Sitar Concert

Tilak Smarak Mandir, Pune (India)

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Sitar Concert Talk

Shri Mataji: Please be seated.
The combination of two Yogis played so beautifully together, whith such friendship and understanding, and love. And all of you enjoyed them so much. I felt the collective consciousness had reached its peak today.

Now for music, whatever has to be said, he is so great that in words, it is difficult to put all that. Music is something that you can not express, unless and until you experience it. It is a question of experience. It is not the mental acrobatie that you have to play with. But it is something to be experienced in your being, in the totality of your personality. And that, when it happens, it just becomes vibrated in the whole atmosphere also. That is what we have experienced after Self-realisation, all of us. And it gives you also the Self-realisation. It was really remarkable!

So now, we can see what Sahaja Yoga can do to all, how it can give a new dimension of a rapport, which has never seen before. Such a rapport is established, even if you do not know the A, B, C of music, even if you have never been in any Indian school of music, even if you have never heard such an Indian music. Still, once you have felt your Spirit, you can enjoy this music, because, as you know that Indian music and Western clasical music is all nothing but spirituality.

So, we were all enjoying the ocean of joy. I am very thankful to both of my children for doing such a marvellous work. May God bless them and let them grow more and more and give more and more joy to all people, so that they take to spirituality. [Applause]

And spirituality is the foundation of everything. Anything we use without spirituality, can go into a wilderness [unsure], that you have seen. Also in music. I have seen people who have not be using spirituality and have gone to music, have gone off, into all kinds of funny things which I never expected. Sometimes, you’re so disappointed to see some great musicians falling out with these horrible habits. But once you are a Realised soul, then you may do whatever you like – it’s like you are complete winsdom and you can try whatever you feel.

And this is what it is that spirituality is very important for all artists to achieve [unclear]. Whatever may be their achievements, it may boomerang on them. They might develop an ego, they might develop some bad habits, they might do something. But with Realisation, you see, there’s no [unclear] – they do not [unclear] the ego in them. And there is such a rapport and such an understanding. It’s such a beautiful thing! And I think my vision of a great age, really I felt that it’s showing up. I was just – my heart was dancing with joy and I hope you also enjoyed it very much.

So, we have to give them a hand again. [Applause].