Becoming a superior personality

Spreckels Organ Pavilion, San Diego (United States)

1990-05-30 Becoming a superior personality, San Diego, United States, 70' Chapters: Music, Arrival, Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A
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1990-0530 Public Program Day 1, San Diego, USA

I have been coming to San Diego since long. The first time I remember when I came here, it was in the year 1972 and for 9 Years I did not come here. I felt that the name of the place means that this is the city of God – Diego means God. But that time people were involved into things which were not reality at all and I thought that let them pass through this circle, otherwise they won’t come to reality and for 9 Years I didn’t come to America. 

The human problem is on one side that we are seeking something and we are realizing that we have not found the reality, that’s a fact, so we try every sort of thing. We try because we are seeking something. But what are we seeking? What is the Truth? People may say this is the truth, that is the truth and also you will find people identified with wrong things, identified with destructive things and they stick onto it. So, first of all, we have to know what is the Truth. When we talk of Truth, they should really tell us what is the Truth. 

The Truth is that you are a Spirit. You are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not your imagination or your emotions but you are the Spirit because you always say, “mythoughts, my emotions, my ego.” You never say, “I, the ego.” So the ego, and the conditionings and all these things are not your Self. So you have to be the Spirit and all the scriptures have said this. 

First thing, you have to be the Spirit is the first Truth and the second is that there is the all-pervading power which is a subtle power which does all the living things. We take it for granted. For example, we see the flowers, we take them for granted. We don’t see that yesterday they were just plants and we don’t see these plants yesterday were just seeds. How this living thing has happened? The science says that we were amoeba and today we are human beings. Now, what has worked it out? When we go into the deeper investigation of these things, we reach a point where we think is blank. How these things are working out? What is working it out? So the second Truth is that there is a subtle power that does all this organization. 

Now when I am talking to you about it, you have to have an open mind of a scientist. If you are already conditioned with something else, it won’t be understood. But if you just have an open mind as a scientist and honesty about it, then you should treat it as a hypothesis and then if you find it, that that’s the Truth, then you must accept it and go deep into it because that is what you are seeking, that is  where you have to ascend, that is where you have to become that superior personality and that is what is the breakthrough of your evolution. Then, you must open your mind to it, first of all. 

America is not such a closed heart as English are, but minds are closed; while the English have closed hearts, but minds are open. It’s a little funny combination. But the English have one good thing about them, that if they find something of the Truth, they get at it. I have been many more times [than] here and I have been every year coming, but I find that in England, people worked it out, very thoroughly, even very, very ordinary people, who came to Sahaja Yoga– not necessarily all of them were scholars – have mastered Sahaja Yoga. They’re not frivolous at all, never. They are very serious-minded people and they will not waste their energy into stupid things, that’s true. But they can be befooled very easily if somebody tries to say big things to them. Say, a Sanscrit scholar comes in then they get enamored. And in America I have found that people are very vulnerable, because they are so simple. Very vulnerable to the show, to the advertisement  and things like that. It’s not a showmanship in Sahaja Yoga. It’s something to become; it’s the becoming that is important. What have you become? 

Now various people ask me thousands of questions about this guru, that guru. I said, ”First of all, you must go and see the disciples.” Now look at Graham, you see him; there are thousands like this. What have they got? Nothing. Bankruptcy most of them. They have become reclusive, they have become mad, they have got sickness. This is not what is promised. Or they are crazy, they can’t explain anything. So, what have they got? 

First, they must have the power and the power of love that can raise the Kundalini. It’s written in all the scriptures, whatsoever, in different ways, in different styles, n every religion, whether it talks of God or not. There are some religions who do not talk of God; like, Buddhism, Jainism, certain types of Hinduism, or also you can say Islam, in a way, talks if a formless God. Jewish also talk of formless God. But there is one thing common among all of them is this: that seek the eternal and whatever is transitory you treat it with all wisdom and understanding and limitations of that transitory things. But we are so much enamored because you are seeking. 

Now in America the seeking is frantic, actually. It’s a panicky stuff. It is so frantic that in their seeking only they got into troubles. In their seeking blindly they fell into drugs and AIDS and everything. Only in their seeking. It was not because they wanted to be bad. It was not that they wanted to be sick. It was not that they wanted to take to drugs but they were vulnerable, very simple people and fell entrapped into it. If you see it now after Sahaja Yoga, people see it and they are surprised, how we were enamored by these things. They are very, very simple people, extremely simple. I think they are the simplest in the whole world. Even the South Americans are quite… they think about it, they worry about it, find out if it’s alright or not. They will not jump to any conclusions. They are quite cautious by nature, very cautious. They will not jump into problems till they they have verified and found it. So one thing I must warn you that you must verify, first of all, what are we seeking? And you must judge it from the disciples or from the people who claim to be following a certain thing. 

Now, you may be thinking about religions. But there are many who have felt that religions are the most misleading things. Now, how do you make Christ and Christianity together and people think if Christianity means all this nonsense that people did is to take a gun in one hand and a bible in another hand, then how is it Christ, who said forgive those who are doing wrong things, on the cross, how could that be tallied? So actually it can be very easily understood if you  understand Sahaja Yoga that, unless and until you are united with the reality, you go on drifting onto the left or the right side. 

 As he must have told you here about the Parasympathetic nervous system, we have two other systems which are working within us in the autonomous nervous system, the left and the right side. Like those who go to the right side, because they have not ascended, Sahaja Yoga is for your ascent. So, what happens, unless and until there is union with the Divine power, the yoga, unless and until you are really reborn, not just certified, but really reborn, then you don’t move to the left or to the right.But if you start moving to the left – for example you are this pentecostal system, you are this charismatic system – they are all left-sided systems and you get caught up into a very funny system that we call as the collective subconscious mind. Into the collective subconscious mind you just get possessed and most of the diseases, which we call as psychosomatic, come from the left side, AIDS, all these things. 

The right-sided movement, which is the movement where we plan too much, we are futuristic, we think about money all the time or religions which are money oriented. They take you towards money so you move to your right and when you start moving to your right too much. then you start using your conscious mind too much and this conscious mind gets tired and that’s how you have got this new disease of Yuppies about which the Americans are worried. 

This Yuppies disease comes from this too much futuristic thinking and I had told about these diseases a long time back and nobody wants to take notice of it. On the other hand, Russians are there, I mean, comparatively, they are the wisest you could think of, wisest people. They wouldn’t allow Rajneesh to enter in, they wouldn’t allow TM to enter in, they wouldn’t allow any one of these. There are certain fundamentalists, but they don’t think much of them. 60% of Russians are very wise. 

Now what should we say, I am myself amazed at them. Even their ministers and everybody. We have so much so-called freedom of choice and still in morning we think, “I will eat this, I will eat that.” I mean the attention goes to nonsensical things like that and they had no choices, no choices of any kind. Whatever is available in the market, you have it. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. 

It’s like a ship where there are no problems because If something is not on the ship, it’s not there. So they didn’t have to bother about these things. “What dress I should wear?” “What clothes I should wear?” “What should I eat?” Where should I go to see this film or that.” Whatever is available is here and that’s what it is for. 

It’s like you are bringing up a child in a way that he does not have to bother too much about his choices. Whatever is given, the child takes it and they were brought up that way. By that they did develop a kind of a fear, and an awe, I know that, but other faculties that developed within themselves are remarkable, really remarkable, you won’t believe that. First of all, they do not have class consciousness. You may be the minister of the supreme council or you may be a laborer. They all feel the same way. There is no ego at all, no ego of any kind. A supreme council fellow will come and behave in this same way. I would not be able to make them out that he is this or he is that. All dressed up very well. All of them have good clothes. 

Now the problems have been created of course by their bureaucrats artificially because they don’t want their power to go away. So they are power-oriented and democracies are all money-oriented. Both things are wrong.  We have to be Spirit-oriented. But because the money part was missing there and power was in the hands of wrong people and they were  frightened of the power, the people there are very alert and extremely wise and the difference is such a lot. 

Of course I always feel that Americans are the greatest seekers. They are not such seekers as you are but they are very wise. There’s a difference of attitude. Their attitude is that this is a nice thing, this is the reality, this is what it is and we should take. They’ll  discard everything; discard religion, discard everything, but they stick onto the reality and  another one is they are not seekers as you are. You are seekers of Truth, no doubt, but as seekers of Truth, if you do not have discrimination to know what is the reality, you fall a prey. And you will be surprised that I have seen that most of the people who have suffered from these diseases have been to some guru or to some false person. 

Today there have been so many questioning like that. I said, I don’t want to say things that do not exist, but what exists within us is too much of an anxiety to seek the Truth. But because we do not know what is the Truth and how to judge it, we go into problems. This system that is within us is to be known actually after the self realization according to Vedas. Veda: vida means also to know. Know on your central nervous system is Vedas. Bodha, Buddha also means on your central nervous system, not mentally, is beyond mental. All these people, whosoever, whom we call as the originator of religions and all that, have said the same thing, that you have to know yourself. Know Thy Self. Which religions are doing that? 

So these are no religions. These are man made ideas and that’s why we are misled. This is not going to be for our benevolence, for our ascent, for our last breakthrough into that higher state about which people have talked. So, then we should give up? This is not the whole thing. What is the reality? Let’s go to the reality. 

Then another point which is very shocking. In England, I don’t know if Graham has told you or not, that the BBC people approached me and they said, ”How is it you say you don’t have to pay?” Anglo saxon brain cannot understand anything without money. Can you imagine? Can you purchase God? Can you purchase divinity? How much did you pay to Christ? You are all supposed to be Christian people. How much did we pay to Christ? How can you pay for it? How much do we pay for our living work? Ask such a question and this is the thing which has struck them the best, the Russians. You can’t pay. We have not paid for our evolution. We have not paid for the living process. Then how can you pay for the last breath. 

But here people always told me you have to ask for money. Otherwise, Sahaja Yoga won’t grow in America. I said how much are they going to pay for it, first of all? You make it out. How much are we going to pay? When I say you cannot pay you must understand it that it is beyond materialism, that it is beyond all these things that you have to achieve. And on that point it falters, which I think, you please, all of you who are here today, have to think about it seriously. It is not a frivolous game we are playing. It is not that something we are doing so stupidly about things which are so important for us. 

If you have to save this America, you must get people realized, deep people. I must say that this triggering has happened because we got these people realized. Very few of them had come to a conference, where I was. They all got realization. They went back; within eight days it started working. It’s a fact. Everyone knows that. Everyone knows that it has happened that way. But that kind of a depth, that kind of an understanding and discrimination we must have. We must see for ourselves, ask over the question, is this the reality? Also, Sahaja Yoga, you should be cautious and see for yourself: Is this the reality? You should not be judged, because Sahaja Yoga opens doors to everyone. So you should not be judged by stupid people if they come to Sahaja Yoga. It’s alright, everybody is welcome, but you must see: ”What did I get out of it? 

I would say, as a mother, what was your gain? Selfishness – let’s say selfishness. What did you get out of Sahaja Yoga? Why are you there? What did you get anywhere else? And don’t be under delusion, please. I have told many a times, this country is so great. There are so many saints born here who were seeking before also, but they are so much misled by these advertisements, this artificiality, this superficiality and materialism the worst of all, that it might be destroyed from outside, as they say, but most probably it will be destroyed from inside and that’s what is happening. 

So you have to, if you have the freedom, you must have freedom to think and to think wisely, to think with discrimination. This is what as a mother I would say. As a mother, I feel, what have you gained? You got horrible people here, you paid them money. You had such hypocrites and horrible people who looted you, exploited you, like simple children and now be aware be careful and come up to the reality, ask for the reality. 

In Sahaja Yoga, we have no organization, we have no membership. We have, as I told you, nothing of the kind. But you have to become, you have to become something. A state has to be achieved and that is what is the most important thing. Just like you come to my lecture, then go to another lecture, go to another lecture – is useless I tell you, is absolutely useless. And there must be some people who are of that depth, I am sure among you, who can trigger so many things for this country. If you have any patriotism or any feeling for the betterment and the benevolence of your people, you must take to Sahaja Yoga in a serious way. It’s not a joke. It’s not something stupid like people start dancing, sing “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna.” It’s not like that. That anybody can do. Your Kundalini has to rise and you have to feel that cool breeze all around which is described so clearly. It is my heartfelt desire that this country should be saved. It’s a very important country in the universe and not only that, it has another great, great responsibility that it has to communicate. Communication power is the maximum here. Later on in Sahaja Yoga you will know how important is America. 

Many people have been telling me that, “Mother, why do you go to America? We have the least number of sahaja yogis among the forty nations. Even in Turkey we have more sahaja yogis. So why do you want to go to that country and waste your time unnecessarily because as it is you have to travel so much?” 

Because I know the potential. I don’t know how to awaken that potential in people that they understand it. It helps in every way. How it helps you, that I will tell you tomorrow, And how it cures you, that also I will tell you tomorrow. But in this country you can’t even cure anyone. You can’t do anything. You’ll have to come to England if you have to get cured. In England there’s no problem. Doesn’t matter. What is important is that first of all you become something, That’s all. Nothing else is needed. You have to become something, you don’t become mad, you don’t become a recluse, you don’t become crazy, you don’t become like a stupid fool but you become knowledgeable to begin with. Then, you become powerful and thirdly, you are completely above, above everything. You become righteous, you become a witness. You become whatever is said about a saint. You become a saint and you don’t have to give up anything. Don’t have to give up your families. Nothing, all this is nonsensical. 

So, it is my humble request to all of you who are here, which are very few in number. I mean if you… Russia, first time I went to Leningrad, the hall was only for two thousand people and two thousand people were outside,  first time. They had never heard my name, nothing. I don’t know from my photograph or whatever their wisdom was. So when I went in, they said that they heard the name Maa from someone. “Maa, what about us? What about us?” 

I felt so sad, I said I can’t take them. So I was sitting inside, I gave them realization. Everybody got realization. When I went out 2000 were sitting outside, still. I said, ”Now what to do?” I said, ”Tomorrow you come in this open space. Tomorrow morning I will be here.” 

I went there, the two thousand inside and two thousand outside all were there. It spread like fire there, just like fire. Why here I don’t know what’s going to happen. We’ll have diseases after diseases. What’s going to happen to our country. And today I wanted to warn you, really, because I came here for the first time. First time I came to America, I knew that people are seeking but they were already lost, lost to stupid shows, very stupid shows. I must say that it’s very important. I have a very special feeling for San Diego and I think you will all appreciate and understand your responsibility. 

Tomorrow, I will explain to you how this Kundalini which is your own power. It has nothing to do with me in a way because you yourself get your own power and that you know about it because you become aware of it. You work it out on your own but you have to be deeper and you must have a deeper movement into it. It’s not something frivolous. It’s not something that you can do this and do that. You have to go deep into it and if you touch your depth then you will find that you will become such a dynamic person, very dynamic and at the same time very compassionate. I have such a concern, very great concern for America and we have to understand that we are the people who are not very successful because success goes into ego. Not in Russia, [but] here, success goes into the ego of the people. So, the so-called successful, the so-called very rich and all that, I don’t have much hopes for them. They will destroy themselves all the time, by their ego or by their wrong doings as they are doing. But those who are sensible, wise, should take it up seriously. 

I hope next time when I come I will find more sahaja yogis here than we have now. Surprisingly he told me we have only a hundred sahaja yogis in the whole of America while even in Australia we have in thousands. Just can’t understand. Is it that we are going to depend on these entrepreneurs who are trying to befool us or we are going to have our own personality and all our own knowledge, our own capacity? Everyone has to become a guru. You are not to depend on anyone. You have to depend on yourself, on your own knowledge, on your own capacities. You are no less than anybody else. You all have these powers. Only thing is these are to be awakened and to be developed. 

I would, of course, like to have some questions from you today. Then tomorrow, I won’t be asking questions but I would like to meet you all individually. I did that last time but they are all lost people, again. It’s just like a social event. It is not so. This is your identity, that you work for God. You don’t work for yourself. This is how you find your identity, not by joining some sort of a cult or joining some sort of a funny, crazy thing. Your identity is that you are responsible for God’s work in reality, in understanding. 

I would like to have your questions. If you can write them and ask me questions it would be better because I would understand it better if you write it and then give me. 

Or they can come and ask one or two questions verbally, also. Alright, come along. You ask the question, because it is difficult…

Sahaja yogi: The question was how can we pursue Sahaja Yoga in development. Are there going to be classes or something that we can follow up on to grow in Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: Oh, what a nice question. Beautiful. Thank you very much for such a nice question. So very happy to hear such a nice question. We have a center here, we have an ashram here. We have some very good sahaja yogis also, very well equipped, who are anxious to help you. So you have to just get the addresses, you have to telephone them and develop it. 

Another, very wise people in this country are Chinese. I was surprised. Not Indians, no no no, not Indians. Indians who have come to America are very different type. I don’t know who they are. I always say that if you bring a mango tree from India, it won’t even produce an apple, but Chinese are. I am surprised they have kept their wisdom intact. Chinese are very good and if we have a hundred sahaja yogis, out of them at least twenty-five percent are Chinese.

[Sahaja yogi telling about future followup meetings.] This person was speaking to a sahaja yogi about the receptivity of the Russian people. In just a few short months this seeker became a sahaja yogi and he was wondering why the same response was not here.

[Sahaja yogi reads out the question to the audience.]

Shri Mataji:  He is asking how is it that Russians are so receptive and we are not. It’s a question that we should find out the reality, discard everything else. In Sanskrit, there is a saying: causing not this, not this, not this. Then you reach the right path. You go on saying, this is not true, this is not true. Because we have paid it, we have to go through it. You see, this is the problem. If you go and see a place, supposing we have paid for the ticket, it may be the worst play but you go through it because you have paid for it. You have paid for all this nonsense so you go through it. When you go through it you get into troubles. That’s the problem. 

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, this question is: what is shakti path kundalini and how does it work? So many are claiming expertise in Kundalini. How do we determine the real teachers from the false ones?

Shri Mataji: Yeah, yeah. I came here in the year 1972 and I gave lectures everywhere. There was one Dr Chaudhary who was the one who was organizing my programs and he told me, ”Mother, you’d better make it a copyright.” I laughed at him. I said, ”What is the copyright?” He said, ”The copyright is that nobody can use your words.” And I said, ”It’s alright, let them use and I am very happy and if they can do it then I will be even happier. Because, after all, it is a very great thing but there is actually no copyright about it. You have to do it. You have to work it out. How can there be a copyright?” So they picked up all these words and built up all these organizations. 

There is one gentleman who has also got a Sahaja Yoga and we came to Sahaja Yoga first and now he is making a big money out of it. He is making big money and he came to see me and I told him, ”Why are you making big money out of Sahaja Yoga? You can’t. How much did you pay me?” So he said, ”No, because Americans don’t understand money.” I said, ”It is Americans or you?” And he has really made such a lot of money you have no idea and he is supposed to be teaching Sahaja Yoga only. 

So anybody who asks for money, you should know its not Sahaja Yoga,  by any chance. It has nothing to do with divinity. It has nothing to do with reality. First thing first, it’s a very simple thing. 99.9% of these false people will fall off. You may claim anything but, first of all, what do you get? First question, “What do I get?” Supposing you go to a shop. You have to buy something. You won’t pay for nothing, will you? But here you are paying for sickness, you are paying for craziness, for madness, you are paying for all kinds of bondages. This is the ultimate freedom. 

Sahaja yogi: How can the search for the higher self be achieved in less than a second when it seems impossible to reach it in a lifetime? What’s next after that? What is the point?

Shri Mataji: Yes, you have already spent lives. The time has come now to achieve it in a second.  It is true that it is difficult. But maybe there is something about me that I am doing it that fast, isn’t it? Like people used to go to any place. When they first came to San Diego, how much they must have struggled to come here, but today you just have to take a plane and you are here. Already there is speed working everywhere. So why not Sahaja Yoga?

Sahaja yogi: This person wants to know what you think of Sai Baba, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Which one?

Sahaja yogi: Satya Sai Baba.

Shri Mataji: Ah! Horrible. Horrible. You don’t go to anyone who gives diamonds, do you? He distributes diamonds. You can go to the shops and get that. How can you be enamored? That shows materialism, materialistic attitude. I can understand some villagers in India go to him because they would say, “Oh, he gives us a diamond.” But he doesn’t give to villagers. He gives to very rich people who are already well known in India. I know of a politician who was thrown out, absolutely. And the greatest truth that he was one of the greatest followers of this man. If there is somebody who is divine, who is your guru, the divinity must show in your life, in your style, in your methods, in your ways, isn’t it? You can be the greatest crook going round having a guru who gives the diamonds. You have to have the diamond but the diamond of your Spirit.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, this person asked: Is there an absolute, universal Truth or are there only individual truths that lie in harmony with other individual truths?

Shri Mataji: No, it’s absolutely a universal Truth. It’s absolutely universal and the universal being is your Spirit and is through that you can know the universal Truth. Now in Sahaja Yoga I will tell you how. Supposing there are ten children who are realized souls. We have many realized souls now born to sahaja yogis. Now you tie their eyes up with some sort of a bandage and make them stand in line. Ask them, ”What is wrong with this gentleman? ”Supposing somebody is sitting there. They will all point out the same finger. Supposing they point out this finger to you. So you ask that person, ”Is there something wrong with your throat?” “Yes, how do you know?” Because it is on your central nervous system. Again I say, that you feel it: Central Nervous System. Like you take a dog through a dirty passage or something; he won’t mind anything, he won’t smell anything. But you take a human being, he won’t go. 

On our central nervous system, we have developed so many capacities. In the same way, when you become realized, then on your central nervous system a new dimension of awareness comes in where you become collectively conscious. When you become, again, it is not that, ”We are all one world. We are one human being.” It is not that. It is you become. So you start feeling another person and you can feel yourself also. That’s what it has to comes to, that it is a universal Truth and the universal Truth is actually universal Love and the universal Love knows all the Truth about you. That’s what I am saying, is the all-pervading power and that starts flowing through you. When it starts flowing through you, it gives you the universal Truth. We are all universal beings, to be very frank. God has made different countries, different places, just to create variety. If you see in the nature, one leaf will not agree with another. It’s to create variety and the beauty. He has created America, he has made India and all that. If supposing we were all just the same to look at, we would have looked like  Barbara Roberts or something like that and not have looked beautiful. There would have been no beauty. So He created. But we are the ones who have created so many worlds. It’s our mistake. It’s our problem, and that’s why one has to know we are all universal beings. Within us is that Spirit which is the universal being. Jewish will be very happy to know that when I went to Russia, twenty-five Germans came to give them realization. Can you believe that? The Germans came to give them realization. The whole thing was so touching. Even the Russians had tears in their eyes to see the Germans who came all the way to give them realization and to look after them. Now, from where does this transformation come in and the German sahaja yogis, they are the most gentle people you could think of. Gentlest of gentle. It’s very surprising. You won’t call them Germans at all, no more. Han. Now, this is all.

Sahaja yogi: Next question is: From Kundalini we seek enlightenment. Zen, another way of seeking enlightenment is there. Are they linked? Sometimes I think I’m starting to see, then it becomes blurry.

Shri Mataji: Alright. Sorry to see what? “Sometimes I think I’m starting to see, then it becomes blurry.” What becomes blurry? 

Sahaja yogi: Seeing the Truth. 

Shri Mataji: Accha. Kundalini is the one that gives you enlightenment. Zen is the same as Kundalini. Zen has not talked of anything else. Tao is the same. Everything is the same in a different way, but in those days it was not so clearly said, because they did not give realization to people. Even the tree of life that is described in the Bible is the same. Even Mohammad Sahab has described. There is a surah called Yaseen, means yoga sajdah. He has given the words yoga sajdah and in that He has written that your hands will speak when your resurrection will take place. In all these scriptures they have written but the thing is that Zen to understand… 

I met a gentleman who was the head of the Zen, who came to India. He got very sick so nobody could cure him so they took me down there. So I asked him, ”How are you head of the Zen? You are not even a realized soul.” 

He said, ”Yes it’s true.” 

Then I said, ”How are you a Zen head? 

He said, ”What to do?” 

I said, ”Why?” 

He said, ”From the sixth century till the thirteenth century, there were only 26 Kashyapas (means realized souls). After that there have been no realized souls. That’s how I am the head because you can’t… 

I said, “I’d better give you realization”. 

He said, ”Please do.” 

Before realization you can understand these people. Then you can start seeing them between the lines. Before that you don’t see the subtleties. Then Zen is the same. Zen means “Dhyana.” To be in meditation is Zen. 

Sahaja yogi: This person asks, ”What about Christ, Shri Mataji? What do you have to say about Christ?”

Shri Mataji: Christ, I mean, one has to write a big book about it. Christ is the incarnation of innocence and to know about Him you have to read some other books also because He came on this Earth and they just tortured his life. He lived hardly for four years with people and, at such a young age, He was crucified. What He said, that I am the Son of God, it’s a fact. But how will you prove it? How will you prove it? Jews don’t believe it. Muslims don’t believe it. But now, after coming to Sahaja Yoga, Jews and Muslims all believe it, because you can find out on your vibrations; you can find whether He was the Son of God or not. 

Where he resides in us is the most important point, the gate. He is the gate on the Agnya Chakra. I will tell you about that. He is very important. Without Christ, we cannot work it out. He is the gate; through Him you have to pass, but all others are important. All others are important and He has said it, that those who are not against Me are with Me. And He has also said it, if you have read in the second chapter of the second verse of Mathew. He has said it that, ”You will be calling me Christ, Christ, I won’t recognize,” and all these fundamentalists and all these so-called people who talk of Christ, they are the ones He mentioned, “You will be calling me Christ, Christ, I won’t recognize you.” 

They are just money makers, you can see them. There are befooling people. All of them. One and all. Even Catholics, I have seen, the Pope’s things, I mean I can’t believe it. He was worse than that. They have so many things with them, so many and they are just a money-making proposition. The whole organization sits down, how to make money like any big business organization. That’s all. Nothing beyond. Everything is a money-making organization. Somehow, it so happened that I came in contact with people who are very close and you know about so many scandals and things about it. I need not tell you but it is much worse than that. It is much worse. From India, they got hold of some young girls, brought them and with force they made them into these sisters they call them, you can call them the Nuns and they are just cleaning, sweeping, swabbing, washing. One of them escaped and wrote to the Indian Government about it and they had to be rescued, but there are still many lost inside there. Is this the work of God? Has it got something to do with God? I myself was born in a Christian family and I know all their ins and outs very well. This is no Christ. This is no Christianity. They came to our villages with guns in their hands. What’s about this America? Thank God Columbus came here, otherwise you’d have not seen me here. We all Indians would have been finished. Not one person would have been left. You’ll be surprised, in Argentina and Chile you can’t find one aboriginal person. Not one. You might find here but not in Chile or Argentina. All are finished, completely finished and destroyed. Columbus, I don’t know by God’s grace came here. Otherwise, there would have been no Sahaja Yoga either. 

So this is what it is. To understand all these things, to understand what Christ was and what He is, we have to have our realization. Otherwise, because you were born in a Christian religion you are a Christian. What is this? You could be born anywhere, in any religion. Just a chance. Sahaja Yoga is not a chance. It’s a happening. It’s actualizations, it’s not a chance. So I hope you will come tomorrow and I will give you all the realization. Today I don’t think it is to be done but tomorrow definitely. You call your friends. Call them, talk to them what I have told. Today I have decided that I will give you realization tomorrow, not today and tomorrow you should come and get your realization and then I would like to meet all of you. It’s a very intimate relationship in the sense that I know your Kundalini and I know you, what you are, what are your problems and that’s how I will be looking after you. I hope you will understand this. This is not something that you just go to a cinema show or something. It’s much deeper and has the real significance in your life. It’s for your benevolence, for your protection, for everything. So may God bless you all. May God bless you. 

Tomorrow I would be here much earlier here and I think I will tell you about the Kundalini as well as I will also give you realization. Actually, as it I told you, in Vedas it is written that the Mantra, Yantra and Tantra. These things are to be told after realization. That is the technique, that is the mantras and also the yantra means this instrument, is to be described after realization, not before. Because otherwise, as you said it, there are shaktipath and Kundalini, all these people claiming to be this and that. It’s very easy in America to claim anything because people are so simple. I know of two persons who escaped from Indian jails and came here, wore that dress and became great gurus. Really, and I know their names also. And if they see me, if they know that I am here, they will run away. They won’t be here nearby anywhere. It’s true. So many of them had come from India who had nothing to eat, were just beefless people working there. They just came here as gurus because you see special category people are allowed in America. This is a special category of thugs. 

So they come here and nicely settle down and they have really ruined so many people. I know, I feel very ashamed. If I call myself an Indian, I feel very much ashamed the way they have done it. But you should get yourself alright. You should know that. That’s a fact. Now I am feeling sorry for that but what can we do? If you get enamored by such stupid people, you should see their lifestyle. You should see their knowledge. You should see the way they are. It is very easy to make out. It is very easy to make them out. Very easy. Use little intelligence and little tricks. I don’t have to tell you. You can easily bribe them. They can take bribes from you and can say that tomorrow you will go to heaven. Telling lies is an art in India. I can see from here, such lies. How can they tell?  They are not afraid of God? It’s an art they have developed in India. Really. I feel so ashamed. A country where people would never tell a lie, they would never lock their houses. They have become so horrid with this 300 Years of slavery. They have become such horrid people there. Don’t trust them. I feel sorry but it is so. What can you do? Now, of course, Sahaja Yoga is taking a big stride in India, very much so. I’d never have listened fifteen to sixteen thousand people coming to Sahaja Yoga, no doubt. Now it’s alright. I have to first tell them off, you have to give up all these nonsensical ideas of exploiting others. 

Alright, thank you very much. May God Bless you all. Hope to see you tomorrow . Now call your friends, telephone them and get them here. I am here only for tomorrow.