10th Day of Navaratri, The deities are watching you Geneva (Switzerland)

Navaratri Puja, “The deities are watching you”. Arzier, Geneva (Switzerland), 23 September 1990.
According to the calendar, this year there are ten days of Navaratri, not of nine. Nine are the days, in the night, when the Goddess had to fight the demons and to save Her children from the effects of negativity. On one side She was ocean of love and compassion, and on the other side She was protecting them like a tigress; because the times were such that nobody could meditate, […]

Translation of Songs Givrins (Switzerland)

1990-09-23 Translation of Songs, Givrins (Switzerland)

May God bless you!“Tujhaa punji “You sing so well without knowing the meaning. It’s rather embarrassing but I would say. In your ….you should get completely engrossed in your puja and in your worship. And Oh Nirmala! We should always remember your name, this is the main thing.“Tujha Pujni” is –in your puja in your worship we should get “leen vhavey” means we should get completely engrossed…“Tujhya darshanala amhi roj yave“ -We should come for your “darshan” […]