Devi Puja: You should have no fear at all

Shrirampur (India)

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India Tour Puja. Shrirampur (India), 12 December 1990.

First I will speak in English and then in Marathi.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

We have come to this place with the idea that we’ll be comfortable in the other place as we were before, but you must have known that there’s a man who is quite devilish, and he has tried to make this funny arrangement just to extract some money from us for doing nothing.

What I have to tell you, that we should remember that when we are doing right in this Kruta Yuga, this is the time when the Paramachaitanya has become active. That’s why it is called as Kruta Yuga. At this time this Power is extremely active. They used to torture the saints in this country and every country who were real people, and they used to also make their lives impossible, because they were lonely people: one saint here, one saint there. But in these modern times we are so many, we have so many Sahaja Yogis all over the world. So first of all we are collectively very strong, and secondly the Brahmachaitanya itself has become active. It’s a very great thing, we must realize it within ourselves, that no amount of cruelty, planning against us, any kind of violence of other people cannot harm us. If they ever try to harm us, they’ll be harmed themselves; apart from that, all our work will go all smoothly. But we should not lose even for a minute our self-confidence and our determination. Above all we must have faith in the Paramachaitanya which is now active. All our complaints, all our problems are because of ourselves. Because we lose faith in ourselves, then all these horrible things happen.(Mataji speaks on Hindi: She tells to one of the Sahaja Yogis to go there as the inspector has arrived, tell him the same thing) And whatever may happen, even when people stoned us it has helped us a lot. Of course some people were hurt a little bit, but doesn’t matter. But the case has been filed, and this horrible organization is under trouble. Nobody could do anything to them. Only when we started our own court case they have become quieter. How things work out for our help, one can see it so clearly, and one should have full faith in oneself to understand that God is with us and He is all-powerful.

So many examples you can give and so many examples I can give, and I can tell you that it is only our diffidence which makes problems for us. Now supposing there was a snake. There’s nothing to be afraid of. No snake can bite any Sahaja Yogi. They are more sensible than these devilish people. When I was in Gandhi Ashram we were supposed to get up at four o’clock. Gandhiji was a great disciplinarian. He was not like Me. So everybody had to take bath, and by five o’clock we had to go to the Prarthana (prayers). And in the Prarthana place, even reaching there we could see so many snakes crawling around, and we were supposed to just go to the Prarthana place without complaining. And sometimes you would find a snake just sitting before you like this, and you were supposed to keep quiet and do the Prarthana. But nobody was beaten up. All these years I was there, used to visit that place, I must have seen so many snakes; otherwise I have never seen otherwise snakes much in life. But that’s the only time I have seen snakes sitting just like this before some of the meditators, and trying to enjoy their meditation.Snakes understand vibrations – they love coolness. Once I had gone to a village and My husband had gone a little ahead; was sitting on a bridge – there were some steps there – sitting like this; and a big python like that started moving under My foot, under My legs. I saw it moving, such a thick one like this. It moved. It didn’t do anything to Me, I know it cannot; because it likes the coolness and it was enjoying very nicely moving. It took about one-and-a-half minutes.

So first of all we have to realize that we are Sahaja Yogis, specially blessed people, that we have got Realization which very few people have got in this world.And secondly that all the animals understand us. They understand us better than human beings, because they are under the control of God Almighty. I’m never afraid of a tiger, never afraid of any lions, nothing. I’m never afraid. But if I see a madman or a drunkard, specially a drunkard, I’m not afraid but I get repulsed, because I think this man has such bad vibrations. Because animals never drink. Even a mad dog is better than a madman. So we have to understand that we are not under the control of God that much, because God has given us freedom. But now we are not only under the control of this Paramachaitanya, but the Paramachaitanya looks after us every minute, and that’s how things work out. There’s so many instances of this kind of thing. But if your faith is wavering, if you are frightened, then you have to a little bit understand that you are not to be frightened. Things have worked out. So many people can tell you so many things. Swiss people were to come for a Puja in Pune. I knew they were to come. They never informed us but I knew, and I was postponing the Puja as much as I could. These people took a taxi from Bombay and they came up to Pune, and they wanted to go to Pratishthana. This they knew, the taxi fellow knew. But instead of going to Pratishthana he took them to another place, Bhugaon, where we all were camping. And these people saw, so they just got down. He said: “No, no, this is not Pratishthana”. He said: “This is the place we had to come.” And they were just right in time there.

I mean, you can all write so many things, how God has helped you in every way possible: monetarily, as protection, as blessings from all sides. So to solve the problem, we don’t have to worry. Actually we should have no problems at all. Some people start thinking that by logical deductions they can find out things. They cannot, because you are at a level that logic doesn’t work. You are at a level where Brahmachaitanya works, and it has its own logic. So do not try to resolve anything by logic. First thing your connection with the Spirit will be lost, your connection with the joy will be lost, your connection with the vibrations will be lost. So there is no logical conclusion, but the Divine logic takes over. That doesn’t mean that you are a slave, but on the contrary you are the great guest in the Kingdom of God. There’s a difference between the two attitudes. Supposing I come here, so they want that they should garland Me. I can say: “I’m not your slave, why should you garland Me?” They may say: “We’d like You to come for a procession.” I may say: “I cannot come, I’m sorry. I’m free. I will do what I like. How can you decide for Me?” But I am their guest and they are inviting Me to honor, to look after Me, for protection. If something you people try to do for My protection, should I say that it is slavery? Of course you know that I don’t need any protection, but still you try to protect Me. It’s all right, I don’t mind, because if that gives you pleasure I don’t mind, and I don’t feel that way about it, as if I have become now a slave of all the Sahaja Yogis. You fix Me up and I am moving like a shuttlecock all the time. I never grudge, never grumble. All right, I accept it, whatever you say. You are not doing to harm Me in any way, or to be disrespectful, but you are trying to help Me out in a way that I should be able to achieve greater capacity to work, and a greater facility. How can I not understand that?

So you have to have that kind of an intelligence to feel the existence of that All-pervading Power all round us. You have seen so many photographs. You have seen on top of your heads there is Light. Though mentally you accept, but in the heart you do not. Those people accept in the heart, I know them, and those who do not accept, I know them. Those who accept Me never allow Me to say: “Why didn’t you do this?” Whatever I say they will do, because now they have accepted Me from their heart.

Like yesterday it was a simple thing: I bought these caps for you. So many didn’t buy, I was surprised. I went all the way to buy, to protect your heads. Why didn’t you buy them? They’re worth nothing: three, four rupees is what? – Nothing. Or the dhotis I bought for you. All the way – I don’t mind if you don’t want to buy, but it’s surprising they didn’t buy. You could have worn them today and you would have looked very nice. Of course you have freedom; it’s worth nothing; but it shows how far you are there. Mother has bought it with such love, She has selected for us, it’s worth nothing. I could have given you them as presents also, but I just wanted to test. And this is how the testing comes. After all there’s no harm in wearing a cap in this heat; it’s better to wear the cap. And also to have a dhoti is better because that’s the dress of this country, and whatever is the dress of the country, that is more suitable for this country. It’s very hot here and the dhoti, which is a cotton dhoti or a, even a silk dhoti, is a beautiful thing to wear. But I don’t want to force anything on you, but it is you who are judged also, that such a small thing like a cap… Now how many of you did not buy the cap? Raise your hands. All right. So give them presents! And how many of you didn’t buy the dhotis? Should I give you presents? Please buy… It’s finished – all right, so I’ll get you more. But they are very comfortable and beautiful, they’re very nice, so beautiful, you’ll enjoy them. All right. 

So small, small things can express our attention very small things. Like such a great sky is there, and when you look at it every leaf, supposing there is a tree, every leaf can be seen against that sky. In the same way Sahaja Yoga is such a great thing. But it shows every small curves, and every delicate behavior. Of course there’s no challenge, no personality insult or in any way. But the more you understand Sahaja Yoga, the deeper you go into it, you will know that everything, whatever is done in Sahaja Yoga is for your benevolence. Nothing else, it’s for your benevolence. And that this Power is so well-equipped with everything. And you must have full faith in yourself and in this Power, that whatever you do and whatever you want, or whatever is your forward movement, everything is looked after, guided, organized, arranged for you beforehand. Thus you’ll be surprised how you are looked after.

Now especially for ladies, there’s one of the assets of ladies is to be frightened and another is to cry. So of course I too cry sometimes, but never at my own discomfiture. Never at my own pain, only when others are pained; then my eyes, being collective, start just pouring uncontrolled tears. But for myself, I never cry. For my pain, even if I want to I cannot. I cannot. Just my body cannot. The second thing you must know, I am also a woman, I am never afraid of anything whatsoever. Of course, animals I have already told you. Except for the drunkard – you don’t know how he’ll behave, because not easy, not senses. I’m not afraid of anything whatsoever. In the same way, you have to know that your Mother is with you and you should have no fear at all. And then to boast of your fear is nonsensical. Once you realize how powerful you are, and how much you are connected to that Power which is so powerful and all-pervading, which does all the living work, you will never get any one of these funny ideas which are to be left behind. You have to cross the threshold of these conditionings that you have had. Just open your heart and see for yourself where are you sitting, where have you reached, under what blessings you are here.

May God bless you.

[Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi]

What I was telling them is we say that God is all-powerful. We know that, means we know that from our childhood. And we worship Him with devotion and do puja and everything. But how powerful he is, if we have any idea then we will never be afraid or scared of anything. He spins the entire world on this one finger. So if we get into the kingdom of the all-powerful God Almighty, who can trouble us? Who will have the courage to trouble us?  Simply by giving bandhan to that person once or that being, if we cannot put them in place in one bandhan then let me know that Mother we gave him bandhan. But there must be stability in you. Because if the machine itself is bent or broken then what is the use of that machine and if it is crying then even worse. So if you are bold courageous, nobody will dare to even touch your hair or harm you in any way. We should keep that in mind. We think that God is sitting around somewhere, but it is not so. 

Through Sahaja Yoga, He has now come to Kruta yuga and in Kruta yuga, the Bramhachaitanya (all pervading power) has started working. That is the reason we are able to work this out easily. Yesterday we saw that people who have not even heard of me got their realization within five minutes. How did this happen? All of them came for the procession just sat somewhere and everyone got their realization. How is this possible? But once we get our realization we should be capable enough to go deep into that. Also in our country we are under very wrong impression and we have collected lot of dirt when it comes to dharma and guru. This is very distressing. So to repair our machines, we have to pay attention to all these things. 

Like Gyaneshwar has said ‘Niranjan Pahane” means to look at things in a witness state. Just as a witness. Is it so? Have you done this? Have you done that? Then we will realize what kind of nonsense and confusion we have been carrying in our heads. You should try doing this, desire so and it will work out. 

Once a gentleman by the name Shukla came to meet me in Madras, just for a year not much. Then he came to Mumbai and he is holding a high post. He once got a telegram that his mother is very serious and she is going to die of cancer. He immediately left to meet his mother at Rohtak. The doctor told him that she will die within three days and she is suffering from galloping cancer. He was wondering what to do now as it was no use to keep her in the hospital. So he said Mother I just came home, sat in front of your photograph and prayed, please cure my mother. But what depth that man had, instead of dying within three days his mother was immediately cured. He got her to Mumbai. And in Mumbai after showing her at the cancer hospital, the doctor said she doesn’t have any cancer. Then I met him. So unless you don’t have that depth, unless to don’t go that deep this will not work out.

If it is half hearted then like Sant Ramadas has said that if you are shortsighted then you are gone. There is no need to show off your intelligence. God’s blessings are in plenty but there has to be a giver and there has to be a receiver. Otherwise what will the giver do? Things happen and work out instantly. You all know that I don’t have any secretary or organization and I don’t know anything. I have no idea about the money they take for making all the arrangements etc, but things get done. And anything that happens needs to be witnessed like a drama. Something good will come out of it. There is some reason why it is happening, you will come to know the reason later.

But until and unless you don’t dedicate yourself through meditation and go deep within, whatever I say will be only words (proverb in Marathi –bolachach bhaat ani bolachi khadi- meaning words said and listened only for the sake of listening). And with this idle and empty head you get all kind of unwanted thoughts. So this has to be given up and you should be able to get into thoughtlessness. Because your spiritual growth is possible on through thoughtlessness. You should remember this. Without going beyond thoughts you cannot attain spirituality. So in meditation unless you become thoughtless you have not attained anything, you should remember this and we should progress in that thoughtless meditation.

I have said many times that Maharashtra is the foundation of spirituality, for the whole world, the universe and the spreading of spirituality will be from Maharashtra itself. I told these people we can go to other places also and arrangements can be made. But these people want to come to Maharashtra only. The plight of Maharashtra is getting worse day by day and I feel ashamed of it. But they like Maharashtra and want to come to Maharashtra only. And the program does not get organized anywhere else. They can feel the vibrations and they are aware where the vibrations are. And we are not able to see it, we have all the heritage and inspite of being born in a country where the Kundalini of the world resides, in this Maharashtra we are not yet aware of this so how will we even know about the God himself. I don’t say this just for the sake of saying. The culture of Maharashtra is such that it may have been spoilt by the Brahmins by doing all sins or unrighteous things and they also created different castes later. Inspite of this foolishness, our culture and moral values can save the whole world. 

These people have no moral values ​​in their culture and even if the moral values exists in our North India, because of the stupidity of Muslims the moral values ​​of those people is different. But though in Maharashtra I would say we have to be thankful to Shri  Shivaji Maharaj for that. Now going forward if you all realize that the treasure of this great wealth will benefit the entire world, it is such a big responsibility. It doesn’t matter how we behave, it depends on how deep we are inside and where our Kundalini has reached, and how much consciousness flows through us.

That way Marathi people are straightforward (out spoken). Even while talking they are very out spoken, not a problem. It could be with Hindi language also, and they speak also that way. And people like it. That is not a problem. But the problem is that we have so many saints who have explained things and we without realizing even after being in Sahaja Yoga, we fast, we shave off our head, what all nonsense we do. Keep fast for this thing, that thing. Many men here still tell me that their wives keep fasting 16 Mondays. Your mother or her mother may have done but what have they got out of it. Who has told you, you have to fast and give us the money. And people in Maharashtra are so fond of fasting that God himself says ok if you are so fond of fasting then be it. You all want to fast so accept this poverty and die of hunger. Then there is no need to fast as it is you can get all the blessings. If you all think that if a person remains hungry by fasting and we will get all the blessings then it is wrong. 

Until the Lakshmi principle is not awakened within you completely or is not satisfied, the Mahalakshmi principle will not be awakened. It means a person must be eager to know what to do next. And one of the principles of Lakshmi is to eat to ones content and not fast. It means the craze for fasting has to be stopped especially the ladies. Suppose a child may not eat if he is angry with his mother. So if you want to trouble your mother then you should fast. The how will you come in to Sahaja Yoga, how will you grow in Sahaja Yoga? 

Now with these men it’s like they are addicted to tobacco, they say what to do Mataji, we are used to it. They cannot remain without having tobacco, no matter how dirty their mouth is or all their teeth fall out or even if they get cancer. The habit will not go easily, even on his death bed he will say put some tobacco on the body if he dies. Otherwise if he wakes up from his death bed, he will have trouble without having tobacco. And this habit is demonic. But how to give up this habit? These people when they can give up all the dirty habits then why can’t you all?  In other cases however, we are strong. When it comes to caste then we are ready with a sword to fight. But if there is someone shouting at a woman, from a distance you will come to know that this is definitely a Maratha talking there. But when it comes to tobacco even he is a Collector he will ask his peon and borrow some tobacco from him. He doesn’t realize his own respect. This tobacco is a real curse on us. Even women have the habit of applying tobacco on their teeth. And men should also completely stop the habit of having tobacco. 

Secondly we are Vishwa Dharmi and we have no caste or creed. Caste should mean what the Devi says “ya devi sarva bhuteshu jaati roopena sanstitha”. Means that Her attitude that flows through everyone is the caste. Otherwise, some Brahmin will go and rule and Maratha will go and wash the dishes. Because they know what their caste is, that is, Brahmins rule, they are actually Kshatriyas, but they call themselves Brahmins. 

You will realize all these scam when you know that you are a Vishwadharmi. In Vishwadharma there is only one caste and that is Sahaja Yogi. A Sahaja Yogi should get married within Sahaja Yoga. But still there are many people in Maharashtra who do not get married within Sahaja Yoga. And once they get married outside Sahaja Yoga then they say Mataji we are being tortured, for what, for dowry. Then why did you get married? Did I say so? And they also beat up the girls and send them home. Then again they want to get married within the caste. You all have become Vishwadharmis and there is only justice in Vishwadharma, no injustice. 

Nobody should be wronged or there should be no injustice on anyone that is Vishwadharma. You all should love each other. If a woman becomes a widow, she becomes sad. But when it comes to man he waits until 13 days are over and on the 14th day itself he is ready to get married. There is no widowhood for him. Who has done all this? Has God done all this? In Sahaja Yoga we don’t believe in widowhood. If any woman thinks that she is a widow then she is not a Sahaja Yogini. She should apply kumkum on her forehead. We don’t believe in widowhood and we consider it our ultimate duty to get married off the widows.

Then there is superstition (blind faith). There is a superstition in our own religion but there is a terrible superstitious belief amongst Christians. Muslims are even worse. They are fanatics and it can be seen openly. But Christians are secretive. They will do it secretly. We won’t be able to see. We call ourselves Indians but there is no answer to all the religious fanatism (dharmandhata) that exists.

But if we go south, we can see what nonsense is going on there in the name of God. What all is done in the name of God. Why do they pretend? Shaving off a woman’s hair, asking her to roll over in the whole temple and pour water on her, I am unable to bear all these nonsense that we do in the name of God. Take up Devdasi, get young girls and not letting them marry and use them. It is still prevalent there in the name of God in the name of Guru. A person who has such sexual feeling and greed for money, how can he become your guru? There are some people who after coming to Sahaja Yoga also go behind such horrible people. They then get troubled by this and I should cleanse them. If something goes wrong, I have to cleanse them again. I have to keep doing this my entire life.

We have become Vishwadharmis. These people (foreigners) have learnt a lot of things from us so we should also learn from them. They have discipline, submission (to surrender themselves to Sahaja Yoga) and they have sacrificed everything and stood for Sahaja Yoga. Left all their past and stood for Sahaja Yoga. Not just that, they have also read everything that is required for Sahaja Yoga. There are people who have written about Quran, about Bible after coming to Sahaja Yoga. They are so helpful to Me as if they are My own hands or My own eyes. It’s like everything of theirs is Mine. Anything I say, it’s ready. I ask how to do this, it’s ready how to do that, it’s ready. They are such wonderful people. And they don’t even know Ganapati’s G. So are they some great people to be born in that country? Whether they had the duty to save the countries in which they were born? Or if some great people from our country were born there. I wonder sometimes. They are great scholars and highly educated people. They live in luxurious houses they have cars. But when they come here they are ready to sleep anywhere. So we need to learn from them. They have learnt quite a lot from us and it is quite visible. But we need to pay attention to what have we learnt from them. 

See now you all were feeling hot but suddenly there is cool breeze. Everything is looked after only we need to know that Kruta yuga has started and we are special, we are Sahaja Yogis. So forget all your past. All that is ill-gotten values. Now we have to clothe ourselves with the values of Sahaja Yoga. That will make you spiritually beautiful. There are 7 pujas and every second day there is a puja. I face inconvenience during puja because you people don’t absorb vibrations totally. So in today’s puja just remember what I have told you all.

To start with if you have to be Sahaja Yogis, you have to give up whatever burden you have carried on your head. Just surrender your children and everything to God. Everything will work out beautifully. All these ideas which are there in your heads, which we have carried for so many years, people have fought for it to go away, but it doesn’t go away easily. We should forget everything now in the light of Sahaja Yoga. And what impression they have about us, we should prove that. They will realise it. 

They still don’t know another curse we have is the disagreement amongst brothers. They don’t know the language. They don’t know that we are capable of breaking each other’s neck. If we don’t progress also it is fine but the other should not grow. This aspect they don’t know. They think we are saintly people, very good people who don’t quarrel with each other. This is what they think of us. Now what do I tell them? All the time there is conspiracy as to how to pull the others down. What is the benefit here? Let all this filth remain in politics not in Sahaja Yoga.

I always talk about this disagreement amongst brothers but often it goes over the head. But People don’t understand that we can’t get the power of Sahaja Yoga if we continue to argue or disagree. I point out that every time you discuss about someone else, you think about what I would have done if I had been in their place. I am not like that I don’t think that way. Why should we die for these people, do we need Sahaja Yoga no I don’t I think what these people need, what do they want, what should I give them I never think what I want, I am different I think.

Until now I have not asked my husband to get something for me. He also says I have never seen a wife like you But I don’t need anything. I keep thinking what you all need. I understand how you all will act in this situation that is why I love you. What else can a human do in this situation? You all should also think about each other in a similar way and spread love. You should spread love amongst each other. So look at these people they have come from so many different countries and how much they love you. Yesterday you all saw when they met the villagers how they were poorly clothed and still they were hugging each other. Inspite of telling them to go they were still around hugging each other. They understand love so much but if we don’t understand the mutual love then what is the use. We must even educate the children. They should share things with others, love others. This argument and disagreement between brothers should end in Maharashtra through Sahaja Yoga. We are all one and are the children of the same Mother. What else a Mother need? She just wants her children to be in bliss and joy. Nothing else. 

My infinite blessings to all of you