Christmas Puja

Ganapatipule (India)

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Christmas Puja (English/Hindi). Ganipatipule (India), 25 December 1990.

Today we have such a great opportunity to celebrate the birth of Christ. He was born in a manger. All these things are already pre-planned. That He should be born in a manger in difficult situations, to show that whether you are born poor or rich, whether you are born in difficulties or in problems, if you have Divinity within you, it shines by itself. As the Christianity took a very wrong deviated line, they have never been able to understand the significance of Christ. To them immaculate conception is absolutely not possible. Most of the people think that it’s some sort of a mythical story.
But in India we do believe that Gauri created Shri Ganesha out of Her own vibrations and that He became the Deity of Mooladhara. We accept it. But not in the West. They will never accept such a thing because their mental side is over-developed and dominates them. Maybe they are not so very old like Indians to understand that above all He is God. Even the concept of God is quite mental. Moreover, the way Christianity has been, it has not provided any proper guidance. On the contrary wherever they have failed they said: “It’s a mystery.” But it’s very simple to understand for Indians, that anything is possible for God. After all He is God. He is God Almighty.
Because of this mental attitude which is much lower than the knowledge of your Spirit, the ordinary, mundane type of the superficial knowledge can never allow the personality to accept the greatness of God.

I had a grandma. She was My father’s aunt and she used to tell us a nice story about somebody who was going to meet God. Of course this in India, everybody understands all these things. They will not say: “How he is going to meet God?” but accept it. All right, he is going to meet God.
So when he was going on the way, on the road, he found one gentleman sitting there nicely singing songs, bhajans of God, doing nothing on the roadside. So he said: “Oh, so you are going to meet God?” “Yes, I am going to meet Him. So have you any message for Him?” “Yes, please tell Him that I’m all right, but He should arrange for my food, because I think the food is now finishing.” He said: “Really? That’s what you want me to tell Him?” “Yes, yes, please tell Him. Oh, of course He’ll arrange, but please tell Him.” So he went ahead and he met another gentleman who was standing on his head, doing all kinds of yoga asanas and everything. And he asked him: “Please go and ask God – I’ve tried everything. When is He going to meet me? I would like to see Him. I would like to have His darshan.” He said: “All right.”
So he went to God, and whatever work he had he finished with it, and then God asked him: “Have you got anything to tell Me?” He said: “Nothing much, but I met one gentleman while coming and he said that ‘I’m doing all kinds of things, I have tried everything, and when will God meet me? I am standing on my head, and I am doing also all kinds of yoga asanas, and all kinds of things, and also I am going to church and mosque, I am praying, doing all sorts of prayers, but when will God meet me?’” So God said: “Tell him he has to do a little more. See, it’s not easy. When Sahaja Yoga will come we’ll see!” [Applaud, big laugh] So then he said: “And there is another one who was on the road, You see. As he was just enjoying himself singing songs, he suddenly saw me, and he told me: ‘You see, my food is now finishing, ask God to arrange it for me.’” He said: “Really, is the food just finishing?” Immediately God said: “What are you doing, why don’t you go and look after him? His food is finishing.” “No, no, Sir, yesterday only, we arranged it, all that.” He said: “All right, all right, doesn’t matter.”
You see, he couldn’t understand, you know, that this fellow who is trying all these things and God is still saying that he has to wait. And while this fellow is just singing songs of God and all that, and why is it so much impressed by this another fellow who is doing nothing to seek God? So then God realized that he is in some sort of an illusion. So He told him: “All right, you go and tell them one thing. To both of them the same thing, that ‘When I went to God what I saw there was that He made a camel pass through the eye of a needle.’” So he said: “Really, I should tell them?” “Yes, yes, you just tell them, and see the reaction.”
So he went down. So this is, the first one met him, he said: “What God has said?” He said that God has said: “Wait till Sahaja Yoga comes in, then I’ll meet you. Before that you’ll go around like this.” “Oh God, when will this Sahaja Yoga come?” And he said: “So, but He’ll meet me sometime. I hope Sahaja Yoga also comes some time.” And he was quite disappointed. So he went. And he asked him that: “What did you see with, in there when you went to see God?” He said: “I saw that, you know, He passed a camel through the eye of an, of a needle.” He said: “What? How is it possible? It’s impossible!” Now mental: “How is it possible, that a camel gets passed through the eye, it’s not possible, see the volume of this one and such a little thing. How can he pass? No, no, no, no you are just telling me a story because you have been to God, you are trying to show off, that’s all. I, I don’t believe in all this nonsense. It’s.. you are just telling me lies, and don’t try to befool me.”
So he went to another person who was on the street eating nicely.
He said: “How are you?” “I know He had arranged before you reached there, I know it was all right after all. You see He looks after me all the time. So what did you see when you went there?” He said: “I saw that God Almighty passed a camel through an eye of a needle. It’s a very amazing thing.” He said: “What, amazing? He is God, do you know He is God? Do you know He is God? God can do anything. He can do anything!” That’s made him understand, that if you understand that God is all-powerful, all-powerful, it doesn’t mean that He can move Himalayas to Maharashtra. It doesn’t mean that. [Laugh] But it means He is all powerful. Means He can do subtlest and subtlest thing, and such things which our brain, this mental side cannot understand. It’s beyond the conception of a human mind.

This is what God is. He’s the One who has created human beings. He has to be beyond us if He is creating. If a potter creates a pot that means he is beyond the pot. Pot cannot create God.. the potter. And the potter has created the pot, so that means that this pot which is created by him has to be something which is made by him, so he has to be much more powerful than the pot is. But it is unbelievable, or say beyond the conception of human beings, that what a God it must be Who has made this great computer. We take everything for granted. We cannot even make a particle of clay ourselves. We cannot make anything, human beings cannot make. Ha, if there is some stone, all right you can put this up. If there is some clay you can make some sort of a house out of it. That’s all dead from the dead. But can you make a candle which will burn badhas? You have seen it with your own eyes that before My photograph the badhas burn. Can you do that?

Now you, we have no, also the idea of the complete, intricate working, delicate machinery, and also very dynamic explosive machinery, how it works to create human beings, to create all this universe, to create all these beautiful flowers and trees and everything. Look at the stars. Look at how many they are. Out of that He has chosen this Mother Earth to create human beings. How He has made it? When He wants to send His own Son, He can send it the way He wants to send it. Even to challenge this shows the mental mind which is in, absolutely in mud. So to accept it is only possible when you have saints, real saints who tell you, that this is how Shri Ganesha was born out of Gauri. But to jump into it, into faith, when you come to Sahaja Yoga you start seeing miracles taking place. Then you can understand that these miracles are taking place and if there is another miracle that has to take place it will take place in any case. We are not doing anything, it is all done. And we don’t doubt it. Once you doubt you become again the same human being which is just embedded in the mud.

I always say that you are like lotuses now opened out. You are not flying in the air. Your roots are down there. But you are now lotuses, and that’s what is on top of the lotus, this Mahalakshmi principle is born. Mahalakshmi principle is the One which came on this earth as Sitaji, as Radha and also as Mary, as Mother Mary. It’s said that Mahalakshmi is born out of the sea. What is the meaning of “Mary”? Maria means, you know, Mare means “the sea”. She was born out of the sea. So She being a Mahalakshmi Herself, She could create a child. What’s the harm? She could do anything, and this is the thing you have to rise above. Christians have to rise above this Christianity, and has to understand that it’s such a great thing that was Christ Who came on this earth, Who was the Incarnation of the principle of Ganesha.

Ganesha becoming Mahavishnu is a very big thing which one should try to understand. Ganesha is the Son of Shiva. Shri Ganesha is the One Who was first created before creating anything, any atmosphere, anything, because He is the Omkara, and the Omkara is the first breaking of Adi Shakti from Shiva. That sound, “Tan-kar”, as they call it. From there started Omkara and He is the One Who is the embodiment of that Omkara. So this sound is Shri Ganesh, is His power, was created first foremost thing, just to create holiness [SOUNDS LIKE povitrada]. When this holiness was created, this [povitrada] was created, then everything was created in the sea of that holiness. And then He incarnated as Christ, but as Mahavishnu, not as Shiva’s Son, but as Mahavishnu. And who is Vishnu? Is an uncle of Shri Ganesh. His Mother’s brother is Shri Vishnu. So He was brought up, we should say, by Mahavishnu, we can say, but Mahalakshmi adopted the principle of Shri Ganesh.

In the Kundalini chart you can see that the Shri Ganesha is connected on the left hand side to the Ida Nadi. And the Kundalini is above that. So now what has happened is this, that He transcended that part, and if He had to come for the redemption, He had to come as the Son of Mahalakshmi. So it was Mahalakshmi who adopted Him, or we should say really, conceived Him within Himself as Christ. And He became Mahavishnu. Anything is possible in the family of Gods and Goddesses, because they are Gods. It is beyond human mind to understand how these things are working out in that realm. Very difficult. But now you have got Realization you can feel in the cool breeze, so many new things are happening to you. So now believe Me, that there is no unholy alliances among the Gods and Goddesses, no unholy alliances. There is nothing that is human in them. They’re all divine, pure.
Once you understand this point then you will understand why Shri Ganesha had to accept to be a Son of Mahalakshmi, was born to Him as Christ, because He had to come on Agnya, and for the redemption. As Ganesha, He doesn’t do the redemption part, because at that stage He is for the innocence, for the holiness, for the wisdom or also for destroying the negativity.
But He had to come up, only He, only Ganesha could be brought to this very constricted chakra, Agnya chakra. Now why is it constricted? It’s quite a scientific thing which I would not like to discuss today. But it had to be constricted and it goes on getting more constricted, this Agnya chakra, the more, the more we think, the more we go into the left or right, it goes on really becoming like this, absolutely like this.
So in this very subtle area only Christ could be settled, because He’s the subtlest of subtle. He’s even subtler than an atom, because in the atom those vibrations which move asymmetric and symmetric movements are subtler than the atom. And this is the subtler of that also. So in that little very constricted area, only a personality like Christ, which is nothing but purity. There is no other element in Him but purity. All other Incarnations have all the five elements in it. He has nothing. He is nothing but pure vibrations. That’s why He could walk on the water, because there was no mass in His body, no matter in His body. No matter. No element, except for Chaitanya itself. Omkara becoming Ganesha in the mud, or the, what you can say, the thing that came out of Her body [mixt of “mala” and turmeric paste]. Only the Chaitanya. So at Ganesha’s stage we can say that the Chaitanya was kept in that form, but in the state of Christ it was not there.

But the whole drama was played later on, of His death and resurrection, because He is the One who is responsible for our resurrection, because He is the Gate. He’s the Path because He’s Shri Ganesh. Omkara is the Path, and He’s the Gate, but He is not the destination. His Mother is the destination. Even Mahalakshmi is not the Destination. Even Mahakali, Mahasaraswati, it’s the Adi Shakti is the destination where you have to reach.
All these things were never told in the Bible, because He could hardly live for four years with public life. Nor did they want to tell about it because they did not know. Also there was a definite suppression of all Divine things, for these people are all commercialized institutions, as we have also in India all kinds of commercial institutions. But the only advantage in India is that religion is not organized. Thank God for that! But they organized it, they organized Christ, they organized all His principles, everything, and now they think He was a good human being. What a certificate to give !
So today we are here to celebrate the birth of Omkara. It’s a very big thing. I don’t know if you can realize it, what it is, it moves into everything, whether it is aroh [lengh] paramanu [atom], is the atom, molecules, into all the organizing of chemicals and also the periodic laws, and also in the gravity, into every thing that moves is this Omkara, and your vibrations are nothing but Omkaras.

Actually, in My photograph the vibrations have come as Omkaras. On the head of the people there is Omkara written. How is it happening, these lights look like Omkara? How is it on top of the heads of the Sahaja Yogis, there’s all the Sahaja Yogis’ heads, there is Omkara? – or Allah in Arabic language – My name also, in Arabic. Who is doing this? It is He who is doing all this. So Omkara itself takes a form to do things to convince you of Adi Shakti. He’s the One who is handling all these powers. He doesn’t enter into the photograph, no, He does not, but He plays a trick. After all you see, if you go into details, how do you get a photograph? Through the light. The light passes straight, a straight line. But if He wants He can make the light pass another way round. He can just transform the light into something else. He can do whatever He likes. And that’s what He does to convince you.
And He said that: “Anything against Me I’ll tolerate, but nothing against the Holy Ghost.” And this Holy Ghost is the Adi Shakti. Without Him you cannot go to the Sahasrara. So that in the whole play He is like the sutradhara [chef-manager], He’s the One who is the conductor, the One moves the strings in a puppet show. And so it is very important to pray to Shri Ganesha every time we have Puja. We have to pray to Him and we, that’s how we are praying to Lord Jesus Christ. Every time. Without His auspiciousness, without His help, we cannot do Sahaja Yoga. He’s the Manager. See I’m sitting here and He’s the manager. Supposing there’s no management how will I speak here? Nothing can happen. But He is so efficient, and you never see Him working out everything, doing everything.

Translation from Hindi:

You all would not have been able to understand all what I spoke in English.  Today is the Birthday of Shri Issa Masih.  It is the greatness of Issa Masih that I was explaining.  We pray to Shri Ganesha  we sing stutis (praises to Shri Ganesha), because everything says we must sing His praises.  But what is this stuti singing.  What is Shri Ganesha.

We see that He is Omkara.  What is Omkara.  All the workings of this universe happens only by the energy of this Omkara, which we call as Chaitanya, vibrations.  Brahma Chaitanya.  The sakar  (visible form) of Brahma Chaitanya is Omkar, and the (vigraha) embodiment of that is Shri Ganesha.  And, the incarnation of that has come as Issa Masih.  It is imperative that we should understand this; otherwise when we sing stutis to Shri Ganesha we go into a frenzy, like mad people.

Each word that we use for Him, we are enumerating His powers.  Why are we doing it.  Because you have some shakti, another has some shakti, so what is the purpose of pronouncing these shaktis (powers).  The reason is, that we desire that all these shaktis and qualities of His, which we do not possess, should become a part of our beings also.  But His greatest strength and power, is His innocence and holiness.  Whoever possesses the quality of purity and innocence, is the most powerful.  Nobody can touch such a person.  Like soap.  No matter what you wash with it, it does not become dirty itself.  Sometimes even soap can get dirty.  But this is Omkara, which can never lose its purity and holiness.  It is an eternal quality, or it is the shakti of performing totally dedicated work.  (Anan, where there is no other).  So when you adore and worship, you should always remember that we want to absorb this shakti; and it should establish within us the eternal innocence and purity, and all our chakras become cleansed and purified.

Our life becomes (shuddh) pure, our (samaj) society, our (raajkaran) government of the nation, our country, and the entire world all becomes completely cleansed and purified.  And only in that state of purity and virtues, can we have bliss and joy (anand).  It is like, after a bath and change of clothes, you feel the joy of being cleansed.  It feels good.

And when your entire life becomes cleansed with this Omkar, then you get the joy, which is called Aatma-anand (joy of the spirit. You get that.  And even in Atma, the energy that is there, that is also the shakti (energy) of Omkara.

But we do not understand the real significance of Omkar.  We say it is A-U-M and Ardhmatra (half-syllable).  Just by saying this we do not understand the full meaning.  And this Chatwari (four shaktis) of Shri Ganesha,  it is His genesis or manifestation that you get in the life of Shri Jesus Christ.  But He had a public life of only four years.  And for some reason, very little was known about Him in India.  But now the people of the western countries have begun to recognise Him.  But this is only a mental acceptance.  Nothing else.  There is no heart involved.  Only the head.  And such a knowledge is too subtle to enter their brain.

To understand such a subtle knowledge, the brain has to be enlightened.  The aggregate of Divine Rays has to enter the brain, and give it the shakti of sensitivity.  Now if the brightness of these lights comes into the eyes, it blinds you.  But the inner light, when it shines, it does not blind you.  But everything becomes clear and can be understood clearly.

How to get that Light of the Spirit.  The Agnya Chakra which is here, in level with the brain plate. Here, this is where it is located.  Here, the Medha  (intelligence, wisdom) opens out.  It is closed like this, but when in opens, then we see that Agnya Chakra has opened, and then the Kundalini passes inside through this opening, and when She enters the upper part of the brain, above the brain plate; then inside the brain an astonishing, extraordinary thing happens, which is beyond human dimension; beyond the human (buddhi) intelligence.  One gets drenched, inundated, in this divine energy; and you begin to understand what is truth, and what is untruth.  Through this divine energy (Daivi Shakti) you also begin to feel the chakras on the hands.

Gradually you will not need  to feel it on the hands.  You will just know, spontaneously, what is right and what is wrong.  Like it takes time to know what is good and what is bad;  but some people immediately get the indication.  I would say that they have received the blessings of Issa Masih.

The same people are involved in their mental understanding; or caught in the web of class and caste difference; or difference in belief and religion, or judging that Indians are better, or English are better;  narrow mindedness and petty indedness; miserliness and other kinds of useless things.  In our country, I don’t know how, but we get all these parasites like mosquitoes, bugs and other pestilence.  The nasty things we get here, we do not get anywhere else in the world.  The lengths to which people go to fall into ditches, can only be seen here.

Sometimes it is very surprising that in a county which has had so many incarnations, whose culture is so filled with bhakti (religious devotion and piety) and who worship God Almighty, should have fallen into the deep mire of selfishness, rough and rude behaviour, and allowed ourselves to go to rot.  And continue to rot (sadna).  At lease after coming into Sahaja Yoga this should have gone.  But still caste and creed differences;  this, that, and all kinds of prejudices of the world, are making us into creepy insects and worms.

Vishwa Nirmala Dharma.  This Dharma is the dharma of Omkar (mysterious syllable containing the attributes of the Supreme Being).  The dharma of holiness and purity.  And if you are sticking on to these bad inclinations and habits, then you cannot sustain in Sahaja Yoga.  This is not an outwardly show, of saying that I believe in Sahaja Yoga, I do pujas of Shri Mataji, I go to the centre regularly; I keep Her Photograph on the altar in my house, and we worship Her.  Neither will you benefit, nor will the world benefit from this sham and false behaviour of yours.  Any lamp can claim that I am giving light to the world.  One can ask, where is the light.  Show me your light.

We are always deceiving ourselves.  We should make a resolution that, no, we are not going to indulge into this deception any more.  We are going to give up all this, and go into Sahaja Yoga, and go deep.  Only then will you benefit from it.  Now I have seen the half baked people, what happens to them.  May be sometimes, if you have been to a wrong guru, you might have a lot of difficulties.  Or if you mix with bad company also you may land up into difficulties.  Because the time into which you have now come, it is called Krita Yuga, where the Brahma Chaitanya becomes active and effective.  It starts doing its work.  Now, in these circumstances, you can neither deceive yourself or deceive others.  Nor can you deceive Me!  The person who takes to the road of deception, will immediately get the fruit of his actions.

One gentleman came and told Me, that “Shri Mataji when I sit in meditation, my face swells and becomes so big”.  So I said,” Oh, what happens”.  He said, “It becomes big, like Shri Hanuman’s”.  So I said, “Very good.  You are becoming like Shri Hanuman”.  He said – “No, No. Shri Mataji.  It grows so much, I am afraid my face might burst some day”.  So I asked, “Do you chew tobacco?”  He admitted that he did.  So I said – “Better keep chewing tobacco.  Why do you want to meditate”.  They will eat tobacco and they will also meditate.  Then the face is bound to expand.

Another person came and said, “Shri Mataji, this index finger of mind has got cut.  I said, “Oh I see.  Were you smoking a cigarette?”  He said “Yes”.  So he got hurt on that finger.

Another one had a motor car accident.  He came and showed me that only his right index finger got injured.  “I got hurt on this finger because I was smoking”.

You come to Sahaja Yoga and then you continue with your smoking of cigarettes, and drinking alcohol, and a whole lot of other bad practices.  And they will pin a big badge and go about saying “I am a Sahaja Yogi”.  That badge that you are wearing;  that same badge will come and break your head.  I am warning you.  Better understand that wearing My badge is not such a simple thing.  This badge that you are wearing, that will come and break your head.  I do not wish it to happen.  I do not make it happen.  Understand.  This badge is not an ordinary thing.  It is a Vigraha (form or shape of God).  It has a coefficience.  Means, Chaitanya (divine vibrations) flows from it.  That same Chaitanya will twist you.  Then you will say – “Shri Mataji, I was wearing your badge as I slept, then how did this happen.  Why me”.  It was from the badge that  the Chaitanya came and broke your head.  That is why I say, “Don’t wear a badge”.

And, if you do, then be worthy of wearing it.  Nowadays every one wants a badge.  Give me a locket to wear around my neck. Yes. Do wear it. But with great caution.  Do you understand.  Don’t put the blame on Me if anything happens.  Some will say, “Shri Mataji, I wore this badge and went, and still I slipped and broke my leg.”  So better not to wear it casually and carelessly.  If you want to wear, then make yourself worthy of it.  And if you cannot make yourself worthy and still wear it, then God save you from Lord Jesus Christ.  And, Shri Ganesha is more exacting than Him.  He always carries a Parashu (battle axe) in His left hand, and He just wields it and I cannot do anything.  I cannot control them.  They will advise you not to disrespect the badge, and if you do, then take the consequences.  So, wearing of badge, pendant or ring, is very  demanding in its protocols.

When you go into a toilet or unclean places, remove and keep it safe and unexposed.  You must be careful to guard it from unholy environments.  Even My Hair.  If you find it anywhere, you must keep it safely and return it to Me.  Please be very careful.  This Hair of Mine was given by Yama (God of Death), and he is always watchful of it.  So please return it if you find sit, because I am your Mother.  I don’t want you to get into trouble.  But these are not your Mother or your Father.  They are your brothers, and they keep following you with a big rod.

That is why you should understand that you have come into Sahaja Yoga.  It is not a place of enjoyment, fun, and bhajans.  If that was so, from where did the beating come?  This is why you should understand the uniqueness and speciality of Sahaja Yoga.  That this is the kingdom of Paramatma (God Almighty), and Paramatma is not a Mother.  A Mother is loving, kind, and She always feels that, they are still children, and they do things sometimes.  It does not matter.  But God Almighty is watching your behaviour.  Everything has been given to you in Sahaja Yoga after so much care and difficulty by your Mother.  Where are you faltering now.  What wrongdoings are you indulging into now.  And that is why we should be very careful and alert.

I will say this, that Adi Shakti is verily the Shakti, the energy of Paramatma; His Desire.  But Paramatma is constantly watching, that these Sahaja Yogis who are making such a show, how many of them are genuine and honest; and who among these has to be corrected and put in his place.  He is making all these observations.

All those who are good should also get attention.  But this is not what He is doing.  He is only noting down those who are fakes and frauds and need to be corrected.  He will censure and chastise.  That is why it is My sincere advice that whatever you do, do it with a clean, and pure, and innocent mind.  I am openly telling you that if you have any wrong ideas and false knowledge; blind faith in falsehood; any prejudices of caste, creed, colour or community; all of which are unworthy of Sahaja Yogis; you remove all these unwanted things, and then only wear My badge or pendant.  Because with every pendant one Gana is attached, and on duty.  And they are watching you, up and down.  As much as they protect you, in this way also they are preventing you from doing wrong things, because they know you inside out.  So today this is a warning, or notice of danger.

We are also fortunate that Jesus Christ came and established Himself on the Agnya Chakra, and became the cause of our resurrection.  Otherwise resurrection would never have become achievable for  Sahaja Yogis.  His coming was absolutely necessary.  There is no fight or disagreement between anyone.  Everyone knows that on this Tree of Life, all had an important responsibility to develop the tree, so that the Sahasrara could be got ready for the final culmination.  But if there is no tree, from where would the Sahasrara come.  And if the Sahasrara has manifested, then it was the tree which worked out this happening.  It is the responsibility of the tree to protect and look after the Sahasrara, and to destroy any attempt to disturb its completion.

So today is the day, we should recognise and thank Shri Jesus for coming, because without Him our resurrection would not be complete.  When it was told to Shri Ganesha that when the time for resurrection comes, You have to look after Me.  This is what was told to Him.  That when the time for Moksha (deliverance from rebirth) comes, that is the time Shri Ganesha arrives at Agnya Chakra, and protects and takes care of you.

That is why today is a very auspicious day for all of us.  A joy giving day, and also a day when we are warned to be careful.  Because at Agnya if you stray, then you will land in the lunatic asylum, or you will be afflicted with some other disease.  We should maintain holiness of the Agnya, means our thoughts should be absolutely pure and holy.  And as you keep rising, bad thoughts will stop coming.  They will stop completely.

Sahaja Yoga is only for your joy, your greatness, your gravity, your dignity, and your progress.  And after all this, if we do not support the work of Sahaja Yoga, do not encourage the people who are working for Sahaja Yoga, and instead, try to put obstacles in the progress, then such people come in for dire punishment.  Those who are doing the job with full honesty and involvement, we should also support in the same measure.

In some people I see the shortcoming of miserliness.  They save money.  Like – from every quarter that we can save four rupees lets save it.  Save from here, save from there.  Where you are able to save four rupees, you will find that you will have to spend four hundred rupees somewhere else.  And in Sahaja Yoga, sometimes the rupee spent with love and dedication, is equal to a lakh (million) of rupees.  Means, it will actualise in rupees!

We are not donating to Shri Mataji.  Everything belongs to Her.  And we are spending on Her, what belongs to Her.  And you are well aware that I do not accept or expect anything.  From morning till night I keep resisting and saying, please do not give Me any gifts or sarees.  I do not need anything.  For the past five years this tussle is going on, and nobody is willing to accept My refusal.  And as the time passes, costs are going up, but still they will not stop.

But, for the running of Sahaja Yoga money is required.  But here people think it is very clever to get free meals in Sahaja Yoga.  Later on if they have problems with their stomach, I am not responsible.  This place is not for beggars.  It is for the Kings. For those who have (Raja Tabiyat) royal temperament.  If you have kingly qualities you are most welcome.  You don’t have to have wealth.  Just qualities.  The rich are so miserly and wretched, and so strange, that we cannot understand them.  And then there are others like Myself.  Not rich, but large and generous hearted, who want to keep on giving.  If one hand is open you will take. But if the other hand does not open to give, then things will stop coming to you.  That is why, whenever I hear about miserly people, I feel aversion and disgust.  I feel nauseated.

I was so impressed and happy the other day, when we ran out of gifts, people were lovingly accepting My Photograph. “ Shri Mataji, that is all we want”!  That deep satisfaction must come first.  Only after satisfaction the human being can do (tyag) renunciation.  Of course no one can do tyag (renunciation) like Issa Masih.  But that sacrifice should be done with full love.  Yes, there will be a little difficulty.  No problem. But we can know from a special and noble job, that we are not doing it for ourselves, but for every one.

This year I am going to call for a list, especially of the Bombay people.  I have received complaints that they just do not want to pay any money for anything.  And here in Bombay stands the great Mahalakshmi Temple.  What is the use of this temple, where Shri Mahalakshmi Herself emerged spontaneously from the Mother Earth.  How did the people of Bombay become so miserly.  They are thinking that Shri Mataji is spending for everything.  Let us enjoy.  In any case, everything will work out, whether they give money or not.  BUT what will happen to them.  Must remember this.

The sign of Mahalakshmi Tattwa is, that when we meditate and get rid of all our doubts and desires, this Mahalakshmi principle becomes active, and we start searching only for the truth.  If you do not have samadhan (satisfaction), then you cannot enter Mahalakshmi Tattwa.  Take the life of Shri Sita.  How long did She live with Shri Rama.  Shri Radha’s life.  And after that the life of the Mother of Shri Jesus.  In all the three lives, so much of sacrifice and tyag (renunciation).  Without maha samadhan, this could never had happened.

So, with the Mahalakshmi Tattwa, a person becomes maha samadhan (completely satisfied and surrendered).  And then from this plane, he starts searching for the truth, and during the search he keeps shedding all his untruths.

So in this Mahalakshmi Puja, where we are worshipping Shri Jesus and His Mother, Mary, then we should settle in samadhan.  From worldly things, and excessive desires, when we get renunciation inside, only then the Mahalakshmi tattwa awakens within us.  And then the Mahalakshmi within us, starts looking after the Lakshmi tattwa.  And the Lakshmi Tattwa starts getting established by itself.  It gets activated by itself, and gives its benefits by itself.  Everything manifests  and stands before us.

So, the only thing I have to say is, enlarge your hearts.  Make your hearts big, and enthrone the Omkara in your hearts.  That same Omkara which is Shri Ganesh, which is Jesus Christ, through whom all our problems become alright.  Get solved.  And you can have adhikar, (loving entitlement) over Me. Without their presence within you, (Ganesha and Shri Jesus), I cannot give you this privilege or authority!  Even in the rising of the Kundalini, until such time that permission does not come from Mooladhara, till Shri Ganesh does not give the signal; no one, not even I, can raise the Kundalini.  They have their own adhikar (entitlement) over Me.

If someone begins to think that he or she is very close to Me, they should understand that even if they are close, genuinely they are close, then it is only with the permission of Shri Ganesha that the proximity has been allowed.  With the permission of Issa Masih.  Without His permission I do not recognise anyone.  This is a (bandhan) binding on Me.  And this is why I tell you, again and again, be careful!  We must obey His bandhan, and whatever He thinks or knows about you, I have to take that into consideration.  No matter how much I forgive in Motherly love, I cannot disregard their permission, and we must know that they are the ones who actually help us and cleanse us.

They do forgive.  But they have one condition  I have no conditions or requirements.  I am Nirvaaj (without expectations of returns).  I do not desire anything from you. However you are, in whatever state you are, you are acceptable to Me.  But in Their judgement, if you have ever, disrespected or disobeyed Me; or in Sahaja Yoga if you have committed any acts of dissension or put obstacles; or cheated or been dishonest; These will get after you.  That is why I am telling you, again and again, that today, on this auspicious occasion, you should know what powerful shaktis are standing with you.  Why don’t we honour these shaktis and imbibe them like royal people.  When we have such an elevated throne (singhasan), why don’t we ascend and take our seats on it.  And live in that royal style that behoves royalty.  You are now Sahaja Yogis.  It is such a great thing.

And so many yogis have come to this Ganapatiphule, where Shri Mahaganapathi presides in this place.  We have come here as family of Mahaganesha.  Into His kingdom.  And with His blessings all the great shaktis are inside us.  But even to absorb this shakti, we have to be in purity and bhakti.  In His bhakti, there is no place for Swarth (selfishness, self interest).  If we can achieve this state, then He looks after the rest.  Then He is at your service. But if you take the wrong road, he can cause you a lot of damage.

I am teaching you a few words of common sense.  Because a Mother feels that these are My beloved Sons, and you should benefit from Them. At the same time there is fear that they may twist your ears.  That is why I am explaining to you  that we are here as a big family.  We have united.  But these Elder Brothers you will have to obey, and be aware that they are sitting here and watching carefully.  And by doing puja we can pacify and make them happy.

But nothing happens speedily,  until and unless there is inner cleansing.  So we have to make a commitment that we are going to give up all impurities and turn our attention to purity, and make our lives worthy.  If we do this then there are only blessings, and more blessings.  My eternal blessings, and thanks that all of you have come.  The thing is that My heart is overflowing, as all of you are there within Me.  I love all of you, and My loving glance is always on you.  And I am always thinking of protecting you.  My Attention is always on you.  And if you have any problems you can write to Me.  But you must cleanse yourselves.  Become pure, and become auspicious, and enjoyu these endless blessings forever.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi