The roots are within ourselves

Ukraina Palace, Kyiv (Ukraine)

1990-06-29 The roots are within ourselves, Kiev, Ukraine, 89' Chapters: Preparations, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program, Kiev, Ukraine, 1990-0629

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, we have to understand that at human awareness we cannot feel the truth. We have to become a subtler being to understand the absolute truth. Without that everything is just the mental projection and which takes us to extremes. Hence we get lost. But somehow if we come to know about the absolute truth, there will be no argument, there will be no quarrel, there will be no war. Now, the truth is that we are not this body, not his mind, not this intellect, nor these emotions or our conditionings or ego. But we pure spirit. And there is another truth that there exists a very subtle dynamic power which does all the living work. Every living work is done by that power. We cannot do any living work. Supposing a tree is dead then we make a ?? and we think that we have done a great work. But, this is a just a transformation from one dead to another dead. But it is not any real transformation. Leave alone, even we cannot create a grain of dust by ourselves. So whatever we are today is also very limited. We have so many physical, emotional, mental problems. We have no balance in our own behaviour. We started with science created atom bombs to destroy ourselves. We started with psychology created persons like Freud to get AIDS and all this horrible diseases. Even in mental attachment we have crossed all the limits of decency, decorum and honesty. And all the developing countries are suffering today because the people at the realm of affairs are making money from relations or their attachments. So the greed of people who are supposed to be democratic has reached such a stage that they have created piles and piles of nylon, piles and piles of used cars, piles and piles of waste material. These imbalances created problems within ourselves. We have the knowledge of this grown-up tree. We haven’t got the knowledge of the roots which is going to nourish the civilisation. This roots are within ourselves, within human beings. Now here we have shown what is the system that works it out our good health and our good mental conditions. But when these centres go out of balance then we develop all kinds of diseases, all mental problems, social problems, economic problems, spiritual problems. So it is very very important first of all to open your minds and to open your hearts to understand what I am going to tell you. You have to be open like scientist, because what I am telling can be treated as a hypothesis and if it is proved you have to accept. When you understand what is the matter with you, you can get it corrected also. But to understand it you must have light, you must see it for yourself.

And if you can tell, know, how to correct it, you can correct your problems very easily. Now, there is a power waiting in the triangular bone or as sacrum, which we call as kundalini, kundal means coils. This is a force, or we can say energy within us who is a reflection of the primordial mother. We talk of a God as a father and as son, but what about the mother. It was deliberately avoided to talk about mother in Christian faith. But in the eastern religions, they all believe that there is a mother, Shakti, who does all the work and God Almighty is just a spectator. So this is the reflection of that primordial force, female force within us which we call as kundalini. And the spirit is the reflection of that male force which people call as God Almighty. But the religions as such that exists are now man-made. Like people do not follow Christ who said that you are to be born again, you have to know yourself, know thyself. They are just collecting money. Even in Islam is said that the resurrection time will come, your hands will speak. They are not looking for the resurrection at all, or Qiyamah is it called in the Torah.

In every religion there’s the essence of this that you seek the eternal. Seek the eternal and treat it transitory with full understanding and its limitations. But none of them, whether it is Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, anything, they are just isms. They are ??. They are not seeking the eternal. Anybody can follow any religion. They can commit any sins. Nobody stops them because they Christians or Hindus. They are all just the same. No ??. Specially Christians, where Christ has said that thou shall not have adulterous eyes. If you go to western countries you find hardly anyone without adulterous eyes. May in India you will find but not in the western countries the eyes are full of adultery. I was also born in a Christian family. And I was surprised they were only busy collecting money, nothing else. Now, to say that you pray, what’s the use? You are not connected. Whom you are praying to? You are not connected! You have to get a connection of a telephone if you want to telephone to God. So we are praying in vain. And then we start ?? all these three incarnations that we have been praying, still we are sick, we have this problem, we have that problem. Well, I can tell you about India that the missionaries came with gun in a hand and bible in another hand and converted people under threats ?? under threats. The whole of North America and most of South America like Argentina, Chile all these places you cannot find on Red-Indian. All killed and finished! And the so-called Christians. Christ was the embodiment of love and compassion. Thank God Columbus went to America, otherwise we would have been finished in India because he was really coming to India. All these things are done in the name of God, and all of them are fighting with each other in the name of God. Divine is the ocean of truth and the ocean of love. So first we have to have connection with that all-pervading power. Unless and until that connection is established we cannot achieve any benevolence from that all-pervading power. When this power, kundalini rises she passes through six centres and pierces through the last one called, what you call the fontanelle bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood. Then you get a cool breeze coming out your head; the cool breeze of the holy ghost. This is the actualisation of baptism, actualisation. Not just talk talk talk. This is what Christ has said that you should be born again. You believe it or not makes no difference. Blind faith doesn’t help. You have to have connection. And that is the most important thing. You are born as we say like an egg, close, and when resurrection takes place then you become a bird. That is our second birth. And a realised soul also is called as twice-born. So the time has come for all of us to get our self-realisation. As a result, we become a spirit.

The spirit is the source of light and our attention gets enlightened. Such a person, whenever you put attention, the attention works for the benevolence. The person who is the spirit is the source of peace and joy. Because the nature of spirit is peace and joy. And such a person becomes empowered with the power of love by which he can do living work. He can raise kundalini of others. He can give realisation to others. And when the kundalini rises she nourishes all these centres giving us physical, mental, emotional cures. I was sorry to hear that in this area there are many patients suffering from leukaemia, the blood cancer. This can be cured very easily if kundalini can rise and can be fixed ?[up]? . Day before yesterday ?? there was a lady suffering from multiple sclerosis and she came to see me. I.. I didn’t do anything, just raised her kundalini. And she could not even sit, not walk, she was in very great pain. I raised her kundalini and fixed it up and I asked her “you are alright now, get up ! “. She could not believe. I said “Get up and walk. You have no disease”. She got up and started walking so fast that everybody started laughing. 🙂 So, the one who has created this world is not doing ?? to destroy. I want to say that the time has come for us to be completely resurrected. Thisis the last judgement. And you will be judged by your own kundalini. And then once you get your self-realisation and you are absolutely settled down in Sahaja yoga, there is no question of any disease coming to you, no question of any problem coming to you. You are, first of all you have waters, so you are afraid of whales. Then you get on to the boat then you can watch the whales. But in the beginning the faith is not there, you still believe that you are in the water. Then you go to the shores and learn how to swim. Then you can save many people from drowning. So please have faith in yourself that you all could be resurrected and could be out of danger of everykind for ever. This is most important. All these countries Russia, Ukraine any place, these are special places of spiritual awakening I feel. Once you are spiritually strong you become rid of all of your ??, all of your diseases, everything and you become a strong personality. And it is not the weapons that makes the country strong, but, it is, it is only the powerful compassionate human beings that makes the country strong. You will see within very short time, that your country will become a very strong country. You must take to the Sahaja yoga first. And don’t run after false gurus and false people. You experience yourself, have faith in yourself and then grow. You have faith in me and so you are here. But have faith in yourself. I fee lyou all can grow into great personalities. And dont just come for getting cured. Today I will cure you of one disease, tomorrow you will get hold of another one. But if you get your self-realisation and if you get fixed today then you will be cured automatically. And you will be cured for ever because these are special times; and blossom time I cal it. So many flowers have become fruit. I am sure it will work out in Kieve and all of you will become great trees of the small seed that I mean sown. I am sorry I am here only for one day, I am ?? on a world tour and I cannot, could not give much time to Kiev. But, next time I hope to be her for much longer period. I bless you all from my heart.

?? is here to answer any question. But even if you get answer, it does not mean you will get your realisation. This is all a mental activity. You have to have your realisation. So it is really useless to ask questions. Your aim should be to have your self-realisation.

Now this is a thing he has written that on one side we have to open our chakras and this and that and is saying it is very dangerous.

Both things are correct. First if you are not a self-realised person, first your kundalini is not awakened, if you try to do all these things, is dangerous. Because ?? we don’t know what you are doing. As they do it in rajyog, so called rajyog, ?? and this hatha yog and all these things. ??. First get your kundalini rise, you get your light and in that light you can do it. Its written in the Vedas, vida means to know on your central nervous system; its like bodha. Now, it is ?? that first you get your self-realisation and after getting your self-realisation then you should know mantra, yantra and tantra. Mantra is the sounds that have to be used after getting realisation, again after getting realisation. Mantras are the sounds of the chantings we use for opening the centres and yantra means this mechanism (pointing towards chart). You must know this mechanism. And tantra, tantra means the technique.So, these things are to be known after you have got realisation. And to be practiced after that, not before that.

Who say mother get rid of all kinds of diseases, we have, after my program, we call them here and there are doctors who encounter them.

So we will now discuss the questions about the diseases.

Q: ???

Shri Mataji: You see if you go round and round with your heads, you wouldn’t get your kundalini out there I am telling you. Now, don’t unnecessarily go into all this mental ??. Too much confusions they are.

Q ??

Shri Mataji: You read all kinds of books and come and ask the questions, what’s the use?

I am write in to ask questions because that shows you are free people, you are not mesmerised. That doesn’t mean go on asking stupid questions wasting your??.

Q: ??

Shri Mataji: Hare Krishna has no power. But if you get connected then it has.

Q. ??

Shri Mataji: Alright, is a good thing that somebody has asked that his should be clean ?? to kundalini.

??? . Sahaja yoga is the real Christianity, the real Islam, real Hinduism. Its not aritificial. So Christ resides in the agnya chakra, optic chasma, and he is door. Without him we cannot work out kundalini. You have to awaken Christ. Once you awaken Christ then he sucks in our two institutions which we call as our conditioning and our ego. Because he died for our sins. So you are the one who would be connected with Christ; not vby the ?? on your head who just puts water on your head and say you are baptised. Its not actualisation. So you become real Christians and not like others who can commit any sins, who can do any cruelty.

Q ??

Shri Mataji: There is somebody who is doing foot soaking. Foot soaking definitely helps. Its like bathing. Soonce you start doing it will not be ??. Its very nice. As you brush your teeth, you soak your feet also before sleeping. Its good for you and you start enjoying it. After realisation the water element gets enlightened and sucks in all your problems. Even the mother earth suck in

Q. Request give realisation. (from Zimbabwe)

Shri Mataji: Thats good.

So you all want the selfrealisatiion. For one or two persons we should not prolong.

The first condition is that you have to forget the past. That means, that means you have to know that when you are sitting here you are not at all guilty of anything. You are not guilty of anything whatsoever. Not to feel guilty because it is a myth. You are human beings and if you make mistakes doesn’t matter. Because you are not false. It is ?? alright than you have made some mistakes, alright. You are ?? human. So feeling guilty is not at all a very healthy sign. Because this alpervading power is an ocean of forgiveness. And whatever mistakes you have committed it is quiet capable of dissolving it. So it is important , we call it, if you feel guilty this centre here between the shoulder and your neck gets spoilt or gets imbalanced. As a result of that you get diseases like spondylitis, angina and sometimes cancer also. So please forgive youselves and be pleasantly placed towards yourself. I would say as I love you, you have to love yourself.

The second condition is that you have to forgive everyone in general. Not have to think about any individual but just to forgive everyone in general. Because whether you forgive or don’t forgive you are not doing anything. But it is again another myth and you are carring on with it. Thus you play into the hands of very wrong people and torture yourself unnecessary. But it has much deeper significance. The centre of agnya as I showed you, is all completely blocked if you do not forgive, and the kundalini wouldnt rise through this constricted centre. But if you forgive it will open out. So now we have to understand that there are two powers within us, one is the power of desire and another one is the power of action. So we have to put our left hand towards me and put both the feet apart from each other, touching the mother earth. Those who are sitting on the ground are alright. There is room they can sit if they like there is room. Alright. Now, we have to use the right hand for the action on left hand side to nourish our centres. First we will show you how to do it. Dr. ?? will show you. Alright. So, put your left hand towards me symbolising your desire to have your selfrealisation. 57.24 And the right on the heart. In the heart resides the spirit. The seat of the spirit is on the fontanelle bone area, on top. Then we will move our hand in the upper portion of our abdomen on the left hand side. And this is the centre of our mastery. Now take our hand in the lower portion of the abdomen on the left hand side. This is the centre of pure knowledge that manifests on our central nervous system and gives us a dimension of collective consciousness. By which we can know our centres as well as centres of others on our finger tips. Now raise your hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. Now on to your heart. Now we have to raise your hand in the corner of our neck and our sholder; like this from the front as back as possible. And turn your head to the right. Now we have to take our hand on the forehead accross. And press it on both the temples. And please bend your head fully. Now, this is the centre where we have to forgive everyone in general. Now please take your hand on the back side of your head and put your head up (look up). Thisis the centre for asking forgiveness from this all pervading power. Please stretch your palm fully. And your palm. Put down your head please and put the centre of you

. Now please bend your head properly and push back your fingers. This is very important to have a full pressure on the scalp of your head. Now press it hard and move it slowly seven times. Very slowly seven times. Clock wise. Move the scalp. Thats all we have to do.

Now we have to close our eyes. Put your left hand towards me and the right hand on your heart. Please put both your feet apart from each other. Now please close don’t open your eyes till I tell you. Now you have to say or you have to ask me a very fundamental question to me, you can call me Shri Mataji or you can call me mother. Ask this questio three times, “Mother Am I the Spirit ?” If you are the spirit you are the master, you are guide, you are light. So now please put your right hand in upper portion of the abdomen. Here ask another fundamental question, three times; “Mother am I my own master?” I respect your freedom and I cannot force pure knowledge on you. So now take your right hand in the lower portion of the abdomen and here you say “Mother please give me pure knowledge” say 6 times, as this centre has got 6 petals. As soon as you start saying and ask for pure knowledge, the kundalini starts moving upwards. So now we will nourish the higher centres.
So now ?? . So now, raise your right hand in the upper portion of the abdomen on he left hand side. And here please say 10 times “Mother I am my own master”. Say it with full confidence. I have already told you at the very outset that the truth is that you are the pure spirit. So now raise your right hand on your heart, and say 12 times with full confidence “Mother I am the spirit”. This all-pervading divine power is the ocean of knowledge and truth. It is the ocean of compassion and bliss. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So you cannot do any mistakes which cannot be forgiven by this powerful ocena of forgiveness. Now put your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right. Here with full confidence you have to say 16 times “Mother I am not guilty at all”. I have already told you that whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. It is a myth. But if you forgive then you play into wrong hands. And you toruture yourselves while the person who as trouble you is quiet happy. But don’t think of any individual, don’t think of any particular incidence. Now you raise your right hand on your forehead across and press it on both the temples. Now, put down your head. And here you have to say, from your heart, not how many times “Mother I forgive everyone“. Do it in general. Now take back your hand on the back side of your head and press back your head as far as back a spossible. Here only for your satisfaction without feeling guilty, without counting mistakes, you have to ask forgiveness from the all-pervading power “Oh All Pervading power please forgive me,if I have done any thing wrong knowingly or unknowingly.” Say it from your heart again, not ??. Now the last centre which is very important. An you have to do everything ??. Now please stretch your palm fully and put the centre of the palm on the top of your head, on the fontanelle bone area. The soft bone in your childhood. Now put down your head nicely. Stretch back your fingers as far as possible. Put a pressure on your fontanelle bone area on your scalp. Here say, I cannot cross your freedom. I respect you. So your have to ask for your self-realisation. So now move your scalp clockwise with a pressure saying seven times “Mother please give me my self-realisation” moving clockwise seven times. Now please take down your hands. Please open your eyes. And put both the hands towards me, like this. Now put the right hand towards me and put down your head and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. It might be hot. You should forgive so it becomes cool. Now, please put left hand towards me, and see with the right hand if there is a cool breeze coming out. Now again the right hand. again the right hand towards, put down the head and see if there is a cool breeze coming or hot breeze coming out of your head. Now please put your hands towards the sky and look upwards. Ask this question three times

. The whole of Kiev. So please attend all the programs we have for follow on. Now, people who are seeking should come slowly this side and there will be music. You can clap with it and enjoy. Plus be seated in your seats. We are going to give you photographs when you are sitting down.
After getting the photograph please come here. After getting the photograph. Please be quiet. Please give photographs every where.Please be seated. Please be seated.