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Pune (India)

1990-12-05 Public Program, Pune, India (Hindi), 81'
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1990-12-05 Music At Public Program, Pune, India (Hindi), 80'
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Sarvajanik Karyakram Date 5 December 1990: Place Pune Public Program Type Speech-Language Hindi 

[English translation from Hindi]

I bow to the seeker of truth! Regarding truth, we must know that truth remains stationed at its place. We cannot change it, amend, organize, or implement it. Sadly, we cannot know it by human senses. That is why we see that there is discrimination in the world. People are fighting amongst themselves because they are blind to the truth. Various activities are cropping up, new thoughts emerging, new agencies, and a new set of questions. This does not concern Indians alone but the entire world. In the entire world there, is one desire crossing the minds of humans that is where are we going? Besides, what we have to achieve?

When I will speak to you about this today, I request you to keep your mind open scientifically. A person with a closed mind cannot be a scientist. Whatever I am telling you please listen to it as a hypothesis. If proven then accept it with honesty. Those who live in India think that they live in bad conditions because they have not yet visited the conditions outside. Hence, they think that problems here can never get over. However, if you go to the developed countries, you will realize what kind of problems are faced by them. In America, which we consider developed 65% of people are suffering from some mental nonsense, you will hardly find anyone in the US who will not blink eyes too much or compress nose or eyebrows while making a conversation. It is very difficult there.

30% have the diseases with no cure and at least 45% are addicted to some substance or the other. You can appreciate their problems only when you meet them and converse with them. Economically and scientifically, these countries have done great development, and some of the very developed nations are Sweden, Switzerland, and Norway. However, there is a competition among them on who will commit more suicides. Therefore, the people who have developed in material things why are they committing suicides. Why are they so unhappy? We should think about why it is so. In India, rate of suicide is negligible. why?

What is the reason for it? Secondly, if you visit America, you cannot wear jewellery; you can be robbed or killed. I was in Los Angeles travelling with Dr. Velikar in the car, He told me to put my head down and not to open the door because a week before 11 men were killed there. I enquired “why?” He said just for fun, took the gun and fired. The life of a man is not respected in such places. Therefore, the people who live in these places are not very happy but an unhappy one.

When I came to Pune, everyone says this person is eating into money that person is eating. I said do people have no food to eat here why they eat money. Everyone here is eating money. How this will do. Outside they do not eat money but they are after their own life. Destroying themselves. Spoiling themselves from within. They identify such ways and agencies by which they can destroy themselves. The reason is that science is one oriented in one direction. Love with science renders them indifferent to a poem, home, family, kids, and society. They consider themselves mechanical with no brains, how will you enjoy living. They say that they have become like those leftover sugarcanes of which the juice has been extracted. We do not understand anything. We have become dry and nothing left in life.

Just like a tree, which becomes very tall and its roots become shallow that they are unable to reach the water source what will become of the tree. The same has happened to the most developed nations. When I look at them I understand only one thing that spiritualism is shallow there, they have no ground to root them. However, if you do spiritualism without science you will also end up in the same way. We should appreciate that they may be rich in terms of money but you are also rich. Especially in Maharashtra where saints have worked so much. We should understand that this rich heritage has been passed on to us from them, and we should attempt to reach and attain all that. If we establish the values inscribed in our heritage, then no matter what development happens you will be stable and will not sway by wrong things. If you lose this heritage and think to develop on science alone then it is as if pulling and throwing out your roots. In their case, they never had it. However, this is not the case with us. It does not mean that we talk of any religion; when religion is enlightened then you are enlightened and you can see the superstition from enlightened religion. The great saints of Maharashtra have worked for dispensing away the blind faith. Shri Sarasvati used to take people on the task who used to sit on the side of the road with sindur to collect money. His faith was not blind faith he had the right to do so. However, those who are blind and drink alcohol on one hand and advice others to check their blind faith, are blind themselves. How can they do it? Impossible. It is like trying what is not your rightful quest. For the last 20 years, work has been done on superstition and caste/category system. Certain castes were marrying only among themselves, that has been broken. Our society is so backwards that there are such wrong believes…. 

What is our Jati/group/caste/category? Jati means या देवी सर्वभूतेषु जाति रूपेण संस्थिता’ it is your nature or your attitude. What are you looking for? That what you are looking for is your Jati. I told you earlier also about Shri Ram, He found/recognised one fisherman, one robber. He did not go into the caste or the group category. Who wrote about Shri Krishna or Gita? You all know Vyas who was the (illegitimate son of a fisherwoman) wrote it. Krishna identified him for it,so that these distinctions disappear. He ate half-eaten beer/cherry of Bhilni (tribal woman). He ate saag/vegetable at servant son Vidur. Why did he do this? To emphasize that there is no Jati by birth but by action.

However, if no one listens or they close their brain then what to do? However, in Sahaj when you get realization this false belief falls off. All Jatis and blind faith are removed. Superstitions are not only in Indian society it is world over. In England, such superstitions are there that you will be unable to understand. However, you have to understand them in depth. You have to get your realization.

Until your consciousness achieves that level, you cannot tell the truth/reality, which is called कैवल्य (Kaivalya/ meaning not clear). In Sahaj yoga when Kundalini awakens your palm gets a cool breeze. Adi Shankaracharya (Great Saint of Hinduism) has very beautifully expressed it as “Saleel am Saleelam” (cool breeze). In the Bible, it is called the “cool breeze of the holy ghost”. All scriptures have one thing in common, that tell to take your realization. Were these people false/lies that they emphasized that you should take your realization? Have a look at their life they were not looting money or throwing a stone. They never did anything wrong in their life. 

Such people are special; you call them saints or Sufi. Sahaj Yoga has been described in the Quran very clearly. When the Day of Judgment come, your hands will speak. It means the chakras in your hands will witness activity. You will know which chakra ae catching. We have three types of channels in us, firstly Vedas, second Surrender/Bhakti/ Payers and the third is a very secret one called ‘Nath’ panthi, very well known to Maharashtrians.

People mug up the books without understanding them. In Nath panthi, one Guru used to awaken the kundalini of only one disciple. They did not talk about Kundalini much with others. Though Adi Shankracharya and before him Shri Markandya has mentioned the awakening of the kundalini. In the times of Shri Gyaneshwar, Nivirit Nath had requested him to break the tradition of kundalini awakening of one Guru to one disciple and to make the kundalini awakening a mass program. Nivirit Nath knew who Shri Gyaneshwar was and his mother before committing suicide had told him to follow Shri Gyaneshwar. Shri Gyaneshwar had said that I will reveal this secret knowledge to the world and in the sixth Chapter of Gyaneshwari, he described the Kundalini. It is in poetry form, so you can interpret it in any manner you want.

However, the sixth Chapter has been forbidden by the people who have controlled the religion. They are useless. They have tortured all saints. They should be ignored because they do not know about the kundalini. This is strange! It is similar to a situation where one does not understand classical music and makes fun of it like a fool. Likewise, they said that no need to read the sixth Chapter. Besides, the great treasure of our nation was in the sixth chapter, which was covered up by these people who were controlling religion. Today because we are fortunate that the day has arrived that, we have achieved it. The love he described, the truth which itself is love, the nectar was described so beautifully you can experience it. Those who raise fingers on Shri Gyaneshwar, I want them to write two lines in such fine and deep thoughts.

You have no such capability. Such a saint who at the age of 23 had written such things in beautiful colloquial language. What do you know understand about spirituality? He used to eat food at the home of Shri Eknath Maharo. Those who considered themselves Bahman without knowing the Brahm had isolated him.If you read his writing, you will feel that somebody is writing unique things, which one may not understand without self-realization. 

The foreigners who join here are not mercenary; these are educated and people with deep spiritual potential/selected people. The description of Shri Shankracharya’s “Beautiful waves” description is not possible by any Indian. However, it is very difficult to teach such difficult language/words but when I came today, how beautifully they were singing. 

It is very difficult for them to speak/distinguish “DA” and “JA”, the tongue was in such a condition, but now you see be it Marathi, Hindi they sing with such ease and write Hindi songs. They listen to our music with such love. It is said that, Indian music came from OMKAR. The OMKAR has been awakened in them. They were indeed taking drugs and alcohol but in one night, they have given up. In Sahaj yoga, a person becomes superman, which is the ultimate end of evolution/development. When you achieve it, you find a great experience within yourself.

When we recite Veda, it means we have to be in the middle Nadi. The one you experience in the middle-Veda. As is said by Namadeva, “भरी न परडी बोधाची” which means that, I will fill ‘it’ in my senses, not in my brain, as it is not the work of latter. Kabir Das has also said that one cannot know ‘it’ through the brain but with Atma and that is the truth. The pure Atma.

Besides, to prove it is in your hands. If Hitler comes and says that give me realization I would say take 100 re-births. We can give only to a seeker, who is inquisitive and polite and desires realization. We cannot force anyone; this is the work of love. Secondly, the entire universe is nurtured by power, power that does all living work. Such beautiful flowers bloom from a plant. How? We do not think about it. We do not think why there is one particular height of a mango tree and other or other trees. The nose and mouth of the man are in proportion to his body, we do not wonder what a magnificent camera our eye is. You cannot create this with science. Science has not created any life afresh. Only the shape of dead things is changed by you, the stage has been made from dead wood and you think that you have done something great. Can you create life? This can be done only after realization when you are connected to Brahm Chaitanya. Who will argue with useless people? Adamant people may stay stuck. People aspiring for spirituality only deserve this.

Sahaj Yog indeed changes one mentally, physically, socially but this does not mean that we are sitting here for curing disease only. Today it turned 6 pm attending sick people since morning. I am troubled. They are cured, but that the disease should be cured of a person who will spread the light later. If the lamp is not going to give light, why repair it. Doctors must be worried that when Mother is curing them without charging, then what will become of us.

However, how many come to Sahaj Yoga? All those who are brainless you (doctors) can keep them give me the intelligent ones. I do not want to bang my head with stupid people. However, those with brains are seekers and with depth in them, I am there for them. Their disease is cured not because of me but by their Kundalini. Why me only, now Sahaj Yogis cure others. Curing Physical ailments are not a great thing, for many wrestlers (physically well) also come to me for peace. 

We talk only of peace and love and it will remain only talk without experiencing them. You will be surprised to know that the light of your spirit has not reached your attention. That is the source of peace and love. That is the source of pleasure. I am here to prove what saints have told. Those who say that there is no God they are unscientific people. Did they find out if God is there or not? It is convenient to believe that there is no GOD so that they can do drugs, corruption, and immorality behind it. To carry on with the activities they do not believe in GOD but when required they touch the feet of GOD. There is no place for such hypocrites and proud people.

This is for those who want their good and spiritual blessings. All our falsehood breaks through realization. God has prepared everything to bless us. Everything is arranged so beautifully, inside us. Kundalini is your mother; after awakening, it (व्यष्टि को समष्टि) perhaps means that it makes one a part of super consciousness/collectivity. The day it happens, we get collective awareness.

Even small children can read the vibrations and tell what problems you have. Mohd. Sahib said your hands would speak. How will that happen? The chakras in your palm and hands. You have to achieve that because, this is for good of your children, city, and world. However, you have to be wise. 

Puna was called Punyapattanam (abode of goodness). Therefore, I thought why not make a home here but the day I set foot so many Bhoots arose. However, I know they will be evicted. One big bhoot has already left and others will follow suit. I am not worried. However, you find a very strange set of people here, they say we are atheists. I ask them why? At least don’t tell others to follow, for what have you achieved? You take alcohol, do all wrong things and then say you do not believe in GOD. No man with clear bright character will do that or say. Mahatma Gandhi did not, saints did not but intellectuals say it but how far can intellectuals reach?

What special have the atheists achieved with brain? Einstein said that at one point he was stuck for the theory of relativity, he admitted that he does not know from where (while relaxing in the garden and watching soap bubble) it dawned him this concept of relativity. He was honest in admitting that he does not know from where? When he can admit then why these petty people say that God is not there. Secondly, I find that people are turning westernized in their clothing, music, living style, fashion; you have to see your circumstance.

Are you not ashamed of wearing such clothes in this environment of Pune? Maximum Indian women who have their haircut are from Pune. They go to the salon, get the same hairstyle, and face as per the fashion. If the fashion is to shave heads, they will follow that also. They are following the fashion blindly, I am surprised at woman, and they are imitating English women. They are in a grip of blind faith, meaningless modernism. The Indian culture is so rich that no matter how much you elaborate on the greatness of our culture it is not sufficient. The women of the country have bound the culture well, not men. Our culture is very high even today in terms of family ethics, social bonding, and love for relations. I have lived 18 years with westerners; you will be surprised that after burying their dead they drink and have a feast. You will find people dancing and celebrating. Do not go to their house on Christmas you will find them all drunk/ down on the bed (the phrase has several interpretations- not sure). Jesus was a Great Spirit; they are respecting him in this manner?

 Besides, we are no less in foolishness. The concept of God is so diverted. Somebody told that week of Satya-(truth) Narayan (God) is going on; there is no need to add “truth” to something, which is true. Will, your mother gets heaven if you give money. Is this money going to be received by money order? During a visit to a village, one person said Mother does not take money. A man gave me 25 Rs. on refusing the man said ok I would give 1 Re. The mind is so clouded that you think that you can give money to God.

Does God know money or bank? So much ignorance is prevalent. They go to religion while they eat tobacco, which is against the vishuddhi chakra, which is the place of Krishna. These devilish people will break your head. They roam about like mad. Then they say they are in meditation. Do they even know what meditation is? The Hare Rama Krishna followers go begging, the followers of God who is Kuber (God of money) are begging they should be ashamed.

This is the place of Krishna. I do not know abuses like Ramdas ji, he had dented these things but to no avail. Any babaji/Guruji comes you all gather around him. Some people think that ringing bell in the temple is sufficient for religion/dharma. The thirst for spirituality is quenched or for some, you do puja after dressing well. People think that they are following Dharma by reading scriptures or building temples. Still, they are suffering they wonder. The place for Guru is in your stomach. Without being connected to God, you think you can talk to him and he can grant you wishes. However, when you are in connection then you know what are your faults and the faults of others. But, you do not tell the person harsh judgemental things but talk in terms of Chakra. You say mother my Agnya Chakra is catching. 

Knowing about oneself is self-knowledge or light of the spirit. You also come to know about others. In India Nanak Sahab, Kabir, Vallabhacharya, have talked about Kundalini. However, all that has gone to dust. However, when I went to Russia where people had never even heard of such things 14-15 thousand came.Around 400 doctors are doing Sahaj Yog there. You can check. 200 scientists said Mother please do not tell about science, we are done with Science. They have broken all limits. They want to achieve spirituality. After attaining it, you cannot suffer any mental or physical loss. 

Your family and the world can benefit from it and you do not have to pay anything then why you do not want to achieve it. It is difficult to understand a man. The Russians got it and they have gone deep in it and enjoying it. I have not done an awakening of kundalini for the first time. It has been done earlier as well, but was only given to one or two persons. Because in the tree of life, you get one or two flowers, but now there are thousands. Thousands flowers can be made; the ambiance/time is such. Forecasts have been there about this, and then why not achieve it? Going back is missing an opportunity of all times. The evolution is going to happen inside us then see what you will become. How powerful, influential, or full of affection. You will enjoy it.

All doubts will fall. You are a great thing. The foreigners who come to Maharashtra believe the one born here must have gone great deeds. We visited the villages; they regarded them very highly, as if they are great souls. I was astonished; I asked them why do you feel so? They said Maa this is Maharashtra which has the Kundalini of the entire earth. To be born here they must have done great deeds in last birth. We did not do so; therefore we were born in such bad countries. We have not recognized ourselves completely. If you take the TV in villages, villagers will not believe it. 

When we are not connected we think that we are nothing much but when realization happens and you are connected then you see what a wonderful thing you are. Then you can imagine what a great thing the creator must have been. Recognize yourself and your powers. Around 2000 people come to Sahaj but they do not develop.

Jesus said some seeds fell on stones and some on waterlogged land and died after geminating. However, some germinated and developed into a tree. In Sahaj Yog, some modern ones do Guru Shopping. Today with Mother then tomorrow elsewhere. Will you go digging well everywhere. People also like Gurus who do not say anything. Do whatever you want but keep providing them with money. They eat money.

Anyone who takes money in the name of God is cannot do God’s work. Money may be needed for arranging venue etc but if someone says for raising kundalini money is required it is like, saying that by burying money in fields the crops will grow. Earth does not take anything from you for giving you so much. Whatever you put in the earth, it germinates. The same love is in all-powerful God everywhere. Do not fall trap to people who say there is no God and neither to false people who want money. The truth should be assessed. For that, we should have Devi power inside to know what truth is. Both plain waterbird and crane are white but Crane has wisdom. 

You have to have the wisdom of separating false from truth. Do not feel guilty. Human can make a mistake. If you were a sinner, you would not be sitting here. So do not think about your faults. For a mother all the children are equal. This is a work of love and happens well. Mother has given simile of Moon to explain that this deep knowledge gradually stabilizes within us. Then there is no doubt. First, you will achieve thoughtless awareness then “Nirvikalp” Samadhi. You will get the gist of our country in Sahaj Yog. Drop all falsehood. Hence, first get your self-realization.

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