Shri Chakra and Shri Lalita Puja

Brahmapuri (India)


Shri Lalita and Shri Chakra Puja, Brahmapuri near Satara (India), during India Tour 1990/91, 17 December 1990.

The knowledge about Kundalini has been expressed in many Sanskrit Shastras since long and also in Ayurveda it is described, not only that but the books which are for curriculum talk about Kundalini and the chakras, because Ayurveda is very, very close to Sahaja Yoga. Even in the western medicine to begin with, you should see the history they took to -dealt with three doshas. They dealt with three problems that we have as in Ayurveda. The right side which has got Pitta means bile; left side which has got Kapha means phlegm, and the central part, the problems of vayu means the gases.
Now luckily so many western people have taken to Sahaja Yoga and have tried to bring down all the permutations and combinations to the simple reasoning of left, right and centre. But the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga is absolutely basics; even in Ayurveda is one step away from reality, of which it says the fundamentals. So you are dealing with the fundamentals of which a human being is built. And if this knowledge was found out long time back in India should we not accept it?
The reason why people went into meditation in those days and found out all these deeper things within ourselves, because they didn’t have to fight the nature. You have seen here nature how beautiful it is. You can spend all your life under a tree, while in the West, even before getting out of the house you have to take at least 15 to 20 minutes to be prepared to go out. It’s quite a struggle.
So the nature has been so kind and that is the reason people took to meditation and found out all these deeper things within themselves. When they found it out it was all written in Sanskrit language. I have such a big thick book on this, which has described all the Shakti, Pithas and all the Shri Chakras, Brahma chakra, lalita chakras and all that. But this was just written down, but hardly any person got realisation. But in any other language like Marathi or Hindi which was spoken and written by common people nothing was done.

Nobody knew about it; only a few people who read about it. Especially the Shaiwas, they went into the research and they went into the world. But very few people really got realisation; very, very few.

Then in the 12th century, only the Nath Panthis, who were experts of Sanskrit, who were following it rigidly, that one master, should have one disciple not more than that. This was their tradition.

But in the 12th century Ganadeva,Gnaneshwara, who was another Nath Panthi, his guru was his own brother, he asked the permission from his brother that please allow me to say all these things openly. At least to say in Marathi language because the common people don’t know anything about this knowledge. So he allowed him and he wrote the 6th chapter of Gnaneshwari in which he described Kundalini. But it was in the 12th century.

After that many saints described and talked about it. Where we went yesterday to Satara, you know that’s the place where Shri Ramdasa lived. He said that Kundalini -there somebody asked him “How much time does it take to raise the Kundalini?” -he said that Tatshan. Means that moment. But the person who wants to take it should be deserving and the one who wants to give should be capable. It’s a big condition. This is such a big if- a capital if I tell you. As a result very, very few peop1e got their realisation, and those who were born as realised souls found it impossible to talk to people.

Gnaneshwara, such an enlightened soul himself wrote one beautiful book called “Amruta Anubhar” which I will try to translate, which is very joy giving. To me at least it’s very great joy giving. He went so deep into the understanding of this joy. I wish English language would provide me that subtlety to translate that book.

That he wrote all these things when he was only 23 years of age and at the age of 23 years he got so fed up that he took a living Samadhi that is he entered into a cave and killed himself. They all tortured him very much. Nowadays this ‘Andha Shraddha’, stupid thing, is not tortured as much, but all these saints in this country or any country have been very much tortured, and there was no police protection. There was no one to publish about what these people are up to.

Despite all that, I find there are many Sahaja Yogis who are now occupying very big positions in the government and a day may come when everything will explode. The biggest problem of our country is something you cannot understand because you don’t have this problem. The amount of corruption we have from A to Z for everything. That you cannot understand, I mean I have never known any country where they have this to such an extent. Even say in Philippines, it was only one person who was doing it.

Here every person has to get the money and has to pay the money to hire Johns. For this also unless and until you get to Sahaja Yoga it won’ t work out. And Sahaja Yoga can only be worked out if people understand that it is their heritage and that they have the capacity to understand Sahaja Yoga and capability to spread it. In north India it is much better, although the vibrations in Maharashtra are much better; it is something funny. Vibrations in Maharashtra are very good. The people in the north India are very good Sahaja Yogis and they are many, many, many in number. We can’ t say, even in Bombay we get about 12000 people for my programmes, but still the way it is spreading in North India is very surprising. Also it is spreading. This is Satara because it was blessed by Ramdasa, this district. I think every where there is a flower there has to be thorns and this district has got some really very bad culprits. Ahmednagar is much better. Aurangabad we are doing much better; it will work out in Aurangabad much better.

And then if you go to the other side Berhar- from where I come is going to work out very fast. Things are moving very fast there. I was amazed so many people have told me that in Amravati so many are Sahaja Yogis and in Akola, so many are there. I was surprised, I have never been there.

So that is how it is spreading in Maharashtra. So your song of Maharashtra Desha is working out. It’s not failing. But I think Satara is the most difficult place. Where we worked out yesterday I gave them left and right as to what they are. It has helped them a lot, because those who came to Aapoe sat down and got their Realisation.

So they are misleading people to start some sort of a new culture, like you started hippism. And they are collecting young people, that young people are leaving their schools. Some parents come and complained to me about it. They are not paying attention to their studies, they are failing in their classes and these people are stupidly using them. I asked some of the boys “what is your policy?” He said “We have no policy”. “Then what is your aim?”. “We have no aim”. “Then why are you doing this nonsense?” They said because whatever the elders tell us, we do it.” I said: “Have you no personality? Nothing?”

It’s exactly what happened when this hippy movement started. Some so-called intellectuals started this horrible hippy movement in the West and when they found they cannot do anything about it, they found it’s going to fail. So many children lost their education. So many children I know became pregnant; girls and boys started squatting.

All that took them to the extreme that they became violent. But unless and until there is a change within yourself, how can you change anything outside? You cannot. And the first 7 people I fought, were all hippies; very difficult. They called themselves hippies but they used to honk like a pig. They wanted all the comforts, everything free, extremely dominating and quarrelsome people. But the foundation was laid on them. Very surprising. But I had to work on them for at least 4 years regularly.

So that is how Sahaja Yoga started and today you know how much it has spread, how far it has gone. Only in Maharashtra this problem is there of so-called intellectuals, they call themselves, but they have no intelligence. I talked to one man. I got fed up. He didn’t know anything about spirituality, he didn’t know anything about medicine, he didn’t know anything about science. I said “Now what do you know?” It was impossible.

So such people who are jobless, we call them ‘recanting’, they have no work. They are starting all such things and we should not be upset with them. They are trying to create problems and they are getting money from some sources. They are afraid. I think the politicians are afraid, perhaps that Sahaja Yoga may turn their tables down, because we believe in honesty and maybe a day may come when these honest people might harm them, perhaps. I do not know why. This may be one of the reasons why people are frightened of us.

Or whatever it is we have to understand that for doing any great work, one has to sacrifice. Of course you are not going to be crucified like Christ, no. Nor do you have to sacrifice as my parents sacrificed for the independence of this country. Nor are you going to be tortured. But little inconveniences you may have. But I must thank you very much because of your coming here and singing Marathi songs. They are quite impressed and they think it’s only possible because you are all Sahaja Yogis otherwise you could not have done it. So if there are any inconveniences, think that it is a joke, that’s all.

Today I was thinking we should do the Puja of Shri Chakra and Lalita Chakra which we have never done. This is the right place to do these two chakras today. A lot has been written about Shri Chakra, and about Lalita Chakra, but to understand fundamentally the left side when it reaches up to Vishuddhi, then it uses on the right side the Shri Chakra, on the left side the Lalita Chakra, to manifest itself. These two chakras are the ones who manifest all that you see. But these chakras are the ones who emit vibrations of different kinds and because of their angularities, like if you have some sort of a cardboard attached with small-small holes of different colours which rotates all the time, you get different colours, also you can get different permutations and combinations. In the same way different permutations and combinations are created, and that is how you get all the advantages of Sahaja Yoga.

So these two chakras are very important. I do not know if you know of any mantras about Shri Chakra but I’ll give you a book. Later on I’ll translate it to you and you can compose something for Shri Chakra. Shri Chakra on the right side, Lalita Chakra on the left side.

So what we are really worshipping today is Maha Saraswati Power and Maha Kali Power both put together. So now we’ve started combining things, not individually. Now these two energies are very important. Without the energy, without the power, nothing exists, for example if this light had no power to give light or to burn it is useless. In the same way without getting your realisation, you are useless, because your power is not awakened. At least not completely.

But these two powers, give us lots of benefits even without realisation. Whatever you see in this world created is done by these two chakras of the Adi Shakti. But here the power doesn’t move, it’s not moving. But in the human being the power starts moving, and when it starts moving then we can say it is creating another world.

But movement is not the only thing. This power acts, gives you intelligence, gives you all kinds of things which you have as human beings. But later on this power itself becomes enlightened within you. In the left and right side both become enlightened.

This enlightenment, you get it when you get yourself realisation, but not immediately, not immediately, this one should understand. For example, if you have pain, or if your chakra is catching, you have to use your hands. You cannot say that, ‘the energy is flowing within me, it’s alright, I can manage’, it’s not like that.

You have to use your hands to impart that power to yourself or to others. If you have pain in the stomach, then you can say that if there’s energy in my stomach why should I have pain in the stomach? But the play of these chakras has to come, and that is why you have to use your power of your hands. If you cannot use your hands then you cannot impart this energy.

Many people have asked me, that Mother, when will it move horizontal? It will move horizontal no doubt, it does, but even that horizontal movement is to be guided by these two very important chakras.

So you must understand the importance of these two chakras within yourself. That’s why I have told many a times, don’t move your head too many times, and this way many people talk, this style of talking, “no, this, that,” very common with French specially. That’s another way you are not respecting your chakras, shouldn’t move your shoulders too much. Mostly they talk like this, its anti-chakras, anti-chakras. Should keep your shoulders straight. When you are singing you can move your whole upper part, is all right, but not your shoulders. This is the thing, one has to understand, that these two centres are to be looked after. You can move your neck, your body when you are singing, is important, that helps, but not your shoulders.

Shoulders are to be kept intact, but while saying just yes, you need not go on “yes, yes, yes, yes.” Is very very simple thing, but it can have a very bad effect, and those who move their shoulders too much do not feel vibrations much because the chakras are not alright.

It’s a very simple thing to be understood that they are the most important chakras we have and whatever is to be used out of this Paramachaitanya, they have to be used by these two centres. Even supposing your some chakra is catching on your spinal cord, you have to use your hands. Somebody can say, “I can just put my attention.” Doesn’t work out, that good. Because yet your attention has not that, reached that stage where these chakras, like Lalita Chakra and Shri Chakra obey your attention, they do not. So you have to work out with your hands, be careful, don’t move your shoulders too much.

And, if you see now Indians when they sing bhajans, they move the whole body. They’ll do like this, but never their shoulders. The shoulders will move in the same way as the neck is moving. They might move their neck also. But they’ll never move their shoulder like this, and it’s regarded as inauspicious according to Indian standards.

Because of this culture, based on what the saints have told, and also about many seers have told, it is more related to spiritual life than to materialistic life. Now the materialistic life, unless and until there is the foundation of the spiritual life, takes you to a very partial development, we can say. But to get a full development, you must have your foundation on spirituality. That’s why spirituality being the foundation has to be deep, has to be fully equipped, has to be absolutely perfect. Then the whole building can be built. It’s gone wrong in the West, doesn’t matter, now you can build it up, and then, you’ll be surprised how you become really solid people.

This is a very short talk about Shri Chakra. I think I should sit down and write all about it, and it will be nice handy thing for you to read.
But you must know, that, beyond thought when you go, these chakras become extremely efficient, because the thought puts a pressure on them, and because of the pressure the movement of these chakras is very slow and ineffective. But once you can get out of your thoughts and go into thoughtless awareness, then these chakras start working it out and you start moving much deeper into your own being.

[End of talk 1]

[Talk 3; 4:35 minutes.]

I am sorry I had to talk in Hindi because most of them are Hindi going people. I’ve just told them what is the importance of Bombay and why so many incarnations came here. And why Shri Rama had to walk in the villages and heal Sandesh of Maharastra [unsure], what was the need. And the need is that they should all develop their Sahaja Yoga.
Also, this will be the last puja for all of you in India. I hope you all have gained a lot in these different pujas and these different places you have been to.

Only thing is that, want to remember that Krita Yuga has started. Now Kali Yuga is over, Krita Yuga has started. And in this Yuga, [remember] that the Param Chaitanya is absolutely effective and very efficient. Now if you do anything wrong, it will punish you. It may not punish immediately but it will give you a suggestion, it will give you a proper signal that something is going wrong with you. But if you do not want to control your footsteps, then you may go down very fast. So you have to be very careful about that.

Actually, I have told you some many times like that there are two forces working, one which attracts you inside one which throws you out. So, it is important for all of us, all of us to remember that this Krita Yuga is there and in that this Param Chaitanya is overacting. Also, you are evolving. You have been telling Me so many stories how Sahaja Yoga worked out, how sahaj it has happened. All of you have been telling Me very nice stories. But it is part of your playing Sahaja Yoga and that you’re placed in the kingdom of God. So in the kingdom of God, you are there, try to enjoy it. That’s the only thing you have to do is to enjoy the kingdom of God. But if you try to, sort of, dislocate yourself from this joy, break the connexion of joy by some sort of a thinking which is not reality, then, you are responsible for yourself.

So, I have to tell you that keep the connexion on. Not only that, but try to make it stronger and stronger. And become one with that Divine force permanently, which will flow through you and will – not only enlighten you but will give you so many powers. And you will see this new life in this new year.

Yesterday, as I requested you, we have to work it out now. Individually, we have to go all out to see that we spread Sahaja Yoga and talk about it. On this day I give you complete freedom o do what you like to spread Sahaja Yoga. You need not ask Me any permissions and you can try everything that you want to. But it should be something decent, should not be something indecent and something that is not behooving a Sahaja Yogi. Even if you have to write letters around and say so, anything, even if you have to show the anger, it should be done in a very decent and a beautiful manner. And it should show that it’s a Yogi who is talking.

Then, other things, whatever problems you have will be solved in no time. But the main problem is yourself, which should be solved by you, a meditative method. And so much attention we are paying to all our extracurricular activities, but that will definitely fail. It will boomerang on you if you do not have a foundation of Sahaja Yoga.

It’s very important to keep attention on your Spirit all the time, so that, whatever you are doing, whatever you are projecting has the base and you just don’t get lost. This is a very important thing and I’m sure that you will understand that without the nourishment from the roots, you cannot grow. So this nourishment must be kept alive.
May God bless you. Thank you very much.