Makeshwarashiva, talk

Ganapatipule (India)

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Makeshwarashiva. Ganapatipule (India), 27 December 1990.

Even in the Bible, in the , it is said that whatever is created by Mother Earth or by sky should not be reproduced by human beings and be worshipped.

For example, even in Mecca, we have got Makeshwarashiva; in our puranas, he’s described as Makeshwarashiva itself. That’s why in Mecca we have a stone which was respected by Mohamad Sahib, you see, this subtle point should be seen; that it was a svayambhu one and it is a Makeshwarashiva itself was there. So He was respected. And every stone is not created by the Mother Earth; because the Mother Earth whatever it creates has got a coefficients which Mohamad Sahib, being an incarnation of Adi Guru or the Primordial Master could see and said that, “This is the stone, is to be kept here and go round that stone,” but didn’t explain much about it. As it is, He was tortured by people. They were all people who wouldn’t understand Him.

But now here we have got Svayambhu Ganesha, and you see their vibrations coming from them. So the differentiation has to made; the svayambhu and the one which is just created for commercialization and things like that, reproductions. Even the photographs or the paintings which are created by people who are not realized souls will emit very bad vibrations. That’s why it was prohibited to have even the photographs, this was the situation.

But if you go to Sistine Chapel you’ll find it’s tremendously vibrated because Michaelangelo was a realized soul. So because that time this discrimination was not there, so generally it was stopped, “Now don’t do it!” so that you do not fall to any traps.

But now after realization you’ll know which is real, which is unreal. Once you know that then it’s different but when you do not know you will fall into anything, like any stone you’ll worship. That’s why it was just prohibited that, “Don’t worship any stones and don’t have any photographs,” for the same reason that there was no discrimination at that point.

But today it is not so. Today you all have become the saints, you have become walis, you have become realized souls; now you know what is real, what is not real. So to understand these things deeply we have to know that we must have our vibrations to understand what is right and what is wrong, all right?