Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Mr Ng's house, Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)

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Conversation with yogis Kuala Lumpur 1990-11-02

 He was smuggling this Barwana [unclear]or something and giving it to the disciples and making them dance. He has done all this. I tell you really very surprising it is very openly said there was one lord on there or something (English one) who turned out to be an approval he told all this and he was the one who started smuggling there.

I don’t take tea at night I would prefer Chinese food as long as I am here alright not Indian food I had enough of it very heavy

Sahaj yogi -would you like some now?

Shri Mataji- yes.

Sahaj Yogi- the food is very nice. Chinese!

Shri Mataji very nice it is very good food and you know they select everything very carefully and eats very carefully and China it itself is very wonderful…

They went on one picking restaurant. They just go on picking ducks all portions of picking are used and it is interesting to see only men can cook it it’s like that it’s a very heavy work. They empty the picking completely from inside making it into a bag filled with water and they hang it into the hangers below that it is the fire made out of Rosewood or applewood and that’s how they cook they put sugar syrup outside so it becomes crispy and inside soft but only men can do it such a big (unclear).

Sahaj Yogi-you eat duck mother, Hem?

Shri Mataji- yeah anything

Sahaj Yogi- because if you like this one tomorrow I would bring duck mother 

shri mataji- alright,

The Pavlov was a great cook and she give me a royal (unclear)…

I said I don’t eat too much but of course I love Chinese it’s very light that’s why I very light food.

Please come in Chinese food is very light that is a best part of it there was Hindu boy sitting next to these two sardarji’s and who was talking to them all the time but the sardar Ji got the name of Nanak but this fellow never got it…

(Unclear) the same seat is it? She gave it to you?

She took it? But this is the one that she had bought for me you remember for my puja I mean this style in this style…

It has very nice photograph she has got that.

The first attack was on Malaysia …first attack.

Please put your left hand towards me. Take it easy take it easy. No hurry! Now sit properly put your hands outside and left towards me. Now it’s better.

If Hindustani will come they have done kundalini yoga, hath- yoga etc… It will be very difficult for you. You say clearly that we have also done (TM/TL unclear)…we know, Now there is an article in newspaper in Marcos there was the first smuggler TM wale. 

These gurus have only introduced drugs. If you go to the roots, these gurus they are the one who have done this. There was some Chinese at least 50% were Chinese. If you had advertised, in the Chinese paper might have been more. I think in Hong Kong at least we should tell them to advertise in Chinese paper. They said nobody to translate Cantonese but in hongkong everyone could understand English. Because they were under English people for so many years. Everyone understands. It’s good, now vibrations are better… Left was too much this morning and also now. Some bhoot have gone here, nobody left. Worst are these Brahma kumaris…

Sahaj Yogi- Raj yoga

Shri Mataji- So called raj yoga happens internally automatically. It spontaneously happens within yourself. The first part is they, do not allow them to get marry. 3 ladies who were pregnant due to Sahaja yoga. 

Sahaj Yogi- have you tried to call (some sahaja yogi)

Shri Mataji -yes bring the phone here. Timing is such if you move from one place to another.

Australians have to calculate so many time from where am I and I hope they are not as fast and steep in 12 o clock in night and 10 in morning. I have little calculated and I don’t know how to work it out it tells you the time of few places. Christ has done how to work it out. Calculators at cheap for here? So we have to get all these things also sarees and these things are very cheap. Better to do shopping here.

Sahaja yogi- Mother, how are you? (In phone)

Shri Mataji- Hello! Greedo how are you hello, I am speaking, Mataji this side hello hello hello may god bless you …Greedo what happened to the house you got it. Did you get the ashram hello; hello; hello; can you hear me? Can you hear me can you hear me?

Sahaj Yogi – Checks the mobile saying hello hello twice

Shri Mataji – (name) how did you get all these people?

Sahaj Yogi- he knows from people in Hong Kong.

Shri Mataji- and you know Cantonese or not…yes because they were saying that it should be translated Cantonese but I think in Hongkong everybody knows the English language. Yes everybody knows and speaks well there is no need…

Mother ask the Sahajyogi about the mobile phone…

Sahaj yogi- mother phone is not working.

Other sahaj yogi- In HongKong Shri Mataji, Mrs Mehanti Where you stay last time she has come back to India and is finishing here.

Shri Mataji- Asks the name once again…

Sahaja yogi- Mehanti … She has returned to India already.

Shri Mataji- no no but not she, this was the lawyer Crescenta what was the name of the lawyer who is doing in Hong Kong. 

Sahaja yogi- Crescenta, yes…… he rescued here.

Shri Mataji-I have seen him last time how is he now he is the one who was saying that we should have somebody to speak Cantonese but I don’t think it is necessary.

Sahaj yogi- he wants to…unclear 

Shri Mataji- he wants the Chinese to come in but I don’t think Chinese need Cantonese there I personally think in HongKong you have all kind of Chinese not only these speaking manganese but most of them speak English.

Better now?

Sahaja yogi -right hand very cool

Shri Mataji- and left?

Sahaj yogi-Less cool 

Shri Mataji- it should happen…

I will go upstairs but I will telephone alright. Also I will telephone from there.

So in Hong Kong there is not so much problem but only thing I thought that if we could advertise or we could have some…. You bought some posters or things? Yeah we have some posters and somebody could work it out on the posters. And if you can go and it could be done if you put on posters then it could work. There’s still time

From here I am going to Bangkok and then to Taipei and then to Hongkong because Hongkong I think people would be coming because of the problem they are facing now.

Sahaja yogi – (unclear)

Shri Mataji- very uncertain. Also this Chinese government last time was quite frightened but at this time practically it’s over I think it’s….also the students were indiscriminate in a way you can’t go and just ask the freedom like that I must say. You have to build it up but he should not have got this…see what has happened is even in India they try to have some reservations for certain cast so they used to throw stones and this and that and so many were killed and this Ram janmabhoomi was also… Baba …11 people were killed but one thing you must understand that Rama cannot be born in every case and  this is not a mosque also not a mosque  I was not interested in communal side of it but at least the Ramas place should be Shri Rama’s place it is a fact ….

He must be sleeping for children for them it was too late but it was short and sweet worked out.  It’s better that way tomorrow I will tell them all about so we have to now follow on. Where do you have to follow on? Where you will have?

Sahaj yogi -in this house

Shri Mataji- house? So many will not fit in it…

Lots of people.

Sahaj yogi -we have Mondays and Wednesdays

Shri Mataji-no but Monday you have follow ons. Someday else … Maybe you might lost some people then you can have it here. You see how people are….Because first follow on there is always a big flat then they start receding and receding… They don’t want the truth… so delusion… (mother laughs)

Andy got surprised that after coming to sahajyog are they go away that’s so stupid. Worst are the Americans worst but in America Chinese and these black people and the white skin Americans are the worst. They just want fighting me all the time and they like all false gurus very much. 

Let him sleep now it’s too much for him you better put him to sleep. It’s too much for children. He too has a little liver you must put his liver right…now sleep now… alright … So let’s see tomorrow.

I mean so many people got that I did not call you to give realization tomorrow but maybe we will find tomorrow the people who have really got it where they will touch my hands and that time you should go there and…

Water flower? In your garden? Can you believe that left and right exactly I have not seen one like this before? Alright so you can still talk on the phone I’d let it little bit sound here also.  So may God bless you all!  Is he there, I am coming…