Sitar Concert

Tilak Smarak Mandir, Pune (India)


Sitar Concert Talk

Shri Mataji: Please be seated …
Combination of two yogis in spiritually together, such as friendship, understanding, and love as all of you enjoyed them so much. I felt the collective consciousness at its peak today …Now for [unclear 1:29:45 ] whatever i speak that he is so great that in words it is difficult to put all …Its something which you can not express unless and until you doesn’t feel it. It is a question of experience It is not a mental acrobat …that you can explain. But this is something to be experienced in your being, in the [unclear 1:30:21 ]of your personality and that When it happens you just become quieter in the whole[unclear 1:30:30 ]. that is what we have experienced after self-realisation all of us. And it gives you also the self-realisation and it is remarkable …So now you can see what Sahaja yoga can do to all, how it can give a new dimension of an accord which is never seen before …Such an accord is established …Even if you do not know the A, B, C of those even if you have never been in any of your school or Sahaja yoga …Even if you have never heard[ 1:31:10 unclear]still What it tells your spirit you can enjoy this music as you know that Indian Music and Western Music is all nothing but spirituality So we are all enjoying the ocean of joy I am very thankful to both of my children for playing such a marvellous work. May God bless them. and let them grow more and more and give more and more joy to all people so that it takes to spirituality.
And spirituality is the congregation of a …anything without spirituality can be more[unclear 1:32:16 / intolerant ]that means alter music …I have seen people who have not little spirituality and have gone through music have gone wrong into all kinds of funny things which have never expected from them[ 1:32:36 unclear]the quality of the great music which is being fallen down with this horrible habit but once you are realised souls then you can do whatever you like …It’s like your complete wings are ready, you can fly wherever you like…And this is What is Self …Spirituality is very important for all artists [unclear Who are 1:32:57 ] whatever way they achieve it, it place boomerang they might develop an ego …they might develop some bad habits, but with the vibrations you see …Just now you sorry…It’s not a little ego … and such an accord and such an understanding…It such a grateful thing And I think my vision of a great age [unclear 1:33:32 ] And I hope you also enjoyed it well …We have to give them a hand ….1:34:01