Interview about Sickness

Meli Ashram, Vienna (Austria)

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Interviewer: And one question still please, is sickness. For me, it is very difficult to understand, what is the sense of sickness for one who.. I don’t know, what’s the reason, that… and how it can be healed with Kundalini.

Shri Mataji: You see, sickness comes to you as I told you, through our centers getting exhausted. As this is one center, all right, on the left side, left sympathetic, and right sympathetic, and they join together, this is the center. So we are using the energy of this center, that is limited, for our purpose, anything. Supposing, I’ll give you an example of – a very good example – of one’s Swadisthan chakra. It’s the second center, which looks after the aortic plexus – in the medical terminology. But it’s not complete, I mean it’s one of the parts. Now the work of the Swadisthan chakra, according to Sahaja Yoga, which has worked of course wonders with this theory, that it gives energy for the replacement of the brain cells. Because we never think about it. We are using the brain all the time we don’t think, how it is replaced, even within the medical science, they don’t think about it. So one of the work it has got, it moves here. And also it has to look after your liver, it has to look after your pancreas, it has to look after spleen, it has to look after your kidneys, it has to also look after the lower part of your large intestines. Allright? Now. But all the time a person is thinking. These days every body thinks too much and very futuristic. As a result, it cannot pay attention to all other things. So what happens, the first thing is affected, is the liver. Now, liver gets all the heat from the whole body, and eliminates it – it’s poison for the body you can say – eliminates it into the blood circulation, it goes into the blood. Now when, you see, liver is not attended to, or doesn’t get sufficient energy, starts working very hard, so it becomes overactive liver, and this heat cannot be removed, so the heat starts rising upward and downwards. As a result, your – these, what you call – the lungs are made as you know, they are made like a sponge. So it becomes coagulated and you develop asthma. We cure asthma through liver. Incurable. Then it descends down. When it descends down, it affects your kidneys. By that you get high blood pressure. Also, the another thing you get is constipation. Then your pancreas is neglected. When pancreas is neglected, you get diabetes. Only the people who are thinking, sitting, planning for future get diabetes, never a villager. In India, if you go to a village, they’ll say, “You have to put sugar as much, that the spoon must stand at right angles.” They take so much sugar. Nobody gets diabetes, because they earn in the morning, nicely go home and sleep off. When we think and think and think of the future. So the neglect of the pancreas gives you diabetes. Now we have many people who have cured of diabetes also. Then the third one is the worst, is the spleen, that the spleen is like a – you say rhythm, gives the rhythm. Iit’s a speedometer in us. And supposing you are eating the food and suddenly you have to run, then you get a pain, because it has to produce red blood corpuscles. But if you are always in an emergency in modern times, as you are, first of all you read the newspaper, you are under shock. Because newspaper must shock you, you see. So, then another shock, then another shock. Then in the traffic, you get a shock. So this poor spleen doesn’t know, how to behave in this crazy world. And it becomes very crazy and vulnerable. And with the slightest shock, it can get blood cancer. I must tell you, that we have cured really blood cancer patients. Absolutely cured, completely cured, without any medicine or anything, absolutely cured. We have certificates and everything about them, and surprisingly, all of them were architects. This is one. Then, another thing as I told you, it affects the kidneys and it affects also the lower intestines. So, only one center, if you use it too much for one purpose, can give you all these troubles. And ultimately the heat might rise to your heart and you may have a massive heart attack. Specially, if young people, if they are drinking too much, if they are playing tennis or of a very – I mean, any game which is like football or tennis, drinking too much and thinking too much, they might get a massive heart attack. And die very young, at a very young age. And it’s absolutely fatal. If you get this attack at a young age, it’s fatal. You cannot save them. The other way round, if you are – if you have inactive organs also, you can have inactive, also due to that, also you get troubles. So when you treat somebody on its roots, it’s very easy to solve the problem. See, supposing you have to treat a tree and you start treating all the leaves, it’s very difficult. But if you can go to the roots, it’s so easy, it’s simple. Come here, I’ll just cure it, just now. What’s the problem.

Yogi: The doctor say, he has polyarthritis, but they are not sure.

Shri Mataji: You see, doctors are allright, but what I’m saying.. What happens to your hand? Let me see.

Yogi: It pains. My english is not so good, so….

Shri Mataji: All the time?

Yogi: Some days better, some days not so good. I can’t close the finger.

Shri Mataji: Both the hands? What work you do?

Yogi: He is creating plants and flowers out of silk.

Shri Mataji: Of real silk or artificial silk? Real silk or artificial silk?

Yogi: Artificial.

Shri Mataji: That’s it. Artificial silk acts against us, you see.

Yogi: Mother, I am not really working with that, so I don’t have it in the hand all the times.

Shri Mataji: But how do you make them?

Yogi: He is selling them.

Shri Mataji: So you don’t make them? How long you had this trouble?

Yogi: Since half a year or a year. Even on the feet.

Shri Mataji: Even on the feet. It’s a kind of an allergy, you have. All these artificial things give allergy also. You must know that. They give allergy. Some people are allergic to everything. They are allergic to nylons, to anything. Why don’t you sell the real flowers?

Yogi: I also sell real flowers.

Shri Mataji: That will solve the problem.

Yogi: But I know another guy, he also has the same, and he is working in a factory for tools.

Shri Mataji: No, but he may not be sensitive, you see. You might be more sensitive. Some people have some allergies, some people don’t have. Depends on the virus in your being, you see. So it’s allright. Somebody is allergic to something, somebody to something. He may not be. But if you are allergic to something, better not do it. That’s the point. Sit comfortable. You are better now, you will see. Are you not better? Can you put it under my feet? They are stronger than my hands. No, but he’ll have to give up this kind of a thing, you see. He should take to something natural, would be better. Some people are allergic to something, some are allergic to something, it’s a fact. And one should just find out, what are you allergic to. But with Sahaja Yoga your allergies also disappear. Completely. Takes little time, but disappears. Did you smoke also? Never? Now what is it? Heart. Right heart? Are you all feeling right heart? Been to some Guru or somebody? Never? See your hands. Are you feeling better now? The doctors are saying it is arthritis? No, it’s just an allergy. You didn’t go to any Guru or anyone? Never? Because with them also you develop allergies. You never had them in childhood these allergy?

Yogi: I did a lot of sports. Sports? What sports? Even the tennis, you see, if you see the racket, it’s grip, sometimes it’s not leather. So you not have been to any Guru, to anyone like that? Like to find out the reason for this problem. You sure, you not been to anyone like that? You see, the Kundalini has to rise, to get you allright. If it doesn’t rise, it won’t work out, so we have to rise the Kundalini. Feeling the cool now? Are you feeling the cool? In your hand? Then it’s allright. Now see on his head. Right to the left you put it, he’ll be allright. Is better now? Left Swadhistan. Was there any emotional shock to you sometimes? Vishuddhi is such a lot here. You can see it pulsating there. Let him come and have a look. You see the pulsation? That’s the Kundalini, is pulsating. Is so clearcut. You can come and have a look. She shows, you see, that this is the problem. It has to rise, you just put it on his neck. Can you put his neck right? Pulsation is there still. Some sort of a virus it is, a kind of a virus. Put your hand on the Agnya, then it might rise this pulsation. On the Agnya, on the back Agnya. You should sit comfortable, it’s better for us. Left swadhistan? You put something there, candle or something, small candle. You not been to anyone like that? You been to catholic church? Y: I don’t know, no. Just try to remember. You can raise his Kundalini. Pains? Equally the same? Or less? Now less. Better? Yes, is better. This is the one, which is also bad in you, is because of your wife, you see. And that’s what you have to do, is to use the candle. Is the candle and they will tell you how to do it. And it will be allright, because what is it, you see, there’s a left side virus you have got. Virus, infection. And for the virus you have to use the light. Light. Light is more than the heat. Is not the heat, is the light, that will help you a lot. They’ll tell you, how to use it, it will go away. Improving now. That’s why it helps you. In the medical science they never use light as such, you see. For all these troubles, left sided problems, we.. We even cure cancer with candle, and – but takes time, but we cure cancer, plus all these psychosomatic diseases. We have to use only candles. The light has to be used. Left nabhi is too much. See, the candle also reacts. It reacts. See how the candles react. Better than before, much better. You see the thing is, that you have to work it out with the candle, they’ll tell you, it’s very simple. But you have to give little time to yourself, that’s all. Usual is the left side, as we call it, is the virus. A kind of a virus in you, that has to go away. Once the virus is cured, you are allright. Yes, very good, there is no pain also. But what you have to do now, is to really work it out. It will hardly take two, three times and you can be cleared out. Just two, three times. Two, three times will be allright. It’s just a virus infection. What you call the allergy. Allergic condition are nothing, but viruses. And these viruses are the plants and things, that have gone out of the circulation of evolution. So they live on the left side, in the collective subconscious, you see? The area, which was built in. And they attack you. Once they attack you, then medical cannot cure it, you see. It’s a psychosomatic trouble. And now in his case also same thing. Only the candle can cure it. With candle, they will tell you how to use. You have to use my photograph. Allright? You’ll be allright. It’s nothing special. This hand, is it better? See, the other hand also. That is better. So your left side is problematic. Now better. But don’t sell these artificial things, because you see, allergy could be from nylons, from anything, I mean people get with nylon – they get rushes, you know, so many allergies are there due to these artificial things. You ask any doctor, they’ll tell you, so many types of allergies are there. Endless, absolutely endless. May God bless you. And his vishuddhi has improved. So you please see them and they’ll cure you completely, your feet, everything will be cured completely. Completely cured, there’s no problem. And doctors also know, that they cannot cure virus trouble, they know that, isn’t it? Virus is incurable, they know it very well. Do you know, that cancer and all the psychosomatic troubles come from viruses. They are all viruses, different types, that’s all. And if you can just get your attention away from them, you are allright. Sahaja Yoga is that. If you move towards the left, you go to the collective subconscious. There are all those things, which have gone out of the circulation of evolution, are there. But if you can some or other pull out your attention, you get cured. Same on the right side also you can have problems. But for psychosomatic troubles only this candle treatment helps a lot. It’s a wonderful thing. Better now? Give him a lemon in his hand. Yes, Sir, hold it tight.

Yogi: Like a tennis ball. Tennis is a very strenuous game, isn’t it? But now only sixteen year old people are playing tennis, so nobody can stand them.( ?) Any more question? Only thing, I hope you’ll give a good exposition to the whole thing so that people will be helped. We have to help them, you see. This is needed, that reality must be brought to them. That is the greatest work today, that they should know the reality, they should know that they all can be saved and things can worked out, you can enjoy everything. And should be given a proper publicity. I think, the newspapers are the ones, who have the responsibility. Very great responsibility. If they fail now, they’ll be blamed for it. Because that’s the communication, you see, that’s the only communication we have. Another is television. That’s another thing. In Russia they made a film out of me, they made this, that, everything,.. that even the villagers know me, everybody knows me. I’ll tell you a miracle. I had their visa and the visa is just a paper, you see? And it was lost, because I was travelling from places to places. When I went there, I had no visa with me. The gentleman.. I have a diplomatic passport. So I started looking at it – there’s no visa – what to do. So I gave it to the gentleman. I said, you please.. I have lost my visa somewhere, I don’t know where. Just smiled at me. He opened it, he saw my photograph and all that. You know what he did, some telephone somewhere, he smiled he wrote the visa there only and gave it to me. Can you believe it, such a thing. Russia. He himself only, he smiled at me, he wrote it down my visa and gave it to me. And Guido was so worried, because Guido there went.. First he said, I am Her secretary, he went inside, he was allright. But it was diplomatic passport. They said allright, secretary can go in. But he ask me to stop. I said , I’ve lost my visa and gave him the passport. And he wrote it down himself. That’s why, there is a lot of freedom there. If you don’t do with the politics, it’s a lot of freedom. Lot of freedom, that way. Over there, so kind, you have no idea. And the government sent me a limousine. And arranged my stay in a hotel, then in a boat. And they got 800 doctors, this you don’t know? There was a conference of 800 doctors from allover Russia. And I addressed to them for one and a half hour, then they said, “Now give us realisation.” They all got realisation. They wanted the photographs. I said, I have no photograph of mine. So they made me stand, got a photographer, got my photograph. Really, I mean you won’t believe, it’s another world. They are all already Sahaja Yogis like that, the way they understand. It’s remarkable, I tell you. I said, who will translate me, there were ten people, who got up. It’s like that. It is tremendous. Any number of you people can come, they’ll give you visas, they’ll look after you, you can stay, it’s absolutely in the best places. Whatever, any number of sahaja yogis. As long as you have the badge. Can you imagine such a country, the whole country. With what understanding. Tremendous. Newspapers, televisions, every village, everywhere they know me. Some people had gone to purchase something, and they were wearing my badge. So some villagers said – they got after them ,” Give us the badges. We want Mother’s badge.” So, they said, we haven’t got it. They said, “No, you have to give it.” So they came back, took some badges and gave it to them, otherwise they would not spared them. Such love, I tell you. Such love.

Yogi: Shri Mataji, we can just pray, that this happens once also in Austria. If it will happen anywhere in Europe, it will be in Austria. That I know. Because Austrians are you see quite in a balance, between Germany and other european countries, they are quite in balance. If it ever happens in that big way, it will be in Austria, I know that. Allright, thank you very much. Please have something to drink or eat or something, please. You give him the treatment, before he goes, allright?