Shri Lakshmi Puja and Talk before puja

Hydra, Stamatis Boudouris summer house (Greece)

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Shri Lakshmi Puja. Hydra (Greece), 24 June 1990 .

Today we are going to celebrate the Puja of Lakshmi And I’ve already told you that Lakshmi came out of the sea.

And Greece is the Nabhi of the universe. And whatever Lakshmi they have got, wealth, they have got it out of the sea faring activities there. So it is very apt that we should worship Lakshmi in Greece and understand what is the significance of Lakshmi is. Can you hear me there, all of you? Now I’ve described many a time, but, again I will describe it to you. Lakshmi is the one who is a Mother by nature. So a person who has Lakshmi, a person who has got wealth must have a motherly benevolent temperament; that’s one thing. Then another thing is that She stands on the lotus in the water. So a person who has got Lakshmi must have a balance. If he moves this side or that side, left or right side he immediately goes inside the bhavasagar.

Secondly, Her one hand is giving and another hand there is protection like this. So, at least a person who has got Lakshmi money should be generous, he should be giving and right hand should protect all the people who are working under him or who are related to him, his relations or other things or any other organizations or anything that he is connected with he should try to patronize and protect it from all kinds of dangers. The second part is that one hand of the Lakshmi has got a book in Her hand, and another has, no, second part is the two hands of the Lakshmi which are on top of head have got two lotuses in Her hand. That shows a person who is rich should have a heart like a lotus. A lotus heart is like this that even a very thorny type of an insect comes to the lotus in the night to sleep, the lotus opens its own petals and allows that thorny type of an insect to sleep in the very cozy way on the corona of the lotus so that he sleeps well there, comfort him. In the same way, a person who is very rich should have a capacity to allow guests to come in his house and to see to the comfort of the guests; whatever may be the status of that guest, whatever may be the situation of that guest, but that is immaterial. What is important is that he’s your guest and you have to look after that guest and whatever he asked for you must provide him. Of course in the modern times it’s all vanished into thin air. But we have so many examples in India where once a guest came like that and asked that he would like to eat the flesh of the child of the king. So the king said all right you can have the flesh, and he cooked the flesh and gave it to the guest.

And guest was nobody else but it was Shri Krishna. You can say Shri Vishnu. And after five minutes he called the name of the boy and the boy came running to the parents. There are so many stories. Another one is Harishchandra who had a guest who came as Vamana. It’s again Shri Vishnu to take his test. And he asked for all his kingdom. So Harishchandra gave him all his kingdom and went into the forest with his wife and suffered a lot. But in that sufferings he got his moksha and he got again complete reward of his kingdom and everything. He is very much purified.

And also there is a king of this coming to a king Shri Vishnu as Vamana. and he asked that you have to give me land which is measured by my three steps. Bali was the king. He said: “All right, whatever you say”. So with one foot he touched the sky; with another foot he touched the Mother Earth. The third foot he put on Bali’s head and put him in the pathala, in the lower world. And that’s how Vamana Avathara came. And like that we have various such examples in India. that when the guests are there how we are to treat them and how we have to be absolutely subservient and absolutely looking after. And it should be an honor for us to see our Sahaj Culture.

This is our Sahaj Culture is. But what I find, that in the modern times, people just don’t like this because people have become very selfish. But it is always reciprocal. If you have guests in your house and you look after them then it is always rewarded back, always in so many ways. In My own lifetime I have seen that even slightest help you give to someone how it comes back to you in a very big way. For example, there were.. Lenin can’t you sit properly? Is it Lenin? Whose child? Are you not Sahaja Yogis? Whose child is this one?

She’s a new Sahaja Yogini? Now if the children misbehave, we’ll ask them to go out of Puja, all right? Children must behave themselves and sit quietly, all of you. So once I was sitting outside my house and I was knitting something in Delhi and three people came and they said that, “We have no place to go to, we are refugees, and you have such a big house, you can give us a room, we would be very thankful”. And I had house which had a room which was just outside, it was in no way connected to the house. So I said: “All right, doesn’t matter. You can stay with us. The vibrations you are giving – nice people you are not telling lies. In the evening My brother came and My husband came and both of them said, now what sort of people these are, God knows, and what will they do to us, this and that, very angry. I said, now I’ve given them the house, all right.

It is my responsibility. One month they were very much worried. They cannot come inside the house. They are outside. “What is the harm, they are refugees, let them stay.” They stayed on. Actually they were very talented people. And then there was one Muslim man. And there were riots. After this whole trouble there was a riot, really of a very bad nature.

And all these Sikh people came to my house, and they said we have heard there’s Muslims stay here. I told them there is none. They said: “How can you say that?” I said: “You see I am wearing such big bindhi; I am myself a Hindu. Why will I keep a Muslim in my house? You get away from here. If you have to misbehave then I’ll call the police.” So this man was saved you see and after that what happened that I just lost them; they went away, they got some jobs. Then the lady who came, became a very great actress. And the man, the Muslim gentleman who was a poet [Shahid Udyami?]

He was a great poet and after many years, see, we wanted to make a film and they wanted this lady to become mother in that film. I said I will not ask her. She doesn’t know Me that I am here, and otherwise she will have to agree because she’ll feel obliged to Me. I just don’t want to say anything. If you want you can approach her and don’t tell her my name. So, when they went to her she said “No, no I can’t do it”, and this and that, you know. So, they said all right you come to the opening ceremony then we’ll see you if like it or not. She was saying: “I need a sari, you have to give me a sari”, this, that and all those things she was demanding and so much money. So she came for the opening of that film. She saw me sitting, she just came to me hugged me and started crying.

“How are you here? What are you doing here? After such a long time I am meeting you here. “, this and that. They told that, “She’s the one who wants to make this film.” “Oh My God! “, she said, ” You didn’t tell me. What a sin I’ve committed. I would give my life for this lady.”, and all, and they were so surprised, and that’s how the film was made. So small things you do good to somebody you see it comes out in many ways. Even if you are kind to people who are supposed to be not so good people say I think it works Like Me I was… one boy was very badly hurt: here, bandage here, bandage here and bandage there, standing there and he told Me that, “I have no work, can I come and work with You?” I said: “all right, come along”.

So I put him in the car and brought him home. So as usual My brother and My husband got very angry with Me. “Who is this one you brought in? Who is he? After all…”, this and that. I said: “It’s all right, I’ll treat him, I will put him right, then it’s all right. I was treating him, they said: “You must go to the police, you must send him to the police. Might be, he might have run away from police. “, whatever. It happened about 8 days that he got cured.

I said: “Let him get cured and then leave”. He was much better; and that day at night he ran away from the house. Because they were forcing him to go. And he took away all My husband’s money, his coats, and suits and My brother’s everything that he had and My ornaments were lying there he didn’t touch anything. In the morning these two got up, this your nephew has run away? I said “Yes, but what?” “He’s run away with all our things; our shoes, our coats and pants and your things he has not touched.” Even My ornaments, gold ornaments were lying on the table, he didn’t touch anything. I said: “This is the thing you must learn. Why were you after his life?

After all he was doing well, you were after his life.” So he has to prove that he has, you go to the police. But, this is the way you are going to do it. So many things like this happen in life. It’s so interesting to see how and you suddenly come across somebody and they tell you, “Oh you don’t remember? I have been this and I have been that, You have helped me so much.” So always if you are generous, you are always fed back by someone. Like if you open one door breeze won’t come. If you open the second door the breeze starts coming in. So this is one of the qualities of the person who is a Lakshmipathi, the one who has money to give and to protect.

Now most of the people who are rich people are extremely harsh with their servants, the people who depend on them, very aggressive and start trying to torture. But in the long run it doesn’t pay. I have seen it. See if you try to be very careful, like in My house, my servants will never leave me. I mean, I don’t know, everybody used to say: “Our servant has run away”, somebody would say, doesn’t want to stay and we have had three servants, five servants. If I had one servant he would last me till I actually died like that. I used to wonder what is the problem with these people. Actually, in the beginning they would come, they would be very hungry, I would leave everything open to them. Eat as much as you like. They used to eat everything and they would feel very much satisfied.

Then Oh! It’s too much. And whatever you may leave in the fridge, anybody would not eat it. So everything used to be open in my house. Never closed. They wanted to eat rice they can eat. Whatever they wanted to do they can do. And then they became part and parcel of the household and they started looking after everything very well. They would never steal anything, never eat anything like that, and no problems. While others lock everything, even the salt they would lock.

And count everything and very strict with the servant and their servants would run away after 3 days or 4 days. And they would have servants problems. I never had, anywhere. So this is it that one has to understand that how you, those people who are your near and dear, how you treat them, your neighbors, your friends, those people who are dependent on you. Now somebody dependent on you then people try to show down that person. All the time show in a way that the person feels very much humiliated. Then when he gets out of that house, he takes a revenge. And he ill-treats them. So this protection has to be there. Now She’s standing on a lotus, means on something that is very beautifully made but very delicate.

So She handles people very delicately. And on a balance She is. Now when people have money, they go into imbalances very easily. You give somebody some money, immediately he will go to a pub, get drunk, will have five, six women around him or if she’s a woman, she’ll run after men and do all kinds of things. So money is very very, I should say, a very dangerous thing, because, it gives you imbalance. It gives you terrible imbalance. If you have money, too much money, then you work through to such imbalances that you cannot get over it. And one has to be very careful. You must have seen people who have money, how their children get spoiled, how husband get spoiled, wife get spoiled. All kinds of things are there.

So money has a very big spoiling effect. And so she stands on the lotus and anybody who goes into imbalances, falls into the bhavasagar. Because the Lakshmi is as you know the consort of Vishnu. And She’s resides with the, on the sea. So now the word ‘Marine’. ‘Marine’ has come also from the same, because we call Her ‘Maria’. Maria is Mahalakshmi. She, the word comes from the marine, because She was born out of the sea, and that’s why we call Her Maria. Now this she’s born, this Mahalakshmi is a higher principle. When a person gets into balance and behaves like a Lakshmipathi and has all the affluence, he is dharmic and sensible, then what happens that he develops another principle within himself starts manifesting, is the Mahalakshmi.

The Mahalakshmi is the thing that you start seeking the spirit. This Mahalakshmi principle is very important and it’s also the parasympathetic nervous system is looked after by Mahalaksmi principle and the whole of Sushumna is nothing but Mahalakshmi. So when this principle is awakened within us then you start seeking. They are satisfied people who do not go hankering after others’ things do not become greedy, and we do not try to acquire the things that belong to others and all other kinds of illegal things we do for money or these people now, this I saw the boat searching out those who are smuggling drugs so that it’s all mad things because this is no use; what will they do with so much money? But, the greed goes on and on and on there’s no end to it That’s why people do all kinds of bad things to get money. But money never gives you joy, if it had given joy then people would have been happy, but they’re not. So the Mahalakshmi principle rises where you try to find beyond. Of course the Mahalakshmi principle you do get all kinds of comforts and all kinds of blessings. But you get blessings also anyway but you do not hanker after it. And you do not deprive people of their things or sort of they do not tax them with money.

You are not bothered and the money runs after you. When you are in the Mahalakshmi condition then said that Lakshmi comes and fills the water in your house, like that. So then there’s no problem. The Mahalakshmi principle is the one which gives you all kinds of things which you get all as of fame then also the victory also success, also satisfaction, dignity and Aiswarya is a wealth which is dignified. All this you can have if your Mahalakshmi principle is awakened. And then through Mahalakshmi principle only you get your realization. So now in India, for example, there are three temples of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswathi. The Mahalakshmi temple is in Kolapur, which is a swayambu means just come out of the mother earth. And is there, the principle is there. And this Mahalakshmi temple there people go and sing the song of this Namadeva’s, which you sing ‘Jogwa’ yoga pray, because only in the Mahalakshmi channel, which is the Sushumna, ‘Ambe’ is the Kundalini has to rise.

That’s why they sing the song that you be this… in the Mahalakshmi channel let the Kundalini rise, that is Ude Ude Ambe, means “Oh Kundalini you rise”. But they sing it in Mahalakshmi temple. Not in the temple of any other, Mahakali or any other but in the temple of Mahalakshmi and people didn’t understand why in the temple of Mahalakshmi these people go and sing. Because only in the Mahalakshmi temple is, in the Mahalakshmi channel, this Kundalini has to rise and get awakened. Now this Mahalakshmi principle first was manifested at the time of Shri Rama as Sita. Then it was manifested later on Mahalakshmi principle as Radha, Ra dha. Ra means energy, dha means the one who sustains the energy. So it manifested as Radha. And then it manifested as ‘Maria’, Christ’s Mother. She’s Radha herself, but She created her own child.

As Radha created, she, you see it’s all described in the ‘Devi Mahatmyam’ that Radha, how she created the form and she also created her own child which is our Lord Jesus Christ. So this is how Mahalakshmi principle manifested best in the life of Maria. And then this Maria kept quiet. She never said She was anything. But Christ did say about Her, and on the cross He said, “Behold the Mother”. Means the Mahalakshmi. Mahalakshmi… should see to Mahalakshmi. The Mahalakshmi. It has many meanings. It also means, “Behold the Adi Shakti”.

It also means, “Behold the Mahalakshmi”, means the channel. It also means that your principle of Mahalakshmi. So that’s what He said. Because on the cross He was very much in pain, but He said, “Behold The Mother”. And that is the significance that these people have to look after their Mahalakshmi principle and also they have to look after the ascent and the Adi Shakti. But this Mahalakshmi principle is there within us now awakened because they are all Sahaja Yogis and Kundalini has come up. But still we sometimes lose our balance. We go to the left or to the right There are some people in Sahaja Yoga, came to Sahaja Yoga and were making money and all that and they fell off. Even after coming to Sahaja Yoga we continue with all our nonsensical things. So if you have to ascend you must know that our Mahalakshmi principle has to be absolutely pure.

And that purity we must achieve and we should put all our attention to our Sahasrara. Because in the Sahasrara they say Mahalakshmi becomes the Viratangana. Is the power of the Virata. Virata means that, you can say the Macrocosm. Macrocosm. So in the brain She becomes the Viratangana. And there She is to look after the brain. So this Mahalakshmi principle that enters into the brain and gives you new dimensions to your awareness. And also lot of knowledge, lot of knowledge that you know and you become really very dynamic. So the first thing that happens to you with Mahalakshmi principle that you become very intelligent and you start absorbing, absorbing many things which you would normally not do.

For example, to sing Hindi song and Marathi song is not easy. But you have seen how Sahaja Yogis sing it so easily. Only Sahaja Yogis can sing nobody else can sing. So that shows that it gives you a new dimension. Also you know about so many musicians who have played before me and suddenly have become very great musicians and have become very well-known people in India. So all the musicians in India respect Me very much and they always want that I should listen to them. Also it happens in every area of our adventures. Like even it helps in your business. We have some business people who came to Sahaja Yoga, now they have become tycoons. So the Mahalakshmi principle acts not only on our financial side, material side, also on our creative side.

Become very creative in our art, in our expressions of our literature and all those things. So this principle is the main principle we have to stick on to is the Mahalakshmi principle and I’m very happy that in this day we are celebrating this Lakshmi puja, which ultimately has to become the Mahalakshmi puja. But problem is that still the people will… are still lost into these things which are very dangerous and are harmful. First of them is alcohol; alcohol is against Lakshmi. If alcohol comes from one side they say, the bottle comes from one door, the Lakshmi runs away from another much faster than. So you have seen that people who drink how their families are ruined and absolutely they don’t have any money left. Another is this what you call is gambling. Gambling is absolutely against, because it’s a disrespect of the, it is a disrespect of the Lakshmi Tattwa. Because Lakshmi should not be achieved by dwindling or by cheating or also by some sort of a trick or a play. That should not be done and when it is done, it is not respected, so she goes away.

That’s why a person who goes to races you’ll find he can never be rich. Today he’ll be rich, tomorrow he’ll be a beggar. So all these things are in Sahaja Yoga even people who play these what you call share markets and stock markets and all that. Is against the Lakshmi principle. It doesn’t work out. So the Lakshmi principle if it works out well, you can get out of the problem of money. But for that it is important that you have to meditate and cleanse your Nabhis. And the Nabhis are on the right side, I tell you, is of course is the Raja Lakshmi which is the dignity is the queen, I should say. But on the left hand side is the wife, the Gruha Lakshmi. And when the Gruha Lakshmi, the wives, are not sensible, if they don’t understand their responsibility, said in Sanskrit “[SANSKRIT WORDS]”: where the women are respectable and respected there only the Gods will reside.

So what happens is that that when the house wives lose their dignity, lose their purpose, lose their aim in life, also become very wayward and stupid when they try to compete with men. Then the society starts getting disoriented. Gradually you find there is a great decline and a decadence of the society as such. Today we find in the west we can call it a decadent society, very decadent and for that I think the women of the west are responsible. If women had kept their feet on the grounds, it would never have become so decadent. But it has happened now, it’s the responsibility of all the Sahaja Yoginis to be good housewives, to live with dharmic [UNAUDIBLE], to be kind to others, look after other Sahaja Yogis, I’ve already told them today, how they treat others and they are there to preserve. They are not there to dominate but to preserve the society of Sahaja Yogis. Now in this place we have here maybe the ‘purvajas’ the ‘forefathers’, the [Stamatis] might have been doing some very dharmic things or might have been very religious people or might have been very God-fearing, that I could come here and we could do this Puja here. So it is according to their punyas, their good things which has brought this Puja here, and I’m sure they all will be blessed here and their souls will be happy; and that they will take their birth again to get their realization. So it’s a very good thing to come here and achieve this puja here.

I’m very much thankful to you all for coming down here because it’s little far away from Athens, but such a peaceful and a beautiful place for a puja and as you see today is the first moon day, is a very auspicious day today and it’s the Lakshmi which came out on the first night of the ‘Manthana’ they say so. So she was brought out of the sea, Lakshmi was brought out of the sea. And one of the fourteen things that came out of the sea, one of them was the Lakshmi. And Greeks understood this and they worked very hard to have fleet of ships and they made their money only out of shipping activities, and so that shows that they had the idea about Lakshmi Tattwa very well. Athena was here and once I went and saw the museum man here and he told me that we are used to believe in Athena, in one Goddess. But when some Indians came and told us this one Goddess takes three forms. These are the three forms of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswathi. These are the three powers […], Also, they must have heard about Kundalini, the way they put snake form. So it is important for us to start new traditions and new behavior and a and a new type of a society, a new race that people will see and know that these are the people who are really working on their Mahalakshmi principle. May God bless you all.

Children have to come up to wash My Feet. All the children, all right. Come! This is just the beginning of it, still not there. Be careful; there’s a light behind you. My photograph is there, but photograph is missing. Vibrations here This is how what happens to people. This little light passes on to them. They are all Sahaja Yogis sitting. The lines are tying up everything.

Mother says that the lines are tying everyone. They form Omkara. Omkar looking like heart later on. Here the Omkara has taken the form of a heart. This is Ganesha. Here the light takes the form of Mother’s name. You are all become one with Me. Mother says we all have become one with the Mother. All other lights don’t show also. See how many lights from Mother and other lights don’t show on the photo.

Omkara………….. [UNAUDIBLE] I hope you have seen My last Sahasrara’s where the whole [UNAUDIBLE]. All of you should see them I think. I should carry them with Me. I know.. deities, once there are so many photographs. Temple of Athena and Surya; too much of Surya heat. Zeus. So it is very good today because after all Lakshmi is a…… Zeus is the Parashurama Avatar and the Mahalakshmi. These are the vases from Italy. Hello! What is this?

Such a funny present it is. Quite interesting. There is a door It has a center Nabhi and full of honey like you. which You have been giving all the time. What is this inside… is honey? Oh a bottle of honey. There is Nabhi there. It is beautiful. It is not funny. Very interesting.

The Finnish Yoginis baked some bread for you themselves. But because the puja was delayed, so it got dried little bit [UNAUDIBLE] Can I have? It is just a symbolic gift for You, Mother. I can have. Very good. Thank you very much. It’s beautiful. What is this for water? Sharbath [SYRUPY COOL DRINK] This is coral. That she didn’t know how to paint and suddenly she asked Me.

She didn’t know how to paint she just asked My [UNAUDIBLE] Spontaneously she painted this. She didn’t know how to paint and what to paint, and suddenly she has the Dolphins symbolize Shri Vishnu. Shri Mataji! The dolphin symbolize friendship and this is from Greek, from Knossos. Not only…. evolution Dolphin was the first fish which came out of Mother Earth. See Vishnu took the form of dolphin also. No let her also hold, come along, all the children have to hold it. Every child has to hold it, all right. It’s beautiful. This is from children?

Thank you very much. Who is Shailaja? What is your name? Janaki. Janaki come! Shri Mataji is calling. Who is Radhika? Beautiful Radhika! You have done so well! Isn’t it?

Who is Radhika 5 years? Who is Kamala? Where is Kamala? She’s not here? She’s sleeping. Who is Ganesha? From Spain. What was the fight going on? Where is Niranand? That’s Radhika?

Ah! Beautifully you have done it. Where is little Shakti? She is sleeping Where is Jain? They’re all sleeping? Who is Vidya? What’s your name? Thank you very much for the nice puja.