The truth cannot be known at human awareness

Fêtes de Thônex, Thônex (Switzerland)

1990-09-18 Public Program, Geneva, Switzerland French Translation, 74' Listen on Soundcloud: Transcribe/Translate oTranscribe


Public Program Day 1, Switzerland, September 18, 1990

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset, we have to understand that truth is what it is.We cannot organise it.We cannot regulate it and we cannot conceal it.Also, we have to realise that truth cannot be known at human awareness.Truth has no pretensions and no drama.Whatever I am going to talk to you today, you have to listen to it with a scientific mind, with an open mind.If whatever I am saying is the hypotheses and if it is the truth then as honest people you have to accept it. Because it is for your benevolence.It is for the benevolence of your country.It is for the benevolence of the whole of humanity.Whatever he has told you about the eternal system which is built-in within us is our last breakthrough.This last breakthrough has to work out in a way that it is a living process.From amoeba, we have become human beings.Spontaneous.That is Sahaja.Sa means with.Ja means born.Yoga means the union with the all-pervading power of Devine love.You are the spirit.This is the truth about you.You are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not these emotions, you are not this ego or your conditionings but you are pure spirit.But there is another truth that all living work is done by a very subtle power which exists in all the elements and exists everywhere which is the all-pervading power of Devine love.We have this eternal guide before us.And has to be spontaneous, effortless as we have become human beings, we have to become the spirit.Whether you believe in God or not it does not matter.It is not a question of blind faith but it is a question of discovering yourself through this assent, of the kundalini.This kundalini is the power within us of pure desire. Economic says that desires are not satiable in general.We jump from one desire to another desire and never satisfied.So this desire which is the kundalini is the desire that makes you completely satisfied.For example, this is an instrument which has a beat and unless and until you put it to the main, it will not have any meaning.In the same way unless and until you are connected to this all-pervading power which is the experience, we do not know the meaning of our life.This is the actual representation of baptism.It is not something artificial.It is not a mental process but it goes beyond mental but somehow we live on our mental level.We read books in all scriptures and every day we go on reading, reading, reading.But we are just reading the prescription.We have to take the medicine.If you just think that by reading you will become Devine you are sadly mistaken.You can become a book worm but you cannot become a spiritually enlightened person.So this happening within us of this kundalini rising and piercing through your Fontenelle bone area, you can feel all your hands the cool breeze of the holy spirit.You can feel it on your fingertips the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost.You can feel it out of your Fontenelle bone area the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost.Even in Quran Mohammed Sahab has said when the resurrection time will come your hands will speak. Everyone has talked of the resurrection time whether you call it the last judgement or by any name they all have talked about it.And now is the time of last judgement. Your own kundalini is going to judge what’s wrong with you.So when the kundalini passes through your six centres and pierces through this fontanelle bone area it then enlightens your spirit.The spirit resides in the heart but the seat of the spirit is here on the Fontenelle bone area.So as a result of this awakening what happens? The first thing that happens is that the centres which are on the left and right-hand side who are exhausted by overuse get integrated.This kundalini purifies the centres and then nourishes the centres.So you get rid of your physical, mental, emotional problems.You receive a kind of bliss that you feel extremely peaceful within.Like the bee is moving. The centre of the bee the axis is caught as if your attention jumps on to that axis from where you see everything but you are at peace with your self.I have seen many people who have got a noble prize for peace, have got big positions in the foundation but they have no peace within.So it is just an artificial assumption that you are in charge of peace.After this not only you feel peaceful but you feel that your attention has developed a new dimension.Then when you feel another person you can on your fingertips can feel the seven centres and feel five, six, and seven centres.The left side is for emotional side and right is for physical and mental side. Mental means the mind that works.So you can feel another person.That means you develop a new consciousness, new awareness called as collective consciousness about which Yung(UNCLEAR) has talked a lot.Many people I have met who are supposed to be disciples of the Yung(UNCLEAR) have missed the point.You have to be.Is the ‘Becoming’ is the point.If we have to live with falsehood and hypocrisy we are free to do that.But if we have to have the truth this is the time.Now, this happening when it takes place gradually you develop yourself but at the beginning of it only, you feel a new state of your mind which we call as thoughtless awareness.Thoughtless awareness in Sanskrit is called as nirvichar samadhi.Like your thought rises falls, another thought rises and falls down.We jump on the cusps of these thoughts.We live either in the past or in the future.We cannot live in the present.If I tell you to pay attention to yourself you will not know how to take your attention inside.So a person can become mad.He will not know he is becoming mad.He develops a sickness, he doesn’t know he is developing a sickness.He goes into something wrong which is against nature but he doesn’t know that he is doing something like that.Because we are in darkness and darkness is the creator of ignorance.The advantage of being thoughtless is this.Just say I look at this carpet and I look at it in thoughtless awareness.There is no thought.Only the joy of the artist who created this beautiful carpet, it’s just pouring down soothingly.But if one can think thoughtful nature then I start thinking it is an expensive carpet I must insure it if it is mine.Or if it is someone else’s I might start thinking from where did they buy. I should buy one like that or funny thoughts, which has nothing to do with the joy of the creation.In the second state when we arise, we become what we call as doubtless awareness.When we become absolutely doubtless, we become masters.To give a simile we have a car which has got wheels, a brake and an accelerator. First, we try to balance left and right side then we balance the accelerator and the brake like that and then we become a driver.But the master is sitting behind.Then we become the master.Then we see within ourselves the brake, the accelerator and the driver and we handle all of them.So in that state of doubtless awareness, you can handle this power which is such a vital force.It is a life-giving force.So far we have done no work which is life-giving which we can call as live work.Something is there, the tree is there we make a platform and we think we have done a big job.So we go from there to there but after self-realisation, you can raise the kundalini of others.You can make the flowers grow in abundance.You can get the crops ten times more.We can solve the ecological problem also.So we become superhuman beings away.But because of collective consciousness we all become part and parcel of the whole, Microcosm, which is the microcosm, becomes the macrocosm.And you know the truth, the absolute truth on your fingertips.We cannot make out what man is, truthful or not, whether he is a cheat, what he is talking is truth or not.But only after self-realisation we know the absolute truth.Even children will know.And all of them say the same thing.There is no problem with ideologies, and different opinions, no problem, because everyone sees the same thing.We have now I think Sahaja yoga is working in forty-eight nations in a much bigger way.And we have people come from all these countries to India once in a year.You will be amazed by how beautiful they are.How happy they are.Not only but there are no quarrels, no fighting, nothing, such joyous existence.I went to Russia and you will be surprised to know, and happy to know that twenty-five German Sahajayogies came to give them realisation.And they were so gentle, so beautiful, so compassionate that Russians just fell in love with them.But one has to be sensitive to spirituality also.Whatever you may say about the regimes they have in Russia, I must say they are very wise people.You will be amazed to know in my programs we have fourteen thousand and sixteen thousand people for my program in a stadium.Can you believe it, in Russia?And they do not go to false gurus. They just don’t go.Even I went to Bulgaria and there were thousands.And some people came selling books and CDs and what you call them, UNCLEAR, Hare Rama and all that and they told them, you are just book worms.You are good for nothing.Go away.So we have to face ourselves.We have to know our selves because we are very beautiful inside.This human ugliness is very superficial.Once you get your self-knowledge you will be amazed at your own glory.You have to just tap that’s all and then the greatest achievement of self-knowledge is joy.And the other day I never had such nice people and I have never seen French laughing.I never mostly I would say about sixty per cent of people were above forty years, these English I tell you, known to be very snooty people we call them means they never smile, they never show their feelings, you see.They have a stiff upper lip.And I was amazed they could not control their enjoyment and they were just bubbling and their faces were all shinning and their lips had gone up like that only.Unbelievable things are happening I tell you, in countries where I never thought it will work out. Even the Sahajayogies were looking at them surprised because they were English, Sahajayogies and they couldn’t believe they were English and behaving like this.And the first time I went to Paris they told me, Mother, you don’t smile.You smile too much.They will think you are ignoramus, they will think you don’t know what tragedy means. They are all suffering from deep tragedies which according to me is absurd absolutely, all false nothing truthful in it.So I started my lecture with Leningrad and then I saw the Leningrad the other day, I was surprised.So with all of us whatever country they may belong there is a beauty to express themselves to manifest. If it is there and if it is our own why not we have it? But you can’t pay for it.You can’t talk about it.It’s not a mental feat.If you ask me questions I am quite good at answering but that doesn’t guarantee your awakening of the kundalini does it?But it works.Only it works, the way it works.(UNCLEAR) I must admit. I think the banks have an effect on them.The bank.(Mother laughs) Still, these banks do not give us joy.On the contrary, they give headaches all the time.Financial problems also can be solved through Sahaja yoga.Tomorrow I will tell you how all the social problems, family problems, all these problems can be solved, if once you get your self-realisation. Because they are all man-made problems. If all human beings become saintly then all these problems will be solved automatically. But we don’t need too many. As many as can come. If they are sincere it can trigger. Now whatever I have said again to be taken as a hypothesis. The only thing you have to have faith in yourself and believe in what I am saying that you all are beautiful people. Also, believe in me that you have done nothing wrong which cannot be dissolved by his power of love. We have never used the power of pure love. Only we have used the power of hatred. Now the time has come for us to get the capability to use that power of love. Now we about ten minutes altogether to get this realisation at the most. And if you have any questions you should write them down. Tomorrow I will be here early and I will answer all your questions and I will explain to you many things. Now at the very outset, I would say that you can not force self-realisation on anyone. You can not force. We respect your freedom that has been given to human beings. Because ultimately you have to go through that total freedom were no bad habits, no diseases, no problems can not meet, because of that we have to respect your freedom. So it cannot be forced. Those who want to have self-realisation should only stay in the hall. There are no complications, no problems with kundalini awakening as some books have described. She is your individual mother. And as your mother has taken all the trouble of labour when she delivered you as human beings, this kundalini also takes all the trouble herself. So those who want to have self-realisation are welcome to be here. But there are two conditions. First is that you are not to feel guilty at all because it is a myth. Whatever wrong you have done is finished now. And your kundalini will decide. Why should you judge your self? If you feel guilty then the centres here catches very badly on the left-hand side. And you get diseases like spondylitis, angina, and all the other diseases which come from lethargic out of this. So the first request is not to feel guilty, but to be very pleasantly placed towards your self. If you have done anything wrong you would not have been here but you would have been in jail. That is very important, otherwise, the kundalini won’t rise. Another problem is that here is the optic charisma when the nerves to the eyes pass through called the optic nerve where they cross each other. And this centre is called the Agnya chakra. To open this centre you have to forgive everyone in general. Don’t think about the individuals whom you have to forgive. But just forgive everyone in general. So that it opens like this then.Its very simple. But some say that it is difficult to forgive. It is a myth. Because if you forgive or don’t forgive what do you do. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands and torture your self for nothing at all. So the wisdom is better to forgive all of them in general. These are the only two conditions. I have to make a humble request, that we will have to take out our shoes. Because we take help from mother earth. All the elements help us, especially the mother earth. It will be very helpful if you can take out your shoes. Keep both the feet away from each other. Because this is the depth. This is the (UNCLEAR) energy. There is a kind of a diffidence also that lurks behind this. You have to have self-confidence. That is extremely important. I verily say to you that all of you are going to get your self-realisation, but please have faith in yourself. So now somebody will show you how we are going to nourish our centres. How the kundalini that is how the kundalini will rise. First, you see that and then we have to close our eyes. Very simple. Anybody can do it. Put your left hand towards me sitting on the chair. Self-realisation is made so easy that chair sitting in the chair you can acquire your self-realisation.Comfortable.On your lap. You should relax. You don’t have to push back your neck too forward or back. Just relax. Now with the right hand, we are going to nourish our centres on the left-hand side. So first we have to put our right hand on our heart because here resides the spirit. Then we have to put our right hand in the upper portion of our abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the centre of your master., which is seated by great masters. Then you have to take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen. This is the centre of pure knowledge, that manifests all your central nervous system. Whatever we achieve in our evolution we feel it on our central nervous system.Now we take back our hand again on the upper portion of our abdomen. Then we take our hand on our heart. Now we take our hand in the corner of our the neck and our head and our shoulder and put our head to your right. This centre we catch when we feel guilty. So please don’t feel guilty at all. Now take your hand on your forehead across in such a manner that you put your small finger and your thumb on both the sides of the temple and put three fingers on top of your head and bend your head. This is the centre of forgiving others. Now you have to take your right hand on the back of your head, and you have to push back your head as far as possible. And here you have to ask just forgiveness for your own satisfaction without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes. You have to stretch your hands. Stretch your palm fully and put the centre of your palm on top of the Fontenelle bone area, which was the soft area in your childhood. Now please put down your head as much as you can. Now push back your fingers. Push back your fingers so that you have good pressure on your scalp. Now you move your scalp, slowly seven times. Very slowly seven times, clockwise. That is all we have to do.Now please close your eyes.You can take out your spectacles.And till I tell you, you don’t have to open your eyes.Put both the feet apart from each other.Please put your left hand towards me on your lap.Now please put your right hand on your heart.Here you have to ask me a very fundamental question.Three times ask the question. You can call me Mother or Shri Mataji.Mother, am I the Spirit?Ask this question three times in your heart.Now if you are the spirit you are your own master.So now please put your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it.Here again, you ask another fundamental question.Mother am I my own master?Ask this question three times.I have to say that I respect your freedom and I cannot force pure knowledge on you.This pure knowledge manifests on your central nervous system.So you have to ask.Now please put your right hand in the lower portion of the abdomen on your left-hand side.And here you ask me six times because this centre has got six petals.Mother, please give me pure knowledge.Ask this six times.As soon as you ask for pure knowledge your kundalini starts moving upwards.So now you have to nourish the upper centres with our self-confidence.So now raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side.And here you have to say with full confidence, ten times, Mother I am my own master.Ten times, Mother I am my own master.I have already told you the truth about you is that you are the pure spirit.You are not this body.You are not this mind, you are not this intellect, your emotions, or your ego or your conditioning but you are pure spirit.So now raise your right hand on the top of your heart.Here you have to say twelve times with full confidence Mother I am the spirit.Devine power is the ocean of knowledge.Of absolute knowledge.It is the ocean of compassion.It is the ocean of bliss and joy. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness.So whatever mistakes you might commit the ocean of forgiveness is so great that he can dissolve everything.So now raise your right hand on the corner of your neck and your shoulder and push it back as far back as possible, and turn your neck to your right.Here you have to say sixteen times with full confidence, Mother I am not guilty at all.I have already told you that whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything.It is a myth.You can not forgive, but if you don’t forgive then you play into the wrong hands and torture yourself.So now raise your hand on your forehead and put your small finger and your thumb on both sides of your temple and three fingers on your head.And now bend your head as far as possible and say with full confidence again, Mother I forgive everyone in general.This you have to say from your heart.Not how many times.Now you have to take your right hand on the backside of your head and push back your head as far as possible.Here you have to ask forgiveness from the Divine power for your own satisfaction.You are not to feel guilty or count your mistakes.Here you say, O Divine power if I have done anything wrong please forgive me.Say it from your heart again.It is not how many times. Now stretch your palm fully, and put the centre of your palm on top of the Fontenelle bone area and bend your head and push back your fingers as far as possible.Here again, I can not force Self-realisation on you.You have to ask for it.Now put good pressure on you scalp and moving clockwise seven times slowly saying, Mother please give me Self Realisation.Push back your fingers, that is important. Now take down your hand. Open your eyes, please. Raise both the hands and watch me without thinking.Now you put down your head and see with your left hand if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area.Put down your head.It could be hot also and don’t place your hand on top of your head, but away from it. Don’t doubt yourself.It could be very far away also.Sometimes it is like a jet.Now please put your left hand towards me and again put down your head, put your right hand on top of your head to see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head or hot breeze.If you have not forgiven you will get a hot breeze.Now again with your right hand.Put down your head and see for yourself if it is a cool breeze or a hot breeze coming out of your head.Bend your head.Bend your heads.Now please open your eyes properly and put both your hands towards the sky and push back your head.And ask questions three times.One of the questions, Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?Or ask, Mother is this the all-pervading power of God’s love?Or, Mother is this the Brahma Chaitanya? Now put your hands down.All those who have felt the cool breeze with their hands or out of their heads any hot breeze please raise both your hands.The whole of Geneva.(Laughing)May God bless you.Those who have not felt today will feel it tomorrow.And I will tell you how to use this power now.But it is beyond the mind.If you think about it then you will lose your vibrations, lose your coolness.So now you require to take your food or whatever it is and sleep off. You can call your friends tomorrow and we can have more people for this. But you can not argue it out. And if you have not got it doesn’t doubt your self. You will get it tomorrow. Tomorrow I will explain to you as to how we can use this power and also I will teach each and every one of you tomorrow. May God Bless You. Also, I hope you will bring your questions tomorrow morning. Tomorrow at the beginning of the program so that I could answer them. But only now you have to have a mantra to say, ‘don’t think and just enjoy’.

Thank you very much.