Shri Krishna Puja: Awakening of Shri Krishna Within

Hallowtree Scout Campsite, Ipswich (England)

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Shri Krishna Puja. (UK), 19 August 1990.

We have arranged this Puja specially in England so that many more can come and work out the awakening of Shri Krishna.

Gita was written long time back, and it has been translated into so many languages, and lots of commentaries and criticism has been there. So this bookish knowledge of Gita has ruined many people, and even today you find there are many people who are selling the books of Gita all over and making it into a bookish knowledge. I don’t think Krishna ever thought that His knowledge will be sold out like this to every Tom, Dick and Harry. As now, as you know, the Jehovah’s Witness, they also selling Bible. So it has become a marketing company for Shri Krishna’s Gita.

There have been lots of horrible things against the real religion of ascent, and Krishna has said, “Whenever there is the decline of religion,” which is true today very much, “and whenever there is the saints being tortured, I come on this earth to save the saints, and to destroy all the negative forces and the devils,” as you call them, rakshasas. Pushtas they are called as, cruel people. So awakening of Krishna is very important, that within us He should arise and He should manifest His qualities within us. Then only the forces will work out.

Krishna, as a child, killed so many rakshasas. Then He played with gopis just to open their Kundalini; He had the rasa by which to make the energy of Shri Radha to pass through them. After killing Kamsa, the main rakshasa who was ruling, who was actually His uncle, He killed him. That means, your relations, if they are devils and they are rakshasas, they have to be killed. Because he is your relation you should not try to save him and try to bestow his evil on Sahaja Yogis or on Sahaja Yoga.

So Sahaja Yoga is the only organization in the whole world, whether you call it spiritual or whatever you may call it, is the only organization that it is also anxious to throw away many people from Sahaja Yoga. There is no organization – I mean we are not organization, also. But there is no spiritual movement, there is no movement in the whole world that not only allows people to go out of Sahaja Yoga but throws them out, because it is bound by the divine laws and it has to abide by the divine laws. Shri Krishna’s style was that: what is the need to throw them away? Just kill them, finished. So He killed His own uncle, making His own aunt a widow. His own uncle He threw away, out of the world, sent him to hell directly, finished it off. But in Sahaja Yoga we give a chance for such people also who are very devilish types, who are very detrimental to our growth, who are against spirituality, who are against God, we give them a long rope to hang themselves. That’s the Mother side of this incarnation, but the Krishna side is a very fast-moving one.

Krishna did not live for very long. In that short time, how many rakshasas He killed! He fought on the side of Pandavas and He killed all the Kauravas. He didn’t kill, He said, but He did. So the style of Krishna on one side also is extremely sweet, extremely nice. He is like honey, that’s why He is called Madhava, Madhu. He is like honey on one side, only to the bees, only to the people who want to be blessed by Him. But to the evil people, I think He’s one of the most dangerous personalities. Of course Shiva also does that, He has killed so many rakshasas. And also Devi has killed many rakshasas, but She went into wars, actual wars, and She went into discussions and arguments and things like that; but Shri Krishna, He never argued and He knew how to get rid of them, one by one, and He played some tricks on them. One of them I’ll tell you.

There was a rakshasa who by pleasing Shiva had got a blessing that he is sleeping and in his sleep anybody wakes him up, such a person should be made into ashes, Bhasmisat. Must be a good sleeper, I tell you, our neighbor, the camper, gets some sleep like that. And he said, “I should not be disturbed if I am sleeping.”

So, Shiva thought, “It’s a very simple thing, you see. Why should anybody disturb this old Johnny? And he would be sleeping in some cave somewhere, so it’s all right.” He didn’t think it would be quite dangerous.

And he had also blessings that nobody can conquer him, and he cannot be, he cannot be disturbed by anybody who tries to conquer this boon on him. So actually he was a saint, in a way, because he was meditating and all that, but some saints become ascetic and become really, like you should say, very right-sided. So I would call him a rakshasa only because this kind of people are of no use. They just go on cursing people, saying things to them and just finishing them off. So then you, of course in Sahaja Yoga language there are only two things; there are Sahaja Yogis or rakshasas, there’s nothing in between. So we could find he was a very right-sided, horrible, ascetic fellow who got this boon from Shiva.

There was one rakshasa, actual rakshasa, I mean that was no saintliness in him at all. This is a mixture, half-baked sort of thing. You see, if you see the canvas of Mahabharata you will be amazed that all kinds of peoples are described in that. So now, this second one was a real, real rakshasa, born out of rakshasas and was of a rakshasa quality. He, too, had another boon from Shiva that nobody can kill him. Unless and until somebody who has got Your boon that he can kill somebody, nobody else should kill him.

Imagine poor Shiva, you see, He thought, “It’s a very sensible thing, after all, so that he won’t cross Me.” He said, “All right.” He’s very easily pleased, Shiva is, the problem is that.

So, this second one, the real one, the real rakshasa was torturing people, and he started a big war and Shri Krishna also went in for that war. He was the one, that’s the only war He fought Himself and they were all fighting there. So Shri Krishna knew that this Shiva is not going to let this person down at any cost, because he knows, “I am all right,” so He would not allow him to be lost. So what should we do?

So, He played a trick. He started running out of the battlefield. Now is regarded as something very cowardly to run out of a battlefield, you see. I mean a person, if like that goes to his house, his wife will refuse to have him. It’s a very cowardly thing and it’s very disgraceful, but what is for God, it has, it has – They have no sense of grace or disgrace, you see. So He ran out of the battlefield which we call, that’s why He is called as Ranchod das, it means “the one who runs away from the battlefield.” Ranchod das. It is His name. One of the names of Shri Krishna, is Ranchod das. So He ran out, He ran out and when this rakshasa discovered that Krishna has run away, he ran after Him. But Krishna was running very fast, you see. Rakshasa, being so bulky, could not run that fast, but still he was running, you see. And Krishna was seeing that he sees Him running up to that, was keeping it. So He went there and He entered into the cave where this another half-baked rakshasa and half-baked yogi was sleeping. He took out His shawl, Shri Krishna, and put it on that yogi and He hid Himself. He covered his face – he was fast asleep so very gently He did it.

Now came the number one rakshasa, he entered into the cave, couldn’t see Krishna anywhere but he saw this man sleeping, He saw this is Shri Krishna, “Oh, so now You are tired and now You are sleeping, now I’ll see how You can survive, I’ll see to it.” And he just went onto his throat, so this half-baked fellow who was granted this boon, got up and he looked at him and with his third eye he burnt him and he became …. This is the trick.

So that is how He killed so many rakshasas, and also He told tricks to others in arguments, also He killed half-baked people, quite a lot of them. So I must say He was so powerful that He could work out any trick on people, sitting down in one place. And there are so many stories about Him which I cannot tell in one lecture, that His killing process was so smooth that nobody objected to it.

There was a woman who was a devil, was sent by Kamsa to kill Him. And she had poison, she had put poison in her breast and she came and she started nursing Him, and when He started sucking her (when he was a little boy of three, four years, or maybe two years) her breast, she started becoming big, big and she died. And then they saw that she was Putana, the one who was the devil, known.

And once He knew that there are two rakshasas who are camouflaged as two big trees. So His mother tied Him once with – she was angry because He was stealing her butter so she didn’t know what to tie so she tied Him with a pounding – that we have got for rice pounding, a kind of a wooden thing, big thing. It’s quite heavy. So she tied Him to that. It’s such a heavy thing, I mean, you need at least five-six people to lift it, but when she went away, Shri Krishna just walked with it with His small, little feet, you see, and went near those trees and hit them both on both the sides and both the trees fell down and the rakshasas died.

He was so knowledgeable and so clever, because you know that He is the brain. He is the Virata. He did it without any compassion whatsoever. All His love, all His compassion, all everything, duty, was only meant for His gopis and gopes. And then, when He became the king, also His life is very mysterious for people to understand, but Sahaja yogis can understand it. But when He became the king, He had to have wives, so He married five wives. Imagine, more than Mohammed Sahib. These five, why five? Because they were five elements. So they were the causal of the five elements so He married five wives. Now he had sixteen thousand powers.

Now you see a man, he may be old, even about ninety years of age, if he wants to keep some women around him, they will say he is a bad man. Not with a Mother, no, Mother can have as many as She likes, nobody is going to say anything about Her character, because Mother is Mother. But a man, see, he might be absolutely jumping into his grave, whatever it is. And there also, in India especially, if a lady tries to help him out, to be out of the grave, they will say he had bad relations with her.

So, it was such a bad situation at that time that He didn’t want to have bad name. So He said, “What should we do about these powers, because they’ll be women? If they have to come on this earth, they’ll be women and I don’t want to have bad name,” because He came for dharma. So what He did that these women became the princesses, and one king captured all of them. All these sixteen thousand women were under the capture of this man and this man was about to abuse them, so Shri Krishna invaded that man and got hold of all these.

So, the sixteen thousand women which were captured by this camp – imagine why should it be sixteen thousand? Imagine sixteen thousand women, it’s no easy thing to do. This man had sixteen thousand women who succumbed to his aggression and were there. And then He attacked this man and captured those sixteen thousand women and brought them and legally married them to show they were married. But what’s the question of marriage because they were His powers? And He used their powers, you see. For what? For creating so many things.

Like, if Shri Krishna had not come we would not have known really the significance of spiritual life. He was the first who talked of spiritual life. Rama did not talk of spiritual life, though there was an undercurrent in India. People knew there is spiritual life because there were saints, there were lots of what you call the seers. All of them were talking about it. But no incarnation [of Shri Vishnu] talked about spiritual life. We had Rama Avatara, then we had Parashurama. We had so many of these people. Never, never they talked of spiritual life, never. It was Shri Krishna only who first started talking about spiritual life, and only to Arjuna He talked, because you see what was the condition. People were not prepared. So, those people, Sahaja Yogis, who feel frustrated today because there are not many Sahaja Yogis or there is an obstruction, there are certain problems, must know that at the time of Shri Krishna He could dare speak about spirituality only to one person and that one was Arjuna. So, I mean, we are much better off, you see, aren’t we?

Then, of course, of course after Shri Krishna, who took the lead was Christ and He started talking about spirituality. Even you’ll be surprised that Abraham or Moses did not talk of spirituality. They talked of God, but not of spirituality. Till Christ came, nobody said that you are to be born again, even on the other side of the world, only Shri Krishna said this thing. Shri Rama was taught by His guru that He should be born again, in the sense that what is the Kundalini and all that, not that He should be born again. But He had become a human being, as I told you. So he taught Him about Kundalini, he told Him about Kundalini but it was a very secret science followed by only very nath pundits as we call them, as the Adi Nath and all that. Very few people were given Realization.

In Rama’s time, as we know of one, Nachiketa, and His father-in-law was a Realized soul, so compared to that, imagine how many of us are today here who know about spirituality. Not only we feel our spirituality, we are spiritual. If you apply law of chance, I don’t think there could have been after Christ even thirty people available, because if you see Christ died only two thousand years back. From Krishna’s time to Christ’s time it was six thousand years, and in six thousand years Krishna had none and Christ had twelve, so now calculate only two thousand years after that, how many could be?

So ,we must know that it’s now in a new explosion, that’s why I call it as “blossom time,” that we are definitely spiritual people, we have got spirituality and that the Divine is working. So the Kali Yuga is finishing, now it is Krita Yuga and the Krita Yuga is acting and this acting of Krita Yuga is responsible for giving us so many Sahaja Yogis. Krita Yuga means in the time when this all-pervading Power has started acting. Nobody before felt the cool vibrations, can you believe that? They felt the cool but not the vibrations. It was never related to any science; it was never related to physical science specially.

So, I must say the achievement of Sahaja Yoga is tremendous. Also, thanks to this evolution in the acting of Yugas, also, that the all-pervading Power has started acting as I am on this earth. But you could say that “Mother, why didn’t You come earlier?” That was not the time. Even today you find stupid people all around us. I mean the percentage of sensible people seems to be quite low in the western countries, though high up in others, but in the western countries very low, as far as the wisdom is concerned.

So, we have these obstructions, these small things going on, doesn’t matter. Sahaja Yoga will now prosper. It will flower and whatever people may say, you shouldn’t worry, because once they start finding joy and happiness, once they start finding the truth, and if they are honest, they will not leave Sahaja Yoga. And many people know that they just don’t want to leave Sahaja Yoga. I mean, say there is a husband and wife, and the wife is a horrible woman, supposing, or the husband is a horrible person and he obstructs the wife from coming to Sahaja Yoga, the husband will say, “All right, you go ahead, I will be with Sahaja Yoga because I have now felt the ambrosia, I have felt the beauty, the joy.”

Now imagine at the time of Shri Krishna, He talked to one person about the spirituality, only one person, Arjuna, which was heard by Sanjaya and which he related. It is so written by Vyasa, but He didn’t tell to everyone, didn’t show to anyone. He appeared in His Virata form on the battlefield but He never showed, but now you have got photographs to see, even if you can’t see with your eyes. Some can see some things also, I’ve seen that some are feeling it. So you are developing, you are growing into it. So this is into a new realm. It was Shri Krishna Who started talking about it. Of course these nath pundits did believe in all that spirituality, but they did not talk about it, till the time, I think, of Gyaneshwara, perhaps would be. It was first the Gyaneshwara only who started talking about it. Before that it was a secret kept. Of course after Gyaneshwara we had other people talking about it, like we had Mohammed Sahib, we had Nanaka, we had so many other people like Shirdi Sai Nath and some Sufi people and they started talking on spirituality.

So, we have to be historically very much thankful to Krishna because He is the One who has broken the first knot and that’s why it’s called as Vishnu Granthi and the Vishnu Granthi to knowledge has been first opened by Shri Krishna and He wanted that gradually it should work, gradually. So His Gita is not so clear cut, but is diplomatically written. So now we can find that the only person who first tried his hand on Gita was Gyanadeva and Gyanadeva, when he wrote on the sixth chapter, everything about Kundalini, they just said, “This is banned, you are not to read this one,” because they could not deliver the goods. People knew about Kundalini, but they didn’t want to read because they were told, “No, No, don’t read, this is very wrong,” and all that.

So, spirituality is a subject absolutely unknown to the western people, though Christ was there but they have been only crucifying Him. If I see the Christianity, if I see Christ, it’s so organized. From Christianity nobody can get out. Whatever sin you may commit, you are still a Christian. I know there was a fellow who murdered someone and he was taken to the courts.

They said, “What are you?”

And he said, “I am a Christian,” though he had murdered.

Then they gave him the Bible, “All right, put your hand on the Bible and say you are a Christian.”

He said, “I am a Christian, I believe in Bible.” But why didn’t they ask, “Why did you kill then?” Thou shalt not kill.

So, even these religions which were formed did not have any rules or regulations that “All right, if somebody does like that we’ll throw him out of our congregation or he is no more a Christian.” On the contrary, you’ll be surprised that when My father joined Congress in India to fight against the British, they threw him out of the congregation because according to the missionaries there, Christ was born in England. He must be an Englishman, so how dare My father join the Congress? Such an absurd idea!

So, all these ideas which are so absurd, against God – against religion, against spirituality – became very prevalent and useful and convenient for these organized religions. That’s one thing good about Hindu religion is there is nothing like a organization. So they can be agnostic, atheist, they can be anything. They could be Buddhist, they could be Jains. They could be anything and they could be Christians, but they could be Hindus also because it’s not organized and because they are not organized, there is no restriction on them that “Don’t do like this; don’t do like that.” But despite that I have seen, I’m surprised that Hindus are very meek people because the responsibility is left to themselves, not on an organization. If you have murdered somebody you are not to confess to the priest but confess to yourself and face yourself all the time. But so many filthy things crawled into this religion, also, of caste system which is just against Shri Krishna. They have no business to take Shri Krishna’s name and do all these nonsensical things because Shri Krishna Himself has said that, “In everybody it resides.” But they changed it a little, saying that, “Your caste is according to your birth.” How can it be? As I told you the other day.

Now this is another story I would say that they have tried to, Christ look like something very ordinary or even Shri Krishna look like something ordinary. These are the intellectuals. So, on one side, we have the stupid followers and the another side, we have those stupid intellectuals. So the message of Krishna never reached Hindus because He said, “In everybody resides the Spirit and you are part and parcel of the whole.” Now a cell in the hand, is it an outcast because it is not in the brain? So what a wrong thing they have done to Shri Krishna and that’s why when they suffer from racialism, I say, “You did the same to the caste, through your caste system you tortured the Harigans, you tortured the lower caste of people. So now you have them.” It boomerangs, whole thing.

So, Shri Krishna’s life, if you see, is the beauty of it is that He said that “Life is a lila” – for Him, not for everyone, because He is so powerful. And this leela part was taken over by Americans very nicely because they were born in the land of Shri Krishna, that it’s all ‘lila’. “What’s wrong? Do what you like, what’s wrong?” Whatever you are doing is just a lila, is just a play. So what? Marry as many as you like, leave your children to dogs, do all kinds of things with your morality, destroy yourself morning till evening, behave in the same manner as if they are animals. So what? Study the animal behavior because it’s as if we have no sense of behavior, so we study the animal behavior and behave like the animals.

So are we going to become now snakes or some sort of worms or I don’t know what they are up to, and whole system is just the opposite of Shri Krishna. So this stupid movement of Shri Krishna’s consciousness reached there. I don’t know how they understood that Shri Krishna is the deity of America, but somehow some bhoot must have told them that “You go there.” And they are another stupid people who are selling Gita, selling this bookish knowledge, but now of course it has boomeranged on him and now they are all right. Now they are frozen. But the way they have been talking about Shri Krishna, they do not realize they have missed the point. He said, “It’s a lila.” So then why are you wearing these dresses, why have you become a sanyasi? Why are you giving up – not to eat this food, not to eat that food? And then they are taking drugs, they are selling drugs.

Whatever is not based on truth will go to something that is destructive. Truth is the only thing that is constructive. All these ideas sometimes confuse us, what is this, in the name of God, in the name of Shri Krishna, in the name of Christ, in the name of Mohammed Sahib all these things are done and also some people do it even in My name, “Mother said; Mother said so.” It is prohibited for Sahaja yogi to say that because I’ve had enough of it in last lives. So this life nobody is going to say, “Mother said it.”

“I say.” Have that much confidence and responsibility to say, “I say.” I am a Sahaja Yogi, you are a Sahaja Yogi, why can’t you say?

So, now from today’s puja onward we have awakened the Shri Krishna within us. So, his powers of sweetness as well of destruction will act and you don’t have to worry, you are completely protected. He has already said that, “Yoga kshemam vahamyaham.” “I give you yoga” and the “kshema” means your benevolence, He looks after. So, you don’t have to worry, but it will act and it will work and nobody can harm you. It will all boomerang on them. There’s like divine punishment and you don’t have to worry. Of course, as a Mother, I never feel of punishing anyone, as such, but they just get punished, what can I do? And now this awakening can be very dangerous, so I think we have to accept it now within ourselves that we have to be extremely sweet, nice, collective. If you are not collective then Krishna will be after your life. If you try to destroy collectivity, He will be after you, I mean He is a tremendous person, I tell you. He is so tricky. He is so clever, and He is a very smooth worker, I tell you. So, be careful. If you are collective then He’ll strengthen you, He’ll nourish you, He’ll do everything, He’ll give you butter to eat. So you have to be collective, that’s the main part. And those people who just come to the program and then disappear should know that it won’t work out. You have to be collective and if they don’t want to be collective, we don’t want to force them. But if they are not collective they are not Sahaja Yogis. And nobody should recommend them to anyone and Sahaja Yogis should have nothing to do with non-collective people nor with people who are not Sahaja Yogis.

We have very beautiful children here, we have beautiful families. We have everything so beautiful, such beautiful people to love each other and enjoy each other. So we should not get entangled into the mess of other people who are blind. It would be like we have a nice organized place where everybody is sitting in the light, suddenly you want to go to the place where there are many snakes inhabited who are biting everyone. So go ahead and then you shouldn’t say that “Mother, you punished me.” You wanted to go into the hell of the snakes, so you go and have it. I never punish. But maybe Shri Krishna might lure you there, you see that’s His style, just to have a little bite of a snake.

So according to Shri Krishna, we have to be very playful. Now we are all realized people, and you are very happy and you are all very playful and joyous and also now you are so capable, you have spirituality, you can give Realization to others. Even I was told that in the streets people ask for Realization, some people went to Eastern Blocs and they got five thousand people. Somebody went down to Argentina, got so many people. So it’s very good, all these, My hands are extending and the work is taking place. Everybody should take it up.

Select a place and I’ll go there and work it out. Select one place and work it out, all of you can do it because you have now got the powers, better work it out, use them. If you don’t use the powers, you’ll become blunt, so use your powers and believe that you have power and that only thing you have to keep in the bounds, in the maryadas of Sahaja Yoga, that you have to lead a very moral, good life and you must feel your vibrations properly and keep good health which you can easily do. If, as they say, I can work like this, days in, day out, you can also work. You are all very young, everybody seems to be younger than Me. I am the oldest person here. So if I could do so much, why can’t you?

So one thing you must ask in your prayer in the evening when you are sleeping: “What have I done for Sahaja Yoga?” One sentence, all of you, just ask this question: “What have I done for Sahaja Yoga?” Like persons like Me or Shri Krishna or anyone, We don’t even feel We are doing anything. So what can We ask? If I want to ask Myself, I’ll fall into an ocean I think, I don’t know, I’ll be lost. If I want to analyze Myself, I get lost. If I want to think about Myself, I get lost. It’s beyond Me, then let it be, doesn’t matter. I don’t want to know Myself. But you better know yourself. You can’t be Me.

So as far as I am concerned I only think that as long as I live – I don’t know, I may live forever, I am living forever maybe, you might say that, but whatever it is as long as I’m on this earth I will see that Sahaja Yoga is fully established. This is My promise to you.


He comes on this earth again to establish the religion, but not only religion but Vishwa Nirmala Dharma, which is a much higher religion than the ordinary religion of human beings. within themselves, is the Vishwa Nirmala Dharma we’ll establish in a very short time, I’m sure, on this earth.

So may God bless you!

So today the children are sleeping now – if they can get up for a while they can come and wash My feet. How many are awake? Some are awake. You can sing some Ganesha song instead of Atharva Sheersha.
(break in recording)
…. no provision for this kind of acceptance of these ornaments, but when he came he just tried to take everything that was in that temple. At that time the story was created, I don’t know how far it is true, but a story of Indians, you see, Indian style. The story was like this: that when Mahadeva was attacked by him, He started running away from the temple. He was running, running, running, running fast and then He found Bhairava sitting there. So Bhairava and Hanumana both were sitting and They said, “You are the Devas of Devas, You are the Mahadeva of Devas and why are You running? After all, what is he, this Tamolang? Why running? He was lame with one foot and why are you running away from him? You can just finish him off; what is the need to run away?”

No, he was Mohammed Gazni. Sorry, he was Mohammed Gazni who did it, but Tamolanga also attacked but then Mohammed Gazni. So this Mohammed Gazni was running after Mahadeva, and first Tamolanga has looted but he couldn’t go to that far, so this Mohammed Gazni came in and he started looting that temple. So then when he started running after Mahadeva, Mahadeva told him, “You don’t know, you don’t know this Mohammed Gazni, who is. His name is Mohammed Gazni but he is somebody else.”

Said, “Who is he?”

“All right, come, you hide here, I’ll show you.”

So behind Mahadeva was running Mohammed Gazni, so they hid themselves on one side and they saw this Mohammed Gazni came and he was very tired. He sat down near one tree and he started just relaxing, and suddenly they found it was Shri Krishna. He said, “This valundar,” means this, this cunning fellow, “is running after me, now do you think I may escape him? Of course I should have punished these Brahmins who were misbehaving. I did not so, he has come, but now I cannot help so I am away out of it, you see, because this one has come after My life and now you cannot save yourself.”

So this is the story the people, the general public, created there. So it has happened many a times because He was the brother of the Shakti of Shiva and because He’s so clever, he’s so intelligent that Shiva was quite afraid of Him, and overactive. So you see Americans are extremely active people and now, of course, England, we need not say. It’s a little lethargic, little bit, not much. So now the awakening of Shri Krishna is going to work everywhere, and you are all going to be extremely active about Sahaja Yoga, I think so. This is a new thing that has happened, and I’m very happy it has happened and that the Americans also agreed to come here. By this we take a little bit of the qualities of Shiva to America, that is of magnanimity and also of laziness a little bit, and give some qualities of Shri Krishna to this country. This exchanges it.

Shri Krishna Puja 1990: Shri Mataji speaks about the music to be played by the musicians. Below is a transcription of the relevant details.

Now the last raga is Bhairavi has to be played under all traditional ways and is a raga that is in praise of the power of the Spirit, because it has such beautiful notes and notes which are … it’s a complete sampurna, is a complete raga. All the twelve notes are in it. So you see it is such a complete raga and it has to be played in all due respect to it. It’s a ragini, regarded as.

Now as you know that the Heart Chakra has got twelve petals, and the Durga resides on the Heart Chakra. Now the Durga’s qualities are that She is protective of Her children, She’s very gentle, very soft with Her children, and She’s extremely horrifying to the satanic people, to the negative people. So in this raga I think because there are, the notes are spaced out. So either you could play it slow or you could play it fast. Nothing in between. That’s why it is on a Durga’s style. You see, either She is extremely gentle or She is extremely horrifying. So because She has a double function: is one to look after Her children, and another is protect Her children from the devils. So She has to be very quick about it, to fight them, and to, in every way to frighten them and to be alert about it.

So in the second part you all became very alerted I saw. In the first part you were having a lullaby because it was the Mother’s love that was playing. The second part you became alert, because She has to fight. Now, this is such a nice raga because it gives you a better sense of security within yourself, builds up sense of security, and also as you know medically that it’s important to build up this chakra because that gives you antibodies created. So to fight all the diseases, to fight all the foreign things which try to attack us.

So this raga is so apt, absolutely apt for today’s atmosphere and for today’s need. That we have to have the security of the Mother and the protection of the Mother and that all the evil forces must be finished from this world, and that’s how this raga has a very great significance and I thank him very much for playing this raga.

This is, now the last five minutes he would like to play is the Bhairavi which is a complete raga as you can call it, is the complete purnima. All the notes are there. And it is played in various ways and various styles and is used for so many expressions of your feelings and thing. But in this also there’s a beautiful song as you know, the Anhi Bhavani, is the one which is a song about the Mother Goddess. And in this Anhi Bhavani, I think there is a little mixture in the … I don’t know if it is absolutely pure Bhairavi or not.

Shri Mataji asks musicians: It is to be played absolutely in Shuddha Bhairavi?

(Shri Mataji and musicians discuss together a little then She asserts … )

It should be played in pure Bhairavi – this is the best way. Because Bhairavi is the name of the Goddess.

You see the purity of it creates that feeling and that, I mean, it awakens that deity so that you get that effect with the Bhairavi.

(Shri Mataji and musicians talk together then She continues … )

Indian music has such a lot of freedom, such a lot of freedom. You can do what you like with it. But only thing is you have to keep to the ragas and you have to keep to the Swaras and everything. You cannot just go crazy from one to another like that. So it is like a big aeroplane which is going in the air with everything completely fixed properly. You see, so it can go anywhere. Unless and until it’s fixed, has it’s own maryadas it cannot go. So that has to be there. So first the ragas are built, and built in such a way they are absolutely perfect and then you can go wherever you feel like. Nothing will happen.

(More discussion with musicians.)

(Raga begins. Shri Mataji continues …)

First, he will play all the twelve notes which are built in Bhairavi and then you will see how he keeps to that. He keeps to that

Wow, wow! It’s the Heart Chakra. It’s the Heart Chakra of Shiva.

(Musicians continue to play.)

The surrendering, you see. Islam is surrender. Islam is the surrender.

(Musicians continue to play.)

Musician: In India it used to be different about thirty or forty years ago, this is the kind of music we used to have, when people would sit like you are, here, so nice, so beautiful, a family.

Shri Mataji: Absolutely a family rapport.

Musician: Absolutely

Musician: You bring out that from us.

Shri Mataji: You see what he’s saying is this. You know I am such an old woman of sixty-seven years and I think of My childhood and also of My family. My father was a great, great connoisseur of music and he supported music, and musicians left and right, and we heard all the musicians because they would come to our house, stay with us and he would go all out to spend for them, pay for them; I mean, do all kinds of things. So in the family the music came in and then My sister took to music and everybody in family took to music quite a lot because of My father because he was fond of cricket and also of music very much. But the best part of it, what I am feeling, all the family would sit down and then My sister would sing or anybody, you see the rapport. Then he would give the, what you call, the impetus, he would give us the feelings of: “Now, this is it now coming up.”

There’s such a rapport in the whole thing between the musician and all, and with such relaxation everybody appreciating it and just like waves after waves of a big ocean coming over and that sort of a thing it was. And then only you can enjoy music. But if you are worried about time, this, that… we give up all that to listen to music. And even if you carry all that load with you, what’s the use of listening to music? You have to come to music with all these things left out and then you really enjoy the whole thing. And that is what today I feel that our whole family of Sahaja Yogis are enjoying this rapport with him and enjoying the whole beauty of the whole music, it’s something so great. But see the surrendering, you just develop the feeling what you get out of it, you see like….

(Music continues.)