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When there is opposition of any kind, or inconveniences, we start becoming subtler and subtler, as long as we accept it as a challenge. Every seed which is sprouted has a small little primule, out of which comes out the shoot and the root. And the root is so delicate and small. At the tip of the root, there is a very intelligent cell and this cell knows how to carry on its journey. So it gradually penetrates into soft muddy, land, but when it comes across any stone, then it encircles round it. Now, it could manage just avoiding it but no it encircles, so he uses that stone for future, support, of the tree. So intelligent it is, and that’s how it works out its way to the source.

So you might start thinking that: “Look at this little cell that you can see through microscope. It has got a sense how to penetrate into the soil, also to go round the stones, also to go towards the, source of water. So what is the guiding factor? We never think about it. All the trees, all the animals, are in complete bandhan of God. Absolutely. They have no freedom of their own in a way. They are completely guided by God, and that guideline is, in that little cell.

We have seen many birds flying out, thousands and thousands, all the way, Siberia to Australia. Who guides them? How do they know where is Australia which is so far away? And again they come back to the same. They too have a magnet. But how do they know that Australia is in the south or the north? Even if you have the magnet, how do you know you have to move in particular direction? They too have in their little brain, a controlling factor. Or we can say the remote control of God. It is that minute, it’s detailed, so widespread and how it works out. It’s tremendous. It’s only human beings have this freedom. And they are the only ones, if they want, they can break their heads completely. Or if they want they can ascend or go to hell.

Freedom is given to you, and that remote control is taken over I think. So you have to decide in your own freedom as to what you want to do [INAUDIBLE] Wisdom is important. Also good conditionings can make you understand. The other day I gave a lecture on shraddha. Means faith. So I told them, because you didn’t understand Marathi – I want to tell you little bit about it. The first one is the tamasik is the ignorance. Faith in ignorance. Like you believe in someone, just because you are so ignorant. Like so many gurus who came from India, like so many…So to believe in those people comes out of ignorance. Absolutely. And also there are lots of blind faiths even in the west I’ve seen, for which they do not give any explanation.

So people have faith in such people who talk of God. That Graham fellow, Graham is his name? Billy Graham – I mean I don’t know how people can have faith in such a nonsensical …I really tell you. He shouts and he screams. Horrible. So, this kind of faith would be there out of ignorance, that’s very, very blind. So we call it a tamasik. Tamasik meaning in darkness. Tamasik. So then we have another one, which we call rajas. That you have faith in your kings; you like people who are politicians; you run after people who have positions and some sort of a thing like that. This is another faith. This is also very dangerous because they are human beings just like us, and they can any day deceive us and torture us.

Now the third one, is the faith which we call as sattwic, is the faith – what is sattwic in English? I don’t know what’s – there’s no English word I remember for sattwic. Meaning which is out of wisdom. Here you believe in a person because you see his character, his behavior, his life, his style; so that’s why in India we have faith in Saints. You know there were remarkable people, very honest, very straightforward, doing all the time good for others, preaching always the good things, making people righteous, helping them out; as we have faith in Abraham Lincoln. We have faith in Gorbacov. So the faith in such people is the faith which comes out of wisdom. But it’s said people in Iraq have faith in Saddam. That one is a rajas one. So the third one, that if you have, third faith – that takes you to the faith when it is enlightened – dolas shraddha we call it, enlightened faith. And this is what you have to judge.

But here when you come, you have to know that many people do not see Me, do not meet Me. They just meet you. They only know you. Of course those who have known Me I don’t think have known Me fully. Rather difficult, to know Me. But whatever you have known of Me, you know very well, what sort of a Person I am. But, even you people, have to have that kind of standard, that when people see you, they feel that they have met somebody, a very rare person. I’m telling you this, specially today because I’ve been speaking about it, but there’s one thing one has to [INAUDIBLE ] that in Sahaja Yoga we get lots of people, just seeing My Photograph most surprising, but they come to My program in thousands and then they fizzle out.

So there is something we have to learn, there must be something that they doubt in us. We should introspect and find out why do they doubt us, why do they fizzle out? I think seventy to eighty percent people fizzle out because they have no faith in themselves; because they just expect to be cajoled and looked after whatever it is. But still, if you do the introspection you will know how we deal with them. So we should not tell them: “You have got this chakra caught up, you are a bhoot,” and all those things. But I never say that. On the contrary I absorb it and try to improve it, the same way. Then only you will see that those who come to us settle down and touch their depth as you have touched. Because you do not know how much you are changed in Sahaja Yoga.

You are very much changed, you are at a very high level and you can’t see a person who is at a low level. But you have come from that level. And look at Me. I too, come down to this level. But still, I never make anyone feel less than Myself. You all feel absolutely loved and cared for by Me, every one of you. Individually you know how much I care for all of you. So, that is how we should be. We should try to show that we do care for human beings who come to us because they are the ones who are going to get to a higher state, and that’s something so special, for us to care for such people. I’m sure if that happens now at least this twenty to twenty-five percent you will be able to attract fully and give them what you have got. May God bless you.