Doctor’s Conference

Moscow (Russia)

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Doctor’s Conference. Moscow (Russia), 2 July 1990.

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I bow to all the seekers of truth.
In the medical studies, whatever we have discovered so far is there already, available. And whatever we can discover with human awareness has its own limitations.
Supposing- it is said that the human body does not accept any foreign body or foreign thing into its being, but when the foetus is implanted, then it is looked after, it is not thrown out. It’s looked after and thrown out at the right time.
Also the mode of the acetylcholine and adrenaline in our body- mode of action- cannot be explained because sometimes they augment and sometimes they relax.

We cannot even explain the action of our spleen, there are so many things that cannot be explained through medical achievements. So we have to know that there’s much to be known and much to be found out. So, I would like you all to know something of the beyond which is not known so far. And for you, I would request to have an open mind of a scientist to see for yourself if it is true or not. Till then it is like a hypothesis. So, Sahaja Yoga gives you the complete picture, total picture of the totality of consciousness. And as you grow higher and higher in Sahaja Yoga, you yourself understand and then can work out this great system.

First, we have to accept that we are not only this human body, nor our emotions and neither our ego and conditioning. But we are the Spirit, the pure Spirit. And another thing that one has to understand, that there is an All-pervading Power of love which does all this living work of creating flowers, creating fruits, and making us human beings.

Of course, in science, there is no place for love as such, it doesn’t talk of love. But, even the doctors have to love the patients otherwise they cannot dedicate. So, first, the doctor has to become the Spirit and has to feel the cool vibrations around him, which are the proof of this All-pervading Power of love. Now, this is the instrument [chart of the chakras] which you have to use, first of all for cleansing yourself and for cleansing others.

In the medical terminology, we can say that it’s the parasympathetic nervous system which is looked after by the central channel and the left and right is looked after by two more channels.
According to Sahaja Yoga, left and right sympathetic are two separate energies. The left one is the one which comforts us, the right one is the one which counsels us and the centre one is the one which redeems us. So, all this is after Realization, because you have to have the connection.
Now, in human beings, the centres are in the spinal cord and also in the brain. And they are formed like this from the left and the right, and both put together is the central system. The triangular bone in which this Kundalini resides is called as sacrum, as you know. ‘Sacrum’ means ‘sacred’ so the Greeks knew about it and they put that word in the medical terminology also ‘sacred’.

So, according to Sahaja Yoga, we are actually, basically, three types of people. Firstly, either we go to the left or to the right. Left side is our desires that have worked out and also whatever doesn’t work out goes into our subconscious on the left side, and then into the Collective Subconscious. We can say that it looks after our psyche. It starts from down below there [from Mooladhara] from the last centre, goes upward and crosses over at the optic chiasma and creates what you call as the super-ego in psychological terms. It’s the conditioning. The lower centre also nourishes the pelvic plexus which is responsible for our excretion. Also, it looks after sex.

So one has to have within sane ideas about sex because this channel originates from the last centre.
But when Freud talked of the psyche he perverted the whole thing. Instead of telling people how to safeguard this centre, how to safeguard this centre of innocence by looking after the sex habits, he just told the other way round. He related everything to sex as if human beings are just sex points. And he formed a very funny self-opinionated ideology that every man has sexual feelings for his mother. Horrible! On this mental projection, he based all his theory and people thought it was so-called ‘freedom’ to have sex the way they like. They didn’t even challenge him, he became more than Christ to them in the West.

As a result, we have now the invasion of AIDS. We have got all kinds of these diseases like gonorrhoea, and all these serious diseases which are, they say so at least 60 % [of people] in America. All related to sex organs. It was always called as private, ‘private parts’ but it was never understood what does that mean.
Now, so to the left side is the psychic problem and the right side is the physical problems, somatic problems.

Now the somatic problems are when you work too hard and think too much, we have to just think. Then we start using this centre [Swadisthana], the second centre. When we think too much, then we have to supply energy for the brain. So, all the energy of this centre goes to such a brain which thinks too much, which is futuristic. And other important functions it has to do which are neglected.
So the right-sided problems are caused by – you get a bad liver, over-active liver and you get diabetes because pancreas it not looked after. You get leukaemia because the spleen is not looked after. You get high-blood pressure because the kidneys are in trouble. As the heat of the liver ascends you get asthma. You all know that the brain is like a spongy matter, sort of sponge, and in a way, coagulates. Same thing happens to kidneys when the heat goes to the kidneys. They cannot pass the urine. The urine circulates in the body and in the blood. Also, it causes constipation.

So heat makes – is the symptom of disease and coolness is the symptom of a prevalence [unsure].
So, they have experimented with helium gas and when they gave heat to helium, they found out that all the molecules were fighting with each other. And when they cooled it then they found all the molecules were collective.

Now, the third type of diseases are psychosomatic, combination of both. But, those who are psychosomatic, they have more problem with the psyche than with the physical. I’ll explain to you about cancer, it is a psychosomatic according to us. All these viruses are the dead plants or dead animals, maybe microscopic, which have gone out of the circulation of evolution. They reside in the area which we call as Collective Subconscious.
Doctors have reached a certain understanding about it, little certain understanding, that they say there are putting 53 and 58 [proteins] which triggers the cancer. They also say that this cancer is caused to a person when he goes into some sort of a shock or someting and this attack comes from, triggering comes from the area which was built within us since our creation. This is the same area which I’m telling you, is the Collective Subconscious where everything that is dead is there. So there are people, also humans beings, who are dead and hanging around there, dead souls.

Now, I will tell you something which you may never have heard with medical science. But I’ll give you the complete picture in any case about that.

There is a soul which is made of all the elements, which is attached in loops on the back side of our body, in all the seven centres plus the sacrum bone where it resides. It makes seven loops. As I told them because after Realization you can see many loops like a round, round thing in loops, and you see them like chakras and one into another, many of them, sometimes together, sometimes only one. Also, you can see a little spark like a comma, that is the Chaitanya, that is the vibration. Now, I have told them that these are the dead souls hanging around.

Now, this soul is reflected on our cells or in the receptor in it. Recently, very recently in America, they have now pictured the receptor of a cell. It exactly looks like the one you see there, after Realization in the air, exactly! But when another soul sits on the being then it is reflected on the cells – dead soul, another dead soul. It affects the soul, it affects then because it is reflected in the cell, it also affects the reflection in the receptor. Then this soul, this new soul which is there – it might get attached to anyone of the centres or to all of them, depends on – affects the cells also.

And they create all these dopamine series which causes epilepsy, mental problems, also cancer, also AIDS also all these things.
So, if they are viruses, then it’s not so bad. I mean only one portion can be affected but it can travel from one to another. But if it’s a human possession then it’s very difficult.

So, now with Sahaja Yoga to cure the diseases which you are giving Me here [Shri Mataji reads a paper]. Out of it, I’ll give it out to you is:
Hypertension can be caused by both of them.
Heart disease could be also from the brain.
Epilepsy definitely from the left side.
Migraine or sick headaches could be from both sides.
Sahaja Yogi: Osteoarthritis.
Shri Mataji: What is that?
Sahaja Yogi: It’s pain in the bones.
Shri Mataji: All these bone diseases it looks like, what you call arthritis?
Sahaja Yogi: Similar.
Shri Mataji: It is this also is psychosomatic.
Leukaemia is definitely psychosomatic. Tumours are psychosomatic.
Women diseases: fibrosis, menopause. Just think, menopause is not a disease, I mean it’s a normal thing.

Inflammation of the pancreas could be also psychosomatic.
Colitis need not be, need not be. It can be somatic also. No, actually, colitis is left side. It’s left side, sorry.
What is reticulum arthritis [unsure]?
Sciatica could be both, could be psychosomatic could be somatic.
All mental diseases are left sided, absolutely. Schizophrenia absolutely. Alcoholism is created by the right side creating a left-sided problem.
Arthritis is psychosomatic.
Varicosity is right-sided.
Now bad habits like drugs, addiction, smoking, homosexuality and all kinds of perverted sex, too much indulging into sex is all due to psychosomatic or left sided, absolutely left sided.

See, drug addiction, smoking creates left-sided problems because one feels guilty. But we can say that perverted sex habits and flirting of the eyes, and what else is, and AIDS, and what you call too much of sex, or rigidity and also interest in- I said perverted sex it’s all right – all this is due to left side. It is some sort of a possession.
Infantile paralysis [Polio] is left-sided, same thing, multiple sclerosis absolutely, this is left, this centre [Shri Mataji shows a chakra on the chart]. We cured, the other day, one lady of multiple sclerosis in about ten minutes and she started walking so fast.
Neurosis could be from both the sides. Parkinson’s also from the same. [Shri Mataji shows the same chakra]. Left side.

Rheumatism is the Nabhi, Left Nabhi, left side.
Muscular dystrophy also left side.

Stroke could be, depends on if it is on the left-hand side [of the brain], then it is from the somatic side. If it is on the right-hand side [of the brain], then it is from the left side.

Then there is Yuppie’s disease [Chronic Fatigue or Epstein-Barr virus]. Yuppie’s disease is where, this is neuro, this is neuro, Yuppie’s disease is where you are very hard working, extremely futuristic and you use your conscious mind too much, studying too much also. Then the conscious mind becomes absolutely paralyzed. You are walking alright and suddenly you are conscious that you are walking, you’re just paralyzed. I ‘ve told about Yuppie’s disease about eight years back in America, that it will come. But they did not listen to Me. Now it is a very, very serious disease, very serious. And it’s fast spreading, very fast spreading. I told them about AIDS about, I think, fourteen years back. They laughed at Me. Now they are in it. Diabetes is partly, very partly we should say, left, mostly right.

Cancer is- any cancer is like this, you see, this is the centre [Shri Mataji mimes a chakra by superposing two fingers from the left hand and the right hand] and the centre is giving energy on both the sides. And when you move, when you move one too much because of moving left or right, especially right, when you use too much of right, the exhaustion takes place here. So you are vulnerable, you are vulnerable. And suddenly happens from the left side, it [the chakra] breaks. And the connection with the whole is lost. So, these proteins like 53, 58, they are very ego-oriented and arbitrary. Whatever cell they touch, that becomes malignant. Thus malignancy sets in.

Say, women suffer from breast cancer. The centre of heart is the Mother’s centre. When the motherhood is challenged, of a woman, say the husband has a flirt and he keeps her always insecure, or if she’s very much sort of insecure otherwise also, then this centre gets damaged. Now, this centre produces antibodies to fight the diseases in the sternum bone, as you all know, till the age of twelve years. And then, they are distributed all over. So, whenever there is any fear, the sternum bone shakes and it’s like a remote control and sends messages to all the antibodies to fight. So if you can establish the security of such a lady through Kundalini awakening, nourishing her centre here [Heart], her cancer can be cured. When they are in very advanced stages they do not have that will-power left. Then it’s better to remove the breast and then establish her security.

Already, there are diseases also which are caused by the lethargic organs. When heart is lethargic you get angina. When the centre of Vishuddhi catches on the left side as it is here when you feel guilty, then the blood cannot go to the head. Then it has to work very hard and such a heart becomes tired and lethargic. So, in Sahaja Yoga we have two types of organs: one are overactive and one are lethargic. It’s lucky that the photographs also have vibrations. So, the doctors should, first of all, establish themselves properly, clear themselves nicely and protect themselves. Then they can also learn how to cure others. But in the beginning, you can use the photograph and with the photograph, how to cure, you can find out from the centre. For every left side or right side, there are only three types: left side, right side or psychosomatic. But, as I told you that psychosomatic is first, has to be dealt only on the left side. Until now, I’ve dealt with many diseases and if you have any other problems, you should let Me know what is to be done. There is one more I must say that I think some children suffering from hyperactivity, even diabetes comes from the same reason as for children. Children get diabetes with the same reason as adults develop.

At the time when the mother is pregnant she should not work very hard. She should take rest more. She should not think too much but read something a soothing thing, something nice. Best is to meditate. At that time if the mother is overactive and thinking of futuristic things, children are born with these diseases. And if she’s hectic, the child may get leukaemia because, you know, spleen we use for all emergencies because it produces red blood corpuscles. But if you are hectic, panicked all the time, rushing about, then poor this spleen doesn’t understand. It becomes erratic and also it becomes crazy I would say. This could be for or even grown-ups, same thing. This is also for the grow-ups. Now, when, suddenly, something triggers from the left side as a shock maybe, as some sort of a sadness, maybe accident, anything, it triggers leukaemia, as well as for the children.

But the worst thing that is very difficult for anybody to understand is that there are negative forces working. They work through negative people. These can come as false gurus, or some bad parapsychology or mesmerism or any things like that. All these things are done through putting some sort of a dead soul on your soul. So, one has to be very clear.

For this [Realisation] you cannot charge money because it is a living process of evolution. Anything living: for example, you sow a seed. You don’t pay money to Mother Earth. She does it. It is built in the seed as well as in the Mother Earth. You don’t pay anything. We also take all the living processes for granted without thinking about it. There’s no obligation. But all these horrible people are money-oriented. They have no purity of heart, purity of eyes. They are interested in women or men or all kinds of things, the dirty things they do. The worst important thing, they cannot explain how they do it. They cannot relate it to medical science or to any science.

Now they are – some people are trying to market, marketing in Ayurveda, this is another trick. That’s the Indian system of medicine. Firstly, there’s no need to have any guru for that, you can always get it in the market. But these medicines are made out of absolutely fresh leaves, fresh roots, everything fresh that only grows in India, fruits, fresh fruits.

For example, you people take Liver 52 here. It’s made from little, little fruits, we call it “Aronia” in India, from that “Aronia”. So if you eat about, say, for a week “Aronia”, your liver is all right, you don’t have to take this Liver 52 all your life. Under very limited, few, but there are some medicines, I mean few which are there, which can be helpful, which can be also made into pills and could be sold. [To the translator] Could be made into pills. Next time, I’ll try to bring some for you, but the best way is Sahaja Yoga, it’s your own power.

If you need any additional help, then we do use vibrated water, vibrated sugar vibrated salt and also we use certain leaves, medicine, little vibrated. Very few, very, very few. And also, Hatha Yoga, some exercises we’ll tell you, whenever it is necessary, very few. Like, whenever there is a chakra damaged because of some physical problem, we try to give that particular Hatha Yoga exercise, precisely.

But the way people do Hatha Yoga is taking all the medicines from the medicine case without knowing what to take or what not to take. Actually, it is not Hatha Yoga, “Ha – Tha” means both the Nadis have to be used, it’s only “Ha” [right channel] they use. And this can cause such an imbalance within you that [inaudible] you can become extremely dry, hot-tempered and may divorce his wife may not produce any children.

Now, the women who are very right-sided, over right-sided, very left-sided, also cannot produce children. And they have so many problems otherwise. So, what we need is that we have to be in the centre. Our Kundalini should be fixed permanently with that All-pervading Power and the flow should be all the time within you.

But apart from physical, mental and emotional life, you have the spiritual life which is much more miraculous, which is very blissful. And when you understand how this Power of Love looks after you, you are amazed. You just don’t worry about anything. That’s what doctor [?] was talking about Me that he cannot go with Me. But the main thing is, I don’t do anything. If I’m travelling, I’m there. If I’m with you, I’m here. So, what am I doing? I don’t think I do anything.

I, my [inaudible] just flows that’s all. I know that it flows that’s all. But I don’t do anything because that is my nature. That’s how it is going to work out with you all. But I would advise you first, don’t touch the patient. Use the photograph.

[Cut in the video. A girl gives flowers to Shri Mataji. She has pain and a Russian Sahaja Yogini comes behind her]

Sahaja Yogi: She has pain here or something.

Shri Mataji: Where is the pain?

Shri Mataji: Just put your hand, just put your hand on her right heart and give it to her, Realization. Don’t touch her. Listen to Me now, just be careful. Just put your right hand on my heart and give her vibrations. Don’t touch her.

Put your left hand towards Me.