Kundalini connects you to the all-pervading power through the Spirit

Pesti Vigadó, Budapest (Hungary)

1990-07-22 Kundalini Connects You To The All-Pervading Power Through The Spirit, Hungary DP-RAW, 56'
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Public Program, 1990-07-22

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
I think they didn’t hear.
At the very outset, we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot organize it and we cannot describe it. Also, we cannot know it at human level, with human awareness. All the civilization and all the growth is like the growth of a tree. But we have to know about our roots. And these roots are placed within ourselves. Unless and until we don’t know our roots this tree can be completely destroyed. But to know the roots we have to be a subtler being.
Now whatever we are telling you here is to be listened to like a scientist, with a scientific mind. With an open mind, like a hypothesis and if it is proved, then as honest people we have to accept it. Because it is for our benevolence. As we see around what we find that people who are at the helm of affairs are all quite confused. These so-called countries which have been free for all these years are getting destroyed from within. They have diseases, they have habits. They do not know how to get rid of them. They have problems, ecological problems, other so many social problems. And things are going from bad to worse.
Now as Hungary has taken to freedom you must first of all witness the pros and cons and should know the absolute truth. The truth is that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not these conditionings, you are not this ego. But you are pure spirit. The another truth is that there is a very subtle all-pervading power of truth which is pure love, which does all the living work. We see all these beautiful flowers and we take them for granted we don’t think how they have become flowers from a little seed. How every kind of a flower has a different fragrance, a different shape, a different colour. In the same way, we have become human beings from amoeba stage. What did we do to become that? Spontaneously by this living force of love, we have become human beings. So now you have to feel this force which is surrounding us.
And the time has come for all of us to feel it. You feel it on your central nervous system, on your fingertips. And thus you become a person who has absolute freedom and who knows absolute truth. Such a person becomes extremely dynamic and extremely compassionate. So tomorrow I’m going to tell you about the nature of the spirit. This power which is residing in your sacrum bone is called as Kundalini. This connects you to this all-pervading power through the Spirit. This power is your mother, individual mother. It’s residing in the bone sacrum that means the Greeks knew that it’s a sacred bone. This individual mother knows everything about you. And she is the one who is going to judge you. So you do not have to judge yourself. Moreover, this mother when she is awakened she doesn’t give any problems. As when you were born your mother took up all the labour pains upon herself. She does not give you any problems.
Now Sahaja Yoga is working in forty nations and the beauty of Sahaja Yoga is that you get a new dimension of awareness. You become, it’s not just a certificate, but you really become collectively conscious. That means you can feel on your fingertips the center of others and your own centers. By that, you know that we are part and parcel of the whole. Like the microcosm becomes the macrocosm. It’s a becoming again, it is not just a kind of a false or a pretentious idea.
So in these forty nations, people of different races, different religion, and different countries, nationalities are residing, but they have absolute friendship and love for each other. Because there is no second opinion. Because they know the absolute truth so there cannot be second truth. The first state that you reach is what we call as thoughtless awareness.
Like when we are on a human level the thoughts arise and fall again, they arise and fall. These thoughts come to us from the future and the past. The future doesn’t exist and past is finished. What is reality is the present. But when the Kundalini rises these thoughts become linear and we become thoughtlessly aware.
Like we are standing in the water, we are afraid of the waves. So we are afraid of our problems. But supposing you get onto the boat then you see all these waves and enjoy them. And if you know how to swim you can jump inside. Inside those troubled waters and you can save people. So the problems that look so big, problems that look so difficult, you solve them because you develop a witness state. This witness state comes to us from the source we have within ourselves that is the peace. So you become a very peaceful personality. Absolutely relaxed and in that relaxed state you find that this all-pervading power is the one that is doing everything for you.
I asked people to write about their miracles and they have written piles and piles like these and I don’t know now how to compile them. This may sound very fantastic, but supposing you take a television in a very remote corner of a very remote country and tell them that you can see the pictures from all over the world, it may sound very fantastic to them. But once you put them to the mains they know what it is. In the same way, when we are put to the mains we know our glory, we know the meaning of our life and we realize the purpose of our existence. Not only that but we realise that we are now in the space of complete peace and joy.
Today being the first day I think I would allow you to ask me some questions.
I have come here to give you what you have. Not to take anything from you. So I have to make a very humble request that whatever questions you ask should be relevant with the subject. Afterwards we’ll have the session of self-realisation. Which will take ten minutes only.
I am told that you have been already told the advantages of self-realisation, that you get the well being of your physical, mental and emotional self. Of course, Sahaja Yoga has cured many diseases. In Delhi University we have three doctors who got their MD with Sahaja Yoga curing process. So this automatically happens when your Kundalini rises and pierces through the fontanel bone area.
And once you are established in Sahaja Yoga, you yourself, you are empowered that you can give realisation. You can give realization to others, you can cure others. And a very righteous and innocent personality evolves. So can I have some questions from you, please?
translator: Was there anybody on earth from you have learned this? Have you had any masters?

Why do you want to ask such a question? You see you better ask questions relevant to the subject. I don’t want to talk about me at all I must tell you. Because Christ when he said “I am the son of God!” that was a fact, the truth, people crucified him. And I don’t want to get crucified. So please ask questions about the subject, but not about me I won’t say anything about me. When you will get your realization then you will know about me better.
translator: Is these two occasion sufficient to learn Sahaja Yoga?

Of course, with one occasion you can get. Yes, it can be awakened, Kundalini can be awakened and you can get your self-realization. But sometimes, we find people who just at the first shot become great Sahaja Yogis, but not all. They have to use their fingers and their vibrations to understand it fully. So if you also understand that there are problems in your chakras, though the Kundalini pierces through and you get a light in which you can see the problems clearly. But still, you have to grow. Hardly takes any time though.
But today’s Sahaja Yoga is a collective happening. So we are having a follow on program after tomorrow and also there will be a center here. So that you become masters.
It’s like if you are driving a car you have got an accelerator and a brake which both you have to try to balance it. And then once you know that you become a driver and you work it out automatically. But then the master of the car is sitting behind. Then you have to become the master. So you control the driver, and the accelerator, and the brake. Everybody can become a master and should become.
translator: The instrumental music can be obtained from somewhere?

Yes, you can have the tapes.
translator: Is Sahaja Yoga similar to other, or in what respect does it differ from?

Sahaja Yoga is the culmination of all the yogas.
Now the first is the hatha yoga was written by Pantagali thousands of years back. He talked of ha-tha means left and right, both the sides. And in that, the exercise is out of the eight aspects. It’s just the wee bit. So for cleansing one had to take lives after lives. Later on, there were other yogas came up which also aimed at cleansing the chakras. But in modern times, the yoga that is mostly taught is very money oriented. For example, we too sometimes tell people to take to particular exercise, if there is any problem in any center. But today’s so-called physical yoga is like taking all exercises like the medicine, of all the medicines from the medical store. It is very indiscriminate, unscientific. And makes a person extremely dry and aggressive.
Then another yoga is so called is raja yoga. Actual raja yoga is a spontaneous happening within ourselves. The Kundalini rises and stops so the chakras have to go into a meditation have to go into constriction. Because the Kundalini should not fall down. That’s called as Bandhan. And when it reaches this point the constriction takes place and little bit the tongue is pulled inside. This is called as kechari. But this is automatic. When the Kundalini rises, like the ignition of the car, the machinery starts working automatically, it automatically happens. And you don’t even feel it. But the way these days this raja yoga is that in California I found some doctors that the thread of their tongue was cut, to put the tongue back for kechari. And artificially if you move the wheels of a car will it move? In the same way mantra yoga, they give mantras. Without the connection with the divine, what’s the use of saying mantras?
I must say these people who are going there are so many who are waiting outside, and if they didn’t want to stay they should not have come in next time please don’t come in. I’m sorry so many are waiting outside. At least go and tell them that these people are going out so. They [UNCLEAR] they are asking me. This is the thing. Those who are half-hearted should not come. Because there are so many who are so anxiously waiting outside. And while so many, like this is the first time I see such a thing somewhere happen.
translator: These people are not because they are not interested, but because they live in the countryside and the last train leaves therefore they had to leave. That’s the only reason.

But they should allow others who can attend. You see there are so many who want to come in at least send them in I mean. I’m really very sorry. It will take about ten minutes for realization.
translator: In the western societies being, myself ego is the greatest thing what the western human people think about. Does this yoga encourage the same feeling or is controversial to it? Can it be [UNCLEAR] treated?

It is true. I know, it’s a fact that in the west there is too much of ego I agree. But Sahaja Yoga completely neutralizes your ego and your conditioning. We have found out the solution for that.
translator: Does Sahaja Yoga have got some restrictions like only people who are vegetarians can?

No there is no such restriction. First of all, you have to be enlightened you have to get your light. Then in that light, you see everything. You understand everything you are not to be told anything. You just do whatever is good for you. For some people proteins are more suitable, for some people carbohydrates are suitable. It is like this; supposing you are holding on to a snake and there is darkness and if I tell you “Leave the snake!” You may say that it’s a rope I will not leave. But if there is little light you see it and you just throw it away yourself. It is for our benevolence. It is for the benevolence of your country, of the whole world. Is the emancipation of the whole humanity.
translator:Maharishi transcendentation and Sahaja Yoga?

The lesser the better. You see you cannot pay for all these things, please remember. All these people are marketing something all the time. It has nothing to do with marketing or taking money. It is a living process. I don’t know even if they had given-taken money, it’s all right. But they spoil your Kundalini, spoil your central path. I am myself an Indian and I’m sorry for that. But you should understand that it’s a living process. How much money did you give to Christ? So wherever they ask for money know that it is falsehood. Like if you want to sow a seed in the Mother earth it sprouts by itself. You don’t pay to the mother earth. She has a built-in quality to sprout and the seed has a built-in quality to sprout. So why should you pay for these things? All these things in the name of God also, in the name of religion. They are either power oriented or they are money oriented. None of them are spirit oriented. First, you must see the disciples and see what they have got it. And then judge it.
translator: Where is going to be a Hungarian center in this country?

They are saying these people from Austria are going to come down after two weeks again, advertise it and then they will establish a center here. Because we have to get some Hungarians you see, to work it out. It worked in every country this way it’s not difficult at all.
So let us have now our self-realization. But those who want to go can go now it will take about ten minutes, but should not disturb people. Moreover, I respect your freedom and it cannot be forced on you.
First of all, there are two conditions. The first condition is that you have to forget the past. Forget the past! That means you have to know that you are not guilty at all. After all, you are human beings, you are not gods. And if you have done any mistakes it’s alright don’t judge yourself. So please do not feel guilty. As the gentleman has rightly said that in the west there is too much of ego and also the guilt. They also feel the guilt it’s a sort of a fashion. So please do not feel guilty at all. If you feel guilty then the center, this center on the left-hand side catches very badly. And one can get diseases like spondylitis and angina with it. And also Kundalini cannot rise.
And the second condition is that you have to forgive everyone, in general. You are not to think about every person whom you have to forgive. After all, whether we forgive or we don’t forgive we don’t do anything. It’s a myth. But when we do not forgive others then we play into wrong hands and torure ourselves. So you have to forgive everyone, in general. This center on the optic chiasm is like this, it crosses. And if you forgive it opens out like this. So just to say that I forgive everyone, you’ll feel much lighter. These are the two conditions.
In short, you have to be pleasantly placed towards yourself, not to be angry with yourself. You will soon discover how glorious you are. So there is no need to be in tension. I’m sure you all will get your self-realization.
Now you have to put both your feet away from each other because these are two powers: left, the power of desire, the right, the power of action.
You have to sit comfortably, neither bending, nor stretching, but comfortably. Now somebody will show you first, we’ll show you first and then we’ll have to close our eyes. Now please put the left hand towards me like this, on your lap. On your lap, the left like this. And the right hand on your heart. Now in the heart resides the spirit. But the seat of the spirit is actually here. On the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now then we are working only on the left-hand side. Now take your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Now, this is the center of your mastery. The great masters, the sat-gurus have made this center here. I mean the real ones. Now you have to take down your hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the center of pure knowledge, which manifests on your central nervous system. And that is how you feel this all-pervading power as cool breeze. Then you take back your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen. Now again you have to take the hand on your heart. Now you have to take your hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder, on the left-hand side. And turn your head to your right. This is the center you catch when you feel guilty. Now take your hand on top of your forehead across, on both the sides. Now, this is the center you catch, I would say when you do not forgive. Now you have to take your hand on the backside of your head. And push back your head on it. Now here without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes just for your satisfaction, you have to ask forgiveness from this all-pervading power. Now you have to stretch your hand and put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area, now please put down your head. Now stretch back your fingers, this is very important. So there is a good pressure, a very good pressure on your head. Now move your scalp slowly, seven times, clockwise. Push back your fingers. They are not pushing back. Now, this is all we have to do, but we have to now close our eyes. See now many people did not push back the fingers. So we have to do the same thing with closed eyes. Now first, you’ll have to remove your shoes.
And now please close your eyes. You may take out your spectacles because till I tell you don’t have to open your eyes. Now please put your left hand towards me on your lap. I must say all of you are feeling still guilty because this center is catching. Please do not feel guilty at all. Now please put your right hand on your heart. And now here you have to say, ask a question to me, you may call me Mother or Shri Mataji. Please ask the question three times: Mother am I the spirit?
If you are the spirit you are also the master. So now please put your hand in the upper portion of your abdomen, on the left-hand side. And ask another question, three times. Ask the question: Mother am I my own master?
Now please take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen. Here I have to say that I cannot cross over your freedom because I respect it. I cannot force pure knowledge on you. So you have to say six times yourself: Mother please, give me pure knowledge. As soon as you ask for pure knowledge the Kundalini starts rising. You have to ask six times: Mother please, give me pure knowledge. As the Kundalini is rising we have to open the upper centers with self-confidence.
So now raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it hard. Here with full confidence say ten times: Mother, I am my own master! I have already told you that the truth is you are the pure Spirit.
So please raise your right hand on your heart. And say here twelve times, with full confidence: Mother I am the pure Spirit. The all-pervading power of love is the ocean of knowledge, it is the ocean of joy, but above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. And you cannot commit any mistakes, which cannot be dissolved by the power of this ocean of love.
So now raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right. Now here with full confidence, say sixteen times: Mother I am not guilty at all. Again I have told you whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you do not forgive, then you play into wrong hands and you torture yourself.
So now take your hand to your forehead and put it in such a way that you press both the temples and now bend your head. Here with full confidence, you have to say: Mother I forgive everyone. Say it from your heart not how many times. If you don’t say, you’ll get hot breeze.
Now take your right hand to the back side of your head and push back your head. Here you have to say without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, for your own satisfaction: Oh all-pervading power of love please forgive me if I have done something knowingly or unknowingly.
Now the last center which is very important. Please stretch your hand and put the palm of your hand, the center of the palm on top of the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now please put down your head. Stretch back your fingers and put a pressure. Here again, I cannot cross over your freedom I cannot force self-realization on you. So here please move your scalp seven times, slowly, clockwise, saying: Mother, please give me self-realization, seven times.
Now please take down your hand and put both the hands towards me like this and open your eyes. Now watch me without thinking. Now put the right hand towards me like this and bend your head. And see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. Now do not keep it on your head, a little away from it. Some people feel it much more far away and some people feel hot and some people feel cool. Now please put the left hand towards me like this and bend your head. And now with the right hand please see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Bend your head! Now with the right hand towards me, please bend your head. And see with the left hand if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head.
Now please put both your hands towards the sky, high like this and push back your head. Look upward and ask a question three times: Mother is this the cool breeze of the all-pervading power of love? This is called as Parama Chaitanya in Sanskrit language.
Now take down your hands. All those who have felt cool breeze or hot breeze on their hands or out of their fontanel bone area, please raise both your hands, both hands! Most of you have felt.
Tomorrow again you all should come whether you have felt it or not. And I will definitely explain to you about the spirit. Thank you very much. Please bring your friends tomorrow. Thank you very much, I have never met one like you I must say thank you.