It is very important to understand what problems we are facing

Athens (Greece)

1990-06-20 It is very important to understand what problems we are facing, Athens, Greece, DP-RAW, 94' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Self-Realization, Workshop
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Public Program Day 1, Greece, 1990-06-20

[introduction in Greek]
[Shri Mataji speaks from minute 3:53]

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is and we cannot treat nor can we understand it through this human awareness.

But what is the truth? The truth is we are not this body, we are not these emotions, we are not this intellect, we are not our conditioning or our ego but we are pure Spirit.

And the second things is that there is a very subtle power which is called as the All-Pervading Power of Divine Love which looks after all the living work. We see these beautiful flowers but we take them for granted, we don’t think how they are created so beautifully. All the religions have said one thing: is to seek the eternal and the [UNCLEAR] is to be treated with its own understanding and limitations but all the religions have deviated from this path of seeking the eternal.

You are already told about this mechanism that exists within you for which you have to keep your minds open like scientists and if it works then you have to accept it as the truth.

Today I think it is very important to understand what problems we are facing. We are not aware as to what problems are propping us. Now the problem of war is particularly [UNCLEAR] but the problem that is going to destroy us is going to work out from within. And we can see in America which is a very advanced country, the country is full of problems of modern civilization and all these problems are falling up everywhere in Europe, also in Greece.

The first problem is of AIDS. In 1974 when I first visited America I told them about it, that such a disease is going to come but nobody wanted to listen to me about it. About eight years back I told them there’s another disease which is coming, it’s called as “yuppie’s disease” where your conscious mind becomes paralyzed, also the schizophrenia that is so common that they’re saying 60 per cent people in America will have schizophrenia. That has come through different kinds of experimental parapsychology, mesmerism and false gurus. And the violence that you face in that country is absolutely unimaginable. I was going to Los Angeles on the street and somebody told me that we should keep our car doors completely shut because people are just killing on the street, last week there were 11 people killed.

Also, there are so many psychosomatic diseases which never existed. When I’ve had medicine we have never heard of cancer or anything like myelitis, means the loosing of the muscle power but so many diseases now have come which were never heard of and still people are not so aware in the democratic countries, they do not know what they’re going to face now, very soon. While I was surprised that in Russia people are extremely aware and they want to know the truth, even in the Eastern bloc, they want to know the Absolute Truth. It is very remarkable that with all our freedom that we have we have wasted our attention onto something that we do not know what we have to achieve in that.

This is the evolutionary process and we have to jump into a new awareness called as “collective consciousness”. Unless and until we become the Spirit we cannot know the Absolute Truth. And all this is within you, your powers because this is within you, all these things are within you and it can work out in no time. I can really give you that status of the Spirit by which you get rid of all your physical, mental, emotional problems. But our attention is, has become so frivolous that till we see ourselves into the greatest problem we do not even bother about it because of ignorance which is darkness we cannot see the greatness we have to see. Supposing you are holding onto a snake and there is darkness and somebody tells you there’s a snake in your hand, you are not going to believe it and you’re going to say:”No, it is not a snake but this is a rope”. Till the snake bites you are not going to believe it. So the best thing is to put on the light so in that light you see where are you going.

I’ve seen in Greece there are many young people who are seekers, seekers of Truth genuinely seeking but they’ve been to all kind of funny false people and have been harmed by these lepers and they are so tired now that they find it difficult to come up to Sahaja yoga to get the reality.

You have to know that you cannot pay for it, it is a living process like the seed sprouting and you don’t pay anything to the mother earth and the Divine doesn’t understand money, it’s a human idea. But somehow they have managed to befool so many seekers and destroy them.

Another problem that is coming here is drugs and alcoholism and once they get into it they find it impossible to get out because they have no power to get out.

So it is important first of all to understand and to accept that we have to have our self-realization. It cannot be forced on you. If you care for your life and if you care for the life of your children then you must understand that there is a life which is much higher full of joy for you. This is for the emancipation of your being, of your country, of the whole world. This is going to happen during these times only and it is working out wonders. We have been working now in 40 nations. I’m sorry we came to Greece a little late because there was no one here who was a Sahaja yogi but doesn’t matter. You have to understand that it’s the easiest way to get your ascend.

Sahaja – “sa” means “with”, “ja” means “born with you”. Born with you is the right to be in “yoga” means “union with the Divine power” and that is what it is and you should take full advantage of it.

Today because of [UNCLEAR] we started the program late and any amount of topic is not going to happen but it’s the actualization of the experience which is important, which all of you should get. Of course, you have questions, I know that. But if it is possible you can write the questions today and tomorrow I’ll answer them properly.

Now these, there are so many lights you see here which can be put on with one switch. But if I start telling you all about the electricity and how it came and how this ball is coming, it’s [UNCLEAR]. The best thing to get your realization, to have your light. So everything is within you, there is no danger at all as some people have said it. It’s all a modern idea to stop people from achieving reality. We have seen so many people now, thousands of thousands of thousands, we cannot tell how many were, on the contrary it has given so much benedictions because Kundalini is your individual mother and she knows everything about you and she is very anxious to give you your second birth and this actualization of the baptism has to take place otherwise we are lost. And she is anxiously waiting.

So I think it should work out in Greece in a very fast way because you are very traditional people and the Greeks knew about it because they called this bone which contains the Kundalini as “sacrum” means “sacred”. Also Athena means the “Primordial Mother” in the Sanskrit language and they showed in Her hand a snake as the energy of Kundalini and also on Her back you see the Kundalini coming up and blessing Her.

So in the Christian theology as they say that there is God the Father and God the Son but they don’t want to know about the Mother, about the Holy Ghost. I don’t know why they try to avoid this point because if there is a father and a son there has to be a mother and this is Athena or we call it in our country as Adi, Adi Shakti – is the Primordial Mother and the Kundalini is the reflection of that Primordial Mother within us while the Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty in your heart and the seat of the Spirit is at the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in our childhood.

So when the Kundalini pierces through the seventh chakra, this fontanel bone area, which is the actualization of your baptism, then the seeking of [UNCLEAR] and the Spirit, the light of the Spirit comes into our attention. It is not just talking, it has to work out, it has to happen, that’s the main thing. I think we should have this now, the session of Kundalini awakening and if you write your questions tomorrow definitely I will give you all the answers. Is it all right, you want to have?

There is one thing that I respect your freedom and it cannot be forced on you so those who want to have should only stay in the hall otherwise you are welcome to leave. It’s meant only for people who have desire to know the truth, who are honest and genuine one.

So there are two conditions before we start the session. The first condition is that you have to be in the present and forget the past. So you have to be absolutely free from guilt, forget all the guilt. After all we are human beings and if human beings commit mistakes what’s wrong with it, after all, we are not Gods. But it is also fashion to feel guilty, especially it’s in Greece people [UNCLEAR] in a Greek tragedy. Reality is not tragedy, it’s a comedy and Reality, when you enter you’ll be surprised that you just feel joy, nothing else. So first condition is that you are not guilty at all.

The second condition is that you have to forgive everyone, in general. Some people say that it is difficult to forgive but logically whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything, it’s only our mental idea. But when you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands and you torture yourself for nothing at all. On the contrary, the one who wants to torture you is quite happy. So please forgive everyone, in general, don’t think of anybody, in general. That means you should be very pleasantly placed towards yourself as you are to enter into the kingdom of God we should be really happy about it.

So forget all the tragedies, all the guilt and all those who have tried to make you unhappy. That’s very important too because when you feel guilty the centre here on the left-hand side catches very badly and this gives you diseases like spondylitis, like angina, serious diseases. And when you don’t forgive then the centre in the brain, on the optic chiasm is closed like this but when you forgive it opens up and helps the Kundalini to rise. Tomorrow I’ll explain to you about how it works out and what is the nature of Spirit. Alright.

So I have to request you to take off our shoes because the Mother Earth helps [UNCLEAR] a lot. You have to put your left hand towards Me on your lap, sit very comfortably, that means don’t flex yourself backwards or forward. Please put your left hand like this towards Me on your lap comfortably and we have to use our right hand for nourishing our centres with our self-confidence.

Now the left hand represents the desire power, the desire to get your self-realization and the right hand is the action that you take to help the Kundalini to rise. It is very simple, Mr. Stamathis will tell you, show you how to do it. So left hand towards Me and the right hand first we put it on the heart and in the heart resides the Spirit.

Then we put our right hand in the upper portion of our abdomen, this is the center of our mastery, all the great masters have created this centre and when it is fully enlightened we become also masters of ourselves and master this knowledge, this knowledge of the roots.

Now we take down our right hand in the lower portion of our abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard. This is the centre of pure knowledge, pure knowledge is in Sanskrit called as “bodhi” or as “vidya”, means that you have to know the knowledge on your central nervous system. Like a dog now goes and pass to dirty lanes and dirt roads but human beings cannot because in the evolutionary process they have achieved a pure awareness, pure awareness of cleanliness and beauty on their central nervous system. In the same way the knowldege about the Divine power start manifesting on your central nervous system and you become the power to raise the Kundalini of others and to give them self-realization. Also we become collectively conscious to know what others are suffering, what problems they have and what problems you have.

Now we take back our right hand in the upper portion of our abdomen, then again on the heart. Now we put our right hand in the corner of our neck and our head and we put our head on the right side, looking at the shoulder. This centre catches when you feel guilty. Now we have to take our right hand on our forehead across and we have to put down our head and press it hard on both the sides. This is the center to ask forgiveness, no, we use this centre to forgive everyone, in general. And then you have to put your right hand on the backside of your head and push your head backwards on it as far as possible. Now this is the centre to ask for forgiveness from the Divine power but without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction.

Now you have to stretch your hand fully and stretch your palm and put the center of your palm on top of your fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now you have to push back your fingers right and bend your head as much as possible and now you have to move your scalp by stretching the fingers backwards, you put a nice pressure on it. You move your scalp now with that pressure seven times, very slowly, clockwise, push back your fingers and bend your head, this is very important.

Alright, that’s all we have to do. But now we have to close our eyes.

Close our eyes. You can take out your spectacles and not to open your eyes till I tell you. Now put your feet apart from each other, those who are sitting on the ground are all right. Now while we’re doing meditation please don’t get up and walk about to disturb, it’s a serious thing.

Now please put your left hand towards Me like this and right hand on the heart. Here you have to ask Me a very fundamental question, you can call Me Mother or Shri Mataji, whatever you like, it works like a computer. You ask Me a question three times: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times.

Now if you are the Spirit, if you are the Spirit, you are your master, your guide because the light of your Spirit guides you. So now please take down your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it. Here again you have to ask another question to Me three times:”Mother, am I my own master?”

I’ve already told you that I respect your freedom and I cannot force pure knowledge on you. So now please put your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. Here you have to ask for pure knowledge, so please say: “Mother, give me pure knowledge.” This has to be said six times because this centre has got six petals. As soon as you ask for pure knowledge the Kundalini starts rising. So now you have to help other centres, the higher centres, by, with your self-confidence. Please have faith in yourself.

Now raise your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side and with full confidence ask Me ten times, or say ten times with full confidence:”Mother, I am my own master.”

I want to recall you that one of the greatest truth about you is that you are pure Spirit and you are not this body, nor your emotions, nor your intelligence, you are not your conditionings or your ego but you are your Spirit. So now raise your right hand on your heart and with full confidence please say 12 times:”Mother, I am the Spirit.”

So now as I have told you before that you have to know that you are not guilty at all. Divine power is the ocean of knowledge and love, it is the ocean of benevolence and blessings, it is the ocean of joy but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness and whatever mistakes you might have committed they’ll be easily dissolved by the power of this ocean of forgiveness.

So now please raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and and turn your head to the right. At this centre you have to say with full confidence 16 times: “Mother, I am not guilty at all.”

I’ve already told you that you have to forgive everyone and whether you forgive or don’t forgive you really don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then, of course, you play into very wrong hands. So now raise your right hand on your forehead across and bend your head until [UNCLEAR] and here you have to say with full confidence:”Mother, I forgive everyone”, not how many times, but from your heart. This is the worst center we have so please forgive, if you don’t forgive your Kundalini won’t rise. Please bend your head and say it from your heart:”I forgive everyone.”

Now take back your right hand on the back side of your head and put your head upward as far as possible on that hand. Here again without counting, from your heart you have to say: “Oh, Divine power, if I’ve done any mistakes, please forgive me.” You’re not to count your mistakes, nor you have to think about anything but you have to just say for your satisfaction that:”Oh, Divine power, please forgive me if I have done any mistakes.”

Now, stretch your hand fully and stretch your palm and put it on top of your fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now stretch back your fingers and now put down your head properly, properly and now put a nice pressure on your sculp. Here again, I cannot cross over your freedom, you have to ask for self-realization. So now move your scalp slowly seven times clockwise and ask at the same time seven times:”Mother, please give me my self-realization.”

Now please take down your hands, open your eyes. Now watch Me without thinking, raise your both the hands like this and watch me without thinking.

Please if you don’t want to do it, you shouldn’t do it but you shouldn’t watch other people also. You have to be kind and you have to be civil.

Please put both your hands.

You didn’t do anything but you were just watching everybody. All the time you’re just watching outward when I mean it to watch ourselves.

Now please put your right hand like this and your head down and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Don’t touch your head but it is somewhere. Sometimes you get quite further on the cool breeze or sometimes heat’s coming out, doesn’t matter. After some time the heat will subside and you’ll get the cool breeze coming out. Now bend your head and see, bend your head, it’s better.

Now please put your left hand like this and bend your head again and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming. Again we try and again. You bend your head and see with the left hand if there is cool breeze coming out of your head.

Now please raise both the hands, like this and your head upward, and ask a question, ask any one of these questions, any one of them, three times:”Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?”, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Divine Power, the Divine power of love?”, “Mother, is this the Paramchaitanya?” Ask any one of these questions three times.

Now bring down your hands. Those who have felt cool breeze out of their head or heat out of their head and or on their hands, please raise both your hands, both the hands. [UNCLEAR] Please raise higher, I can’t see. Thank you very much. So many of you have get. I bow to you all.

Some of you did not feel. Maybe, maybe there is something wrong physically or maybe that you are not confident, or maybe you are feeling guilty or maybe you’ve been to some false guru. Doesn’t matter, in any case it will work out. You’ll feel very peaceful but tomorrow it will be nicely settled down and you’ll really feel it a big way and I feel all of you will get it. So also you should call your friends. And this is the best thing that you can do for your friends. May God bless you! Thank you very much.