Mother’s Day Celebration, Short talk on creativity and Shri Mataji playing harmonium

Rome Ashram - Nirmala House, Rome (Italy)

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1990-05-10 Mother’s day at Nirmala House: Creativity


Today is mother’s day and I think this country has tremendous respect for mothers and mothers are also very loving in this country. It is very fortunate to be here on such a day, as Mother’s Day. Today we went out to see how Italy has become so creative and the mother earth gives you the creativity. She gives you. You learn from her how beautiful things she has produced and you try to reproduce it. But if you are not aware of the beauty, it is such a pure thing around you, you cannot be a good artist. Then you take to vulgar things. Things which are very cheapish, which have no value. But people who have the feeling of oneness with the mother earth try to make things to express their joy, that they are feeling from the beauty she has created. In the same way, you are also so exuberant with love and affection. I haven’t done much for you, I don’t think so. You may think so. I don’t know. But only thing that really binds us is our love. Together. And this love is not blind love. So this love is the truth. This love is not only the truth, but is the knowledge. If you love somebody you know everything about the person. It is so deep and you know another person through your kundalini. It is so subtle that you get knowledge about another person. And that is the greatest joy to enjoy others. When that enjoyment starts within you. When you start enjoying other Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis, forgetting what your caste, what your religion, what are race, what your family and what your countries you come from. Then one must say that Sahaja Yoga has worked on you really and you are a real Sahaja Yogi. But (if) you cannot enjoy, then definitely something is wrong somewhere. So this is a sign that you are a Sahaja Yogi. Moreover, collectivity if you cannot enjoy, then definitely there is something wrong. If you start criticising others and finding faults with others and all the time thinking about your own comforts and your own moods then you are not yet a Sahaja Yogi. Because once personality has become one with the ocean of love, then you lose all those petty things which have kept you away from joy and this are all joy-killing things and one should not ever stick on to them. Now we have left all that and we have come to a new life, specially after the Sahasrara Day you must be feeling that something has changed definitely everywhere. And a big change is going to be there, I am sure among human beings also.

Now you will get lots of people here for follow-on. So try to understand that you also had the problems when you had come to Sahaja Yoga. and if they had problems you should not shoot-out with the ideas that they are possessed, they are this, they are that. But it in gentle loving manner, try to treat them. I would say that for every follow-on you should have something to eat also. Very good idea. Vibrate it and give it to them so that their Nabhi gets alright. Let them feel that you are loving, compassionate people. And just from the very beginning, you should not start telling them of about their bad habits. Gradually most of them will learn and they have learnt. And things are going to work out. I expect now don’t shoot, come up very well. Because the experiences of Perugia has told me that are beautiful places around those and you can always do one of them every month and you will lots of people who are really seekers of truth and even in Rome I think that are very nice seekers, very new people have come. But only how you deal with them is important. Again I am coming back to Rome. I don’t what date? (talking to a Sahaja yogi) Eight of June. (Applause) And then we will meet some new people over here. Before that, if you can arrange some programmes outside Rome then it will be a good idea. Thank you very much. (talks in Hindi referring to a child who comes to kiss Shri Mataji) So again I want to thank you all for conducting so well, such a large gathering of people who come for Sahasrara Day. Sahasrara Day is the most important day for us. And somehow this time there were so many people and all of them went very happy. With happy memories about you. You have been very sacrificing, sensible and hospitable and they have told me that Mother you also thank them on our behalf. So Thank you all of you here, specially Giulio, who has done it so beautifully and all the rest of you who have done so much. I am sorry the bangles that we got for you, by mistake, have gone to London. Doesn’t matter. Next Time. So may God bless you all.

So would you like to sing..

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(A Sahaja Yogi then thanks Shri Mataji for doing everything and allowing the Sahaja Yogis to enjoy.)

It was too much, how you all are going to manage, but it was done very well, very well done. Everybody enjoyed thoroughly. Unexpectedly so many people came.

You could have some nice music now