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Bangkok (Thailand)

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1990-1105. Informal Talk Bangkok   Thailand

Shri Mataji: Hello, sorry but you see, it was impossible, the roads were all closed with such traffic. May God bless you. That is how they give the garland here? Beautiful. Namaste, Namaste,(in Hindi)So tell me, you all have come?

 Sahaja yogi: With your grace.

 Shri Mataji: He told me that you know a lot of people here, so  I told them, send him here since  I am also going there now. This is all Sahaj convenience, people have come from so many places.

 (People welcoming Mother with arati and Mother talking in Marathi).

How do you like your sister in law? She is alright? I am already there.

(In Hindi)You are amazing Sardaji, you have come. I told them if he can come it will be good. There are lots of Sikhs here. Are there Namdhari people here?

 Sahaja yogi: Yes there are lots of people here.Lots of them.

 Shri Mataji: Really.?Many? You have to explain to us what is Namdhari because many people, don’t know much about it.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, this is my son-in-law and my daughter.

 Shri Mataji: Good, good.

 Sahaja yogi: Another daughter who is there is already a Sahaja yogi. This is the third daughter. The mother in law doesn’t allow her to stay there, and someone murdered my brother so I had to go there.

 Shri Mataji: He was murdered?

 Sahaja yogi: Yes.On Wednesday morning. He went on Tuesday night and then he did not come back. His companion took him and he was shot.

Shri Mataji: His companion?

Sahaja yogi: Don’t know. His younger brother.

 Shri Mataji: But why will they murder?

 Sahaja yogi: There have been fights between the brothers.

 Shri Mataji: Your brothers?Real brothers?

 Sahaja yogi: It was told that someone from outside murdered him or got him murdered. What is the truth, we don’t know.

 Shri Mataji: When was this?

 Sahaja yogi: This Tuesday. He left the house on Tuesday night, and I came to know on Thursday, the 1st. Your program was arranged so we thought of meeting you.

 Shri Mataji: Everything will work. How old was the…?

 Sahajayogi:32 years.

 Shri Mataji:32 years, Arre Ram. He was a young boy. You have understood? Her brother was killed by someone here. He was 32 years of age only. They are you see great Sahajayogies. Somebody told me that there are lots of Nagdharies. There are different types of Sikhs. They wear white and they believe in so many things so I said ask him to go down because if they are Namdhari we can get them to Sahajayog. This is too bad that has happened.

 Sahaja yogi: This is the son-in-law. They removed him, told to go out of the house and left the house because of the mother’s instructions.

 Shri Mataji:(looking at the daughter’s photo) Your daughter is very nice.

 Sahajayogi:She is a Sahajayogini.

 Shri Mataji: What happened to, her vibrations.. 

 Sahaja yogi: She only told that Shri Mataji has the program. The daughter told that Mataji is coming.

 Shri Mataji: No one else informed you?

 Sahaja yogi: No. We were told you are going to Delhi from Goa. So we came we thought will take the photos with us and show you.

 Shri Mataji: Everything will work out. There is a little..

 Sahaja yogi: His mother says there are two marriages.

 Shri Mataji: Whose?The girls?

 Sahaja yogi: The boy’s mother. I am the girl’s mother. She troubles them a lot.

 Shri Mataji: Whose two marriages?

Sahaja yogi: The boys.

 Shri Mataji: Does it happen like that here? She is such a sweet girl, where will they get a girl like this? What does the boy do?

Sahaja yogi: He is doing C.A.

 Shri Mataji: I have ..has he passed?

Sahaja yogi: No he is doing it, yes he has passed, no.

 Shri Mataji: What is the girl doing?

 Sahaja yogi: She was in the first year and then she was doing her second year B.A., we got her married,8th of April. We also saw your program in March. We did not go near but watched from a distance. We thought Mataji goes there and but we did not gather the courage to tell you.

 Shri Mataji: He had come. Now I am here.

 Sahaja yogi: There was too much of rush.

 Shri Mataji: Too much. In Pritam Pura, there is too much of rush.

 Sahaja yogi: No, we are in Patel Nagar.

 Shri Mataji: You met me in Ram Leela ground.

 Sahaja yogi: We went there.

 Shri Mataji: The boy will get alright.

 Sahaja yogi: We wanted to tell you that at 68, I was sleeping and I saw Shri Sadguru in full white and told him I am reading Namaz and it doesn’t look good because we are Namdhari and reading Muslim text. This happened in December 1968. He stood up and said you are the granddaughter of so and so and you tell me like this. Then by the grace of Sadguruji, YOU called us and all of us came, Sikh, and all religions have come here. All the ‘dharmas’.

 Shri Mataji: All the Dharmas. Sadguruji, must be believing that all the religions should come. Nanakji also said the same thing. Where is your Sadguruji?

 Sahaja yogi: He has some heart problems.

 Shri Mataji; Bring him and I will cure him.

 Sahaja yogi: No, UNCLEAR.. when all the dharm are the same…

 Shri Mataji: Take him there and he will be alright, health also and the other people can also come. This is being followed for such a long time and what was achieved? The name of Nanak Sahib is being spoilt.

 Sahaja yogi: No, they cure other people also.

 Shri Mataji: Everything is alright, He was a realized soul, even I know that at that time. He was a Shradavan person, but everything does not happen according to his wish. What are we doing? We have to achieve it.

 Sahaja yogi: Even when I had a fall and fractured my leg, I saw that some evil power and after three days my leg broke.  With your grace, I come to know everything.

 Shri Mataji: I will remove everything.

 Sahaja yogi: How was the program in Singapore?

 Shri Mataji:(In Marathi)Can I have water.? (In Hindi)Amazing. In Singapore, there are lots of South Indians. There are Sikhs also. Ten or fifteen of them had also come. First time when I went, six years back, nothing was established. Then went again. Let’s see in Bangkok, what happens. I had come previously while in transit and the vibrations were not good then. Now don’t know. What is your say, Prakash?

 Sahaja yogi: UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji:(laughing)It is only your love that has brought me here. Both of you.Yes.That has brought me here. Really I tell you. Everybody asked me how many you have in Bangkok? You have many or not? Even George was asking so I told them about you two. You are the real children of this country because you are the one who has brought Sahajayogi here. I never felt like coming before. Still, I came to know that you are both from this country. I never felt because last time I came the vibration was very bad. The Mooladhara was very bad here so I was thinking about what is going to happen?. This country is, you see Rama came and ruled here for many years. Before he went to find Sitaji he was here and he is ‘Maryada Purushottam’ he is, and what I heard about Bangkok was very sad that people are losing their value system, their ‘Maryadas’ and all that. At least you are there so I have come now. I am sure it will work it out. It will, it will definitely.

Sahajayogi: Would you like to have something?

Shri Mataji:I will have some water that’s all. Sorry, there was such a jam but I said a lot of vibrations are needed in this place so I was quietly enjoying it. So when did you come, Martin?

 Sahaja yogi: UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji: Did some postering? (Laughing)

 Sahaja yogi: Yes, UNCLEAR, doing things, organising… wonderful job UNCLEAR.

 Shri Mataji: I will talk of Buddhism. We are the greatest buddist because I have created so many Buddhas,( laughing) but they have lost so many things. Kuala Lumpur also, of course, I mean it was because I was there six years before I said better try. It was wonderful this time. But also we had thought of going to Singapore to buy things for you people. Just image, you know they told me, Mother, Kuala Lumpur is much cheaper, if you want to buy for Australia and better go and we bought the whole of the market, I tell you. So cheap it was, so cheap, I mean these people are not going to be garlanded UNCLEAR. They have the best things.

 Sahaja yogi: Cheaper than India?

 Shri Mataji: Oh, much cheaper. Even Indian things were cheaper. In India they give a promotion, they say 50 per cent less, all kinds of things. Her father met me. He told me that she is going to France, she has gone. She came here, not to France?.

 Sahaja yogi: directly to France UNCLEAR

 (Mataji talks in Marathi)

Sahaja yogi: After eating he has breathing problems (in Hindi)

 Shri Mataji: Who has?Him?After eating what happens?

 Sahaja yogi: He feels suffocating.

 Shri Mataji: Will remove it now that we are here.UNCLEAR went to the shop to see, then they said that first give us the blessings, then one after another one after another, laughing so many people came and they all started working on them and then came a German boy. I don’t know how he appeared there. He has been a seeker, he has been to some Hathi yoga thing. Poor fellow, he was crying, the body was shaking and he was doing all kinds of funny things but then he got alright and he was smiling and laughing and we worked on him for 50 min. In a shop, can you imagine? There was shopping and there was realisation.

 Sahaja yogi: Everyone got realisation?

 Shri Mataji: Everyone. And then I stayed on and I said I will meet all of you one by one so we called them and asked them, whom do you worship? Some said, Guru Nanak Dev. I said alright ask them to ask Shiva, Ganesh, they all got it. What’s your name?

 Sahaja yogi: Vilas ..( talking in Marathi)

 Shri Mataji:(in Hindi).Ok Sardarji, how much do you enjoy in Sahajayog?

 Sahaja yogi: UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji:(Quotation in Hindi about Kabir)

Sahaja yogi: UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji: We are in joy and happiness, delighted. When I see the Sahajayogies, who had all come there, I felt so good.

 Sahaja yogi: Now it’s like one satguru and one YOU, Mataji. We cannot separate. One is Mother and the other Father.

 Shri Mataji: One gets connected with wherever is one’s destiny.

 (In Marathi18. to 19.30)

Shri Mataji: There is a lot of vibrations in that photo.This photo.

 Sahaja yogi: I have experienced that everything works out when we close our eyes in front of YOUR photo.

 Shri Mataji:( laughing)It is spread all around. (Talks in Marathi).

See these Indians have bad habits of taking early in the morning baths and going out, so you be careful with them when you go out in France. This happened, with UNCLEAR who started taking his bath as usual and going to work you see. Taking bath, just going to work, when he got this tuberculosis. There is another girl who got tuberculosis also in Milano. In Milano also,is another cold place, she would just take her bath and walk out and she got tuberculosis. You have to be careful there. Let her take bath night before sleeping. That’s much better, to begin with.

( Talks In Marathi )

 Shri Mataji: (In Hindi). Who are you? You from Australia? Is it? You look such an  Indian. (everybody laughing). Really? You are from where?

 Sahaja yogi: UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji: Really?

 Sahaja yogi: We are from the Rain forest in the Hills, Shri Mataji..

 Shri Mataji: That is because of the equatorial climate. I thought him to be, I mean he is brownish in colour. You don’t have to do sunbathing. (laughing)

Sahaja yogi; UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji: That’s right. There is no need. We have to accept whatever we are. You should not go too much against the nature. That causes problems. This competition must go away. Here they are racist and they want to make a planned racist. What is the need? Why be a racist first of all? They believe in the white skin and they want to make their white skin into dark. It’s so absurd, isn’t it? You should not fight nature too much. It’s alright after all.This ideas are entrepreneurs you see. Befooling that you must have brown skin because then they can have their health resorts or some things and you will go to the seashore and you spend a lot of money in holidaying and buying their stuff to make your self brown for you on the seashores. That is the reason. It’s all beautifying things, that’s all. I mean I would tell you 25 years back nobody used to do that. It is a new idea that has started and now looks at all the seashores are spoilt because what is done is wrong.

 Sahaja yogi; We have the stinging jellyfish in the summer which stings every. ( laughing)

 Shri Mataji: What happened to your ‘miracle’ that we created there. Going on?

 Sahaja yogi: UNCLEAR Going on and the Marine Biologists UNCLEAR. The Adishakti has come.

 Shri Mataji: I was asking you where are those jellyfishes, what you said those..starfish. Where are they? Not one we saw. We went round and round and round. Not one we saw. Have they disappeared with vibration? God knows where they have disappeared.

 Sahaja yogi: Never know.

 Shri Mataji: So now it is prospering the whole thing? It is coming up. Good.

 Sahaja yogi: Takes a long time for the barrier reef to grow. So now we grow.

 Shri Mataji: Because when I was going, I saw them you see, suddenly awakening, they were moving, there was a kind of a movement. I saw so many of them. I don’t know if you noticed it or not, a bunch of them suddenly started shaking like that, I saw with my own eyes. So I could see the life is coming into them because they were static, but everything was shivering like, I saw it happening.

 Sahaja yogi: So the tourist industry should be very indebted to you Shri Mataji.

We must take note. (Laughing)

 Shri Mataji: Nothing so great. Actually, I am indebted to you people. For one reason. “‘Whatever I Am, I Am’.I haven’t done anything special. I have been like this and I’ll be like this”. But you are the people I have to thank. That you have changed your self. You have accepted Sahaja yoga. You have come to Sahaja yoga. You are enjoying Sahaja yoga. For a Mother, this is the greatest thing you see. As she has done the cooking it is alright, but when you eat and enjoy that is a real joy.

Sahaja yogi: UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji: I will go there and have. I am happy you all are here. I do not feel I am in a foreign country at all. (Laughing) (In Hindi). Seeing you all it feels like I am at home.

 Sahaja yogi: UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji: Very nice, UNCLEAR. You have gems all over. Its only Sahajayogies can appreciate Sahajayogies. Only human beings who can appreciate other humans beings are Sahajayogies.Nobody else. You see there are jealousy and other things but only after ‘Realisation’ we start learning this, as I have told you that Namdeva who has written poems in the UNCLEAR. He went to see a person called Gora Kumar. He was from the Kumar, means, the potter and his potter was there and he was just trying to knead the clay with his feet, he was working it out and Namdeva went and saw him there and what he says,I mean only a yogi can say to another yogi. He said (in Marathi quote) ‘I came to see ‘Nirakara’, formless but here is the form standing before me.’ What an appreciation of one person to another.No question of jealousies, competition, nothing, just a complete understanding, this is his famous couplets. (quote in Hindi). So this love and this understanding is tremendous. When I see among Sahajayogies you were there also, Martin was there and how everything was so beautiful. Engie was another sweety pie, wasn’t he? Such a sweetie pie he was. (Laughing)He was saying, ‘Mother, after coming to Sahaja yoga even, how could he do that? After coming to Sahaja yoga’?Yes after coming to Sahaja yoga. How could he do after coming to Sahaja Yoga, he couldn’t understand. You see now you have become a bird, how could you get back to the egg stage. He could’ not understand. After coming to Sahaja yoga. Such a sweet fellow Engie, such a sweet fellow I tell you. Shyam Gupta is bent upon getting him married this time. (Laughing)Shyam Gupta another gem, I tell you. He went and shouted, what do you mean by coming to the house like this, entering into his kitchen, what is this?

Sahaja yogi: So they have a strong collective in relation.

Shri Mataji: You see I was surprised last time when I came, these Chinese came to see Me in Singapore. I was on my way to Australia I was so surprised, about 30 of them. I said, how are you here? They said we came by plane and so we are inside the airport. And I said so many Sahajayogies? There was only one (UNCLEAR).

 I have never eaten Thai food. I don’t know what sort it is. I have eaten Chinese. Is it something like Chinese? It is not hot?

 Sahaja yogi: It is hot.

Shri Mataji: I don’t eat hot.Very little hot. That way I am not Indian. Don’t know what has happened to my tongue. I have become.. cannot eat too much hot. As it is from the very beginning.Anything sour or hot, anything extreme I do not take.

 Sahaja yogi: You like sweets? I hope you will appreciate.

 Shri Mataji: Sweets also I do not eat much, you know that.

 Sahaja yogi: Oh, yes.

 Shri Mataji: In the puja you see, they have so many sweets that I don’t know what to do. (Laughing.)

 Sahajayogi:Here is one fruit Shri Mataji.Durian.

 Shri Mataji: Korean?

 Sahaja yogi: Durian. (Hindi)If you permit me I will get it tomorrow. It is very famous here. It is like a jackfruit. (In Hindi) creamy, creamy.Very nice.

 Shri Mataji: Okay will eat. Have not eaten. Is it sour?

 Sahaja yogi: (in Hindi).No, no. There is a rice dish called UNCLEAR.

 Shri Mataji: Get a little. You know that I eat very little.

 Sahaja yogi: These are good items. There is another very famous vegetable item but it will be hot.

Shri Mataji: I cannot eat hot and spicy things. Little hot is ok but just now they gave so-called Indian curry as South Indian the whole mouth was burning. Does Thai food have chillies?

 Sahaja yogi: Yes.UNCLEAR.If you want we can get Indian food cooked for you and bring it.

 Shri Mataji: No, no. Don’t get anything. Don’t take pains. I am tasteless. I am not for food and taste, it should be simple and light, with not too much of chillies. I can eat spices but not chillies. Bring little food. They want to bring food.

 Sahaja yogi: Should I make food?

 Shri Mataji: Tomorrow you can make little food here.

 Shri Mataji; What is the program now?

 Sahaja yogi: UNCLEAR.sing bhajans but we do not have any instruments.

 Another Sahaja yogi: We have UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji What do you have?

(In Marathi) Do you have harmonium? They have something to play. So when do you want to sing? Today? Tonight. Alright, then what is tomorrow?

 Sahaja yogi: Tomorrow program in the evening Shri Mataji.

 Shri MatajiWhat time?

 Sahajayogi:7.30, in a  hotel somewhere outside Bangkok.

 Shri Mataji: What time is it?

Sahajayogi:.7.30 in the evening.

Shri Mataji: Oh, I see. Then day after tomorrow?

 Sahaja yogi: Day after is another program in the same place on Tuesday in the evening.

 Shri Mataji: When am I going? I have no idea.

 Sahaja yogi: On a Wednesday, that is 7th, Wednesday,7.30.

 Shri Mataji: What is the date today?

 Sahaja yogi: The fourth.

 Shri Mataji: What time am I going?

 Sahaja yogi: Monday program, Tuesday program, so you are going on Wednesday, so that is 7th.

 Shri Mataji: What time?On Wednesday?

 Sahajayogi:9.15 in the morning.

 Shri Mataji: In the morning?Alright. Taipei people have been informed, have they?

 Sahaja yogi: We tried UNCLEAR  normally there should have been some kind of article in the newspapers.UNCLEAR We have generally informed all the newspapers that there will be a  conference. Some  people called to say at home to say that they are free, that they wanted some confirmations so we think that it   was okay in the newspapers but we could  have advertised as much as we could have.

 Shri Mataji: But you have put Websters alright?

 Sahaja yogi: We have put UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji: That is more than sufficient. You see because  at the airport they said, we are expecting this lady and all that. How will they say that unless they know? Now for Taipei, they have given me a visa which was in my UNCLEAR but they haven’t yet  sent it here so somebody has to contact.

 Sahaja yogi: Yes. Some gentleman rang from India and he gave me the consignment note and it is coming in Federal Express and will arrive here on Tuesday and we can confirm like…UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji: But Taipei whom are you going to contact?

 Sahaja yogi: There is one UNCLEAR personal here and he wanted to know when you are going to come.

 Shri Mataji: Is it Paolo who telephoned? The number he gave.

 Sahaja yogi: No. I don’t remember. No, he said he will call back.

 Shri Mataji: Alright, it is Pablo who has come from New York, all the way. Tremendous person Pablo, I mean he went to Canada and what is that place near Canada, nearby, very near Washington, what is that place, where the seashore is very famous, they always have some Conferences and all that.

Sahaja yogi: Above New York?.

 Shri Mataji: No, no. Not New York.The other side.No, no, not this side, the other side.Near Washington.

 Shri Mataji: He will organise.Doesn’t matter. He is very, very clever. That place is very famous place. I told him he has to go there and he got a job next year. (Laughing )I went there and now we are getting a Residency in Italy and I said I would like to stay in Como and Robert was sitting there and I asked, ‘will you come to Como?’ He said, ‘yes Mother, why not’, and next day four of them got jobs in Como.Next day. How things are working out I tell you. And I missed my plane. I must tell you. This story is the best. I missed my plane in Rome because they said it’s cancelled so I said, alright tomorrow I will go back on the same plane. They said there is a plane in the morning and I said, no I will go by the evening plane and the day I had arrived in Milano there was some house for sale, they had advertised in Rome and UNCLEAR..had brought that, it must be six, seven days difference. I said why not telephone to her.  We would like to go and see the house. Went there and two nice big, big houses in 12 acres of land and for a song. I said immediately buy and finish it. In that one day, I bought it and then I caught the plane. So UNCLEAR said there is the name of the Mother, ‘Begavathi’, the one who has speed. A beautiful Ashram, you will enjoy it there. Very old Ashram style, not lavish style, Ashram style, beautiful. It is just meant for an Ashram.

 Sahaja yogi: Mother would you like to do some shopping tomorrow in Bangkok?

 Shri Mataji: I would like to see, they say it is a nice shopping place and you get Rolex here for six pounds. ( Laughing.)

 Sahaja yogi: And when you are done, quite an interesting place maybe to see, we have got a river just near the house and we can arrange for a boat and we can go together with along the river.

 Shri Mataji: I would like to see some Historical places. There are some nice temples they say. I would like to see that.

 Sahaja yogi: There is Ayodhaya which is not very, I think it is 260 kilometres from Bangkok. Around 85 kilometres it is all city Mother, so they named it as Ayodhya.

 Shri Mataji: They call it Ayodhaya because he stayed here, Rama stayed here. They talk about Bhairav Nath, they talk of Bhirav and all that.

 Sahaja yogi: We can go there by boat, Mother.

 Shri Mataji: Alright. But early in the morning, the plane is. If you can make it in the evening it would be better. Then I can see all these places because I have never been to Bangkok before. Because Taipei program is not, on Wednesday, it is on Thursday.

 Sahaja yogi: So on Wednesday..

 Shri Mataji: Yeah, I think, let us do one thing, he will telephone to me tomorrow and I will know exactly. Taipei we have got four days or five days there. I would like to go and see this Rama’s place, Ayodhaya, I have heard such a lot about it.

 Sahaja yogi: There is also a temple. They call it the Buddha Emeralds temple in Bangkok which is very famous for Thai people this Buddha. They found it it’s …, say like Jade and every year the king himself comes and do the puja Buddha, he changes the clothes of the Buddha, everything and so they worship very much.UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji: They believe in the Future Buddha at least. They are the ones who believe in Maitreya.

 Sahaja yogi: UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji: Yes, they do believe in Future Buddha. Alright, we will have some dinner. Bangkok is a very cold country now so I gave up all my cotton series and brought the silks.(.Laughing)That’s alright, will manage.

 Sahaja yogi: UNCLEAR

 Shri Mataji: Upstairs will be better. After 6 O’clock, I don’t take tea. As far as these things are concerned I don’t….