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Puja in Pune (extracts), India, 3 December 1990.

So, welcome to all the Sahaja Yogis from abroad. So we start from today our Maharashtra Tour, which you can see is full of these hills and dales. Also, the atmosphere is going to be extremely rustic. Of course the comforts of this place have not been up to the mark, but next year it will be much better, I’m sure. We have decided to purchase even this plot of land, but as you know we have a land on top, there on the hill at the top. That’s one of the highest peaks in this area. That land we have already purchased, and we are going to have an Ashram there, and this will be the place used for parking. I hope you like the atmosphere here and the surroundings, the nature.

People in Maharashtra are blessed by great saints and people who were Naths, like Gyaneshwara; and that’s why they have a tremendous base of spirituality. But still they are to be guided to get their Self Realization. As you know that without spirituality, the life is very much in, is in imbalance. It does not have a totality of enjoyment. I don’t know if there is any enjoyment otherwise also; because if you just live with your machineries and materialism, they cannot give you joy. And that’s what you have discovered, the emptiness of life. And that’s the reason you want spirituality, to give a complete expression to your personality, which has happened. Luckily it has happened. I’m very happy to see so many people who have felt it. And this is what has to be understood by Indians also, because they think that you people are so well off materially and while they are not, they are spiritually well-off and you are materially well-off. And both the things are so important. The foundation has to be strong, of spirituality, and then you can build whatever type of building you want to build on top of that. But if you do not have that foundation, then the whole thing collapses. Like a tree grows, and it doesn’t touch the source of its nourishment, it will definitely collapse. This is what Sahaja Yoga is, that you are touching the source of your nourishment, nourishment to your civilization. And once this nourishment starts flowing, you see what’s wrong in those countries where people have gone headlong, gone to the extremes, and what they are suffering. The people here have no idea about it. Also in this country of ours we have lots of problems because people are so simple, very vulnerable. But dealing with the problems of the West, I feel that there’s no way out but Sahaja Yoga. As many as we can save, we should try to save them. Whatever may be the achievements in the West, they are going to boomerang, and they may destroy the whole society.

So when you are starting the first day here you should ask for spirituality, the blessings of spirituality, but also the promise that you will help others who are getting drowned into the dry materialism of the West. That’s a very important task you have to do. You are all enjoying this beautiful life, and you are at peace with yourself, but this wine of spirituality has to be shared, otherwise life becomes very selfish, self-centered. I know you are frightened of those people, because you think you may catch from them. In this Tour I hope most of you will be made badha-proof and fearless. As I told you, you have to touch your depth. If you live with superficiality, any superficiality in you must be thrown away, then you will sink down. There are all kinds of superficialities which have come to us as a “blessing” of this Western civilization, as also in India we have another. But as I’m talking to you I’ll, I would like to tell you about the superficialities that we have in the West.

First of all, the another style is our norms and ideas. Actually it’s all a mental activity, as I’ve told you that the whole art of the West is finished. We cannot have a Rembrandt any more. We cannot have a Michelangelo any more. The reason is, criticism of this art has been so much in the modern times that nobody wants to produce anything which will be criticized, and now only situation left is that our critics are criticizing critics, that’s all; no art, because they have no work to do. So this mental activity of putting everybody down and mastering that art, is very dangerous and extremely destructive. And this is what is happening I feel, in the field of every kind of activity: industry, music, art, everything that you find; buildings, any enterprise, even politics. Everything has become so superficial that you have to be prepared for facing all kinds of oppositions and troubles. But still, as you have your own depth, you can master them all by your tranquility, by your temperament, and by your powers which you have got. When you are not afraid of that society, and when you have that tranquility within you and the courage, I’m sure you can do a lot. Of course we have some very dynamic people in Sahaja Yoga in the West, and very dynamic women also in the West. What may come they never deter, and they have worked very hard to do everything possible to see that Sahaja Yoga is established. So they should be your ideals, and all of you should try to follow them and do the best.

This Tour is a festival for us. It’s, of course I say it’s a pilgrimage but there are no signs of pilgrimage it looks, because if you see the pilgrims, horrible they look, while you are looking like roses, all of you. So it’s a festival for us and you have to feel that festivity within your heart, that joy within your heart, and small, small things you should not worry, because these things cannot be provided in all the places. Gradually we’ll be building ashrams in all the places wherever you have been visiting, but you know how difficult it is, in those days where the India is passing through such a bad phase for so many years, where everything is delayed. So the attitude should be that: “We have come here for our ascent.” We have to work out everything with that attitude, that we have come here for our ascent, and every moment of our ascent is a festive occasion. Everything is a festival. If you understand that, I am sure you will see the beauty in everything, you will enjoy everything, whatever may be the rustic style. Maybe you may not like the color of these lights, I think, because you may not enjoy it so much. You might get much better things in your own country. But whatever it is, it’s not your conditioning that should stop you from enjoying. So please remember that you are now the member of the universal society, and we cannot have our conditionings to mar our happiness and joy. I want you to enjoy this trip fully, absolutely, in a way that you have never enjoyed anything before.

May God bless you.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi