Public Program

Frankfurt (Germany)

1990-08-29 Public Program, Frankfurt Germany DP-RAW, 66'
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1990 – 08 – 29; Public Program, Frankfurt Germany

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of truth. 

At the very outset, we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot change it, organise it, or describe it. Unless and until you know it, whatever one may say about the truth, one need not accept. Then another difficulty is that at human awareness we cannot know the truth. It is only knowledgeable once we reach a higher state of self-realisation. At the human awareness, as we come, we do not (unclear) truth. If you had truth, then there would have been no problems. We all would have felt the same way if it was the absolute truth. Like you see a candle for example, or the (unclear) here. All of you can see. It is so. There are all the (unclear). 

So something has to happen to human beings, by which they have to know the absolute truth. We see so many problems around us. Say for example ecological problems, political problems. Because we do not know how to behave with each other. We are here and we are all sitting together, and we don’t know (unclear). And so all these complications come in. 

For example we do not know how we relate to materialism. Simple things is that machines are for us, we are not for machines. Now in the beginning when we started making machines we went out of bounds, without any knowledge of balance and created so many nonsensical things on this Earth. And we made this ecological problem. If we had a sense of balance and the collective understanding of it, there could never have been such a problem. 

Now the political problems are there because we do not know that God has made only one world. That we are part and parcel of the whole, of one personality. We have formed so many cliques, like [the] League of Nations, United Nations, all these things. But there is no truth behind it. I know all these institutions very closely also, and I find that those people who talk of peace have no peace within themselves. It would be like many blind people trying to paint something for the future. 

So first of all let us open our eyes. That if we are part and parcel of one great personality, then let us feel it that way. It can only happen if you become the self. Because the self, the Spirit, is the universal being within us. When the light of the self comes within us with that light, we feel another person and we can feel ourselves. We can feel what is wrong with another person, what is wrong with us. People end up in lunatic asylums. They end up with cancer. They end up with horrible diseases. But they are not aware that they are making all these (? diseases). Because we do not know what is happening within ourselves. We do not know what is wrong with us. And instead (? any method) by which we can see what is wrong with (? others). 

Is there any way of finding out that we are inside like this and there is something happening in our roots? And that is extremely simple. Because a special timing has started. I call it as the Blossom Time. Where so many people have to (? ascend). 

When we try to find the self, we have to know that it has to be a living process. It has to be the living process of [the] evolutionary style. As now we have become the human beings, we have to become the higher self through this living process. So the possibility of achieving that breakthrough is there. 

But as we are living in this materialistic world, we think also that all living work can be done by paying money. Like this Mother Earth, if we have to sprout a seed, how much do we pay (? them)? This Mother Earth has got a built-in quality to sprout the seed and the seed has the built-in quality to get sprouted. In the same way, you too have the same built in quality within you to get your self-realisation. 

Now the logical conclusion of people (unclear) to understand that any kind of ideology doesn’t get you to perfection. Take for example now the Russian style. They have not thought that they have gone too far with their communistic ideas. But what about democracy? Even democracy becoming demonocracy. If you go to America you will be amazed. You can’t walk on the street alone. It is so violent. The whole place is infested with such diseases that you are afraid of touching anyone there. Sometimes I feel that out of ten people six people are schizophrenic there. They all the time twitch their eyes, noses, they never steady (unclear).

So America, which is the epitome of democracy, is like this. All this money orientation has led them there. Ultimately to diseases, to mental problems, to social problems. Socially they are horrible because everywhere I go I find a new wife (unclear). Socially they are horrible, every year I go there I find a new wife with a gentleman. This is so – so troublesome, it is such a turmoil in their lives. So full of stupid ideas. That you can’t understand, where is this wisdom? Where is that wisdom gone which Abraham Lincoln had? So the materialism, also, is to be balanced. 

So then we go to the religion and we see these fundamentalists. Whether they are Muslims, Christians, any religion, they are all fundamentalists. The best part of it, you may be a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, anything – you can commit any sin. There is no restriction about it. So the religion is something outside like – it’s like a social party or something, that’s all. And the whole thing is based either on power or on money. Nothing on Spirit. But the essence of all the religions is that you see the eternal. And whatever is transitory is to be used in its own understanding and discriminations. But what we are doing is we are losing the religion for a kind of a groupism. So this fundamentalism that we see today is – has been with every religion, so called. 

So now where is the truth? One gets lost and doesn’t understand that – this kind of anarchy in every dimension you find of human life, so you feel frustrated. Then you have to do some soul searching. Every prophet, every incarnation, every saint has said one thing. That you have to be born again. We talk of that, we do not know the truth. So immediately they take the label, “we are born again”. It’s not a label, it’s a state. And in that state you have Spiritual powers. 

Now whatever I am telling you, you have to listen to it as with a scientific mind. You have to treat it like a hypothesis. And if it is true then as honest people you must accept. Because it is for your benevolence. Benevolence of the progeny. And the emancipation of the whole world. 

For your information I would like to tell you that through this awakening and through Sahaja Yoga we have been able to create three doctors who pass – got their MDs in India. And there are seven doctors in London who are trying to record all the people who were cured by Sahaja Yoga, physically and mentally. In Russia they have officially accepted Sahaja Yoga as a medically curing process. 

I must say, [the] Russian government might have been (unclear) whatever you may say. But the people are extremely wise. I mean I never have less than fourteen thousand, twelve thousand people in Russia. It is really surprising how these people who talked of materialism have such pure intelligence in their head to see that you can’t pay for Spirit. None of the false gurus who are taking money were successful there. Nor the Orthodox Church which was just making money there, and all these churches as we are finding out (unclear). They just wanted the pure experience of Spirit. And this is what I don’t understand, when we do not talk of materialism in a democratic country and more of democracy, we are greater materialists than them. 

So now there’s something missing, we have to know, in our democratic system, that it has just pampered our ego too much and has given us chances to decide about things. Small, small things we start deciding. And we waste our precious human life into very small stupid things. 

In my own life I have another life which is supposed to be with the “elite” people. In my own life I have another life where I’m supposed to be with the “elite” of the society. Now if the French have invited you for dinner, for forty-five minutes they will only discuss what they will have. And if the English have invited you they will discuss what sort of spoons you are using. Same thing with everyone. That we decide the personality of a person by what they are wearing, what they are eating, how they are moving about. In what car. I sometimes fear that all mafia leaders will become prime ministers of democratic countries. 

The other day I have met a lady who has been to a guru who had been taking Rolls-Royces from the disciples. So she said (? he has) not only Rolls-Royces, he’s got [a] helicopter, he’s got [an] aeroplane, all these things he has. So she was very much impressed. I said for this kind of impression you’d have to pay. How did he get all this money? From where did he get it? So in – about seeking also, we do not have a proper idea (unclear) that it cannot be paid for. It’s a living process. In the elite society where I move people talk like this, “Oh that guru is expensive but he’s good.”

So first of all I want to tell you that it’s a living process and already God has built in you this system. And it is the simplest way of getting it. Has to be the simplest. Because it is so (unclear). Like our breathing. If you have to, for that, pay to some guru, how many of us – of us are going to exist? So it has to be Sahaj, it has to be simple. And this is what – today some people were telling me, “Mother, make it very difficult, otherwise we won’t understand the value of this.” Like somebody had made a tunnel of I think five hundred metres, through which everybody had to walk through, called the “Rebirth”. And how (unclear) join that? They were paying any amount and they were allowed to steal what you like but you can commit any sin, kill anyone, you have to just pay and walk through that tunnel. And you’ll be amazed, many educated people joined them. All depends on these pretentions, somebody is giving you a diamond, you (unclear) doing this, all these pretentions. Can not be truthful, we must understand this. The tunnel is within yourself, you have – if you see that is the tunnel, what we call as the centre path of ascent. It cannot be longer than three to four feet at the most. 

So first of all we must know that materialism so called, that we have, has really made us money-oriented and because of that there are lots of stupid things which are important. And we cannot even enjoy the matter. As you know, in economics, principal is that (? nobody) juggles (unclear). (unclear) see this beautiful carpet, I just see it, just see it. I don’t think about it. And the joy of its creation just flows through me, soothing me down. But if I was a person who (unclear) owning this and also was thinking about it then I think “Oh God this is mine, it might be spoiled, must be insured”, all kinds of headaches. But if (unclear) belongs to somebody else also I would think that “Oh when will I go and buy it?” This is the common human reaction. So any amount of things we acquire, whatever we want to have, we can never be satisfied. 

So this power, that is the Kundalini about which you are being told, is the power of pure desire. And when it rises through six centres as you see that we have – six centres, seventh one is (unclear) – six centres, it pierces through your fontanelle bone area and you get the actualisation of baptism. Like this instrument has to be put to the main, our instrument has to be put to the main also. And as this rises it nourishes all your centres, and it cures you, it gives you mental peace and ultimately you become a man or a woman who is an enlightened person. And the Spirit, which is the Universal Being within you, starts shining in your attention, by which you know what the problem is with your centres and what the problems are with others’. So you become collectively conscious, you become, it’s not lecturing. Becoming, that means you develop the awareness of this new dimension. Then if you know how to correct yourself you get all right, and if you know how to correct others they are all right too. 

What is the difference between us and the real saints, the sat gurus, not these – all these horrible money-makers, but the real ones? That they never told lies. They never cheated anyone. They never enlightened other candles also. Only thing, you have to have self-confidence. That’s all, that you all can get your self-realisation. 

I am sorry, I was told the program started late and that’s how today, for the time being I have just given you the introduction of Sahaja Yoga in a way, but I would like you to ask Me questions, which are relevant. Because I have come here not to take anything from you. I am not a politician. But I have come to give you what you are. And the truth is that you are the Spirit. And another truth is that there is a subtle power of divine love that has – (microphone cuts off and audio is unclear until 36:46). 

There was one gentleman who was (unclear) had written that Kundalini is in your stomach. What can you do about it? Not to be (unclear). Now, the Kundalini is your mother. Your individual mother. And She knows each and everything about you. Like a tape recorder, everything is within her knowledge. And when you were born your mother (unclear) she didn’t give you any trouble, did she? She just played with you. You might sometimes be a little (unclear). Sometimes. 

Ah, this one gentleman.

(A seeker asks about whether Shri Jesus Christ has a big role in Sahaja Yoga, in German.)

Shri Mataji: Oh very much, very much, all of them. Very much so. Tomorrow I will tell you all about Him, without Him it can’t work out. All of them. Christ has said that those who aren’t against us are with us. Who are those? 

All right. It will take about ten minutes at most. 

(A seeker asks a question in German.)

Shri Mataji: You should not. You should not rely on the thoughts. So by this action when – by this process you go beyond thoughts, in a thoughtless awareness. And then wherever you really take in the light of the Spirit, so you know the absolute truth. 

(A seeker asks about the meaning of life in German.)

Shri Mataji: The meaning of life is that you have to enjoy yourself. And the Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty on your heart. But first (unclear) and first you know it. And it’s better to know about it later on. For example here there are so many lights, and we come from outside and there is a (unclear) all the lights come in because they are built in here. But first if I have to tell you that this theory of electricity, that how it has come to Frankfurt and how it has come here and who has done it in the darkness, you’d be bored still. So the best thing to be, first to have the light. As a mother I would say I have done the cooking for you. If you are hungry then (? you have to) eat first, then I’ll tell you how I got it. 

(A seeker asks a question about what Shri Mataji meant by light in German.)

Shri Mataji: So it is awareness. I am talking about awareness. Light. You can say. Now for example if there’s an animal say, like a horse or a dog. If you want to take him through a dirty (unclear) he can walk through no problem. But if you ask a human being to do that he can’t. (unclear) because in [the] evolutionary process your awareness is such that you understand, feel it what is dirt, you understand what is beauty, what are aesthetics, so many (unclear) you have got which are expressed on the central nervous system. 

So this light I am talking about is the higher awareness of collective consciousness. In that awareness you become a personality which can have the wisdom, which is a divine wisdom of the absolute truth. For example if you have say, children who are realised souls. And you tie their eyes. And put somebody before them and ask them to tell us what is wrong with this fellow. They will raise the same finger, supposing they raise this finger. That they will ask the person “Do you suffer from a throat trouble?” The person will say “How do you know? Are you a psychic?” This is how. Your fingertips (? get enlightened). There are five six and seven centres. I’ve shown here, you can see clearly. And that’s how first you can make out what is wrong with other people, physically or mentally. Also you go beyond thought and become peaceful. You (unclear) your peace within yourself. And when you cross over and establish your connection nicely, then you get the powers to raise the Kundalini of others, to cure others. 

You will be happy to know that first time when I went to Russia there were twenty-five Germans who went there to give realisation to (? them). And these Germans, as I find them, are extremely gentle, extremely (unclear). I just can’t understand how beautiful they are. And they are born (unclear) (? to save them). Very (unclear), very kind people. Very compassionate. Very honest. So all this beauty is growing within us. Just we have to manifest, that’s all. 

(A seeker asks a question in German, I think about whether realised people will go to Paradise and what will happen to the people who do not get their realisation. She is worried that not a lot of people have gotten their realisation.)

Shri Mataji: A sweet question, very sweet question. I am myself worried about that. But see now in Frankfurt, we’ve done so much work here, how many have come for their realisation? See you have to come, I cannot force on you. Isn’t it? It cannot be forced. So this is the problem. I am sure after some time more people will come. But the progress is very slow. In India of course we have thousands. And also in Russia, in Bulgaria. Romania. But otherwise people are more enamoured by nonsensical things. They (? have) pretentions and funny things, I really don’t understand, why don’t they use their brains? 

(A seeker asks a question in German.)

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes. That I have said but the questions are coming in now. (unclear) that’s going to happen now, that’s very good. (? There has been seven.) Now there is a question again now. (unclear) we must do that now. All right.

(A seeker asks a question in German.)

Shri Mataji: I think the enjoyment is pure enjoyment. (? Without question. I think it’s better to experience within you.) 

(A seeker asks a question in German.)

Shri Mataji: I (unclear) you will become a Sahaja Yogi, you will have to do the job that is (unclear). They know I am already sixty-seven years of age. And every day I am travelling. And I am (unclear). And the more people are coming to Sahaja Yoga and take it seriously, they can help also. (unclear), only one. Then a few people. And then (unclear). In the same way, once some people (unclear) and they see your lives and your styles, and then (unclear) will come out. I started Sahaja Yoga with one person, now we have thousands. Now.

(A seeker asks a question in German.)

Shri Mataji: Now first of all you get your realisation. I have to say one thing, that now we (unclear). Like in Russia I give realisation to people only on television. So many people have got their realisation only on television. Just a bit try first of all to listen to me. Then all right (unclear). Now all these people in every (unclear) thousands and thousands in Russia getting realisation. Here your television never called me (unclear). (unclear) very lucky people (? usually). Gorbachev himself is a realised soul, (unclear). And he understands the value of Sahaja Yoga. They are lucky people (? to have) such a great leader.

(A seeker asks a question in German.)

Shri Mataji: Now better not be too (unclear). 

(A seeker asks a question in German.)

Shri Mataji: (unclear) it’s not like that. As I told you (unclear). Some (unclear) are so (? cruel) that you – for sure they really get (unclear). But some are not. If you are told (unclear) also (unclear). 

So that’s what I’m saying, if you ask me questions I’ll answer. But I cannot guarantee realisation. Just a bit, just a bit, really listen to me what I say. Because that is mental. Questions, answers are mental. Mental activities. But I want you [to] ask me questions because when this process is on I don’t want your minds suddenly to jump up like a jack-in-a-box. You have to understand (unclear). That’s why I answer. But by my answering you will not – I cannot guarantee your realisation. Because you have to go beyond the mind. And if there are too many thoughts all the time then Kundalini may not rise. 

So I would say, for the time being, if you could just to allow Kundalini to raise it would be a better idea. And then you will see if some people are left out, you see them, what the problem is. Because you are all mental people, quite a lot of mental activities going on. So you cannot settle down with yourself. It’s all bubbling, you see all mental activity is bubbling, I can see it. 

So I wanted to give an outlet. An outlet (unclear) a little bit so that you are settled down. Otherwise [the] Sahaja Yoga process is extremely comfortable. Formerly, people had to go to Himalayas. Walk for miles. Stand on their heads. No questions, no answers. And sometimes took beatings. But today Sahaja Yoga is coming from a Mother. So it can be done in a very comfortable way. And that’s why let us now settle down to have the realisation. 

Now – first of all, I don’t know how far he has told you about these two nadhis, left and right. The two sympathetic nervous systems. I don’t know. Because in such a small time you cannot explain everything. But we, we will say that left side we have the power of desire. Normal desire. Not the pure desire which is the Kundalini. And the right side is the power of action. 

So what we have to do is to put your left hand towards me like this, comfortable towards me, comfortable on your lap. And we have to put the right hand for nourishing our centres on the left-hand side. Very simple thing. I hope you don’t mind that we have to take out our shoes before we start, because – (audio cuts off).