Medical Conference

Pune (India)

1990-11-22 Shri Mataji at Doctor's Conference, Pune, India, 70'
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Doctor’s Conference, Pune, India

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset I have to very humbly say that truth is what it is, we cannot organize it, we cannot order it, we cannot describe it, it is also beyond human awareness. This is the fact which I am placing before you and also one has to realize that if it is not possible to comprehend in our human awareness we have to cross a certain threshold of our awareness. Unless and until that happens we cannot understand the truth, it’s not a mental feat these are not mental acrobats or emotional outbursts. It is something that is all the time there and then what’s the truth.
Another thing I would like to say very much at the outset because you are all scientists here sitting, as scientist you must keep your mind open otherwise you can never discover new things. If you are just settled with what you know so far that doesn’t show that you are a scientist. A scientist must keep his mind open all the time and these… all these that they have talked you need not agree, you need not blindly follow it, there is no need to follow it. But one thing is sure that you must take it as a hypothesis… as a hypothesis as any scientist would take and then see for yourself if it is true then as honest people you must accept it.
So now what is the truth, it’s very simple, first truth is that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not these emotions, your ego or conditionings but you are pure spirit.
And the second truth is that there is a all-pervading subtle power on us which is called Brahma Chaitanya in Sanskrit. And this Brahma Chaitanya is the one that is doing all the living work, any enterprise that is undertaken by human beings is naturally limited because they have not crossed the threshold of limitations, they have to cross that limitation and then they will be surprised that what I am saying can be true and they can feel it. I see beautiful flowers here with such fragrance, we never even think how a little seed can produce such beautiful flowers, from where it has come the energy to this mother earth the way she produces different types of flowers different type of trees, we just take everything for granted. But there must be some energy which is organizing it, if I tell you there is energy which is called as Rooh in the Quran it is called as Rooh, in bible it is called as all-pervading power of divine love. In every scripture it is [UNCLEAR], now going to the scriptures by doctors is something is an impossible feat also. They might have Ganeshas put in their house they might just say Namaste to it and see saint also say Namaste.
But the time has come for us to evolve higher, and this is your heritage, it is the heritage of our country which is brought forth before you. It is surprised this knowledge was known thousands of years back in our country… thousands of years back… but the tradition was that to have only one disciple and one master not more than that, this was the tradition. In this Maharashtra itself you have had so many saints, in the time of Gyaneshwara he was the only one who ventured and requested his elder brother who was his guru to permit him to at least say about it… at least to expose it in words and as his guru permitted him he described it in his Gyaneshwari in the sixth chapter [UNCLEAR]. In that he has described it clearly but because people did not know about it those who were supposed to be in-charge of religion couldn’t accept it, so they said this is “Nishidda”this is not good and nobody paid attention to it. Now today is the time has come for the actualization of experiences [UNCLEAR] described in those beautiful versus of Shri Gyanewhwara and so many have experienced it, before that we have to have one understanding that we have not yet reached our absolute, in any field what so ever, that’s why there are so many ideologies so many quarrel so many fights. We find out one thing today tomorrow find out something wrong, then you find out [UNCLEAR] then we find out penicillin the we say penicillin is wrong, so the action reactions are going on but nobody has reached the state of absoluteness and if it is possible to reach why not, you don’t have to pay for it, you don’t have to suffer for it, on the contrary I am seeing those people who have got realization are tremendous are very beautiful. I myself amazed that these angels from where have they arrived.
The most responsive country was Russia I was so surprised that these people have never heard a name of any religion or god or anything but they are the best  because there has been no conditioning, no false ideas are there and when I started speaking there I was amazed they invited me to a another gathering like yours and six hundred doctors from all over Russia had arrived and when I talk to them they wrote down each and everything that I was telling and studied it thoroughly and I was surprised that in my next visit there were four hundred doctors practicing Sahaja Yoga. They said mother this is the best, you don’t have to pray anything, you don’t have to trouble anything and you just [UNCLEAR], but that by no means it means that doctors will lose their practice because every one doesn’t come to Sahaja Yoga first of all, and secondly everybody doesn’t get cured by Sahaja Yoga but many can get cured and many problems can be solved.
So I would not say that doctors don’t have practices or they cannot earn money, they can earn quite a lot because there are so many diseases specially in our country the poor people have no money and some people also say that I am… I am a teacher for poor… and I am a teacher for sick… I am a teacher for people who are suffering. Whatever you want to say about me is a fact that if the doctors want to practice Sahaja Yoga it will definitely give them good health, good understanding of the parasympathetic nervous system, now we talk about autonomous nervous system, is a name given to a system autonomous, now who is this auto, can we say automobile there is a driver sitting, now who is this driver within us, who is doing this within us, who is running our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, we never think about it. Doctors are very honest so they don’t want to talk also they admit that certain points we cannot be explained to me. For example, chemicals like gly acid protein and adrenaline augment or can relax any center nobody know why, how, nobody can explain. They admit it, there is another simple thing we should understand that any foreign body which enters in to the body is thrown out but when, a mother conceives a child the fetus is looked after nourished and at the right time thrown out, who does that, who manages all these things, who looks after the remote controls. And so many things that are there already know to Sahaja Yogis are now [UNCLEAR] by so many doctors. For example after realization in the sky you see a cluster of round round what you can say loops… you must be seeing also… also you see chaitanya as small little commas, you do see. So they all asked me what is this, I said there are all dead source, he said dead source, yes we all have source and on our back there are source, source is in seven loops which looks after our remote control. Now they have found out with surprise, and I have told them also that there is a receptor in every cell and this receptor is reflected by these seven looped soul within us and creates all the necessary movements necessary activities and when another soul sits on you then the whole thing changes and you develop all kinds of [UNCLEAR] and all those complications in the physiologicals making. Now can you imagine they have found out now that in the receptor they have found out through microscopic investigation that there are seven loops. In India of course I would say medical science have not reached that stage as in America or in Russia. And Russians also are so introspective that they want to know that after all what is the end of all these, why are we here, they are so introspective that way they have taken to Sahaja Yoga it really amazes me. I thought it will be in Maharashtra where so many saints were born and people will take to [UNCLEAR] to think about it what is this kundalini, of course as you know at the time of [UNCLEAR] he has talked about Sahaj [UNCLEAR], he has talked about find yourself within yourself [Marathi versus] and then he is the one who told you seek it within yourself but Kabira who was such an enlightened soul has talked about kundalini, he says, it takes a little bit of name there, Ida, Pingala, Sukamana nadi. This is Ida nadi on the left side which in our medical terminology which manifests your left sympathetic and right side is the Pingala nadi which manifests your right sympathetic and the sukamana nadi is the central Susumna. [Hindi versus] all these things nobody could understand, the other day I was surprised when I told them he has also sang like this [Talk in Hindi] they were surprised that [Talk in Hindi] was he talking about some beloved, I said beloved is the life, he was talking life left me I didn’t fight. So these people didn’t knew about him they had their experience of spirituality, they knew about kundalini everything was there but they did not know the method of amass realization. This is the only thing contribution I have made is to find out a method  by which I can give amass realization, if you have to give me any credit is that much only because I though I was born for that kind of a work that we have to give now amass realization. This is a new yuga that is coming, now it is nice to laugh at everything and make fun of everything that’s a sign I think of a person who doesn’t want truth, but if you know what you are inside and what is your [UNCLEAR] what are these chakra is a remarkable thing. I mean I must tell you that we have definitely cured blood cancer of the people who are just on the death bed, it’s a fact I can tell you the people who have been cured you can write to them and find out. We have cured so many diseases also cancer also nephritis also these all muscular problems, lot of them have been cured and he is only one of the cases but there are so many patients of diseases suffering from mental trauma, depressions they have been cured. But the problem is with the sick people is that most of them they do come to get cured by they don’t take their self-realization and this upsets me because after all one should have common sense, we would not like to enlighten any candle or to look after the candle or to repair any light which will never give light, what’s the use of curing a light which will never give the light. So naturally the attention is more on the people who would get their self-realization and give light to others and work it out.
Once this kundalini raises it pierces through we call it as Brahma Randra and becomes connected with this all-pervading power, in the beginning people just feel the cool breeze of this all-pervading power, now the cool breeze of the all-pervading power may make you feel funny but in bible it is described as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost and this Holy Ghost is the kundalini with in us, you feel the cool breeze, even Adi Shankaracharya has described it as [Sanskrit words] but not in the cool breeze that you feel unless and until you use it you will not know what it is. Once you start using it you will be amazed to know that you have become collectively conscious, it’s a new dimension of an awareness where you can feel the troubles of others, problems of others and also you can know what problems you have. Once you know that what is your problem and if you know how to correct it you can get it corrected and you can correct others. For this living work you cannot pay, first of all you cannot pay for anything that’s divine, anybody who takes money in the name of divine is a false one. So now if you see this mother earth, we put any seed into it and she gives us flowers how much does she take, how much can you pay for any living work, it is the work of love, we don’t understand love, this is a detached love, love that nourishes the whole world organizes the whole world looks after everything. See every tree has its own limitation we have our own limitation when we cross it we become malignant we become troublesome. All we care all the understandings of our lives are absolutely guided by this Chaitanya Lahiri and then you might say that then mother why there are so many problems, it’s a simple question you can ask, the problems are because of ignorance, we are still ignorant and once we become knowledgeable all the problems will be solved I mean now you know I am quiet old women, I might be the oldest among all of you because I am sixty eight years of age and I travel every third day and they said mother don’t you get tired, I said no because I don’t think I am travelling I think I am just you are there that’s all. So to get rid of your diseases only is not Sahaja Yoga, it is as he said is the totality of your personality. You get your realization you become extremely dynamic, the doctors get themselves heart trouble, I know many doctors who are heart patients and doctors who you are dealing with cardiac diseases they are heart patients, its a common. And so many people who are looking after a particular type of a disease themselves suffer from the same disease but they don’t know how to protect themselves. So first of all the doctor should be healthy and for that it is important they should follow Sahaja Yoga. For Sahaja Yoga you don’t need anything but a pure desire… pure desire to be the spirit that’s all you don’t need anything. If you have a pure desire because this kundalini is in at your pure desire, all our desires are not pure because today we want to buy a house alright then we are not satisfied then we want to buy a car still we are not satisfied then we want to buy a helicopter then another thing… never satisfied… but this is the desire which raises within us and this desire is the desire to be one with this divine power. You may be aware you may not be aware, you may not be knowing about it because we are too modern to know about these things. But in any case if it works out you have all the facilities of a very beautiful life, it’s like I always give an example of a television if you take to a remote village of India and show them and tell them that you can see all kinds of pictures in this all kinds of music you can hear, they will say what is this, this is just a box what are you telling are stories. And when you put it to the mains what do you find a fantastic [UNCLEAR] in the same way we are all very fantastic, absolutely fantastic, we human beings are the epitome of evolution and this is the last breakthrough we have to achieve, once we achieve it you will be surprised how glorious you are how great you are, all your sweetness will come in to such beautiful version of yours that you will be really surprised at yourself. There are many people [UNCLEAR] words which I don’t know what it means and once they come to Sahaja Yoga they became absolutely righteous… beautiful… the world has to change and our country where we really need help it is important that we should  really take this energy.
The greatest thing about our country is that this is the country of Yoga, in the country were there are vibrations everywhere, once I was travelling with my husband in the plane I told we have touched our country, he said how do you know, I said see over the whole Chaitanya is here. He went inside and asked the pilot, he said sir we [UNCLEAR] so this I what our country is. We are living in a very great country we have great wealth of spirituality, we should not laugh at these people we should not make fun of them we should not forget that we are born in this country for a purpose at this time and if you people take it up seriously, Sahaja Yoga, I am sure that a day will come when you will realize that this is the truth and for truth we have to just open our minds a little bit more as you have to do it even in scientific research. If you were not to accept anything you would not have [UNCLEAR] you had so many hypothesis but then you have to open mind and see for yourself it works.
Now here are only two doctors from England, we have seven doctors in England who are working it out, they have taken a lot of pain to do things and to find out collect so many what i can say data’s for you, but actually i have not collected any data from [UNCLEAR] i really don’t remember also. But my main point is that if I am curing you it’s not for your health not for you, I am curing you for the benevolence of the whole world, you are one of them who can do such a lot and see now out of so many people got realization also so many who got to cure, there are so many who have come and who are working it out. There is no money involved, there is no question of money, I don’t understand money and there is no question of also doing any kind of funny justifications [UNCLEAR]. It’s very very simple, it’s your own, I am doing nothing, it’s your own, it’s like one enlightened candle can enlighten another candle, what is so great. There is no obligation either, it’s all free it’s your own, it’s your own property. He was telling me Mother your have given them as their energy, I said I have given none, you are in it, it’s just a [UNCLEAR] that’s all. And the triggering can be done even by you.
Recently somebody went to Romania, one Sahaja Yogi, and he came back and he said Mother I am really shocked, I said why, please look after me I may have developed ego, I said why, he said there were five thousand people for my meeting and all of them got realization, I said it is perfectly alright, but when you know you have ego that means you don’t have, when you have ego you [UNCLEAR]. So all these things can be easily understood what is this kundalini what is left side what is right side.
In Russia I met a scientist and he came and asked me, he said he is a doctor mathematician, very clever very [UNCLEAR], he asked me Mother what it is of the brain do you think they are just the same or they are different both the sides, I said they are different then I told him all about Sahaja Yoga, just he was so [UNCLEAR] he said Mother we never knew this knowledge. I am just working out from outside I said how, he puts electrode here electrode there like that, I said it’s very simple you get your realization then I will tell you what is left side what is right side. And surprisingly this man has written a paper now on that, in such a short time, so we have to understand that we have a great  heritage, we are born in this country, we have such a great heritage and we have learnt all these from the western people, alright, let us give our advancement and it is absolutely medical, because it comes from India does it become non-medical, this is not only from India, I must tell you that it is described in all the scriptures by all the saints and everybody have said the same thing but if it is same reason that means that it is unscientific. Doctors could be saints also or they have to be something different. It’s now the time has come for you to combine the whole life into [UNCLEAR] because it’s such a great time we are born. I would like you doctors also to consider it. First time I spoke about I think sixteen years back to a gathering like this in the All India Institute and I was surprised the [UNCLEAR] of that university was so impressed and so good and all that and we got some very good doctors from there who worked it out. But I found that the people were not receptive as in the dinner today they were also interested only in dinner and they were just laughing making fun and all that, it was very disappointing. But today Delhi is very different, it’s very different and thanks to Dr Rai and Dr Chu and Dr Talwar and Dr Neerav that they have really worked it out so well that now it is going to spread among the highest institutes, now these doctors have got their MDs, now if they have got their MDs in Sahaja Yoga please try to understand those who must have gained their MDs must be of some high level and they have accepted that Sahaja Yoga is the one that works out. It is a… to be your self-experiencing… yourself to be finding it out… yourself to work it out… yourself to believe in things… even I say anybody has done it so what, you just do it yourself and find for yourself what has happened [UNCLEAR] how much you know and the knowledge is extremely subtle you might say [UNCLEAR] you will be surprised with in [UNCLEAR] you will be master… within [UNCLEAR] you will be master… nowhere difficult. This is the simplest thing to do and I am sure it will all work out [UNCLEAR] and these all the doctors have been receptical always been doesn’t matter, I also did my medicine for few years to find out the terminology because I didn’t know what are the terminology these doctors are using and then I learnt the terminologies i gave up, because I know what it is but I don’t know the terminologies which are important but when I studied medicine it is long time back and now the terminologies also changed so it’s very different. But whatever it is our systems have not changed we all just the same [UNCLEAR].
So you have to find out for example recently they were talking about liver which I have told them long time back that our attention comes from liver and also not only that now I will tell you one thing which you might think is something new which you would never had heard before. Just one example, there is a chakra called Swadistana, it’s the second chakra, I mean hypothesis again, now this center looks after the aortic plexus, just for hypothesis again. Now this center is also responsible accordingly to us but to Sahaja Yoga for converting fat of your stomach for the use of the brain where we are using our brain cells all the time by thinking, this much you know, now, so this center also has got other things to be done. It has to look after the liver, it has to look after the pancreas, spleen and part of the [UNCLEAR] and also part of the [UNCLEAR], this particular center has to [UNCLEAR], now what happens when we are right sided as we call them, the people who are futuristic, planned, much work, much hard and all that all such people they use this center too much because they need too many brain cells because they are studying they are working hard they need brain cells. When they are doing that they are going to an [UNCLEAR] as a result this center cannot look after all these organs which I told you, so first of all they become liver patients as far as I know in medical science till you get cirrhosis nobody knows what’s wrong with liver. But liver can be detected even if it slightly hurt or slightly affected by itself, immediately you feel the liver on this finger, those people will think too much develop a horrible [UNCLEAR]. Now the function of the liver as you know is to throw out all the poisons of the body into the stream of blood, but when the liver has no energy it becomes absolutely over excited and sort of very heated up, so this heat passes over it goes upward and causes problem in the another center called as the right heart which looks after our lungs, that’s how you develop Asthma. Sahaja Yoga has definitely cured so many Asthma, there was patient who was suffering from thirty five years, I don’t know if he is here or not and he was completely cured. Now this heat goes up and then also it goes downward, when it goes downward it coagulates your kidneys by which you stop urinate and then you put on dialysis, finished, that patient is certified to be dead very soon and also to be [UNCLEAR] very soon for such an expense. Sahaja Yoga can cure all these things very easily just by taking out the heat of the liver, there is a method very very simple method by which we can take out the heat. It has also simpler manifestations like you feel very bilious and you feel like vomiting and you don’t feel like eating food and the attention is always upset.
But it has another problem also that when you are using this only for activity of the brain then the activity of other organs also go down, one of them is the pancreas. The pancreas we know that we suffer from diabetes only the thinking people will suffer, those who sit on the chairs and plan suffer from diabetes not the people in the villages specially in Maharashtra if you go unless and until you put the spoon at right angles with the sugar they won’t say it is tea they say this is water and they never get diabetes, none of them, because they are [UNCLEAR] they don’t think, we are the ones who think too much we develop this diabetes and this diabetes can be easily cured with Sahaja Yoga. My brother has diabetes, he is completely cured now, he eats everything that he likes and I mean there are so many who have been cured.
Now the third disease is even worse because our life is [UNCLEAR], suppose if we get up in the morning read the newspaper it’s the worst thing to do [UNCLEAR] because all horrible things are written then you get such a shock of your life, so many died so many killed so many things being destroyed. What is happening all that creates an emergency and when this emergency is created as you know very well that the spleen starts creating more RBC Red Blood Corpuscles now when RBCs are created, once alright, then you after reading the newspaper you are in a hurry, you take your breakfast with you on your way you are eating in the car or whatever vehicle you are going and such a hectic way you live then you reach the office and the boss is shouting why everyday… why are you late… why did you come late sort of things that is another [UNCLEAR]. So the modern life so full of tension, hectic and the [UNCLEAR] too much of slavery to watch that people get absolutely hectic and this poor spleen becomes also crazy, it’s a crazy [UNCLEAR], so it is now venerable, venerable for what, blood cancer. Blood cancer sets in, this is the point one must understand how blood cancer comes. Of course it has something to do with bone marrow also but basically it is this hectic life that we live, work hard and also we have no relaxation of our brain and that’s how it sets.
Now I have told you about the kidney also it works, also it gives you terrible constipation because it works on the large intestine, the lower part, and such people are extremely constipated very hot tempered angry irritable controlling everyone, but there is good point about them also that they are successful and that’s what people think that they are successful so we should try to follow them. But with Sahaja Yoga you will be healthy as well as successful, you will be happy as well as dynamic, you will be compassionate as well as knowledgeable. All these people are within you they are normal and they have to just raise and we [UNCLEAR] just it is your own which you have to receive.
Now in this short time I don’t know how much I can tell you about this knowledge because only in this English language I must have given at least three four thousand lectures and there are tapes about it and they are available with people who are Sahaja Yogis and not non Sahaja Yogis. Because it is a subtle knowledge and to understand it you have to be [UNCLEAR]. Sahaja Yogi is a person who is [UNCLEAR] shastra that first you become thoughtless aware the nirvachar samadhi and the second stage is nirvikalpa samadhi where there is no doubts about it. [UNCLEAR] but that’s a state, in that state you can give realizations to other you can cure people you can do everything and nothing can touch you, you are completely protected. So this is the second state one has to achieve of Nirvakalpa Samadhi and that stage, I mean you can diagnose people alright but you will also know lots of remedies because your brain is not used all the time because brain is enlightened I say in a very limited way but once the kundalini raises the brain is completely enlightened, may be not so much in everyone but it does in much more enlightened I would say and that’s now you will know so many things. You will know about architecture, you will know about nature, you will know about so many things, our ecological problems can be solved through Sahaja Yoga entire [UNCLEAR] there is no other way out because we have no balance, we are imbalance that’s why we have created ecological problems and till a Sahaja Yogi normally he doesn’t use the machine made things much, he uses mostly handmade handicraft and because of the vibrations and so the machinery goes down. Ecological problem is caused by a [UNCLEAR] if we are transformed so many of that problems that has troubled. Castism, fanaticism all these comes from ignorance you cannot blame it for falsehood, people making money in the name of god all these things will disappear immediately. You will be surprised first when I went to Russia, it is such a good thing to say about it so beautiful that twenty five Germans came to give them realization, I mean the way they met each other, you see I felt this is the end of our problems now, such joy such love such understanding. We have a center of Sahaja Yogis in Ganapathipule where fifty six nations represent and there are about two to three thousand people, I have never heard them quarreling fighting or anything and my husband also says that these are angels from where did you get these angels, but they have become angels you are all capable of becoming angels and having that strength within yourself, that will give not only give you joy happiness and pride in your virtues but also emit that [UNCLEAR] this is how we are going to bring peace. It’s a tremendous thing and this has to go from Indian’s this is my desire, I was born in India and I felt that India is the first to take it up but I must say it’s in Russia it’s working, and one day Russia will be the most powerful country I fell the way things are working out. It’s amazing it’s a different world altogether, two hundred scientists, one of them has done this sputnik thing they came to my program of course I talked to them about science whatever was possible in the connection between science and Yoga then they said Mother now we had enough of science now give us realization. And I gave them realization then one of them came and said Mother can you explain that only by attending your program people get alright they get cured, how is it, I said I don’t know if they get, but I must say something tremendous is happening if that is happening. But according to them it’s now a religion there Sahaja Yoga, really what is going to happen really I don’t know, you intellectuals you educated people have to understand and know that we are great country we have this knowledge of kundalini, people look for wisdom from us and we have to give this great knowledge to them, this is a very simple thing to know. There should not be any controversy about it because unless and until you experience it how can you have a controversy, it is something suppose you have a blind man come and I tell him now this is a red color, he says what how it is a red color, open your eyes see for yourself, you can see for yourself, you become your own master you know about yourself you know about everything.
I think all of you would like to do that, you know for medical studies we have to work very hard for seven years and even seven years is not sufficient most of them end up with ten years eleven years. So this is nothing just eight days ten days you can work, i hope all of you will take it up with seriousness and it will all work out. Thank you very much, may god bless you.

[Announcement] Friends I am requesting on behalf of all of you since Mother is here if she could bestow this realization to us over here but I will request all the members to please take the seats and please don’t server soup or anything now just after fifteen minutes after this session the soup shall be served. I shall request all the delegates to please be seated and it is their i will say a good fortune that they are here today, Mother is here, sometimes we have to wait for years to get her for a Diaz to get this realization. So she is here and I shall request each one of you to please follow the instructions when she is giving the realization and go home duly realized so that then you can practice further. Thank you

Actually this is request that I should give you all your self-realization, but I must tell you one thing that it cannot be forced on you… it cannot be forced… you have to ask for it, you cannot just force self-realization on anyone because you are free to choose and ultimately you have to have a complete total freedom. So one has to understand that to achieve that freedom first this freedom of yours… this freedom that you have has to be respected and that’s what I respect and I would say those who want to have realization should be here it will take ten minutes at most and those who don’t want to have should not be forced… they should go and they should not bother about it, if there is any such crowd, also you can ask questions afterwards when you are eating your food to doctors and all they will answer all your question, because I know some people have some questions in their heads I can feel that but first try to get your realization because these are all mental [UNCLEAR] and I am very good at answering questions I can tell you… I am quite an expert. Now after so many years I have known all the questions that people ask and what to answer, but that is not going to guarantee your self-realization. What is going to guarantee is the pure desire to be realized and this is something you all being Indian’s can achieve very easily. So please those who do not want it should really leave, get up and go over… go that side… and then we can have the questions answers whatever you like.
Now at the very outset I have to tell you there are three conditions, the first one is that you have to forget the past, forget the past with whatever mistakes you have committed whatever things you have done whatever wrong you have done so called please forgive yourself that you are not guilty at all please… this is something has been told to us you are a sinner you are this that you fast this is all nonsense nothing of the kind. You are a human being you are not god, only human beings can commit mistakes so what does it matter and at this moment you are all forgiven you can say like that and please do not feel guilty for anything what so ever. What about this English language you said that morning till evening you are going to say I am sorry… I am sorry… I am sorry… so also this language has a problem that creates [UNCLEAR], I always tell these English doctors that so difficult to speak about Sahaja Yoga in English language because spirit means Aatma spirit means dead spirit also it means [UNCLEAR] so imagine such a language such limitations but whatever it is we should not feel guilty. Normally Indian’s don’t but I don’t know about doctors, normally Indian’s don’t feel guilty that’s a good way, what is there to feel guilty, though we are told morning till evening you are paapi you are this you are that forget it… forget it
Now the second condition is that you have to forgive everyone… everyone… now you have to forgive means you don’t have to do anything, actually whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything it’s just a myth and when you don’t forgive someone you are playing into wrong hands. The person who has tortured you and troubled you is enjoying why you are feeling that o god this man has tortured me done this and you are suffering, so please forgive because this forgiveness is very important for this center which is [UNCLEAR] the center [UNCLEAR] it is such a constricted place that if you do not forgive it will never open out but if you forgive really just forgive means to say forgive and it open out like this and the kundalini can pass through. So if you feel guilty this center catches now this one was i was telling about himself. See this is he is a formal man and used to feel very guilty and that’s why he had this Angina. Angina is caused by feeling guilty or telling wrong mantras, now this gentlemen had this problem he didn’t know what problem he has and I just removed the thing that center I opened out, he got his realization he was alright, it’s very simple. So also you might get Spondylitis other troubles and also all the diseases of the lethargic organs that manifest if you have this guilt, this is such a myth we are carrying on. If you think something is done wrong never do that again, face it up but why to feel guilty all the time, that’s a wrong attitude and that doesn’t help the self-realization. And I say if you are guilty you would have been in jail why you are here, take a very pleasant attitude towards yourself, you should be very pleasantly placed towards yourself, after all you are a human being, that’s two condition.
And third one is to have a full confidence that you will get your self-realization, this is very important, atma vishwas, you must have full confidence in yourself that you all can get self-realization. Do not condemn yourself, don’t feel guilty, don’t think of anything, don’t think of others just think of yourself and that you are all capable of getting self-realization. These are the three conditions before we start.
It is something so surprising that for getting realization people have to go to Himalaya and all that, you don’t have to do that, it’s a very comfortable [UNCLEAR]. And people sitting on the chairs also get realization they don’t have to sit on the ground or stand on the [UNCLEAR]. Now only thing you have to remove your shoes and thank god you are sitting on the mother earth which is this Pune is known as a Punya Patanam. Punya Patanam in the scriptures described as the city of Punya, so you are sitting on such a beautiful auspicious city’s land where you have to take out just your shoes that will help this mother earth to suck in any problems you have [UNCLEAR]. [Mother talking in Hindi]
Now as it is I could tell you all about the different chakras that are within us and now that which you can find out very easily, it’s a knowledge very easily available to you. Like this electricity we have to just put on one switch, one switch on and all the lights coming, but if I have to tell you about the electricity how it has come and all that such a boring thing. So best thing is first you get your enlightenment and after that to know about all these things.
This is what is Gyana yoga, gyana yoga means gyana doesn’t means by any chance it is brain or the mental activity, it means on your central nervous system what you know is the Bodh, Bodh is what somewhere Buddha has come, same in Veda, Veda means which is known on your central nervous system. Of course it is medical terminology, I am trying to explain to you meaning of these words, so now gyan, also in the tradition of Christianity in the beginning the people who were realized souls were called as Gnostics, from the word “gna”, “gna” is the word used as “gna” is the same word Gnostics they use. So this is to be understood that in every religion where the prophets came in where the incarnations came in, where ever they try to show the path they talked about self-realization. All of them, of course according to time they talked this much that much and all that but today the time is of kundalini awakening which you all should get.
All right, so just remove your shoes and just put your feet on the mother earth, keep both the feet apart from each other because as I told you these are two different energies within us. Now we have to now only work out on our left side so the left side, this left hand is the power of our desire, ordinary desire and the right side is the power of action, so now you have to put the left towards me suggesting of your desire to have self-realization, just put [UNCLEAR] very simple put the left hand towards me like this, just in a very simple way. And if you have anything inside around your neck too much or on your waist too much then you can remove it otherwise it is alright. Now please put your left hand towards me like this and right hand we are going to use for nourishing our centers on the left hand side, it is very very simple… very simple… that we follow. Before your close your eyes will show you how to do it, it’s very simple.
So left hand towards me and right hand on your heart first… heart… in the heart resides the spirit, though the seat of the spirit lives here, in the heart resides, and being the seat here when the kundalini touches the seat we start feeling the new dimension of new awareness in our hands as cool breeze but actually it gives us collective consciousness a new dimension.
So first you put your right hand on your heart then you put it on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side, now those people who are been to wrong gurus who have gone to places where they should not have been should know that your own master you don’t need any master you are your own master, only thing is your kundalini has to be awakened and so you have to put your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen which is the center of your master and we call it the principle of guru… guru tatva… which is created by all the great saints of gurus. Then you have to put your right hand in the lower portion of you abdomen, now this is the center of pure knowledge, pure knowledge is the knowledge that manifests on your central nervous system and gives you all the idea about the divine gods and also the new dimension that manifests which gives you complete knowledge of absolute truth. Then again you raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen, then on your heart, then you raise it in the corner of your neck and your shoulder in the left side of the vishuddhi [UNCLEAR] and put your head towards your right. This center as I told you… you feel very… very much spoiled when you feel guilty. Then you have to raise your right hand on to your forehead across and put down your head which is a front side of the AAgnya chakra. Now here you have to forgive all the people in general, you don’t have to think about every individual but just to forgive everyone in general. Now take back your right hand on the back side of your head please, now push back your head as far as possible now this is the center where without feeling guilty without counting your mistakes just for your satisfaction you have to ask forgiveness from this all-pervading power. Then you have to stretch your hand fully the palm the center of your palm is your fontanel bone area actually, so now you put your right hand on the fontanel bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood. Now press it hard push back your fingers put down your head as far as possible put it down press it hard your scalp should be pressed well push back your finger and now you have to move your scalp seven times clockwise, clockwise very slowly seven times your scalp not the hands over the scalp clockwise… that’s all… that’s all we will have to do now, now those who are not doing it should not also watch others it’s not civil so they can just move out a little bit be better because those who are doing it are all right and those who are not doing it should not watch other people it is not very civilizing to watch others whey they are [UNCLEAR]. There are some people who don’t have any room I think to sit down is it… some chairs to sit down…
So first of all you have to be very pleasantly placed towards yourself because now we are going to enter into the kingdom of god which is joy and joy all over. Before closing up your eyes you can take out your spectacles, it might help your eye sight also, please take out your spectacles.
Now please put your left hand towards me be careful that you keep both the feet away from each other and now put the right hand on your heart, keep your mind open… keep your mind open, here now you can ask a question, to me you can call me Mother or you can call me Shri Mataji whatever you would like “Mother am I the spirit” now this is the most fundamental question “Mother am I the spirit” ask this question… close your eyes… please don’t open your eyes till I tell you… Mother… three times… no in your heart… ask the question in your heat… three times… now if you are the spirit in the light of the spirit you are your own guide so you become your own guru your own master… so now please take your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left and here please say again another question “Mother am I my own master” ask this question… three times again… I have already told you that I respect your freedom and I would not like in any way to force you to have self-realization, you have to ask for it and I cannot force pure knowledge on you either, so now you take down your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side… press it hard… and here you say it six times because this center has got six petals “Mother please give me pure knowledge” you have to ask I cannot force six times “Mother please give me pure knowledge” as soon as you ask for pure knowledge the kundalini starts raising, so now you have to nourish your centers… upper centers… with your self-confidence …. Aatma Vishwas… So now raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard, here with full self-confidence you have to say “Mother I am my own master” this will neutralize all the effects of false gurus also “Mother I am my own master” please say it ten times, I have already told you that the fundamental fact the truth is that you are not this body you are not this mind you are not this intellect emotions conditionings or your ego  you are the pure spirit. So now please raise your right hand to your heart, here again say with full self-confidence “Mother I am the pure spirit” this all-pervading power is the ocean of knowledge is the ocean of compassion and blessings but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness and whatever mistakes you might commit please understand that this ocean of forgiveness is quite capable of dissolving all of them. So now raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head towards your right, here now with self-confidence full self-confidence you have to say it sixteen times “Mother I am not guilty at all” “Mother I am not guilty at all”, I am saying it that Indian’s don’t feel guilty but I think here I find many people have this problem. Please don’t feel guilty at all, I have also told you that whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything but you play under a myth and you torture yourself in the hands of wrong people, so will you please now raise your right hand to your forehead across and put down your head as far as possible… please here you have to say “Mother I forgive everyone” you don’t have to think about whom to forgive why to forgive what they have done, just in general “Mother I forgive everyone” this has to be said from your heart not how many times this is very important as I told you that this center is very constricted and please all of you should say if you do not forgive the kundalini cannot raise and then you will say Mother why I didn’t get my realization, so just say I forgive everyone. Now please take your right hand on the back side of your head on the optic lobe we can say and push back your head as far as possible, here for your own satisfaction without feeling guilty without counting mistakes you have to say “O divine power please forgive me if I have done any mistakes or committed any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly” please again say this from your heart, not how many times but from your heart you have to say. Now the last center is Sahasrara which is made of [UNCLEAR] thousand petals and is the most important one, so now stretch your palm fully and put the center of your palm on top of your head on the center should be just on top of fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood, now please try to put down your head as far as possible, push back your fingers, this is very important, push back your fingers, you have a proper pressure and now try to move your hands pressurizing on the scalp in a clockwise manner, here again I cannot cross over your freedom, I cannot force self-realization on you, you have to ask for it. So please ask seven times “Mother please give me self-realization” “Mother please give me my self-realization” say it seven times when you are moving back. Put down your heads please… put down your heads [Mother blowing in to the mike].
Now take down your hands, please open your eyes slowly and put your both the hands towards me like this. Now put the right hand little further and bend your head and see with your left palm is there cool breeze coming out of your head, now you have to see on your head  if the cool breeze is coming out of your head, may be hot also… may be hot… hot breeze may be coming… doesn’t matter, if you have not forgiven or if you have liver problem it can be hot, so just see there is a cool or hot breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area called as Brahma Randra just try to feel it, don’t put your hand on the head, it is away from the head you feel it as you call [UNCLEAR] just feel it. Now take the left hand towards me now bend your head little ahead and see with the right hand there is a cool breeze coming put the left hand towards me like this and see with the right hand, bend your head [UNCLEAR] now again please put your right hand towards me move your hand and see for yourself there is a cool breeze coming from your head. You will feel absolutely thoughtless, this is the first stage of Nirvachara Samadhi you will feel thoughtlessness. Now raise both your hands towards the sky and push back your head… push back your head… and now ask a question three times any one of the questions I tell you “Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost” “Mother is this the Rooh the all-pervading power of God’s love” or “Mother is this the Brahma Chaitanya”. Ask any one of these questions, push back your head, this is like a computer you start working, you become a divine computer start answering. Now please take down your hands, you feel very relaxed and there won’t be any thoughts.
Now all those who have felt cool or hot breeze on their hands or out of their heads please raise both your hands, all those who have felt please raise both your hands. So many of you, may god bless you… may god bless you… may god bless you.
Thank you very much, I must thank [UNCLEAR] for organizing this beautiful meeting of such nice people who are seekers of truth, for Indian’s and who are going to create a new world, for India as well as further all those people who have really brought in one of you and I have to meet you. You will be surprised your attention will be [UNCLEAR] just forgive and then you can feel each others head also you can feel… you can feel each other head there is a cool breeze coming out.  

(Talk ends here)