Shri Lakshmi Puja and Talk before puja Hydra, Stamatis Boudouris summer house (Greece)

Shri Lakshmi Puja. Hydra (Greece), 24 June 1990 .

Today we are going to celebrate the Puja of Lakshmi And I’ve already told you that Lakshmi came out of the sea.

And Greece is the Nabhi of the universe. And whatever Lakshmi they have got, wealth, they have got it out of the sea faring activities there. So it is very apt that we should worship Lakshmi in Greece and understand what is the significance of Lakshmi is. […]

Shopping, Arrival and Talk to Sahaja Yoginis Hydra (Greece)

­1990-0624 Arrival and Talk to Sahaja Yoginis, Hydra, Greece

Bala Shakti (Girl): Shri Mataji coming now, Shri Mataji coming now, Shri Mataji coming now, Shri Mataji is coming now

Bala Shakti (Boy): [saying with excitement] Shri Mataji is coming

Bala Shakti (Girl): Shri Mataji

[Children saying with happiness] Shri Mataji is coming, Mataji is coming, Shri Mataji is coming

Shri Mataji: Hello

Bala Shakti: Mataji


Shri Mataji: Thanks, Wonderful, alright. Vibrations are enough unclear() working unclear() (Michel is coming now for …)

[Voice overlapping]

Shri Mataji: Nice, […]