Conference and workshop at UN

United Nations Headquarters, New York City (United States)

1990-06-06 Collective Benevolence, New York City, United States, 122' Chapters: Arrival, Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Q&A, Workshop
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Public Program and Workshop. United Nations, New York (USA), 6 June 1990.

I bow to you all, for you are the seekers of truth. When we talk of trutht we must understand at the very outset that Truth is what it is. We cannot mould it with our human awareness, we cannot organize it and we cannot change it at all. So, what is the truth?

The truth is that we are not this body, this intellect, these emotions, this ego, the conditionings, but we are the Spirit. And the second truth is that there is a subtle All-pervading divine Power which is doing all the living work.

For example, we see the flowers and we take them for granted. Mohamed Saab [unsure] has said that, “If you just watch your eyes, you’d be surprised what a camera it is. All living things we take for granted and we do not inquire as to how these things are worked out and how all these living processes are going on around.

Now we have supposedly come from the amoeba stage to this stage. How have we come? We did not do anything and how is it we have become human beings and why have we become human beings? When I first saw the mandate of the United Nations, when my husband was elected, I was very happy that what it was saying was exactly what we have to do, is to become collective in a way, to have collective benevolence. But outwardly and superficially we cannot become collective. We have to become inwardly collective and for that something has to happen to us. If we were so easily collective, we would have absolute knowledge and there would not be any difference of opinion. Everybody would say the same thing because if it is Absolute truth it has to be absolute for everyone. On the contrary, everybody is saying they have the truth. It seems they are all absolutely [in opposition] with each other. So, what is the thing that we are missing? Whether it is religion, philosophy, thinking or all the philosophies of the world, I feel that in the United Nations one has to get self-realization. Unless and until you get Self-realization, this collectivity which is the nature of your Spirit will not manifest. The Spirit is the collective being within us. When it manifests you’ll be amazed at yourself that you can feel the subtle centres of another person on your fingertips and you can feel the subtle centres of your being also on your fingertips.

In Koran, it is very nicely described that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. So when you get your Realization you can feel on your fingertips all the subtle centres about which he was talking to you about. It is to be understood later on. But the first thing is that you must ask for your enlightenment. It’s a myth when we say that you are enlightened, you are born again, or we are this or we are that. Unless and until you become Spirit in the real sense of the word, that it is an actualization of the experience, we are not to believe into it because that kind of belief is just blind and it’s not for our benevolence or for the benevolence of the whole world.

So this breakthrough in the evolutionary process has to take place. But for that one has to remember that as we have not prayed for our evolution so far, we cannot pay for it. First of all, all people who talk of payment, you must know that there is some falsehood behind it because you cannot pay for it. If you have to sow a seed, you don’t pay anything to the Mother Earth. You may pay for the hall, you may pay for the car, but you can’t pay for your self-realization. This is the first thing to be understood very clearly. But I find in the Western countries it is difficult for people to understand this point. I was surprised that the BBC people, such a well-equipped and sensible people, told me very frankly that the Anglo-Saxon brain cannot understand anything without money. I said, “Who has made this Anglo-Saxon brain?” First of all. The second point is that you believe in Christ. How much money did you pay to Christ? How much money did you pay to Buddha? How much money did you pay to Mahavira? Or to Nanaka? They worked so hard for you. What did you do for them? Nothing but to torture. I never listened to them. The truth is so important today for us that all our problems are there only because we have not felt the truth. You are talking now about imbalances. You are talking about the physical problems of drugs and also of AIDS and all other such things. All these can be cured and completely prevented if you become the Spirit.

When this Kundalini rises, she touches that All-pervading vital Power and you are blessed with all your physical, mental, and emotional upliftment, not only that but complete nourishment. Because this little point was left out: we are suffering. Ecological problems can be solved, very easily if you get into your balances. For example, we use machines. For anything, we go to extremes. We have no balance. Actually, the mental projection is a linear movement. But if it has no support with reality, it recoils back on you. Even science, we must say that science has done a lot of harm in a way because it has produced atomic bombs and all that. But the science also tells us, “This is wrong. We are going too far with it. We should stop”. But we don’t pay any heed to it. This is our own mistake. We have to understand that there is a kind of balance which is needed in our own lives, in our own temperament, in our own being. But supposing if you force yourself you cannot. If you tell yourself, “No, no, no, you must be balanced, you should have a balanced life”. You cannot, because at the human awareness you cannot. But once you become the Spirit, it automatically works out.

Now in this diagram, you’ll see there are three channels which are shown and also there are centres which are shown here which are seven in number. The centres are something like this and this is the left and right side of the two sympathetic nervous systems and in the centre is the parasympathetic nervous system. Doctors call it an autonomous nervous system. But who is the ‘Auto’? And who controls the ‘Auto’? And how to reach the ‘Auto’ is the problem. Supposing you have a tree, very much grown. You must know it has to have roots down there. If it has not got those roots developed, it’s about to fall off. So this is the knowledge of the roots and as scientists, you must have an open mind about it. Take it as a hypothesis and if it works, as honest people you have to accept it.

For example, my husband always said, “You are a saint, I know. You are an awliya”. He used to say that. “But I can’t believe you can make anybody like you. It’s a different thing, a different category”. But these days these categories are born. So many are seeking the truth. Never in the history of spirituality, you had so many people who are seeking the Truth. They are misled, I know, and they are used and exploited, I agree, but they are seekers. So, I call it the blossom time. This is a special time when this has to happen. But people have to have a seriousness about it. When in the society that I move – as you know there’s another society also that I have “- in which I find people talking like this, “This guru is very good. He’s expensive but very good”. And the one gave some bargains and another has lowered some price. If you are going to judge your guru by how much money he takes or how much you can save, then it’s such money-oriented nonsense it cannot be anything divine. Divine doesn’t understand money. Never. So, once you understand this simple point, you’ll be able to reach the truth very easily that if you have to seek the truth, it’s a living process within you which has to work it out. And when it works out, then only you can feel that beautiful, surrounding All-pervading Power about which all the religions have described.

If you go even to the religions which have only talked of the formless God, or some who have talked of the Form, there is one common point they have said: seek the eternal and use the temporary with all understanding in its own limitations. But you can’t do it. That’s the trouble. We just can’t keep ourselves into those limitations. If we take to drinking, we become drunkards. If we take to work, we become work alcoholics. If we take to anything, we go to extremes.The only thing which gives us the complete balance is the Spirit. Now, how? Because Spirit is like the light.

Supposing you are holding a snake and if somebody tells you that you are holding a snake in your hand and it’s all darkness. Then one may say, “No, it’s not. It’s a rope.” How can you argue? Till the snake bites the person he is not going to leave the snake. The best thing is to put on the light. In that light, he can see and can throw away the snake. This is how today’s Sahaja Yoga is working. ‘Sahaja’ means ‘born with you is the right to be united with this divine Power’. Yoga doesn’t mean standing on your heads. It doesn’t mean breaking your knees. It doesn’t mean that at all!

If you see Patanjali Yoga, in the Patanjali, then in the Patanjali he has written eight into eight ashtangas into eight folds, out of which ‘Yama Niyama’ is a wee bit, out of which the exercises are even much, much a smaller percentage. Also, it is said very clearly that when your Kundalini rises then you must do this centre; or this center is being augmented, constricted, then you have to use a particular type of an exercise. Patanjali Yoga is such a big book!

But those people who just make it a physical one, do not understand that we are not only physical being. If we were only physical being, I get many wrestlers coming to me to say that, “Mother, we have no peace. Will you give us peace?” We are much more than physical beings. We are physical beings, we are mental beings, we are emotional beings. Above all, we are spiritual beings and that spiritual being has to manifest. That manifestation has to take place in our awareness. Then so many things happen to us.

First of all, as I told you, that with this connection this vital energy starts flowing within you. This energy has got so many qualities. First is it comforts you. In the sense, it cures you, automatically. It’s your own power that cures you. Of course, it is true. Through Sahaja Yoga people have been cured of blood cancer and many serious diseases and, if you would allow me, I would say that AIDS has also been cured with Sahaja Yoga in Australia, no doubt. But such complications that, in this country, you cannot cure anyone. I mean, I don’t cure but even if your Kundalini cures I could be arrested for that. In all the Western countries this is a problem and in India, an AIDS patient cannot come. All such complications are there. But these things are so easily cured if you allow your Kundalini to rise and now doctors have accepted it. I must say that Russians, whatever you may say about their radiums and all that. Forget about it. I’m not interested in their politics. But the people are so wise and so sensible. Their doctors and Nobel Prize winners are so sensible and so serious-minded. They have taken to Sahaja Yoga so seriously. I’m amazed that – what’s the use of our democracy that he had all over that we did not understand the importance of our ascent that we have to find something. We are so satisfied with ourselves. What do we have? We talk of ecological problems, this problem, that problem, but we don’t think how we can get out of it. We never bothered to see what will help us. People talk of spirituality here and there. It’s a serious thing one has to understand. If the United Nations has to express itself, in reality, then I would say the people of United Nations must get their Self-realization first. And then they can understand what they are, how great they are, how glorious they are. So many ways and so many powers they have which they can use and this is the power of Love which we have never used. When you read about the United Nations you think it was conceived as a thing which works on the power of Love. But where is that power of Love? That is this all-pervading power. You become extremely dynamic, extremely active, extremely sensible, wise, but above all, extremely compassionate. And this is what has to happen to us. It is not lip service. It’s not sitting on the table and talk of peace. I’ve known people who’ve got Nobel Prize in peace. They are the hottest people you could ever think of. I don’t know how they got this prize. Maybe for something that they did on a very superficial level. But the person who is not peaceful within himself, how can he spread peace? You have to have your own peace within yourself, you have to feel your peace within yourself, and then only you can do something about it. A person who has achieved that, even the presence of such a person can emit that peace that we are talking about.

So I have to request you all as members of the United Nations because my husband has been there for 16 years, as you know. He had to resign otherwise they would not allow him to get out. I told him that unless and until you resign I would not be able to talk like this to them. But it’s a fact, I must tell you as members of United Nations, all of you have to ask for your Self-realization, to understand yourself fully well and then you will see how dynamic you become. All of your problems become immediately solved because you become detached from your problems and you can see them better and you can solve them better. This knowledge is such a lot that I cannot cover the whole subject in one lecture. I must have given thousands of lectures only in the English language.

But I would say that like these lights are here and if I have to tell you about electricity, how it has come, how it was discovered – it’s a headache. It’s better I tell you that you put on the light. It’s better that we have our light and see for ourselves in our light what our problem is. People get mad, they don’t know they are getting mad, people get cancer, they don’t know they are getting cancer, they are all the time under the fear that this might happen to me, that might happen to me. But with Sahaja Yoga immediately you will know what’s wrong with you and if you will know how to correct it. It hardly takes any time. But the transition between the awakening of the Kundalini and the mastering it is hardly one month’s time. But even if that much patience people don’t have, how are you going to work out? But it’s very amazing, just think of it, that the eastern block people are so easily taking to it while we, who have the freedom to express ourselves, freedom to do what we like are not so good. I must confess that I really was astounded the way these people reacted. What’s wrong with us? Why shouldn’t it happen to us? I just cannot put my finger on to anything as such while all kinds of falsehood we accept. If somebody comes and says, “All right, you dance.” So we think we are spiritual? But nobody has been able to deliver the goods. I always say, “If you have a guru, what have you got from your guru?” I am your Mother, say. I would like to know what powers have you got? This gentleman who spoke to you today, do you know how many people he has given realization to? How many things he has done? There are many sitting here who have been doing all these things. They look just like you, simple people, leading a very simple life, a very sane life, good people. As my husband would say, “They are all angels.” But they have become angels. Some of them were drug addicts, some of them were very immoral, some of them were absolutely lost cases and see where they are. Why can’t we learn this art? It is simple, so easy. You don’t have to pay. It’s your own. This is what sometimes I can’t understand and I would be very happy if you can ask me some questions about it. But I really request you, people, to take it up seriously and work it out. When people will see how you’ve changed, how you have transformed, how you have become dynamic. They will definitely follow you. You cannot force it on you. That’s the only problem is that your freedom has to be respected. You cannot say that you have to take your Realization. You have to understand yourself mentally and to ask for it. Otherwise, it cannot be forced. But I would like to have some questions from you. Thank you very much.

Seeker: [Has a question about Transcendental Meditation]

Shri Mataji: It’s a very controversial subject, but if you want me to tell you the truth, I can tell you the truth without any fear. I came to know about Transcendental Meditation when I was in London. A gentleman contacted me saying that he would like to see me. So I said, “Why?”

He said, I am suffering from epilepsy, my wife is suffering from epilepsy, my daughter is suffering from epilepsy.

I said, “All right, I would like to see you. Come.” So I gave him a time and he came down. I was amazed when he told me that he was the head of the Flying Foundation of Transcendental Meditation. His deputy director had also come and when I asked him what is this Transcendental Meditation I was amazed that the whole thing… He told me that they had to do three mantras for which they had to pay 300 pounds each. I said, “What are those mantras?” First, he was hesitating. I said, “You have to tell me the mantras otherwise I will not be able to say what it is, why you have caught epilepsy.”

He said, “The first mantra was Inga. The second was Pinga and third was Thinga.” If there is any Indian gentleman here he will know what it means. Inga means the bite of a scorpion. It’s not a Sanskrit word. Pinga means when a person gets possessed he goes round and round and Thinga means like when you show a thumb. For that, they paid 300 pounds and they were told not to talk about it to anyone. Now, this is coming from the head of that foundation who was suffering from epilepsy. This poor fellow he became ultimately bankrupt. His wife was a granddaughter of a duke in England. Of course, they were all cured but he had to go away to South Africa. He was a diamond merchant and he lost everything as a bankrupt. Then so many came from there and so many who had become just recluses. They could not see the garlic or they could not see a lemon. If you showed them the lemon they used to tremble. In the beginning, they said they felt very much elated. Of course, about this, I will tell you later on about how our souls are and how our souls can be possessed. You asked me directly so I have to tell you very directly, madame. The second thing that they did was to start a siddha course, they called it, for which they charged 6,000 pounds and people had to go to Switzerland to stay in hotels and they were given some mats to jump because they were supposed to fly in the air, so-called.

First of all, why do you want to fly in the air halfway like that? Imagine already there are such problems of traffic. Because of that, I was delayed. And so many people paid 6,000 pounds for that. The food that was given – it’s authentic, absolutely – for six days, was the water that boiled potatoes. On the seventh day was [UNCLEAR] and the eighth day they were given the potatoes to eat. They were told that you have to do it if they were to fly in the air. So many of them broke their pelvic bones. It’s a fact and I think the guru must have felt what stupid people these are so he used to giggle all the time. He was called as the giggling guru. If people are that stupid what can you do about it and they don’t know. I said, “Why don’t you ask them, ‘Why this mantra? Why? What is this? For what?” In Sahaja Yoga, you know each and everything. Of course, after Realization, you have to know all about the mechanics of it, you have to know about what is the… say, for example, the Kundalini stops at this centre of the optic chiasma, then you have to say the Lord’s Prayer. You have to say, “Allah hu Akbar” at this point. So many there are. But it’s so scientific that you can see the movement of the Kundalini.

All kinds of stupid things people do. Somebody says ‘shakti path’, somebody says that. People become really mad after that. First of all, what knowledge did you get? Put it that way. You must go and see the disciples, what knowledge there is. Nowadays, supposing somebody has started Ayurveda. We don’t need any guru for that. You can go to Ayurveda any time. Like just your medicine, you don’t need a guru to go to any doctor, will you? But we are so dumb and here I don’t know how people accept these things. Still, I can’t understand.

There’s a lady who has laser beams and for one meeting like this, she takes 3,000 pounds, that to enrol. Can you believe it? Because you’ve asked me the question I have to tell you this is what is going on, Madam, and for Chinese especially you be very careful. You are very vulnerable because now you have become very rich and they only cling on to rich people very careful. First of all, you must find out what are the disciples like, what are they doing and how they are [UNCLEAR doing]. I talked about it in 1970. Openly I gave their names and what devils they are. But nobody would listen to me. Even this Rajneesh, I told about him so many things and they are the ones stopping us coming to you and everywhere. Do you know that? They are putting money to many newspapers that I should not be there in any way. Even my advertisement should not be there. But they are all very friendly because Satan doesn’t speak against his own house. Christ said it clearly. They are all very friendly with each other. But we have to know the truth and the truth is that you have to become the Spirit and you must get the powers of the Spirit. If you do not have the powers of the Spirit, don’t listen to these big claims. There is nothing to be claimed about. It is to be achieved, to be actualized.

I’m sorry I have to say all this, but one has to say because she asked me a question about it. Moreover, there is another problem. Another problem is that if you pay money for something… say, we go to a theatre and we pay money for a ticket and then we find that the play is not very good, but we say let’s have it because we have paid for it and we go through it. So this commitment because of payment is even worse. So you come out from there hurt and see people, their Kundalini just like… I cannot tell you how it looks. It’s as if it’s been beaten up and trying to rise putting up Her head and again it falls down.

So weak she is and she is your Mother, your individual Mother. And she feels so helpless that she cannot give you your Self-realization, She cannot give you your second birth because you have stupidly followed something which is very wrong. Even though, I must tell you, that Sahaja Yoga works out even such difficulties. All kinds of things are going on. Let somebody bring some diamond or somebody shows some sort of ashes and things. For a diamond, you can go to a shop here. What does God or any divinity have to do with diamonds? What do you care for diamonds? So this is a very big problem today. because we have choices, choices of this and choices of that. But we have lost that discretion. Find out what we should have. So many people are hurt. I have been talking about it very openly. Nobody has ever come forward before me and said this and this about Sahaja Yoga. I have said all sorts of things about them. Nobody has come forward so far. Nobody has said a word about it, nor did they go to the courts or anywhere against me. They could have done it very easily but they could not. Because you have asked me today, I’d better warn you. It’s true.

Seeker: What is the role of prayer in Sahaja Yoga and is the change permanent?

Shri Mataji: If you are not connected with the divine, your prayers are like telephoning without the connection. That’s why prayers don’t help. People do come and say that, “We’ve been praying to God and, see now, what is our condition”. Which god are you praying to? First of all, you must have your connection. Then even once you remember the name of God, it works. But you have to have the connection. It has a very great role only if you are connected.

Seeker: Is the change permanent?

Shri Mataji: It is. Once you have to work it out also, that the Kundalini rises, pierces through your fontanelle bone area, gives your actualization of baptism nicely, you should feel the cool breeze coming out of your head, and you should feel on your hands from all over this cool breeze, but you have to establish this connection properly. Sometimes the Kundalini attends to places where you have sickness, where you have mental problems. So you must learn. That’s what I said that one month is needed, at the most, to fix it. Once you are fixed, you are fixed. It’s permanent.

Seeker: Being a Christian, how can we practice Sahaja Yoga without feeling a conflict?

Shri Mataji: There is no conflict because this is real Christianity, what Christ has said. The Christianity that you practice is not Christ Christianity. It’s the Christianity of Mr Paul and, later on, Mr Augustine who had nothing to do with Christ. It’s all money-making propositions. I know because I was born in a Christian family and I asked my father, “Who is this Mr Paul in the Bible? I cannot understand.”

He said, “Same here, he’s a stranger.” And if you read Kalil Gibran, he has given a big chapter on this gentleman, Mr Paul. There’s no conflict at all. What’s the use of… The other day you must have seen these fundamentalist Christians jeering at Gorbachev (who is a great man, no doubt about it) because they think they are very great Christians. What have they achieved? In India what I know about Christians, they take a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other hand. That’s what they are. Let us face it. What good have they done, the so-called Christians? Where we are sitting today in this America, what have they done? Where have the people gone who lived here, who owned this country? Thank God Columbus came to this side. Otherwise, our India, if he had reached, we would be not there anymore, finished. Same about Hindus, same about Muslims and same about all the people. These are all man-made religions. Religion is within ourselves and when it is awakened you will really know how righteous you are. Anybody, whether you are Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, any religion you may follow, you can commit any sin. There is no bondage. You can tell lies, you can murder anyone. You don’t stop because you are a Christian, you don’t stop if you are a Hindu. But Christ was such a subtle person. What he said: “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” How many Christians have you met without adulterous eyes? Subtleties of Christ, you can achieve it. You can definitely achieve it through your self-realization. The first thing He said and the last thing He said is “Know Thy Self.” You will enjoy your Christianity and Christ after Self-realization.

For example, you say that Christ was the Son of God. But many will say, “How do you prove that?” It’s very simple in Sahaja Yoga. You put your hands like this. After self-realization you ask a question: “Mother, was Christ the Son of God?” You’ll see the vibrations coming, cool breeze. But ask about somebody horrible, you might get a little burning, or you might get sometimes little blisters. Because you were born in a religion you follow it. But then you follow Him, not blindly but with an awakened mind.

I want to inform you that generally, Shri Mataji agrees to grant a session of guided collective meditation at the end but by most of the people can feel the raising of the Kundalini so, by all means, ask questions but of course [UNCLEAR] so the question now, Shri Mataji, was simply what is the role of vegetarianism. It is not so much emphasizing your teaching but it very much is

This is also an idea which has cropped up some time within the time of Shri Krishna. His cousin was an eminath who was a Jain gentleman. They used to all eat meat and everything – Krishna, Rama, everybody ate meat. But what happened that his marriage was to be celebrated in the marriage. He saw all these things, so many goats and birds and all and he felt a kind of a [UNCLEAR nausea] about it. So He didn’t marry and also He said let’s become vegetarians. That’s how the vegetarianism started in India and that has spread all over now and later on the vegetarianism has gone to such a limit among Jains that you have no idea that you cannot kill bugs, you cannot kill [UNCLEAR], you cannot kill anything because they are living things. Apart from that they get a brahmin, pay him a lot of money, put him in a hut and put all the bugs inside the hut. The bugs have to suck in the blood and when they are all satisfied they pay money to the brahmin and go away. It’s cruelty. So what is the balancing point is this that whatever is required for the body should be eaten but the animal which is bigger than you should not be eaten because that animal’s muscle cells are bigger than your muscle cells and they might harm your teeth, they might harm your tongue. So if you save the chickens, am I going to give them realization? But those who have eaten too much non-veg food should take to vegetarianism, it’s a good idea, but not that those who need non-veg food should not take it. It’s not what you eat is so important. It’s all the funny ideas that have come. It is what you get as the Spirit. Christ used to eat meat. Mohammed Saheb used to eat meat, Nanaka used to eat meat. Kabira used to eat meat. They were all bad people and those who are vegetarians, so-called, are the very nice people? In India, I must tell you, those who are strict vegetarians are one of the worst class, no doubt about it because they are extremely cruel people. You can ask anyone who are the vegetarians and you’ll be surprised. They are very money oriented, always run after money and they are just like [UNCLEAR Shiloh] type. But if you don’t like, you don’t eat. There is no force about it. But somebody who eats because he needs it, it in no way comes in your spirituality. I may not eat but I don’t expect you not to eat. It’s an individual question, an individual problem of a level that it’s not so much concern. Also, like Rajneesh used to say, or Freud would say, that sex plays a part in your spirituality is absolutely wrong. It does not. Because here you can see the seventh centre – which we call as the Mooladhara, which is looking after the pelvic plexus, which is responsible for all the excretion inclusive of sex – it is below the Kundalini. So when the Kundalini rises, all your excretion processes stop. That’s why Christ has said if you have to come to the kingdom of God, you have to become like small children, innocent. And you do because all these things stop when the ascent of the Kundalini takes place.

Gregoire: No. I think there is a little misunderstanding. Shri Mataji did not say to refrain sexuality. Shri Mataji said sexuality has nothing to do with Kundalini awakening.

Shri Mataji: Yes. I had better correct that.

Gregoire: Yes.

Shri Mataji: No, no, no, no. I said that it does not play part in the ascent of the Kundalini. But sex, in a sane way, is important. If somebody is not married or somebody calls himself a sanyasi, you tell him better change your ideas.
The Kundalini doesn’t rise, it’s a fact. The Kundalini tells you. She is the best judge. That’s why while speaking to you I was a little hesitant. Just one gentleman who hasn’t got realization as yet in London, only one who is not married. I don’t know what to do with him. I must confess, it’s true. What can I do about it. I don’t mean it. I would love to do that but somehow he is not getting realization. A sane marriage gives you a balance, a good family and is your responsibility to produce a good family, to produce good children. Perhaps that is what is expected. But I think there’s a misunderstanding because I said only that part. At the time of realization. If there is any such misunderstanding you must ask me because it’s a very short lecture and maybe some points are left out. It’s better to ask so there should no misunderstanding about things

Seeker: Christ was not married.

Yeah, He is different. You crucified Him so fast. He could only preach for four years. Christ was very different. You will understand His nature, what He was and then you will know why He did not need any marriage.

Christ said some are born eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom.

That’s a little subtler. I think you’d better get your realization first and then you’ll know what it is. Also to read the Bible, not the Paul part because it’s only organization. You must get your self-realization. Even to read Gita you must get your self-realization otherwise you can become confused.

Maybe we can have the questioning part later on at the end of the program? But if people have other questions then can suggest that we can come down and [UNCLEAR]. Shri Mataji this is what I would suggest that we have the experience of collective meditation. [to the seekers:] Would you like it, to have the experience?

Seekers: Yes.

Shri Mataji: As I told you, it cannot be forced. A very simple thing it is. The thing is that you have to ask for it. It cannot be forced and it is vital that we should get it. All of the vital things we got spontaneously, without any trouble as human beings. But this is another stage. Say we have become human beings from amoeba and, say, monkeys. But now what we are going to become, we are going to be empowered, that we can transform people, that we can nourish nature. So because of this jump that we have to have in our awareness and in our strength, we have to understand what it is because God has given us brains to understand. Everything is absolutely logical. You can judge for yourself and see for yourself. That is the reason why somebody has to tell you, decode it and tell you everything. And then once you know it you can also tell others. It cannot be done in the way we have got this human awareness. It’s a much higher awareness about which I am talking and for that, somebody has to tell you all the subtleties, all the decoding. But that doesn’t mean that it is something obligatory for you. I personally think it’s nothing for Me because whatever I have I have. It’s nothing great. I don’t think it’s something great to have something you are born with it. But it’s definitely great for you to achieve it and that’s the thing I respect. That you have achieved all these powers yourself. So there is no obligation at all, in no way.

At the very outset, I have to tell you that there are two conditions we have to have. The first condition is that we have to forget the past and forgive ourselves, that not to feel guilty at all. It’s something like a myth that we start feeling guilty. As a result, we start catching on this centre here (points to left Visshudhi). This centre when you catch, you can get spondylitis, you can get paralysis, you can get angina. It is useless to feel guilty. After all, you are not God. If you have done mistakes what’s the use of feeling guilty? Let the Kundalini find out. Why should we judge ourselves? That means you forget your past, forget your guilt and mistakes and everything and you have to be pleasantly placed toward yourself because now you are going to enter into the kingdom of God. You have to love yourself and know that you are a human being and have self-confidence that you are going to enter into the kingdom of God. This is the first condition. The second is that you have to forgive everyone. The other day somebody said that to forgive others is very difficult. Now whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. Again, logically, you don’t do anything. It’s just your idea that you don’t forgive, and if you don’t forgive you play into the hands which are trying to harm you. The people who are the ones who tortured you are very happy while you are the one who is suffering because you cannot forgive. So you have to forgive everyone. This is a very, very important, crucial point. As I told you, in this cross here of the optic chiasma resides Christ and what He has told us, He has given us the greatest weapon which is to forgive. If you don’t forgive you cannot awaken Him, and if you cannot awaken Him, there are two functions: one is the Kundalini has to pass through and He sucks in all our karmas and conditionings from – you can see the two balloons there – to open up the limbic area for us, for the Kundalini to pass through. So if you do not forgive, it’s going to be difficult for Me because I cannot forgive for you. So please these two conditions you have to fulfil. I hope it’s not too much.

Now, we have to take the help of the Mother Earth so if you could take out the shoes it would be much better, just the shoes not the socks. Modern Yoga is very wonderful, I think. Sitting on the chair you can get your realization. You don’t have to do all kinds of asanas. It has to be that way. Please remember, as I told you this left side and right side there are two powers. The left side power is the power of desire. Not of pure desire but desire. The right side is the power of action. We have to keep both our feet a little away from each other. We have to sit comfortably – not bending too much or putting yourself backwards too much – but just in a straight manner. Put your left hand towards me like this. This means that you want your self-realization, that you desire your self-realization. Just like this, very comfortable, please put your left hand towards me like this, and with the right hand, we’ll be nourishing our centres. So right hand you have to put on your heart. We work on you on the left-hand side. I’ll first show you and then we’ll close our eyes and we’ll work out the awakening of the Kundalini. In the heart resides the Spirit. So first we put the hand on the Spirit. Then we put our hand on the upper portion of the abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the centre of your mastery. That means by awakening this centre you get that power by which you can master the art of Kundalini awakening. Then you take down your hand to the low portion of the abdomen and press it hard. This is the centre of pure knowledge. The pure knowledge you get out of your evolutionary process which manifests on your central nervous system. And then on your heart again. Then raise your right hand in the corner of your neck here, neck and your shoulder and turn your head to the right. This is the centre, which I told you just now, is completely disturbed if you feel guilty. I think today with all of you who has this problem, again I say please, please forgive yourself. Then you have to take your right hand onto your forehead across like this and press it on both the sides. Put down your head and press it nicely. This is the centre for forgiving others. Take back your right hand on the back side of your head and push back your head on it. Let it rest. Here for your own satisfaction, without counting your mistakes, without feeling guilty, you have to ask forgiveness from the divine power which is all pervading. Now you have to stretch your hand fully and put the centre of your palm on top of the fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Please put it there exactly. Put down your head nicely. Push back your fingers as much as you can. Put down your head. Push your hand on the scalp and now you have to move your scalp very slowly clockwise 7 times. This is all we have to do. You can take out your spectacles also. It might help your eyesight so please take out your spectacles. Again I repeat, you have to be pleasantly placed toward yourself. Don’t feel guilty. You have done nothing wrong in the eyes of the divine.
Please place your left hand towards me and right hand on the heart, both the feet apart and now close your eyes. Here you have to ask a very fundamental question to me. You can call me Shri Mataji or Mother, whatever you like. “Mother, am I the Spirit? Please ask this question three times from your heart. Now if you are the Spirit, you are the master, you are your guide. Now take down your right hand. the upper portion of the abdomen on the left-hand side, press it hard and here ask me another very fundamental question in your Heart, “Mother, am I my own master? Mother, am I my own guru?” Ask this question three times. As I’ve told you, I respect your freedom and I cannot force pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. Now take down your right hand the lower portion of your abdomen, press it hard on the left-hand side and here please say six times because this centre has got six petals. “Mother, please give me pure knowledge.” This knowledge has to manifest on your central nervous system giving you a new dimension. Ask earnestly. As soon as you ask this question, the Kundalini starts rising. As I have told you from the very beginning that the Truth is you are not this body, and you are not this intellect, you are not these emotions and you are not these conditionings or this ego. You are the pure Spirit. So now please raise your right hand on your heart and say it again will full confidence, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Please say it twelve times. The divine power which is all-pervading is the ocean of knowledge and of Love. It is the ocean of benevolence and blessings. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. Sol whatever mistakes you might have committed, this ocean of forgiveness has the power to dissolve everything. So please forgive yourself, be pleasantly placed toward yourself and put your right in the corner of your neck and shoulder and turn your head to the right. Here you have to say with full confidence, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” Please say it sixteen times because this centre has got sixteen petals. I’ve already told you that whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands and suffer. So now raise your right hand on top of your forehead and put down your head on your hand properly. Press it on both the sides nicely and say it from your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” I’m saying say it from your heart, not how many times but say it from your heart. “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Now take back your hand on the back side of your head and push back your head on that hand nicely, let it rest. Here, please again remember, do not count your mistakes, do not feel guilty at all, but just for your satisfaction, push back your head nicely, and say “Oh divine power, if I have done any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me.” Now, please stretch your hand, your palm fully. Put the centre of your palm on the fontanel bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood. Push back your fingers and press your scalp nicely. Here, again, I cannot cross over your freedom. You have to ask for your self-realization. So now please put down your head, press it hard and move your scalp seven times very slowly with pressure. Push back your fingers and here you have to say, “Mother, please give me my self-realization.” Put down your head nicely. (Mother blows many times into the microphone.) Please take down your hand and open your eyes. Put both your hands towards me. Now try to think… Now watch me without thought. You can do it. This is the first state you have achieved called as thoughtless awareness. Put your right hand like this and left hand on top of your head, not on your head but above your head, and put down your head and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head.

Now please put your left hand towards me, put down your head and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. With the right hand, you can feel it. Don’t put it on top. You have to put it above the head, a little away. Some people might get heat coming out, that’s all right, and some people might get it far away – doesn’t matter. If there’s a heat coming out, it’s all right. The heat has to come out.

Please put again the right hand. Bend your head again and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head.

Please raises both of your hands, push back your head and ask a question three times, any one of these, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?.” “Mother, is this the power of Love of God?” “Mother is this the all-pervading paramchaitanya.”Ask any one of these questions three times. Now don’t doubt. If there is air conditioning you may doubt, but there is nothing to doubt about it. Good.

Now take down your hands. All those who’ve felt the cool breeze or the heat or the cool in their hands, out of their heads or on the hands, please raise both your hands.

Very good. May God bless United Nations

Most of you have felt it. Some have not – doesn’t matter. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. But we have a club here, thank God [UNCLEAR] and you are all welcome. And we have great experts of Sahaja Yoga in New York, that’s one thing I must say, and they will tell you each and everything about it, the whole knowledge. You don’t have to pay for it. Only little bit of time you have to give. These days we have watches to save time, but we save time to waste it. We have to save time to use it for our ascent and you don’t need much time for this. About five minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening is more than sufficient but you must first learn and you all must become great masters of Sahaja Yoga. Next time when I come I hope I’ll be able to see lots of people who have got realization through you.

May God bless you all.

Seeker: May I ask one additional question regarding this self-realization? When people ask what do I do as a Sahaja yogi, I had it explained what do we do, but they ask me what is this based on to make it work?

Shri Mataji: Actually, it’s a state of our being. Ones first state is of thoughtless awareness. The second one is doubtless awareness. So you have to rise up to that and then you know everything yourself. It’s not much to explain because it becomes part and parcel of… Like, clearly, you can see this carpet. I can clearly feel when I am a realized soul about everything. So we have to rise up to that level. But not blindly.