Collective Benevolence

New York City (United States)

1990-06-07 Collective Benevolence, New York City, United States, 115'
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Public Program. New York (USA), 7 June 1990. (Q&A transcript missing)

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. At the very outset, I have to say that Truth is what it is. And we cannot change it, we cannot purchase it, we cannot transform it; also, we cannot know it only at a human level. You have to be something more to know the Truth, and the Truth is that: we are not this body, we are not this intellect, we are not our conditionings, our emotions, we are not our ego, but we are Pure Spirit. Another Truth is that there is an All-Pervading Power of God all around us which does all the living work. For example, we see these flowers, we take them for granted but see, from a very simple seed how these flowers have come up, and how we, from amoeba stage, have come to this stage. We don’t think about it. We just take it for granted.

So, it is very important, first, to understand that we do not know everything, that we do not know the Absolute Truth. If we all had known the Absolute Truth, there would not have been so many religions, so many problems, and so many opinions. So, something has to be done for us to be the Absolute. As it is, we have become human beings without putting any effort, effortlessly, because it is a living process of evolution. And the same living process of evolution is going to make us that Higher Being which we call as the Spirit. Every religion – whether it is Christian, Hindu, Buddhist – any religion, all of them have said the same thing that: seek the Eternal, and treat the transitory with the full understanding of its limitations. So, the first is to seek the Eternal. Unless and until you seek the Eternal, you cannot understand what the limitations of the transitory are. Same in the Gita also said: Yoga Kshema Vahaamyaham. First, you find your Yoga. You have to find your Yoga, your union with this Divine Power, and then I will look after your benevolence, that is Kshema, not before. You have to be connected. The other day, somebody asked me: “What is the role of prayer?” If you are not connected, then your prayer has no meaning. Like the telephone has to be connected. In the same way, you are to be connected, which is a living process, and which acts spontaneously. ‘Sahaja’ – Saha means ‘with,’ Ja means ‘born’ – born with you is the right to be united (that is the Yoga) with the Divine Power which has created us and which has brought us to this level that we are human beings. All other Yogas are part and parcel of the same (as I told before to many of you), that, when your car gets ignited, all the machinery in the car starts working, but if you artificially move the steering or wheels, the car is not going to move. So, all these Yogas which are today selling in the market are all artificial ones. You cannot sell it in the market, you cannot make money out of it, it is a simple thing that we must understand. Think of Christ, think of any one of them: Guan Yin, think of Buddha, think of any one of the Incarnations, Shri Rama, Shri Krishna, any one of them. How much money did they take for their work? But, we are bond so much by this idea that we have to pay for everything. You cannot pay for it. It is a living process. As I said, that, if you have to sow a seed, the seed as the power to sprout, and the Mother has the power to make it sprout. In the same way, Sahaja Yoga takes place. We don’t pay anything to the Mother. It is your fundamental right to get Realization as human beings. This breakthrough has to take place.

Today, I think is a very great day for me, because we are having such a nice combination of people of different varieties. And I have to tell you one thing: that with Sahaja Yoga you will get your Self-Realization, and you will know that your Self, your Spirit, is the manifestation of collectivity. It is a collective Being within us. So, when the Power that is here in the triangular bone (they must have told you about) which we call as Kundalini rises, pierces through six centres, and, ultimately gives you Self-Realization; by which it nourishes all the centres, connects all the centres, integrates all the centres, and these are the centres responsible for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual Being. And thus, you become the Spirit, and the nourishing power, the comforting power, the counselling power, and the redeeming power which is surrounding us get connected with you. It starts flowing through you. And then, on your fingertips, you feel all these centres, they are just to be decoding, you feel your own centres, and centres of others. So, who is the other? You become part and parcel of the whole. It is not just saying, it is not just the mental conception, but it really happens that you know that you are part and parcel of the whole. So, this God has created only one world. Only human beings think that we have this country, we have that country. Of course, every country that we have has certain varieties, and that was the necessity of creation because that creates beauty. That creates beauty. We all should not look like military people all of us looking the same, but that is just a beautiful thing that has happened that we all look different. But it is all skin-deep. What is Reality is that we are the Spirit, and that is why we have seen that we are making mistakes after mistakes, there is no balance in our life. Because there is no balance, there are problems like ecological problems. Then, we go to extremes in everything without understanding the limitations, we develop horrible diseases which are a curse, then, also we develop very bad habits like drug addictions and alcoholism; but once the Kundalini rises and you get fixed with that All-Pervading Power, you become so powerful that all these diseases disappear, not only that the diseases disappear only physical being, but also mentally you become so powerful that all bad habits disappear. I have seen people giving up drugs overnight, and that too, the very difficult people called ‘English.’ They have done it. Overnight they have been able to give up drugs. Now, we are powerful, but this power is of Love, so we are very dynamic as well as extremely compassionate and righteous. Nobody has to tell you ‘don’t do this’ and ‘don’t do that,’ you just know it, because there is light to see: the Light of the Spirit. Now, you see, people are claiming so many things, but the Truth is that you should find out: those who are claiming all these things – what are their disciples like? What have they achieved? What powers have they got? So, I have already told you that first, you become collectively conscious, then you can raise the Kundalini of thousands yourself. Like one candle which is enlightened can enlighten so many candles, you can enlighten so many people and that is how Sahaja Yoga is going to spread, and so many people are going to get enlightened. But, for that, we have to, first of all, accept that I cannot force Self-Realization on you. You have to ask for it in your freedom and in your glory, because this is Ultimate Freedom, for that, your freedom is to be respected.

In this short lecture, one cannot tell you in all details about these centres, and if I have to tell you about it it would be a very long lecture which may not be possible. I would say that there are so many lights here, but supposing I want to tell you all about how this light has come, and how the electricity has come, and what is the source of this electricity? You would be really bored stiff. But, the simple thing is to put on the light, switch on the light. And then, in that light, you can see much more clearly how you are related to each other. So, this is for the emancipation of the whole world, and this is the last breakthrough we have to achieve, and that is so simple. Many people ask me: ‘how can it be that simple?’ Anything that is vital has to be simple. Like, our breathing is so simple. Everything that we have achieved through our evolution is all very simple to us. Like, a dog can go through a dirty place, but human beings find it difficult, they can smell it and they feel horrible about it. In the same way, everything that is vital we achieve in a very simple manner, and it has to work out.

I don’t know if they told you about the centres or not, but it’s a long story I don’t know (did you tell them? Yes.). So, she has talked to you about the centres, so I need not tell you about it, but when these centres are put into balance, integrated, and nourished, you really get rid of your troubles. For your information: already in Delhi (Delhi University), there are two doctors who have got their M.D. in curing some psycho-somatic diseases like asthma, epilepsy…also, we have some who have been cured of blood cancer and other kinds of cancer, and also, AIDS got cured. But, in that, only your power works, not Mine, it is your power. So, there is nothing obligatory, no obligations. Moreover, whatever I am, that I am, nothing so special; but, whatever you achieve is a great thing, and that is what: I think I have to bow to you when you receive your Self-Realization. But, in any case, I would like you to ask Me questions; but they should be relevant to the subject because I have not come here to take over anything or to ask for anything, but just give you the key of your Benevolence.

So, I’ll be very thankful if you could ask me some questions which are relevant so that I will try to remove your doubts before we do the session of raising the Kundalini and giving you Self-Realization (which takes hardly ten minutes altogether). So, I’d like you to ask me some questions.”