Public Program Day 2

Kolkata (India)

1990-04-11 Public Program Day 2, Kolkata, India (Hindi), 81'
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I told you yesterday that truth is fixed in its place. No one can change it. We just have to know the truth and achieve it. Until we have experienced the truth, it is a big mistake to accept anything as the proof of truth. Many people have their own convictions that, “This saying of mine is true, and that saying of mine is the truth. This religion is true, and that religion is true”. In this manner, we fight among ourselves, in the name of truth, but the truth is absolute.

So, if the truth is absolute, and we have to know that absolute truth, then what is the need for fighting? There can be no fight because everyone knows the same truth. For example, I am standing here. Everyone watching sees that I am standing here. Now, no one can fight over the subject that I am not standing here. Everyone knows that I am standing here. Likewise, whatever is the truth should be the same for everyone. If it is not the same, then it is not the truth. Yesterday I explained to you that there can be one of the many aspects of truth, but that cannot be the complete truth.

Today, we will try to know about the great truth which is hidden inside us, which is known as the spirit. And, the Kundalini, which enlightens this spirit in our attention, is situated in the triangular bone. This is present in three and a half coils. This is called Kundalini because kundal means coil. You should not pay attention to whatever has been mentioned about Kundalini in modern books. In reality, the Kundalini cannot harm anyone. As I explained yesterday, and you all witnessed, the Kundalini was awakened in many people, and many others experienced the subtle creation, which we call Paramchaitanya, or vibrations. This was felt on their central nervous systems.

Whatever we have achieved in our evolution, we can sense that on our central nervous systems. For example, supposing we take an animal like a horse through a dirty lane, it will not mind the dirt and will go through the lane without any difficulty. But if a human being is asked to do the same thing he cannot do it because there is a new awareness inside him, because of which he can see the dirt, understand it and feel revulsion for it. Likewise, when this awareness becomes very strong in us and the true religion is established inside us, not outside, but inside us, without the social pressure, and without using our mind, without any institution, when this religion gets established, then a person can never do anything wrong, just like ascetics never do anything wrong.

Yesterday, I told you about the six chakras. As you can see, they are situated above the Kundalini, and there is one chakra below the Kundalini which is known as Mooladhar Chakra, and the Kundalini is sitting inside the triangular bone inside Mooladhar. So, Mooladhar and Mooladhar Chakra are two different things. When the Kundalini awakens, then a royal unity of consciousness takes place inside us; not outside, but inside us. Like, when a motor starts, the whole machinery automatically starts working. In the same way, when the Kundalini awakens and passes through a chakra, that chakra automatically tightens around the Kundalini so that it doesn’t come down. And when the Kundalini moves forward to the next chakra, the same thing happens there, also to stop the Kundalini from falling down. This is “royal union” or “Raj Yog”. And when Kundalini comes to Vishuddhi Chakra, your tongue gets pulled a little inside, because of this tightening of Kundalini, so that it doesn’t fall below Vishuddhi.

But this doesn’t mean that you start rotating the wheel before starting the motor. All these modern and man-made yogas of today are only of this type. When I went to Kavikotiya, I noticed that some of the very good doctors from India had cut their tongues, and they were hanging out a little bit. I asked them, “What have you done to yourselves?” They replied, “We have done this to do khechari, a yog mudra. Khechari takes place when there is a contraction in the Vishuddhi Chakra around the Kundalini.” I said, “What is the use of doing this kind of khechari, which is from the exterior?” They replied, “We put our tongues down our throats and try to stop the Kundalini.” “But what are you trying to stop, when there is no Kundalini?”

So, the modern Raj Yog is very artificial. I can say the same thing about  Hath Yog. Hath Yog also should be done only when your Kundalini is awakened; meaning, when the Kundalini is passing through a particular chakra, and if there is some physical ailment in that chakra, only then should asanas be done. In Hath Yog there is Ashtang, which has very little Vyayam or exercise. But we do it as if we are taking all the medicines for one disease. The same is the case for Pranayam. You always asked Me about Pranayam. We also do that in the wrong way. When our Kundalini rises and if our right channel is weak, in that case we can do Pranayam, but very carefully, considering it as a science. But if you are doing Pranayam unnecessarily, then it is possible that you will end up with many diseases and you may become very sluggish; so sluggish that you may be devoid of all feelings, and if you are a married person, it is even possible that you will leave your wife and children and think that you have become an ascetic. A kind of imbalance comes in your life. So, it is not advisable to do anything with your eyes closed. Which asana is required at which time can be understood after the awakening of the Kundalini, when Kundalini arises and stops at a particular chakra.

Like today we were coming in our vehicle, and at one point the road ended. So then we knew that there is no way to get here, and what should we do next? But if you have not started from the home at all, and you are doing all sorts of exercises just by sitting at home, then where is the point in it? This will only give you unnecessary trouble. So, Sahaja Yoga combines with Pranayam only when there is a necessity. So, when there is a necessity, we definitely teach Pranayam when a person’s right channel is weak. I told you yesterday about the six chakras, and you can learn from books about the functions of these chakras and what we gain from them.

Likewise we have three channels or nadis inside us.

The first nadi is known as Mahakali’s channel, which takes care of our left sympathetic nervous system. Similarly, the right channel is known as Mahasaraswati’s channel, which takes care of the right sympathetic nervous system. And the channel in the centre is called Sushumna Nadi, which takes care of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Now the doctors do not differentiate between the three channels. They think the right sympathetic and the left sympathetic channels are the same, but it is not like that. The left sympathetic takes care of our emotions and desires. So, the left channel, on the left side, in subtle terms we call Ida Nadi, which takes care of the left sympathetic nervous system. We also call it the moon channel. Apart from this, the whole of our past from the time this world was created is stored in this left channel.

The channel on our right side is known as the sun channel. This channel is responsible for all the work we do physically, and mentally, like thinking and planning. We call this the sun channel and also Pingala Nadi. When we think of our future, or imagine our future, then this channel comes into action.

The central channel keeps the left and right channels in balance. For example, when you run very fast, your heartbeat increases very much, but after some time you become completely normal and your heartbeat gets regular. This is done by the parasympathetic nervous system, the central channel, also known as Sushumna Nadi. But when your Kundalini awakens and goes through the most interior part of the Sushumna Nadi, which is known as Brahma Nadi, a hair-like thin strand of Kundalini pierces the fontanelle bone and comes out. As soon as it pierces the fontanelle bone or Brahmarandhra, the vibrations start flowing around, the narrow chakras open up and more nadis come out of the fontanelle bone. And this way you get connected to the All-pervading Power which is responsible for this subtle creation, and whom we have not recognised yet.

This recognition happens on our fingers. We start sensing this on our fingers, and vibrations start flowing from our palms. Shri Shankaracharya has described this sensation as “Salaam, Salilam”, meaning cool breeze. A cool breeze starts flowing from our fingers and hands, and this cool breeze tells or informs us about the problems in our body and also in other people’s bodies. So much so that whenever Brahmarandhra gets pierced, the cool breeze start flowing from there also. And until we start making use of this cool breeze we will not understand its usefulness and advantages.

The two channels, the left and right channels, which are inside us, are very important. When a person starts thinking too much about his past, is always unhappy, and keeps degrading himself, then the left channel disintegrates so much that his mental condition keeps falling and falling and he lands up in a state which is called collective sub-conscious. And inside him a kind of condition develops, due to which he faces severe mental calamity. Extreme depression, epilepsy and insanity are due to the malfunctioning of this left channel.

The right channel gets activated when we think too much or we do too much physical work. When we think too much, a kind of imbalance come inside us. Imagine that the chakras are in the centre of My hand like this, and this is the right chakra and this is the left chakra. Now slowly, if the energy on our left side or the right side gets pulled, then the path in the middle becomes narrow. And when it becomes narrow, our energy levels drop, and because of the jerk, if the right-side or the left-side channel breaks, then the connection with our brain also will be broken.

Now, many people get the disease of diabetes, disease of liver and kidney. Not only that, they also get blood pressure problems and hypertension. The one and only reason for all these is today’s lifestyle. Today’s lifestyle is very stressful. A human’s life becomes so full of struggle that he keeps thinking and planning his future as to what he should do now, how he should plan his future. Because of this thinking, the chakra, which is known as Swadishthan Chakra, gets affected. This chakra has a major function of maintaining the level of grey cells in our brain. When we think too much our grey cells get exhausted and they have to be renewed. So, when we think too much, the whole attention of the Swadishthana Chakra goes into the function of replacing the brain cells. Now the big question that arises here is what will do the other functions of this chakra. Among its other functions, the Swadishthana Chakra is responsible for taking care of our liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys and some portion of the intestine. Since all these functions are completely ignored by Swadishthana, people who think too much land up with the problem of liver. Doctors do not know much about the liver diseases, nor can they cure them. They cannot find out the problem until you reach the stage where you are about to die, and then they will give you the certificate that you have cirrhosis of the liver and you are going to die in a month. Only Sahaja Yoga has the remedy to cure this problem. In Sahaja Yoga, when the Kundalini awakens, it reconnects and reopens the narrow chakras through which the energy starts flowing again, and the Kundalini nourishes the particular chakra completely, thus making the person totally normal.

Now consider the pancreas. If a person’s pancreas is not fully functional, due to an overactive Swadishthana, then the person may get diabetes. Diabetes is very common in cities, but not in villages. In Maharashtra if you go to villages and ask them to make tea for you, they will add so much sugar that the spoon stands in it. Without that, they will say, “What kind of tea is this?” They eat so much sugar but they never get diabetes. Mostly, people who think too much and do office work get diabetes, because they keep planning too much and their Swadishthana Chakra doesn’t have the energy to take care of the pancreas, as a result of which they get diabetes. If by any means these people can be brought to balance, then their diabetes can be cured. After this, the most horrible disease is blood cancer. This can happen due to an overactive spleen.

In today’s life, a man’s life is full of upheavals. As soon as you get up in the morning you read the newspaper. At that moment if there is any shocking news in the newspaper, you get a shock, due to which your sympathetic nervous system gets activated. So, when you read some horrible news in the paper, you get a shock. The human system is very delicate. It is not made out of iron. Because of this shock, what happens is that our spleen, which is supposed to distribute blood to the various organs, is not able to do so because it is exhausted of its energy, due to the different kind of shocks we keep facing throughout the day. The spleen becomes very weak and tired, and when it is tired, one gets blood cancer.

So, we should understand that our lifestyle today is full of imbalances, and only by awakening our Kundalini can we nourish our chakras. Other diseases which we call high blood pressure also happen for this reason. So, a human being should understand that he should be in balance, and if he maintains the balance completely inside himself, then certainly he can become all right in all aspects. You can treat your own self and you can treat others, too.

Now the channel which is on our left side gets affected in people who keep weeping day and night. This morning someone asked Me, “Mother, Bengal is full of art, and so many incidents of the Devi have taken place here, but why is there still so much poverty here?” The only reason for this is that there is black magic here, too much black magic. I have never come across so much black magic anywhere in India or in the whole world, as in the whole of Bengal. Many gurus are responsible for this black magic. These gurus keep doing things like doing tantrism, taking money from you all, and doing this and that, and they do everything against the incarnation of Mahakali. Because of this black magic, your city is full of poverty. If you can uproot the existence of this black magic from your city, then you can see how Shri Lakshmi starts getting established here. If from one side black magic comes in, from the other side Lakshmiji goes out. Likewise, if the bottle of liquor comes in from one side, Lakshmiji goes out from the other side. The black magic literally drives her away. So, that is why when we celebrate Diwali, we light the whole place with bright lights. Because of this black magic many people are sick here. Out of every ten people, I find at least eight people are suffering due to this black magic. They go to this guru or that guru. Someone is going here and someone is going there. So, if you want to seek the truth, and your wellbeing, and the welfare of Bengal, then the first thing you have to do is to get rid of this black magic, all these false gurus, tantrism and all other such things, and become your own gurus. By becoming your own guru you can do good to yourself, to your family and to everyone else. People who use occultists, and also attack others with that, get caught up on the left channel, and when their left side gets caught, they may finish up with many psychosomatic diseases, among which is cancer. Most of the cancers are caused due to the wrath of these false gurus. If you have not gone to any guru, then believe you are saved. If you have not been a devotee to any guru, then understand that you have saved yourself. But if you have been going to all kind of gurus, then it is very difficult for you, and it is also very difficult to raise the Kundalini in such people. I am your mother, and whatever I tell you will be the truth. If you have a guru, then why is your family being affected by diseases, and why are accidents are taking place in your house, why are you facing problems, and why is your business failing? What is the use of keeping such gurus? So, I request you all to think properly and understand that we can become our own gurus, and the only way available for that is by Sahaja Yoga.

The essence of all the religions is the same, that whatever is destructive should be just observed, and it should be understood that it should be used only within its limits. Whatever is eternal should be accepted. The spirit inside you is eternal, and you should obtain it. So, you should understand that by binding yourself to any religion, to any caste, or by getting caught in the web offered by a guru, you are restricting your growth, and that is why you are in trouble. I Myself get tired of answering this question many times. In foreign countries people ask Me, “You people are so spiritual, but why are you all still so poor”? The reason behind disease is that spiritualism has vanished from us, and making money and earning money, by mesmerizing people, has become our prime religion. People are making fools of themselves, because when people are in trouble they somehow want to get rid of it, but instead their difficulties keep on increasing, and this is why today our whole country is in trouble. Through the growth of Sahaja Yoga, the black magic will automatically vanish from here, because it cannot be sustained here, because the black magic cannot survive in the enlightenment of the truth, and it will disappear in such a way such that it will never dare to reappear.

So, today you all decide that you will never fall into the web of black magic and you will get rid of it completely. Many people feel bad when someone asks them to leave all these bad things. So, the Sahaja Yogis talk very cautiously to others and they never talk openly. But I want to tell you clearly that when you have not benefited from this thing, then why are you still sticking to it, why do you want to hold on to it, and why do you want to grovel yourself and your children along with this? Why don’t we see this new thing, with a new outlook, where we experience this, which is clearly visible to us? This is not something where a lecture is given and everything is done with. This is the actualization of a theory. This is a proven experience. Until you actually experience something, whatever you accept is not truth.

The central channel is called Sushumna Nadi or the parasympathetic nervous system, which is very important, and on this are six plexuses. The first chakra, as I told you all, is below the Kundalini, which is known as Mooladhar Chakra. The next chakra is Swadishthana Chakra, and as I told you, it is responsible for all the actions on the right side, and on the left side it destroys all our impure knowledge. The Swadishthana Chakra builds up the pure knowledge, like you all desired for it yesterday.

Above this is the Nabhi Chakra. The essence of our guru or master is spread around the Nabhi Chakra. In the centre is the Nabhi Chakra, and it is surrounded by the Guru Tattva, but the Swadishthana Chakra emerges out of the Nabhi Chakra. So, you cannot say which is the first chakra and which is the second chakra. So, if you say that Nabhi Chakra is the first chakra, then the Swadishthana Chakra comes out of the Nabhi Chakra and rotates around the Nabhi Chakra like a lotus, in the green area which we call Void, and nourishes the whole Nabhi Chakra by going around it.

After Nabhi Chakra is the Heart Chakra. In our childhood, the antibodies are created inside the sternum bone which is around the Heart Chakra. Now, this chakra is the chakra of Jagadamba, and the antibodies are her soldiers or gan. Whether you call them antibodies or soldiers, it is the same, but people prefer the English name of antibodies; the name, gan, is a little worrisome. These antibodies spread throughout our whole body after we are twelve years of age, and when there is an attack of foreign bodies in our system, they fight with them; hence they are known as antibodies. And when the sternum bone sends messages to the antibodies to go to a particular place which has been attacked by foreign bodies, the antibodies immediately rush to that place, fight with the enemies and save us from diseases.

This chakra mostly get affected in ladies as this is the mother’s chakra. When a woman’s motherhood is challenged, or when her husband talks ill of her, or de-grades her, or always suspects her, or makes her feel insecure, then this chakra get affected very badly, and because of this she may get breast cancer. A husband also is responsible for this.

Then the Chakra which is above this is called Vishuddhi Chakra. This is Shri Krishna’s Chakra. Shri Krishna’s Chakra has sixteen petals. Yesterday I told you, “Don’t feel guilty about anything,” because Shri Krishna has said that this whole life is a play. So why are you making it so serious? So, you don’t have to take this life so seriously. The sixteen petals of the Vishuddhi Chakra spread over to our eyes, noses, ears, lips, tongues, teeth and all over the face and nourishes them. So, this is a very important chakra, which we call Vishuddhi Chakra.

Next is the Agnya Chakra. This chakra has two petals. Of these two petals, one petal takes care of our pineal body, and the other petal takes care of our pituitary body. We have two channels; one is the right channel and the other is the left channel. Whatever malice gets released from our right or left channel gets accumulated in our Agnya Chakra. The malice which comes out of our right channel gives us arrogance and egoism, whenever we think we have done this job or that job, we have done this right, and we have done that right. Sometimes we think that we have created such a beautiful stage. This is nothing; we have taken a dead tree, and made some other dead things out of it. With dead stones we have made dead buildings. You are making dead things out of dead material. You are not making anything living. But humans take pride in creating this, and this ego goes and sits in that yellow coloured balloon which is shown in the picture. Then, from our left channel, the Superego is released, which we acquire from our culture. Whatever wrong culture we acquire becomes stored in the left Agnya. For example, when we think that we are Indians, or we are Bengali, or when we think that we are Brahmins and that we belong to some sub-caste, then this affects our left channel. In reality, we are nothing but human beings. God Almighty has created only one earth. Human beings have made several divisions in that; God never divided the earth into so many parts. Yes, he has created different forms, to give it an artistic look, but it doesn’t mean that one human being is different from the other.

One more question has come to Me about whether you should give realization to any kind of person. Is that the right thing to do? You do not know that the All-pervading Power of God’s love is very eager to give realization to everyone. Very eager. Realization can be given to any kind of human being. Yes, some people go very deep, and others are a bit shallow in the beginning, but I observe that ultimately everyone settles into it, because this place is so joy-giving that everyone drowns in the Ocean of Joy. So, without any discrimination, however a person may be, whether he is literate or illiterate, whether he is poor or rich, the Kundalini is present in him, and each and every person has a right to get their Self-realization. But you should achieve it very humbly.

The third question was, “Mother, tell us something about Kalki.”

Today is not the time to talk about Kalki, but yes, Kalki has started manifesting. When you get your Self-realization you will know about Kalki and also about Me. It is useless to say anything before that. Absolutely useless. Whoever tried to talk about it before realization was either killed or given poison, was cheated, and was troubled in every possible way. Whenever a saint tried to talk about the truth he was given trouble, but now that is not the case. You yourself discovered the truth and recognize Kalki, and also you recognize Me. But it is important for you to know about Self-realization first. After that, I don’t need to tell you about Myself. You yourself will know by yourself about Me.

Now, after some time we are going to start the Self-realization program. Before that, there will be a short musical recital. If you people want to go out for some time you can go and come back to listen to the musical recital, and after the recital we will do the program of Kundalini awakening. All of you sit calmly. if you want to go out you can go and come back. After five to ten minutes we will start the Realization program.

After the musical program:

You all know very well that we don’t take any money from anyone. So, without showing off, we have not opened a grand centre. So, consider yourself a very ordinary person and come to the centre where you can get rid of all your diseases. Here, there are many Sahaja yogis who were ill, but they have cured themselves. Many people may have tension in business, jobs and so on. They can all come to the centre and balance themselves. Then they will understand that most of the problems are mythical and some are genuine. They will achieve whatever is best for them. The benefits from Sahaja Yoga are different.  A person asked Me, “If we regularly meditate at home, then what is the need to attend the collective?” The work of Sahaja Yoga is collective. We are part and parcel of the whole or Virat. So, you should understand that we all should meet collectively. Supposing the nail of a finger is broken, then we don’t bother about it. Likewise, if a person is sitting separately and meditating and he thinks that he can achieve everything, then he is mistaken. We have to do meditation at home, but it is also compulsory to attend the collectivity. Without taking part in the collectivity, you cannot ascend spiritually.

You have to spare some time. For your own ascent you will have to dedicate some time. It is very common that when you are not well you go to the doctor, spend your time and money and take so much trouble, but you don’t have time for Sahaja Yoga. Then when I come the next year, I find that you have some other disease. Then I cure that and some other disease creeps in. If you have to keep doing this all the time it is better that you completely leave Sahaja Yoga. If you want to go deeper inside yoga you should understand that first you have to get your Self-realization, and if a lamp cannot give life to others, what is the point in healing that lamp? God has a lot of common sense. What is the point in running after someone who is not going to give light to others? So, whoever thinks that they are ill should take advantage of Sahaja Yoga, cure themselves and then impart light to others and promote Sahaja Yoga.

The third question is that many people have asked about Me as to who I am, and where have I come from. I am not going to answer this question now. Even if I tell now you will not recognize Me. You first know about your spirit and know about yourself and then you will know about Me.

Now, you are willing to get your Self-realization. So, all of you keep your left hand on your lap towards Me. You don’t have to sit too straight, or bend forward too much; just sit comfortably. All of you keep your left hand towards Me, and keep your right hand, which denotes action, on your heart. In our heart resides the spirit, but the seat of this is on our Brahmarandhra, which is present in our fontanelle bone. Now, first keep your right hand on your heart and then take your right hand to the upper part of your abdomen on the left side. This means that all the actions are going to happen on the left side. This chakra is the place of our masters or gurus. Old great masters who took birth in this world have established this chakra for us. When we awaken this chakra, we become our own masters. Then you keep your right hand on the lower side of your abdomen, on the left side. This chakra is about pure knowledge. When we awaken this chakra, all the impure knowledge, like black magic, gets destroyed. By awakening this chakra, you develop collective consciousness, due to which you can know your problems and also the problems of others. The pure knowledge makes you collectively conscious. After this, you bring your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen, and then again to your heart. Then, you take your right hand on the neck and shoulder joint on the left side and turn your head to your right. This chakra gets caught when we feel guilty or when we demean ourselves or we think that we are sinners. When we start thinking like this, this chakra gets damaged and we end up with diseases like spondylitis and angina. Now keep your right hand across your forehead, and press on your temples. Bend your head and press on both temples. Bend your head and press hard on the side of head. This chakra is for forgiving everyone. Now take your right hand on the back of your head, bend your head backward and look up to the sky. This chakra is to ask forgiveness from the All-pervading Power, but you don’t have to feel guilty for anything. Now, keep the centre of your palm on your fontanelle bone, on the crown of your head. Bend your head and now slowly rotate the scalp of your head seven times. Stretch your fingers outwards to put pressure on your head. Rotate the scalp seven times properly, as this is very important.

Now we will do the actual meditation. For this you have to close your eyes. For this there are two conditions. The first one is that you have to forget your past. Whatever mistakes you made in the past, forget them and be here in the present. Whatever ill-feeling you have towards yourself, forget everything, and be in a cheerful mood, because you are going to the Kingdom of God. So whatever inferior feelings you have towards yourself, leave them, and whatever past thoughts you have, forget everything completely. Then the next condition is that you forgive yourself completely and forgive everyone in general, without thinking about anyone in particular who troubled or bothered you. Forgive everyone at once. One gentleman told Me, “Mother, it is very difficult to forgive anyone.” To that I replied, “Whether you forgive or not, you are not doing anything. What do you do? If you don’t forgive, then what do you do? In fact, if you don’t forgive someone then you are playing into the hands of those who want to trouble you. You trouble yourself even more than them, because they are sitting happily when you are troubled. If you understand this simple truth, you will forgive everyone from the bottom of your heart.” This is very important because this is the job of the Agnya Chakra, and the opening of Agnya Chakra is very narrow. So, if you don’t forgive completely, it will be very difficult for the Kundalini to rise above. So Please remember that you have to forgive everyone. And the third thing which I told you is this [Self-realization]) cannot be forced on anyone. I respect your freedom completely, and you will get this only when you ask for it in your freedom and dignity.

Now, those who are sitting on chairs, keep your legs apart. We have two powers, namely the left and right powers. So both legs should be kept apart on the floor. There is no problem for people who are sitting on the ground. Now keep your left hand towards Me and right hand on your heart, and close your eyes. And don’t open your eyes until I ask you to do so. It is better if you remove your spectacles as this can improve your vision. If you have any sacred thread around your neck or around your waist, please remove that. If anything is troubling you then loosen it. And please close your eyes now. With your eyes closed, keep your right hand on your heart and left hand towards Me.

Now you have to ask Me a question here which is an absolute truth about you. So, in your heart, not loudly, ask Me this question three times. You can either call me “Mother” or “Shri Mataji”. Ask me three times, “Mother, am I a pure spirit? Mother, am I a pure spirit?” Ask this three times. If you are a spirit, then you are also your own master, because in the enlightenment of your spirit you will know everything.

Now keep your right hand on the upper side of your abdomen, on the left side. Press it and ask Me one more question, “Mother, am I my own master? Am I my own guru?” Ask this question three times. You can ask in any language.

Now, I want to tell you again that I cannot force anything on you, and the pure knowledge cannot be imposed upon you. So, now keep your right hand on the lower part of your abdomen on the left side. Press it, and as this chakra has six petals, say six times, “Shri Mataji, please give me pure knowledge.” Say this six times. “Shri Mataji, please bless me with the pure knowledge.” You should understand that as soon as you ask for the pure knowledge, the activity in your Kundalini starts and the Kundalini wants to rise up. So now we will nourish our chakras which are above Kundalini and we will try to open them with our self-confidence.

So, now again bring your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen, press it hard and with full self-confidence, you have to say ten times, as this chakra has ten petals, “Shri Mataji, I am my own master. Shri Mataji, I am my own guru.” Say it with complete confidence. Say it ten times.

The greatest truth about you is that you are not this body, this soul, this intelligence, this mind, and this ego. You are not this emotion and you are not this desire, but you are a pure spirit. So, now keep your right hand on your heart and say with full confidence, in your heart, “Mother, I am a pure spirit. Shri Mataji, I am a pure spirit.” Say this twelve times, as there are twelve petals in this chakra. So, repeat this twelve times, “Shri Mataji, I am a pure spirit.”

I told you before that you have to forgive yourself. The All-pervading Power is an ocean of love and forgiveness. This is an ocean of joy and blessings. But most of all, it is an ocean of forgiveness. So, you cannot do any kind of mistake which cannot be dissolved in this ocean. So whatever mistakes you have done, forget them, and for the time being, be in the present and forget your past. Now keep your right hand on your neck and shoulder joint on the left side and turn your head towards the right. Here, with full confidence you have to say, “Shri Mataji, I am not guilty at all. Shri Mataji, I have not made any mistakes.” You can say this sixteen times. Confidently, say this sixteen times, as I have already told you Vishuddhi Chakra has sixteen petals.

I told you earlier that you have to forgive everyone. Yesterday, some people told me that they are getting a hot breeze from their crowns. I told them, “Please forgive everyone.” After they forgave, they started getting a cool breeze. So, unnecessarily we wasted some time. If you don’t forgive someone, you are unnecessarily playing into the wrong hands of those who have already harmed you and want you to be unhappy. So, get rid of the myth that you can forgive or not forgive anyone, and from the bottom of your heart forgive everyone. And now keep your hand across your forehead, bend your head slightly, press on both temples and wholeheartedly forgive everyone in general, not counting their mistakes. Forgive everyone. If you forgive everyone altogether, you will get a lot of relief. You don’t need to count the number of times, but wholeheartedly say, “Shri Mataji, I forgive everyone.”

Now take your right hand behind your head, tilt your head backwards completely and look up. Here, without counting your mistakes, say wholeheartedly, “Oh God Almighty, if I have done anything wrong, knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me. Oh, All-pervading Power, please forgive all the mistakes I have made, knowingly or unknowingly.” You don’t need to count your mistakes or your sins, but say this just for your satisfaction. Say it from your heart. It doesn’t matter how many times you say it, but say it wholeheartedly. When you say this from the bottom of your heart you will be surprised to feel the lightness in your mind.

Now, stretch your palm completely, and keep the centre of the palm on your crown [fontanelle bone] and press hard. Press hard and stretch your fingers backward so that there is good pressure on the crown. And now bend your head, and rotate your scalp seven times, in a clockwise direction, giving proper pressure. Remember one thing, that I cannot force Self-realization on you. So, it is essential that you say seven times, “Shri Mataji, please give me my Self-realization.” You will have to ask this, as this cannot be forced on you. Say seven times, “Shri Mataji, kindly give me my Self-realization.” (Blowing air into the microphone).

Now bring your hands down. Keep your hands towards Me and look at Me, without thinking. You can see that you become thoughtless. Now extend your right hand towards Me and with your left hand on the top of your head, bend your head and see if you are getting any cool breeze. Don’t keep your hand very close to your fontanelle bone. Keep it a little above the head. Some people get the breeze much above the head. If you are feeling a hot breeze, understand that you have not forgiven from your heart and do so now. If you forgive, the breeze will become cold.

Now keep your left hand towards Me. Bend your head. With your head bent, check with your right hand if you are getting any cool breeze from your fontanelle bone. Now keep your right hand towards Me and once again check with your left hand on top of your head, if you are getting any cool breeze or not. Check again very carefully if you are getting a cool breeze, and if you are getting a hot breeze, then forgive again. As soon as you forgive you will start getting a cool breeze.

Now lift both your hands towards the sky and bend your head backwards. Now, look up and ask a question, “Mother, are these vibrations Paramchaitanya?” Ask this three times. “Is this the All-pervading Power of God’s Love?” Ask any of these questions three times. Now bring your hands down. Bring them down. Now whoever felt the cool breeze from their heads or from their hands raise both your hands. Whoever felt cool breeze either from the head or hands, lift your hands up. I want to see.

My salutations to you saints. Now you all are Self-realized. Your Kundalini has awakened and pierced the Brahmarandhra, because of which you felt the cool breeze. But this is not sufficient. It is also possible that Kundalini has not awakened today in some people who have health problems, or who are wrongdoers. But I request you all to attend the seven-day program which is going to take place here and get rid of all your problems, clear all your doubts and achieve this completely. I hope you will listen to Me and you will completely respect your Self-realization also. And you will respect yourself also and understand that you are special because only you people have got Self-realization in the whole of Calcutta. I bless you to attain depth in Sahaja Yoga, resourcefully.