Blind faith doesn’t lead you to enlightenment

Chientan Youth Activity Center, Taipei (Taiwan)

1990-11-10 Blind faith doesn’t lead you to enlightenment, Taipei, Taiwan, 109' Chapters: Arrival, Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Workshop
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1990-1110 Public Program in Taipei

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At a very outset, I have to say that truth is what it is. We cannot organize it ,and we cannot conceptualize it with our human awareness. Now whatever they have told you, whatever I’m going to tell you, you have to listen to it with an open mind of a scientist, you should not believe me blindly. Blind faith doesn’t lead you to enlightenment, but you please keep your mind open and treat whatever I’m saying or they’re saying as hypothesis, and then if it is proved, then as honest people, you have to accept it.

The truth is very simple. The first thing is the fundamental that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this intellect or this conditioning or ego, but you are pure spirit. And the second truth is that there is an all pervading power of God’s love which does all living work. For example, these flowers so beautiful here have come out of one little seed. We do not even think how it has happened. All these living work is done by this all pervading subtle power. So when you become the spirit, you can feel this all pervading power as cool breeze on your fingertips. Whatever you may believe, whatever you may think, a time will come when you will feel the emptiness within yourself. Because in the evolutional process, now you have become a human being, but you have to become the spirit as the last breakthrough. It is a living process. For example, this Mother produces all beautiful things for us, we do not pay her anything. Spontaneously all it happens because she has the power. So you cannot pay for your evolution, and it is a spontaneous happening.

Sahaja means, “Saha” means “with”, ”ja” means ” born”. Born with you is your right to be in yoga, meaning the union with this Divine power. As human beings, you have a right to be united with that Divine power of love. You have already been told about the subtle system that is, which is within us, which works out your evolution. Kundalini is the power settled in your triangular bone which is in three and a half coil, and this bone is called as sacrum in the medical terminology, that means the Greeks knew that it’s a sacrum bone. This kundalini is the power within us which is of pure desire.

We know that {Econamical }said that in general one’s are not satiable, are not satisfied. Is not satiable, is not satisfied. Today you want to have a house, tomorrow you want to have a car, then you want to have a helicopter. First you want to have a house, and when you get the house, you don’t feel satisfied about it. But this power within us is of pure desire, whether you are aware or not, this power resides within us, and the desire, the pure desire is to be one with this all pervading power.

Like this instrument here. If it is not connected to the mains, it has no meaning. In the same way if we are not connected to the mains, we have no meaning. But as a result of becoming the spirit, you jump into the ocean of truth, into absolute truth. All the realized souls, all the enlightened souls say the same thing, so you know the absolute truth, there are no different ideologies. Because it is not only mental conception, but it is reality. But this experience has to be actualized.

People have been talking about it, so many people say that we are born again. But it’s not some sort of a certificate, it is a state of your being where you can feel this all pervading power, and you can use it, you become a righteous person automatically. Because in the light, you see everything. For example, I’m holding ..supposing you’re holding onto a snake, a snake,and you are sitting in darkness, and somebody tells you that you are holding onto a snake, you may not believe, you may say it’s a rope, you may not throw it away till it bites you. But if there’s light, even little light, you will leave it throw it away.

In the same way, when you find the light of your spirit, immediately, you throw away whichever is bad for you, and you have power to do that. We have seen people giving up drugs overnight. And so many things have happened to people that they got their transformation and they can’t understand how they suddenly changed. They have become extremely dynamic, at the same time, extremely compassionate. There cannot be pretention about truth, it’s reality. So reality has to be faced as it is. And then you discover in reality that you are a beautiful person that you are extremely dynamic, and that you are so very compassionate. Ultimately you become one with truth, and you know the truth. The whole world you look at it like a witness and enjoy the play. There is no question of any quarrelling or fighting, but just the enjoyment of love and blessings, so you jump into the ocean of joy, and joy doesn’t have duality, it is not happiness and unhappiness. It’s just joy.

I’m sorry I came to this country very late. I’ve been doing this work for the last 20 years in various countries. And in 56 countries now Sahaja Yoga is working out.
Apart from this, many incurable diseases have been cured by the raising of kundalini. Very serious diseases have been cured, and there are three doctors in India who have got their M.D. in Sahaja Yoga in curing incurable diseases like Epilepsy and blood cancer. There are 7 doctors in London who are doing research on Sahaja Yoga. So that’s just the by products of the kundalini awaking, that’s not the main thing. You yourself get the power to give realization to others. And you know everything about your inner being, and because you become, again, I say you become collectively consciousness, you can feel the centers of another person also. That means that you can feel on your fingertips the centers of another person.

So, is a new world, a new age which has started now. I’m sorry that today we don’t have so much time, the first time I’m here, I would like you to ask me some questions, and then we can have the session of our realization that will take at least 10 minutes.

Yogi: The question is, half years ago she has an accident if she sat too long, she felt sore, is there any way?

Shri Mataji: I’ll teach her after the program.

Yogi : He asked we mentioned the God create this world. Is this God special one or any other God?

Shri Mataji: Any other God?

Yogi : Only one god you mention or any other God?

Shri Mataji: I think first one must get realization. That’s much better because God is not a concept is a fact, but it has many aspects. It has many aspects. For example, a person could be a father, could be an uncle, could be a son. He has many aspects. But after realization, you will know all about it, and you will know that it’s the truth because it’s easier to find out the truth after realization. Now for example, Christ said he was the son of God, but many people didn’t it. But after realization, you can ask a question that “Was Christ the son of God?” and immediately you start getting vibrations on your hands cool vibrations. So that proved that Christ was the son of God. Now there are many Jews they are Sahaja Yogis who worship Christ.

The blindness has come to us through the conditioning of religions also. But first we must find out the reality. Because they are all incarnations of the Divine force, all the prophets are also the Divine force. They were born on the tree of spirituality at different times like flowers, and they were living flowers,, they were living flowers. And we pluck the flowers and we started to say “this is mine.” “This is mine.” We’re fighting, then we were born in one religion, we believe this is the best religion, and all the rest are bad. Everyone thinks like that, but whether you are Christian, Hinduism, Muslim anything, Buddhist, everybody is capable of commiting anything. So there is unnecessarily we are fighting because we are fundamentally in a way, and blind, we are blind. We don’t want to open our eyes to see. You must use your intelligence. All these people have said that “ Seek your Self.” All the religions have said “Seek the Eternal.” But we are not doing that.

These are all money-oriented or power-oriented. These are all religions are man-made. They are money-oriented or power-oriented. None of them are spirit-oriented, which is the universal being within us, that is why we are separated from each other. Imagine in the name of God, what a sad thing. So whatever I tell you also, you may not believe, when you have your enlightenment, then you can see for yourself. Is there any other questions?

Yogi : How is Sahaja Yoga different from the Bible?

Shri Mataji: Oh! Very much. In the Bible, Christ has said,” You have to be born again.” And he has said,” I have sent you the holy ghost who will consult you, who will comfort you, will relieve you, relieve, comfort , and who will redeem you, means raise you to a higher state, raise you to a higher state of spirit. But they are not looking out for holy ghost, holy ghost is for them is a mystery. It’s not a mystery, after Sahaja Yoga, you will know that.

I was myself born in a Christian family myself and I was amazed the way people went down killing to convert people. And thank God, Columbus did not come to India and went to America, otherwise, I will not have been here. All the people in America you see don’t find a single aboriginal there, not one single. United States. And also in Chili and Argentina. I wanted to see somebody, they show me in a museum. Some of them run up to Colombia and above that Bolivia, they are now in Bolivia hiding. This is Christianity. Is it what Christ wants us to do? Firstly, Christ doesn’t want us to feel guilty. He died for us for our sins, and actually he’s placed on this Agnya Chakra where both the optic thalamus crossed each other, and it controls the pineal and pituitary glands within us.

Pineal and pituitary glands are medical terms. So when the kundalini passes through the chakra, it awakes Christ awakens him there, and he sucks in our ego and superego which is our conditions, and opens out this point. That is what he is that he died for our sins. Why should we suffer? He has already suffered for us. God does not want you to suffer. It is all a myth that you should suffer and give money to these people.
God Almighty is our father. He is the loving father. He is the father of all the fathers. Why will he want you to suffer? So these are all mythical things they are preaching whether it Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Muslim everyone. There is no need to suffer at all.

Shri Mataji: You see with this body only you can give realization to others. Only this body you can give realization to others. Then you don’t want to escape, but you want to give to others what you have got.

Yogi: He said we are going to die anyway.

Shri Mataji: That’s all right. That’s future. But before that we can do good work. And after realization, your life expands quite big, and you become over energetic, you become over energetic. Now I’m going to be 68 years of age, I’m travelling every third day, so, nothing happens to me. Become over energetic.

Yogi: Why do we have to have the candle?

Shri Mataji: You see, the candle is used for a particular type of people. You see there’re two types of meditations we have. One for the left-side, one for the right-side. Now the left-sided are the people who live in the past, very unhappy, depressed. And the right-sided are the ones who live in the future and very aggressive. So we have to use the light for the left-sided people, and for the right-sided people, we have to use the water. Because the left-sided people have less light in them, you will know gradually everything.

Yogi: She’s asking can we teach her how to meditate?

Shri Mataji: Yes. First I will give you realization and then you have to about mantra, so you have to establish yourself well . Your connections are to be established and then you can do it.

Yogi: She asked how do we become part and parcel of the whole?

Shri Mataji: That’s what we are going to do now. Very good question.

Yogi: He asked is self-realization the same as Bible , the reborn?

Shri Mataji: Yes, of course. Yes, of course. You see like in Sanskrit language. An enlightened soul is called a Vijaha, and a bird is also called as a vija. Means a bird is first an egg, and then it becomes transform into a bird, you see. So in the same way, a human-being is closed now as you see there, they’re closed, and then when you’re realized, you’ll open out.
Shri Mataji: What does she say?
Yogi: She said why can’t we leave the body and again return come back to the body ……
Shri Mataji: It doesn’t happen that way. The way it happens is that you get your self realization as Buddha got it, and then you start giving to others as simple as that. Buddha did not leave his body. Mahavira did not leave his body. You want to give it to others. Just now you are asking then you came on the stage and you want to leave. And people who want to leave their body because they have not known the truth, they felt the emptiness. That’s why they want to leave their body. But once they know the use of their body, they want to use it.

You see this leaving your body I tell you clearly and honestly is done by spirit. They take you out your body and sometimes, they did not even return. That’s why so many children are dying now in Swaziland, their spirit is taken away and they never return back, is all nonsense, because you don’t know anything about it.

Moreover, you see, we must understand one thing very clearly that everything should be knowledgeable. We should know everything, what we are doing, it should not be some half-baked trick. It is knowledge, knowledge not only of your mental capacity, but also on your fingertips you know. Means on your central nervous system you know, on your central nervous system you know, like a dog cannot feel the dirt but human beings can feel. That is what is called as “ “ from Buddha word, means you should know on your central nervous system.

Also in the Christian religion in the beginning, they called it “gnostic”. Is the same so we have to know, for example, they know everything, they’re not just my disciples such of a thing they know. Why should we be blind about this knowledge? Everything should be known to you, and you should become your own masters, you don’t need any master. You see, you have the light, and you become your own masters. And in that light, you will understand what these great masters were, what these great incarnations were, what God is, in that light.

So, you must ask for real knowledge, not some sort of a mesmerism. Because it is for your benevolence, of the benevolence of the whole world. All right, now let us have our realization now.

Now, at the very outset, there are three conditions I must tell you. At the very outset, there are three conditions I have to tell you. The first one is that you have to forget the past, and you are not to feel guilty. I verily tell you you are not sinners, I verily tell you you are not sinners at all. But those who tell you must be something wrong with them. After all, you are human beings and only human beings can make mistakes

God, you are not Gods. So, first of all, forgive yourself, and don’t feel guilty at all. Now I tell you physically what happens if you feel guilty. This center on the left catches very badly, and you get diseases like angina, also diseases from lethargy organs, diseases of the lethargy organs, and also spondylitis. So now, please don’t feel guilty.

Secondly, second condition is that you have to forgive, forgive everyone without thinking whom you are to forgive in general. Because whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. So it is important that we should not play with myth. So forgive everyone in general, you feel much lighter just now.

Now, third condition is that you have to be confident, must have self-confidence that you all can get your realization. These are the only three conditions. It will
take hardly 10 minutes for you to do this journey, and the most fulfill three and a half to fulfill. All right, please take out your shoes if possible it’s good to touch the mother earth.

Yogi: He has a question. He has a question. He wants to ask a question.

Shri Mataji: Not now, you can ask me later, all right? Now, just now, we are doing different. We’ll do it later. It’s all right. You see, one thing I must tell you, I must tell you one thing, I’m very good at answering and I can answer any questions. But it’s a mental acrobat. By asking question or getting the answer, you will get your realization is not guaranteed, it’s a happening, it’s an actualization. So you should just desire that you want to have your realization. All right, these. Now we have two powers within us, left and right, left is the power of desire, ordinary desire, and the right is the power of action. So we put both feet away from each other, and we sit comfortably , sit comfortably. Neither bending nor stretching yourself.

Dr. Can you come and show them, show them how to do it. You can come up. You have to stand and show them. Now, he will show you. He’s from Austria, just to help you how, he’s a doctor. Now he will show you how to put your hands onto your centers. Now please put left hand toward me like this, this is symbolic, symbolic comfortable, comfortable, this is symbolic suggestion that you want to have your self-realization. This cannot be forced on you, it cannot be forced. I respect your freedom. Because ultimately you have to become completely free. So it cannot be forced on you. So, put your left hand towards me, like this. Those who do not want should leave the hall, that would be very kind of them.

Now, and the right hand on your heart, and in the heart, reside the spirit, but the seat of the spirit is on the fontanel bone area here, on the soft bone which was in your childhood. Then you put your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen. This is the center of your mastery. Left hand, left hand towards me, right hand on your upper portion of abdomen. Right hand. Left hand towards me, and right hand here. Left hand is all the time like this.

All right. Now, then you take down your hand on the low portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. We’re just talking on the left hand side. Lower portion , quite low, lower portion, still lower, much lower. Tell them to put it lower, you put it lower. Swasdisthana, you put it lower. This is the center of pure knowledge. Lower, still lower, lower, in the lower portion. Yes, correct, here. This is the center of pure knowledge. Loudly, say it again, loudly. They didn’t hear. This knowledge manifests on your central nervous system.

Now, again, raise your hand onto the upper portion of your abdomen, then on your heart, then in the corner of your neck and your shoulder here, and turn your head to your right. Now your take your hand on your forehead across, and put down your head as much as you can. This is the center where you have to forgive everyone in general.

Now, take back you hand on the back side of your head, and push back your head as far as possible. This is for your satisfaction without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes. You have to ask forgiveness from this Divine power of love.

Now stretch your palm fully, and put the center of your palm on top of your fontanel bone area which is the soft bone in your childhood. And now, please put down your head. Now push back your fingers fully, so that there’s a good pressure on the sculp. This is important to push back your fingers. Now, move your hand your sculp with clockwise 7 times. That’s all we have to do.

Now you may take out your spectacles if you like, and close your eyes. You should not open your eyes until I tell you. So first thing is you should be very pleasant press yourself, very pleasantly press, not be angry with yourself. Now, please put your left hand towards me, right hand on your heart, and both feet apart from each other.

And now, close your eyes, please. Now here, you ask me a question. “Louder, Loudly.” You can call me Mother or Shri Mataji, whatever you like. Ask the question very fundamentally,” Mother, am I the spirit?” Ask this question three times. Now, if you are the spirit, you are your master, you are your guide.

So now, take down your right hand to the upper portion of your abdomen and press it hard. Here ask me this question three times. Ask me another question three times. “Mother, am I my own master?” three times. I’ve already told you that I respect your freedom, and I cannot force pure knowledge on you, you have to ask for it.

Now, please take your right hand in the low portion of your abdomen and press it hard. Here you have to ask six times, because this center has got 6 petals . “Mother, please give me pure knowledge.” Say 6 times. As soon as you ask for pure knowledge, the kundalini starts moving upwards. So we have to nourish the upper center with our self-confidence.

Now, raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard. Now, here, you have to say, here you have to say with full confidence 10 times, “ Mother, I am my own master.” Say it 10 times. I’ve already told you that the greatest truth about truth is that you are the spirit. You are not your body, intelligence or your mind, (Loudly) you’re not your ego or your conditionings, but you are pure spirit. So now, put your right hand on your heart and please with full confidence say 12 times. “Mother, I am the spirit.” This all pervading power is the ocean of knowledge. It is the ocean of bliss and joy. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. So, you can not commit any mistakes it cannot be dissolve as a power of this ocean of forgiveness.

So now, raise your hand and put it at the corner of your neck and shoulder and turn your head to your right. Here you have to say again, with full confidence, 16 times. “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” I’ve already told you that whether you forgive of you don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. But if you do not forgive, then you play into wrong hands, and unnecessarily torture others. So do not think whom you are to forgive, you forgive in general.

Now, raise your right hand, right hand onto your forehead and put down your head as far as possible. Here now, you have to say, from your heart, not how many times, “Mother, I forgive everyone in general.”

And now, please take your hand to the back side of your head and push back your head fully. Here, without feeling guilty, without counting mistakes, just for your satisfaction, you have to say,” Mother, Divine power, All Divine power, If I have done any mistakes, please forgive me.” Say it from your heart, not how many times.

Now, stretch your palm fully, and put your center of your palm on top of your fontanel bone area which was the soft bone on your childhood, press it hard and push
back your fingers. Here again, I cannot cross over your freedom, I respect you, so I cannot force self- realization on you, you have to ask for it. Now, please put down your head, and press it hard your scalp. And here, you move your scalp clockwise 7 times saying,” Mother, please give me my self-realization.” Please bend your heads, please bend your heads, please bending, bend your heads, please bend your heads, bend them fully and press it hard, now take down your hands.

Open your eyes, and put both your hands toward me like this, watch me without thinking. This is the first stage one arrive at this thoughtless awareness. Zen also have describe it, Zen has described, Zen.

Now please put your right hand like this, forward and bend your head and see with your left hand if there is cool breeze or hot breeze coming out from your head. Bend it properly. Now, put your left hand toward me, Don’t put your hand on top , is away from the head. Left hand towards me, and again bend your head, and see from your right hand Now do it with right hand again. Put the right hand, and do it with the left now. Left hand you feel it.

Now, please raise both your hands toward the sky like this, and push back your head, and ask a question 3 times,” Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Divine Love?” “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” “Mother, is this the Parachantanya?” Any one of these three questions you ask three times. Now, please bring down your hands. Please bring down your hands please. All those who have felt cool or hot breeze out of your heads or on the fingertips, raise your both hands. Raise your both hands higher. Those who have felt the cool breeze from their heads , all those who have felt, please raise your hands, don’t be afraid, please raise your hands. Please again, Let’s see. It’s good. Cool or hot breeze. So I would like to meet them one by one I think. I’ll see what’s the matter. Chinese are very good at it. Just Sahaja Yogi should come here, please.