Public Program

Rome (Italy)

1990-05-07 Public Program, Rome Italy DP-RAW, 126'
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1990-0507 Public Program, Rome, Italy

Please be seated.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. At a very outset we have to understand that Truth is what it is. We cannot organize it or imagine about it. But we have to unclear(treat) and knowing about your central nervous system. You can see clearly that I am very unclear() see with your eyes. but for an animal, he, what his understands is very limited quietly a human being has much greater sensitivity. To smell, taste, color everything. At human level we understand many things much more than animals but because of the evolutionary process. And this evolutionary process is a living process. It is not a process which is just a thought of imagined of but it is a living process. In the same way if we have to ascend, if we have to become a higher being, if we have to know the Truth, then this evolutionary process should give us that special status. At human level you cannot feel the Truth. People believe that this is the Truth, that is the Truth. Then there should be no fight, there should be no quarrel if its Absolute Truth. But like blind people holding an elephant is climbing differently people who believe that this is the Truth are doing the same thing. If this is the Truth, then universally everybody must accept it. And that is the reason we find that people are quarreling about things which is falsehood. So first we have to raise to that state where we can all feel the same Truth. All the scriptures, all the religions have said one thing for common that you must seek the eternal and whatever is transitory is to be used with full understanding. All the religions have said that you must seek yourself first of all. But how many are doing that? None of them. They are all just believing that this is the truth, and they don’t want to seek the real Truth. They are formed organizations, huge, big congregations all like blind people unclear(12:40) themselves. So first we must seek ourselves. And that is to get your self-realization. We have come from ameba to the stage spontaneously like if sow a seed and it powers spontaneously. In the same way if you have to raise to a higher state then it has to be spontaneous. That is what sahaja is. Saha ja, saha means with, ja means born. Born within you. Is the right of yoga means the union with the Divine power. Now the truth is that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not these emotions, but you are the Spirit. And the another truth is that there is a unclear (14:57) divine power which is unclear (15:03) all the unclear(15:04). Unless and until you become the Spirit, you cannot feel the Divine power. The Divine power that is created us had made us unclear (15:33) human beings. This is the power which works out for our benevolence – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. And we have within us a power which can connect us to this Divine power. That power is called as a Kundalini in the Sanskrit language. Kundal means the coils. Because this coiled up and placed in our sacrum bone. Now sacrum means sacred. That means that great Greeks new that is a sacred bone. Now this is the arrangement within us already existing in every one of us and this connection once established, you get all the benevolence and all the blessings of the Divine power. Now this is a living process, and you can’t pay for that. Most of the organization that talk about Truth had religion are money oriented. You cannot pay for it. The Divine doesn’t understand your money or your banks. Doesn’t. It doesn’t understand what position you are having have. Also, it doesn’t understand what place you love, what country you love. It only knows that you are a human being, and you have a right to ascend. But if you are satisfied with whatever you are living with, that it has no interest in you. But if you want to be a higher personality, to be above all diseases, above all tensions, above all worldly nonsensical problems then it helps. And these are the special category of people. Everybody in this world is seeking something. But those who seek the Truth get everything, automatically everything works out. Because this Divine power is extremely powerful. It thinks, it organizes, and the blessings are so much you that feel you are already in the Kingdom of God. You don’t have to give up anything, you don’t have to give up your family, you don’t have to give up any life individual living but from inside you will see this connection. It is the happening which is inside yourself. There are many books which have come out saying that Kundalini awakening is very difficult, and people have all kinds of problems with that. But actually, Kundalini is your Mother. Everybody’s individual Mother. And it looks after you when you want to have your second birth. And she knows everything about you. And there is no harm nothing happens but you feel peaceful and unclear(22:53). And you become dynamic, and you become extremely compassionate. And this compassion acts and you can give realizations to others. You get that power to give realization to others. All these things are within yourself. They are your own. Only thing is that enlighten light can enlighten another light. And once you are enlightened, you can also enlighten other people. And you cannot force it on them. You have to actually ask and then it works out. 

Today is the introduction and there are so many things to be said and tomorrow I will speak much more. But today I would like you to ask some questions. But now I am not here in anyway to take away anything from you. I don’t want anything from you. I have come here to give you what you have. And so there is no need to be aggressive. So please me questions it will be good idea to spend some time today on the questions and then we’ll have about ten minutes to raise your Kundalini to give your self-realization. This is the knowledge of your roots. The western civilization has grown like a tree. But we must find out our roots. And this knowledge once you know, you can nourish the tree very well. But you have to have a very open mind. Think it to be a hypothesis before you by a scientist and then when it’s proved as a honest people you have to accept it. So, I would like to have some questions from you.

Question(28:14): … he was reading Bhagavad-Gita unclear(28:18) by Lord Krishna (28:23) and if they don’t achieve in this life, then the next life they will unclear(28:32) to achieve it. 

Shri Mataji: Yes, that’s Spirit fact. But now, life has it has come to a stage where you have to achieve it. Krishna said this, six thousand years back. Unclear(). Please standup. 

Question: She says, she is unclear(29:22) believing in Christ. Does sahaja yoga can help her best?

Shri Mataji: Of course unclear(29:28), Christ is the gate through which we have to pass. But you see we don’t know much about Christ till you get to sahaja yoga. He has said it that you have to be born again. So, people like the certificate if you are born again. Even you believe it twice, you don’t know it. But after sahaja yoga you will know Him very well. Alright?

Question: What do you mean by Truth? 

Shri Mataji: What do you mean by? 

Translator: Truth

Shri Mataji: I just now told that Truth is that you are the Spirit and that there is the all-pervading power which looks after this. We are in the transiency. Still, we have not achieved that state. Once you achieve that state, then we know the Truth on our fingertips. Because Spirit is the universal being within us. And Spirit is the source of Absolute Truth. So, when you become the Spirit, all those who become the Spirit will say the same thing. Supposing there are ten children who are realized souls and you tie their eyes. And if you put somebody before them and ask them what is the problem with his gentleman, they will all raise one finger or two fingers showing the problem. So, these, these are five, six and seven centers on the right hands side or the physical and the mental side. And the left one unclear(33:27) on the emotional side. And you can feel the centers of other person on your fingertips. Because when you become a realized soul, you achieve a sate which we call it as a collective consciousness on your central nervous system. You can also feel the all-pervading power as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost on your fingertips. And also, you can feel the cool breeze out of your own fontanelle bone area which is the actualization of your baptism. Actualization. It is not just somebody putting the water on your head and say that you are baptized. Its an actualization. Because Kundalini is the reflection of the Holy Ghost which is the Primordial Mother. They talk about the Father and the Son God and the Mother, they don’t talk. Mother is the Holy Ghost. She exists within us as a pure desire as Kundalini. 

Alright, now we have another question please. 

Question: He was reading yesterday a book where it say can we (we can) get mental with Kundalini awakening without any other master.

Shri Mataji: No. no, it is not the master that you need. But you need somebody who is already enlightened person. Because supposing there is a candle which is not enlightened. You need another enlightened candle to enlighten it. All such people who tried these things suffer from all kinds of problems because they face a wrath, a wrath on their sympathetic nervous system. and that’s why they say that Kundalini awakening is very difficult. But once you are enlightened, you can also enlighten others. All kinds of things are unclear (38:31) but who has given realizations so far. And they do not also say that they cannot give realization even they cannot. And they are so unclear (39:00) that they don’t want to get realizations and they frighten you and tell you all kinds of stories. So, one should not be satisfied with anything, except you get your realization and see it for yourself. As you know very well that there are so many cheats. Even in the name of God, they are cheating people. What we have to see is our benevolence. We have to see what we get out of it. I am a Mother, so just say that you should unclear(40:18). Yes please stand up. 

Question: I want to ask you advice for someone like me who a self-fearing of enlightenment but wants to be enlighten but is finding very very hard against attachment to physical pleasures and sensuality and is finding very very hard to unclear(41:10) I want very much to resolve that terrible terrible conflict.

Shri Mataji: What he said?

Translator: He said he had unclear(to find the enlightenment/frightened of enlightenment) but still he has very attachment to mundane things like sensuality…

Shri Mataji: See enlightenment has to be clearcut you just don’t believe if suddenly unclear(42:00) I only question you should really say that I must get truthfully what is the real enlightenment? you are a seeker out and out. No doubt you are a seeker, but the enlightenment is so clear cut. So clear cut. You understand? It’s so clear cut. It’s not half baked. Of course, first when you get your realization now take you may feel the cool breeze alright, you may feel the out of your head but it has to be established. No doubt. But gradually when we are moving it will be amazed how you get transformation. And some in people I have seen that at the first shot they become so enlightened really surprised some of them are. Specially Russia I was surprised. Russians have really surprised me the most. They have very unclear(44:14) of many things religion, leading this that nonsense. Absolutely clean saints. Of course about forty percent I am quite unclear(44:40) and they want American jeans and this that. But most of them are the one I meant tremendous personalities. And they have called me again the embassy itself I mean the government itself have seen our results – medical and educational results. And has even us an independent identity which they have not given to any foreign organization. And Gorbachev itself is a realized soul. And these stupid fundamentalists who are blind unclear(46:13) and are so stupid what have they got? What have they got? What have they found? Stupid people. 

Question: He says that according to Jesus enlightenment has to come from unclear(47:45)

Shri Mataji: and the grace comes from the top. But first you should be correct. First you should be correct then then the grace comes. Christ has talked about the grace. See he did only for four years in a way. And what can we do in four years. In a way. He spoke only for four years, and four years is no time to work it out. And they crucified him. Four years I was struggling with several hippies in London. And even now you will be surprised I have been working for eighteen years. We are working in forty countries now unclear(49:18) but how we could have here. How many there are moving about, how many are there look at it. Unclear(49:25) .So, we cannot say what Christ could not say but one has to say more and unclear (expelling/expending) him. And you believe in Bible, and you believe in Christ because you born as a Christian, but you don’t believe in it because of the fought of the Truth. Like a Muslims believe in the Quran in their religion because they have born in it. It’s not the brain to know about the religion you have to be born again to unclear(50:27). Now you put little test say I was myself born in Christian family. And Christ has said ‘Thou shall not have adulterous eyes’. How many Christians have got that kind of an eye? You may read any scripture. You may read any book of knowledge. You may follow any religion, any God whatever you may call yourself. Anybody get unclear(51:32) say. That means all these beliefs has no hold on you. We are not transformed. A Christian can murder, a Hindu can murder, a Muslim can murder, anybody can murder, jews can murder. So, these are all artificial brands. It has not penetrated through your nervous system. But after sahaja yoga we get penetrated into your nervous system. Over night people have given up drugs. Over night. They follow all religions, but they are sick. If you are following a religion that’s reality you should not be sick. You should be healthy. So, these beliefs are just mental imaginations. Because no relationship is reality. Religion has to be born within you. Has to be enlightened within you. And that is what we have to face the truth of ourselves. And if you are honest, if you are really honest, you will find out that you are the Spirit. But if you are honest just seeking unclear(54:27) fall at your feet unclear(54:30). You have to seek. Knowing that so far you have not found the truth. Reading any amount of books or anything, its not going to give you. If you want to know about Christians, go and ask Jews. And if you want to know about the Jews ask the Christians. And if you want to know about Muslims ask Hindus. And about the Hindus ask the unclear(55:34). They know all the difference of other people not on their own. So, the best thing is we should seek our own self-realization first and know the truth. That is what it is. That we have to know, and we have to achieve our self-realization. Because this is our own property. And we should not live with myths. But we should achieve our own thing that within us. All there unclear(don’t/without) knowingly. I will tell a story that supposing you take a say a television to a very remote corner of some village. They never seen a television and you tell that if I see all kinds of beautiful pictures in this. They say that what this is just an ordinary box. 

(Discontinued Video.,)

How great and glorious you are. Now I hope you are all ready to get your realization. 

Comment from Audience: He says that he is very convinced about what you said. 

Shri Mataji: May God bless you for that. May God bless you. Very happy to know that. May God bless you. I hope everyone of you just seek your realization first. First seek your realization. Please be seated, sit down. See. Now you see there are so many lights. Right? And if I have to tell you electricity, light and everything, it’s a headache. But it is all built in. so you have to use one switch and it will come. The one who has the idea of switch can do it. The one who has the idea of switch can do it. Unclear(58:50) So, first get the light then this knowledge is limitless. If you are so enlightened, that you will be amazed at yourself but now don’t doubt yourself. I know that some of you are doubting that you may not get your realization. Please don’t judge yourself. Your Kundalini knows you very well. Have faith in yourself unclear(really/verily). Now it will take only ten minutes for the whole process. But those who want to have only should be in the hall, those who do not want to have I cannot force it on you. I asked you to ask questions so that there are no more of mental problem with you but now its over, so you forget the past. First and fore most condition is that you must forgive yourself. Don’t believe when people tell you that you are a sinner. Don’t feel guilty. That is past finished. You have to be in the present. Afterall we are human beings and only human beings can make mistakes not the Gods. So please don’t feel guilty. Those who tell you: you are sinners are crooks. They must be greater sinners. But I will tell you please forgive yourself. Actually, you have to really love yourself in the sense you must know you are human being, and you are a seeker. And the second condition is very simple is to forgive everyone totally. You may say it is very difficult to forgive. But logically whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. What you do? But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands and torture yourself. So don’t think whom to forgive but in general you just forgive everyone. And you have to be pleasantly placed towards at yourself. Pleasantly placed. 

Lady from the Audience: Translator: She says it’s not easy.
Shri Mataji: It’s very easy madam. Forgive. Just say I forgive. To say that doesn’t take much. By not saying or by saying you don’t do anything actually. Just say it. 

Alright. So today I am going to work it out in such a way that you can later on also can nourish your own centers. 

I have to make a very humble request that you have to takeout your shoes because you take help of the Mother Earth. And now put both the feet apart from each other. 

Question from Audience: Unclear()

Shri Mataji: Alright, we are doing to follow, you write it down your questions please and I will answer them tomorrow. Alright? any question, send. Because it is endless. Now you have to be relaxed. Just. But you should not sort of bend or stretch yourself. You have to be in a comfortable seat. And put both your feet apart from each other. Because you unclear(1:06:04) that these are two different powers. Now, will work through our left-hand side with our right-hand. And left-hand you put towards me symbolic that this is the power of your desire. So, you desire to have your realization. Even if you have understood my lecture or you did not understand there is no difference. Even you forget about the lecturer. You will have to close your eyes when I tell you. But just now I will tell you how you will have to nourish your different centers. Now put your left-hand like this on your lap. And you have to use your right hand now on the left-hand side. So first you put it on your heat. Its like a hope you get it. In the heart resides the Spirit. And if you are a spirit, you are your own master – your own guru. Now you take the right-hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. You have to move it on the left-hand side. This is the center of your mastery. This is created by great prophets and masters. Now you take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen. Now this is the center of pure knowledge which manifests on your central nervous system. That means you can feel the Truth – the all-pervading power on your fingertips. Alright, now raise again your hand on the upper portion of your abdomen on your left-hand side. Now we have to take it back to your heart again. Now you have to put your right-hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn neck to your right. And this is the center which is caught when you feel guilty. And I think in Rome or gambol of Italy has this problem. And this center is caught up. And when this center is caught up, you get diseases like Spondylitis and Angina. And if you have been smoking, you feel guilty and you catch it. Now you have to take your hand now on top of your forehead and bend your neck as far as possible and press it on both sides. Now this is the center where you have to forgive everyone. Now then you have to take your hand on the back side of your head and push back your head as far as possible. Now here you have to say that ‘Oh Divine please forgive me’ without thinking about what wrong you have done. And not counting the mistakes. Just for your satisfaction. Now stretch your hand fully and please place the center of your palm on top of your fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone on the top of your head in your childhood. Now put down your head, you have to bend your neck as far as you can. Push back your fingers so that you can press nicely on the scalp of the head. Now move the scalp, the scalp by pushing all fingers back and betters. And now seven times you just try to move it clockwise. Alright that how we have to do. 

Now I will request you to make yourself comfortable. If you have ties on your neck or the base you can just loosen it. And you can takeout your spectacles. You will have to close your eyes now unclear(1:14:41). Now please put your left-hand towards me like this. And both of your legs away from each other. And now close your eyes and don’t open them till I tell you. Take your right=hand on your heart. Here you have to ask me a very fundamental question. You may call me Mother or you may call me Shri Mataji. Now you please ask me a question: ‘Mother, am I the Spirit?’ ask this question three times, close your eyes, three times, say that three times. Say that. Now if you are the Spirit, you are your master, you are your guru, you are your guide. So now take your hand on the upper part of your abdomen on your left-hand side and press it hard with your fingers. Here now you ask another fundamental question: ‘Mother, am I my own Master?’ ask this question three times. Now I respect your freedom. I cannot force on you the pure knowledge. You have to ask for it. So now take down your right-hand on the lower portion of your abdomen and press it hard. And now here you ask for pure knowledge by saying six times because this center has got six petals: ‘Mother, please give me pure knowledge’. As soon as you ask for pure knowledge, the Kundalini starts rising. So, we have to nourish the upper centers with our self-confidence. Now take your right-hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it hard. Now here, you have to say, ten times with full confidence: ‘Mother, I am my own Master’. I have told you on the very out said that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not your emotions, you are not your imaginations, but you are the spirit. So now, raise your hand to your heart, and with full confidence again you have to say the greatest truth about yourself: ‘Mother, I am the Spirit’ say it twelve times. Now, the Divine power is the ocean of knowledge and love. It is the ocean of peace and blessings. but above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. So, whatever you might have committed, it can dissolve all your mistakes. It is a very powerful forgiving power. So now, please raise your hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right. And with full confidence say it sixteen times: ‘Mother, I am not guilty at all’ say it sixteen times. I have already told you that you have to forgive everyone totally. This is very important. Because it’s a myth when you don’t forgive. But if you don’t forgive then, you play into wrong hands. And those people who want to torture you are very happy on the contrary you are torturing yourself. Now please put your right-hand on your forehead across and put down your head and press it on both the sides. Now please put down your head properly. Here you have to say with full confidence not how many times but from you heart: ‘Mother, I forgive everyone totally’. By saying this you will feel very much lighter in your head. Press it on both the sides, put down your head properly. Now, take your hand on the backside of your head and push back your head on it as far as possible. Now here you have to say for your own satisfaction not feeling guilty: ‘Oh Divine, if I have done any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me’ say it from your heart. Now stretch your right-hand fully and put your center of your palm on top of your head on the fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now put down your head as much as possible. And now, again I cannot cross over your freedom. You have to ask for your self-realization. Loudly. Now push back your fingers as much as you can and press it hard your scalp and move it seven times clockwise saying: ‘Mother, please give me my self-realization’. Push back your fingers, push back your fingers. Put a proper pressure. 

Now take down your hands please and open your eyes please. Slowly. Put both the hands towards me like this. Now bend your head and put your right-hand towards me and with the left-hand you see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area from your head. Keep it away from the head. Not on the top. Some people get it quite far away and please don’t doubt it. Now, please bend your head, please bend your head. Now put the left-hand towards me. Again, bend your head and see for yourself with the right-hand if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Now, once again you will have to put the right hand towards me and bend your head and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Now watch me, watch me without thinking. Can you do that? Put your hands like this, just put your hands like this. Watch me without thinking. 

(Discontinued video.,)

‘… of the Holy Ghost, Mother is this the all-pervading power of God’s love?’ ask anyone of these questions three times. Ask three times. Now please take down your hands. Those who are felt, you didn’t feel? You didn’t feel it? You been to gurus I think. Will work it out. Please raise again. I couldn’t see you. Just raise it all those who have felt it. Most of you. Most of you. Thank you very much. There are very few who have not felt. Very few. But the reason is maybe they have been to some other gurus before. Some masters in their seeking. Or maybe something which will work it out those who have not felt the cool breeze can easily raise your hands I think sahaja yogis can easily work it out. You can come up please.

(Discontinued video.,)

Shri Mataji talks to the people who did not feel the cool breeze.