We have come from amoeba state not to be lost

Barcelona (Spain)

1990-06-15 We have come from amoeba state not to be lost, Barcelona, Spain, 142' Chapters: Introduction with bhajans, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public program, day 1,Barcelona ,Spain 15-06-1990

[Introduction in Spanish and singing until min. 13:20] 

I bow to all the seekers of truth. 

At the very outset we have to know that absolute truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot organize it and we cannot sell it. And also we cannot know it through the human awareness. You have to become a subtler being. If I talk about the flowers and you think about the flowers you cannot get to the honey. When I talk about the honey still you cannot get the honey. You have to become a bee to get the honey. So you have to become the Spirit to know the Divine.

We have come from amoeba state not to be lost, not to be destroyed. But what is happening today? I would like to tell you that we are sitting on a volcano of destruction. We have no idea as to how we are going to be destroyed from inside ourselves, not from outside. 

If you go to America which is supposed to be a very developed and affluent country, you feel shocked the way diseases have spread into that country. First time I went to America in the year 1973 and I told them about the disease called AIDS that it will be coming but they laughed at me. Then I told them all about all the false gurus, “who are making money out of you, befooling you.” They were very pretentious people and anybody with a little bit [brain] can see that these are false people. But still in their ego they felt that these gurus are good because they can pay for them, like they can purchase the gurus. And that’s how many people got lost with these gurus; they developed funny diseases like epilepsy, like mental problems, they became recluses. It’s a very big area which is shocking that these horrible people, even Americans, started using people in the name of God and divine.

Recently one of them was discovered again and he is now behind the bars. He made lots of money. Perhaps people are very simple and vulnerable; also I think that they are brainwashed or mesmerized. With these gurus diseases like cancer and all this were triggered. Now it is said that after some years 65% Americans, white skin people, will suffer from schizophrenia. And the black people are taking to drugs. So the black are also getting completely lost into drugs and their families are suffering. I do not know how these destructive forces are so much acceptable to people who have wisdom. 

I’m telling you about it because I’ve recently been to America and I was shocked that another disease I told them about 8 years back, called “yuppie disease” has started. With this disease people who are very ambitious, who are just jumping into materialism and are anxious to collect lots of money get lost. They are very futuristic people; they use their mental activity so much that their conscious mind becomes paralyzed. If they want to walk, unconsciously they can walk, but if they become conscious they become paralyzed. So there is no balance in their life. They go to extremes, use their mental capacity to such an extent that at the very young age of 35-40 years they become paralyzed. This is not only the area but also the family life, also the children, also the society – everything is in America; and ultimately the economics also. So the country which I saw prospering very fast is now, I think, at least 30% have become very, very poor, full of tensions. And the situation is so bad that they don’t know how to live, how to exist, how to face life. So they are all taking to drugs; very high class people, the Mayor of Washington was a drug addict.

So the way we are acting, the way we are running fast we do not know where we are we going to plunge into. So the time has come for us to just stop and see for ourselves what are we facing. On one side the ecological problems, on another side the political, the economical and the worst of all, the worst of all – the social problems.

Now it is been predicted that in America within maybe 20 years time only the brown coloured people – Asians and Arabs, will live. So this is a serious thing and we have to think about our lives seriously. 

At the same time there is a seeking of the truth. Luckily we have people like Gorbachov who have finished the idea of war now, quite to a great extent. But still all these problems are there about to burst out in every over-developed country.

I came to Spain about 15 year back. At that time I think it was just out of the Franco [period]. And now I feel that suddenly it’s going up very much materially, expanding very much materially. But if the spiritual is not found out the source of these things will be lost. We have grown too much outside but we must find now our source, from where we have to get our energy to substantiate this growth.

In these modern times the problems we have, we never had these problems before, in the ancient times. So we have to now understand that unless and until we find out the absolute truth and reality we cannot continue to live on this planet. Our children will have to suffer the [UNCLEAR] of our extreme behaviour. So what is the thing that is missing in us? Is that we have not yet reached the last state of our evolution; we are still at the point where we cannot know the truth. Somebody says, “This is the truth.”, another one says, “This is the truth.”, third one says, “This is the truth.” And it’s a big fight. 

Even when we follow religion, different religions, there is no guarantee that you follow a religion you won’t commit a sin. You maybe a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, anything, you all can commit sins because there is no inner limitation; there is no inner bondage within us to righteousness. 

Somehow every democratic country that I’ve been people have, their attention will fritter away and they do not face reality: what is going to come to them, they must face it now. 

And it is very simple to get your Self-realisation, to be the Spirit. It’s very simple. Once you get your Self-realisation you can feel that All-pervading power which does all the living work and all the nourishment of humanity. 

For example, I’ve been coming to Barcelona so many years and I must say people do not understand what is so important for them. Every time for my program I have 400 to 500 people, no doubt, to see me, to listen to me. But what do you gain? You do not know that you can become something yourself. You have faith in me but you have no faith in yourself that you can be the same and you can have so much worth, every one of you. You do not know that you are capable of doing that, and that with a very little effort can make you that great thing that we call as a saint. Your life is not so cheap to be wasted away. Actually you are born in those times when it’s so difficult, you are the ones who have taken birth to transform people and to bring peace, and to bring all that is bountiful, all that is benevolent. Each one of you can do it. 

This is the mechanism within you which has been explained to you already. Mechanism is called in Sanskrit as “yantra” and the technique is called as the “tantra” – how to work out this mechanism within yourself. And then third is the “mantra”, means what prayers to be said for every centre. But all these [UNCLEAR] after Self-realisation, after you have made the connection. So the simple thing is to make the connection first of all, then establish it properly so you do not lose connection and then to know all the technique – that’s all. You become your own guru. But I don’t know why our wisdom doesn’t tell us that these are precarious times, these are special times when you have to achieve it.  

I went to Russia only two years back; I’ll tell you, Russia. And you won’t believe, you won’t believe – thousands and thousands came and they all settled down. One day Russia will be the most powerful country in the whole world. Their ministers, their Supreme Council people, they all came – they have no ego. Eight hundred doctors came to listen to me, to ask me for realisation because they’ve come to know that in India three doctors got MD in Sahaja Yoga. And this time their government has invited me. Our governments, democratic governments, they are busy fighting, that’s all. 

But you people, you should understand what is to be done for yourself. You must know what you can do with your right and what you can help to transform this world. They are running from lamp to post, from this guru to that guru, to that guru. For what I don’t know. You have to become your own guru. 

I’m sorry to say but Spain, among all 40 nations is the least number of Sahaja Yogis we have. What can they do for such a big country like yours? 

It helps you for your health, it helps you for your balance, it helps you for your mental condition, it makes you feel very dynamic and very compassionate. It empowers you, you get the powers. These are not my powers, these are your own powers. You have all these powers within you which can be used and which can be manifested, that you can give realisation to people. And in that light you see everything so clearly and you know the absolute truth. 

We have two-three thousand people in India in a conference from 40 nations and there is no quarrel, there is no fighting, such love. 

No use listening to my lectures. Unless and until you become something, what is the use? With your vibrations, with your realisation you can help your agriculture – it can become ten times more, you can help your business, in everything you become such a super personality. 

Only [issue] is that you cannot pay for it and that’s what people don’t like, I think. So many people told me, “Mother, make them pay some money so they will be involved.” If you pay some money then [you] get involved. I think you are all seekers of truth and how can I say such a nonsensical thing.

Today I wanted to give you this introduction so that you deal with the things with full understanding. I’ve been coming here for so many years. I’ve not been to the Eastern bloc as yet, all the Czechoslovakia, Poland and Bulgaria, all these nations. But will you believe that in Romania there were 8000 people who came just to a program of one Sahaja Yogi?

You yourself can be Sahaja Yogis, you can be all that, no doubt about it. But one thing: you must know your value, you must know what you are, why you have become human beings and what you can achieve. 

Only they ask questions, that’s all. What is the use of asking questions and not getting into it properly and see for yourself how glorious you are, how great you are. 

As a mother I love you very much and I’ll go out of the way, whatever is possible, to work it out for you. But you must also cooperate. But you must understand yourself that it is very important, these are the most important times in the history of spirituality. 

At the same time falsehood has come also and they don’t talk against each other at all. As Christ has said, “The house of Satan won’t speak against each other.” Their only aim is to make money somehow. 

So today I am before you and I request you today that when you are here to listen to my lecture all of you, you should all become great Sahaja Yogis when I come next year. When I heard there are 14 people only I was saying, “Oh, God. Every time I come here, I must have come here at least eight years and now [having] only 14 people.” Even in Colombia there are thousands. They are also Spanish people. How have they learned so much wisdom in Colombia? So, I request you, again and again, please feel my concern, I’m concerned for you all. How much Sahaja Yoga is going to help you, your country and the world I cannot tell you in this lecture but tomorrow I’ll let you that how this transformation is going to trigger the new age to come in. 

But today you must make all determined efforts to decide that you are going to working it out and that you are going to become what you are. All the blessings, all the love of God is just waiting to shower on you. All that is promised in all the scriptures is going to be fulfilled. And this divine power is so expert, so loving, so caring, so intelligent and so nourishing that once you get in connection you’ll be filled with complete joy and complete knowledge.

I of course would like you to ask me some questions. But questions should be relevant. Unnecessarily asking stupid questions is not going to give you any help. And if you people do not want Sahaja Yoga, if you don’t want to become what you are, nobody can force you. It cannot be forced. It’s a living process, like a seed if you put it in the Mother Earth it sprouts. But you cannot force the seed, you have to put it to the Mother Earth. 

So I would request you now to decide that you are going to take your Self-realisation and you are going to develop yourself into that greatness about which I am talking. We have got people now from Switzerland, from France, from all over. Now we have to take Spanish people all over. They are all over; they are in America, everywhere but not as Sahaja Yogis. So if it works in Spain it will work in all the Spanish people all over the world. I am not being able to understand what is the matter with the Spanish. I would request you people to tell me what’s the matter. 

Alright. Let’s have the questions.

Question: Why did you say there is no spirituality in Spain?

Shri Mataji: I didn’t tell that there is no spirituality, that’s wrong. I said that you should know that you can become very great spiritually while in other countries people are becoming. If they were so spiritual they would not have problems with them, again and again. I’m saying there is such a potential here, such a potential. You come to listen to me every time, you get your realisation and then you get lost, this is the point I’m saying.

Question: Can we lose the Self-realisation? 

Shri Mataji: Yes. With this Sahaja Yoga what I have thought of, that if you tell the persons to clear, work it out and wait for that thing to work you can only give realisation to one or two persons. So what I thought of that a system must be found out by which to give en-mass realisation; in the sense that you raise the Kundalini and pierce it somehow. So in that light you can see a little bit of truth, and some people immediately see, so you start seeing yourself. And in that way, when you start seeing what’s wrong with you then you start correcting it yourself, I don’t have to tell you. 

Like supposing, you are holding a snake in your hand and it is all darkness. And I tell you, “There is a snake, my child, there is a snake in your hand.” but you won’t listen to me because it’s dark, you think it’s a rope. But if there is a little light you see that and you throw it away. Overnight people have given up drugs, overnight alcoholism. 

When the kundalini rises and pierces through you get the actualization of the baptism. You start feeling the cool breeze out of your head, the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost and you start feeling the cool breeze all around you. It’s that power which you start feeling, you get connected with that power which is the All-pervading power of God’s love. You start experimenting with your powers now. You’ll be surprised that you can give realisation to others with your hands through your fingertips. granted first your problems are solved on your centres. So you become your own guru, you become your own master. But you must believe that you have got it. 

Once I was travelling by a ship and our captain told me there was one man who got to the fresh room and he’s got pneumonia. I said, “Alright, I’ll go and see him.” He said, “No, I won’t allow you to go there.” But I had given him realisation so I said, “You just go and put your hand on his back and ask him to stop his breathing three times.” And it worked. He was surprised, “How could I do, how could I do this thing?” And I said, “Why not? You can become just the captain of this ship.” And I said, “But you are a saint now, you are a saint, you can do it. Believe me, now you can do it. Or you let it go, he dies.”

That’s why I said you have faith in me but why not faith in you? You can become like me I’m saying, so why not? Why should be there diffidence? Russians don’t have diffidence. You should not have any diffidence. That’s why I’m saying the Spanish have diffidence. You can all become great saints, why not? Alright? So you have to correct yourself and put the put the kundalini connection nicely fixed; for which you don’t have to pay at all.

Question: Do we have to leave our family to follow Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: No, not at all. Sahaja means “born with you”, saha-ja, ja means “born”, it’s the right to become one with the Divine. This is Sahaja Yoga and all others yogas are inside it. 

Question: There must be another way to raise the kundalini.

Shri Mataji: No, there is no other way out. As you can say that the seed has to be sprouted, the same way this has to be done. It’s accepted by all: Hatha yoga, Patanjali has said the same, everybody has said the same thing: that’s the Kundalini has to work it out. They’ve seen other ways also and there is no other way, only the kundalini which is like this one [the microphone]: it is kept here for the connection. If you want to use this one you have to connect it, isn’t it? So this is the thing that is kept exactly for connection, means you connect it to something else. Like if there is a plug and the plug has to go into the socket. You may say, “Is there any other method of putting this into something else?” No, this is made like this.

Now, it is in the sacrum bone. Sacrum is a word coming from Greek and “sacrum” means “sacred” so they knew there is a sacred power in this triangular bone. Also with some people, when there is obstruction in the higher centres then you can see this sacrum bone pealing like the heart, pulsating like that. And you can also see the rising of the energy, you can see it on your back; not on everyone – if there is an obstruction in the stomach and you can see it moving slowly, slowly. This is the thing especially made for connection and kept here for your rebirth. She is the expression of the Holy Ghost. And Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother. You have the Father God, the Son of God and what about the Mother? So this is the mother, your individual mother, all of you have got this individual mother within you. She has recorded everything about you, she knows you very well. And she is the one who is anxious to give you your Self-realisation. 

Question: Many people don’t feel the vibrations and they are anxious [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: It is like one light which is enlightened, or a candle which is enlightened can enlighten another candle. Whosoever, may be very good, maybe very good for realisation, but if the candle is the best but if there is no enlightened light brought to that candle it won’t get the light spread out. 

Question: Can one enlighten himself?

Shri Mataji: No, he cannot, except for incarnations like Buddha, like Mahavira, like them, people who already know everything about it, they just get it; except for them. But there could be people who are born realised. There are but they don’t know about the technique. So though they are very good they suffer, they cannot protect themselves. And they cannot help people much because they don’t know the technique. And these days there are many people who are born realised but their parents don’t know what about it, so there is no proper rapport. 

So, in any case you have to have full knowledge. Even if you are a born realised person you have to have the full knowledge as to what you are. Otherwise one may suffer. The saints have all suffered for this. 

Question: There are some people who got their realisation from Saint Paul.

Shri Mataji: Oh, that’s wrong. Oh, my God! What was Saint Paul, that is just …. Imagine, Saint Paul was a man who was epileptic. He is the one who killed Stephen. And he is the one who has ruined Christianity. How can he [UNCLEAR] with Christ? If you read Khalil Gibran, he’s written a complete chapter on Saint Paul. He is the one who organized Christianity like this, he is the one. If he had followed Christ, what Christ has said that you have to be born again, you have to become the Spirit, he would have become Spirit oriented. But first we went – I am also born in a Christian family – first we went power orientated, Christians. Because I was born in the Christian religion I know about it. First he conquered the whole world. In India people came with a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other. Was that Christianity? All over the world. 

But thank God, I should say that they didn’t come to India and everything, otherwise I would have been here. If Columbus had come to India we would have not been there, none of us. And if you go to Chile and Argentina you won’t find one single aboriginal, one single. And not in America either.

So this is first thing. Then they became money orientated. It’s all money, business, business, business. We are not Spirit oriented. Christ was neither power-oriented nor money orientated, he was Spirit oriented. He took his birth, as you know, in a very poor family, in a carpenter’s house. He was born in the manger. And now what has he got to do with money orientation? [UNCLEAR] he just had some sort of an idea that it is a good platform: alright let’s have it – Christianity – and make some money. If he would had not come, thank God, we would have been better people and we would have all been spiritual, really spiritual, long time back. But now we have realised and now we are seeking the real ascend. The message of Christ was deviated. It is fact; it’s sad but it is so.

Question: What is the real message of Jesus Christ?

Shri Mataji: It’s very important. It’s very symbolic, extremely symbolic. We have Christ here on the Agnya chakra. So now I tell you the whole thing very nicely, about the Christ, if you want to. And he was born on the optic chiasm, at the cross there. And when you awaken Christ then he sucks in the two institutions that we have: one is the ego and one is the conditioning. He does it. We have to pass through him, he is the Gate. These people asking questions how can be born? What’s the use of asking question? Please calm down. Then he sucks in, this centre sucks in your conditioning and your ego. What actually is said about Christ – that he died for our sins and he suffered for our sins – is proved. Because when he is awakened our all sins are sucked in by him. But one thing is that he has suffered for us. Why should these people want us to suffer? Are we going to suffer more than Christ? He has suffered for us already. Like “you do all the suffering, give us the money”. “Fast, don’t eat food and give us the money.” You should think. Christ is not illogical, he is logical. You go and see the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo was a realized soul – saw Christ as a huge big thing. So Michelangelo could see [UNCLEAR] really. But there is a table below; on that they’ve put a skeleton of Christ – absolutely sickly, horrible – by the church. Can a person like that carry the cross? They want to show that he was so miserable. Why? A divine person can never be miserable. He is the healthiest of healthiest; he is the brightest of brightest. So they want to show Christ to be some sort of a tuberculosis patient and we have to tolerate it. Think about it. 

Question: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: Now the time has come for you to get your realisation and know the aim in your life; it is in you, within you.

Question: Can you achieve realisation through Raja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: Now the Raja Yoga that people are talking outside is artificial and I’ll tell you how. It is when the kundalini rises all the centres open to allow the kundalini to rise and then they close, it’s a [UNCLEAR] they call it. And when it comes here also [Vishuddhi] it opens and then it closes down so the tongue is little bit pulled inside. It’s a living process; like in a car: when you ignite the car automatically all the machinery works, automatically. So when the kundalini starts moving the Raja Yoga starts working the machinery. But the Raja Yoga they are selling nowadays is like without starting the car you move the wheels. 

I went to America first time and I saw some Indians doctors with their threads cut and their tongues dangling like dolls. And they wrote – because they couldn’t speak – they wrote on a paper to tell me that they were in Raja Yoga and to do the khechari, to push back the tongue they have cut it. And they made a case of these people so they have stopped that part. 

So by doing artificial things you cannot start the kundalini. 

Hatha Yoga also is “Ha-tha”, “ha” means “the right side nadi” and [tha] – the left side nadi, both are to be used, not only the right side. And in the Patanjali book, it is so big – like that – it is Ashtanga, means there are eight parts. Only a very wee part is the Niyama Yama out of which a very, very little part is the exercise.  

But we too will prescribe you some exercises if you need something and help you, but after the kundalini has started. Because when the kundalini reaches the point where you see that there is something obstructing we should know how to open that. Supposing I’m coming all the way and on the way I don’t know what traffic is like to that place, when in a car I’m coming. When I reach that point I’ll know there is a jam. Without going up to that point how will I know?

So, first the kundalini has to rise and you have to see what is the obstruction. Maybe you might have to do some exercises, maybe, but it’s scientific. But Patanjali’s Hatha Yoga mostly has dealt with Sahaja Yoga only throughout, nothing else. He has said we need to do three stages: one is Savikalpa samadhi, Avikalpa Samadhi and Nirvikalpa Samadhi, that’s three stages, to go through these three stages of awareness, the same as we do. 

First you become thoughtlessly aware …. No, first [UNCLEAR] for how to be aware, means now that I’m talking to you, with that you are getting aware. Second stage is thoughtlessly aware and the third stage is doubtlessly aware – then nobody ask questions and you become. You stand here [Shri Mataji points next to her] and he is there, when you have all the powers.

Question: I’m a Christian and Sahaja Yoghini. Can we read the Bible?

Shri Mataji: Of course, read the Bible, of course, but not Paul. You can read Koran, you can read Bible, you can read anything. All these scriptures are true, they all can be proved. Even in Koran Mohammad Sahib has said that, “At the time of Resurrection your hands will speak.” He has talked of Resurrection, that means he didn’t say that, “I’m the last.” which Muslims are saying and killing left and right in the name of God. Fundamentalism is against God. Fanaticism is also against God. 

All of them came like beautiful flowers on the Tree of Life, all of them. But we removed them, the flowers, and with the flowers that are dead we say, “This is mine”, “this is mine”, everybody thinks no end of themselves. If you see, Christians are the worst and they are the chosen ones. And the Christians think Jews are the worst. And Muslims think the same way about Hindus, the Hindus think about the Muslims; everybody thinks they are going to heaven. [UNCLEAR] one and the same. Because they were born in one religion they have become blind like that. 

In Sahaja Yoga we respect all the religions, all the great prophets, all the great incarnations and we know their connections very well.

Christ has said that, “Those who are not against me are with me.” Who are those? He didn’t say that, “I am the only one.” Of course, he was the Son of God but it is to be proved. In Sahaja Yoga it is proved that he was the Son of God. It is not just because he said so, because it is a fact. You really become a real Christian and you become baptized actually, not artificially. These are all man-made things, like man-made fabric. 

 Question: How do you get realisation?

Shri Mataji: Alright. That’s the thing I wanted. Somebody should say that. You all want your Self-realisation? Excellent. And then you have to promise that you are all going to become great Sahaja Yogis and you are all going to save your country. 

It will hardly take ten minutes, that’s all. And as I’ve told you, you are all capable.

There are two conditions. The first one is that you must believe you are absolutely capable and that you are not at all guilty of anything. This conditioning is too much: I’m a Christian, and I’m guilty of this and that – you are not guilty of anything. After all, you are human beings, you are not God. And only human beings can do mistakes. So first of all you have to believe that you are not at all guilty of anything. Please forgive yourself fully because if you feel guilty the centre here, left side here, catches very badly and the kundalini cannot go move up but you get diseases like angina, spondylitis, horrible diseases. So this is a myth, you have to respect yourself and not to feel guilty at all. This is going to help very much.

Second part is that you have to forgive everyone. You may say that to forgive everyone is very difficult but it is a myth. If you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything, isn’t it? What do you do? But when you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands; you torture yourself and the person who wants to torture is a happy person. So [UNCLEAR, out with him], just forgive so that he cannot have again hands on you, solved, that’s the trick. But if you don’t forgive, again this centre I’ve told you, the optic chiasm, won’t open up. It is the most constricted centre of our resurrection. So to make it easy for Christ to be awakened you have to open this centre nicely, this is the gate. And if you do forgive then this centre doesn’t open and it’s very hard for me. These are the only two conditions. 

Now please take out your shoes because the Mother Earth helps us a lot. 

Now be very pleasantly placed towards yourself, don’t be angry with yourself at all. And you have to respect yourself and love yourself because you are going to enter into the Kingdom of God.

So now, tomorrow I’ll tell you about …. He’s already told you about the nadis. So the left hand should be put towards me like this, it will symbolize that you want your Self-realisation. Now the right hand …. Be comfortable, keep it on your lap, must be comfortable. And now you sit in a way that you are comfortable, not too much bending or too much going backwards but comfortable. 

So put the left hand towards me very comfortably on your lap and we have to use the right hand for giving vibrations, or you can say for giving nourishment, to our different centres. First I will show you and then you will close your eyes and we’ll work out the ascent of the kundalini.

So now you please put your hand on your heart. Remember that we are only working on the left-hand side with the right hand. And the left hand is towards me and both the feet are apart from each other. In the heart resides the Spirit. Then you put your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen, on the left-hand side. This is the centre of your mastery, as I’ve told you that you become your own master. Now take your hand down in the lower portion of your abdomen. This is the centre of manifesting pure knowledge on your central nervous system, means by which you develop a new dimension in your awareness of collective consciousness. Now raise again your hand in the upper portion of your abdomen and press it hard. Now raise your right hand in the heart. Now take your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder as far as possible and turn your head to your right. This is the centre you catch when you feel guilty. Now please take your right hand up to your forehead across and put down your head on it as much as you can and press it on both the sides. This is the centre for forgiving everyone. Now take back your right hand on the backside of your head and push back your head as far as possible upwards. Here now without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, you have to ask for forgiveness from the Divine power. It’s only for your own satisfaction. Now you have to stretch your hand upwards and put the centre of your palm on top of your head, on the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now you bend your head properly and push back your fingers as much as you can because it has to put pressure on your scalp. Now please move your scalp in clockwise manner, seven times, very slowly. That’s how we have to do.

Now you have to keep your feet apart from each other and [left hand] on your lap and right hand on your heart. Now you can take out your spectacles if you like because you have to close your eyes and maybe your eyesight might improve. So now please put left hand towards me, right hand on your heart and close your eyes. Here you have to say, a question to be asked to me. You may call me “Mother” or “Shri Mataji”, whatever you like. Now you can ask three times a very fundamental question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times.

Now if you are the Spirit you become your master in the light of the Spirit. So now please take down your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen and press it hard. Here you ask another question three times, “Mother, am I my own master?”

I must say that I respect your freedom and I cannot force pure knowledge on you so you have to ask for it. Please now take your right hand to the lower portion of your abdomen and press it hard. Here you have to ask six times because this centre has got six petals, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge.” Six times. As soon as you ask for pure knowledge the kundalini starts moving upwards. So now we have to nourish the upper centres with our self-confidence.

So please take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen and press it hard. Here you say with full self-confidence ten times, “Mother, I am my own master.”

I’ve already told you that the greatest truth is that you are the Spirit. You are not this body, you are not this intelligence and you are not these emotions, your conditionings and ego but you are your Spirit. So now raise your right hand on your heart again and with full confidence you have to say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Say it twelve times, “Mother, I am the Spirit.”

The Divine power is the ocean of knowledge and love. It is the ocean of blessings and benevolence. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness so whatever mistakes you have committed can be easily dissolved by the power of this ocean of forgiveness.

So now raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and you turn your head to the right. And here you have to say with full confidence sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.”

I’ve already told you that if you forgive or if you don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive, if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands and you suffer unnecessarily. Please now understand the discrimination. Take your right hand on your forehead across and press it on both the sides as much as you can by putting your head down. This is the centre for forgiving others in general. So do not think of any particular person but in general you say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” It is not how many times, but from your heart.

Now take your right hand on the backside of your head and push it back, let it rest there. And now without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, for your satisfaction, you have to say to the Divine power, “Oh, Divine power, please forgive me if I have done anything wrong without my knowledge or with my knowledge.” not how many times but from your heart.

Now stretch your hand, stretch you palm and put the centre of your palm on the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Put down your head and stretch back your fingers. Carefully, please do it carefully, last time you didn’t do it. And now press it hard, the scalp, very hard. And now move your scalp seven times clockwise slowly. But again, I cannot cross over your freedom so you have to say seven times, “Mother, please give me my Self-realisation.” because I cannot force it on you. Push back your fingers, push back. Put down your head. 

Now please open your eyes and take down your hand. Put both the hands towards me like this. Now watch me without thinking. Now put down your head and see if – bend your head – and see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. It can be hot, heat coming out, doesn’t matter in the beginning. A very [UNCLEAR] also can might get it further on but don’t put your hand on your head. 

Now put your right hand towards me, please and please bend your head.