Shri Mahasaraswati Puja: Vishnumaya a very fiery personality (Afternoon)

Lions Bay, Ashram in Lions Bay (Canada)

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Shri Mahasaraswati Puja. Vancouver (Canada), 11 August 1990.

When they asked Me what puja we should have in Vancouver, I had heard about this ashram that it is placed in very beautiful surroundings of nature and, as nature is being created by the power of Saraswati, I thought best would be to have the Puja of Saraswati here. Another thing is that when people live in nature, they become extremely creative, their delicate feelings are preserved and they are never in a rush; or they are not what we can call too much modernized, because nature soothes them down. So also the creativity of Saraswati adds to artist, and I knew that there must have been many artist in this country created since long.

The Canada as such I feel is the Hamsa Chakra of the Vishuddhi, but the power of Saraswati becomes Mahasaraswati when it is manifested by the Mahabrahmadeva which is called as Hiranyagarbha. For that She has to cross through the Hamsa. She crosses through Hamsa and becomes the Vishnumaya Shakti. I mean She is the Vishnumaya Shakti. So Saraswati becomes the Vishnumaya. She crosses at two points – one at Hamsa and another at Vishuddhi – so She is the Sister of Shri Krishna. So Saraswati was born as the Sister of Shri Krishna, and when Krishna’s mama name whose was, uncle was Kamsa, he came to kill Her, She just rose into the sky and became the lightning, and She declared the coming of Shri Krishna, that He is already there existing.

So the relationship between Shri Krishna and Vishnumaya is that of a brother and a sister, and surprisingly the other day we celebrated the Rakhi Bandhan, Raksha Bandhan, which is the same thing as the brothers/sisters relationship. So now here we are celebrating actually the Deity which is the Sister of Shri Krishna. Later on She was born as Draupadi, and that’s why Shri Krishna went to save Her chastity, because is the brother only who is concerned about the chastity and the name of the sister.

So this is what yesterday happened that is the Saraswati Puja, so Vishnumaya, Herself, yesterday sixteen times thundered here; and I didn’t tell anybody what was happening, but I knew She would do that. And apart from that, She has also threatened Washington. That’s a good thing because Washington has to be awakened. Now these are very, very subtle things and very subtle relations, and only I can tell these things because I know them, that these relations exist. So I was not surprised that She was there, but exactly sixteen hundred times She passed it, this part of Vancouver, is to show that the time has come for you to understand that Sahaja Yoga is so important, and if we do not assert ourselves fully to Sahaja Yoga, Vishnumaya is going to take another form which may burn all your forest, may burn everything. Now you must know that lightning represents all the five elements in it – it has sound, it has light, it is in the ether, it acts in the ether. Also it has got what you called the water in it, and when the water goes into friction, which is the Mother earth, so all these things act through Her.

So this Vishnumaya yesterday showed us that “I’m here now. Please worship Me.” And so far we have never worshiped Saraswati, and Brahmadeva is not worshiped anywhere because He created this world, He created all this woods and all these things and they created all the seas and all the lands, all the stars, universes after universes. But we are not to worship like we worship this tree or that tree. We are not to worship anything of that kind, only thing whatever is created by Mother Earth like swayambus, that’s only we worship. And that, too, we worship now in a way that is an abstract way, because wherever they have appeared people are doing commercial religion, so we don’t go to this places also as Sahaja Yogis.

So you can understand why all these things happened unexpectedly yesterday after My coming, that there was such a light of lighting which never happened before and people were surprised. So is the Krishna’s Sister who is a much more dynamic and [Shri Mataji speaks aside in Hindi] much more fiery personality – much, much more fiery personality. Shri Krishna’s essence is that He is sweetness. Madhuria is His capacity and Radha is the Allahda Dayini Shakti, means the One which gives you that joy which creates [Shri Mataji speaks aside in Hindi], raises your hair with joy – so, but in Sanskrit it is pulakit, pulakita is the word.

So this beauty of Shri Krishna which is sweetness, the leela, creating beautiful feelings of oneness of communication – all that is in Shri Krishna. But She’s the One Who warns, and that is how the warning came. And She’s a very fiery personality which warns everyone. So on one way She has proved My coming here, that I’m here. Perhaps maybe to the people who are aboriginals they might understand that this is what was prophesied and that has happened, and also that you people have to realize it’s a warning that you cannot just allow Sahaja Yoga to drift in such a manner that it takes its own course and works out, and you are just by the way there.

So this is a warning of Shri Krishna’s Sister, Vishnumaya, which is Saraswati Herself, and that is what today we are going to worship Her. Only the Sahaja Yogis, those who are enlightened people, can worship Mahasaraswati. Otherwise people can only worship Saraswati because with worship of Saraswati you can read books, you can create dances, music, for the amusement of human beings, but actually the Saraswati Puja is meant for people of ordinary awareness, means ordinary or normal human awareness. But for Sahaja Yogis, it is the Mahasaraswati which is to be worshiped. As I have told you this Mahasaraswati becomes the Vishnumaya, and She is Vishnumaya so you have to be person that you should, yourself should inform people like the Vishnumaya does what Sahaja Yoga is with your fiery talks, with things of exciting them, telling them what are you up to. But what I have seen is that mostly when people speak they try to be very gentle and sweet like Shri Krishna.

We tried that in America, that it might work with Americans, but it did not. They like people like say that Graham fellow or somebody like that who talks in a fiery way. And I think this is what we have to learn from yesterday’s experience: that you need really some fiery speakers and fiery people because they are not at all sensitive to normal sensations. You see they, all their sensations are dead I think they have become numb, and you have to give them some shocks. They like shocks, you see. Newspaper have to give them shocks, any event that is shocking – that can only attract their attention. Even the music has to be so much that so it should break the rocks. It should be such music that will just break their heads. So they have become really rocky people, and you have to understand that their rockiness can only be shattered by Vishnumaya. And that’s why this puja that we have today in Vancouver has a very great significance – not only for Canada, but also for America.

Americans are taking for granted whatever diseases coming today, whatever drugs they are taking, whatever destruction they’re doing to themselves is still not in their understanding. They don’t understand what they’re doing to themselves, how they’re destroying themselves, how such a precious human life they’re wasting just for their own whim and for their so-called freedom.

So it is extremely, extremely important that you should try to tell them in a fiery way, “What are you doing? Why are you deceiving yourself? Why don’t you understand this is wrong? At least for the progeny, you tell them that ‘We did this wrong, but you should not do it.'”
All this kind of talk has to be there and people have to get ready for such great speeches and things, but to say that people won’t like it, I think is the other way around, unless and until you frighten them they’re not going to be with you.
So you have to tell and warn them and that’s what the Vishnumaya yesterday has suggested that now take to a new style of strategy and talk to people in a way that whenever you are doing – say you are doing a course, at the end of the course you have to say that “Now, you see, Sahaja Yoga is not only doing the course, but it’s for your well being, for your benevolence. And you have to go further with it and you have to grow. Now don’t leave it half way.” It’s not like just sprouting the seed, but it has to become the tree otherwise nobody can be helped.
So you see just tell them they – all the dangers of not being properly brought up or mature in Sahaja Yoga. It has to be told because all this lovey-dovey business doesn’t help in America, I’ve seen that. You need really fiery people because recently I was listening to a speech of this Billy Graham, and I said, “It’s such an empty-headed fellow talks through his hat,” but still people were so impressed. And there was another one now I think he is behind jail. I don’t know his name, some funny man. So I saw him also, I was surprised he was just talking something empty, like empty shell and people were all mad after him – thousands standing, singing, doing this, doing that.

So one has to understand that these people require shocks, and they’re to be shocked and they’re to be told that “This is going to happen.” There’s one other organisation which has gone into a kind of a shocking system is the [Shri Mataji speaks aside in Hindi] Brahma Kumari, Brahma Kumari, you see this Brahma Kumaris have become like lightnings and they tell people – now they don’t tell that, “You are destroyed,” what they tell, “This world is going to be destroyed, everything is going to be destroyed and you know you are not prepared for it, what’s going to happen?”

Same thing Jehovah Witness is doing, the same thing. They are saying, “This world is going to be destroyed, and we are all going to be destroyed; so we should be prepared and we should take to God.” But this is not reality. Despite that people are after that. You have to tell them the reality that “Not only that you’re destroying yourself, but you’re destroying the future.” People are already talking that most of the people in America will be destroyed.

Now it comes from various reasons. We can say that there are no traditions and things – that’s not the point, that’s not the main point. One of the main points is that they destroyed so many people when they came and settle down in this country. That’s one point. Now the bhoots of those people who died are still hanging around, and they want to see that they destroy Americans as far as possible. The amount of witchcraft, the amount of all negative techniques that are working in America, they’re working nowhere. The gurus had to get out of the all the countries, but they’re still very nicely settle in America. The reason is these bhoots are giving them ideas. It’s not only that they need shocks, but also these bhoots give them this perverted ideas of destruction, so they go for their destruction.

Now the bhootish ideas are such that you see a person coming out of a pub, falls down. And bhootish idea is that “What’s the harm? You also try, you will never fall. You go in, nothing will happen to you. You’re perfectly all right. After all, doesn’t matter.”

Or else you tell them that “This is wrong. We should not do.”

“All right, so we are bad. So what?” These are all bhootish ideas. These are not human ideas to talk like this or to say like that.

So to all these people, you see, the only thing that is going to bring round is the Vishnumaya Shakti, nothing else. I now realize that it’s only through Vishnumaya people can be cured. So Vishnumaya Itself now has gone off to sleep, thanks to Christian religion, Catholic religion and also Hinduism, because in Hinduism also there is a idea of sin – that you have sinned this, you have done that sin. So give so much money to the Brahmin, so you’ll be saved. I mean every religion has this nonsense. But this Vishnumaya Shakti, which is being absolutely subdued and is sleeping in human beings, if you can raise It and tell people to get up out of this slumber, this laziness, by involving them very much in a bigger way, by telling them that we are for peace, peace of the world. We are for the emancipation of the humanity, we are for saving people from blunders and from their destruction.

If you take a bigger platform and talk about those things, then it will be helped. For example, now it’s a very good thing that I was with Mahatma Gandhi, and people have got great respect for Mahatma Gandhi. Of course and Mahatma Gandhi was very much impressed about Me no doubt. Even when I was a child, he used to consult Me, and the proof of that is that in his bhajans he has put the serial of the bhajans in different ways, starting from the heart talking about the Atma and then he’s starting from the Mooladhara upward like that. So I mean that’s one of the proofs that he must have consulted Me. But whatever it is, you have – can use him also that Shri Mataji is doing what Mahatma Gandhi said. He has talked about sarva dharma savanatma means all the religions are treated with same respect and same understanding.

Once you start talking like that, you see, then people will understand that it has some noble heritage behind it, because everybody wants to know from what book I’ve learnt. I have never learnt from any book, that you know very well. But you can say that “She is the One Who was with him” and that “He was very much impressed by Her,” and the same ideas of peace and non violence and all that. “These are the same techniques and methods She wants to use.” That’s a fact, no doubt, but Mahatma Gandhi was a very fiery speaker. All people who followed him were very fiery. They were not just “All right, come along, have a cup of tea” and this kind of thing is not going to work out.

So Americans need challenge, and they need really a fiery person to blast them. So now if you go on this way – like the other day when we had a program in New York and there were so many black people and so many Chinese, and then there were so many Indians and very few were whites.

So whites came and say, “Oh, nothing has happened to me, you know.”

So then what you have to do, “Nothing is happened?”

“Yes, that’s what.”

“Must be something wrong with you, or must be you must have committed some sins or something.”

So then they get a shock. “Oh, it’s something surprising you haven’t got it. Oh it’s very wrong, something wrong with you. You should get it. Try to get it, you know, it’s very wrong. I hope you don’t have cancer.” [laughter] Or you can ask, “Are you suffering from AIDS?”

“No, no, no.”

“Then what are you suffering from? How is it you didn’t get it? You see this black man got it, this Chinese has got it. Why don’t you get it? You are a white skin man, you should get it first.”

Then things will work out. I have been thinking about it, why these Americans are so dull, because you see they are on the whole very dull people, extremely dull. Because this kind of a rock music, you see, if you play before anyone people would run away. “What is this going on?” But the way they like this rap music yesterday, they wanted Me to listen. The heart started beating the other way around.

I said, “What’s happening?” And the whole thing started shaking. I sat on a bench and the whole bench was shaking. There, who sat with Me was, he was there and also Karan was there and we found that he – Karan and everybody was jumping like that, on – it was like a earthquake going on.

So this is what it is, that you see these people are very, very dull people and numbed out and they’re numbed out because of their so call freedom. It’s like you go and ask a bull, “Come and hit me,” sort of thing, you see. They have gone out of the way to numb themselves completely; and this numbness may be alcohol, may be drugs, may be woman, may be marrying so many times. If you marry one time it’s sufficient. If you marry five times, I mean you become – I don’t know what, like a – I don’t know if there’s any animal like that. But something you become absolutely numb to things, you see. Because first of all marrying one wife, then you have attachments with her, you have children and you – I mean after all it’s so much to do with your wife and then suddenly you divorce and you don’t feel anything, you don’t feel it.

It’s great numbness and if you tell them, “Yes I know, I know, I know.” They know but they don’t feel. They don’t feel that they’re doing anything wrong, they don’t feel they have done anything absurd and they don’t suffer. Any other person would suffer. Yes, he has divorced his wife and it becomes really a person quite lost, should be normally. But here what you find very nicely boasting, “You know, I have divorced my two wives, and this third one is coming up. You can meet her.” So that there’s no shame about it, no shame, no feelings, nothing. I mean you married a woman, you lived with her, she was your wife and you have no feelings for her. Your own children also they have no feelings at all, no feelings. Of course they’re not like English, where the English people kill their children, so that’s not so bad. But here I’ve heard also they kill their husband, wife, kills each other and all that. And for what? For love. When they do not have love for one husband, how are they going to have love for another husband? I can’t understand. Love is a quality of heart.

So this is what it is – if you see the whole character is numbed out because they don’t behave like human beings. They behave like – I don’t know, again I say I don’t know like who because there’s no comparison whatsoever. So it is not that only in America people are like that, it is all over. But in America it is too much, too much of it, and all such things rise from America. All such funny notions rise from America, and everybody takes them because they know how to advertise, they know how to make it very, very popular.

Once I was travelling by a ship and a pilot came over the ship, and he was talking to Me and he told Me that his brother is a very nasty devil.

I said, “What happened?”

So he said that he got hold of these four boys who were Beatles, and he became their manager. And he started this music and got some women, got them drunk, put them on the drugs. And the first music when they had that music, these girls started screaming, shouting, going mad. And it become popular. Normally the reaction would be that, “Ba, it’s such a thing that when the music starts the girls go mad, so don’t go to such a music.” On the contrary, so many started coming. How do you explain this kind of a reaction? The more they shout, the more they scream, according to them it’s something. Means behind it is one thing that it has touched them somehow; otherwise, why will they scream? Means such dumb people are been touched by something is something great and all of us should go. We are also dumb, so we should attend to it.

Now you may ask Me that “Mother how this dumbness has come into people and this?” Is as simple as that as I told you, that they’ve used their freedom to such an extent, their attention to such a wasteful pursuits, that they have become really numb. Their attention doesn’t feel anything. Attention when you put it out it reacts, and it comes back to you as something. But if you all the time go on bombarding outside your attention, this some bombardment from outside just finishes all your sensitivity. There’s no feeling, there’s no attachment, there is no, no recording of anything that is happening. So for that I think Vishnumaya is needed, and that’s why She’s placed on the left side because Vishnumaya is the One in charge of people who have become absolutely feelingless. That’s why She’s there to give you the feeling.

So on the left side when She shines She gives you the feelings, and people start understanding. So now the only thing that they have is a kind of a mental idea that they’re guilty, that’s all. This is just mental. If it is mental idea, “Oh, I’m guilty,” then you are not going to feel it. I mean if you are, say that you are mad, when you’re not mad if anybody calls you mad you are not going to feel it. It’s like this. So they don’t feel it at all because it is all mentally accepted thing and they have become numb, “Now nobody can harm you, so what’s wrong?” sort of an attitude.

I would now ask you people to go all out and become fiery, write in newspapers and say what’s happening and how things are. I’m writing a book like that now. It’s called as Meta Modernism, and as far as I could be fiery I’m going to be there to tell them what’s wrong with them. And they should see to it that this is all wrong. No use trying to call it something great. Like now AIDS have come up. I thought with AIDS, they will be awakened. So now the AIDS have become a martyrdom.
Now the yuppies, the yuppies came up, I said, “The yuppies will suffer from a disease.”
So now they said, “No, no, no, no. It’s very nice to be yuppies. After all you see they are another heroes who died for their yuppism.”
Like you see, every stupidity is made into a something, kind of a very glorifying thing, so just – and people accept it. That’s the best part of it – they accept it. So it is important for you to be fiery, and to show them in that light what they are. They have to be shown. It’s not just a little light of the Spirit will show them much, but it’s the real dazzling, burning light of a lightening.
So today’s puja is going to be especially for you all to develop that creativity of talking, behaving in every way in a fiery way. That is going to put them right, nothing else.
In creative work also, when we create something or we sing something and all that, if you go on singing, say, in our Indian style, some music which is “vilambit tala” [slow rhythm] you see, very slow “talas”, that won’t come up. They like somebody like Ravi Shankar who just goes on mixing up notes and just goes on playing something which is very, very unscientific according to Indians things, and is not at all entertaining, it doesn’t open your heart and something like that. But, that is the thing that appeals to them, to go into a big sort of a rock and roll sort – make it, sitar into rock and roll, and even worse than that. I don’t know the new, latest one I don’t know what it is.
So the second thing is that you can see how they try to shock people. Also they try to shock people, because they know that they are also like us. Like you go in the market, you find somebody, his pant is – not pant even, half pant – is all torn at wrong places, and it is just to shock people. They are supposed to, here at least, they are supposed to, in America it is supposed to be, you have to dress up decently. You should not be indecently dressed. That’s what they want. But, what you find, whatever chance they can get to dress up in a way that you’ll be shocked, they would like to do. Like they’ll have only one part of the hair as white. I mean anything, anything is possible just to shock others, shock others and attract the attention. And what do you get? Nothing. You spend so much money to attract the attention of others, but what do you get? That attention doesn’t give you anything, doesn’t pay you anything, doesn’t compensate. So it’s such a joyless pursuit they get into. All these things spoil their attention, which destroys it to this extent that they’re feelingless people. They have no feelings left. And then the worse thing that has happened is they have become absolutely money-orientated.

So the money is another side of Saraswati. Saraswati is different from Lakshmi, so the Lakshmi and the Saraswati never go hand in hand. This is the reason why when they get after Lakshmi, run after money too much, they get shocks. Because there’s a – suddenly you find stock exchange has fallen, there’s a recession, this business is gone, somebody who’s very rich suddenly becomes a poor man. Is all the work, this is all the work of the Saraswati. And if somebody is too much in Saraswati – reads too many books, is an artist who is very ambitious, who tries to outshine other artist and all that – such a person also gets back a reward from Lakshmi that his things never sell, he never gets money, he starves, all sorts of thing.

So these two things are in balance only in Hamsa, or we can say they are in balance when you are Sahaja Yogi. So this has to be achieved and is to be put together in balance that you have the blessings of the Saraswati as well as that of Lakshmi. But it crosses only at the Hamsa point and at the Vishuddhi point. So what do we have to do to bring the balance is that whatever we are earning, whatever we are doing, we should not be in mediocre way. We should try to do it in a dynamic way, in a fiery way. These two things should be combined at the Vishuddhi level. So now, supposing you are going to give a lecture about Sahaja Yoga in a fiery way, and if you wear a dress that you look like a hippie or somebody coming out of a jail, nobody is going to take you seriously. But if you’re properly dressed and you look respectable and presentation is good, and then you give fiery speech, everybody is going to listen. So this principle of Lakshmi Tattwa is to be used with the domination of the Saraswati principle.

Now another blessings of Saraswati is that you can have knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. I’ve seen many women especially in Sahaja Yoga, they’re Sahaja Yogis, their vibrations and all that is there, but they do not know what is Sahaja Yoga. They do not know what these chakras are. They do not know that how these vibrations go out. Now today’s lecture is quite a lecture quite complicated I would say, if you see to it. You have to listen to it at least four, five times to understand it with the paper and a pencil. It’s not an easy thing because I’m telling you now it’s all right, it’s quite entertaining, but behind the entertainment there is a deep knowledge. So I’ve not seen the Sahaja Yoginis mostly sit down with a paper and pencil to know what is Mother saying, what is the knowledge She’s giving us about the various things. To them Sahaja Yoga means to be nice, to cook good food and help the Sahaja Yogis, just as come to the pujas and all that and finished, also. So for them it is very important that they should also know what is Sahaja Yoga. They must listen to My lectures, sit down, study it nicely and understand it.

The other way around are the men. For them it is to do all the outside work, go round, see things and all that, But as far as relationships are concerned, or as far as emotional side are concerned, they’re negligent. And that is why Sahaja Yoga by men is different; Sahaja Yoga by women is different. And in France specially it has gone very far away from each other. The women were on one side, man are on other side. Imagine in Sahaja Yoga you have such a nonsense as that, but then we discover the person who was doing it and we managed it, so it was settle down and now things are better. But women must know about Sahaja Yoga, but that doesn’t mean that they should fight with them, or think that they also know what these men know. But it’s very, very common. I’ve seen that men and women are having a different type of attitude towards Sahaja Yoga. One is an extravert, another is an introvert. But in Sahaja Yoga there is no difference between a woman and a man as far as knowing Sahaja Yoga is concerned. I’m a woman Myself and I know so much, so why not the woman shouldn’t know about what is Sahaja Yoga?

So all the women who are here or all over have to know what is Sahaja Yoga. After all, look at Vishnumaya – She is a woman, is the Power that works. Brahmadeva doesn’t work. He’s created all these things because He has the Power of Saraswati, otherwise He could not have created. So everything is done through the Power and the Power is a women, but if the Power doesn’t know what is Sahaja Yoga, how is She going to work it out? So the women, though they have children, I know – they have to look after the household, kitchen – but it’s such a pleasure, such a joy to read about Sahaja Yoga, to understand it, to know it. Of course some of them do also read. I’m not saying that they do not. But there are very, very few and they are very sensible, very sensible.

So this is My understanding of today’s happening that in this natural surrounding, these natural surrounding where we are blessed by the work of Brahmadeva and Saraswati, and where we can feel the capacity of these Deities, to what extent They can create. The nature is absolutely one with the Divine. Now see, as soon as I came here the nature knew I’m there. It just started acting by itself. I didn’t have to give them a lecture, they didn’t have to do a puja, nothing of the kind. They know what I was doing. I went to Los Angeles, same thing. Anywhere I go the nature knows what is to be done, “Now Mother is in the town, what should we do?” And they do it. So this is the trouble, is that I have make you to do all kinds of deliberations for human beings that “All right, do this, do that, do that.” But I would say that spontaneously it should happen, because now we are one. Just like the nature is one with Me, you are also one with Me. And that should start happening when you will really become absolutely drawn into Sahaja Yoga, surrendered into Sahaja Yoga then only it will happen. May God bless you.

Now Saraswati is the Goddess of learning and Mahasaraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, which is pure knowledge. Now the Goddess of learning, Saraswati, has got four arms. She wears white, white cloths because is a sign of purity. She’s a virgin. Then She has in Her hand the vina, that is the instrument which was the first instrument that was created by the Gods to play the classical music, or you can say the music that was appreciated by the Gods. So that’s one is vina, and two other hands are: one has got a rosary in the hand, in the sense a person who is learned should be a person who should be very much detached. A saintly person should not have too many attachments and should not be – it always happens a person who is a learned man, who is over-educated, who is not so much interested in the family, he becomes more aesthetic, is very discipline, self discipline. He’s very meticulous, is very efficient, is very right-sided, as you can call it you see, so all that goes hand in hand.

And then is in the left hand She has a book, so She – that means that the Power of Saraswati gives you the full creativity by which you can create books. That also means that, but must have in the books means that whatever you’re doing now – supposing you’re doing Sahaja Yoga, Sahaja Yoga is say concerning the Divine. So we must know what are in the books, means in the scriptures. We must know how it relates to the scriptures like it should not be something just coming like a mushroom knowledge, but it should be related to the books, means which is already written down, which is already being typed, being printed. But that doesn’t mean that it is a bookish knowledge, but it is whatever you have found out, whatever you have discovered has to be related to the books. And that is the Power She gives us, that She relates. Like when you must have read many books where there are quotations, even I use many quotations, and I give you now this all this knowledge is already part of it, I should say not the all, but part of it from the books in the sense it is written about Saraswati and everything.

So one must learn how to respect the books, specially the scriptures. And She’s the One Who gives you the penetration power into these books, to know what is the truth and what is not – penetration power to understand what is written between the lines, what is the subtle meaning of the whole thing – that is the Power of Saraswati. There’s another Power She has is Vak Shakti, by which you give speech. She’s the One Who gives you the power to speak. She’s the One Who gives you the power to communicate, by speech, by your writings, by all the drama or plays you have or films you have – any kind of communications that are done through the Power of Saraswati has that intellect behind it, and that intellect comes from Her Power.

So even Shri Krishna has to use Her Power. Everybody has to use Her Power, because if you don’t use the Saraswati’s Power, then only Shri Krishna’s one Power is that He is a diplomat and that diplomacy comes from the Power of the Saraswati. So everybody whosoever you find as brilliant is, actually has been endowed with this Power of Saraswati. The people who are worshipping Saraswati have to be detached people because those who are learned, those who are artist, those who are producing art and all those thing are not so much rewarded in their lifetime. So if they’re detached from Lakshmi, if they’re detached from things, then they’re just produce it for their own joy. They don’t worry how much money we are going to get.

So the Lakshmi’s Powers are to give you a great learning, to give you a great understanding intellectuality and to give you a kind of a personality that outshines others by your brilliance. But it may not give you money, it may not give you lots of possessions, but it gives you possessions which are – cannot be stolen, which cannot be taken away. And She is a person of humility, so the person who is a learned has to be humble. If he is not humble, then he’s not learned according to the Principle of Saraswati. She has – the person who is very much learned has to bow down with the fruits of his learnings, so that a person who is learned and thinks no end of himself is a person who has not yet learned fully, is a half-baked person and that’s why a egoist cannot be a learned man. Learned man is always extremely humble. That is the sign, because She is the Power which gives you humility, not humility of a businessman but a genuine humility She gives you. There are so many qualities and I think I’ll be able to write one day about them.