Yoga Yukti

Girls Guide Hall, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

1990-11-02 Yoga Yukti, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 144' Chapters: Preparations, Arrival, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Workshop
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Public Program Day 2, Kuala Lumpur, 1990-11-02

I bow to all the seekers of truth. As I told you yesterday, that the truth is that you are the spirit and the second truth is that when you become the spirit you can feel the all pervading power of God’s love. Yesterday so many of you have felt and now we have to know that unless and until we are connected to that power which is “Yoga”, which happens spontaneously “Sahaja” born with you is this right to feel the existence of God’s love to get connected to have the yoga. Yoga also means “Yukti” means we can in very simple English way “trick of the trade” “Yukti” means how to work out this power. So the first is to feel the yoga and then is to feel in collective consciousness our own chakras our own subtle centres and the centres of other people. Then we have to know how to correct those centres. This is the part we call as “Yukti” which one has to learn. For that nobody has to pay anything. It’s a knowledge above any money, above any gold, above any precious thing you think  because it’s too precious, you can’t pay for it. So now we have here as I told you there are seven centres before one, two three four five six and seven centre and these centres are created by two Nadis, one is on the left side and another on the right side. Left side nadi is called as “Ida Nadi” or “Chandra Nadi” or the “Moon Nadi” which caters to our subconscious mind and the right side nadi is called as the “Pingala Nadi” which caters to our right side and to our future to our supra-conscious mind. The left one looks after our subconscious mind as I told you and also manifest on the physical side what we call the left sympathetic nervous system and on the right side the another nadi which is called as “Pingala” which is the “Surya Nadi”  the “Sun Nadi” or the channel manifest supra-conscious mind which caters to our futuristic ideas and also it manifest the right sympathetic nervous system. In Russia, a very well known mathematician and a scientist came to see me and he asked me that, is the brain divided into two halves and it is not the similar one but hetro constructed. I said yes, and I showed him why and he was really amazed and he said that how does the Doctors dont know about it. I have also done medicine and I told him, the Doctors treat the tree by treating the leaves while Kundalini is the root “Mul” and when the Kundalini rises she nourishes all the centres, all the subtle centres within us. Let us see the nature of these two Nadis which as within us and when joined together like a left and right and they combine like this and form a central path of our ascent and this central path is very clearly there of course sometimes gets obstructed when we use too much of right or left. The human nature is to go extremes. When we go too much to our emotional side this (left) got pulled out too much and when we go too much to our right side this goes on pulling on to the right and sometimes some sort of a shock on a left can just break it like this. At that time diseases like cancer or the diseases which you call as Psychosomatic diseases which are incurable according to the medical science manifest. These are definitely curable through Sahaja yoga if they are not gone beyond  the condition of we can say of no return and they have been cured. You can also cure. It’s not necessary that we have to import people from Australia with time and do something. You can go to Australia now and can help them there but it depends on the people how deep you are and how deeply you feel the concern for the whole humanity. For example I came to Kuala Lumpur, before I went to Australia but today in Australia I don’t know how many centres we have how many countries are there or how many Sahaja Yogis are there. But here I found people are just lost in ritualism or in some sort of false Gurus or into the activities which has nothing to do with reality. Now for example how dangerous it is to go to the false Gurus I don’t know will show you here. On the left hand side this is a Nadi which we call as “Chandra Nadi” and there must be some knowledge about it becasue people call madness or lunacy. It comes from the moon, lunacy. So this “Chandra Nadi” is the one which is responsible for subconscious mind and for our collective subconscious mind, that is whatever is dead since our creation that resides on the extreme left of ours. So when as I told you it breaks centres, it goes to the left. Now this can happen if you go into the domination of any ordinary person. Supposing if your father is dominating, he tortures you, if you have a step mother you can go to left side. Then you develop diseases of left side like which are purely left sided diseases which can be called as histeria, lunacy, epilepsy or those diseases plus sometimes people have depressions. This is all due to the fact when you move extremely unhappy, dominated. On the right hand side diseases are caused due to the overactivity of the mind. For example if you see here, the yellow one is the Swadishthana chakra. This is the second chakra and this second chakra is responsible, as you see there moves over whole of the green area and is responsible for looking after your liver, your pancreas, your spleen, your kidneys and some part of your intestine, the lower part of the intestine. Now this has another function which Doctors do not know that it converts your fat cells for the use of the brain.So those people who are very futuristic, plan too much, think too much they use this centre so much that it has no time to look after the other organs of the body. I have been talking so much. So now the Swadishthana chakra’s job which is to look after all these functions becomes very limited, those people who think too much, future planning they do all the time, live in the future is to convert your fat cells for the use of the brain. So such people become right-sided people and they use too much of their “Prana” is the breath. As a result their liver, the spleen, the pancreas, the intestine and kidneys all suffer negligence. Such people develop terrible liver problems. We do not know how dangerous it is to have a bad liver because Doctors can not treat it. They can when you are about to die they will tell you, you have a cirrhosis of a liver or a liver cancer. This liver gets heated up because it has one function to eliminate all the heat of the body into the bloodstream and the heat is actually is the poison of the body because it can not function what happens that the whole heat starts going upward and downward and you develop diseases like asthma. Also you develop diseases like kidney trouble where the kidney stops working. If it rises even higher you develop the trouble of right Vishuddhi where you just stop talking, you cant talk. The voices go out. When the right side increases too much it has an effect on the heart and one can get a very massive heart attack. Now these are purely purely physical things. Now in Sahaja Yoga there have been people who had trouble with liver and they have been cured completely, is a very simple method by which you can cure yourself, very simple method but it’s very important that you should get your liver alright because liver is the seat of the attention. I have been saying this for last twenty years and now there are some scientist who have started saying that liver is the seat of our attention but it is. Liver is the seat of our attention. So the second thing is your pancreas, your pancreas gets affected because you think too much and no attention is paid to your pancreas, you develop a disease called as diabetes. Only the people sitting on the desk and planning and thinking develop disease called diabetes. While the poor people say in India, in Maharashtra if you go the village if you do not make the spoon to stand at the right angles in the sugar, they think it’s no sugar, it’s no tea, it’s water and they never get diabetes. The reason is they live for the day, sleep off nicely next day they get up fresh. They are not bothered us what will happen in the future, what is the future plan what should we do futuristically and most of these plans fails because future doesn’t exist. Now in our country we have had eight futuristic plan out of which two have not been completed and they will never be completed. The reason is at that moment in the present you should see what is the need and start acting on the present and the future takes its own course. Say today I have to go myself to go to Singapore, supposing then I have to book it. That booking is todays job that is not tomorrow’s job but the futuristic planning too much of futuristic planning leads you in the trouble and they say there is a new disease which I have already told them that this will come has started which we call it as yuppies disease. When the people start using their rational mind too much when they use that mind too much then it so happens that their conscious mind becomes absolutely tired and if they are there being unconsciously they are alright for example if they are walking they are alright but if they think that they are walking they just drop down. Its a kind of new paralysis disease. We are also treating that in London we have seven doctors who are working out on yuppies disease. Now on the left hand side that you have got one I told you is the pancreas which gives you diabetes. Then is the spleen, spleen is the speedometer, is the rhythmic thing as if there is any emergency if you are running fast, supposing if you are eating your food and immediately you want to run then what happens you start getting pain on the left hand side, why? Because your spleen starts emitting red blood corpuscles for this emergency. So we create any emergency like that poor spleen has to work hard but the way today’s life is hectic get up in the morning, read the newspaper such a emergency you read the newspaper oh God what has happened so many died I mean they never report something nice or soothing See it has to be something exciting sensational so you get a shock thats the first shock to the whole system. Then you are in a hurry so you somehow or the other eat your breakfast may be in car certifying there is a big jam you start getting upset then you go the office you find the boss is angry with you and the whole thing is such a slavery of your watch that you go into a crazy system of emergencies. As a result this poor spleen of yours also gets crazy. It doesn’t understand what’s wrong with this gentlemen and it starts losing its rhythm and it’s just vulnerable. At this time if there is any shock from the left side you develop a disease called blood cancer and people can only certify that within one month you are going to die or within one week you are going to die but this people who have been certified like that have been cured by Sahaja yoga.

So I am just telling you how our day to day life is so hectic and this hectic life can lead us to any type of cancer any time. As if we are all vulnerable because of this modern ideas of life. If you know about the old style of eating was that the husband would sit to eat his food and wife would sit next to him and would fan him and the husband would be eating his. Here now the husband is a poor thing trying to finish his breakfast, the wife is nagging what about this money, what about that. Husband is worrying this is nagging wife, fighting with a wife something else and the fight is on at the time they are eating the food where the wife is supposed to give all the peace, all the support to the effect of the husband after all he is going to the work otherwise he comes from the office also he comes in a very big mess he is angry with some people shouts at his wife and wife shouts at him and then ultimately they divorce. This kind of a mess of a life is also responsible for spoiling your spleen but this is not the only problem. The third problem is even more serious that your kidney gets coagulated by the heat of the liver and once it is coagulated you just cannot pass urine. You have to go on the dialysis for which you have to pay lots of money and ultimately as soon as you go on the dialysis you know you are going to die very soon. So already you are certified to be dead. Now this can be easily avoided if you do not go for your dialysis and come to Sahaja yoga, your kidneys can start working. How? By raising the Kundalini. Now the fourth thing I told you about kidneys is such a person gets extremely constipated, with a hot-tempered. Such a person is extremely hot-tempered person I have seen because of the heat he can’t help it. Now we have the left-sided problems, they are purely left-sided problems are that you go to your false guru. He dominates you. By his domination, you become push to the left side. You have no personality of your own and mostly these gurus try to mesmerize you by putting some sort of a dead soul into it. I must tell you this your Kuala Lumpur is full of such gurus and full of these false things. I put my foot here and my foot got caught up into it but even in the villages it’s worse, specially with the Indians because they are very ritualistic people and they believe into anybody who comes with a “Kashay Vastra” that is the saffron cloths. These are all cheats. Some of them might be just coming from the jail and you just start believing in them and what they do is they know the method of pushing you on the left by dominating you and then put some sort of a spirit on you. Now it is being accepted that there is a soul and the soul of the dead can affect you. If this is the case that a soul of a dead person can affect us we should know there must be some people who know this work and they do it. Otherwise why people get so dominated just ask a question. Why do they give away their money? Why do they sell out their houses to give money to others? Why it happens like this? How these gurus have made such a lot of money? How they have built empires of their own? We won’t give or money to anyone like that but why do we give?

So they mesmerise you, they dominate you, all this mesmerism is nothing but a domination of a Spirits on you about which all the people have talked. Guru Nanaka has also talked about it. Christ has talked about it. Mohammad Sahab has talked about it. There is no one who has not talked about these things that there are “Badhas”, there are Spirits just by saying there are not they doesn’t see that they are not. They are there but we can easily get rid of them like the other day one gentleman said that somebody is controlling my mind. Thank god he knows he is being controlled but some people even don’t know that they are controlled and they just get lost. Now the worst thing is that these are seekers of truth. They are seeking the truth. They are real people, they are honest people, they are good people, genuine people and they fall into the traps of these people because they come with a big talking and pretensions and people thinks oh God, look at this, what a man he is, he says he can do this he can do, he can walk through the wall, he can fly in the air. What is the need to fly in air? I don’t understand. What is the need to walk through the wall? Can’t you walk through the door? What is the need to do all these things? But you people somehow or the other think that this is God’s power. It is not. God’s power is to give realisation. Those who were really Godly people have talked only about self-realisation. If you have the God’s power then you can give realisation to others and you can raise their Kundalini and explain to them everything about Sahaja Yoga. It’s a very subtle knowledge but amazingly now this Australians never knew also what is Ganesha is? They didn’t know what was Omkara. They knew about Christ that to very little because they allowed to Christ to live only for three and half years that also they didn’t understand who was Christ? But today if you ask them they know more than you, more than any of the Bramhins, all the subtle things that Adi Shankaracharya has talked about. This subtle knowledge how they have grasped? Because they have got light in their brain. With that it is knowledge that you can grasp. You can read between the lines. Now when the heat rises upward then it coagulates your lungs, by that you develop asthma and ultimately if nothing of these things happened then there is a massive heart attack. All the left-sided problems as I told you that somebody dominates you is the just opposite that liver does to you. Liver makes you arrogant, extremely dominating and a dominating man doesn’t know that he is torturing others. He doesn’t know that. He torture others but the left-sided person tortures himself. He thinks of the society he thinks of depression. He thinks he is the worst person on the Earth and he wants to get rid of everything in that he has or ultimately he becomes epileptic or he gets his lunacy or he becomes a quiersed, weird person. This can be also achieved through certain drugs. Certain drugs make you right-sided and certain drugs make you left-sided. For example, drugs like recent ones coming from Columbia like a cocaine make you right-sided, LSD and all that and left sided ones are these “bhang” and all that take you the left side. Also the drinks that you take is also left sided. Now the overactivity of these two centres (Channels), two channels one creates the yellow thing upward there is the ego. We think we are doing this we are doing that. Now supposing some tree is dead you made this platform and now think oh what a great thing they have made, what have we made? Dead to the dead. We have done no living work.

Who does the living work is the God Almighty, this power, that does the living work. You don’t do. So when the living work starts through your hands you will know you are a saint. For example if you give vibrations to these trees, if you give vibrations to these flowers they will grow even when they are cut. We have experimented with very great scientist in Austria they were advisors in the UN in agricultural side that non hybrids see it can grow ten times more than normal seeds as much or more than hybrid. I have myself experimented this and I am amazed how much result it can give. Not only that but animals and things if you give them vibrations they give such a big yield just like an Australian cow without being hybrid and their milk is of very different type. Even the crops that come out of a vibrations these divine vibrations very nice to taste and very different. You can make them out and they shine as your eyes shine after realisation. Also these things shine if you give them vibrated water or if you give them vibrations. All these things are to be seen and to be understood is not to be believed blindly. They have to worked out. You are all intelligent people and you have to see for yourself if you have these powers to raise the Kundalini of another person to give vibrations to all things which are growing to cure other people definitely you have to believe honestly that you have achieved this divine power but these are the powers of compassion of love. You do not do it for any purpose but just because you love another person because you are compassionate. You just do it and when you do it you feel extremely happy and you do not want any return for it. As in Sanskrit called “Nirvajya” you do not want any return. If you see the lives of all these saints what did they get out of human beings, nothing except for torture and trouble and scandals they didn’t get anything but they were all the time busy doing good things. Nobody told them don’t do this don’t do that but they did not do it. The reason is when Kundalini rises you see at this green part we call it as “Bhavasagara” is the void then this green part gets enlighten and this is where our valencies are which we call as the “Dharma”. The religion is not outside it within ourselves. For example, you may be anything you may be Hindu Christan Sikh or Muslin any any community, you can commit any sin there is no inhibition from within because I am a Christan because I am a Hindu because I am such and such I cannot do it. You can commit any sin anyone any one who proclaims I am these and these has no meaning inside they has no effect inside. The reason is this religion has to be awakened within you and as carbon has four valencies we have got ten valencies and when these ten valencies are enlightened we absolutely become righteous ourselves we have not to tell them. For example, I have never told anybody that don’t do this. I have never told. I said, alright let the Kundalini come in and immediately it will work out and that’s what has happened and Sahaja yoga has created angels in this world really I tell you angels. They are such wonderful people so loving so compassionate so dynamic and in a place like England where there is such a lot of unemployment, when they come in Sahaja Yoga they get their jobs can you imagine? They all get their jobs. It is hard to find one Sahaja yogi who hasn’t got a job. Everybody is employed and if you ask them what are you doing, I am employed by the God means they are working for the God. So these transformation has to take place if you have to change the atmosphere of these world. Unless and until you understand your responsibility that you are born at these hour where this transformation is taking place in so many countries and should take place here also. Unless and until you feel that today it can not work out anywhere. I came here as I told you six years back and I am coming afterwards because now there are found there are some Sahaja Yogis but the way they have worked out things here, I was amazed the people were doing here Guru shopping going from one place to another. After coming to Sahaja yoga when you found out something there even then also go to some other places they what should we say that you have no intelligence or what or you have no understanding. How can we do Guru shopping? Once you have found out water somewhere we must dig the well there. Its like that I have to tell you that now at least I go away please, do not be frevelus, do not be selfish and do not become enamoured by these false Gurus because its not good for you not good for your children not good for your country or good for the whole world. So one has to take it in such a way that why I am sticking on this Guru? what is so much in me? why should I stick on to him? What has he given me? And the best way to know a guru is to see the disciples. What sort of disciples they are? Have they gained any knowledge? Are they knowledgable? What do they know about inner life? What do they know about divine life? You have to find out. You go to some guru and only you are emptying your purse. What’s the use of such Gurr? Now on the left hand side as I told you all these disease you might develop and it’s just what you call as left side problem due to the overpowering of subconscious on you. Also the viruses now the virus is the attack from a left side on a person who is right-sided. All the viruses comes from left side this much Doctors have agreed. So this left side viruses are the things that are dead in the process of evolution and are thrown out of the evolutionary process and they attack and that’s how you get viruses and effects of the viruses affects you by that you get into trouble of psychosomatic disease. Now the AIDS, I told the Americans long time back that AIDS is going to come but I teel you the Americans are the worst as far as the Spirituality is concerned absolutely because they are so money oriented that they can not understand anybody who is not taking money. When I went to Boston they asked me how many rolls royces you have? I said I have none, I have only one mercedes car that belongs to my Husband. So they were surprised, I have no rolls royce, they said then we are not interested. Everything they want is should be a commercial activity, should be money-oriented and if I do not take money then something wrong with me and something wrong with Sahaja yoga. This is the sign of what, stupidity. If anybody believes that everything should be purchased they are sadly mistaken and this is what has lead Americans into terrible troubles one after another. They have had all kinds of funny, all kinds of funny false gurus also they worship bitches, they worship satan means everything free. Do what you like. This so called freedom has lead them into such problems that they cannot understand reality that you cannot purchase reality. For them its something which is insulting because their ego is so much develops they think if you can not pay for something then it is insulting. If you have such stupid ideas, funny ideas how can you enter into the kingdom of God. you have got your human life without paying anything. What have we paid for these beautiful eyes that we have? They act like a cameras what have we paid? For all that we have achieved through our evolution what have we paid? So first of all one must understand the most important thing is that spirit can not be purchased with material things. Spirit dominates the material things. Now the material things can dominate the spirit. Now as it as I have told you the “Kritayoga” has started and this Paramchaitnya is active, it’s working tremendous and everybody who is here should understand the importance of these and try to get to it and work it out so that you have no problems which are personal may be collective may be problems which are beyond your control. All these can be solved if you become one with the all-pervading power. Now this all-pervading power is the one that is doing all the living work as I told you, is the ocean of knowledge. Once you become one with that that energy starts flowing through you when connection is properly fixed. All the time it is flowing and you don’t feel tired, you don’t feel upset, you become extremely peaceful because spirit is the source of your peace. I have seen people who have been given noble price for peace of course “ “ is a realised soul but rest of them I know all them very well because of my another live that I have they are the people full violence in their hearts and extremely disturbed and upset people. We can by no chance say that they have any peace within their heart but they have got peace foundations all talking this is a peace foundation and they are getting a peace noble price. If you see them they are horribly hot-tempered people and nothing inside because spirit is the source of peace and we become witness. We start seeing the the whole thing as a drama you no more think you just see it as you say “Niranjan” you see it without getting any reaction from anything. You just see it and once you see it you know it and you know it and you can correct it. You don’t get a reaction for everything because this reaction gives you just a thoughts which are empty. So you become thoughtlessly aware when your Kundalini rises above this (Agnya) centre. This is “Nirvichar Samadhi” as described in a hatyoga, that you become thoughtlessly aware. You become thoughtless but you are aware, extremely aware and the thoughts which are bombarding you all the time, thoughts that we spoiling your attention they just quite up because thoughts come from the future and the past, we are dancing on the cums of the thoughts but what happens to you is this that when this Kundalini rises these thoughts become smaller and in between is the present and you remain in the present. When you remain in the present then your attention is absolutely there at peace with everything and you just see things without thinking. This is the first step what we call as “Nirvichar Samadhi” then the second stage starts when you become get through your “Bramharandra”. You have seen that cool breeze starts coming out. At that time also you start doubting. Some people think must be the fan, must be the air conditioner all these doubts come in and then you start growing with it. Then your life becomes like a miracle absolutely miracle. You don’t know how this miracles are working. You find everything tailor made how everything is working out so well. How we meet the people we want to meet ? and how everything works out so well for yourself? and when that happens slowly your state within improves and then you reach a state what we call as “doubtless awareness”. Then you start not receiving but giving then you become a master. Then you start giving realisation to others. Now I cannot go to the villages of India but in every village that we have people they all been enlighten by Sahaja yogis. Even an ordinary bullock cart fellow was talking to me I was surprised. He was talking like a Kabira. I said baba, from where did you get this knowledge? Do you read Kabeer? He said I don’t know Hindi then from where is? It’s all coming from within. All these starts coming from within but your attention becomes so pure. Attention becomes so pure, your eyes becomes so pure that Christ has said, “thou shall not have adulterous eyes” meaning you will be not having lust and greed. Tell me which eyes do not have that? But once get your realisation then your eyes becomes so pure that even a glance of such a personality can do wonders, can change the life of another person. It can change your own atmosphere and atmosphere of another person. Your all are capable of getting it. Its not I am saying some story like see we take a television set in village in remote area in India they have never seen a television and you tell them that this television set give you beautiful pictures from all over the world. They are not going to believe it, they will never believe it but you put to the mains they will know what it is. In the same way whatever glory you are, whatever beauty you are, you can only discover when you are connected to the mains and this has to happen at any cost this has to happen with human beings. It depends upon who has so much wisdom to get to it. So the spirit that resides in the heart has the power not only to enlighten your attention but to act your attention. You put your attention to something and it works. You just put your attention to something and it works. Now you reach at the state where you are in “Samuhik Chetana” means collective consciousness. You can feel the centres that are within yourself because of self-realisation and if you put yourself out by giving yourself what we call it as a “Bandhan” is separating yourself from others your can see the centres of others very clearly but now if you know how to correct this centres thats the only thing you can correct your centres and you can correct centres of others. That’s how it works and this “samuhik Chetana” has described by yu who was a disciple of Freud who resided against the Freud and started a new method of discovering and he is the one has talked, in the future when people will get their realisation they will be in collective consciousness. 

Now then we have apart from this that we know the absolute truth. You make ten children sit down they are realised souls tie up their eyes. Ask a fellow how much, what’s the problem with this fellow, this Sadhaka who is sitting before you. What is these seekers, tell us what’s the problem? they all will raise the same finger. This is the finger (Visshudhi) You ask fellow, have you got any trouble with your throat? Yes, how do you know? This is the finger for throat. All the children will say the same thing because they know the absolute there is no quarrel. How can there be a quarrel? Everybody sees that I am sitting here. Now you are all seeing that with your eyes so how can there be a quarrel that I am sitting here or not? Unless and until you are blind. If you see the same thing, you say the same thing there is no quarrel and its proved to be the same then there is no different ideologies nothing. Actually basically these ideologies are same but they look different outsidely. For example If I have all the powers I am capitalist. I have a capital. I am the capitalist but I can’t live with my capital unless and until I distribute it unless and until I become communist. So I am capitalist as well as communist because I have the real powers that’s why I have to distribute. What’s the use of distributing money? It is useless, it has no power. Like this Australians got their realisation, for them it was not necessary to spend all the money and come to Malaysia and to help you out but they couldn’t help it. They have the powers, why not go to the Malaysia? As I went to Estanbul Asian block, all the people from Europe joined me and also Americans but here they said that Mother you to East Asia we must help you here, we are here. So now they are sending people to Kaula Lumpur then I am going to Bangkok then to the dype then to Hongkong, everywhere they are sending people just to help me out. They are sending their own money to do it, why? What’s the need? They are not taking any money from you. Nothing of the any kind.  What are they going to gain? Nothing but you enjoy it. You enjoy sharing the joy. You cannot enjoy the joy yourself, you want to share it with everybody. You want everybody to have this joy, because the Spirit is the source of the joy. Joy has no duality it doesn’t have happiness or unhappiness. Its just joy. You just start enjoying everything. So far you have not been enjoying anything if you had there would not have any problem. And as you know the economics as it stated that in general no wants are satiable. Today you want a land then you want to have a house then you want to have a car then you want to have an aeroplane. Whatever you have you never enjoy. You start thinking from one to another to another to another because it is not pure desire. The pure desire is only this Kundalini which is sitting there is a triangular bone three and half coils is the pure desire. Whether you know it or not the pure desire within is to become one with this divine power. Unless and until you get this desire fulfilled whatever you may be whatever may you achieve you will never be in joy. You may be happy little bit because your ego is pampered. Now in this thing you have seen this ego is developed on this(left) side and superego means the conditionings are developed on that(right) side but when this (Agnya) centre opens fully, this two are sucked in and the Kundalini comes out and you feel the cool breeze. Shankaracharya has described it as “Salilam Salilam” Cool, cool, cool. All whatever these people have said you will be amazed to say that they have all said the same thing may be the different aspects according to the time as we call it as “ Samayachana” If there was a war, if people were attacking surround rights by that we have to be prepared then at different times different problems. Now today is the problem of Kundalini awakening is giving realisation and that what the work I have to do and I have to prove the existence of the reality not only that of all the saints, of all the incarnations, of all the prophets who came on this Earth and who they were and why they came and why they worked all that has to be proved and you can all prove it in your life time. Of course there is a deeper significance to everything and how that works out and all that. When you come to follow on our program they will all tell you but its important first of all, you must have that much understanding wisdom. Sahaja yoga is not meant for stupid people. Its not meant for the people who are cowards. Its meant for the people who are intelligently right to see the point. Its meant for the people who are brave to face themselves. One should not be afraid. Now as I have said about guru some people get frightened, nothing of these kind. Who are this gurus after all? They are false. falsehood will fall down very soon. First of all they will fight among themselves and not only that they get exposed and get destroyed. So there is nothing to worry, you must have full confidence you must get all of your realisation fully established. Its not that only the awakening and that you are feeling the cool breeze or you are feeling the all pervading power. But the main thing is that you all should become masters of this art. All of you can be and all of you can enjoy yourself because how beautiful you are. So today I am saying I have again told you everything and I must say that yesterday I have answered most of the questions but if you want five minutes you can ask any questions if remaining but not personal questions please. Do not ask personal question I have already told you that if you come to Sahaja yoga all your personal questions will be solved. All your problems will be solved. I promise you that.

Seeker: (Inaudible question)

Shri Mataji: absolutely wrong, absolutely wrong, I am treating them now. They feel vibrations the other way round you will also feel a kind of a short circuting. This is another kind of dangerous thing. Vibrations doesn’t mean that you shake. If You shake before something then there is something wrong with you or with the system. Please understand it doesn’t mean you should shake. You should feel peaceful. You should feel happy fu If you go into some sort of  a funny justification and funny actions then its not a proper. Naturally you have to be dignified, you have to be beautiful. Have you heard of any saint any real person doing all these nonsensical things. So this “” I am already treating them. Its just talk of vibrations but vibrations can be negative as well that many people who are mad or possessed they shake before me or those coming from false gurus shake before me or those have funny ideas of themselves also shake before me and then they settle down. So if you go to any system that shakes you all the time its not vibrations. So all sorts of things you must heard about but do once they say that you will get self-realisation?

Seeker asks about Kaliyiga.

Shri Mataji: Now about Kaliyuga, you should not worry too much. If human beings are alright Kaliyuga is finished. 

Seeker: Inaudible question

Shri Mataji: please be seated, I will tell you.

(Shri Mataji asks Sahajayogi about question)

Alright please be seated, I will tell you.

Kundalini yoga is actually that Kundalini reaches you to the yoga but I know a gentleman who has written a book and he says that you start getting burnings and this. If somebody comes from the village and puts his finger into the plug and says that I am getting burning then we see that what to do and this fellow I know him too because one of his relations is in Sahaja yoga, he leads a very licentious and very bad life. He makes such a lot of money out of the people and to link someone like this irreligious is against God and then I met one gentleman from this Kundalini yoga who came to me and this is not at all the Kundalini yoga nothing of the kind, Kundalini is your mother, why will she burn you? On the contrary they work on the Sympathetic, the deities sitting them in the red one hits them hard. That’s how they get these people. One fellow came had all the blisters around his neck in the Kundalini yoga and he was running here and there like a mad cat. So I said what’s the matter just call him in. He said this is Kundalini yoga I have done and I have got this. Then I made him sit down, I soothed him down and I cured him. Just to make some money, just to leach to people they are doing all these tricks see because there is a market. There are thousand and one people who know there is a market a new category of the people born like you who are seekers of truth. It is said my Willam Blake that the new category of the people whom he called as men of God will be born in those days and they will have the power to make others Godly. He described clearly all these things. You must always see the disciples of Kundalini yoga. Now what they got it. There is a lady who is in America. When I went to America they told me that you must get a copyright. I said of what, of your lectures I said they said because they will use your lectures I said very good and they will raise the Kundalini I said its even better. My job will be bless after all if they can help me its a very good idea but they just took words from all my lectures and she said actress, she is a actress and she also says that I am raising the Kundalini. She has heard everything from me, she talks everything about Chakras and these but doesn’t give realisation to anyone. You can call it anything there is another lady who is talking the other day I read it in the newspaper in Singapore there is an advertisement about Kundalini, all the chakras. I mean its so, I can’t understand it has to be the experience of actualization. It has to actualize. Like the Baptism is also alright doing something put on your head you are baptized, no it has to be the actualization of baptism. Your second birth has to transform you. Like the bird is called “Dwija” means again born because its an egg then it becomes the bird like we are also closed now like this and then we become free. That’s the second birth. It is not just certifying I am twice born, its falsehood. If one wants to live with falsehood you can’t help it you know. For what they are living with the falsehood. What are they going to get? Also you find people selling books. Selling books, this jeo walmikas selling bible, what’s the use of reading bible if you can not get your self realisation? Then you find this Hare Rama Hare Krishna they are selling Geeta, what are they salesman or what? Has Christ asked anyone or Krishna has asked anyone that you go and sell Geeta. This is knowledge, I said what is Knowledge? Just read it.

In Sanskrit called “PadhatMurkha” means the one who reads too much and  gets mad. Kabira has said “Padhi Padhi Pandit Murakh Bhaye” By reading too much even the educated have become stupid. I never understood this when I was the child. I said How can that be? But now I know what it is? They talk, somebody talks on Geeta as if he is Vyasa. He talks so stupidly I have heard him talking about Geeta. He said that Bramhins are born as Bramhins. It cannot be in Geeta. I challenged him how do you say? I said because who was the one who wrote Geeta was he a Bramhin? He was a illegitimate child of a fisher woman. How can he write that you are born as a Bramhin. Who wrote Ramayana? Valmiki, who was he? He was a dacoit and he was a another Fisherman who was a dacoit who wrote Valmiki how can he be? how can he say like that? So everybody thinks I am the highest. Christians says they are best they are chosen ones Hindus say they are the chosen ones. Sikh says theta are the chosen ones. Jews says they are the best. Nothing of the kind. Jew also is the one who knows. Sikh also means who knows. Christians also means who knows and Islam also means who knows. Nobody Knows in ignorance you may certify yourself anything but it is, it is for no use. It is detrimental to your growth, not only that but it is how dangerous it is to be carried away into this type of things. Then todays main problem is fundamentalism and it comes from where? It comes from ignorance. They will all go to hell straight forward march I tell you. How can they achieve anything when they do not know anything whatever is said. Mohammad sahab said that at the time of Qayamah your hands will speak but where are the Muslims? And where are the Hindus? Where it is said you have to know your spirit. And where are the sikhs, what Naank sahab has said it I mean he is the greatest man who has talked about it so much work he has done but what have they done? Where are Christians stupid people? All of them are seem to be funny like in England the only religion is church finger. And how Christianity have spoilt you can see very clearly. Where people walk with pistol in their hands and consider bible in the other hand. They kill so many poeple. Thank God Colombus lost his way and went to America otherwise I would not have been here. They would have killed all the Indians by Spanish in the name of God. how can you kill Human beings in the name of God? So you must have your wisdom now to understand that these all these great prophets, all this great incarnations, all these prophets and saints and all divine people were born on the same tree of life. All these flowers were plucked by people saying this is mine this is mine. They plucked the flowers saying this is mine, this is mine, this are dead flowers. Don’t ruin yourself and ruin your children, ruin whole community and as it is the whole world. Today the problem is fundamentalism with human beings which is madness. It’s not only Islamic, Christians are greatest fundamentalist. Hindus are another fundamentalist. Fundamentalism is not going to help you. What is going to help you is knowledge, is truth the light and in addition to all this nonsense we have false gurus like Kundalini Yoga, Tantrayoga this yoga that so many of them. All of them are going into commercial activities.