Shri Krishna Havan

Hallowtree Scout Campsite, Ipswich (England)

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Shri Krishna Havan, 1990-08-18

So we have today a special day for America and Canada this Havan I was thinking we should specially dedicate to the awakening of American and Canadian people. On one side all modernism has given us so many things for Sahaja yoga for example, this loudspeaker, this one, then we have little planes that I can travel, at the time of Christ nobody could think of that. Then we have television and one can give Realization on television. So many things there are. So, the quality of communication which is the quality of Virata of the Vishuddhi Chakra is being manifested and we are using it and is of a great help to Sahaja yoga. This is on one side.

              On the other side I find there are certain recognitions which we have got from America which we could not get anywhere. For example, we have got these procession of a church, which is the highest as a religion in America. That we could not have got anywhere else. I mean, in England you cannot even think of it. In England only there is only one religion and that is [unclear text] and the situation is on the other side now. So, the freedom which we have used has given us lots of benefits and also whatever things we have used which have come out of their communication advancement has helped us a lot. But these things are also used by other people so there is no discrimination. There are people who are using the same things for spreading something very evil. Also, the discrimination about this church, there are witchcrafts and satanic churches and black magic and everything is being sanctioned. Of course, they don’t have the procession of a church though but still that is there. So, everything goes whether it is bad, evil, or good or real. Everything goes hand-in-hand. That’s the kind of a country it is. So, people are very much confused and the confusion has reached such a state where they don’t know who is a real guru and who is not a real guru.

Because of this freedom that they have, they have gone into a chaos which has no radar, which has no direction. Like these ships were here, I don’t know, these are all sailing vessels. If they do not have a radar they do not know, where to go. So they have no direction and because of that they got lost. They got lost in the way that they have a very superficial attitude towards life. Even for their seeking is very superficial attitude. So they have fallen into drugs, aids, . which are self-destructive and they can’t see that it is self-destructive. Also, they believe that unless and until you destroy yourself you cannot reach God. All these absurd ideas have come into them and they cannot find out, that is the sad part…pausing the right time on the top of our head…. All these things that we are using for a right purpose could have been used also for the right purpose if they had understood the discrimination between right and wrong. Now they need lot of support because they are fighting a devil and materialism is another devil that is eating them of. For example, I was passing through this Kuwait at that time there were already these Iraqi military people had already lined up there. And if they wanted all these American’s and British’s who are there who are getting a very big pay and lot of money could have left. They could have just gone to Saudi Arabia. But because of their materialistic attitude they were waiting till the end. But they could have gone and come back. But they have purchased houses and they got their properties and all that so attached to it that they could not leave and now they are in mess. So this materialism also is another problem that is eating up America. 

    The third problem is immorality. They have no discrimination as per the morality is concerned. And they don’t understand that morality is so important that if there is no morality, if there is no idealism human beings cannot be nourished. That’s the only way they can exist if they have morality. Morality is nothing but a proper guideline for leading a healthy and wealthy life. Because if you are immoral then you fall into all kinds of physical problems and also economical problems. Because I have known people who has spend thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on immoral behaviour. Also long as they get to drink and as long as they have women to play with they are very happy. So, this superficial life has given them nothing but a kind of a pleasurable life they think pleasures are everything, pleasure is fun. Also, it has created a greed for money to such an extent that there are children of twelve years of age carry their guns and sell drugs get about 10,000 dollars in a week and they don’t care for their lives as long as they can carry on. So this spoilence is also telling upon the society of America, of course, Canadians are better of that way. But they are very much exploited by Americans because all the raw material they get from Canada and use it in their own country and sell it back at a high price. This is not dharma. This is not balance. This is no humanity. This is how because of this freedom they think oh what’s wrong in it, what’s wrong. Lots of sins have been committed. And these sins because it’s a collective country are collective. 

     On the other hand, they are responsible for starting these world organizations for helping world organizations and also they want to be popular with people also they want to follow certain ideas for the time being I would say like they want to support democracy. But if it helps them, well and good. If it doesn’t then they don’t mind helping at this point. Like India is a democratic country and is a very large democratic country. But they would never help India but they would always help Pakistan where there was a very short lived democracy. Because that’s also another problem with them is that they do not know whom to help and whom not to help. Because if you have certain principles like democracy then you must help democratic country whatever it is. So they do not stick to any principles. It’s all adjustable whenever they want they can go to this side and that side. 

        Why I’m telling you this is that is a country of Shri Krishna. And for Shri Krishna everything is a play, leela but He is powerful, He is spiritually so powerful, His spirituality I should say.  And then if He says it’s a leela then it is alright. But these people are spiritually beggars, absolutely beggars and then they want to have a whole thing as a play as a joke. They have missed the point. First, they have to be something like Shri Rama and then only they can achieve the status of Shri Krishna. And we have to also pray that they now take seriously to things which are important. But very surprisingly, I myself was surprised I have never seen any American being nude or anything they are always covered. That’s one thing. Now there is a law that even those people who swim should wear decent clothes. But you will find in England say worse in Switzerland all these places where women are half nude. You don’t find that in America at all in spite of the freedom some or the other they kept it up. And they respect the families and they respect the children. So because of Shri Krishna‘s blessings perhaps that they are understanding what is important. But also because they think they are free they are allowing all other things to come in. So, it’s in a state of confusion. You can say they are very confused people. In that confusion, they have lost lot of valuable things they could have given to the whole world. 

       First of all, it’s a very rich country and produces everything for itself. And whatever may happen to it, it’s not like England or Switzerland where they import everything. It’s a country which is very self-sufficient.  God has blessed them very well, so they can never become a poor country as such. They will always have food to eat, they will always have everything. But if they do not develop discretion after some time people will just take to drugs or take to something else and finish off. So, as if now, there is a movement about it and people are saying that all the white skin people in America might be destroyed. Most of them. Only the ethnic people will remain. Plus, the black people are taking to drugs so much that they may also be destroyed. So they already set the theory is going on. But nobody is frightened with it. Nobody is thinking on those lines. Everyone thinks that oh it is just a story like Sadham’s aggression [unclear text] I don’t know when they will get out of it. They are just like till Sadham’s gets hold of them and push them into some sort of a terrible situation. 

                     So, one thing we as Sahaja Yogis we should pray that they should get full idea about reality. They should know what they are facing and what are their problems. They should know and they should care for it. Because you see they live individually, they have no idea of collective destruction into which they are going. This is the biggest problem. If their collective becomes active then they will see that this is happening to our children, to our progeny, to everyone, to our neighbours. They are least bothered about it; they are just thinking about themselves as long as I get the money so it is alright. All this behaviour is little absurd I think for any human being that he cannot see his destruction. 

    Then all their attitude toward life is sometimes out of freedom goes absolutely out of bounds may be that they do not wear decent dresses but they wear ridiculous things and they take to ridiculous behaviour. And this ridiculous behaviour shows that they are not yet matured enough. All of us have to pray that they should mature. If they mature, they will take to Sahaja Yoga. Otherwise they are very good hearted people. They harm themselves. They don’t want to harm anybody. They are being harming themselves. Those who try to harm themselves, have no time to harm others. So, they are not that kind of people that they will harm others. And also, I don’t think there is so much of rationalism there as we see in other parts of the countries. But one thing is they must have discrimination. And the power of discrimination or we can say the chakra of Hamsa is in Canada. So, if they stop exploiting Canadians and if Canadians know that this discrimination power they have got. If they are awakened to that I’m sure the combination of these two countries will work out the collectivity much better and they can do a lot for the emancipation of human beings. It’s a very very important country for us because it is Vishuddhi. And Vishuddhi is the controlling part of the whole body of our work and everything which you will see now, and you will see in the Vishnu Sahasranama you see how many qualities Vishnu has and how many things He has to work out in this world. And this is the thing they have to work out. That’s the instrument, America is the instrument of Shri Vishnu. So, it has to be awakened. Shri Vishnu sleeps a lot and He is sleeping again I think in America. So, we have to awaken him and once He is awakened I’m sure He will work out through His instruments and something new will come. That’s why we have arranged this today’s Havan also we will try to burn off all the negativities that we think are troubling this world. That’s how we will continue with the burning off all the negative things. If you people have any problems, you can also write it down on a piece of paper, which we can put it at the end of it. 

    So, now the arrangements are such that nobody is near the fire.  So, now you have to get some wooden things to sit down. You didn’t plan for something.

Question:  Would you like the Americans to perform the Havan of Shri Vishnu?  

Mother:  See leaders should come. All the leaders, it is better and I would like to go nearer that fire. Alright. You can pull it out a little bit still it can not be very near.