Feel the Cosmic Consciousness on your central nervous system

Leningrad (Russia)

1990-06-27 Feel the Cosmic Consciousness on your central nervous system, Leningrad, Russia, 73'
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Feel The Cosmic Consciousness On Your Central Nervous System

I bow to all the seekers of truth.At the very outset, we have to know that unless and until we know the absolute truth we cannot say what is good and what is bad for our benevolence. The truth is that you are at the human awareness. And at this level we cannot know the absolute truth. So we have to become the Spirit. To become the Spirit, is to become one with the absolute. Also, the knowledge of truth comes to us form the all-pervading power of love. This energy of love is a very subtle energy which looks after all the living work. For example, we see all these flowers here and we do not even think that these beautiful flowers have come out of a small little seed. We take all living work for granted. Because we cannot explain how it has worked out. Also at human level we cannot do any living work. Something that is dead like a tree, you can make a table and we think no end of our selves. Now from dead to dead we just transform the shapes  [unclear]. Because we are not directly connected with the living power we cannot do any living work. All the problems of the world are because we are in ignorance and we have no light of the Spirit and between this all-pervading power. Now you are all sitting here supposing all the lights go off in darkness, you will not know how you will   [unclear]   to each other. You are all sitting here supposing all lights go off in darkness, you will not know what to each other. So to know about yourself, you have to enter inside. Your attention has to go inside. But it cannot, because your attention is all out. Now whatever I am telling you today you have to take it as scientist would take to some knowledge. First it is the hypothesis and then when you experience it then you have to accept it that really you are the Spirit as honest people. When this power within you which is called as Kundalini rises, she passes through six centres and pierces through your fontanelle bone area and you get actualization again I say its actualization of your Baptism. On her way, on her way, she nourishes the centres, she integrates them and then she pierces through. She is the reflection of the Primordial Mother. This Primordial Mother is your own reflection, your own Mother in yourself. She is reflected in you and she knows all about your past and all about your mistakes and weakness. She is the power of pure desire. All the other desires are impure. We want something, like say, we want a car, when we get the car but we are not satisfied we want to get the house. But the pure desire, whether you know or not is to become one with this all-pervading power. This power is the power of love and it understands everything and which knows everything and which organises cooperates everything. They call that as Cosmic consciousness. Some call earth as a ‘Rooh’  in Kuran. In the bible it is called as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. And in Sanskrit it is called as Param Chaitanya. So now what we have the around us is this all-pervading power, which is so powerful and which loves us. And once you get connected with that power then all the time that energy starts flowing through you. By that you get completely physically cured of any diseases you have, because physical problems come when our centres are in imbalance. Either we go to the extremes of left or the right. As a result, our centres get exhausted. And thus we have problems of physical nature and of mental nature. Because of ignorance we have social problems, political problems and economic problems. Tomorrow I hope to tell you about each and every centre about how it affects us and how through Sahaja yoga we can achieve complete balance within ourselves. And how [unclear] and also when connected with this all-pervading power, we become completely protected, completely nourished, completely looked after. We are working out in forty nations, and the people who belong to all these countries come together as one collective unit. Because your Spirit is a collective being within you. That means once your Spirit comes in your attention, then you can feel your own centres within and you can feel centres of people outside. And also when you get your spiritual awakening then you feel the peace within yourself. Because Spirit is the source of peace. When the Spirit comes into your attention, your attention becomes very powerful. Wherever you place your attention it acts. It acts in such a miraculous manner that you are surprised how, just I have thought of it and it has worked, as if your desires are conveyed through your kundalini to this all pervading power, which is so efficient, just works it out. Now this Spirit is also the source of knowledge. Because it is a very penetrating source which gives you ideas and new knowledge about everything. For example, if there is somebody who is a cheat, and comes in a dress of somebody as if is a saint. Then you put your hands towards that person and if he is a cheat, immediately you will start feeling terrible heat, sometimes little blisters might come out for the time being and you will know that he is a cheat. Sitting down here you can find out about anyone who is dead also weather he was a realize soul or not. As if you become a Divine computer absolutely correct information comes in form. If you want to find out what a person suffering from, you can tie the eyes [unclear] and can ask a question what’s wrong with this gentleman, they will say the same thing. So there is no difference of opinion, because it is absolute knowledge. Even sitting down here you can think of some relation of yours and you can find out what’s the matter with that person on your fingertips. And if you know how to cure that person or how to help that person sitting here you can do it. Like the ether we don’t see, but through the ether the waves pass and we can see on the television anything that is manifested or broadcasted from somewhere. We can say this is subtle of the ether which thinks, which understands, which loves. But this love is unlimited coming all the time. Like the sap in the tree rises, goes to various parts of the tree, goes to the flower, goes to the fruit, goes to the leaves and comes back, gets detached. And if it gets attached to one flower because it likes it then the tree will be completely dead and also flower will be dead. So limited love is the death of love. So we become very enlarged in our temperament. An Indian poet says, when a drop becomes the sea, what can we say about it. So you become part and parcel of the whole. As this hand is the part and parcel of the whole body if something happens to this hand, this hand immediately helps, in the same way if something happens to some person, the whole force of Sahaja yogis turns to that person to help. So one has to realize that still that happening has to take place, only by saying that we are brothers and sisters it’s not going to happen. You should be happy to know that first time when I came to Russia, twenty-five Generals came on the way to give realization. Such love, and such kindness and such sweetness there is just waiting for us. So the last and the most beautiful thing about Spirit is that it is the source of joy. It is beyond the duality of happiness and unhappiness. It is pure joy. Normally those people who talk of spirituality are extremely serious people. How can they be, because Spirit is the source of joy. So one has to sing, one has to dance to express the joy. So now I think we can have a session of Kundalini awakening with all of you sitting here and I am sure most of you will get your self-realization. Tomorrow again I am going to come back. And I will explain to you many more things. But it is not the mental understanding that helps. The state is achieved beyond thought. That is the first state called as Thoughtless awareness. I must tell you that you cannot pay for it because it is a living process. Like a seed, you plant in the mother earth. You don’t pay anything to the mother earth. The quality of sprouting is built-in, in the seed, as well as the living process quality is in the mother earth. And there is no obligation for you because it is your own power. This is your own power which you receive, your own blessings and you become the Spirit. So I must say that I cannot force on you your self-realization. If those who do not want to have their self-realization should leave this [unclear]. It will hardly take about ten to fifteen minutes. It will have no bad effects she is your mother and as your mother took up all the challenges to give you birth, in the same way Kundalini takes all the trouble and she doesn’t trouble you at all. So first you achieve a state of thoughtless awareness and then you achieve a state called as doubtless awareness. And you get as a result of these powers, you are empowered to raise the kundalini of others, and to enlighten others, to cure others, to give peace to others. You become so dynamic, so compassionate and so knowledgeable. You get rid of all your fears and you become extremely active and creative at the same time very peaceful.  You can get your realization at any age, age makes no difference. I am myself will be about  68 years of age but I am travelling and I do not feel tired or exhausted, I enjoy being with you all. I must say that Russia I found to be the most fertile land for sowing the seed of spirituality. While other countries are very conditioned because they were let loose, they were abandoned and they are so diseased.Like there is a country like America there are so many diseases now in such a high percentage that I shudder to see the destruction which is working from within. So many people have aids, they have a new disease called [unclear] disease, they have also drug problems, then violence, also schizophrenia, which is at least there are saying will be 60% in America will be soon. They are so busy and entangled in their own problems that they have no time to even think of their Spirit. It is like a tree, which is over developed and does not know the roots. And the roots are within yourself, within yourself which you have to find. Only I have to say one thing to you that you must have full faith in yourself and complete self-confidence, that it is going to work out for all you. So now we can have the Kundalini awakening programme. For that we two conditions to be fulfilled. The first condition is that you have to forgive the past, because the past does not exist anymore, its finished. And your future is not occurent it’s not existing anywhere. So we have to be in the present and the best way is to forgive yourself and know that you are not guilty at all of anything. You are not guilty because this is an idea in your head that you are guilty for this and you are guilty for that. This you must know that you are human beings and if you make mistakes, it’s all right, after all only human beings can make mistakes. In the sankrit language, animals are called as pashu, means they are under the bondage of this force, and so they never never never think they are making mistakes. Because human beings have got freedom to think, they start thinking that they have done this mistake and have done this mistake. But this freedom is very limited and in ignorance in doubts. Only when you have your full freedom you are completely in charge of yourself. You become your own master and nothing can dominate you, no habits, no addictions, no disease, nothing can dominate you. So, please do not feel guilty,  because if you feel guilty, then centre of this side catches very badly. And this centre when caught up, the kundalini cannot pass through, plus you have a danger that you might get angina or another disease like spondylitis and many other diseases with this feeling of guilt. So please do not feel guilty. Second condition is that you have to forgive everyone. Because when you don’t forgive or you forgive you don’t do anything. But if  you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. And you torture yourself. If you do not forgive then centre which is on the Optic Chiasma like this is completely closed. To open it you have to forgive. Otherwise the kundalini cannot rise. Russia is the centre of Agnya, the centre, in the universe. I know you all have suffered a lot, but now the time has come for you to achieve the blessings and so you better forgive everyone, everyone in general, not to think of one individual or two individuals. So two conditions, not to feel guilty and another is to forgive everyone in general. Now the third request, especially for Russians, that have full faith in yourself. Know that you are the greatest people for this work. And also you are the ones who are going to be the most powerful country very soon in every way. It is not the weapons that makes a country powerful, it’s the powerful human beings that makes a country great. So please have full faith in yourself. 

Now, at the very outset I have to request you to take out your shoes because it helps a lot to release the tension and also the Mother earth helps us. Now, raise your right hand to your heart, here you start [unclear]   Now you have to ask me a very fundamental question, you can call me ‘Shri Mataji’ or you can call me ‘Mother’, “Mother am I the Spirit ?” ask this question three times please. If you are the Spirit, you are your guide, you are your master. Now take out your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen and press it hard. Here, again you ask me a question three times, “ Mother, am I my own master ?” I have already told you that I respect your freedom and I cannot force pure knowledge on you. So please now, put your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen in your left hand side. And ask six times, because this centre has got////12// six petals. “ Mother, please give me pure knowledge.” Six times please. As soon as you ask for your knowledge, your kundalini starts moving upwards. So now, we have to nourish our higher centres with our self-confidence. So raise your right in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. And here you say ten times, “ Mother, I am my own master, say it with full confidence. I have already told you that you are the pure Spirit. You are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this intellect. You are not these emotions and you are not these conditionings or this ego. But you are pure Spirit. So please raise your right hand on to your heart. And say it with full confidence. Twelve times, “ Mother, I am the Spirit” Now this Divine power of love is the ocean of knowledge and compassion. It is the ocean of joy and blessings. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. And whatever mistakes you might commit as human beings, can be easily dissolved by the power of this forgiveness. So now please put your right hand on the corner of your neck and turn your head to your right. Take back your hand as far as possible, now here, with very great self-confidence you have to say sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty at all” Now , I have already told you that you have to forgive everyone in general. Not to think whom to forgive. In general you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.”Because you forgive or you don’t forgive, you do not do anything. But if you don’t forgive you play into wrong hands. So it’s very important. And if you do not forgive then the centre won’t open and your kundalini won’t rise. So now please raise your hand on your forehead across and put it, put your head down and press it hard on to both the sides of your head. Here you have to say, “ Mother, I forgive everyone” not how many times but from your heart. Now, please take your hand on the back side of your head and push back your head on it looking upward. Here you have to say, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction. “Oh! All pervading power, if I have done any mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me. It’s not how many times, but from your heart you have to say that. Now stretch your hand, your palm outwardly and put the centre of your palm on your fontanelle bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now please put down your head very important and press it hard with your fingers pushed outwards, press it hard. And now please move your scalp. Here again I cannot cross over your freedom, I respect it, so you have to say seven times, while moving your scalp slowly clockwise, “ Mother, please give me my self-realization”. And put down your head, see for yourself, put down your head. And see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. It may not be very cool, it may be hot, but it will become cooler. Now remember that don’t put your hand on top closer to it or far away from it   [unclear].  Now please put the left hand towards me and bend your head and see for yourself if there is a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head. Now, again put your right hand towards me. And now see for yourself, how the cool breeze is coming out of your head with your left hand, please put down your head. Now please   [unclear]  energy of love. “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the living energy of love”, “Mother, is this the living energy is this this the cool breeze which loves”. [Unclear ] 

And tomorrow again I will be here and we have a very good centre where you can learn about how to grow and how to use this power. Also you will know how to look after yourself, how to get cured. And how to give realizations to other people and to your children, to your family.  Thus you work out your benevolence and the benevolence of this city and the benevolence of this country and the benevolence of the whole world. Tomorrow I hope I will be able to give you some photographs which have not yet arrived from England. And also tell you how to use them.

May God Bless You!