can you have internal progress? Like In an eai thpuake a tree cannot grow. So similarly man also gets stuck In an earthijuake af thoughts and then hts progress is Impossible. That Is why at that time it is Important to establish the peace within. After a while vau will he surprised, that you do not need to do so much exercise. You will become thoughtless at once Whenever you see any beautiful thing or artistic tiling you will
at once become thoughtless. Slowly this habit will grow and your Inner progress will also grow.
You have entered a new threshold but you have to atlll entei another threshold and have to know yourself. That is why It Is Important that by meditation you go doepur. The recognition is that when you gel up after meditation you dont feel like getting up. You feel like sitting Iri
meditation a little longer. You feel very Joyful and you cant set up at
once. If after your meditation your attention Immediately goes to other
things, like I have to eat or have to sleep, or have to gu out then know that you have not been lri a stage of meditation. Because to leave the state ot meditation is a little difficult. In this way you will slowly grow within and when you do any work outside then your power does not diminish, hut on the contrary It Increases. It has been seen that those who after realisation Immediately want to give realisation to others can get caught up. Actually there is nothing like catches. It Is like a barometer that tells you where Ihe smoke is, where is the light. In a way an altitude of non-expectancy should be there. A detachment should come.
Then you will not gel catches. It is like a barometer which tells you where the smoke Is where Is die light. In the same way you can also know everything within yourself. In .i way there should be an attitude where there is a complete honesty. A detachment should come. Then you will not get catches. You can touch any amount of people give realisation to any amount of people, do any work. You can cure any amount of diseases. You will not be affected. But If you do not get this detached state, then you can gel into trouble.
The second thing Is that you people are now realised souLs. You have reached a very high state, which is attainable after great dl fttcul lies You will find such people who have Just come into Sahaja Yoga. You must understand that they have just come and you should not say anything aggressive to them. You should win them over with your love with effurt, and care and understanding. And if possible by offering food and drink, by which they may not think you are so terrifying because saints and sages always seBm to take a stick In their hands. Do not bo like that . They should feel that all are our brothers and sisters. By this only will people stay In Sahaja Yoga. But 1 have seen that many people who come into Sahaja Yoga, start disciplining others too much. Dont do this, dont stand there etc. In Sahaja Yoga there is no discipline as such, tiocnuse your Spirit is so full of light that In its glow, you can gradually see yourself. And then you begin laughing at yourself. Just as you slowly progressed so similarly others too will progress. This light shines on your behaviour and the behaviour of others also.
In Sahaja Yoga you gel the witnessing state. In this witness slate you only watch everything. You do not think about it. You shuuld have no reaction within yourself. You should watch unstained by anything. In be able to watch without reacting is the most JoyfuL effort. For example, there is a beautiful carpet. If you think about it that it Is mine, I hope it does not get burnt, or spoilt: or if it is another’s rlien how much it cost where did. it come Trom, and many such thoughts, then you cannot enjoy the beauty of It. Your mind should be placid and thoughtless like the lake which is placid, with not a wave in it, which reflects the beautiful creation around it.
Once a seeker came to my feet and at once his Kundalinl arose and the vibrations started flowing. From the next room the Sahaja Yogis came running in. as they immediately felt the vibrations flowing. In the same way you will meet other Sahaja Yogis and you will feel that you have met yourself. When Namdev went to meet Gora Kunibhar he said, “1 had come here to see the formless hut the entire formless I have seen In your form”. This kLnd of feeling only one saint can feel for another. Upitll now man only lives with jealously and envy. But when he becomes a Sahaja Yogi., then he feels that the formless which he knew has taken form in the other person, in this way love for each other becomes very suotle, very deep and very joy giving. We should understand that we are tied by a vsry sub tie and strong thread and there is nothing greater than love for one another. But many people still think of ‘my son*, ‘my child’, ‘my house’, etc. This mine should be cut away and made as less as possible. Once this goes, a lot of Joy will come within you. This feeling of ‘mine’ takes you away frum the Spirit. Who am I? I am the Spirit. The Spirit Btands alone by Itself, and those who say that, It is my Spirit are not Sahaja YogiB. The Spirit does not have ‘mine’. Its relationship is with God only. And with you its relationship is like the sap that, flows through a tree, which gives sap to every part and does not stick to anything. This mlneness Is the murer of love. From a drop you will become the ocean, and will break the boundaries of that drop as you wfli rise and fall with the ocean.
In this way mar\ can live In the present When this ‘mine’ gets broken,
then you become extremely powerful. And the same power becomes effective . it is going to do a very big job in collectivity and the salvation of mankind can also be accomplished by this Power. A obw age has started. It is the age where we have entered a movement where the question of ourselves is nut there. Ths question of all others, the whole world has become our concern. Far this a strength a magnanimity, a height is required by which you can see all the problems in a balanced way and give their solutions. The responsibility or all Sahaja Yogis Is tremendous, ft is not only that you take advantage or Sahaja Yoga, and grow In it. but you have to take It to the house of
everyone and you have to give this Joy to each one. And doing this Job IT you show any laxity or weakness then you will be held responsible And It will be a very wrong act. So that Is why people who are settled In Sahaja Yoga should stand up strong like a tree. Calcutta is the place where the secret of success of entire India
lies. That Is why It Is necessary that you people should stand up and come forward and progress. And also make others progress and make your personality great. Wherever you think that this Is my son, my house, etc., then drive away this ‘my’ thought. Only then will you become great. And we need such great people in this new movement, and the preparednest must be complete for this. This year Is a very Important year. And 1 want that many people should come to Sahaja Yoga. So bring them In with love, with respect and understanding. Sometimes by a little pressure and sometimes by saying some things In a round about way. as everyone is stuck in something ur
the other. In Russia they have no Gurus or cults. They were like a clear slate, so to say. So It was very easy to give them realisation. Here,
they are neither here nor there. ‘I belong to this Guru’. Because they are not their own, so speak to them with great understanding.
Then the other disease here is of wanting ‘darshan’ I audience) of the Guru. The duly of the guru Is to give knowledge and not to give darshan. Ha should enlighten and give realisation to people. Till he does not give knowledge how Is he a Guru? Guru means one who gives knowledge. And
knowledge which you know on your central nervous system and where you can feel the all prevadlng power of God on your central nervous system. If he nas not given this, then to be stuck on 3uch things is, in a way, to destroy yourself. You all were very groat seekers and so you gained it. In the same way you should also give other people this blessing and make them happy. Whatever is of low quality is our own. It is there In the Individual and also in the collective it is lacking. We should watch this lacking. The Hindus. Muslims, Christians and people of various religions tell me that they were searching In these Dharmas, but they could not benefit. The reason is that these are man made Dharmas. Tha ones who made the Dharmas are no more. The Dharraa that you people have to make is the real Dharma. There should be no artirLclaUty In U. If man has made a religion it Is bound to go wrong, because so far he has not got connected to God. Man has taken the real religion and put it on the wrong path. But now you people have to make the World Religion. There should be no human faults in It, because It is Divine and you all have attained self-realLsatloti. So with honesty you should make it pure which Ls an Inner Religion.
When every person will see that what he has goL is the truth, then whichever religion he belonged to before, he will get the essence of it in Sahaja Yoga. He will realise that what is in our religion has actually awakened within us. If you follow any man made religion then you can commit any sin in the name of that religion. But after coming to Sahaja Yoga you yourself become Dharmlc and think of the benevolence of all. But with new people, talk to them very carefully or they may feel that they are being aggressed. So you should make them understand very carefully that we have to awaken the Dharma within us . Like Christ said ‘Thou Shalt no! have adulterous eyes’. Bui does any Christian have nun-adulterous eyes? In the same way great saints spoke great things. But the followers did Just the opposite. So you should make them understand gradually as they are slowly coming from darkness to light. By giving them the experience. you should take them out of this wrong understanding, and make
them settled In this Dharma. That flow and retention of Dharma should be there In them. From wherever anyone comes, accept him, because there
are many seekers of truth among them. And God can be found by those only, who tread the path of truth.
What Is the job of a lamp? Its Job is to give the light. Till the
lamp keeps burning, till then all works can be done. The light that you have got, you should give to others, and with full confidence. There Is nothing to Tear. Little children are full of confidence. They say what they think is right. They are not bothered about anyone. But when we grow up, our brains get filled with many other things and we get conditioned, and It becomes difficult getting out of It. So we must understand that we must deal with others with great understanding because this Is the Power of Love which you have to attain.
This Is the first time the Puja of the Adi Shakti Is being done.
All the Shaktis arise from the Adi Shakti. And also the Shaktis or Maha Kali, Maha Laxmi. Maba Saraswatl. All these Shaktis get absorbed back in Her. Only the Adi Shakti can do this work, because She has supremacy over all the chakras. She Is the one who controls the various permutations Bnd combinations of the chakras She knows the subtlest of the stibtle. All the incarnations who came on this earth were a milestone on the ladder of our evolution. But they all had one type of work to do. Like the Goddess had to kill the Rakshas and save the devotees. That Is why Shrl Krishna arranged this play. This as all a play. There is no need to be so serious about It. Shrl Krishna won everyone with his sweetness. He explained all our faults In a sweet and roundabout way. It was a very beautiful Incarnation of His.

After Him came Mahavir and Buddha, who too* an Incarnation of Sarlousness. In tnis seriouness they spoke of oneness of the Spirit and the knowledge of the Whole. Then seriousness developed and the people became serious-minded, and made their dally lives very difficult. Infact
neither Buddha nor Mahavira had said so.
Till mankind does not get self-realisation till then he cannot go straight for very long. After Lord Jesus Christ, the ordinary people started following the religion started by Paul and then everytfting started going wrong. In this way In every religion things went wrong, because religion became difficult and inaccessible. In modern times people spoke very wrong things about Kmdallni.
Mow the question arose how mankind should be told that there is God. there Is Truth and It is In the form of the Spirit. So it was necessary for the Adi Shakii, tu incarnate, because only She could du this work. She knows each chakra. She had to come amongst mankind and take the birth of a human being, by which She could understand what are the problems and faults in human beings. How can the Kundallnl be awakened despite these faults. And how to awaken the Kundalini through the
Brahmarandra. by which humans can see with a little light. And by watching thus, they would themselves understand by looking at themselves, and then the Shakti would come Lnto them by which they goi cured. This new job was such that all the deities, the saints, the Incarnations and all great people had to cume. They had to come into the bodily form of ihe Adi Shakti who had to incarnate. And that is why this Incarnation has coma, so that the whole world can rise, can evolve. The Divine which made this universe, this world, would never want that Ills creation be destroyed at the hands of humans. And that Is why this work is so tremendous.

Now it cannot be that you climb an the cross, or talk about It.
In this, man will have to grow and make others grow. It is hard work. But this only a Mother can do, and only Her Shaktt can do It And If
She has no love, understanding and patience, then She cannot do It. That
is why this is such an important incarnation. As you know She is or the nature of Manamaya. And there Is a reason for this. If She was not Mahamaya then you cannot know Her. In reality, till there is the form of Mahamaya, only then you can come near me. Otherwise you cannot approach me. You
will think She is the Shakti, how can I go near Her, how can I touch Her feet? How can 1 talk to Her? By taking the form of Mahamaya all
this has become possible. And because of this mildness of Her form we are one today. It was necessary that I remain in this form of Mahamaya and you all should attain that state and not get lost In it. Lika a drop getting lost In the ocean. You all nave to remain in that enlightened state and you nave to give to others. I will not let you get lost in It. You
have to be fully awakened In this Joy. No one can get lost. Without sharing this Joy I will not let you rest In peace. When something like this happens.
Only then you will realise your responsibility. Your Job is In a way gro a ter than the saints and sages. The saints
and sages did not give realisation to anyone. They gave lectures. triBd to make people understand. Your Job Is that you have to awaken the Kundallnl in people and make them self-realised and resurrect the whole world. This is an extremely important and Divine Job. And for this the Adi Shakti Herself had to come. This work started by Her advent and is happening in a very beautiful way. I hope you people will understand this.
Lots of prool is coming by miraculous photographs. These should not be shown to non-Sahaja Yogis, because they will not believe 11. These photographs are being mads by the Param Chaitanya, and that also through an ordinary camera which has no Snaktl in It* But If there Is so much light coining out of my head then why Is I* y°u people taiwut aim It’ Why Is It that only the camera records It; Because 1 am Mahamaya lur you, but not for the camera perhaos. The atomic cells In the camera film know me. God has given you freedom. But these Inanimate objects are not Tree. They move only through His *,n- ln lhls rreodom there should be no disturbance or Haws, that Is why She Is the form of Mahamaya. I am like you. My entire behaviour is tike yours.
May this Puja of Adi Shakti be attained by you.
May Cod Bless you.