You have to feel the Truth on your finger-tips

Moscow (Russia)

1990-10-11 You have to feel the Truth on your finger-tips, Moscow, Russia, 122' Chapters: Preparations, Arrival, Talk, Q&A, Self-RealizationDownload subtitles: ENView subtitles:
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Public Program Moscow, Russia 1990-10-11

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. As I told you last time that Truth is what it is. You cannot do lip service about it and you cannot have any pretensions about it. Truth has to be felt on your Central Nervous System.

As you can clearly see this platform made of different colors – clearly see it and as you can feel the heat of the candles, you have to feel the Truth on your finger-tips. I mean, on your Central Nervous System. It is not empty talk. It is something that has to happen to you. It is the actualization of the experience of the Spirit. This arrangement is within us already made. – So far, we have believed in everything blindly. We believe in all kinds of political arrangements but all those arrangements, whether it is democracy, communism, anything has failed completely, everywhere. You should never think that you are the only people who are suffering but everywhere, whatever systems they have followed, all of them are suffering in different ways. They sacrifice so much to achieve their freedom.

They went to jail and so many died and so many were killed but what they achieve is the outside freedom but inside they’re not free. They’re slaves of alcoholism, slaves of drugs, slaves of drugs, – slaves of sex diseases. They are suffering much more than you people can suffer. You people look so healthy to Me, much better, much wiser but in their freedom, without any control of the Spirit, they have become idiotic. So we have to achieve our inner freedom, the freedom of totality where we are so strong enough that nothing can dominate us. At human level it is not possible whatever you may try, whatever experiments you take over, everything is futile – as if it boomerangs. For every action which is on one side, has the polarity on the other. So, you have to come in the centre to, to know actually through Absolute Truth what is benevolent for you. Not just by reading, not by talking but actually happening to you is the important point and that is what is Sahaja yoga. It’s actually true that we are human beings and not animals.

In the same way, it should be actually true that we are spiritual people, that we are enlightened souls, so that we do not suffer from the polarity of, so called, freedom. Our own system is built-in like that. The system is built in us gradually during our evolutionary process. Like, this instrument is built-in but if it is not connected to the mains, doesn’t serve its purpose. In sahaja yoga, you get connected with the All-Pervading subtle power which is for our ascent and benevolence. It is important to understand that we have come in this world not to suffer but in the darkness of ignorance we do suffer. All over the world they are suffering this way or that way. So, it is important that we should do some introspection and find out what is the reason. When you start doing that, the seeking for Truth starts. That is the beginning of sahaja yoga.

You believe in God or don’t believe in God makes no difference. You believe in any religion or in no religion, makes no difference because both things are done blindly. It is a blind faith and a blind is leading another blind. One, he’ll say is that, “Believe in God.” but on what grounds is he saying that? – Another says, “Don’t believe in God,” but is very unscientific; He has not found out whether there is God or not God. So, both are blind. – So no use following blind people only way is to get enlightenment. In the light of the Spirit, you can see everything very clearly and you can feel everything. As some of you know that sahaja yoga gives you the actual experience of the All-Pervading Power but how does it work out?

As you have been told already, that we have within ourselves the power to connect ourselves to that All-Pervading Power. You should not also believe Me blindly. Till you have not experienced it, you should not believe Me. But you have to keep your mind open to see that if this experience comes true then, as a honest person you have to accept it because it is for your benevolence. Nature has planned it and now the time has come for all of you to get your enlightenment. It is just like your evolutionary process, a living process. As you know, that you have become human-beings from amoeba stage and if you have to go further, it has to be a living process. Sahaja means, born with you and yoga means the union with this All-Pervading Power. So, every human-being has a right to be united with that All-Pervading Power. We see these flowers – they have come out of a single seed. We see so many miracles of the living power. See our eye – is such a great camera!

The whole body, itself, is such a beautiful combination of balance as if our brain is also programmed. So now, in this process of sahaja yoga, the evolutionary power makes you a computer and you become the Absolute Truth. You know it and then you can also handle this power the way you like. The greatest thing about this power is, that this is the power of compassion, of love. So far, we have only used the power of hatred anywhere…. hatred. We have to now use the power of love, of Pure Love. But this happening cannot be forced on anyone. You cannot dominate anyone by which you can achieve the awakening. Your freedom is respected because you have to be totally free and then the blessings of this All-Pervading power you start feeling and you feel it’s all miraculous. Then the inner religion is awakened and you become a righteous person.

You’re not to be told, “Don’t do this, don’t do that,” – it just happens because the light of your Spirit tells you or you know in the light of Spirit what is good for you and you yourself become so powerful in life, that nothing can dominate you. So this power, which is All-Pervading, thinks, it coordinates, it cooperates and it organizes. Above all, it loves. So, it forgives all the time – because it wants you to rise into that realm of Self-realization. It is so anxious. Formerly, only one master could have only one disciple and the knowledge of Kundalini was never exposed to the public and first time in the 12th century, Gyaneshwara wrote about it. This knowledge was not to be told to the public but today the public or the masses have to get it. Even reading about the knowledge, becomes just book knowledge. People become bookworms. Whatever book they may read, whatever religion they may follow, all of them can do any kind of sin.

They can kill anybody, they can destroy anyone – they can do what they like; There is no binding force on them. What I know about Russians is that, that all their authors, whether they were writing novels or philosophies or anything, have been full of introspection. This shows that you people have a special quality to introspect. It does not come from intelligence because intelligence can cheat itself. You can rationalize anything because it is all mental. So, one has to know that it is the wisdom that is important. I don’t know but I feel the word Russia itself comes from two words is Ra-Sa. Rasa – Ras means, ‘Ra’ means energy, ‘Sa’ means with energy ‘Ra’ means energy, ‘Sa’ means with, with Shri Mataji and the energy of love is ‘Ra’. The All-Pervading Power is ‘Ra’ and in our local language ‘Rasiya’ means a person who’s beloved – who’s a beloved. I think, this name must have come because the people in this country have that special position to achieve that power.

I’ve got great hopes for you. I’ve got great hopes for you. You can really lead the world into it’s emancipation but you must have some patience and I’m sure, you will realize how important you are to Me. This is a new type of a revolution and for this revolution, you are the best suited people. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you more, in details, about the Spirit but in any cases I would love to have some questions from you and then, we can have session of Self-realization, which will take about ten minutes. Questions, Mother, should I take questions? – Yeah. Dear Shri Mataji, I am a teacher in Russian language [UNCLEAR] Moscow [UNCLEAR] I, one year ago my left hand began to shake and I cannot work. – Can you help me please to release from this sickness? – Alright.

All those who are asking for getting their sickness to be cured is very simple to get them [UNCLEAR] Shri Mataji but for that you have to attend the Sahaja yoga practices. It’s no use just listening to My class. All of you, who get realization, must attend the practices of Sahaja yoga. You may be cured by Me today but again you’ll develop another trouble. Not only physical – mental, emotional, any trouble you might get it. So, those who are asking for their cure, I have to request them that, luckily, we have here Dr. Baghdan, who can look after you and we have Dr. Kaleena, who is [UNCLEAR – PREPARED?] to many doctors – they would like to help you out. Today, I must have met, at least, four five, four hundred doctors and they’re very open-hearted; They all can help you. So please, just after My departure, you should know that you have to grow yourself. Not only that you’ll be cured, but you’ll have powers to cure others. So please, those who have now asked for curing, I would say, that we will see you afterwards.

Dear Shri Mataji, “I’m putting Your [UNCLEAR] my children and I are not we are not by church, say, when you go to… when child is born they cross them. I mean, You know so children when they are young, they are taken to church in Russia to be baptized. We are not baptized. We are born in sahaja yoga. Should we go to church or not?” – No. He just asked the question. You see, in the church nobody has authority to baptize.It is all an artificial exercise. Moreover, this part of your head is very, very sacred.

It should not be touched by anyone but for a saint. He should be a real saint but these are all artificial. Only in Sahaja yoga you get the actualization of baptism. When your Kundalini pierces through your fontanel bone area, then you feel the cool breeze of the Holy ghost coming out of your head. These religions are all man-made. For example, Hindus have nothing to do with reality of Hinduism. The priest, I mean the priest.The priest of Same about Islam. They have nothing to do with Mohammad Sahab. Same good of Christians; They have nothing to do with Christ. All religions, that we see, have deviated from the Truth. They’re all money-oriented or power-oriented but they’re not Spirit-oriented.

All the religions have said that, “You must have your second birth.” Artificially they all believe that they are special, chosen people of second birth. But when you get your second birth, you get your powers. It is like an egg which becomes a bird – is the second birth. The transformation has to take place. These priests have no authority to give you any certificate. You have to certify yourself. Sickness ones we don’t tell. – Shri Mataji, what do You, what do You think about fortune telling on depend? – Somebody is asking about the fortune-teller.

It’s a very limited field. Most important thing is to know whether you will get your Self-realization or not. That is the only thing you should aspire for. Here is a doctor. She’s writing that she’s working with a very difficult old and young people, sick people and she talks to them from the position of sahaja yoga but she never, she was never familiar with the basic things of sahaja yoga. First time I came to listen here about sahaja yoga – and I live by your direction, – Alright – following Your direction. – I’ll tell you. There’s a doctor, who is asking for My direction, to help the sick people. I would like to tell her, that she should see Dr. Baleena and [ASIDE – Who’s the other doctor …?] Here is Dr. [NAME UNCLEAR], Dr. Baleena, Dr. Valentina – and one who came with us?

Doctor Mica … You mean – [UNCLEAR] other fellow – doctor Afsa…..okay, okay Dr.[NAME UNCLEAR] No, no the one who is a thin fellow, who travelled with us in the car. – Okay, Dr. [NAME UNCLEAR] – Alright, so you tell them. – Okay. – You can meet those people. Shri Mataji, do you think that all the nations don’t have the same quality as the Russians? There’s a very direct question. They do not have. – Shri Mataji Also Bulgarians are good. Bulgarians, Czechoslovakians, – Polish. She can receive Your photograph – how to use your photograph?

I have no photograph of Mine. – Shri Mataji but, I think, you can get it from your centres and they will tell you how to use it but we must have many centres in Moscow and where you can go for the collective development. Your growth is only possible in collectivity. It will not work individually. Like, if our nail is cut out, it doesn’t grow – it has to be part and parcel in the body. – What is cut out? – Nail.Shri Mataji, what You would say about that Kundalini is just is just a one part of the All-Pervading Power from which our world is [UNCLEAR] created. and is energy of the thought. He’s asking Me about Kundalini – I’ll tell about this tomorrow.

Let it be. I am sick and no one can cure me. Will Kundalini cure me? All about sickness. So most of the sicknesses can be cured through Sahaja yoga. Because it is a free thing, people do not take it that seriously. What do You think about Kashpirovsky? – Now, I’ve already told you about this Kashpirovsky business. Last time we had so many children. Last time we had so many children, who came, who were affected by him. Shri Mataji, can You tell us why a warm and breeze is coming from my – head.

This is very warm – not hot but warm. – Alright. Somebody is getting warm from his head, from the fontanel bone. That means the heat from the body is getting out. So, after, afterwards the cool will start coming – let the heat get out. Also, if you forgive everyone, the heat will be released. What else? Shri Mataji, can You charge bread, water Shri Mataji, please, should we a change our habits, – should we change our style of living? – Haan. All these things can be vibrated.

You don’t have to change, deliberately, your style but automatically it will work out; You will change by yourself. Shri Mataji, what does it mean this sign – Star of David – what does it mean Star of David on right hand? I am practicing yoga since June month and I have problems related to Swadishthan chakra. Vibrations don’t go through Swadishthan; Maybe this is some cursing. Person has problem with Swadishthan and he doesn’t know what does this mean, this sign of the Star of David Swadishthan and what to do and he says maybe there’s some curse. The symbol of star – he’s asking about the symbol of Star of David. It is the Swadishthan chakra and is easily cured, if you know, what is the deity on it. There’s very simple way of curing it. You can ask a question, “Mother, are you Moses, are you David?” It will work out.

This is a good question. If person is practising Sahaja yoga, does it mean that his consciousness depends on consciousness of Shri Mataji – of Yours? [UNCLEAR] He’s asking a question that if he’s practising Sahaja yoga, that his consciousness does it depend on Shri Mataji’s consciousness? Then you become collectively conscious. That means you can feel another person on your finger-tips. Then the question comes, “Who is the other?” I do not want to tell about Myself but you must find out after realization. But, after all, I must be knowing something that I can give realization to all of you. So, after realization you’ll find out who am I. See, Christ was the Son of God – that’s a fact but when He said that, people crucified Him.

It has happened to all the Incarnations, all the sages and I do not want to be crucified. I have to work still so, I don’t want to claim anything. O, My God! Who’s made this? You have made it. Alright. She says this is Ganesha, Mother – this is Ganesha. My, – [UNCLEAR] – Beautiful! This child is cured by Me – I mean, by Sahaja yoga, I should say. Alright, now I’ll put them back.

Shri Mataji, who’s son was Christ? – Annh? – Question is, Dear Shri Mataji, who’s Son was Jesus Christ? – He was, as I already told you, in any way when you come to Sahaja yoga, you will know about all of them. Shri Mataji, many people are here from City of Talihati. Please, they want to know, “When You will come to our city?” – Definitely next year. – [APPLAUSE] Actually, if I, if I can get a house in Russia, I can stay here permanently. [APPLAUSE] – Shri Mataji, very provocative question. – Huh – Shri Mataji, people are saying that 2000 years ago You saw Jesus Christ how He looks.

I don’t know. Somebody is asking that I saw Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. It’s not important and is not easy to describe but He was a person Who was not white, Who was not white-skinned person. And He was a very healthy, hefty, big person. Michelangelo has shown his body very well in the Sistine chapel but the face is Italian which was not so. A person, Christian is saying, “I am guilty,” Sahaja yoga is saying, “I am not guilty.” Don’t – isn’t it some contradiction to teaching of Christianity? – Of course. See, it is contradictory to Christianity but not to Christ. It is contradictory to Christianity but not to Christ.

Christ has never said that you are guilty. Moreover, they say that He died for our sins and He suffered for us and that He was crucified for us. So now, only thing you have to awaken Christ within yourself. He has done all the suffering. What more suffering can we do? So to feel guilty, is absolutely against Christ. That means, we do not believe that He really suffered for us and that He died for our sins. All these man-made religions, all of them, – they say that you are all sinners. Because they want to make money out of you to frighten you. You are after all human-beings.

If you do not commit mistakes, who is going to commit mistakes? Gods are not going to commit mistake. So please, do not feel guilty at all. Shri Mataji, this is true that You are sended to us by God by God Holy Mary, by God Holy Mary and you are creating miracles using God power, power of the Holy Mary – number one and number two question and is spread here, ideas are spread with You so, some great power with You so, how Jesus was suffering on the cross it’s true and tell us what will happen with us in the near future with Russia? so question about – Just again you read out the question then I’ll answer. It’s true that God sended You and both of Mary; Mary and You are created miracles – first question. – I’ve already told you, I won’t tell you anything about Myself. Some say that I’m the Holy Ghost; Let them say whatever they want to say, let them say. It’s better you find it out – the Truth. Second question was, okay, third question – what will happen with Russia in near future? – Alright.

He’s saying that, what will happen to Russia in the near future? Now, the present is very important. It all depends on the present. If you have patience and that you do not complain about material things, you will get the greatest blessings of this All-Pervading Power and within two years you can become the most powerful, prosperous country. Only thing, you should now become industrious and not lethargic. You must be willing to work out everything. You must be willing to work out everything. After realization, you’ll get lot of energies, lot of ideas. In, I heard that you had a very bumper crop of wheat in Russia. That is due to sahaja yoga but I’m sorry to hear that 40% was lost.

Now, in our country we do not have machinery to cut the wheat we use our hands. If people had taken it upon themselves, they could have easily saved those 40%. So, instead of complaining, you have to, you have to join in to work out your affluence, your prosperity. I think, we need more, we can say, a dynamic approach. With Sahaja yoga you can do it. Actually, you should be surprised that you got this freedom so easily. In My own country, I can tell you about My own parents, who had to sacrifice everything. They had to live – they were living in palaces – they had to live in, in huts. We could not have our education, no food for days together. Even they gave Me electric shocks and also made Me sleep on the ice slabs. We had no proper shelter, no proper clothes – nothing. People were living in the jungles. Every country has suffered a lot for their freedom.

Thanks to Mr. Gorbachev that you have got your freedom so easily. but you have to work it out and you have to help him. Alright, alright give Me a kiss. They want to give Me a kiss. Alright, come along. Children! His style was also – see, I think, I told you to try. Done now. [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] Mother, question is about re-incarnation. Shri Mataji, this is true that we are living in previous life and then after this we are continuing our life again.

[UNCLEAR] The re-incarnation – this is all nonsense. You come to sahaja yoga, you’ll know all about it. Also, I’ve seen that, you people are very over-whelmed. Thank you. Thank you. Now give Me a kiss. Thank you. [CLAPPING] He made a namaste, Mother. This is… Shri Mataji, it is too late already, please, will You give us Self-realization. Thank You very much.

That’s a very good, very good question. [APPLAUSE] Thank you very much. [UNCLEAR] Now, let it be. You see, the questions even if I answer, doesn’t mean that your realization is guaranteed. I just want you to ask Me questions so that you should feel free but it has nothing to do with Kundalini awakening. Thank you. Now It has nothing to do with Kundalini awakening. So, the best thing is, you should just ask for Self-realization. I will go through your questions, later on, when I go home and if I find them sensible, tomorrow I will answer them in any case. [CLAPPING] Seven chakras – Mother, do You know more than seven chakras, please tell us about this.

What – too many, there are too many chakras. So now, we have to take out our shoes because this Mother Earth helps us and your feet also are little bit free. There’s one thing that you cannot force Self-realization on anyone. You have to ask for it, you have to desire it in your own freedom. So those who do not want to have Self-realization, should please leave the hall. – [UNCLEAR – SAY THEM?] That will be very kind of them. – Say that – So, there are three conditions before we start our Self-realization process. The first one is that you are not to feel guilty at all. As I’ve told you, that you are human-beings and if you have committed any mistakes, it’s alright.

This power, which is All-Pervading, is the power of forgiveness and you cannot commit any mistake, any mistake that cannot be dissolved by this Power. So, please, you have to say before starting, in your heart that, “I am not guilty at all.” If you feel guilty, your this left Vishuddhi catches. – This side and you develop so many diseases. One of them is angina. Second one, that you can call it as, spondylitis. All the diseases of lethargic organs also. So please, do not feel guilty at this moment. Second condition is that you have to forgive everyone. Forgive everyone in general – not to think individually about anyone. Whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you do not do anything it is a myth.

But if you do not forgive, then you play into wrong hands and torture yourself not the other person. Now the third condition is, that you must have full self-confidence that you all can get Self-realization. So do not have any doubts about yourself. That’s all. Now, you have to, those who are sitting on the chairs, have to put their feet apart from each other because these are two separate powers. And those who are sitting on the ground are alright. You have to put your left hand towards Me, sitting very comfortably on your seats. Right hand is to be used for nourishing your centres on the left side. Now first we’ll show you how to do it and then we’ll close our eyes. Somebody should come.

So please, put your left hand towards Me, like this, the left hand on your lap. Now first you have to put your right hand on your heart, where resides the Spirit. But the seat of the Spirit is on the fontanel bone area. [HINDI – Thoda paani dijiye] [ASIDE – Give Me some water]. Now, second centres we have to touch again on the left-hand side is in the upper part of the abdomen. [HINDI – Doctor, inse kehna ki coat utaar lein] Doctor, you can take out the coat and turn round the show everyone. [UNCLEAR] Now, the third centre – the second centre, is the centre of your mastery the third centre is on the lo… lower part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the centre of Pure Knowledge; Pure Knowledge that acts on your Central Nervous System, which knows all the laws of the All-Pervading Power. Now, you take back your right hand on to the upper portion of your abdomen on the, on the guru chakra, which is of your mastery. Now, please take your right hand now on to your heart again.

Now, you have to put your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder. This is the centre you catch when you are guilty. Now, turn your head to your right. Now, you have to take your hand to your forehead, across and put down your head and press it on both the sides. This is the center to forgive everyone, in general. Now, you have to take your hand on the back side of your head and push back your head as far as possible. This is the center where, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, you have to ask forgiveness from this All-Pervading Power of love. Now, you have to stretch your palm and put it on the fontanel bone area on your head, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now, push back your fingers and press it hard and now move your scalp slowly, seven times, with a pressure; Push back your fingers, put down your head. Move it clockwise.

That’s all. I saw, some of you did not push back your fingers and did not put a pressure. Alright, so now, we have to close our eyes. You can take out your spectacles. Till I tell you, please don’t open your eyes. Remember, the Truth is that, you are not this body, you are not this intellect, you are not the emotions but you are the Spirit. So now, we put our left hand towards Myself and sit comfortably, not slouching or not bent too much but in a normal way. So now, put your left hand towards Me and right hand on your heart and please close your eyes. Now, here you have to ask a very fundamental question to Me – you may call Me Mother or Shri Mataji, whatever you like – So now, please ask Me, three times, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” – Three times.

If you are the Spirit, you are your guide, you are your master, so, you have to take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen and press it hard on the left hand side. Here, now, you have to ask Me another, very fundamental question, with full self- confidence, “Mother, am I my own master?” three times. I’ve already told you that I respect your freedom and I cannot give you Pure Knowledge without your asking for it in your freedom. So, now, please take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it hard. Here, you have to ask six times because this center has got six petals, “Mother, please give me Pure Knowledge.” As soon as you ask for Self-realization, the Kundalini starts getting awakened and starts moving upward. As soon as you ask for Pure Knowledge, the Kundalini is getting awakened so, with full confidence, we can nourish our centers, higher centers. So, we now put our hand in the upper portion of our abdomen on the left hand side and here we say that, with self-confidence, “Mother, I am my own master,” say it ten times with full self-confidence. I’ve already told you that you are not this body, not this mind, not this intellect or these emotions but that you are the Pure Spirit.

So now, you have to say, with full confidence, twelve times, that, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” I have already talked to you about this All-Pervading Power. It is the ocean of knowledge, it is the ocean of compassion and blessings but above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. So, you cannot do anything that cannot be dissolved, any mistake that cannot be dissolved by this ocean of forgiveness. So now, please raise your hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right. Here now, you have to say again, sixteen times, with full confidence, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” I have already told you, that whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything but whether you forgive or don’t forgive, it makes no difference. So, please do not torture yourself – by playing into wrong hands. Raise your right hand now on to your forehead and put down your head on it. Please put down your head.

Now here you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone in general.” Say it from your heart, not how many times – that question doesn’t arise – Say it from your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” I tell you, if you do not forgive, I’m sorry, the realization won’t work out. Now, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, you have to ask forgiveness from the All-Pervading Divine Power. So, please take your hand the back side of your head and push back your head as far as possible. Here now you have to say, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction, “O Divine Power, if we have done any mistakes, please forgive us.” Say it in your heart, not how many times but say it from your heart. So now, the last centre, which is very important. Now, stretch your palm fully and put it on top of the fontanel bone area – exactly, the center of your palm. Now, put your hand, your palm, the center of your palm with a pressure on your fontanel bone area, with a big pressure and push back your fingers, put down your head.

Now move it seven times. But again I cannot force Self-realization on you, so you have to say seven times, “Mother, please give me Self-realization,” while doing that. Your is not to count – You have to give me Self-realization. Please, put down your head and press it hard and do it slowly, clockwise. [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS INTO THE MICROPHONE] [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS INTO THE MICROPHONE] [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS INTO THE MICROPHONE] [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS INTO THE MICROPHONE] [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS INTO THE MICROPHONE] [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS INTO THE MICROPHONE] [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS INTO THE MICROPHONE] – Now, please take down your hands and open your eyes. Place both your hands, like this, towards Me. Watch Me carefully. Like this, like this. Not like that, like this. Now, put the right hand, like this and put down your head and see with left hand, if there’s a cool breeze coming in.

Doctor [UNCLEAR] Bend your head, bend your head bend your head – Doctor, you go around. Just go around and see. Now see, if there’s a cool breeze coming out but don’t touch your head, keep it away. There may be hot breeze coming out does not matter. Now, put your left hand towards Me and put down your head and see for yourself, if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your head, by putting your right hand not on top but little away from your head. Put down your head. Now again, please try with your right hand towards Me and putting down your head and see for yourself, if there’s a cool breeze or a hot breeze. coming out of your fontanel bone area. Put down your head – now. Now, push back both your hands towards the sky and push back your head and ask a question, “Is this the cool breeze of the All-Pervading Power?” ask this question three times.

Now, please take down your hands. Watch Me without thinking. All those, who have felt the cool breeze on their hands, on their fingers or through the fontanel bone area, whether hot or cold, please raise both your hands. Hmm, look at that! – The whole of Moscow [UNCLEAR] I bow to you all. – [APPLAUSE] This, this cannot happen in any country and there are some who did not get. There are some who did not get but they should not be disappointed; They’ll get it tomorrow. Also tomorrow, all those who have got it, will fix up their Kundalini. Also I will see the sick people tomorrow. Thank you very much.

[APPLAUSE] See all these little, little things they have made; I don’t know made from where? – Plasticene kind of… – Pasticene, yeah. – She wants cure for her child. – What’s the matter? Tomorrow I was going to see them. Yeh nikal aaya hai isme se. Child has history of cold, he does not walk, he has an eczema, he doesn’t digest proteins – – You know and all kind of problems. – What do the doctors say? – Doctors say that he has a [UNCLEAR] – Annh? – Liver?

Liver. Did she, did she watch Kashpirovsky? Once, Mother, they told on television and they saw Kashpirovsky and child become sort of very shaky and they don’t know and never normal again. That’s it – he’s got possessed. So, so they can bring the lemon and chillies tomorrow or they can go to the program in the follow-up If the child comes to Me, he’ll cry.