Press Conference

Sheraraton Hotel Balkan, Sofia (Bulgaria)

1990-07-25 Press conference CAM 1, Sofia Bulgaria DP-RAW, 172'
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1990-07-25 Press conference CAM 2, Sofia Bulgaria DP-RAW, 171'
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Press Conference. Sofia (Bulgaria), 25 July 1990.

Shri Mataji: They have to ask the questions, then I’ll answer, is that the way we are?

Translator: Just a few words about your life, your teaching, then they will ask the questions.

Shri Mataji: All right.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Yesterday, in the hall I felt that in Bulgaria there are people who are very depressed about life. I think I’ve come here at the right time, when you have got your freedom, to tell you that only political freedom is not enough. So far I visited many countries who are supposed to be free. Sitting down here you should not think that all the roads are paved with gold. There are dominations of a different kind in those countries. The first is racialism. For example the English came to India and ruled us for 300 years. And they plundered us absolutely and they tortured us. My father was in jail, My mother was in jail, they took away all our properties, everything. And now, when there are people from India who had to go to there because they had West British passports they treat us like emigrants and trouble them a lot, while in India we have more Britishers settled down then in English land the Indians.

Even in America there’s such a lot of racialism. And recently there was a Mayor of Washington who was implicated into a drug case, because he was black, that’s all. All these so called democratic countries are full of corruption. And there is tremendous disparity. Some of the people in these countries are poorer than any Eastern block people. Imagine in the cold of London so many people sleep on the street. So, there is also lot of violence. In America, everybody carries a gun. In Miami, I saw children of twelve years carrying guns. And they carry drugs with them and I think at least 60% people are taking drugs. There is no love between father, mother, family love, no love.

In England every…in London city, they say so, that every week there are two children killed by parents. I’m told in… now in France, the morality is so law that a housewife is allowed to practice prostitution. In the democratic countries they want votes so they allow people… they play on the weaknesses of people. Like in London now they have started opening pubs from 6 o’clock in the morning. Naturally people are violent, even the football fans.

There’s no end to things that are happening but the worse thing that has come out of this freedom is AIDS. They do not worship Christ but they worship Freud. Socially they will go to church but privately they are disciples of Freud. So there’s another disease that has come because of their over activity which is called Yuppie’s disease. Because they become paralyzed, their conscious mind becomes paralyzed. I went to America in 1983,…’73, sorry and I told them very clearly that AIDS will be coming if they do all this nonsense. But they got very angry with Me for that and they followed all false gurus who take lot of money from them.

In England, the BBC television told me that Anglo-Saxon brain cannot understand without money, anything. They have no humility, they have no love. They are very superficial and very arrogant, very aggressive people. So I know that your system of communism has really made you people, more on the left side as we call it. Whatever may have been the government, the people of Eastern block and Russia people, are wonderful for spirituality. Mr. Korbaciov is really a realized soul, himself. And he has realized that he has to take the middle path. And that is how it is going to work out for you people if you take your Realization.

First of all you’ll be cured of all your diseases, physical and mental both. And you will develop a balance. You won’t be over greedy, the way the people are in the West so that they are creating ecological problems. After Self Realization you will know that machines are for us, we are not for machines. So you will be satisfied people. Because this economic desire is never satiable. If you have one thing today you want to have another thing, going from one to another, is never satiable. So in America, they have created mountains and mountains of plastics, rubbers and also of broken cars.

For example through totalitarian regime you are oppressed from outside but this so called, this freedom of abandonment destroys you from within. But I find the Eastern block people they have an attention which is very deep. They can recognize a person who is truthful and unpretentious and [UNCLEAR]. But otherwise, in the Western countries you have to put up some sort of a show, any false person, even getting out of the jail from India can go and create an impression with some sort of a show. The value of any master is according to the amount he charges for his program. Or you have to appear like a cinema actor or an actress, you see. They cannot understand motherhood because they, I think they never had good mothers, perhaps.

So I have to tell you one thing, that quality of people, in Bulgaria and all the Eastern block is much higher. But don’t be enamored by the superficialities of the West. And also not to be depressed. With wisdom, if you move after Self Realization you’d be one of the strongest nations of the world. It’s not how many weapons you have; now the time is for people of quality. It’s already predicted in Indian horoscopes and things that the reign of the people of quality will start now.

So it is very important, that you get your Self Realization and yesterday surprisingly, 90% people at least or maybe more got Realization. Most surprising thing was people were standing. I’ve never done that before and they also got Realization. That really has touched my heart. As you know what is Sahaja Yoga, is already given to you, it relates to all the prophets, Incarnations, also points out where religions have gone wrong. Also it is related to science. In Russia, they organized a conference with 200 very high quality scientists. So when I told them about the scientific side of Sahaja Yoga they said: ” Now we want only Realization.” Also there were 600 doctors came from all over, Russia, they called, I mean. They also, after I explained to them what is Sahaja Yoga, how it controls parasympathetic nervous system they said: ” Now, we want just Realization.”

There are 3 doctors in India who have got their MD, MD Master, after doing MBBS, after graduation, in Sahaja Yoga. It has cured cancer, no doubt; many, many diseases incurable like multiple sclerosis and all. And there are 7 doctors in London, who are doing now all the tabulation of curing. For this you don’t have to pay. It’s your own energy, which works it out. So there is no obligation either. But only to get cured one disease is not a sensible thing. But is better that you get your Self Realization established so you never get sick. I’m myself going to be seventy, eighty years of age and every night I sleep about say: 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock and get up very early. And I travel practically every third day. And I wouldn’t been even to dentist. That’s how you keep good health, energy and a joyous temperament.

Question: What is the difference between you and the so-called people extra sense, people who have… possess this…they treat with this…?

Shri Mataji: Extrasensory, yea. You see, there are two types of people who are doing [CURE] work. One of them are really Realized souls, born Realized. But they do not know how to protect themselves; they do not know how they do it. What was the name of the man in Russia?

Answer: Kaspirovski.

Shri Mataji: Now, this man is not a Realized soul at all. First of all, those who are Realized soul, they will never take money. Now, people like him, Kaspirovski, are the people they use black magic. I was surprised that so many children who saw him on the television are becoming blind. So many children who were sick who went to him and they got brain damage. I cured them, of course. They make money and they themselves don’t know how they do it. In India of course we have some masters of this black magic. They are called as tantrikas. Actually tantra means this mechanism. But it is to be used only after Self Realization. Because they have no authority, they have no knowledge. It is like giving your bulldozer into the hands of who doesn’t know how to operate it. Also, there are false gurus who are using the same black magic of mesmerism. It’s used by putting some souls, dead souls, upon your soul. After Realization you can see those dead souls as loops in the air. You can see them, against the sunlight. You can also see the Chaitanya, this energy like small comas shining.

Now, I had told them that the soul is on your back with seven loops. And is reflected on the receptor, in the cell, receptor in the cell. And it acts as a remote control. Now they have scientifically found it out. And they have the picture the same, as you see. So, for science also, we can tell them what they have to seek. Like there is a scientist here, now, who was doing experiment to create absolute zero. He could not do it because some of the heat is always left. So I told him to use these, these vibrations and he achieved the results.

Question: The picture you present this, about the West is so appealing, so terrifying that the human being asked himself: “Are we going to be sorry for the acquired freedom?”

Shri Mataji: Yea, no, that’s why I am saying that this is the best time. I cancelled My program. You see, because I felt that this is the time they should know what is the truth, otherwise they will fall into the same trap. You see, they are so, so nervous all of them, that is hard to find an American who doesn’t pinch his eye or, I mean, shakes his body. It’s impossible to find one. And economically also, you must know that they are so much indebted. Even the people of Japan or, you see, of Germany they are no good, because they are like mad, looking like tourists, just taking photographs. They don’t know anything better. They don’t know what to do with their freedom so they are becoming punks, or, what you call, hippies and all kinds of nonsense.

And the worst domination comes from the entrepreneurs. Every year they create a new fashion. So, the people have accumulated piles of clothes in their houses, piles of [UNCLEAR]. Sometimes ladies put up their hair up like that. Ultimately they get bald, because they have to use all these artificial things. And the faces all become very old because they use all kinds of nonsensical things. It’s, apart from that, apart from that, you see, even the language has lost its luster, has lost its literature. And the art has lost its own creativity, because they are critics and critics and critics. So you have to conform to the critics. Now the situation is such that there are no artists, only critics criticizing critics. Because I am in a witness state I see all these things clearly. They’ll finish their lives with drugs or with alcohol. They can’t face themselves. That’s why, you without Self Realization, one cannot understand the power of freedom, power of money, power of joy. Nothing.

Question: The first question is: recently, there is a theory about the distinction, the different kind of bodies, material body, spiritual and astral body. What is your understanding about this question?

Shri Mataji: All right. Now this is one is physical body is there. There are five types of bodies actually which are there, which are made out of your five causal of the five elements. And if you have any body, which is not all right, you can see the aura of that. But after Self Realization, you do not get any auras. But only you see on the top of your head, the light. So, but this astral body is, one is your own soul. But when somebody else’s soul enters into you, it can take away your soul. And then you feel you are traveling here and there, all these things happen. But it’s very dangerous because these souls can even take away your children’s souls. And in the West even the smallest child is made to sleep in another room. They only have dogs in the bedroom, dogs or cats. And so many children have died like this. Even in Switzerland, in their beds. They use children, they treat children worse than they treat their dogs, I tell you.

Translator: [MISSING FROM RECORDED SPEECH] our development.

Shri Mataji: It’s correct.

Translator: You explained about this question.

Shri Mataji: It’s [UNCLEAR]. Material development is much faster and in balance when you get Self Realization. These vibrations help agriculture very much. We have a scientist, dr. Hamid, in Austria, who has experimented with vibrations and has found out that even non-hybrid seeds give you greater [ILL] then hybrid seeds. In my own field I sold about 60 kilos of rice in one acre of land. And they told me: “It’s a special rice. It won’t grow here.” But it turned out to be 1700 kilos. One of the best rices. And even the sunflower was so big, two feet diameter. You could not lift; one person could not lift. Giving oil six to ten times more! Do you know, from your country, you are exporting sweet peas and also sort of pulses to India. Chickpeas also. Millions tones of. If you vibrate them… Better do it fast. If Indians start doing it, they may not import. There are so many other things that happen. Firstly you become collective and everybody helps each other. There’s no quarrel. You’ll be happy to know that first time when I went to Russia, 25 Germans went there to give them Realization, Germans.

Question: Just a few words about the purpose, the aim of the human evolution, the evolution of humanity and also about the biological evolution.

Shri Mataji: You see now we have become human beings. But still we are in a chaos. Some people are dominated, some dominate and nobody has absolute truth with them. So now, the new breakthrough into the evolutionary process takes place in Sahaja Yoga. Formerly, in the ancient times, there used to be one or two flowers on the tree of life. But I have somehow developed this new method of Sahaja Yoga, which gives spontaneous Realization to thousands in en masse, en masse Realization. I’ve developed, this is the only thing I’ve developed. Collectively, for thousands, not one or two.

Translator: For human beings.

Shri Mataji: Yes, for human beings. Also we have so many viruses and all these things within us. These are the plants and the small, microscopic animals, which have gone out of the circulation, of our evolution. So, once you get into Sahaja Yoga, you come in the central path. Then you can be absolutely away, free from these viruses and all these diseases. So, physically you are a absolutely perfect person. Also physically you become equipped, to know whether something is good or bad. Like some say there is not God, some say there is God. But now, if you put your hands like this and ask a question: “Is there God?” and you are Realized soul, you get tremendous vibrations.

So basically, our divine computer within us starts working. So this is the new state we have to reach. I’ll give you an example of a sputnik, how it works. It is kept in containers, one, two, three, four containers. And the first container goes up to a point with a velocity. And then it explodes. And the rest of it gains a very great acceleration in the velocity. And that’s how one after another three, four containers are exploded. And ultimately you go into the space. That’s how our evolution has worked. First the carbon came in, carbon started, then we had organic chemistry with the carbon. The nitrogen mixed up then with the nitrogen we had amino acids. Then the proteins were formed. Now, after the proteins, then we had amoeba, then we had fishes, then we had… like that…. And ultimately we became human beings. So we had mental, emotional, physical explosions. And now, the last one is the spiritual. So we go to the space now.

Question: Shri Mataji, recently there was some bad news about bad spirits, which predicted the end of the world by the end of this century. I would like to know your attitude about this and also I would like to know about your attitude towards the extraterrestrial creatures who are visiting our Earth.

Shri Mataji: There’s no one visiting. It’s not so. But these people who are telling you that there’s a doom state, don’t believe them. Because they must frighten you, see, all these…, all the religions also frighten you: “You are sinners, you’ll go to hell, you better give us money!” They are all money-oriented, or they are power-oriented. None of them are Spirit-oriented. So they have to frighten you, otherwise you won’t give them money. Don’t get frightened.

Question: [UNCLEAR] This is a Bulgarian woman, which can see the past and the future.

Shri Mataji: You should be in the present, Madame, because past is finished and future doesn’t exist. Of course there are miracles all over, but you can’t see them. There may be all the Deities sitting here, you can’t see them. We have some very miraculous photographs. But when you will get established, then only we’ll show you.

Question: Can you see these creatures?

Shri Mataji: Of course. I…But My interest is in seeing you, not in them. No, I’m not interested. I do not want to divert your attention to future or past because reality is in present.

Question: Can you read thoughts?

Shri Mataji: If I want to… But I’m not interested. I just want to know about your centers. My job is to give you Realization, that’s all. That’s Redemption. That is the Redemption, Redeemer, as Christ has said. The Holy Ghost has to redeem and also to comfort you, like curing you, and to counsel you.

Question: [UNCLEAR] because I am from Romania. I am from Bucharest, [UNCLEAR].

Shri Mataji: You see, in evolution always one fish had to come out first. Then all the others start. What can I do? I wish as somebody can become like Me so I can retire at this…,now, at this age. I must confess there must be something more about. But I am decided not to talk about Myself. Christ was the Son of God. Is the truth. But when he said that, they crucified Him. Now, if I say anything about Me, I don’t want to get crucified. But, but when you get your Self Realization you will know what I am. Now, this gentleman has [BEEN THERE ALL THE TIME].

Question: [COULD, WILL] you tell in brief about the difference between your system and your teaching and the other types of yoga, Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga.

Shri Mataji: Yea, yea, yea. I’ll tell you all about. That’s a good question.

Question: Could you reach this Self Realization by some teacher or by your own, own way?

Shri Mataji: All right. The first question is about other Yogas. Now, the first is Hatha Yoga, Hatha Yoga it is. Ha is the right side, the Surya Nadi as they call, the Sun, Sun Nadi, and the left side is the moon. Two: Ha, Tha. So, you have to use both the sides, they use to use both the sides, thousands of years back. Patanjali wrote this, such a big book of Hatha Yoga which has Ashtanga, means there are…there are eight folds, eight steps. And the first step is called Yama Niyama. In that that means your disciplining, your exercises, your control of your attention, all these things in that [UNCLEAR]. And then the cleansing. The rest of it, is all Sahaja Yoga. But actually in those days there were very few people who were seekers like you. So they had to take lives after lives to come to a state. Like at the time of Rama there was one fellow who was given Self Realization, one. Krishna also tried. Christ could not give Realization. Before that only, they crucified Him. So the disciples got through the cool breeze coming into them, through the Mother of Christ, through the Mother, Mother of Christ. But they wanted to play Her down, all the time. In Christianity women are played down all the time. Like there is a Father God, Sun God, but no Mother. It’s a Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost like a dove. How can you have a Sun God without a Mother?

But in all other scriptures there is the description of the Primordial Mother. You will know in Sahaja Yoga who was the Mother of Christ. So Sahaja Yoga is the culmination of Hatha Yoga. But these days, the modern Hatha Yoga is just for physical exercises, without any discrimination. They just use the sun line, only one side. We too use certain exercises, like yesterday, combining both sides, but the way they are doing Hatha Yoga now is very dangerous. Hatha yogis, such Hatha Yogis, these modern Hatha Yogis can become extremely dry and divorces…They become extremely stiff people, hot tempered and violent. We had one in India, which was approved by the Government, but then he was arrested because he was secretly making guns, guns factory, here. So, I mean, one should… this idea of everybody becoming skinny is nonsense. That makes people very irritable. For women specially, thin women are very poor thing, irritated and sometimes very dominating, because they have no stored energy within them. So, one should not be thin or fat, but could be plump, but this kind of a Hatha Yoga can make you mad. They cannot even smile.

The another is Kriya Yoga. And the Kriya Yoga is the one, which automatically happens within yourself when the Kundalini rises. Automatically. Just like when the car starts, you see, the machinery works. Like these centers open and close to keep the Kundalini going up. And when Kundalini passes this center, to keep it there, it closes again. There is a name for that, is [KATCHARY], because the tongue is pulled inside, little bit. So they cut the tread of the tongue, in California, of many doctors so that they could put back the tongue! And these people can’t talk, they can’t eat, they are in a mess. So it is like, it is like without starting the car, you start moving the wheel. What will happen?

Now the same about Bhakti Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, these Hare Rama Hare Krishna. Unless and until you are connected, it’s like a telephone without connection. On the contrary, they develop the problem of this throat, where resides Shri Krishna Himself. Here resides Shri Krishna Himself. So they develop the problem of Shri Krishna Himself and talk of Krishna consciousness. They sell Gita, Gita book, Gita book, just like Jehovah’s Witness sell Bible. It’s all bhutish knowledge. These books have got the prescription, but you have to take the medicine. Tantra yoga is again… is ours is real tantra yoga. In the way that it is written that after the Self Realization. Then you should know about the yantra, tantra, mantra.

So those people who do tantra yoga are really like devils because they really spoil your whole thing. Their own life is so, so sinful. There’s one, Gopi Krishna, if you see his own private life, it’s terrible. Another is this T.M., T.M. T.M. is the worst I think. For some time they feel better because another soul sits on them, but after some time they become recluses, recluses. Good for nothing. And the mantras they charge 300 pounds, 6000 pounds. Because we got somebody who was the head of their flying foundation. He, his wife, his child and his depute director. All were [UNCLEAR]. All of them started suffering from epilepsy. And then I had to cure them. This man was a diamond merchant and his wife was the granddaughter of a duke. And they told Me all about it. He’s writing a book now. They became bankrupt; he had to go to South Africa, where they are doing now Sahaja Yoga. [MISSING RECORDING]

…has paid 300 pounds. And then the fellow was sitting on seven steps up there. Also he was… everybody stupefied, you see. And even the gurus who were sitting there, used to giggle because they couldn’t help seeing the people being made such fools. He is called as giggling guru also, he’s called as giggling guru. Oh, then they had the flying, you see, flying session. So you could fly on 3 feet, you see. All hocus-pocus, all hocus-pocus. Poor things, they broke all their bottoms. And there was a case against them in America and they compensated, they compensated with money. They were given 6 days the water which boiled potatoes. And then the seventh day they were given rind of the potato [TWIT], rind, the covering and ate they the potato. And charged 6000 pounds. But then I would blame the seekers. Why do they want to fly at 3 feet, as it is we are having such problem with our traffic jams? So also the seekers are stupid I must say. Because they were very expensive, you see, they felt attracted. In the West whatever is expensive is great. They give some name to the product and is expensive, then it’s great. So stupid they are.

Question: This girl would like to ask you: now, in our country, people have been very politically conscious, politically conscious. Could people relieve themselves of the stress and do their duties in the daytime, of the stress arising from this political change in our country.

Shri Mataji: Yea. Yes. You see, in the West now, supposing in England, every third day there is a strike. We went from Russia back and we were hanging in the air, because when the plane landed there was strike. So we could not get down. We were all in the plane for 3-4 hours. So, that is one thing. Then second thing is that they just belong to some sort of a Party, everybody must belong to some Party. And all the time what they are doing is to pull each other. But there is no constructive mind. But with Sahaja Yoga you become extremely constructive, extremely constructive. Because you know your glory, you know your greatness and you develop your self-respect, and you don’t want to waste it on nonsensical things, and even without taking part in any politics you trigger goodness. It is predicted that after some time the Sahaja Yogis are going to rule the world. So one should wait and see.

Question: Could You make a session so that our audience on the TV sets watching, could watch also, for unrealized souls, unrealized individuals?

Shri Mataji: All right. Yea, of course, of course. Of course. It works with TV, I’ve seen.

Translator: For our people who watch at the TV sets [IS, IF] there [ARE] hopes?

Shri Mataji: Yea, yea. It does work, it does work. It does work, no doubt. It does work, please tell.

Translator: There are people who want to ask questions.

Shri Mataji: Still? All right. I just tell her one thing that it does work, people can get Realization but it’s a collective happening, so you have to form some centers where all of them should meet, who are realized souls.

Translator: And Self Realization how this in the future will be a balance between that knowledge and the Self Realization, the spiritual and elevation of the human beings.

Shri Mataji: There is a complete advantage of the knowledge that human beings have achieved. For example if there was not television I could not have given Realization to thousands. If there was not aeroplane I could not have come to Bulgaria. Also every knowledge has to be enlightened, so it tells you what is knowledge and what it is non-knowledge. So it is absolutely related. For example if a doctor becomes, if doctor becomes a Sahaja Yogi, he can do much better as a doctor. And if a musician becomes a Sahaja Yogi he becomes a great musician. Say, an artist, a painter becomes a Sahaja Yogi he can create wonderful things. Also political ideas like I would say: “I, I am, say, powerful, I’ve all the powers. So I’m a capitalist but I can’t live without distributing it. So I’m the greatest communist”. You see, because we think that by distributing these worldly things, we become communists. But if you give the highest than these things are nothing.

So also the [CAP], you see, the political ideas were started by great people like Socrates started it. Yes. And Socrates said that for the benevolence, the king has to be benevolent king. But his disciples, like Aristotle really spoilt it. Still, the politics was philosophy oriented and then, now it has become nothing but economics. Now, economics itself you understand better in Sahaja Yoga. First is that want in general are not satiable, want in general are not satiable. So what is satiable there? We have to find out. Also science tells you that, how it harms, what will harm you, also science tells you, but we don’t listen to it. But with Sahaja Yoga we will. So everything gets extremely beautiful and purified. So the knowledge becomes constructive and nourishing and benevolent.

Question: The first question of the lady is: can you tell which is the best way to construct a good family and a few words about your family, your children, your husband. And second question is who is paying the expenses: your foundation, your association, and for your travels to teach this teaching abroad?

Shri Mataji: First I’ll tell about who is paying, is better. You see, I come from a rich family. Luckily my husband also is earning quite a lot of money. And we have no bad habits. So for first four years I was paying for myself and for everyone, also I have purchased some ashrams for them. But gradually the Sahaja Yogis started feeling guilty: “It’s too much, that you should pay for our salvation”. They felt their self-respect. So the partly, you see, for traveling I used to pay myself and they used to pay for the halls and for advertising, in their own local places, in their countries. They combined together. And now for say, Eastern block things, they are all combined together, all over the world. We are 40 nations, you see. So they are paying for, say this hall and advertising, and you’ll be surprised that we always hit jackpots. Jackpot means suddenly you get a big deal, a sort of. For example this hall was given for a [SONG] by [SHARITAN] hotel. For a [SONG], just for little money. So then you, I mean that is how last time there were 35 people came from Russia, they had no money. I paid half and they, these people paid half. Because now we are so many people that they little bit contribute and it’s sufficient. And after coming to Sahaja Yoga, all of them have become rich also and they have become generous. You’ll be surprised that in London there’s so much of unemployment but there’s not one single Sahaja Yogi who is unemployed.

So, the second is about my family. I come from a very patriotic family and my forefathers were like kings, like rulers. They were dynasty and they had a calendar also. Even now we use the same calendar. And my father was very linguistic. He was master of 14 languages. He knew 26 languages actually. After getting freedom he became the member of the Central Assembly, then of then Constitute Assembly, then of the Parliament. And my mother was a Honors of Mathematics. And both of them sacrificed everything for the country. [MISSING FROM THE RECORDED SPEECH] But he’s a great Sahaja Yogi. Another sister has got doctorate in Music, Doctor of Music. She’s teaching music to Sahaja Yogis in Austria. She was here for 3 months and now she’s going back.

Now, my husband’s family is also the same lawyers family. Landlords, they were all landlords, [UNCLEAR], very rich families. And my husband himself is a great patriot. And he worked in India in the highest service, we call as the civil servant, highest civil service. He was with our Prime Minister as his Secretary, first Secretary, official. Then he was elected by 134 nations as the Secretary General of International Maritime Organization. He came to Bulgaria also. It is one of the agencies of UN, like WHO, called as IMO. He has visited Bulgaria many a times. Because you use the flag, they used Bulgarian flag for the ships. He was elected 4 times unanimously. And then he…, I forced him to retire because now he’s old 70 years of age. Recently the British Government has given him the Knighthood. Last 5 years they have not given it to anyone. Only Reagan, Reagan, president Reagan got one. Is the highest award, the highest, our British highest award. The Secretary of State said that: “I had heard about Legions but now a Legion is sitting before me.” Because my husband has got 31 highest awards, major awards, from 31 countries. This has not happen to anyone, in whole world he said.

But he’s a very generous and a humble person. Even when he got this award he said: “It is all because of my wife, I got it. Because She’s such an efficient housewife and She’s so relaxed, She has never bothered me.” Half the time he was talking about Me only. And I was very bashful; he was talking about Me only half the time. I was feeling so shy. And he comes to Sahaja Yoga sessions also, to seminars and always he has praised Sahaja Yoga. Now, Sahaja Yoga is recognized by the UN now. And also in America they believe in this religion of Sahaja Yoga, which we call as the Universal religion, Universal Pure Religion. Accepted. They have accepted it as a religion and is a church now, they have accepted it as a church, the highest, highest position in religion, in America.

I’ve two daughters, one is an architect and another is a writer. They are both very clever, all first class, first [TOOLS]. And both of my son in laws are also very, very intelligent and very dynamic, honest, patriotic people. They all love Me very much. And I have four grandchildren and the eldest one is 18 years. When I am at home, we all sleep together, four my grandchildren and Myself. They are also very good students, very good people and all born Realized. They realized that I am doing very important work, my husband and my family so they all help Me a lot. They respect all the Sahaja Yogis and whichever way they can help, money wise, any way, they want to help. But on my father’s side and my husband’s side we have very large families, 100 people at least on both the sides. And they are all very aware of my work and very respectful so I am very lucky also. Actually I chose my parents and… I chose my own parents. And my husband is extremely nice and loving. Every third or forth day he’s telephoning wherever I am…. I never telephone but he telephones Me. So My family is also this.

…It’s quite a lot of time as well.

One question about the family she asked, that’s I must tell: how do you have good families. One question. One, one more question. That’s very important. You see because I know in the Eastern countries also there’s a big problem of divorce. Even in Poland, everybody has had already 3-4 husbands, wives. But when you are in Sahaja Yoga, they come to India and apply for marriages. The first condition is they have to be 2 years in Sahaja Yoga, then all the leaders from all the other nations, they give full idea about every person. They have to also write about their preferences and what they want and all that and then we give them some matches, you see, to see for themselves. It’s done mostly with vibrations. And whatever they like, then they can marry, whichever person they like. Every year we have about 75 marriages. About 2 marriages, 2 or 3 marriages failed also. Rarely, rarely. So there is divorce also in Sahaja Yoga. But mostly it is international marriages. And the children that are born are all mostly Self Realized. They also bring a force between the husband and wife. They are very happily married. In the Sahaja Yoga society we do not have this problem of flirting, no problem of flirting. It’s a very pure relationship. So there are no jalousies, these… Very peaceful families. I don’t have to tell them. Their Spirit Itself guides them.

Translator: Now we could start the session.

Shri Mataji: Good. Because already it is 12.30 and we should do; about 10-15 minutes we’ll require. Somebody should come and show here, one person. Somebody?… You could come. I have to show you but there’s no need for you to get up. Normally I wear a white sari for meditation but because of television I wore a darker shade. But doesn’t matter. Still it works, still it works. Only just to, attention, you see, on a white is less deeper.

Now, first of all there are 2 conditions. The first condition is that you have to forget the past. In short it means you should know that you are not guilty at all. You should not feel guilty, at all. I was happy to see that you all were laughing and enjoying what I was telling you. Because after all you are human beings and it’s only human beings can commit mistakes not the Gods. So there is nothing to can feel guilty. I mean to say that you have to be pleasantly placed towards yourself.

The second condition is that you have to forgive everyone in general. We do not have to think how to forgive, difficult to forgive. Because whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything, it’s a myth. So, if you are not forgiving, you are playing into wrong hands and you are torturing yourself. So, better to forgive everyone without thinking about individuals. Now you have to understand that I cannot force Self Realization on you because this Kundalini, which uncoils Itself and connects you to this All Pervading Power is the power of pure desire. So you have to have pure desire to get Self Realization, in your own glory of freedom. I respect that freedom because ultimately you have to get the total freedom, above all conditionings, ego, habits. Nothing can dominate you.

All right. So we use our left hand to express our desire to have Self Realization and we use our right hand to nourish our centers on the left side. First of all I would request you to take out your shoes because this Mother Earth helps us a lot. Also to keep both your feet on the ground, separate from each other. Now, we’ll show you how to put the right hand on [YOUR] centers. Then you’ll have to close your eyes. So now, first you put left hand like this and the right hand, right hand on the heart. In the heart resides the Spirit. You should sit comfortably, not bending, not stretching, comfortably, comfortably, straight. So now you have in the heart the Spirit, but the seat of the Spirit is on the fontanel bone area, here, because [INNAUDIBLE].

Now we move our hand on to the upper portion of our abdomen, on the left hand side. This is the center of our mastery. Then we move our right hand in the lower potion of our abdomen. This is the center of pure knowledge, which manifests on your the central nervous system. Whatever we have achieved in the evolutionary process is manifested on our central nervous system. Then again we take back our hand in the upper portion of our abdomen. Then we take our hand on our heart and then we take our hand in the corner of our neck and our shoulder, like this. And then turn your head to your right. This is the center we catch when we feel guilty. And this I feel just now the most you are catching, all of you. Please don’t feel guilty otherwise Kundalini won’t pass.

Now, please take your right hand onto your forehead pressing both the temples like this. And now bend your head fully. Now, take back your right…this is the center for forgiving everyone. Now, we take back our hand on the backside of the head and push back our head as far as possible. This is the center where you have to ask forgiveness from the All Pervading Power of Love, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, without [UNCLEAR], just for your satisfaction. You have to push back your head fully. Now, you have to stretch your palm and put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area. Now put down your head and press back your fingers, as far as possible. And now you can move your scalp with a pressure, 7 times clockwise, slowly. That’s all we have to do.

Now, will you please remember that you have to keep your both feet on the sides and you have to sit little straight. And put your left hand towards Me. You can take out your spectacles and put your right hand on your heart. Here, you have to close your eyes and till I tell you, please don’t open. Please have faith in yourself that you all can get Realization. Now, here, on your heart you have to say, ask a question to Me which is very fundamental. Please ask 3 times, you can call Me Mother or you can call Me Shri Mataji. Please say: “Mother, am I the Spirit?”, ask this question 3 times.

Now, if you are the Spirit, you are the light. So you are your own master. So, now please take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen and ask 3 times another question to Me: “Mother, am my own master?” I’ve already told you that I cannot force pure knowledge on you. You have to ask in your own freedom. So now please put your left hand in the lower portion of your abdomen and ask the question or say:” Mother, please give me pure knowledge”. As soon as you ask for pure knowledge, the Kundalini starts rising. So we have to nourish the upper centers with our self-confidence. Please raise your right hand in the upper portion of our abdomen, on the left hand side. Here you have to say with full self-confidence, 10 times: “Mother, I am my own master.”

The greatest truth about you is that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this intellect, you are not this ego, you are not these conditionings but you are pure Spirit. So now, raise your right hand on your heart and say it with full confidence: “Mother, I am the Spirit”, say it 12 times, 12 times. Now, we have to know that this power of love, which is all pervading is the ocean of knowledge and it is the ocean of joy but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So we cannot commit any mistakes, which cannot be dissolved by this ocean of forgiveness.

I’ve already told you that if you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive you play into wrong hands and torture yourself. So, now, please put your hand on your forehead in such a way that you press both the…, both the temples with your finger, small finger and the thumb. And now please hold your head and put it down as far as possible. Now, here you have to say: “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Don’t think of individuals, in general you have to forgive, in general you have to forgive. You have to say from your heart, not how many times. Now, please take your [HAND] on the backside of your head, here, and put back your head as far as possible. Here you have to say for your satisfaction, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes: “Oh, All Pervading Power of Love, please forgive me if I’ve done any mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly.” Say it from your heart.

Now, the last center. Please stretch your palm and please put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area. Here, please, again, push back your fingers. Now, bend your head. Here, again, I cannot force Self Realization on you. You have to ask for it in your own glory of freedom. Now, please put down your head and put a proper pressure. And now move the scalp, scalp 7 times, slowly, with pressure, not the hand but the scalp, saying 7 times: “Mother, please give me the Self Realization”.

Now, please open your eyes. Put your left hand towards Me and right hand towards Me. Now, watch Me without thinking. Now, put down your head and see with your left hand if there’s a cool breeze coming from your head. Keep the right hand like this. Bend your head and see. The hand should not be on the head but away from it. Some of you might feel hot because you have not forgiven. So please, forgive.

Now, put the left hand towards Me. Bend your head please and see with your right hand if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your head. It can be far away also for some people. For some people it can be far away. Now, again put your right hand towards Me and see with the left hand if there’s a cool breeze coming out. Now, raise your hands up and push back your head and ask a question 3 times: “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the All Pervading Power?” Now, take down the hands please. You feel very relaxed and you feel the cool breeze also. Those who have felt the cool breeze in their hands or out of their heads, please raise your both the hands.

Oh, all of you have got it.

A person: Not all.

Shri Mataji: Very few haven’t got it.

A person: For instance [UNCLEAR] less [UNCLEAR] with my right…

Shri Mataji: Because you are a journalist.
The person: No, I’m not.

Shri Mataji: No?

The person: I’m an interpreter.

Shri Mataji: That may be. The same with him. Your right is always catch. Because you talk too much. It’s all right, you’ll get it, it’s all right.

So, thank you very much. Those who have not got it can also come down and the Sahaja Yogis can give them Realization, those who haven’t got it. Maybe something wrong in the physical side. You can come down, here, this side. Please, this is the chance of the life [COMING].