Recording in Railway station

India (Location Unknown)

1990-12-31 Introduction To New Comers NITL-RAW, 22'
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Recording in a railway station, location still unknown, India,

Sahaja Yogi: Gregoire said opposite.
Sahaja Yogi: Gregoire explained to me [unclear]. As long as you explain a little the meditation, then, Yogi Mahajan [cut in the video]
Shri Mataji: [Hindi]
You will just take this part or go around?
Cameraman: Just above like this.
Shri Mataji: It’s all right. It’s all right. But you can remove this table.
Cameraman: OK.
Interviewer: Your students, you try to address them well, not that they don’t seem to have time, they are quite good people.
Shri Mataji: Yes. So [unclear].
Interviewer: So we will need their response. So, if you have any idea, I don’t know.
Shri Mataji: What?
Interviewer: If there is a reason for them because they will, may be better students and better people [unclear].
Shri Mataji: Then for 5 minutes
Interviewer: As long as you want but 10 minutes it’s OK.
Shri Mataji: All right.
Sahaja Yogi: We’re quite greedy Mother, we’ll take whatever.

Interviewer: Everyone please be quiet now. Let’s just go ahead.
Cameraman: OK.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Truth is something which cannot be changed. It cannot be challenged. It cannot be imagined. One has to feel the truth on your central nervous system. What is the truth? The truth is that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this intelligence, you are not these conditionings or your ego, but you are pure Spirit. This is one truth.
The second one is that this whole universe is covered with a very subtle energy which is called as the All-pervading Power of God’s love. Or in Sanskrit language, it is called as Param Chaitanya. So, these are the true things which we have to seek. And this is what, once we know what it is, then the truth, you can feel it on your central nervous system.
For this happening, there’s an arrangement within us already made within our being, is a power which is a residual power of Kundalini. It’s called as Kundalini because it is coiled in 3 and a half coils. It is resting in the triangular bone called as sacrum, that shows that the Greeks knew that it was a sacred bone.
This is the energy that has to be awakened and when it is awaken it rises through six very subtle energy centres, and pierces through the fontanel bone area. And then you feel as if a cool breeze is coming out of your fontanel bone area. But this is just like a connection with the mains, as we have for every instrument.

With this happening you become a Self-realized person, in the sense that you develop a new dimension in your awareness, in your central nervous system, on which you can feel the centres or these chakras of your own being and that of others. So, you get the Self-knowledge.
Also, you get a knowledge about others, what are their problems. Thus, you become collectively conscious as Jung has said that, next stage of human awareness, is going to be collectively conscious. So, you become collectively conscious. It’s a question of becoming. It is not just a certificate. It is not exercise. “Sahaja”: ‘saha’ means ‘with and ‘ja’ is born with you.
Also, “sahaja” means spontaneous. “Yoga” means the union with this All-pervading divine Power. Sahaja Yoga is the right of every human being to achieve that ascent. In the evolutionary process, we have come to the stage where we are human beings. The knowledge that we have is not absolute. To get to the absolute knowledge, we have to rise higher into new realm, beyond thought. And this is the new realm which you achieve after Sahaja Yoga, by which you feel the truth, the absolute truth, and everybody feels the same.

With the awakening of the Kundalini, so many things also happen, because it nourishes all your centres. By the nourishment of the centres you find that your health had been improved. Definitely, Sahaja Yoga has cured many psychosomatic diseases like cancer, no doubt about it. But it only happens if the Kundalini rises and pierces through your fontanel bone area. Then only it happens and it works out in a way that will definitely show you that something new has happened. But apart from that, you get your mental peace. Many mental cases have been cured. Also, you get your intelligence suddenly sharpened, because the brain that you are using is just a wee part. But when the light of your Spirit comes into your brain, you start seeing things much more deeply and understanding them much better. It’s such a remarkable thing that it has to happen to all of us as the last jump or the breakthrough into the evolutionary process.

As this Sahaja Yoga is not a new thing, it has been there, but it was only transmitted from one master to one disciple. Only in the 12th century, somebody wrote about it very clearly for the masses.
And now it is [cut in the video] 7:52
Thousands of people are getting Realization all over the world.
May God bless you.
[End of first recording ]

Shri Mataji: You’ll not be shortening it.
Interviewer: It is very, very nice.
Shri Mataji: I could have said, “You cannot pay for it”, but that is not necessary.
Interviewer: I think it requires mentions.
Shri Mataji: Hum ?
Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji, many of the seekers in and in the US have done seeking through drugs and you’ve spoken in the past with great compassion about what drives people to drugs, and their need for it.
Shri Mataji: Would I say something about it?
Sahaja Yogi: Would it be possible to speak about that? I think it might reach their hearts. Because as soon as they feel guilty or ashamed,
Shri Mataji: East and West are little different [unsure].
Sahaja Yogi: They don’t know why to stop. They don’t know why to stop taking drugs like, what’s the reason? Why should we stop taking drugs?
Sahaja Yogi: Or why they did it in the first place, [unclear].
Shri Mataji: OK.

[Second recording]
In India, there has been for ages a struggle or a movement to find the truth. As a result of that, people have become more on the spiritual side than on the materialistic side. There is another thing that lots of saints were born, in this country, who have talked about the knowledge of the Spirit, we call it as ‘adhyatma’ [the Self].
If you do not have the base of this spirituality within you, or at least, the understanding about spirituality, with any progress, one can top it down.

Because that is the foundation of human life. If you have the proper idea about spirituality, then whatever way you achieve in life, it doesn’t give you ego and it doesn’t put you into imbalances. This is the reason why the people in the West, started seeking. They didn’t have the proper idea as to what should be the life style of a seeker, which Indians have. Because they never had this idea, they succumbed to certain things like falsehoods. Then also they succumbed to things like drugs. Now drugs are another thing which takes you the imbalances. It can never take you to the Divine. The reason is that it reduces your awareness while, when you come the Divine, your awareness becomes very much increased. Not only that, but sharp and penetrating.

So, whatever makes your awareness down, or lowers it down, has to be against the spiritual progress. So, if you want to have the truth then you have to give up your drugs. But I think in Sahaja Yoga, I’ve seen wonders that, even if you do not give up drugs and you come to Sahaja Yoga, when your Kundalini rises, then automatically you give up drugs.
I don’t have to tell. Because sometimes I find, if I talk against drugs, many would just leave the hall. But I don’t talk about it. I just raise their Kundalini and next day, they are out of it. So, that can happen to you because, in the light of the Spirit, you can see if you are holding a snake in your hand or you are holding a rope. So, that is how, to get to that higher state, you have to be prepared that this, all the kinds of drugs and all kinds of intoxicants which you have been using, have to be given up. Because they reduce your spirituality, not only, but they reduce your awareness even to understand.
So, I wish luck to all the people who want to give up drugs. It can easily get it done through Sahaja Yoga. For all these things, you don’t have to pay. It’s your own power within yourself which works it out automatically, because it’s a living process. It’s a living process and this is where we all have to reach.
[End of second recording ]

All right? [cut in the video]
… Are respected.
But that’s another thing they say. In the West, you see respect everything that way, they don’t know.
I’ve seen people who come to Sahaja Yoga, they bring their children and they bring their sons and daughters and say that, “They very dull at studies. They’re not good at studies”. So, I tell them that, “If you just make them be Realized, their brain will be more enlightened”. And it has happened that many children who were regarded as absolutely hopeless cases, became very, very brilliant. And we have some records.
Like there was one boy who was only 21 years of age and he passed his charted accountancy which no one has done so well. We had another record of a boy about his medical studies. So, we have records and all the children who are following Sahaja Yoga are getting scholarships and they are doing very well.
The reason is that once you get your Realization, not only that you uh activity improves, but also there is a complete balance in your life and there is no struggle between your heart and your brain. And you are just settled down with yourself. It’s such a peaceful state!

So, for students, it’s important that they should take to Sahaja Yoga. And they can learn things so fast, that lot of time will be left for them. And we have cases like that.
Those boys, they are just fast, how? [Unsure]. They say, “Nothing, we just nothing we just did something, and the same thing in the class. And the same thing came even in exams”. They told me. It’s perfectly all right.

So, so many cases we have got, where people have done so well in their studies.

[cut in the video]
… can be solved, if human and get their transformation.
You see, this imbalance has come to us to such an extent, that now we have got ecological problems. The ecological problems are only manmade, they are not made by God. So, if a human being gets completely transformed, all his habits change, all his hankering change, he become a satisfied soul. And he doesn’t try to acquire things to that extent nor does he want to aggress other people with his business , nor does he want to produce too many things at a time. Moreover, we have produced lot of plastics. That was not necessary. We can do with one proper plate of brass instead of having ten plastic plates.

So, all this Western grow has been like a tree which has grown too big and has not found out its roots. Sahaja Yoga is the way you can find out your roots. And that’s how this big huge civilization, which is on the brink of a shock, will come to life and you will see that the future is going to be beautiful for all of us.

[Cut in the video]
… that book will be read very soon.

So, [Hindi] I am waiting for Mister Srivastava to come.
[Cut in the video]

They said that, “The flight is cancelled and it is going tomorrow”. I said, “It’s a very good chance, we can go and see the ashram you wanted me”. I told him that, “When we’ll reach the hotel where you’ll be, exactly at 7 o’clock”. So, we went there. We bought that ashram, in that short time. did everything, finished it. And then we rushed back. It was raining very heavily on the way. Still, we rushed back, reached the airport- reached the hotel, first the airport and we saw they were not there. We came to the hotel and everybody was missing. So, we asked them for the keys and we saw they had used the bathrooms and everything, to reach to [unsure] the airport, So, I said, “All right, let’s go back to the airport at least”. They had left two minutes before seven.

[Hindi] Two minutes before seven. And such a of problems with that. Then we rushed to the airport, we saw them there.

I never miss any plane. Except once, but that was inevitable because we started quite early that time, I think that must the reason we must have missed the plane.
Willough hurried up, very much, very much. And he said, “This is a road which is very good for us to reach the airport”. And it was all jammed, absolutely jammed. That surprised people. I told not to hurry up.

All right. So, those people who are going, you need not bother all the other people. We have buses. You can arrange one of the buses. They can come. Sahaja Yogi: There’s only one thing. All the luggage is on the roof. So, it has to be unloaded. So, it will take a bit longer. And it’s all mixed together.
Shri Mataji: Who is there in here?
Sahaja Yogi: The French and the north Americans. So, we can just go with the French and-
Shri Mataji: Oh, you see, what they can do, is to take this bus and take out the luggage that they have, and send it back again. The same bus can take them. They said two hours, the flight [unsure]. You see?

How much time do they take, to take out the luggage?
Sahaja Yogi: It will take quite a while to unload it, because they’re quite heavy and.
Sahaja Yogi: Half an hour.
Sahaja Yogi: I don’t think , no, dear.
Sahaja Yogi: To [unclear] bus roof, it’s half an hour.
Shri Mataji: All right.
Sahaja Yogi: And it’s all mixed too. Even if everyone is with them, it’s all sort of mixed together. So, if we stay the night that’s nice, that’s much longer anyway. We can stay three-
Shri Mataji [to someone else]: People plan out so deeply how to do with you and how to neutralize your plan.

Sahaja Yogi: You’re doing very well [to the Sahaja Yogi].
Shri Mataji: Now, one thing you can do. Let this bus go there and wait. We’ll send them by another bus. How many Americans are there?
Sahaja Yogi: Americans, Canadians, maybe 14. very small number.
Shri Mataji: So, why jumble with them? 14, we can just send just them a bus like that.
[Hindi conversation]

One American can go with these, as a punishment. All right. And he can keep the luggage of these people. Let them take out their luggage. They can stay there. These people can follow, 14 people.
Sahaja Yogi: Sure. Because that’s too much to go. And then, what I’m thinking about America, how far it is. You see, you must know that at least one night of proper sleep is necessary. [Hindi] Why torture them?
Sahaja Yogi: He said there are 50 French there.
Sahaja Yogi: There are more French than the bus can take.
Sahaja Yogi: There’s 74 total.
Sahaja Yogi: Seventy-four.
Sahaja Yogi: So, two buses will have to go for the French in any case. Because there is more than one bus for the French.
Shri Mataji: It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, what is there? You see, they must rest in the night also. Because they have to travel such a lot. American are [Hindi] They should take proper tea, everything and then go.
[Hindi] I mean I’m thinking from Mother’s point of view.
[End of video]