Christmas Puja and Evening Program

Ganapatipule (India)

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Christma Puja Talk, Ganapatipule, India, 25-12-1990

[English Transcript]

Today we have such a great opportunity, to celebrate the birth of Christ. He was born in a manger. All these things are already pre-planned. That He should be born in a manger, in difficult situations, to show that whether you are born poor or rich, whether you are born in difficulties, or in problems, if you have Divinity within you, it shines by itself. As the Christianity took a very wrong deviated, line, they have never been able to understand the significance of Christ. To them immaculate conception-conception is absolutely, not possible. Most of the people think that it’s some sort of a mythical story. But in India, we do believe that, Gauri created Shri Ganesha out of, Her own, vibrations, and that He became the Deity of Mooladhara. We accept it. But not in the West. They will never accept such a thing because, their mental side is over-developed and dominates them. Maybe, they are not so very old like Indians to understand that above all He is God. Even the concept of God is quite mental. Moreover, the way Christianity has been, it has not provided any proper guidance. On the contrary wherever they have failed, they said “It’s a mystery.” 

                 But, it’s very simple to understand for Indians, that anything is possible for God. After all He is God- He is God Almighty. Because of this mental attitude, which is much lower, than the knowledge of your spirit, the ordinary, mundane type of the superficial knowledge, can never allow the personality to accept the greatness of God. I had a grandma, she was My father’s aunt. And she used to tell us a nice story about somebody, who was going to meet God, Of course this, in India everybody understands all these things. They will not say, “How he is going to meet God?” But accept it- all right, he is going to meet God, so, when he was going on the way, on the road, he found one gentleman sitting there, nicely singing songs, bhajans of God, doing nothing on the roadside. So: “Oh, so you are going to meet God?” “Yes, I am going to meet Him. “So have you any message for Him?” “Yes, please tell Him that I’m all right, but He should arrange for my food, because I think the food is now finishing.” He said: “Really, that’s what you want me to tell Him?” “Yes, yes, please tell Him”. “Oh, of course He’ll arrange, but please tell Him.” So he went ahead, and he met another gentleman who was standing on his head, or in a Christian way I would say, he was going to church every day with nice suits and, singing hymns every day, listening to the pastor’s sermons, or whatever you may say; and in the Indian way we can say, he was going to the temple every day, standing on his head, doing all kinds of yoga asanas and everything. He asked him: “Please go and ask God I’ve tried everything, when is He going to meet me? I would like to see Him, I would like to have His darshan.” He said: “All right.” So he went, to God, and, whatever work he had he finished with it, and, then God asked him: “Have you got anything to tell Me?” He said: “Nothing much, but I met one gentleman, while coming, and he said that ‘I’m doing all kinds of things, I have tried everything, and when will God meet me? I am standing on my head and, I am doing also all kinds of yoga asanas, all kinds of things, and also I am going to church and mosque, I am praying, doing all sorts of prayers, but when will God meet me? So God said: “Tell him he has to do a little more. “See, it’s not easy, when Sahaja Yoga will come we’ll see!” 

         So then even he said: “And there is another one who was on the road, You see, he was just, enjoying himself singing songs, he suddenly saw me, he told me: ‘You see, my food is now finishing, ask God to arrange it for me.'” He said: “Really, is the food just finishing?” Immediately God said: “What are you doing? why don’t you go and look after him, his food is finishing?” “No, no, Sir, we yesterday only, we arranged it, all that.” He said: “All right, all right, doesn’t matter”. he couldn’t understand, you know, that, this fellow who is trying all these things and God is still saying that he has to wait. And while this fellow is just singing songs of God and all that, and why is it so much impressed, by this another fellow who is doing nothing to seek God? So then God realized that he is in some sort of an illusion. So He told him: “All right, you go and tell them one thing”. To both of them the same thing, that ‘When I went to God what I saw there, was that, He made a camel pass through the eye of a needle. So he said: “Really, I should tell them?”. “Yes, yes, you just tell them, and see the reaction.” 

         So he went down. So this is, the first one met him, he said: “What God has said?” He said that God has said: “Wait till Sahaja Yoga comes in, then I’ll meet you. Before that you’ll go around like this. “Oh God, when will this Sahaja Yoga come?” And he said: “So, but He’ll meet me sometime. I hope Sahaja Yoga also comes some time.” And he was quite disappointed. So he went. And he asked him that: “What did you see with, there, when you went to see God?” He said: “I saw that, you know, He passed a camel, through the eye of an, of a needle.” He said: “What? How is it possible? It’s impossible!” Now mental. How is it possible, that a camel gets passed through the eye, it’s not possible, see the volume of this one, and such a little thing, How can he pass? No, no, no, no you are just telling me a story, because you have been to God, you are trying to show off that’s all. I, I don’t believe in all this nonsense. you see, just telling me lies, and don’t try to befool me.” 

     So he went to another person who was on the street eating nicely. He said: “How are you?” “I know He had arranged before you reached there, I know it was all right after all, You see He looks after me all the time. So what did you see when you went there?” He said: “I saw that aaaaa! God Almighty passed a camel, through an eye of a needle. It’s a very amazing thing. He said: “What, amazing? He is God, do you know He is God? Do you know He is God? God can do anything. He can do anything!” That’s made him understand, that if you understand that God is all-powerful, all-powerful, it doesn’t mean that He can move Himalayas to Maharashtra, It doesn’t mean that! But it means, He is all powerful. Means He can do subtlest and subtlest thing, and such things which our brain, this mental side cannot understand. It’s beyond the conception of a human mind. This is what God is. He’s the One who has created human beings. He has to be beyond us if He is creating. If a potter creates a pot that means he is beyond the pot. Pot cannot create God.. the potter. And the potter has created the pot, so that means, that this pot which is created by him has to be something which is made by him, so he has to be much more powerful, than the pot is. But it is unbelievable, or say beyond the conception of human beings, that what a, God it must be Who has made this great computer. We take everything for granted. We cannot even make a particle of clay ourself. We cannot make anything, human beings cannot make. Haa, if there is some stone, all right you can put this up. If there is some clay you can make some sort of a house out of it. That’s all dead from the dead. But, can you make a candle, which will burn badhas?

        You have seen it with your own eyes, that before My photograph the badhas burn. Can you do that? Now you, we have known, also the idea, of the complete, intricate working, delicate machinery, and also very dynamic explosive machinery, how it works, to create human beings, to create all this universe, to create all these beautiful, Aaaa, flowers and trees and everything. Look at the stars, look at how many they are. Out of that He has chosen this Mother earth, to create human beings. How He has made it? When He wants to send His own Son, He can send it the way He wants to send it. Even to challenge this shows the, mental mind which is in, absolutely in mud. So to, accept it, is only possible when you have saints, real saints who tell you, that this is how Shri Ganesha was born out of Gauri. But to jump into it, into faith, when you come to Sahaja Yoga you start seeing miracles taking place. Then you can understand, that these miracles are taking place. And if there is another miracle that has to take place, it will take place in any case. We are not doing anything, it is all done. And we don’t doubt it, Once you doubt you become again the same, human being which is just embedded in the mud. I always say that you are like lotuses now opened out. You are not flying in the air, Your roots are down there. But you are now lotuses, and that’s what is on top of the lotus, this Mahalakshmi principle is born. 

       Mahalakshmi principle is the One, which came on this earth as Sitaji, as Radha and also as Mary, as Mother Mary. It’s said that Mahalakshmi is born out of the sea. What is the meaning of “Mary”? Mariam means, you know, Mari means “the sea”. She was born out of the sea. So She being a Mahalakshmi Herself, She could create a child. What’s the harm? She could do anything, and this is the thing you have to rise above. Christians have to rise above this Christianity, and has to understand that it’s such a, great thing that was Christ Who came on this earth, Who was the Incarnation of the principle of Ganesha. Ganesha becoming Mahavishnu is a very big thing which one should try to understand. Ganesha is the Son of Shiva. Shri Ganesha is the One, Who, who was first created before creating anything, any atmosphere, anything, because He is the Omkara. And the Omkara is the first breaking of Adi Shakti from Shiva. That sound, “Tan-kar”, as they call it, From there started Omkara, and He is the One Who is the embodiment of that Omkara. So this sound is Shri Ganesh, is His power, was created first foremost thing, just to create holiness, “pavitrata”. When this holiness was created, this “pavitrata” was created, then everything was created in the sea of that holiness. And then He incarnated as Christ, but as Mahavishnu, not as Shiva’s Son, but as Mahavishnu. And who is Vishnu? Is an uncle of, Shri Ganesh. His Mother’s brother is Shri Vishnu. So He was brought up, we should say, by Mahavishnu, we can say, but Mahalakshmi adopted the principle of Shri Ganesh. 

         In the Kundalini chart you can see that the Shri Ganesha is connected, on the left hand side to the Ida Nadi, and the Kundalini is above that. So now what has happened is this, that He transcended that part, and if He had to come for the redemption, He had to come as the Son of Mahalakshmi. So it was Mahalakshmi who adopted Him, or we should say really, conceived Him within Himself as Christ, and He became Mahavishnu. Anything is possible in the family of Gods and Goddesses, because they are Gods. It is beyond human mind to understand how these things are working out in that relm, very difficult. But now you have got Realization you can feel in the cool breeze, so many new things are happening to you. So now believe Me, that there is no unholy alliances among the Gods and Goddesses, no unholy alliances. There is nothing that is human in them. They’re all divine, pure people. Once you understand this point, then you will understand why Shri Ganesha had to accept to be a Son of Mahalakshmi, was born to Him as Christ. Because He had to come on Agnya, and for the redemption as Ganesha, He doesn’t do the redemption part, because at that stage, He is for the innocence, for the holiness, for the wisdom or also for destroying the negativity. 

       But, He had to come up, only He, only Ganesha could be brought to this very constricted, chakra, Agnya chakra, Now why is it constricted? It’s quite a scientific thing which I would not like to discuss today. But it had to be constricted and it goes on getting more constricted, this Agnya chakra the more, the more we think, the more we go into the left or right, it goes on really becoming like this, absolutely like this. So in this very subtle area, only Christ could be subtle, because He is the subtlest of subtle. He’s even subtler than an atom, because in the atom those vibrations which move, asymmetric and symmetric movements are subtler than the atom. And this is the subtler of that also. So in that little, very constricted area, only a personality like Christ, which is nothing but purity. There is no, other element in Him but purity. All other Incarnations have all the five elements in it. He has nothing, He is nothing but pure vibrations. That’s why He could walk on the water, because there was no mass in His body, no matter in His body. No matter. No element, except for Chaitanya itself. Omkara becoming, Ganesha in the mud, or the what you can say, the thing that came out of Her body, Only the Chaitanya. So at Ganesha’s stage we can say that the Chaitanya was kept in that form, but in the state of Christ it was not there. But the whole drama was played later on, of His death and resurrection, because He is the One who is responsible, for our resurrection, because He is the Gate. He’s the Path because He’s Shri Ganesh, Omkara is the Path, and He’s the Gate, but He is not the destination. His Mother is the destination. Even Mahalakshmi is not the Destination. Even Mahakali, Mahasaraswati, It’s the Adi Shakti is the destination, where you have to reach. All these things were never told in the Bible, because He could hardly live for four years with public life. Nor did they want to tell about it because they did not know, also there was a definite suppression of all Divine things, for these people are all commercialized institutions, as we have also in India all kinds of commercial institutions. But the only advantage in India is that religion is not organized. Thank God for that! But they organized it, they organized Christ, they organized all His principles, everything, and now they think He was a good human being, What a certificate to give Him! So today we are here, to celebrate the birth of Omkara, It’s a very big thing. I don’t know if you can realize it, what it is, which moves into everything, whether it is “anu, paramanu”, is the atom, molecules, into all the organizing of chemicals and also the periodic laws, and also in the gravity, into every thing that moves is this Omkara, and your vibrations are nothing but Omkaras. Actually, in My photograph the vibrations have come as Omkaras. On the head of the people there is Omkara written. How is it happening, these lights look like Omkara? How is it on top of the heads of the Sahaja Yogis, there’s all the Sahaja Yogis’ heads, there is Omkara? or Allah in Arabic language, My name also, in Arabic. Who is doing this? It is He who is doing all this. 

         So Omkara itself takes a form to do things, to convince you of Adi Shakti. He’s the One who is handling all these powers. He doesn’t enter into the photograph, He does not, but He plays a trick. After all you see, if you go into details, how do you get a photograph, Through the light, the light passes straight, a straight line. But if He wants He can make the light pass another way round. He can just transform the light into something else. He can do whatever He likes. And that’s what He does to convince you. And He said that: “Anything against Me I’ll tolerate, but nothing against the Holy Ghost.” And this Holy Ghost is the Adi Shakti. Without Him, you cannot go to the Sahasrara. So that in the whole play He is like the sutra dhara, He’s the One who is the conductor, the One who moves the strings in a puppet show. And so it is very important to pray to Shri Ganesha every time we have Puja. We have to pray to Him, and we, that’s how we are praying to Lord Jesus Christ. Every time. Without His auspiciousness, without His help, we cannot do Sahaja Yoga. He’s the Manager. See I’m sitting here and He’s the manager. Supposing there’s no management, how will I speak here? Nothing can happen. But He is so efficient, and you never see Him working out everything, doing everything. 

[Hindi to English translation]

You all would not have understood everything I said in English. And today is Jesus Christ’s birthday. Jesus Christ, what a great personality He is, that’s what I was telling them. We people pray to Shri Ganesha, worship Him, because others told us to do so. But what is He? What is Shri Ganesha? We say that He is Omkara. What is Omkara? All the functions of this whole universe, takes place due to the power of this Omkara, which we call as “chaitanya”, call as “Bramha chaitanya”. The concrete form of Brahma chaitanya is Omkara, and the idol form of that, or the iconic form of that, is Shri Ganesha. And the incarnation of that (Brahma chaiytnya) is Jesus Christ. If you understand this point, so, when we worship Shri Ganesha, like mad people we keep singing. In each and every word of what we are saying, We are describing His powers. Why are we doing this? Whoever has powers, supposing I have some powers, and you have some powers, then what is the need to describe them? So that we also achieve those powers, and with those powers we also become powerful, That is why we worship Shri Ganesha. The greatest of his powers is sacredness. Anything that is sacred is most powerful.. Nobody can touch it. 

       For example take a soap. You wash it as many times you want or wash it with anything, it doesn’t get dirty. At times soap also may get dirty, but this Omkar is holy, clean, and eternal, being, or it is a power, which can work endlessly. When you worship this power, you should remember, that, we want to absorb this power within us, so that, we become pure from within and all our chakras get cleared. Our lives become pure and our society, our political field, our country, and the whole world get purified. And in that purity lies the joy. When something becomes very clean, for example when you have a bath and you wear a clean dress, then you feel very nice. But, when your whole life, gets purified by this Omkar, then we call it as “Atmanand”, (joy of spirit)we get that, achieve that. And in the atma (spirit) also, the prevailing power is that of “Omkara” only. But we do not understand what Omkara Is. We just say it is something like “ardha matra”. (half a syllable) By saying this we don’t understand what exactly is this. And when this four powers,”chatvari”, which is Ganesha’s powers, We see the advent of the same in the life of Jesus Christ But He was alive only for four years. And somehow, about Him, there has been very less knowledge. But in western countries, people started following Him. 

          Now these people have only brain and nothing else. They have no heart but have only brain. So in that brain, how can such a subtle thing enter? To understand this subtle thing in the mind of human being, the intellect should awaken, meaning, within him that sensitive power should generate, by which he gets filled, with luminary. Gets flooded with light. In that light, You can see that, when this light is falling on the eyes, how dazzling it is. But the light that comes from within, doesn’t blur your eyes, but in that light everything is visible. To achieve that enlightenment of the spirit, You see the agnya chakra, this chakra is exactly above the “Medha” (brain). This is Medha. Which is known as brain plate, agnya chakra is on this. When Medha opens, meaning Medha is like this “closed”. When it opens, that is when we say agnya chakra has opened. And when kundalini comes up from inside this, and when it covers the upper part of Medha, then in the intellect of human being a distinct quality, which is beyond human being, beyond the intelligence of human, a distinctive divine power, gets awakened. And with this divine power you start understanding what is truth and what is untruth. You feel the same power in your hands also. Gradually, you don’t even have to check your hands for anything, you will know it just like that. You will at once understand this is wrong, this is right. But some people start understanding this very soon, I say that such people have been blessed by Jesus Christ. And some people get stuck in the vortex of mind For example, unnecessarily getting trapped in religion, Getting stuck in caste and creed, and thinking that “I like Indians only” or “I like English only”. 

        These kind of thoughts, and narrow mindedness and also conservatism, And miserliness and such things around the world, In our country (India), many kind of parasites, mosquitoes, bugs are available (who live on other’s money) Which are not available anywhere else. Whatever is available here, is not available anywhere else. A human, how far and how deep, can fall into a pit, is seen only in this country Sometimes it is very surprising, that in the country where great incarnations took birth, the culture of which is full of devotion, where Lord is worshipped, in such a place, by this kind of filth, and this kind of conservative attitude, we are decaying ourselves and continuing do so. At least after coming to Sahaja Yoga we should leave them. But even now this caste creed, this, that, and every other thing is still making us like a vermin. So this “Vishwa Nirmal Dharma”, this religion is that of “Omkara”, is that of holiness. In this religion if all these attitude is going to be with you, then you can not get into this religion, And externally whatever you may say, that “we worship Mataji, we use Her photo, and we follow Her, So by that neither you are going to gain anything, nor the world is going to benefit anything. It is something like a lamp says ” yes sir, I have light, so I am giving light to everyone”. then others will say ” show, where is your light”? We are deceiving ourselves. So whoever is in Sahaja Yoga, first they should completely convince themselves, that now we are not going to deceive ourselves. “We are going to leave this completely and get deeper into Sahaja Yoga”. Only then you will benefit out of this. Now I have noticed what happens to this, half baked people. It is possible that because of going to some Guru you may have problems. Or because of the wrong company also you may have problems. Because today we are in that Era, which we call as kruti Yuga, where in this brahma chaitanya (vibrations) will become active. This will work. Now you, can neither deceive yourself nor you can cheat Me. Whoever adopts the path of deception, will bear the consequences. One gentleman came and told Me “mother, when I am meditating my face becomes this big”. I said ” is that so”? “how does it look like”? He said “Like Hanumana”. I said good, “you have become Hanumana”. He said “no mother, I feel agitated, that my face is going to burst” “You chew tobacco, right”? “Yes, That is right”. I said, ” then chew tobacco, why do you meditate”? “You want to chew tobacco and meditate as well”. Then the face will obviously bloat. Another gentleman came, and said ” look Mother, my this finger is cut”. [unclear word]. “alright, were you smoking”? he said “Yes”. “so my this finger is hurt”. A gentleman met with a car accident. He came and told that “Mother, only this finger is gone”. “only this is hurt (index finger) because I smoke”. You come to Sahaja Yoga and still smoke and consume liquor. And you do all other things, you claim to be a Sahaja Yogi, roaming around with a big badge. The same badge which you are wearing, is going to break your head, let me warn you. If you think that it is a simple thing to wear a badge, then it is not so. The badge which you are wearing will break your head, which I don’t want, I am not going to break.

        Do you understand that this badge is not an ordinary thing. It has a coefficient. Meaning, vibrations flow out of it. The same vibrations, if encircles your throat and strangles you, then you will say, “Mother, I was sleeping with the badge on, then how did this happen to me? The badge you were wearing, came out and broke your scull. So don’t put on the badge, if you want to use it, then be worthy of it. Now-a-days everyone says ” Mother, give one badge, we want to put it around the neck as locket, You wear it but with caution, do you get it? Don’t blame me later that,” Mother, I wore this and went, still I slipped and my leg broke“. That badge only made you slip, so don’t wear it. If you want to wear it, then you should have the eligibility and worthiness for it. If you are not eligible to wear this, then God save you from Jesus Christ. And Shri Ganesha is one step above Him. He has the axe (parasu) in His left hand, If He hits with it like this, then what can I do? As for He is concerned He doesn’t listen to me, now that you have worn it, then He says “now wear and face the consequence”. So to wear this badge or, to wear the pendent, to wear the ring, Oh my God! you have to be very careful. When you go to washroom, remove them and keep carefully. 

        About My hairs also I have told people to oblige. These hairs have been given by “Yama”. (God of death). He is always behind them. So, please, if you see them lying anywhere, be kind enough to return them to Me. I don’t want you to face any problem, because I am a mother also. But these people (deities) are not your mother or father. They are your brothers. They go behind you with a stick. So understand that you have come to Sahaja Yoga, “Oh! it is so joy giving with bhajan and all” Then how did you get the blow? So that’s why, the specialty of Sahaja Yoga should be understood thus that this is the knowledge of the supreme God. The supreme God is not a Mother. Mother is all affectionate. She understands that these are my children, at times they do this and do that, it’s alright. But, The supreme God is watching, how you all are behaving? After a lot of hard work, We, that is your Mother gave you all Sahaja Yoga, And where is your foot wobbling? What mistake are you doing now? And so you should act with understanding. 

     But, I would say that, Adishakti is definitely the power of the God almighty, She is His desire. But, The God almighty, is watching, that all the hard work that is happening, and in the drama created by Her, how many are truthful and untruthful. And He is calculating, who all should be taken to task. Whoever is good, also should be considered sometimes right? It’s not like that. But whoever is insincere, He will catch them. And He will give everybody a blow. That is why, kindly, do whatever you have to, with a clean heart, with a open heart. I have not told you before that if you have other interests within, if you have blind faith, if you have casteism within you, Or if you have “we Indians are great” kind of feeling within you, These kind of feelings are myth, it has no purity, You kindly get rid of all these feelings, and then wear my pendent. Because with each pendent one “Gana” is appointed. And they (ganas) are around you. They always protect you, in a way they protect you to stop you from doing wrong things. Because, they know you in and out. So, today this warning also was very essential for you all. And also, it is a very happy occasion that if, In this world, Jesus Christ had not come, and if he had not made us sit on his Agnya Chakra, and opened the path of rebirth, path of resurrection, then Sahaja Yoga wouldn’t have been possible. 

           It was very essential that He took birth. But there is no fight among themselves. All of them (incarnations) are, born on one single tree, on a living tree they all were created and this tree was flourished finally I came on Sahasrara, and this work (Sahaja Yoga) happened in Sahasrara. If tree is not there, how can Sahasrara be there? And if the Sahasrara is there, then this tree only has created that Sahasrara. So, it is the responsibility of the tree also to take care of the Sahasrara, and protect it completely, and punish those who go against it (sahasrara). So, for all of you, today is in a very special sense, is of importance, that if Jesus Christ had not come, then, our resurrection wouldn’t have happened. Because, we tell Shri Ganesha that when our time for moksha comes, you please protect us. this is a saying, that at the time of our moksha you save us. At the time of moksha He Himself (Ganesh) appears, on the agnya chakra and gives you protection. So Today’s day is very auspicious for all of us, very joy giving day also, and at the same time cautions us also, that “Be careful”. And if you get stuck in “agnya chakra”, then you will end up either in a mental asylum, or you will get some other disease. The sanctity of agnya chakra should be maintained, meaning our thoughts should be pure. If impure thoughts come, then we should keep forgiving them. Thoughts should always be pure. And as you start ascending, you will not get impure thoughts, only pure thoughts will come. This Sahaja Yoga is made only for your joy, for your greatness, for your dignity, and for your over all progress. But along with that this fact also is contained, that for this great work, and for the people who are completely attached with this work, if one does not co-operate and provide their full support, also may land up into deep trouble. Those who are doing this work wholeheartedly, you should support them wholeheartedly. 

      In many people now I am noticing the disease of miserliness. For example, “if 4 rupees can be saved, it is okay, let me save it”. If you try to save 4 rupees, you will lose at least 400 rupees, just like that. And your 1 rupee given to Sahaja Yoga, can be equal to 1 lac rupees. Meaning, one rupee will be enough, that’s what I am telling you. But we are not giving anything, everything belongs to Mother, we are giving Mother, what is Hers. And, I don’t take anything, you know that I am trying to resist every day that don’t give me presents, I don’t want anything, don’t give Me sarees, From morning to evening, since 5 years the tussle is going on, no one listens, I have been asking them to reduce buying gifts, Now the prices also are increasing, and I don’t need anything. But for Sahaja Yoga money is required. But there are people here, who feel that eat food for free is right. Later if they have stomach problem, I am not responsible for that. And this place is not for beggars. This is for people who are wealthy by demeanor. If you have the mentality of a king, then come here. There is no need that you should have money. Many rich people are extremely stingy, and so peculiar that it is difficult to understand them, And many poor people like me are such that they find joy in just giving to others. When your one hand opens you take from it. But only when the other hand opens, you will get from that hand, otherwise it will stop there. But when I hear about miserliness, I feel very disgusted you cannot imagine.

       But, I liked the other day’s scene, when there was nothing to give, people accepted my photo with affection. “Mother, please give us your photo this time, we will feel good”. Satisfaction, should come first. After the satisfaction human being, nobody can sacrifice like Jesus Christ, right? But, that sacrifice should be gladly accepted. It can be difficult, but it doesn’t matter. But we all doing a very great job. And not just for us, we are doing it for all others. Next year I am going to get your name list. and I want to see, specially, about the complain on Bombay people, that, they completely refuse to pay money. And the Mahalakshmi temple is in this Bombay. What is the use of that poor Mahalakshmi and the temple? Where Mahalakshmi Herself came out of the earth, and in such a place people are so stingy that, they do not want to pay at all, thinking that Mother is doing everything, so come, let us just relax and enjoy. Aa such everything will happen whether they pay or not, But what will happen to them, think that. The quality of Mahalakshmi principle is that, when we become a contented personality, when the Lakshmi principle attains maturity, the Mahalakshmi principle gets awakened, and we start searching the truth. If there is no contentment within you, you cannot attain the Mahalakshmi principle Look at Seeta Ji’s life, how long did she stay with Ramchandra Ji? Radha Ji’s life, And after that Shri Jesus Christ’s Mother’s life? In all the three lives there is plenty of sacrifice. Without the great satisfaction this was not possible. So with the Mahalakshmi principle human becomes contented, and with this principle he seeks the truth, And during this seeking, he leaves behind the untruth. In today’s Mahalakshmi Puja, Where in we are worshipping Jesus Christ, and His mother Mary then we should get into total contentment. When we get satisfied with materialistic things and worldly things, only then the Mahalakshmi principle awakens within us. And then, the Mahalakshmi Principle manages the Lakshmi principle. And Lakshmi Principle starts manifesting by itself, gets implemented by itself and gives the benefit automatically. Automatically everything constructive happens. So, I just have to tell you that expand your heart. Be generous. And establish that Omkara within your heart, establish that essence of the spirit, establish that Jesus Christ and the Ganesha within you, because of whom, all our undone work will be done, and you can have authority over me. Without them I can not give you any right. In the raising of Kundalini also, until, from the mooladhar the permission doesn’t come, unless the Ganesha, present in mooladhar says ” Yes”, not only Me, but no one can raise the Kundalini. These are His reserved rights. 

          If anybody thinks that He is very close to mother, then they should understand that even if He is close, and in real He is close to mother then that is happening with Shri Ganesha’s consent, Jesus Christ’s consent. Without their consent, I can not accept anyone. This is a bondage upon us, that’s why I tell you again and again that “be careful”. Their bondage has to be accepted. And whatever is their opinion about you, whatever they think about you, I have to take into consideration. How ever hard I may forgive, from a mother’s point of view whatever I may say, But I am lost in front of these deities (Jesus and Ganesha). And You should know that, “They” are there to help you, to cleanse you, and do everything for you, But “They” have one expectation from you, I have no expectations, I am without expectations, I don’t want anything from you, however you are it is fine. But, “They” have expectations that, if you say or do anything against Me, or if you do any kind of “pettiness” in Sahaja Yoga, or you do any kind of cheating or any such thing, then “They” will be behind you. 

       That’s why I am telling you again and again, on this day, on this auspicious occasion, we should realize that, such great powers are standing by our side. And why shouldn’t we accept these powers and live like an emperor? And why should we be “Petty minded”, when we have such a big throne, then let us sit on the throne with dignity. And let us live with that dignity, as we are supposed to. Now you all are Sahaja Yogis, you are saints, it is a very great thing, when were there so many Yogis? And so many saints have come to “Ganapatipule”, where in Maha Ganesha is sitting, He is called Maha Ganesha. And in the Maha Ganesha’s, aaaaa, family, we all have joined. We have come to His forum. And with His blessings, within us also, great powers as He has, can manifest. But first of all, to withstand that power, His purity should be established. And there should be a devotion (bhakti) towards him. The bhakti should be in such a way that, there is no selfishness of any kind in that. There is only Bhakti. If we can ready ourselves like Him, then He takes care of rest of the things. Then He is at your disposal to manage you. But if you go on the opposite side, He may also harm you. just like that, aaaaa, I want to make you understand something sensible. Because a mother always feels that, these children of mine are very sweet, and you should only benefit from them. (deities) Then I also feel that you should not feel sorry later. 

        That is why, I am explaining to you, when we have created such beautiful atmosphere here, and gathered like one family members, and we all are together, then these elder brothers of yours should be acknowledged by you, that they are present and they should be recognized. And if you worship them and make them happy, it will be really good. But they don’t get pleased so soon. Until you are cleansed from within, they won’t be happy. So you clean yourself from within, and take a vow today that, in future we will completely discard all types of pettiness, frivolous act, and trivial matters. And we shall look up to these deities’ greatness and purity, and consider them as our ideals and steer our lives in that direction. If we do just this, it will be our benefit from all sides. My infinite blessings to you. And you all have come here with lots of love, I can not say thanks to you all, but it is just that my heart is deeply moved. and in this heart, you all are residing, and I love you all too much. and I look at you with immeasurable love. and my thoughts are always around your protection. My total attention and thoughts are towards you, and for any kind of problem you can write to me, but you yourself should become pure, you should become clean, and you should become delightful and experience this joy till eternity.