Press Conference

Circuit house, Kolhapur (India)

1990-12-20 Press Conference, Kolhapur, India (Marathi), 76'
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Press conference, Kolaphur, India, 20-12-1990

From an ancient time, there is the power of Kundalini has been described in our country.

Now let me tell you how many books it’s given now since we have not read Sanskrit we don’t know about it. Page 427 Take this book now. There is a lot. Hans Upadesh Now Yoga Chuda Mani, written by Adi Shankaracharya, What he wrote in that book Yoga Chuda Mani, in which he has given Tatwik (Real and truth) and ideological discussion, there was a Dharmamartand named Sharma., he gave him hard time, then he let off that and wrote a booked named Saundarya Lahari, then Trishik Brahmani(not clear the word), Dhyan Bindu, then Yog Kundalini Upadesh, means Kundalini, Many Upanishads, Devi Bhagwat, Ling Purana, Agni Purana, then Shankaracharya’s Saundrya Lahari

Apart from him Markandeya from Maharashtra, Markandeya where he was from .now we don’t know. What we have in Maharashtra, I am going to tell you now what we have in Maharashtra

. The three and a half Peethas, which are in Maharashtra that was written in our Scriptures

Now this is Kaylan means Welfare, Auspicious written in Hindi, it’s a vast study

We know everything in Marathi but these people have done a lot of work in Hindi. Not much work has been done in Marathi.

Now there are three and a half Shakti Peethas in Maharashtra Which are in Omkar form. One of them is Matar Gad which we call Mahurgad. We have heard that song Mahur Gadavari Tuja Vaas, the other is in Kolhapur, Tin Tuljapur. Mahasaraswati of Matapur, Mahakali of Tuljapur, Mahalakshmi of Kolhapur, and Here it’s given all the importance of it. In Maharashtra, Samarth Ramdas has called the Goddess Ramvardayani. Because Shivaji Maharaj used to go to Tuljapur Bhavani. There he has been blessed with a boon, they have done so much study about it but even if it is here, we have not learned that much about it, now secondly Great work has been done in Maharashtra. We have to pay a little attention to ourselves.

In Maharashtra big work has been done, that is Shri Gyaneshwari, very big work. Because there was a Nathpanth, There were three Panth. On the one hand, Veda was on the right side, Bhakti on the left side, and Nath Panth in the middle. Raja Janak was a Nathpanthi 

. He used to say that a Guru used to awaken a single disciple and impart knowledge of Kundalini. I mean, it was a tradition. I don’t want to give it to anyone else. This knowledge is secret and Very valuable, if that knowledge is given to anyone then they will torture him, that’s why he did not tell anyone He then had his brother Nivruttinath as his guru. He requested his brother to share this knowledge with everyone because not everyone reads Sanskrit, so I am writing Gyaneshwari in Marathi. If you don’t allow me to share this knowledge, how will this knowledge go to Maharashtra? This is how the common man will know it to the masses. This sixth chapter describes the Kundalini. You will know that it was with this permission and Nivruttinath permitted him. That is because, as you know, his parents had to commit suicide. And in that suicide, the mother called the eldest son. Because they were harassed by Dharmamartandas as a child of Sanyasi. So we are going to commit suicide. So you just promise us, if Gyanoba, asks for something, promise that much, give it to him. That’s all he asked for in life Then in this sixth chapter he described Kundalini, but he described it because he was allowed to do so. he got the permission. Tukaram has done the same. Ramdas Swami has done this. But no one would reveal it openly. Because it was inner Knowledge. They will misuse it, they will do anything to it.

Woodrow has worked on it, but Woodrow has it all Tantric. The mechanism is a technique that means Tantra. What is Tantra, Kundalini Tantra? What Tantric, what tantric people do? They do unauthorized work, suppose going to the temple and committing some adultery means that the goddess is distracted or that temple loses goddess attention. From there, the black magic of doing something like that and mesmerism, etc. The horrible filthy type of addiction, and tantric is greed for money. They used to hypnotize and take money from them. I mean, say the lowest. They are very low-level people, they are tantric. Their name is Tantric that they kept it.

  And they were spread so much in the sixth century after Shankaracharya. From his point of view, the whole empire was spread from Calcutta to Gujarat. They also got involved in art and in art, all the kings and people knew what it was like, all the arbitrariness. The people who were his ministers due to that arbitrariness. They told us to build a temple. But then we’re going to reveal what’s going on in the outside world, he said. They had to agree with that. Because they wanted to please the king, to get out everything he said, he named Productivity Kanth. I mean the people, how the people should be that’s how they drew it. It will happen if Toom goes. 

You know later, these tantric entered every place like Khajuraho. Here they used to offer all that sexuality to please the king. They made the king happy. King said to do it outside the temple. It’s as if it’s not inside the temple but then it started in the temple. but it used to be visible from behind. So far, there is a place called Kathmandu, on which so many books have been written.

. If you read these books then you will come to know that lot of work has been done in India. In Kathmandu, so many temples have been built, and one of the goddesses of the temple is the Virgin.

 And because of her, there is Vishnu Maya. So what do we say, we are making wood out of wood, we are making wood out of it, we have to make some idols to protect it, we explained to them that they (tantric)will not come there. He told them what to do and what not to do. Sent to Kathmandu, if seen above there is nothing below. You won’t notice what they have done. So there all the Germans and Japanese reached. Chung latches are the dirty type. You will be surprised if you see his books in Japanese. But people think that you have all these types today. God-religion is all about sex. This is the work of Tantrikas. The tantrikas people are behind the politicians and the politicians are behind them. 

The real mechanism is Sahaja yoga, I mean, how to show the device you have. Yoga has two meanings. Yoga is a tactic with all its power, oneness with all-pervading power, and other meaning. That’s the trick. Just knowing that this is a mechanism is what we all call technique. That means we understand the technique of the machine in the Marathi language. The technique of the machine. Now I am very much grateful to Gyaneshwar. After all, he wrote about if and, we had to show it, because we people don’t read in Maharashtra at all, Sanskrit is there nowadays. In our time, Sanskrit was compulsory. Now don’t read it nowadays, in the Sanskrit Puranas have remained in the Puranas. 

Well now the question of how to prove it, I knew from childhood, I had to do this work. Collective consciousness should be awakened, not by one person because it is a collective action. That work should be interviewed. So I’ve had flaws in humans since childhood. There is a power that I have, I know that power subtly. Who is how is who is how. Now my background is that my father who is Salve Saheb and my elder brother who is two years older than me, I am behind him. NKP Salve, mine, and politics have no relations. My only sibling relationship with them. The rest has nothing to do with it. So when my father came to Congress, I was very young. Nagpur, yes, there are roads named after him in Nagpur, even if we take his name, people’s hearts are filled as he was such a great man, and because of him, we have become great, another my mother, Ferguson College Honors Mathematics. Educated family and we are descendants of Shalivahana. Then the real name is not Salvi, it’s Salve, they then made us 96 Kulis. (Words not clear) That is, we are Rajputs in a very childish atmosphere.

 The school I attended. That school was a very good school with a very childish turn. In it, so many girls have become doctors. Then after him, when I was seven years old, we went to Gandhiji. He had come to Wardha. Gandhiji said, “Yeh sab hamari tayaar Ki Hai. Means you prepared for us” My father was fluent in 14 languages. He was fluent in 28 languages, of which he was fluent in 14 languages. Gandhiji said to my father. “Humko ye bachha de do” means give me this child, father said, “Chalo de Diya means I have given you” and he picked me up. 

I had gone just like that, and then I stayed with Gandhiji. Going to school has been going on for many years. . Gandhiji was very great and he was self-realized. What exactly is that? Well, I say, there is a power that is in your body. Such consciousness flows. Chaitanya If I use the same Chaitanya on something else, the more that consciousness you feel in your hand. If we are born, we know we are human, not some animal. Also, a saint knows that he is a saint

. The experience of this consciousness and its behaviour etc. were. They can never do unclean things. This means He was told to drink alcohol and that he could not take Alcohol. He doesn’t want to do the wrong thing or eat money (take the corruption). That is how a saint is. He understands it from within. It is a hermit from within, not from outside. And people know that. Gandhiji was also self-realized. He asked me to do prayers like worship to divine

 when I was a child. Please tell us about chakras, each chakra….. So he wanted me to tell everyone because they recognized me. Shastriji knew me very well. He was such a great Prime Minister. Once I went, Sir stood at the door to meet me. I was embarrassed. Even Sanjeev Reddy is very big, if I used to go and see him, he would sit on the ground. Gorbachev also considers me. Even the Prince of Wales recognized me. They all recognized me. But a new confusion has started in our country. They don’t recognize saints don’t even know Saints. How do you identify them? Their character, their behaviour, their way of life, their love. It’s good, they recognized me. That was my identity. I should have known that too.

My father loved the country very much. Even my mother too, they were in Ragbag, they left that place and joined the Congress. My mother went to jail for five years, my father also went to Jail. I was small. At the age of eight or nine, I was taking care of my siblings then back, I was in college in the year 1942 the 1942-year movement began. So we have a principal, still, ask him in Pune, he will tell you. I was alone then, I was very young. I will be seventeen or eighteen then. As I was born in 1923. When I was alone I was standing at that gate. When I was standing at the gate alone, people were holding these guns and so on. So I did it alone, I was not scared. After that, they put me on the ice, beat me, and so on, I was small. But now you say how this is possible. Ask Mr. Salve and he will tell you. He knows about it and he used to get angry at me. He used to say, Why are you doing this? We did this kind of work in the year 1942. Went through so many problems and troubles. Had the electric shocks, let it go. So Gandhiji used to say that. You don’t want to do spiritual things until you get freedom.

 Then I got Freedom and after that, I got married. Luckily my husband is good. He is an ideal man, very ideal, if you give him a plate of the diamond he will not accept it. And so did my father. We want to get married outside the community, Salve Saheb got married to a Sindhi woman. We knew this. And I got married to Srivastava of UP (Uttar Pradesh in North). He is one out of a man in a million. He knew about me and he always called me Avaliya because he knew about me. Avaliya means Avadhut. You are Awaliya (detached from worldly things). There is no one like you. I used to wear only Khadi clothes, but he was stubborn for me to leave khadi as we have to attend parties or go somewhere. After that, he became I.F.S I told him what you would do in the Indian Foreign Service, what you will do you don’t drink alcohol. I don’t; drink, I said resign from IFS. And you join IAS. So he said then my salary will be reduced by six hundred rupees. Six hundred was a lot then. Don’t think of money as six hundred rupees. We are not like we have limited money, so He joined I .A. S. Then He became a collector, sir. He became a collector of Merath (place name). He was promoted so early that when did we reach here, Mumbai? In Mumbai, he became the Chairman and Managing Director of Shipping Corporation. He stayed for a long time, but I thought he was a very honest man. He had gone to work even on the day we got married. We got married this evening and went to work the next day. I felt very good and thought that there are people who will serve our country. Then he left IFS and became IAS. He has worked very work and he struggled and most of the people started respecting him means they believed in his work. . After some time He received the award of Padma Bhushan. He was selected by 134 countries. And we went to London.

Because of his work, we went to London. Now in the newspaper said that now we became NRE, but since we came to London, we are NRE, now since we came to England. Did we become NRE, is that a sin? We will not be something else. People write anything whatever they like.

What does that mean? He was selected in London four times anonymously by these people. . Four times, because of that we lived for sixteen years in London. He is still the chancellor there at Maritime University It’s been two years, he doesn’t get leaves, but he has given resignation. I will come when I have a holiday. While doing all this, I started Sahaja yoga in 1970. It is happened because of Rajneesh. I admit that Rajneesh knew me, ghosts know me quickly. He said that she is Adishakti. I don’t want to go his way. They followed me. He thought that it was time to tell her husband. Look at my work over and over again because I did a lot of social work. Friends Life has done a lot of work on leprosy. People pay me. Honest people get paid. You take that saying. They followed me. We have an Impala car. I want an Impala car. That car is the car of Shipping Corporation. We can’t sell like that. This is the limit of Greed of that man. But about how to tell the Sir C P, but finally, he was able to tell sir CP that. I have arranged a big work at Nargol. You send her. She is very spiritual. Anyway, sir told me you go, I am also going to Delhi. Let’s go once and see what it is. Then I went to Nargol. In Nargol Sir CP had a Parsi friend of his. Stayed at his house. His suit etc. was very good. 

There was a tree where I was sitting there watching them. He was hypnotizing everyone and everyone was rolling on the streets like this, tearing clothes. Hypnotically, my head said, what are you doing, what a man, the women were taking off all their clothes and getting naked. You can do what I told you in hypnosis. People carry others on their backs like little children. Find out why you are hypnotized. Mind you, I watched it all. I see it all. I meet everyone, meet him. I saw everyone Muktanand. Got everyone’s information. Found out about certain places? I went to Muktanand, but I was feeling really bad about this Superficiality. Now somehow I have to open this last Chakra by doing something. It will not work without doing this. And I was there all night alone at sea and five in the morning I opened Sahasrara. There are seven chakras in that place. Did you give him a picture of Kundalini, what I saw as soon as Sahasrara was opened, Kundalini went up like (Mother is telling in Marathi “Khat Khat var geli”). As your telescope is opened, and as it is your kumkum, it glows from close, and Gold gets brighter in Fire, very peaceful and how it looks, like so many different types of light of the lamp, Strong in many ways. How would I tell this to anyone, Tell me, would anyone have heard me? Kabir says, “How can I explain everything to the world? the Whole world is blind (sab jag andha)” so I told myself let’s start Sahaja Yoga, So start with one woman. She is still there, it was coming into her body (She was Possessed) that’s why she came to me. I gave her a Bandhan 

The first public program we conducted at Bordi. A total of thirteen people came, Total was 14 people. Then slowly the work began. Then I was with Saheb (Sir C P). This is a 1970s story. He then moved to Iran. A lot of work has been done. We have disciples in Iran. Then he came to London. After London, we toured all over the country. This work started in many countries. And last, when Gorbachev, came, I told Saheb that he is self-realization. Lenin is also self-realized. 

It all started by putting pressure on him and putting pressure on his party. If you’ve ever read his books, you’d be surprised if he says the stateless state should come. A man should be in a position where there is no need. The state-less state should no longer be needed. Means you go beyond all that. But he thinks that if materialism becomes perfect in man, he will come to it. We have been told that if the Lakshmi principle is fulfilled, then the Mahalakshmi principle is awakened in man. So they set the clock that way. But because of that, there was one advantage, people like when Stalin, So much oppression that all people’s attention is on God, not God but they do not know God. They don’t know Ganapati. Does not know anything. This also contains articles. I met that man and I was amazed at how much work he did on the chakra. . He came and met me. He is a great scientist. Worked Chakra and read a lot. Surprisingly. Sixteen thousand people and more used to come to our program in that country.

 We had to get the Stadium for these programs. Now a minister and others (some Marathi words are not clear to me), our International Minister is also a Sahaja yogi. Last time, these people were throwing a stone at them there in Ichalkaranji (city of Kolhapur), your country was disgraced, they didn’t argue with me at first. They were initially respectful after the speech. Before starting the speech while sitting on the bus these people brought hockey sticks. Everyone was drunk. Everyone got drunk. I even know their names can even take their names, that time they were small but now they became village goons. Something was closed in Ichalkaranji, (some Marathi words are not clear) even There were some ladies carrying hockey sticks then. What they did, all the buses had 8 to 10 children standing by the side of the bus. When they were getting into the bus they started beating them on their feet,

They were so beaten up that they didn’t tell me in a single word. They were beaten so badly that they started making some noise by that pain I was like what is happening, then they told me that they got beaten by these people. Then I said why didn’t you tell me there? If you would have told me then we would have gone to the police and gave the complaint. Then I went to the police commissioner. ” Look at Mr. Shiddhu,” tears came in the ladies’ eyes. They started crying, I said what is this, they have beaten even ladies. Mr. Shiddhu said I will take care of this. It was good that we got their names. Got their list. Now all of them are in big trouble

This is the first appearance (Dashawn) of superstition and the second darshan took place. That means Mumbai will have about twelve thousand people, at DE Silva. This Mr. Manav, a householder, sat in front and started taking photos of me. Our people said don’t take a photo of Shri Mataji while talking. Keep the peace, it disturbs when she is speaking, but such a stubborn man, we had to tell him please keep quiet. Something 10 to 12 young boys had come with him. We did not know anything. They will be between ten and twelve thousand people. We had a suspicion. I don’t remember his name, I think Mr.Amrute.he was a Sahaja yogi, He was sitting behind and distributing a book of Sahaja yoga, he was not selling it. These people went and trampled him. All the books were snatched away and he died eight days later.

 I was on travel, whom do we ask, do we have any evidence? Who killed them, how do we know that they are the same people? 

And Mr. Manav came forward and we have a gentleman from Shipping Corporation. He said that these people are from Andha shraddha Nirmulan (committee of Eradicate Superstition) I said that is a very good thing. It is a very good thing that works to eradicate superstition. He says he wants to meet if you have time. Now I make it clear that take their test. They don’t know science, they don’t know spirituality. What was his education, Person with BA (Bachelors in Art) is better than him, No reading, no obsession. This leader, how the leader should be? That means (He should be a deserved person) then he came and sat in front of me and said I will. Challenge you that awaken our kundalini he challenged like a tiger, I said what will happen if you challenge. You have to appeal if appealed, Kundalini will awaken, and you know what? Who are you? You don’t know doctorate you don’t know medicine. How I would talk to you now Ok sit down another man came, said Madhav Gadkari. Ok sit down Young man, (some words are not clear), and this is hypnosis itself, I said you practice hypnosis yourself, your kundalini will not be awakened. If it 

Is black magic, it’s not possible, then he wrote it back. He wrote to the newspaper and how did they print these wrong things in the newspaper? They have to ask us before printing. They have printed the wrong information on the paper. Why did not they ask that what was false? I said that awakening your Kundalini is a very difficult task for you because of your hypnosis but still we will try, then we got the tape for him. I gave them a tape recorder and taped it, and told them to go home and read. So, he said, people were saying it did not go in their head (means they did not understand), he was not educated, no medical knowledge. If I say parasympathetic. Do you understand? This should be remembered today. 

We learned medicine in 1947. Where did medicine reach today? If you are not interested in medicine, how would you know then medicine where it has reached today? What do you know about medicine? Well, this is Kundalini. All our Ayurveda is based on Kundalini. There is a school near Varna (place name in Maharashtra). You know there is Ayurveda College. There is an Ayurveda school. You can go to Varna and ask. Even in the book, it’s given about Kundalini, mind, and soul are everything. So that means our Ayurveda is all wrong? Not to the medical. What will I do about it? How do Foreigners know Ayurveda? But now my name has appeared in the International Medical General. Even the name of Kundalini and The name of Sahaja Yoga has come. 

Now Mr. Chug, who is a doctor has come by chance. He has got the degree of MD, he is in Sahaja yoga. Now the day before Yesterday came the second doctor. He is the third doctor it’s like he cured someone’s blood cancer. ‘Tell them, what you have to tell .one Mr. Magdum from Bombay he had blood cancer, Shri Mataji is saying this doctor is from Iran. Then that doctor was saying about Mr. Magdum“He was declared to be dead after one month. Shri Mataji is asking to tell about Arun Goyal, he was a friend of him. Now Dr. From Iran is saying He completely cured, Shri Mataji is asking since How many years he had cancer. Three years ago, cancer has completely cured No problem, all the tests have been negative. The disease has been cured. Now, these are doctors themselves MBBS and he is a big doctor in Iran. From there he has come to learn from me. It’s easier to talk to them now. Because they know and understand the parasympathetic nervous system. Let me tell you a little about it, it’s a little difficult. What is the social knowledge, the knowledge of our spirit, what is the knowledge of the spirit?

 The spirit is what we call Satchitananda. When the knowledge of spirit awakens to the people, the only truth, we call it Kaivalya. The only truth now is let’s say there are little 10 kids. Self-realized, if you close their eyes (tie with ribbon) and ask the children what was wrong? 

Then asked the man what was wrong. They all will show one finger or two fingers. There was sensitivity on their fingers. There was a sensation. Shows two fingers. What these two fingers show. What does this mean? He must have a brain problem. Or the trouble of Vishuddhi. The little ones will tell too. I mean, that’s how it happened. Your computer has started. Your software will be connected to the main. Self-consciousness, self-consciousness comes and it comes. The power that gives self-consciousness. Her name is Kundalini. Now you see. It started with Mains. That is Kundalini. When it connects with the mains then only gets knowledge when it starts as a computer. Everyone agrees on this. We now have 56 countries. It includes people from 56 countries. Never quarrel. No arguing. Everyone agrees. Now we have a high level of ideology but people have different ideas. Yes, but once you get the realization, then man understands. You asked another question. Is very good. How it happens in society. Now the flaws in the society. They are man-made. That we have to accept or believe. God did not give this to the man  

If these human beings are to blame, then their moral values ​​should be changed. Values ​​changed, changing policy values ​​does not allow your children to respect their elders. Then not to respect Guru. Now, what happened due to change in moral values, how to behave, arbitrariness, and ego came. And all these types of ego are ego. But when you make progress in spirituality, you will find balance in spirituality. Right now we performed marriages. But no dowry. I don’t tell anyone but they don’t take it. It feels kind of dirty. Proper marriages take place. Their kids are beautiful. You might be surprised, we performed so many marriages. None of them ever said I wanted dowry.

 Saint Gyaneshwar wrote the sixth chapter after asking Nivruttinath. How much did this benefits society? Today society benefited, I believe society got benefited today. Like how the tree is growing the tree grows. You say what is the main advantage of this? what is the advantage to root, Then you will say what is the benefit of its budhiya (not clear about this word it means some word related with tree), then what is the benefit of its leaf, at last, if we get the fruit, it’s done at the end? So in the evolution process tree grows, as your world has grown so much, so have you made this progress. It’s like a tree. Isn’t its roots also growing?

Saint Gyaneshwar’s felt. I should give this knowledge to society. Of course, it is for the community in Maharashtra. And he also wrote it in Marathi. So it was said that even though it was in Marathi, why was his propaganda or his benefit did not felt by society? You said correctly. There was a reason it’s prohibited by Dharmamartand (People who are on the higher level with ritualism). They told everyone that it is forbidden. Don’t read. These Dharmamartandas are here and there. 

They have selfishness in this, which one? Yes, it is selfish. No need to say, you know that. Everything is commercial. Got it? Another person is asking Shri Mataji That is, it’s written in this sixth chapter out of personal selfishness. Because when people would have asked the question how is Kundalini. How to awaken her. The word Kundalini we hear right now. You are right. It’s even harder to understand. It is a subtle topic. This I believe. But once the awakening is done then we go into the subtle. Did these people ever hear the name Ganapati, but where did all the information come from? Kundalini. These are Italians, these are French doctors. did he hear the name Kundalini at birth? The Russians don’t even want to mention God’s name. How they respond suddenly becomes huge in their power. Here, from the subtle to the root, this is the subtle power, because the power of self-realization is not clear to many people. 

To put it bluntly, the word is not clear here the hypocrites or anyone else. I was inspired by that. They deceive society by believing that I have got power and the blind society runs after them. Here it is. Or say two, does he charge for it? Where is his attention? That man wanted to get Rolls Royce, but that is like the dust of such a man’s feet (means real guru doesn’t care about all luxury items). The second thing is how the character of that person is. Originally I am from a rich family and got married to a rich family. You may say we took the Brahmapuris Chakra camp. As soon as they saw it, many shook their heads. Do you worship the stone by doing something? How his character is, how he behaves. These two things should be seen. You have been a disciple of this man since he taught you so much filth. I mean, you’ became dirty. But political leaders encourage such individuals. What’s that if I understand politics and politics, then no? You asked this question because you belong to the house of politicians. Hey, my father was a recluse, my mother was also a solitaire. She used to weave cotton on her own and used to wear saris out of that cotton

 She was Jadhav (last name) from Nandgaon. She took a vow that she would never eat grapes because the people in my village don’t get grapes. What do you mean, when I went to Nandgaon, my eyes filled with tears? I can’t speak. I have a sore throat. It is so much poverty, it is still poverty. (Words are not clear here), something burst. And there was water everywhere. All the grapes are gone. There were people like that, our parents were like that, did you get it?

 Our parents’ politics were different. That is why there was a need for different leaders everywhere. What speech they used to give. My father was a member of the Assembly, a member of the Constitution Committee, a Member of Parliament. What a Tyagi man (Solitaire). What a Tyagi language. My face is just like his. What else happened now? I don’t understand where they went now. ALADI and other big men, Ambedkar is a very big man, I don’t believe what they say about him. Extremely scholarly, passionate and a very passionate man, he had a passion for society. This time it was a problem from the point of view of the society, but he did not curse Rama at all. Never possible. I can’t believe it. He used to come to our house. And the father was always making fun of him. An honest man,” he said. “You’re sitting in this chair. Pay him. He said, “Salve Saheb, this chair is not yours.” The government has given. Then the money will be given to the government, “he said. Bhimsena is not right. I don’t know why he said that. Such things are not possible. A slightly different question. So what about Ram Janmabhoomi? I wonder why we talk about it. Because even if I say so, why should you believe? Now Ram Janmabhoomi is here and so many people are being killed here. How would a mother feel? Tell me what to do about it. How many people were killed? If it is bad, climb the mosque, if it is bad, what about it? There is nothing wrong with climbing a mosque. They did not drop any bombs etc. However, he became infamous. If it was everywhere, he would give it (Family Term) a certain name, go there and chant Ram. Overall, we think the BJP’s agitation in this regard was justified at that time. 

Anyway, there is no need to hurry. It’s not right that so many people were killed. I don’t want to treat anyone. If Ram is born, he was born, whatever his power was, it was. I don’t like who was killed. . So the current issue of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and BJP is right? In a sense they are right, and in a sense I am right. I think differently. Today 300 people are killed in front of us, wouldn’t you feel from inside? The violence is reprehensible. They should research it. The research among these is a foreigner. He researched and said that one of his good points is that this man came from outside, Babar. So you have all changed the names of foreigners from here to there. Foreign Invest Gators (the name is not clear) have been renamed and their statues removed. This was a foreigner. If he changed anything, he would have no problem changing it. He made such a point well. He was an Englishman. Another said he was an archaeologist. He said that there is a picture of a pig in the mosque. This is wrong. Someone may have removed it later. 

 Let’s say so. But each has its counter-argument. He said Mina gate should be there to the mosque, secondly, there is river water. That’s what he told me. That’s what he says. I don’t want this mosque there. I said do some research on what he is doing, tell me if there is a mosque or not. Whatever it will be. But now you are saying, I can resolve this dispute without violence. That’s all we say, no violence. This Satyagraha is fine but the satyagrahi was Vivekananda. Say | (some words are not clear) Got it? Why don’t politicians realize that? Why politicians don’t understand this? Shri Mataji is telling him you are asking very well, Kundalini is also a desire, and it is not obtained without asking. Not without humility. Now all these people go to Tantrikas (Wrong People). No one comes to me, She is saying the person’s name (not clear words) he came to me and. His disease was cured. He called me to his president’s house and he sat on the ground. Did not sit on the chair. Gave a press note in it. Some words are not clear.

How many people received d your power reach in the age of science? It is up to you to deliver it. It’s all in your hands. This is not to say that it is the work of a newspaper. An example of this is that when I went to Russia, there were Russian and journalists with me. They were very honest people. You will be surprised, from here you go to Moscow, you get it on the plane. In that, it was given about Sahaja yoga. My photo and some information were given.

 I tell you a patient needs you. And you are in Kolhapur. So that’s not our patient’s job at the time. Our job is to awaken the Kundalini. Kundalini’s awakening is not it. But when I went to Nagpur? Some of them used all the dirty swear words of Nagpur and said very bad words to me, which I have not heard in any time. My ears heard that. You say it is spirituality. Yes, it is true. This information is from Nagpur. I am from Nagpur. The house on the corner, at Dhantoli (name of the Place or Village). Our house on Mahur Road where is a statue of our father is there. They were telling me Murdabad (the bad word means dead), have cursed me so badly because you are spiritual. As it cures everyone’s disease. Why would I cure them, what I’m going to get? Claims. I never claimed. As I cure diseases. After this man got MD, these three people got medical degrees and spread everywhere. I never claimed. You will be surprised. A day before yesterday, there were 400 to 500 doctors. How many people were there? There were 500 people so the first meeting I went to was at the university. How can you do this if the people of the university have taken so much? If it can be done in Delhi University. So why can’t we? Interference at the University. Well, then he had another session. There I was called by Mr. Mehrotra. I cured his heart. He left telling everyone there, my heart was healed in five minutes. I told him don’t say that to people. I don’t want to treat people, I want to give them awareness (Jagruti).

 What is the benefit of by-product awareness? The benefit of Awareness By Product is you started feeling good. This is the advantage. If you didn’t ask for awareness the first time, what is the use of giving you awareness if you are not going to use it and give it to others? We have common sense, even God also has common sense, and for example if one lamp is not going to give light anytime what is the use of fixing that light. Should you say you are selfish? Of course, we know the meaning of self. So we are selfish. Shivaji Maharaj said that Swadharma should be recognized. He awakened our religion. The selfishness of the Lord is in it. Awaken the people who will do the work of the Lord. Cure those people who want to do God’s work. One householder was doing a lot of my publicity, I cured Rahul Bajaj. There were a lot of people. He was a commissioner. He got drunk and then I was angry at him. Why did you tell everyone? I heal the poor for free but not the rich. I told them to go to the doctor.

 Only the poor know, there is another thing that doctors want to cure the disease, only those who have awakened, will cure the disease. We have nothing to do with those who do not want awareness. I’ll tell you one. Was my shoulder hurting? Ah, your Salvi Saheb’s shoulder was frozen. Ask them I fixed his shoulder. The hand is hurting the shoulder. Is there any restriction etc? Yes, I will fix it there is no such restriction. Love is bound to you (Bandhan of Love). He will help you to cure it. It hurts because you are writing so much, writer. It is not difficult to fix it. You can do yours too. Then now these are the people who fix it. Where I am, where I have time now. But how do you do that in a collective that question is right for you? Let me give you an example of Russia

In Russia, two hundred sites (the word is not clear) were started. Some doctors were there the scientist told me Shri Mataji now don’t tell us but give us the Self-realization. I asked them why you are in such a hurry to get Self Realization. Then he said it’s a surprise that in your lecture 16,000, 14,000 people attend. There were some of our friends who attended your lecture and they got cured only by your lecture. Wondering what to say. Well done in the speech. Diseases like blood cancer are incurable diseases. Will there be any treatment for him? I can’t even explain to the doctor how his disease was cured. The reason for that is scientific. Scientific, what things are not yet in medical science? If you realize that, you can cure blood cancer by Sahaja yoga, how it says, your body has Swadishthana Chakra. One you can understand is the Swadishthana chakra, this is the navel chakra. In medical, it was called hypogastric or Hypogastric our time. But this is aortic plexus, this is plexus.

Our medical science does not know what its function is. It has another function. We use these cells when we have been using our intellect a lot. He must be empowered for it. So these cells should be replaced. So this is a cycle. It replaces these cells. This is their great work. Apart from that, your liver is the liver. The pancreas, without it, and kidney and some lower portion of your intestine. They have the same. Now the doctors know this. Well, I don’t know who helps the brain cells. This is the basic point here. We call the man who thinks more and plans more right-sided man. He uses this cycle a lot. His liver cycle was bad. Not paying attention to the liver can cause heat bile. Or get sclerosis. They can get liver cancer. 

The other is to say goodbye to you because you are all on an ideological level. Where is the second point of your pancreas? The pancreas works so you dissolve your sugar. The pancreas gets neglected it its get neglected it will cause diabetes. If you go to a village, you have to add so much sugar that the spoon has to stay at a right angle. That means villagers consume so much sugar that they don’t get diabetes. Because they don’t think. Get up in the morning, work for the day and sleep well at night. They don’t give stress to the brain. What not to think. But who gets this problem, who sit in a chair and do the planning. They get diabetes. Third, it causes blood cancer. The speedometer is what the spleen does. Now suppose you have a meal and if you run outside you will have a stomach ache. At that time, blood corpses release blood cells into your body. Now, what is around us, is life. I read the newspaper in the morning. There is a shock in the morning. Like some news of some people died and so on,

Then something just eats for breakfast if there is no time, then sit in the car or vehicle somehow try to finish the food, So this thing doesn’t understand your spleen. It thinks this is crazy man. It doesn’t understand about this human quick life, How to walk it goes crazy on its own. The spleen gets crazy. Morning till evening and then an evening in a hectic life, spleen becomes crazy and then it’s vulnerable to cancer. Then the left side. This left-side we call it Ida Nadi. Look at this, it comes from the lower chakra to the Muladhara and from the upper chakra to the Swadishthan chakra. Now, this is our pure attention or mind. We call it Subconscious Mind. Whatever happened in your subconscious is present there. 

What would have happened in the morning? And what happened some days ago, what happened in your previous life that is all part of your subconscious. Beyond that is the collective subconscious. Jung worked hard on it. Jung was a very big man, and a disciple of Freud. He gave it up. So, Jung said, “We have the collective subconscious”. Which collective dormant awareness. That is the past, whatever happened that goes in the collective subconscious, they have different things in them. But what happened is gone, gone in the past. Doctors studied closely in that area, they say that, ‘Area is built in since our creation’, means, what happened? What is the equation? “Is the area built in since our creation.” [In English]

From there protein 52, protein 53, protein 58 are studied. Photos have also been taken. When it arrived then its cancer. Now let me tell you how it happened. Now I don’t understand what has happened so far. That’s not what I did especially. Now look at these two are left and right side. In the middle of it is a chakra (energy centre). Do you all see what happens now, when you use the power of this chakra and use it more and more than that chakra loses its power? Now that you use more power of that chakra, it gets vulnerable, it means an attack on the left. Means your relation with the whole breaks, your spine breaks, means you are separated from collective, what happens then? You are on your own. Some words are not clear, the nose begins to grow. The ears begin to grow. The eyes begin to grow. Now, what happens with the awakening of Kundalini? Look at it as it is. Kundalini comes out of this. Shri Mataji is showing with her hand gesture how Mother kundalini comes up, Like how you put the pearl in Needle, that way Mother kundalini goes to chakra and starts going up then Chakra gets strength. It is an easy task because of this power. This means a person gets cured, but they have to come

 I will not fall at their feet. Now Nagpur is an example. Nagpur is my home town but they tortured me (people of Andha shraddha committee), did everything (given hard time to me) except killing me. My brothers got upset at me, I said what the use of getting upset is, but since I am their sister, they will feel about this. Now that they know that I am powerful, they know that. They told you should not give self-realization to politicians. Nagpur Why should the people of the village think that Nagpur is your duty land? Yes, it is not sold where it is grown (Phrase). Who killed Christ? Jews.

 You were telling about cancer and you asked the question where the people of eradication of superstition (Andh Shraddha Nirmulan committee) came there and they all left and ran away there is no one there. Now ten people are too many to shout. Since you came here, Dabholkar released a leaflet yesterday, he takes it out every day, and he doesn’t read anything. We had a big meeting at our conference they showed the relationship how we researched in detail, we had two doctors there. These are just MBBS doctors. If you read the letters I received about them, you will know what they are worth means they are so talented. The letter came from here. His wife has robbed people of so much money. His practice is not going on that means he is not getting any patients. What proficiency he achieved in medical. Say it. So much so that you put them on your head, Dr. Dabholkar has become a doctor. These are the doctors here. Here this is a doctor. These are MDs. Seven doctors received the degree of MDs, how high will be the degree of those who gave him the degree of MD. 

For you, I think that’s where we’re going. What happened as Dr. Dabholkar just got MBBS. What a doctor Manav. How much I have explained to him and did hard efforts to explain, Now I don’t want to blow my head off. , I don’t want to waste my energy on this kind of people. MBBS means no knowledge at all to them. It has a minimum. Back he never practised. His teacher says. How much they learned about MBBS and how within how many years he got the degree of MBBS. Do you ask this question? We don’t want to take out this point. So we were avoiding it. Are you from the newspaper Sakal, You may have read that Maharashtra Times writes very well? He wrote very well. Now about forty people came from the newspaper had come to Delhi.

 Our doctor chug says that Maharashtra is very small that’s why people think that way Shri Mataji. I said that 40 people had come to Delhi. Even now, the Indian (news Paper) we have to consider them. The Indian Express writes this. Who are the reporters now? Now they threw stones at us and hit us and they wrote false in the newspaper. He threw stones at Mr. Paage. Paage stood with a torch. Paage saw with the low torchlight and the two stood with stones. When Mr. Paage saw the first stone came from this doctor with his torchlight arrives. They stood with stones. What I did not see. Because it happened behind my back. Paranjape from Doordarshan He reached on the stage and asked give me self-realization now, I said you were going to come later, how come you came now. I am now standing to give the speech. 

He said I want right now realization, How come now. He said in Sahaja yoga people get self-realization, how can such a person get Jagruti (Self Realization)? He said we did not get our Jagruti, How can you get it because you are over smart, that’s why you did not get the Jagruti. We just avoided, What to say to the mad person they are ignorant, No need to say anything. . What do you know about superstition (Andhshraddha)? We asked, “What do you know about the eradication of superstition?” So do you think awareness (Self Realization) will solve society’s problems? Do you think so yes, problems will be solved in society? This is the way of their ascent., but the only way to save all human beings. Because in evolution, when you were a human being, now you have to take a step beyond being conscious. Now Sir CP, if you know, he has got it. 

He says how did you make them angles, He did not believe me initially, he says you are the angle but not others. Now Sir CP has helped me a lot with money. He wanted to come now but he got stuck at work. The people there do not leave him, he was wondering how did convert them into angles. But it is said that it cures blood cancer. I did not do it. Kundalini did it. (Some words are not clear) A woman was (some words are not clear), If she had come to you without surgery, she would have been cured. I can’t tell you how challenging they are. If you go to the doctor, but 99% are cured. Now Rahul Bajaj, Rahul Bazar, (some words are not clear) he had trouble of Angina, he came at the last to the Rotary program in Delhi, There I lectured in medical. He was supposed to go to Houston, He said, “Mataji, I was very impressed by your lecture, but tell me, where can I meet you, I said I am going to Pune, He said I am also from pine. He was searching the place and reached the office of Raj wade. I said I am leaving now if you want to be cured. I’ll be back in two days. You come back in two days, I have some work right now. Well, he said ok then he came took his realization, for five minutes he felt pain, and then the pain stopped. Well, I said I came for you. I have to leave now as some people from Lonavala, then he became upset, his face became unhappy, I said what happened, he said when a person is dying and the doctor is leaving him, I said you do the checkup now

“You’re completely cured,” he recorded this in tape. He went to the doctor, doctor asked who cured his angina? The doctor said that your angina is nowhere to be seen. Then he went to Mumbai to show it to another doctor, who told you that you have angina? These are not yours. He didn’t believe that, I said if you want to go to Houston you can go now. You have a lot of money. He said I am not going now, But I cured Rahul. Then Rahul got a massive heart attack, Kamal Nayan from Gandhiji’s Ashram, Gandhiji used to call me Nepali, Kamal was like my elder brother

 Kamal Nayan was a big man. Rahul was his son, he brought his son Rahul to me. Rahul, I am ready to cure you because of your father, he has done lots of good deeds. I said you just sit inside. I think it took half an hour for me. Now to see if his heart is cured and for heart until you go to the doctor and get a cardiogram etc. You see, to make sure then he went to Mumbai for a checkup, the doctor said your heart is good, nothing is there, he could not believe that he came to London to see me instead of going to Houston, I said you are cured now if you want to go, you can go to Houston. He said he doesn’t want to go then he went to (words not clear) and showed it to the doctor. Then he said the doctor started looking at me angrily, why you are wasting so much of my time. You have nothing, your heart is strong like a lion. He came back to me to tell me this. Then he was telling me, Ramakrishna Bajaj was his uncle, he says it requires luck to come to meet you Shri Mataji. My uncle tried so hard to meet you, He came to London but somehow I and he did not meet means the meeting did not take place, then he had a heart attack. His illness remained the same. There he made a point. Now I can’t tell right now. He was very much close to our family members

I could not do anything to Ramakrishna. I did not save him. You take the names of big people, what about the poor people? there are thousands, why do I take the names of big people? There are big ones names are in people’s heads and I told big people not to come. But you will only look at big people. I mentioned the names of the poor. There are thousands. One woman from here. She did not have the child for 14 years what her name, her name is Mrs. Mane, from Kolhapur. They had a child after 14 years. There are so many like these. (Some words are not clear)Why didn’t the effect of self-realization increase? When Gyaneshwar was alive people harassed him a lot, they took the book of Gyaneshwari and people just to recite, and they recite aloud. It shows stupidity. 

Now Nanak Saheb has said. Search within yourself. So what they called. Then he wrote a book, “Granth Sahib” in that it’s given about Namdeo’s and Janabai’s. They (people) sit like this and read for two and a half hours continuously, and for two and a half days. One finger was placed and the other was read from there. What would you do to this man? For them, Kabir said, “Padhi Padhi Pundit Murakh bhaye” means more you study or educate them to become the fool.” Suppose you are given a prescription, suppose you have a headache. Reading it you want Anacin (Medicine name) after reading you will have more headaches. , you will keep on saying I want Anacin but who will take that medicine? That is what happened to Gyaneshwar. 

You should read his book name “Amrutaanubhav,” one doctor, what is the name of the doctor, his name is Dabholkar. you read the nectar experience in it. Dabholkar, the doctor can he write down two lines like him, now he was on his way to Samadhi. Are these all crazy? For one thing, they harassed him all his life. Now he is gone, and they are showing their smartness. What he invented in medicine, to talk of science. And if science is not accompanied by spirituality. Go to Foreign and see what happened to them. Where people reach. Drugs, AIDS, 65 per cent of people get the most deadly diseases, in the United States. And the violence is so great that you can’t even wear bangles, You can’t even wear Mangalsutra around your neck and go. So don’t run after them so much. That is when we must learn. Should you fall into the pit they fell into? 

So first the foundation of spirituality must be strengthened. But spiritually, you will be surprised. In spirituality, three people received PhDs in science in England. I just told them how to do it. I guided them. Let me tell you how. How do I tell you, one of them has to? Draw Absolute Zero, another principle of physics for Absolute Zero. You might know how much you tried to draw perfect it will go somewhere little wrong. Up to five per cent though. Mataji, how can we do it correctly, you can ask her how to do it. It is, cannot think the point, So let’s give a vibration. after giving vibrations it’s done With the advent of vibration, done many different types of things have occurred there. 

So I have explained to you. It is up to you now. But I say, we should be fair play. But should I ask a question? Ask how to do Sahaja meditate? First, you take Jagruti (Self Realization) then, will you? How to meditate. Here is our centre. You can get Jagruti there. Easy yoga is nothing but spontaneous awakening. Just like mother earth means. We consider her motherland. When you plant a seed, it grows easily here. This is the living process. How we became human. Also now is the top round. Spontaneous, if you wish to go to Nagpur, you must go to Nagpur. There are 8 to 10 people in Nagpur. There is Sahaja yoga on a big scale. These eight to ten people we call Doki (brain). Someone like that is going to happen, a lot has happened but they have brought loudspeakers. Mataji, Shri Mataji I have a question, Shri Mataji my name is Surinder Vasudev, I am from the local news agency, came to Delhi as I am a reporter of Times of India, I do not understand Marathi, Shri Mataji is telling him if you would have told me before I would have spoken with you in Hindi 

You will speak in Hindi Mataji, we have written your article in Times of India, that how many people got cured, cured of Blood cancer. Sahaja yoga is the knowledge of Atma (Spirit). People of Times of India are very wise. Some words are unclear that the reporter was representing someone but the name is not clear. Shri Mataji if your give permission, We have an international seminar, first you take the Jagruti, and then come to the program, without Jagruti our people will not allow you to enter. You must come to visit I will be very happy to meet you Jai Shri Mataji. Very sensible, People with Hindustan Times, other people with your Indian Express they are big truthful. I wanted to come to take Jagruti means wanting to come to the seminar a lot of the time

Some words are not clear. Shri Mataji is telling a reporter to take your Jagruti first, you can take now, and Mr. Chug will give you jagruti I know Nikhil Gupta I have been admitted (Words are Unclear) and they saw the Thesis of Sahaja Yoga, It’s proved that it’s it has helped a lot to so many people. First, you take the Jagruti. People will not allow you to come, once you the Jagruti then you will start feeling vibrations Otherwise he will say this is our private seminar Doctor please give him Jagruti. My question is, did the work of poor people not the work of rich people? Whatever work is done in Lady Hearten, research has been done for common people.

 Dr. Roy is the Head of the Department over there. Even though he explained so much, he has done so much work there, some people were like. But people lie so much, How come they can lie, don’t understand. Without Passing Medical exams you will not get the degree, He has received MD. Only newspaper people should do so much, not write lies. Then there is our truth. Thank you. Mataji.