Shopping, Arrival and Talk to Sahaja Yoginis

Hydra (Greece)

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­1990-0624 Arrival and Talk to Sahaja Yoginis, Hydra, Greece

Bala Shakti (Girl): Shri Mataji coming now, Shri Mataji coming now, Shri Mataji coming now, Shri Mataji is coming now

Bala Shakti (Boy): [saying with excitement] Shri Mataji is coming

Bala Shakti (Girl): Shri Mataji

[Children saying with happiness] Shri Mataji is coming, Mataji is coming, Shri Mataji is coming

Shri Mataji: Hello

Bala Shakti: Mataji


Shri Mataji: Thanks, Wonderful, alright. Vibrations are enough unclear() working unclear() (Michel is coming now for …)

[Voice overlapping]

Shri Mataji: Nice, very nice, all of them very beautiful. [Shri Mataji talking to Bala Shakti] For the puja ya, beautiful beautiful, who made your hair? Good, it’s alright, looks nice, you see, it should be variety looks nice.

Now let’s go, let’s go. Now where are you going? He is already fallen. Typical you see, if somebody falls children would go there. Like human beings, when they see people falling out of the unclear(bus/pub), they go to the pub. Same style. Same style. Starts from very childhood. Adventure you see why has he only fallen? I will also go in the pub and fall. Competition, uncelar(). Let’s go.

Hello how are you? Alright? Is it better now your hand? [voice overlapping]

Alright I am getting up. I have two unclear() for you. Alright, now let me get the mic. Come along let’s go. Niranand, Niranand don’t go that side. Alright. [voice overlapping]


Yogi: Children come back.

Shri Mataji: Hello sit down all of you. Yes good.

The first thing is to find out about the., beautiful.

This is the style we used to have in India also. Same style.

Hello Akira, how are you? I was asking what’s the meaning of Reekha? is it some meaning?

Yogini: No Mother, my name is Evridiki

Shri Mataji: means what?

Yogi: Evridiki is her name

Yogini: its mythology of Greek

Shri Mataji: All those who have already got let’s give for them for who haven’t got. May God bless you. No no not for you, You girls you both unclear() who have? May God bless you. That is not for her, it’s not for her. That’s for the boys alright? Let them go That’s for the boys and that’s all. She has got hers. Alright now come along one by one.

You feel it here? Unclear(Stacia) better you be collective, what’s the matter? why don’t you be in some collective? In sahaja yoga you must focus fast see otherwise going to be harmful, and then its outside asking for help, so some of you saw clearly, you must outgrow like me and listen to me all of you. Alright? Now who hasn’t got it come along.

And the men were deceiving the women in the Greece are becoming very strong and dominating and they don’t want to listen to anyone they are in very difficult phase, and they have lost the capacity to bear anything and have become like men now. Can’t bare it. The difference between a woman and a man is like a Sun and the Mother Earth. You are the mother. You cannot be like this. You should not. Because your function is different uncelar() But it is a well-known fact that all over the world that the Greek women have the most tolerability and worst come are the only Americans. But Americans are more sort of money oriented, but Greece women are power oriented. They just want to dominate their husbands just for power sake, to enjoy it. There’s no enjoyment. No enjoyment. Enjoyment is enjoying the companion. And you, I don’t know why, there has been not much of literature on this – how to enjoy your huband’s company perhaps. Or maybe the wars or all those things have made these women like that. I was surprised to when I came to the court at., [Shri Mataji addressing to the yogi – tell the children to be quite please] 

Yogi: Be quite children.

Shri Mataji: As the lady came in a taxi quite elderly looking. And she got down from the taxi, she took out her own suitcase from the back. And the taxi fellow just sitting tight there see. No respect for her. So, I thought women now want to be like men. It’s alright, you have it. No respect. They want to be like men alright and you be like men and do all the work like men. So, this as put an imbalance and as a result I think the society suffers but the responsibility of looking after a society is on women and politics and economics is men. But if woman’s(women) are dominating, they will have lots of problem. First is the children can never respect fathers and secondly is mooladhara. If the women lose their mooladhara nothing can work. They will make mad moves. So, I feel that the women have lost their understanding of their powers that we are like this Mother Earth and what would I do to nourish the whole world, beautify, soothes unclear() everything comes to us from Mother Earth but that powers that you have if you don’t exploit and if you waste your powers in competing with men, then you are doing something you should not do. if you start using your eyes for breathing instead of nose, you will never breathe. and there should be no sort of a competition about it. Because women think that if they put us down then we will put them down there is a way of handling men. In sahaj culture, you have to learn all this, how to handle men and how to be wise, how to be mothers or how to be good women. Now as far as sahaja yoga is concerned, I would say men are more knowledgeable I would say. Knowledgeable in the sense they know what are chakras, what is catching what is wrong, they are naturally they take more to the extrovert you can say, more to the spreading out more. Women have to be more spiritual unclear(). For that they have to become women. Otherwise they can’t, If you are a different person than what you are, then you cannot be unclear(survive). Unclear() I have to behave like women, and it creates problems.

Lots of problems in the society. And today the society is absolutely crumbling down, the children are running away, and they are taking to drugs and husbands also running after women, for that also you should say, women are responsible they want to attract every other man. Why why do they attract to other man what is the use, you are not prostitutes. So once the women starts doing all this nonsense, you see they lose the unclear() themselves, and it becomes a complete imbalance within themselves and without. Because everything is responsible. For this I must be the credit to unclear() women very much. And that’s how our society is the best in the whole world I mean societies. we don’t have drug problems, we don’t have aids, we don’t have to unclear(disrespect) everyone, so very systematic in India. Of course, in politics and economics – India is the worst. But as far as the society is concern very healthy, very beautiful society. And you could have proper understanding how to be with each other. This has to be instead of women not that in India unclear() but still the women have to be women first. If a women becomes a politician and if she is not a mother, she will become like unclear(Mrs.Hutchinson). You have to have motherhood. If you have the motherhood then, if you become a politician then you become a benevolent politician. There is a big difference between a woman becoming a politician and a manly woman becoming a politician. She will become more man. So, what is the use of having a woman then? Unclear()

So, this idea about Greek women you have to tell, we sahaja yogis have., and it looks nice to be women. I think to be self-respectable then men and self-contentable and also bearing. You can bare a lot. A woman can bare a lot. Supposing in my case I was unclear(), in my case supposing Rama had come so he would have gone to exile like 14 years he was ..yeah really because he didn’t even take it too much. Then if it was Krishna, he would have taken his Sudarshana Chakra and cut everybody’s heads. If it would have Christ he would have hanged himself finished. Once for all they have to. But only the mother can do this job with patience. and I am the only incarnation who lasted for so many years all of them finished within 40 years of age, 40-45 not more than that. Nobody lived so long because they don’t have patience. But women have patience. A ocean of patience. But you should know how to tap it. Then you can do many things. It can do many more then men do. I have seen that when I come so many come to see me, so many comes-thousands, what is so great because they see a mother in my face, they see my picture treat me as mother so they come. But then when their follower comes, they don’t want to because they think women are worse naturally, they are not bothered so it is for you to make it or unclear(). Make something to eat, be kind to them, be nice to them, so they will feel home. This is the point that-a great role must be played by women of sahaja yoga who have to look after the people when they come in, you have to make them feel at home unclear() if men are the less patient, no no no don’t say that she will be alright like that unclear() on the contrary you act unclear() and then also women should not talk too much if they are very talkative then they get bored. You should not talk too much. More gentle, more miser, miser type of a thing and – whatever you have to say, you should say supporting them so that person feels less unclear() That’s mother’s job you see. Father may be hard but the mother can say alright. It’s alright, now it’s a protection. So the mother is the protection for the child as it is in yourself unclear() so they should feel the sense of security unclear(). On the contrary if you start criticizing them, in the same way as men are criticizing unclear() so wisdom is in they were soothing them and protecting them and give them the sense of sensibility and then they unclear(). I think that is lacking among all western yogis unclear() the women are very weak they say. Why should we be weak unclear(). Why should we be strong sahaja yogis. So more love has to be developed in yourself. Not strictness, protect unclear(), not disciplining unclear(), not telling what to do but to give them a kind of security which gives them peace as if you have. And then you should not be like this also another point if women try to be like unclear() then the men don’t like it. They don’t like that unclear() You must able to work hard and give them, Shri Rama unclear() how much she can work, she works very hard compared to all these women unclear() all English and western women are in big trouble. They don’t know how to work, they don’t know how to cook, nothing of that kind, just they come pick up the bottle from the fridge put it there go back says what kind of training they have got? Unclear() in India old women are strict absolutely. She knows how to cook, she knows how to be unclear() because she know about it, she is a preserver, she is a preserver of the society. She works that way, anywhere, you take any Indian girl unclear() she will manage. They train them. They are nowhere less than you, they are quite intelligent, they are educated, everyway. And my servant was himself surprised that how these women are. I said how can they be women? They don’t know anything. I told them you see, recently. So, we are not to be men. We are to be women; we are the preserver of the society. We are the preserver. Alright? This is one thing that you must know that we are the preservers. And as the preservers we have to preserve all the value systems, all the love, kindness and understanding. It’s not difficult, it’s not difficult. Just you have to little bit change yourself-our attitude, your style and then you will feel very sweet, nice and happy about it within yourself. Otherwise, women hate themselves. Those women who do these things they hate themselves. Later on, you wander I did this mistake again I did it. The other day I was in Spain. Spanish women said unclear() no one wants to Spanish unclear(). So, I told them why is it so why is this thing? Then there is one Austrian cook, excellent cook who is one of the best books I have seen. Excellent cook, he was married to Spanish woman and he told me Mother I unclear() I can’t bear very unclear() I want to run away unclear(). He never even told her anything just ran away. I called her, what’s the matter? Why unclear() She said again I have done it. Mother I unclear(), I said why do you want to argue? Why don’t you enjoy his company? Why don’t you kind to him its nice you see, in the novel they want to do romantic things. But in practical life in their own life they are not unclear() and then for husband you become liabilities also you didn’t do this for me, talk to me, on the contrary the women has to look after. She is the one way. Of course, supposing you have to do some hard tasks then the men have to do. But mostly that is how that you can control them. Specially to make absolutely indispensable. A woman is indispensable. [Shri Mataji asks a question to a yogi- What do you say is in your language-indispensable?]

Yogi: unclear()

Shri Mataji: haa, absolutely. So you see the men can’t do anything unclear(). Now I am married for some more forty four years unclear() and my husband unclear() can’t do without me. Just can’t do unclear() because doesn’t like the food cooked by western people unclear(). Firstly food, secondly I will look after he-he won’t choose a suit for himself unless I select for him. Never. Because if he chooses a suit, whenever he wear it unclear(), what sort of a suit you are wearing? Because unclear() he depends on. If he has to invite people, then I have to look after them many times because he doesn’t know anything. So, you see in everywhere he is so dependent me. But he can’t help it. Now he got his knighthood recently. So immediately he found me out somehow. He telephoned to me. He said, ‘I am missing you very much’. I said ‘you want a knighthood why do you missing me unclear()’ no no I must know that I have knighthood now you all become a unclear(). I said ‘alright but what? You know you have to come here unclear() but I can’t I am in half way unclear()’ But this is what should happen to your men. Otherwise, what’s the use of marriage? If you cannot achieve it then you don’t know the trick. It’s not the beauty, it’s not all the we paint our nails nothing unclear(). They don’t see all these once you are married. Then they start seeing your inner beauty unclear(). And gradually you can win them. It’s very simple. But you just turned round and do this. And I unclear() I know war has done this. I know everywhere. Because of war men were on war part I mean on the unclear() and women were left behind. So, they have to do everything manly work and also women’s work alright. But now there is no war and nothing in these times still why are we with sword in our hands? No need. Now throw this sword out. When the husband comes only we are on war, poor men comes back from the war, they are in the war again unclear(). So, it is a trick one has to learn. Of course, you have every right to correct him if he has done something which is not social or which is unsocial, which is not good you can tell him. But first he must know that you are so important. And even an uneducated women in India is sensible unclear() because we have brought up unclear() how to be a good wife, how to manage the husbands, unclear() don’t look at the women they don’t go round with anyone. Just they don’t see whether you have a good figure or not, whether the complexion is good or not, nothing like that. Wife is like-as you have a child, you have your wife. The same way about husbands. After marriage what is there to choose? But it is important you know; we have had very bad experiences of this kind of things that are happening now. But the husbands just run away, they just don’t want to talk with their wives. This boy he just came after me, he didn’t even tell her I mean I was so shocked, he said He said ‘Mother tell her’ and he wants to send her Rome now. He wants me to correct her. I said she is not a child to unclear() no no in Rome, let her be in Rome I am going again to Boston, The company should tell this that they should want it. That’s the point. So if you do not have that art, unclear(). So, we have lost our art. We should get it back unclear(). And not by anything but by looking at ourselves and what is to be done. You just think yourself in the mirror and ask ‘will I like my own company?’ unclear() Alright I would just taught unclear() as in Spain that we have to enjoy married life also. But that doesn’t mean you have to become romantic unclear() either you are Romantic or fighting nothing in between. You must keep your balance that gives you the personality and you should not just get sort of absolutely nude to your husband and unclear() also but it should be a balance and understanding that you are the left wheel of the chariot and he is the right wheel of the chariot and both are needed, to be separated a bit, if you are glued together how can the chariot go or if the left wheel if you try to put on the right it won’t go unclear() so you are equal but you are not similar. This is the point one should know. And then you really enjoy to be a women. And you should try to do as much as possible for the life. As much as possible. If you just say I can’t do it, I don’t know, this that then you go on shifting, no I can do, why not? I can’t do this, I can’t do that. Also, energy comes to you when you start working. if you don’t work energy will not come. Supposing you tie up this side unclear() you find this will be thinner than this and it won’t be able to work for some time. So, while working all by, putting your attention and being aware you will have more energy. But don’t think about it. I asked Unclear() She said Mother they think too much and they think they are losers. I don’t think that Mother you do everything. I surrender that. Unclear() Simple answer. And she cooks for all of them. She washes the utensils she does everything, no English woman would do that, no one can do like she does. So, what’s the use of your hair, what’s the use of unclear() when you cannot even work. So, what’s the use? They are unclear() they are not organized, what’s the use? So put yourself to-I must learn this; I must not do this. She has been here so many days. Nobody came to learn anything from her. She would have taught the Indian food. My servant was there. Nobody learned. They just want everything on the table. I can understand Indians. Because I can understand Indians because unclear(women are servants). But the western women are really unclear() they don’t work at all compared to us. They really don’t was their utensil, they clean everything, they do everything, even he was telling me that even in ashram if these women go there, they do the same thing. They just want unclear() How can it be? He just told me. I was so surprised. I told him that you better unclear() in their childhood if you don’t work, then you don’t get your food. That’s samanyaya – for settlement. If you cannot do or she, or you cannot do this, I came from a very rich family, but we have to wash everything. We learnt how to wash the clothes with hands. How to wash utensils with hands. I remember with small small little hands cleaning the pots with my hands. I remember that unclear(). We have to. Just like as, you know that royal family in India has to work unclear() and has to learn everything unclear(). I think you have brought up in a hard way that why unclear() now we have servants and servants and servants. But still all even my grandchildren they got unclear() all the time. You are only everybody supposed to be very-I don’t know what unclear(), if you work then you will put on weight, feel better you have energy otherwise you will be unclear() thin and tired of unclear() one has to be active and unclear() get some energy and work. This is like this is the same when there are no trees why should be the rain? If there are trees, then there is the rain. In the same way when there is no work why should there be any energy for such a person? That person is a sick person so finished. Those who work only would get energy because I am working that’s why I get energy. Everybody said how do you have so much energy at this age? I have this because I am working. I want to work; I want to do this and do that everything has to be done.