The Mother God

Cafe del Rey Moro Balboa Park, San Diego (United States)

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Public Program Day 2. San Diego (USA), 31 May 1990.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.
As you are seekers of Truth whatever one may tell, you should not accept it, to begin with. People can claim anything but that doesn’t mean that you must believe into it.
But one must know that truth is what it is; we cannot organize it, we cannot maneuver it, we can not create it: it is, it was and it will be. And I told you yesterday what is the truth and the truth is that you are the Spirit. You are not this body, you are not these conditionings, your ego, your emotions: you are the Spirit. This is one thing.
And then there is a subtle power, living power, power of God’s Love, that does all the living work, all the evolutionary work, all the creation and all the comforting and joyous things, which we do not feel, about which people have talked in every scripture. Like in the Bible they say the All Pervading Power of God; or in Koran they call it gudran [Rooh or al-Qudus]. In Sanskrit language it is called as Param Chaitanya. In every religion, in every scripture, which is sensible, it’s written about it.
So, the first thing one has to do is to feel that power. Unless and until you can feel that power, you cannot understand any religion nor the people who came as incarnations or as prophets or as saints. And that is the reason why all the saints had to suffer, all the incarnations had to suffer, because the people in general never knew there is a subtle power of God’s Love.
As we say there is God the Father, God the Son, there has to be God the Mother.
In every religion, except for Christianity, they openly talked about this primordial Mother. Even the Greeks knew about it, Babylonians knew about it. I was surprised that even in South America there was a big, very big awakening about it and they used to worship the Mother God.
But somehow in Christianity – I think it was Paul, [Saul of Tarsus] who was a Roman to begin with and a tyrannical officer, who even killed a disciple of Christ, Stephen. He is the one who changed the complete picture of Christianity. He never knew Christ, he was epileptic and a very hot tempered man; and even he fought with Matthew, because he could not accept the Immaculate Conception of Christ. A person who is not even realised, who has led such a tyrannical life, why he did come to Christianity? He came to Christianity because he thought it was a very good platform for him to jump onto.
I face that in Sahaja Yoga also. There are people in Sahaja Yoga who come and they just some times think that such a big worldly affair they can handle, so they try to rule and they try to take to power. They don’t even feel the vibrations, they don’t even feel the All pervading Power, but they think it’s a good platform to occupy.
And this Mr Paul was again born as Augustine and he did even much worse for Christianity.

My father was a very learned man, I asked him, I said, “Who is this Paul and how is he there?” So he told me, “I don’t understand, he’s a stranger”. And then I asked why Martin Luther, of all things, did not describe the Mother? He said that “It was true that Matthew Luther was a Realised soul and he wanted to deviate from Catholicism, but he thought that, at that time, to talk about the Mother would not appeal to many people who were islamic. So to convert them to Christianity would be difficult”. It was a little expediency, I think, [that] they did not refer to the Mother.
So they called it the “Holy Ghost”. It was a funny thing to call, I tell you, really, and then to call it a “dove”. That’s also – I can’t understand – a symbol. All the time you find a “dove” everywhere. But in so many paintings, I have seen people putting their hands like this [straight forward], who are the disciples of Christ and I see the lights coming out of their heads.
We have photographs, miraculous photographs, but of sahaja yogis, all of them are sitting like you and on there head there is light.
But all these things took such a form, such an organization. Even a person like Kalil Gibran has talked in complete chapter about Paul, denouncing him completely. Nobody took heat of it. He was an organizer, a power oriented gentleman, wanted to have a big power and his place in the Bible, how does he come in the Bible? I mean, he has nothing to do with the Bible.
And even in the Churches they read what he has said, an epileptic fellow. You’ll find out in Sahaja Yoga, that epilepsy is caused by possession, and if the possession is removed, you can cure epilepsy. In Russia we have been able to cure epilepsy of so many people. Of course medicine doesn’t have this cure.
I myself studied medicine and I know the limitations of medicine. It deals just with the outwards symptoms of human beings. It’s like a tree which is sick, so you try to look after the leaves and give medicines to the leaves, how can you cure the tree?
You have to go to the roots and to go to the roots you have to become a subtler personality. If you can reach the roots, then the whole tree can be nourished.
Now this is the knowledge of the roots, while what we see outside is the knowledge of the tree.
If the tree grows much more in proportion to the root, then you know what can happen and that’s what today we are afraid of, that we might be completely destroyed. We are on the brink of some sort of a horrible shock that’s going to come to us. It seems there is a tremendous fear in the minds of people here.
Apart from the simple nature of Americans, they are also very much frightened and whatever comes in their way they grab, they try to get hold of it.
This is another problem you are facing. There is nothing to be afraid of, this world is not going to be destroyed. The Creator who has created you is the father of all the fathers and kindest of all the kindest, He cannot allow His creation to be destroyed. So don’t believe these money-makers who are telling you that this world is going to be destroyed.

That problem of war is over now thanks to Gorbachov. The other ecological problems also can be solved if you people get your realisation, very, it’s a very simple thing to solve the problem.

But if you start getting at everything without thinking, without discrimination, then definitely, definitely America could be destroyed. And if there is any country that will be destroyed first will be America, not from without, from within.
That is why I am so concerned, so concerned that you should take some heed, some attention to this aspect, what is missing in us. Think of your children and think of the progeny and think of your country, where are we going? And then you will realise that you have failed in one point: that you have not turned to your roots, that you have not tried to find out what your roots are.
It is useless to say that this country is only two hundred year old, country may be two hundred year old, but you are not, you are antics, you are born so many times before, in so many countries and you have been seekers. You are seekers and seekers, in ages you have been growing in that seeking; and today you are here to seek. But only thing what you have lost in this seeking is the discrimination and that is why I say, whatever one may say, even if I say something, you need not believe.
Please don’t, blind faith is not going to help you to get your realisation. Neither your denying it, you have to have an open mind as I told you, like a scientist, you must se this hypotesis if it [..], if it works; then, please, as honest people you must accept it.
There is no secret in Sahaja Yoga, no secret. My life is not a secret. Nothing is a secret, everybody knows what is happening in Sahaja Yoga.

So, first of all, I have to tell you that you keep your minds open. Then I have to tell you about this machinery that is within us created, because of our evolution.
As you see there, there are seven centres which are placed in the central line and there are two lines on both the sides, left and right. Out of this, the first centre is below the Kundalini which is in the triangular bone, known as sacrum. “Sacrum” means “sacred”; and Greek people, Greek museum people told Me that Greeks considered this bone as a sacred bone. So in this resides this power which we call as Kundalini in Sanskrit language.
Now this Kundalini is coiled and the coil is called as Kundal, that is why is called as Kundalini. Now it is a female, is the power which is female and is the reflection of the Primordial Mother in you, in Sanskrit called Adi Shakti.
Of course, Indians knew about it, thousands of years back, no doubt. No doubt. Fourteen thousand years back they say – I do not know if the English would accept that we were that old or not, but it is said so. People have written about it.

This power rises, six centres it penetrates and the senventh one is at the base of it. Now, the seventh one looks after your excretion; or if you are doctors you will undertand that it also looks after the pelvic plexus. So also the sex is looked after by this. So it is clearcut that in your ascent sex plays no part; that is why Chist has said that you have to be like small children to ascend. Actually, when Kundalini rises your attention is no more on sex. All your excretionary function stop, completely.
So, now here, mr Froid, or later on – you can say – Rasputin, or then Rajneesh, all those who talked of sex being in the power of Kundalini are absolutely wrong. And then how is it that Christ has said He… He corrected the Ten Commandaments out of that, He said “Thy shall not have adulterous eyes”. “Eyes”, such a subtle point is it. Why He said that?
In America now, when I come here, I mean, I see everybody’s eyes like this [Shri Mataji shakes Her hands]. All the time, they don’t have steady eyes at all. They are Christians, followers of Christ. And some times surprises, in the beginning you see one gets a cultural shock to see “What is this? What are they looking at? What are they looking at?”. It is a joyless pursuit. Eveyone knows, but the eyes have become like that, because they have lost their innocence.

But, for your information, innocence is never lost, never lost. Only it gets conditioned or clouded. That’s all. But it is never lost. I have seen now in my work that everyone, whether they were English or they were Greeks or they were Americans, anybody who gets their awakenings, gets a steady eye, and an innocent eye. And these eyes could be so powerful that even attention of these eyes, or even a glance of these eyes can transform, can comfort, can redeem. And that is why Christ has said it.
But actually the deity of innocence resides there, at the seventh centre, He incarnates as Christ at the six centre here, between the optic chiasma, which is living energy to our eyes.

The essence of Bible can only be understood if you are a realised soul and you can read between the lines. Though I must say that this mr Paul has tried to destroy a lot of it; whatever he might have tried, there are so many truths still there in the Bible. And we can see them so clearly, we can feel them, we can understand them… I mean, for example, once you are a realised soul, a Hindu might say (beacuse I was born in a Christian family), he would say “Why did you take your birth in a Christian family? Do you believe in Christ?”, I said “Of course”. So, I will just say, “All right, you ask a question like this [Shri Mataji stretch out Her hands], put hands towards Me and ask a question, call Me Mother «Mother, is,was Christ the son of God?»” and he gets cool breeze on his hand, tremendous cool breeze and he is surprised.

Then we have the first centre, which is (I told you), is of sex, and sex has nothing to do with your ascent. Only the human beings can get the Realization, not animals. They too have sex. But that does not mean that sex there is something wrong, is one of the functions of the body, is an important function. But it has nothing to do with Divine work.
As you go to the bathroom, you have sex. That is all.
So much accent is given, I am surprised, despite that, you have minus population. While in India we never talk of sex; I mean, this word “sex” I could not pronounce, when I came to London first, because we do not say this word, is regarded, it spoils your tongue. To say “sex” also with your tongue was something impure, but then I practiced a little bit. But I was very bashful while saying that.
So, this is, it is not necessary to put such an accent and to have a mental thinking about it, because if you do mentally too much, then you will definitely either you will go to one extreme, become a rapist and things like that, and on the other side you may become impotent. One of the two things will happen.
I mean, in India, we have seldom heard stories of rape and all that, seldom, and we never think of – I am telling not of Westernized Indian, but about villager – where an eighty-year-old woman, grandmother, writing love letters to an eighteen-year-old grandson. I mean, if you tell somebody they will think I am befooling them, it is impossible.

So whatever were natural barriers are finished by our so-called freedom, which is actually abandonment. But after Sahaja Yoga, I do not have to tell you, anything, you just become righteous, you just become righteous, I do not have to tell you.
Like people who take to drugs, came to Sahaja Yoga (and I must say English are that way, something deep about them also) overnight they give up their drugs, overnight, I did not tell them. I never told them and never even talked about drugs. Alcoholism. There was a doctor who is such an alcoholic, he was out of job he was on [..] and today he is running seven hospitals in London. Overnight. What has happened actually that, supposing you are holding onto a snake and it is darkness, and if I say “There’s a snake in your hand”, you will say “No, it is not, it is a rope”. How can you argue with a person till the snake bites? So you put on the light; with the light, you throw it away yourself, do not have to tell anything, do not have to argue.

So your Spirit is enlightened, your attention is enlightened with the light of the Spirit and you see what is wrong, what is wrong with you, what are you holding onto, and you just give it up; and you become so powerful to give up any habit, it is so easy, so easy for you to give up, overnight I have seen people have given up all their bad habits, which are really destructive, these are all destructive habits. Whether you like it or not, but they are destructive, let us face it!
But you lose your willpower, using those habits, as a result, you cannot give it up, it is a helpless condition. No use forcing, no use giving lecturing, no use making a [..] out of it, just get your Self, get to your Self and the light of your Self and it will show you how powerful you are, how great you are, what is your glory, what is your identity. And then you are surprised because you are connected with that Divine power, the power starts flowing through you, and you are surprised how your life is changing and how you have a become a [..] for God.

Once, as of course coming to America, I was coming by ship and the captain told Me that “We are sending an SOS for a person who has got pneumonia”. I said “I go and cure that person”, but, you see, I was the wife of the owner so they would not allow Me to go down. So I said: “All right, you have got Realization, you just go and touch that man, that is all”. He went down and put his hand on his lungs and told him to stop his breathing trice; his pneumonia was cured. He was so amazed, he came up and he said “How could I do it?”, I said: “Because is flowing through you”.
Even supposing an ordinary man gets the kingdom and he is asked to sit on the throne and he looks this side, that side whether I should sit or not. In the same way, though you achieve a position, such a high status, you are little frightened to occupy and accept that position. But I have seen people who are not Realized souls, who do not know anything about Divinity, their lives are full of falsehood, they are very bad character people, they become big gurus shamelessly, they claim such big, big things, they have no fear of God, they have no fear of anything. “So what? If I have to go tomorrow to jail doesn’t matter, I’ll have so much money with me”.
But a Sahaja Yogi is very humble, he keeps to himself, he is very contented. And he does not change his outward dress or he does not put on some sort of funny dress, but he is normal just like as you are. He does not do anything abnormal. I think Sahaja Yogis become the most normal people, but you will be surprised, those who have seen them, say “These are angels, these are not human beings, these are angels”.

So this transformation takes place as this Kundalini rises in our centres.
So the first centre, according to real where the Kundalini enters is the second one which you see as the yellow one. Now, this is the centre which is responsible for our creativity. I have seen many artists in India, they are extremely anxious to play before Me and once they are playing before Me or twice, they become world famous artists. So many of them will tell you about Me. now so they want to take my photograph and put it there to show to people that I am their guru; I said “I am not your guru, I have not taught you music; only thing is that your Kundalini has risen, I have nothing to do with it. You had your technique with you, only thing because your Kundalini has risen you have become so dynamic and you are expressing yourself without any fear, without any inhibition”. A simple thing like that.

But this centre we use too much, especially in the west, when we think too much. And when we think too much, we use the energy of this centre, because this centre is responsible for converting fat cells into grey cells for the use of the brain. So when you think too much, then it gets entangled or it gets busy with this only one function, while it has to do so many functions. Like, it has to look after your liver, it has to look after your pancreas, it has to look after your spleen, it has to look after your intestines and also your kidneys.
So a person who thinks too much, plans too much, who is futuristic. Such a person gets a bad liver; and when you get a bad liver, means an over-actively work: the function of the liver is to absorb the heat (which is a poison within us) and to release it into the bloodstream… becomes impossible! So the heat starts rising, you lungs collapse with the heat you get asthma, if rises higher you might get a massive heart attack, it goes down you get constipation, it can coagulate your kidneys you get kidney troubled you cannot pass urine. Only one liver can bring all these problems to you.
Then the second thing that is affected by over-thinking is pancreas, by which you get diabetes. Now in India in a village, if you go, even in Nepal, they take sugar as much that spoon must stand at right angle, so much sugar they must take, they never get diabetes, never, they do not what diabetes is; because they work the whole day, in the night they sleep on; again the next day get up, work the whole day, they do not think. Same with their wives, they do not think, same they are working in the daytime, they sleep in the night. But, too much spare time that we have, we start thinking. They do not future plan so much, what comes their way, they [..], they organize it and live with it.
So this diabetes is a special disease of the people who are planners, who are futuristic, who think too much and who worry too much. It is a vicious circle. Once you get diabetes you worry too much, so you get more diabetes.
Then comes the third diseases which is much more dangerous and very common in America, comes from the spleen, spleen has also to be looked after by the same centre, which we call as Swadishthan. Now the spleen part, the role of the spleen in our body is very important because it keeps our rhythm. It is for the rhythm of the body, rhythm with the nature.
Now our life is so hectic. Now, it has to produce red blood corpuscles according to a certain rhythm, but we have no rhythm. Any emergency that comes in, it has to produce red blood corpuscles. But say early in the morning we read newspapers, this is the worse curse, I think, for spleen. So you get a shock, I mean so many killed, they will never give good news, never, out of question, because they have to give sensations to you, you see, shocks. So they will give horrible news by which your spleen will start pulsating, giving you more [..]. Then you get in your car without taking your breakfast, breakfast is in your hand, you are eating something, driving because you are getting late. We are time-bound. On the way we find all the road jammed, then we get upset “How are we to reach?”. Then we go to the office, we are slightly late and the boss is shouting at you and you are in a mess. All these things build up a tension as we call it, but is nothing but ordinary [..] hectic life of work that gives us.
Actually the life should be such that you start your office at 11 o’clock, better is; and you sit down with your wife, have your food in a rhythmic way. And in the daytime you must have a siesta.
If Americans have a siesta in their daytime, all the tensions will disappear; because in the daytime all the deities sleep, all the deities who are in these centres, they sleep. So even if you can have a siesta, even for half an hour, I tell you the tensions will disappear. On the contrary, the pressure mounts on with the work “This is to be done, that is to be done” you rush… I mean, Americans never used to speak so fast, I tell you; now there is you cannot follow any news, you cannot follow what they speak, I mean it is impossible! Because the words go like a telescope into you, one each other and the whole life is so made that you feel that they are all under some sort of earthquake shock or something. Everyone is running helter-skelter, this that. You go into a shop, you go, if you see, everybody is wearing, like an actress, on the road, anywhere. This is the curse of the modern times, but also the blessing of modern time is Sahaja Yoga. That is why there is. Because all these problems have come up that is why now we have this blessing of Sahaja Yoga also.
So what happens, when this poor spleen, becomes under the [..] and crazy, then any shock from the left side can manifest a very serious disease called as blood cancer. Now this blood cancer has been definitely cured by your Kundalini awakening. I do not cure, because if I say that all the government will arrest Me. So I would say: your Kundalini cures this blood cancer. And there are many who have been cured of blood cancer.

Then the third problem is of high blood pressure, comes from the kidney. The kidney also coagulates. To begin with is in such a small dimension that you do not feel it; but because of that, the pressure rises. Then it stops functioning because it coagulates. This also is absolutely curable through awakening of your Kundalini.

Then the last is the constipation. I mean, I have seen in Switzerland, people eat something that we give to buffalos in India, I mean we cannot think of eating that. They were shocked, I said: “How can you eat these cotton seeds?” He said: “This is very good for roughage”. I said “But what this roughage? Tomorrow you will start eating wood or what?!”.
Why do you need so much roughage? Because of this problem.

So nothing seems to be normal for people who think too much. And the- another side is where they do not think at all, absolutely lethargic organs also. So there are two types of human beings: one on the right side, one on the left side.
Those who are sitting and crying and weeping about their past: “I had a very nice time and now it’s all end, I had very good parents and now I have a horrid husband” Sorts of things goes on and on. At that time they become left sided.
So we have two types of people: one who are thinking at the future and those who are thinking of the past.
Both the side are nourished or looked after by we call the left and right sympathetic nervous system: the left looks after the left side, the right looks after the right side.
But if we, somehow or other, get into the centre, then we do not suffer from anyone of these troubles. Our attention is, say, like this saree, I will show you, like this it moves up [Shri Mataji put Her finger under the saree and pull it up] and it pulls all our tensions in the centre through the Kundalini till it pierces through the seventh centre. And then we are in the centre. Once we come in the centre, we are absolutely there, where we are in moderation, we know how far to go with every [..] and we lead a very peaceful, nice life. We accept the life with great joy, as it is. We do not hanker, we have no greed left, there is no lust left, but we enjoy the sex life we have a sane way, we enjoy all the material things in the best way possible.

For example, now see this is a carpet lying down here, when I watch this is so beautiful; but when I watch this and start thinking about how much must it have cost – of course, if it belongs to Me, it is a headache, because already I will start seeing if there are any spots whether it is insured or not, ad if somebody has spoilt it. But supposing it does not belong to Me (thank God, if that so), then also I will think “How much must it have cost?” I might feel jealous “Oh, I should have one like this, I don’t have, what shop the lady must have bought it, I must go and get it!”. All these thoughts will be coming into mind, not the beauty of the carpet.
But when this Kundalini rises and crosses over this center of Christ, then your thoughts become quiet, you become a personality which we call as in a status of “thoughtless awareness”, where you are aware, but no thought. Because we think of the future and we think of the past, but we cannot be the present. But in thoughtless awareness we are in present, there is no thought. And then the all thing that is the beauty, that was created by the creator, the joy that was put into it starts pouring onto you and you start enjoying, just enjoying, not thinking about it, just seeing not [..], no reaction just watching. And the whole of it just pours down.

So this is the state when it comes to, your thinking becomes limited and then your Swadishthana chakra gets settled down. it gets also nourished by Kundalini. And that is how most of your problems are solved because every centre when it goes out of order it creates the so-called human problems.
But Kundalini rising means integrates all of them. Once you are a Realized soul, your mind will not argue with your heart, with your liver, your brain, but in a very integrated manner, you will enjoy everything. You become a witness to a drama, like let’s say the drama going on, you watch the drama and you are involved into it, but once the drama is over, then you will say “Oh, I am here, I am just a spectator, I am not in the drama”. In the same way, the whole thing becomes like a drama and you are away from it. Your problems are like waves, they rise and fall, but once you are in the boat you can see them clearly and you can solve them. But in case you can swim, you can jump in and save others from drowning.
This is the fourth stage where you have to rise, in that stage we called it as “doubtless awareness”, is called as Nirvikalpa samadhi.

They talk of yoga, this thing, Hatha Yoga all that. What is Hatha Yoga? Ashtamga, there is eightfold things, out of which exercises are just the wee wee wee bit and that has to be applied only when the Kundalini rises when there is a problem. But here the way they take this Hatha Yoga is something like a medicine box, the all of that [Shri Mataji move Her hands like miming the swallowing], without paying any attention to our Spirit. Is for the spiritual growth, not for physical.
Because if you see the book of Patanjali, which is so big as that, there is only discussed what I am telling you today and not those things that you stand on your head, walk like this or you jog like that.
These things come up as a craze and we are very vulnerable to all these things. But if you just look back, you will see this is all entrepreneur’s stuff, that just try to befool us. Not only the gurus but also the entrepreneurs. They are trying to befool us. They tell us now “You must jog!”, because then you must have jogging suite, you must have shoes, you must have jogging this, jogging this and you pay for it.
All the time they are suggesting: “This is the fashion now!” Start a fashion with the tight pants, no, then they develop very [..], now there is loose pants. It is just a way of befooling simple, good people, taking advantage of them and we are slaves. But all these things finish off once you get your Realization, you understand these things very well and you know these crooks and you do not play into their hands. There is no need, there is no need to go on wasting your energy in changing your form, dresses, changing everything morning till evening and making a heap of plastic which cannot be burnt, which cannot be done.
You become really sensible, wise, righteous, beautiful, dynamic, compassionate people, in the real sense of the world. And your priorities become so sensible, that you are amazed that yourself “How have I become like this?”.

Then we have artists, we have painters, we have all kinds of people in Sahaja Yoga who have really prospered in their own profession, doctors have prospered in their own profession; but they are extremely humble, compassionate, sensible and they are spirit-oriented, not money-oriented. And then the money flows, do not have to worry about money, once you are spirit-oriented money is at your feet, knowledge is at your feet, everything at your feet; because you are blessed. We have lost the faith in the blessings of God, because we are away from Him. But in His Kingdom, you will be surprised, how it works, it is miraculous, is miraculous: every small, little need is looked after and at every small point you see the hand of the Divine trying to help you. That you see yourself. I told that you’d better write about the miracles of Sahaja Yoga.
When they wrote it, there was so big as that a pile, I said “Forget it! How are we going to publish this?”.

And that is what just going to happen. That is what you deserve. After all you are human beings. Those people who tell you: “You are sinners and all that”, please know that they must be the greatest sinners ever born; do not believe all them. You are human being, after all, only human beings can make mistakes, you are not Gods. So if you have made some mistakes, why do they want you to feel guilty? If you feel guilty, you spoil this centre here [Shri Mataji indicates left Vishuddhi] and you get horrible problem of angina, or you might get also spondylitis. So many troubles with this guilt [business].
So please remember that you are a human being and you have every right to be united to that Divine power and that is what Sahaja Yoga is. Sa means ‘with’, ja means ‘born’ with you is the right to this yoga means the union with the Divine. Yoga does not mean standing on your heads, it does not mean anything.

If any person who talks of yoga and does not give you Realization, do not go near that person. Yesterday I told you, first thing nobody can take money from you. Of course, for this hall they are paid, the Sahaja Yogis have paid, I must say. But we were just now thinking that last four years, they have started paying, otherwise, I used to pay, my husband used to pay for everything. But then they said: “You should not pay for our Salvation, Mother, that is too much”. Now they started paying for it.
But not for your Realization, not to Me, but to this hall all right. And everything the accounts, everything should be clearcut. You should see where your money goes, what it happens, what it works out, who is handling the money.
Then you have to see if they give you Realization or not. Realization means, you must feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. Realization means that you should have powers to raise the Kundalini of others. Realization means that you should [..] actualization of the baptism, cool breeze coming out of your head; not any priest put water on your head and say that you are now Christian.
Unless and until these things happen to you, do not accept anyone, even Me. This is what one has to understand: you have to become something; and the time is there, is been announced, this time has to come and the time has come… where are the people? That I should find those people in Russia, I was really surprised, who have never heard about God, have never heard anything of Spirit, they were not supposed to talk about it and there you have thousands! How is it? Thousands! This hall, we had at least ten times bigger than this, was all completely full and the same amount of people were sitting outside. They had never known Me, they had never seen My face, nothing of… only with the photograph: they are so sensitive! Also Italians I must say, Italians have that sensibility. And Greeks. Why not the Americans? You must research it out, you have such a capacity to do research. For everything you do research: for your car, you will do research, for your sofa you will do, for even shoes they said they have researched it and made it comfortable. Then why not research and find out… at least have that scientific attitude and try to solve the problems that you have. You all can do it, I know you are very capable to do it.
Those who become Sahaja Yogis, Americans, are great people; but, first of all, it is impossible to make them stick to one thing. As they change their car, change their houses, change their motorcars, they go on changing also their guru, you see: is like a guru-shopping going on. Actually, you see, I also belong to another kind of society, so-called elite society, and I just keep quiet, I never say a word there, because I am absolutely useless. And what they talk like this “Oh, have you been to this guru, recently, you know there is a lady, she comes [..] and she has those [..] and things like that. So very expensive, but very good. Very expensive. But she can give you little bargain if you bargain with her, she might”. Or somebody is for sale. Can you imagine?

God does not know money, does He? We sold Christ. Did we pay anything to Christ? At least Christians should not pay!
Ah, of course, Hindus never payed anything to Rama, Krishna, nothing. Of course, [..] there!
But this one test you must put and then the second one that you have to get something yourself, you must get something and that is your self realisation. Not craziness that on the streets are Hare Rama, Hare Krishna, Hare Rama… what is this? Anybody can do it! In India everybody does that. Wearing such dresses, what is so difficult? Also in the supermarket you get that thing, just out it on your head. It is ridiculous! If you ask any sensible man in India to do that, he says “Am I mad? Why will I do it?”.
Also, cut your hair this way or to wear some nonsensical dress, what is so great about it? What is so great? Anybody can do it.
Or some people start jumping and saying all kind of things, and this and that “Now we have got the language, we are speaking some other language”. Mad people.
I mean, if you are near God you have to become much more sensible, wise, sane people, is not it? You have seen the saints, you have seen Zen people, you have seen all of them, how sensible they were. Were they mad?
All kinds of craziness is associated with God, I cannot understand that.
Now be wise and discriminating and try to understand: it is through you people only, is going to work out.

I had asked you to ask Me some questions, you know, in this one or two days I am sorry, I cannot tell you everything about Sahaja Yoga. But they will give you books and everything, you can read them, you will understand everything about chakras… they are quite experts, they will all tell you about.

Now, say there are so many lights here, when you come in, I love to just say “All right, put on that switch” and all of them will come up. But if I have to tell you all the history and everything about electricity and then where it is told and how it has come, you will be [..]. Best to have the light first and then we will talk about it. So, if you are hungry, I have done the cooking, I would say, better have it! And then we will discuss it and talk about it and there thousands and thousands of My lectures whoch you can listen to and you can know a lot and you can all become experts, you can all become big gurus, no doubt about it. You will become your own gurus. I promise: you will become your own gurus. Because you are meant to be that, you do not need any guru, your Spirit is your guru and that will guide you.
It is like you take a television from America and show it to the Indians in a village and say that in this box you can see the films coming from all over the world. They will say “What? you are telling lies, how can this box give us this?”. But you put to the mains. In the same way, you are put in the mains and then you will see how fantastic you are. All your freas, all your problems will just dissolve.
But you must penetrate into it, deeper and deeper. Like, we had the three-four people who [..] gave Realization and next day they went and did all kinds of nonsensical things and now they have got AIDS. What can I do? Four-five years back, I gave them Realization nicely, they never settled down. They went to some over gurus and some places and all that and they got AIDS now there and they all suffering from AIDS. Of course, they can be cured, but not in America, how can I cure them? I will be again arrested. This is the problem. So you have to get into it deeply and to understand it and to become masters. You do not have to pay for it, again and again, I am saying. Only thing, you have to give some time. And we have so much time otherwise. These watches are with us because we should save time; but we save time for wasting. We have to save time for our ascent. Not much: 5 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening is sufficient. And every week, once a week, you have to come to the centre, then you will not give up. After some time, the greatest punishment for Sahaja Yogis is that you have to go out of Sahaja Yoga, it is the greatest punishment. There is no compulsion in Sahaja Yoga: you want to go away, you can go away. But some times, we have to ask them to get out, some of them have to get out and they feel very sad about it, but them they correct themselves, purifies themselves, again come back.

But the movement in America is the least, much less than even South America, much much less. So I have to request you now, in San Diego, last time also, first time I came to San Diego; so again, I request you all: that you, because you belong to the city of Gods, so you have to take the responsibility and work it out here.

May God Bless You. Thank you very much.

Now, of course, I would like to have some questions and if they are written down is better. Yes, please, give it to him. And then after this, we will have the session of Realization which will take only ten minutes.

(Voice in the background)

Question: when did you realize your mission [..] always there?

Shri Mataji: always there. I was born with it.

Question:[..] What is the difference between Sahaja Yoga these other practices: [..], TM, Hatha Yoga [..]?

Shri Mataji: TM is the worse, worse of all. You see, in TM, I must tell you, I did not know what they were doing in TM, but the head of the flying foundation in Scotland, in [..], this fellow was [..] and his wife she is the granddaughter of one Duke, her name is Lynda. And somebody came to tell Me about them that they are suffering from epilepsy and they are in a very bad shape. So, I said, “All right, I would like to see them”. I did not know they were doing TM or anything, so they came to Me and I asked them “Who is your guru?”. So they said: “We were doing TM and I am teaching TM, I was.” And he told me such horrible things about it, he is writing a book now about it. That first of all (he told Me) there are three mantras they used to give and you are told not to tell anybody, see? And these mantras were so funny that if you have told to any Indian, he would really have laughed, because [they were not even] Sanscrit.
The first one was “inga”, “inga” means the bite of a scorpion, not in Sanscrit language.
Then the second one is a “pinga” and a “pinga” means when a person gets possessed and goes around, around is a “pinga”.
And the third one is a “tinga”, which one is that when you show like this to somebody, the thumb [Shri Mataji shows Her left-hand thumb], I do not know how to say, “tinga” to show like this [Shri Mataji shows Her right hand thumb and people laugh].
And everybody was asked to pay three hundred pounds for this so-called mantra.
And this fellow, the guru used to sit on the seventh [..] and the person had to come through six-seven rooms and [..] the great gurus and only four feet five inches for the squinty eyes, sitting there. And the guru would tell this mantra in the ears. Taking three hundreds ounds and the first door.
Then there was another, six thousand pound. They said “Nothing works out, we are doing mad, so all right, no no!”.
So the second course, the second course they started, he told Me to go to [..] or something like that. In that they had to go to Switzerland, pay six thousand puonds each and, in a big hall like this, they were all supposed to sit down and jump on cushions and jump on some sort of a form. And they were given for six days the water that boiled some potatos, six days; and the seventh day they were given the rind to eat. And the eighth day, they gave them to eat the potatos. Because they were supposed to become very light. And they all broke their bottoms, because they had to jump very high on that.
But for what? Because, he said, you can fly in the air. But I said “But why do you want to fly like this? Already we have problems of cars and things and if you start flying with them, what will happen? What is the need? You can fly by airplane, why do you want to fly like this?”
Such funny ideas. But then I have found they have become recluses, all these people have become recluses and have become epileptic. Then I called him, his wife and his deputy director (thank God, my husband had gone out on some work for about a month), so they stayed in My house, I cured them. But he became completely bankrupt, his wife was commpletely ruined. They got cured, no doubt. Then he went to South Africa and now he is there, he is writing this book. And when they wanted to fight the case, the TM managed – because it was in Scotland – managed the magistrates, because they have lots of money. Here also I feel, they have told them, newspapers, not to publish anything about us. Everywhere I go, they are there just to stop My work, because after all is there earnings are killed by that.
But the last thing they have started is ayurveda. Ayurveda, you do not need TM for that, anybody can do auyrveda, what is need, what is the need to have an agency of these people?
But it is a fact, and they know that I know all their secrets, so they are so much against Me. Does not matter, all of them are against Me, naturally, but they are not against each other.
Like Christ has said “The house of Satan will not speak against itself”.
So this is TM. I am sorry that you have been to TM. Of course, despite that, now we know how to manage even TM, most of it we can manage. [..]
But one thing is definite that you are all seekers, otherwise you would not go to these people. So is My duty that you should get your realisation. I am duty-bound. It is My priviledge, because you are seekers, I have to give you realisation; whatever you might have done, forget it, and forgive them.

What else?

Question: [..]

Shri Mataji: I must say AIDS patients have been cured with Sahaja Yoga, en masse, it is a fact, no doubt. But what we can do in this country I do not know, I do not have idea, because I do not want to get arrested. But in India, alternate medicines are allowed and if people could reach England, we might be able to help them.

Question: [..]

Shri Mataji: I have already told you that when the light comes in you just become so powerful, so confident of yourself that all your bad habits drop out. Of course, just after realisation, say you get your realisation that does not mean you became a great saint. You have to fix yourself properly, in American language: you have to fix your yoga. Unless and untill that is done, still you are vulnerable, so you must fix it up.

Question: [..]

Shri Mataji: you get that state, you become that. I told you the Swadishthana, the Swadishthana gets nourished and you do not know from where you get your ideas. Now here it is an architect, if he tells his own experience, what he is doing now and what he was doing before. The ideas start pouring into you. Because they come from the Swadishthana chakra and the Swadishthana gets nourishment.

Question: [..]

Shri Mataji: you see, racialism comes from ignorance, complete ignorance, we do not know that God has created all of us just the same. We smile the same way, laugh the same way, cry the same way. Nobody tells that Americans should laugh like this and the Indians should laugh like that. We yawn the same way, we sleep the same way, wake up the same way.
Now we are differently made, God has made us to create beauty. You see, if there is vicitrata (they say in Sanskrit), there is variety then there is beauty, so variety is created. God created only one world, He did not know that we will make so many out of it, we have done it. But once this ignorance goes away, because Spirit is a universal being, then you become a universal being. Like… yesterday only I told you that when I went to Russia, 25 Germans rushed to Russia to give realisation to Russians; and the way they embraced and the way they loved them… I really tell you, I felt so happy and tears started rolling in my eyes. Such joy, imagine the Russian, we have these Germans who are so gentle, they are the gentlest people, you will not call them Germans any more.
That is what happens, because basically you are that and you become a universal being and you follow te religion that is innate within you, which makes you a universal being. You do not become nay Christian, Hindu, Muslim: you are a human being and you become a universal human being and you respect all of them, not one.

What is the next problem here? Joblessness? Joblessness, I must tell you that in London so many jobless people there are, but it is difficult to find a sahaja yogi who is jobless there, difficult, they just get jobs… and because they are doing the job of God also.

Question: [..]

Shri Mataji: hopeless? No, it is very hopeful.

Question: [..]

Shri Mataji: you see, if you are making lots of money or either you are making no money, whatsoever, in Sahaja Yoga you make money, all right, but then you do not cling to it, do not hanker after it.
There was a lady here, in San Francisco, she was running a store, and when she got realisation she said that “I used to meticulously remember this I have got, that I have got, this is bought, this is sold and all those things. I have forgot all that. But now I am making a big profit”. I said “Then it is all right”.
Money also is one of the blessings of God. And Shri Krishna has said “yogakshema vahamyam”; kshema means benevolence in every way. So once you get your yoga, then you get that, not before: yogakshema, first yoga and then the kshema. Kshema is the benevolence. So all kinds of benevolence come.
But your mad-race about money finishes off. But you get money, all right, and there is complete satisfaction our of it.

Question: [..]

Shri Mataji: supported?

Question: yes.

Shri Mataji: in what way?

Question: [..]

Shri Mataji: financially?

Question: yes.

Shri Mataji: I mean, I told you now. That in the beginning I used to pay for everything, no doubt, even now in so many places (for Russia I have to pay myself), for the time being it is all right, my husband is very generous – he is an Indian, so he is thinking he is doing some God’s work, by that he will get some good blessings, so he is a sensible man. He does not mind, if I am [..] he does not mind.
And so also now all these things like all and all these people get it and everything is arranged by them, nowadays. But, as I told you that for Realization you cannot pay, you cannot pay Me, you cannot purchase Me, you cannot and you cannot purchase your Self-realization, your ascent.
That is not much, you see, for this hall, how much you need? Do not need much money. That is all.
Either you will pay thousands and thousands of rupees and pounds without asking, and if somebody has to pay even for this hall, they will say how you get this money. Of course for the hall you have to pay, do not expect Me paying for it. I did, I am saying I did pay, but now they feel ashamed that I should pay for the hall, they paid, because they are also concerned and you will also pay, I am sure. You would not like Me to pay for these halls as well as for everything, for your food or for everything: do you expect Me to do that?
Not at all. So, for your salvation we need not to pay, but for your hall, you have to pay, there is no harm. But I do not keep accounts, I do not know how they paid, what… I have no idea, I do not understand accounts at all. So they do it everything and they have to explain to you, I have nothing to do with that. It is a fact, I am telling them, if it is wrong they should tell Me.

Question: [..]

Shri Mataji: it is again a futuristic question. First, let us have the Self, as Buddha has said and also as Mahavira has said because they taught if you talk of God-realisation, people start just thinking they are God. But the difference between the two things is one: that first you get your Self-realization established, means you understand your powers as Self; then you try to understand God. And God-realization is a situation in which you control so many things, automatically, automatically you control, you do not have to bother and just control: you are amazed how even the elements are controlled through your presence.
But the first is to know your Self, establish your Self, know it well, master it and then think of another thing.

Question: what the vibrations are doing and how [..] this session?

Shri Mataji: all right. First, as again I say, first your Self-realization must be established and your Kundalini must be fixed properly and then – you can seat here, there are seats, come along – and then you start feeling the vibrations on your fingertips, first of all. That you will feel now even. They have marked them to show the centres, see: one, two, three, four, five on your fingertips. So you will know which is the centre that is catching. If you know how to correct the centre, then you can correct your centre. In the same way, you can feel the centres of others.
Once you start feeling them properly, you have just to know how to correct these centres, finished, then you are all right. And it hardly takes one month, hardly takes one month.

Question: [..]

Shri Mataji: what is the use of teaching, you have had many. You have had Christ, He has given you the Bible, there are so many we have had. Now, no more teachings, actualization, ask for actualization.
What else?

Question: [..] Yogananada says Kriya Yoga is the quickest technique for Self-realisation.

Shri Mataji: I said?

Question: no, Yogananda.

Shri Mataji: ah, he might have said it, but nobody has got it so far. Now, what is Kriya Yoga? Sahaja Yoga is “a-kriya”. “Kriya” means what you call “kriya” in English?

Yogi: action.

Shri Mataji: action. Kriya is action and Sahaja Yoga a-kriya, no action. Now Kriya Yoga is like this (yesterday, I have explained to some people who asked Me) that when your car starts- I mean when it is ignited – then automatically all the machinery starts working, automatically, do not have to move anything, it is all built-in. But Kriya Yoga is this that you do not start the car, do not start the Kundalini, but you start moving the wheels. First, when I came, I was very shocked (now they have stopped all that nonsense because I think there was some sort of [..] on that. They used to cut the tongue, this thread of the tongue; and I saw some Indian doctors with the tongue wagging like that. I said “What has happened?”. They could not speak, so they told Me [Shri Mataji mimes writing on Her hand] that “We have cut our threads because we have to push back our tongue and get to the “khechary” condition. Now “khechary” is a simple thing that is described (of course is a part of Sahaja Yoga only) that when the Kundalini rises the centres, first of all allow the Kundalini to rise and then they augment, and then again they relax (the higher ones) and then they augment, because they have to stop the Kundalini from falling down. It is a simple thing like that.
In the same way, when it reaches Vishuddhi chakra, here also, what happens when the Kundalini rises higher there is a big augmentation that takes place and the tongue is pulled inside (which you do not feel normally, you will not feel because Kundalini rises like a jet these days).
So, what they did was to cut the tongue and put it there, but the Kundalini is sitting in the sacrum bone only, what is the use?
So the all Kriya Yoga is like moving your wheels, when the car has not started.
It is very easy to talk of these things because in India books are available, you can read them. I know of people, there was an acterss who came to my program and I came in 71 (there are so many people who came to My program) and also dr Chodri told Me “You’d better get it copyright”. I said “There is no copyright needed for this kinf of a thing, is all right!”.
And they are using My words, they are using word Kundalini, they are using Mahayoga, they are using the words like self realisation, everything; but doing nothing about it, just making money.
Sorry, what can I do about it? It is for you to decide, it is the actualization which you should ask.
And what is this Kriya Yoga. I do not know why people are so impressed by his book. Whatever is written there: he went to Himalayas, he met one guru, so what? Anybody can do that, what is so great? What has he written? Why should it interest people? What has he done? Nothing! They have, of course, got a big place where they live, that is all!
But I do not think anybody has got realisation from them, they cannot. First the Kundalini has to be awakened.

Question: [..] Babaji?

Shri Mataji: nothing, I am absolutely against him. This is another hoax. These are all hoax, believe Me, they are all hoax.
Ramana Maharishi was a realised soul, no doubt. Shirdi Sainath was a realised soul. Those who are realised I say yes, those who are not I will definitely say they are not. I have to say that.
This Babaji (Shri Mataji laughs), experience of these funny people (Shri Mataji is massagging Her forehead), it is a long story. This Lahiri Baba, Lahiri, Lahiri Baba the guru of this Yogananda, he is his grandson; he came to Me and he said “I joined this Kriya Yoga and I did all kinds of things, I have never got any realisation or anything. So I was so fed up when I went to this Krishnamurti, I was with him, but then I started speaking like Krishnamurti, just like his voice and everything I started speaking doing all the drama of Krishnamurti and everything and then I got a fright when I saw myself in the mirror, I said «Oh God, I have become like Krishnamurti!» and I am just giving lectures, that’s all! So, Mother, I have come to you please, now, give me realisation”. You will be surprised, untill today I would not been able to do that. This one person I have not been able to do. I do not know what all he has done. I told him what all you have done tell Me. And he was telling Me many things about this Lahiri Baba and his Babaji. “All these things they do to you? Horrible!”. So much they have harmed this man, He is the grandson of Lahiri Baba.

Question: What do you think of Guru Nanak [..]

Shri Mataji: Guru Nanak of course, Guru Nanak was the incarnation of the Primordial Master, no doubt about it, no doubt. He talked of unity, He was the incarnation of the Primordial Master who has incarnated many a times as Moses, as Abraham and also as, He has been Mohammad and then Guru Nanak. no doubt about it.

Question: [..]

Shri Mataji: of the?

Yogi: Maitreya.

Shri Mataji: Maitreya? I do not know about they know about Maitreya or not, is all a Buddhist idea of Maitreya. How will you recognize the Maitreya also? How will you recognize the Holy Ghost? If you are still waiting for Maitreya, I think you are [..] mistaken.

Question: [..]

Shri Mataji: what experience?

Question: [..]

Shri Mataji: not at all, that is horrible. Why do you want to go out of your body? Going out of body is achieved through possession. You know there are children killed in their beds, have you heard of such of things here? I do not know, but in Switzerland, children are sleeping in their beds, because their parents do not keep children with them and the children, they die. That is what is happening because of this body business, the spirits come out and, if they go out of the body, then the spirits can take away another spirit also and never return them. It is the worse thing is to become possess like this.
I had three American journalists, long time back they came to see Me; and they told Me that “Mother we want to have a special capacity to know what is happening everywhere without being there. How can we do it?”. I said “Who told you that I can do that?”. They told Me the name of a journalist, another one, I said “He told you this? I was the one who cured him of this disease and he told you these things that I wiil make you like that?”
That fellow would disappear from his body and would go somewhere else and hears something else, used to publish in the newspaper which was true, but his wife was so shocked by that, she brought him and he said “Mother, please make me one person, I do not want to have this nonsensical thing.” She said one day he will be dead, I said “He will be one day will be lost”.
And those three people wanted to be like him I am cured, to get this disease. It is a horrible state one should never never think like that. Why do you want to run from the present? Present is the most beautiful thing, is the most beautiful thing. Present is the reality, past is finished and future does not exist. But if you can be the present, nothing [..] it.

Question: What about vegetarianism?

Shri Mataji: There are no “ism” in Sahaja Yoga, no “ism” at all. See in the Bible is written: “All the creatures have been created for you, for your use” and smaller animals than you, those people who need proteins should eat.
Now for example in Greenland, people cannot have any vegetables at all, are they sinners?
But, I should say, American should take more vegetarianism, is good because they have eaten too much of meat, so give a balance. But there is no [..] rule except that you should eat any animal that he bigger than you, because they have bigger muscular cells and those cells can harm your teeth, can harm your intestine. But smaller animal are to be, if it is needed, must be eaten; if it is not – for Indians must eat meat otherwise already they are such useless people, they are good for nothing, they cannot even hold a gun, [..] revolver. If you people go there with one revolver, the all village will jump into the well, such cowards. So for them it is necessary to eat meat, but they are vegetarians. But not in India, everybody is not now, is better.
But, what I am saying it is a very logical thing and is to be understood what sort of a person you are: if you are a left sided person, then you must eat proteins; but if you are right sided person, then you must take to vegetables and to carbohydrates. Is question of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, is not question of animals and… do you mean to say by saving chickens, I can give them realisation?
And this nonsense of vegeterianism has gone so far, so far now, among Jainis, I do not know if you know… there are many here, because they are money-makers. Jainis, this Jainis have started a funny type of vegetarianism, I think long time back. First of all there was one Neminath (who was one of the Tirthankar, who was the cousin of Shri Krishna), who saw many dead things in his marriage, so he felt that – I mean he felt, sometimes you do feel so many animals are dead and all that, we call it tuparati, so he started vegetarianism. But now the Jains do not allow any insect to die, even the bugs, mosquitos, [..] anything should not be dead… but they will kill human beings, all right, not animals. So ridiculous it is.

Question: Shri Mataji, this person says that they have skin cancer and wants to know how can be cured.

Shri Mataji: Cancer?

Yogi: Skin cancer.

Shri Mataji: Yes it is. It comes from liver. If your liver is cured, you can be, very easily. We have a liver diet which you are to take, you are to get your liver cured, which can be easily cured, worked it out [..]. You see, because you do not have to pay, that is why people do not do it, I have seen it they do not do it seriously. Is like this, if you pay for something then you get bound, that is mentality. Like, yesterday I was telling you that you have paid for a play and the play [..] the worse possible but you think you have paid for it, so go through it. But you do not have to pay in Sahaja Yoga, so people do not take it seriously.
Asthama have been cured, livers have been cured, cancer have been cured… the skin cancer is no problem at all. But whatever they tell you, you have to listen to them and work it out; whithin one month you will find everything will be cured.
There has to be commitment about it, you must be committed to yourself that I am going to get all right. You decide on that point and it will work out. I am going to be a yogi, you will be. But ther should be some commitment.

Question: Shri Mataji, the last question is how do we know if we are in our Spirit and following inner guidance?

Shri Mataji: Is rather confusing.

Question: Shri Mataji, the last question is how do we know if we are in our Spirit and following inner guidance?

Shri Mataji: All right. The question is how are we to know that we are the Spirit, that we become the Spirit. First of all, when we become the Spirit, we start feeling the cool breeze all around us, first thing. Secondly, then we start feeling our centres on our fingertips. Like supposing I get American money, and I have never known what American money is, supposing; then I have to go to the market, find out what is means. In the same way, you start using your hands – as I told you the captain of the ship – and you will feel the vibrations of another person, you ask that person. Now supposing you feel here some heat [Shri Mataji indicates Her right hand forefinger] or some sort of burning, you ask him “There is something wrong with your throat?”. “How do you know?” he will say.
You can feel the cancer, you can feel everything on your fingertips, you can diagnose. So you have to use your hands. That is how you will know.
But then you start curing yourself and you start getting, feeling better. Then, when you become the master of this art, you start curing others. Not only physically, mentally, emotionally, every way. You feel such a balance, such joy and such peace within younself. It is not talking about peace, because I know, I have been with such people who have foundation of peace and some people have got Nobel Prizing Peace and so hot tempered, that you cannot sit near them for five minutes they emit horrible heat like a heater. I really tell you, horrible and they have got Nobel Prizes in peace. I mean, I do not know how people have given them for peace, at least they could have given for violence, but not for peace. But there is. So you really feel peaceful within youself.

Now you will not believe, I am 67 years of age ad if you see my itinerary you will [..] the way I travel; all the year I am practically travelling, but I am in peace with myself. They said: “How do you manage?”. I said “Why? I am there when I am traveling I know I am there, so what it there to think about, just I am there, that’s all!”. So you think I am traveling, I said I do not think that way, I am just sitting there, I am not traveling, is the airplane that is traveling.
And that is how you are just at peace with yourself, you are at peace with everybody else and, I mean, it is another personnality that evolves out of you. So that is how you know you are that.
I mean, first of all, people do not even believe that the cool breeze is coming to your fingertips, they think there must be the window, air conditioner, some people go home closing all the doors and start seeing. It is true, then they realize.
So you have to spend it and experiment with it and then you definitely start believing in it, that you are the Spirit. And then you understand your powers, all right? You can raise the Kundalini of a person, you can! And you will be amazed that how you can do it.
At the beginning of Sahaja Yoga, we were about twelve people and they would not put their hands, “This is not, how can we? We don’t have anything”, they were very diffident about it. So one day there was a lecture arranged in a place where I had to go in Nasik, I had to go by car and luckily the car failed and, in India, if your car fails you are [..], there is nothing else that you can do. And these people thought that one other has passed, Mother has not come and now all these people are going to beat us, so they started giving them Realization: they were amazed they had the power! They had the power. And that is how they discovered.
So you have to be bold about it. You are that, I assure you. Only thing, you must claim what you are.

I think you will finish with the thing, now let’s have the Realization, that will take about ten minutes and will be a good idea to know yourself.
If you want to go out for about 5 minutes you can go out, then you can start, if you think we can give 5 minutes to you, just to move out a little bit. And then come back.

[After the break, the Realisation starts]